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Full text of "1611 The Authorized King James Bible"

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C onteyning the Old Teftament, 

Newly Tranflated out of ‘the Originall 

tongues: -& with the - former ranflations 
dilig nily compared and reuifed, by his 
“M aicsties ope ‘call C a 

OH vin Nee (to i tad Cin Chord Mut Mee 
J is ie 
fe ie Te, CCR ee 
mprinted at London we ober 

of CF nice lo the. Kgs 


oft / Cecellere . Maic. slit. 

Anno Domion. 

ir O 
Prince, [AMES bythe graceof God 

King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, 
Defender of the Faith, &e. 

wifb Graces, Mercie., and Peace.,throughles ys 
Curist our Lord. 

Reat and manifold were the bleffings(moft dread 

->\| Soueraigne ) which Almighty G o p, the Father 
Z| of all Mercies, beftowed vpon vs thepeople of]. 
Enaptano, when firft he fent your Matefties). 
@y| Royall perfon to rule and raigne ouer vs. For 
» \ Bos whereas it was the expectation of many, who 
ar eV 4 LU)| withed not well vnto our Sto, that vpon the 
Ons fetting of that bright Occidental Starre, Queene 
——ExvizaseTu of moft happy memory , fome 
thicke and palpable cloudes of darkenefle would fo haue ouerfhadowed 
this land, that men fhould haue bene in doubt which way they were to 
walke, and thatit{hould hardly be knowen, whowasto direct the vnfetled 
State: the appearance of your Matesrix, asof the Sune. inhis ftrength, 
inftantly difpelled thofe fuppofed and furmifed mifts, and gaue vnto all 
that were well affected,exceeding caufe of comfort; {pecially when we be- 
held the gouernment eftablifed in your H1¢uNess £, and your hope- 
full Seed, by an vndoubted Title, and this alfo accompanied with Peace 

and tranquillitie,at home and abroad. 

But amongftall our Ioyes , there wasno one thatmore filled our hearts, 
then the blefled continuance of the Preaching of Gop s facred word a- 
moneft ys,which is thatineftimable treafure, which excelleth all the riches 
of the earth, becaufe the fruit thereof extendeth it felfe,not onely to the time 

{pent in this tranficory world, but directeth and difpofeth men vatothat 
Eternall happineffle which is aboue in Heauen. 

Then,not to fuffer this to fall to the ground, butrather totake itvp, and 
to continue it in that ftate,wherein the famous predeceflour of your Hiex- 
nesse didleaueit, Nay, togoe forward with the confidence se refo- 


lution ofa man in maintaining thetruethofC urx15 1, and propagating it/ 
farre and neere, is that which hath fo bound and firmely knit the hearts of] 
allyour Marzs rres loyall and Religious people vnto you, that your, 
very Name is precious among them, their eye doeth behold you with 
comfort, and they bleffe you in their hearts, as that lancified perfon , who 
vnder G 0 p, is the immediate authour of their true happineffe. And this 
their contentment doeth not diminith or decay, but euery day increafeth 
and taketh ftrength, when they obferue thatthe zeale of your Maieftie to- 
wards the houfe of G 0 v, doth not flacke or goe backward, but ismore and 
more kindled, manifefting it felfe abroad in the furtheft parts ofChriftendome, 
by writing in defence of the Trueth, (which hath giuen fuch ablow vnto 
thatman of Sine, as will not be healed) andeuery day at home,by Religi- 
ous and learned difcourfe,by frequenting the houfe of Gop, by hearing the 
word preached, by cherifhing the teachers therof,by caring for the Church 
as amoft tender and louing nourcing Father. 

There are infinite arguments of this right Chriftianand Religious af- 
fecuonin your M ates T1£:but noneis more forcible to declare itto o- 
thers,then the vehement and perpetuated defire of the accomplifhing and 
publithing of this Worke, which now with all humilitie we prefent vnto 
yourMatestre. Forwhen your Highneffe had once out of deepeiudg. 
ment apprehended , how conuienient it was , That out of the Originall fa- 
cred tongues , together with comparing ofthe labours, both in ourowne 
and other forreigne Languages,of many worthy men who went before vs, 
there fhould be one more exact Tranflation of the holy Scriptures into the 
Engl/h tongues,your Matestiz didneuer defift, co vrge and to excite 
thofe to whom it was commended, that the worke might be haftened,and 
that the bufinefle might be expedited in fo decent a maner, asamattero 
{uch importance mightiuftly require. 

And now at laft, by the Mercy of Gop, and the continuance ofourLa- 
bours,it being brought vnto fucha conclufion, asthat we haue great hope 
thatthe Church of England thall reape good fruit thereby ; wehold it our 
duety to offer it to yourMatesrie, not onely as to our King and Soue- 

raigne,but as to the princi pall moouer and Author ofthe Worke: Hum- 

bly crauing of your moft Sacred Maieftie , thatfince things of this quality 
-|haue ever bene fubiec to the cenfures of ill meaning and difcontented per- 

fons, it may receiue approbation and Patronage from fo learned and iudi- 
cious a Prince as your Highneffe is, whofe allowance and acceptance o 
our Labours, fhall more honour and incourage vs, then all the calumniati- 
ons and hard interpretations of other men fhall difmayvs. Sothat,ifon 
the one fide we fhall be traduced by Popifh perfons at home or abroad, 
who therefore will maligne vs, becaufe we are poore Inftruments to make 
Gos holy Trueth to be yet more and more knowen vnto the people, 
whom they defire ftill to keepe in ignorance and darkneffe: or if onthe 
other fide, we fhall be maligned by felfe- conceited brethren » whorunne 
their owne wayes, and giue liking vnto nothing but what is framed by 
themfelues, and hammered on their Anuile; we may reft fecure,fupported 
within by the trueth and innocencie of a goodconfcience, hauing walked 

z the 

the wayes offimplicitie and integritie, as before the Lord ; And fuftained 

without, by the powerfull Protection of your Maietties grace and fauour, 
which will euer giue countenance to honeft and Chriftian endeuours »a- 
gainft bitter cenfures,and vncharitable imputations, 
~The Lor p of Heauen and earth bleffe your Maieftie with many and 
happy dayes , that as his Heauenly hand hath enriched your Highnefle 
with many fingular, and extraordinary Graces ; fo youmay be the 
wonder of the world inthis later age, for happineffe and true 
felicitie , to the honour of that Great G o p, and the 
good ofhis Church;throughIzsys Curist 
our Lordand onely Sauiour. 



with others. 

| Locri. 
| Cato the elder. 

_ Gregory the 

| 2.$am.11.25. 

‘King. 22-31. 

| 2.$2m0.6-16, 


| Eale to promote the common good, whether it beby deuifing any 

The beft 

thing our felues, or reuifing that which hath bene laboured by o- }hingshaue 

)\| thers,deferueth certainly much refpeét and efteeme,butyet findeth 
yy4i but cold intertainment in the world, Itis welcommed with {afpi- 
Z| cion in ftead of loue, and with emulation in ftead of thankes : and if 
there be any hole left for cauill to enter,(and cauill, ifit doe not finde 
¥\ a hole, willmakeone ) itis {ure to bee mifconftrued , and in danger 
tobecondemned. This willeafily be granted by as many as know 
{tory , orhaue any experience. For, was there euer any thing pro- 
Y « Tp) ieed,that fauoured any way ofnewnefle or renewing, butthe fame 
endured many a {torme of gaine-faying, or oppofition? Aman would thinkethat Ciuilitie, hole 
fome Lawes, learning and eloquence,Synods, and Church-maintenance,(that we fpeake of no more 
things of this kinde ) fhould be as fafe as a Sanctuary , and || out offhot, as they fay, that noman 
would lift yp the heele,no,nor doggemooue his tongue againft themotionersofthem. For bythe 
firft,we are diftinguifhed from bruit-beatts led with fenfualitie: By the fecond, we are bridled and re. 
ftrained from outragious behauiour,and from doing ofiniuries, whether by fraud or by violepse: By 
ithe third, we are enabled to informe and reforme others,by thelight and feeling that we haue attai- 
ined ynto our felues : Briefly,by the fourth being brought together to a parle face to face, we fooner 
compofe our differences then by writings, which areendlefle : Andlaftly, thatthe Church be fatfi- 
ciently prouided for,is fo agreeable to good reafon and con{cience, that thofe mothers are holden to 
be leffe cruell, that kill their children afloone asthey are borne , then thofenourfing fathersand mo- 
thers (wherefoeuer they be that withdraw from them who hang vpon their breafts (and ypon whofe 
breafts againe themfelues doe hang to receiuethe Spiritual! and fincere milke ofthe word ) liuely- 
hood and fupport fit for theireftates. “Thusitis apparent,that thefe things which we {peake ofare 
of moft neceflary vfe,and therefore,that none, either without abfurditie can fpeake againft them,or 
withoutnote of wickedneffe can fpurne againftthem. 

Yet for all chat, the learned know that certaine worthy men haue bene brought to vntimely death 
for none other fault,butfor feeking to reduce their Countrey-men to good order and difcipline : and 
thatin fome Common-weales it wasmadea capital crime,once to motion the making of anew Law 
for the abrogating ofan old,though the famewere moft pernicious: And that certaine,which would 
be counted pillars ofthe State,and paternes of Vertueand Prudence,couldnot be brought for along 
timeto gitle Way to good Letters and refined fpeech , but bare themfelues as auerfe from them, as 
from rocks or boxes of poifon: And fourthly , thathee was no babe,buta great clearke , thatgaue 
foorth (and in writing toremaine to potteritie ) in paffion peraduenture, but yet he gaue foorth,that 
hee had not feeneany profit to come by any Synode, or meeting of the Clergie, but rather the con- 
trary : And |aftly,again{t Church-maintenance and allowance,in fuch fort, as the Embafladors and 
meflengers of the great King of Kings fhould be furnifhed, it isnot ynknowen what a f@ion or fable 
(oit is efteemed, and for no better by the reporter himfelfe , though fuperftitious ) was deuifed ; 
Namely , that at fuch time as the profeffours and teachers of Chriftianitiein the Church of Rome, 
then a true Church, were liberally endowed,a voyce forfooth was heard from heauen,faying, Now is 
poifon powred down into the Church, 8c. ‘Thusnotonly as oft as we fpeake,as one faith, butalfoas 
oft as we do any thing ofnote or confequence, we fubiect our felues to euery onescenfure,and happy 
is he thatis leat tofled vpon tongues ; for vtterly to efcape the {natch of themitis impoflible. Ifany 
man conceit,that this is e lot and portion of the meaner fort onely, and that Princes are priuiledged 
by their high eftate,heis deceiued. As the fword denoureth afwell one asthe other,as itis in amuel. nay 
as the great Commander charged his fouldiers ina certaine battell,to ftrike atno part ofthe enemie, 
but at the face; And asthe King of Syria. commanded his chiefe Captaines tofieht neither with finall 
nor great , fane onely against rhe K ing of Ijrael: fo itis too true, that Enuie ftriketh moft pitefully at the 
faireftandat the chiefeft. Dauidwasaworthy Prince , man to be compared to-him for. his 
firft deedes , and yet foras worthy an acte as euer he did ( cuen for bringing backe the Arke of God 
in folemnitie ) he was {corned and {coffed at by his owne wife. Solomon was greater then Dauid, 



been calum-~ 

‘Fo the Reader. 

though notin vertue,yet in power: and by his ae and wifdome hebuilt'a Templeto theLoxp, 

facha oneas was the glory of the land of Ifrael , and the wonder of the whole world, Butwas that 

his magnificence liked ofbyall? We doubt ofit. Otherwile, why doe they lay it in his fonnes difh, 

and call vato him for |Jeafing oftheburden, Make, fay they ,the griewous feruitude of thy father, and 

bis fore yoke, lighter. Belikehehad charged them with fomeleuies,and troubled them with fome ca- 

rages; Hereupon they raifevpa tragedie , and with intheir heart the Temple had neuer bene built. 

So hard a thing it is to pleafe all, euen when we pleafe God beft, and doe feeke to approue our feluies 

to eulery ones confcience. 

If wee willdefcend to later times , weefhall finde many the like examples of fuch kind,or rather 

vnkind acceptance. The firft Romane Emperour did neuer doea more pleafing deed to the learned; | ccere, 

nor more profitable to pofteritie,for conferuing the record of times in true fupputation ; then when | ****: 

he corrected the Calender , and ordered the yeere according to the courfe of the Sunne: and yet 

this was imputed to him for noueltie,and arrogancie,and procured to him great obloquie. So the firit | ¢mfanine 

Chriftened Emperour (at theleaftwife that openly profefled the faith himfelfe,and allowed others to 

doethe like ) for ftrengthening the Empire at his great charges, and prouiding for the Church, ashe 

did, gotfor his labour the name Pupillus ,as who would fay, a waftefull Prince, that had neede of a 

Guardian,orouerfeer. So the beft Chriftened Emperour, for thelouethathe bare vnto peace, there. 

by toenrich both himfelfe and his fubie@s,and becaufe he did not feeke warre but find it, was iudged 

to benomanat armes,(though in deed he excelled in feates of chiualrie, and fhewed fo much when 

he was prouoked) and condemned for giuing himfelfe to his eafe, and to his pleafure. Tobe fhort, 

the moft learned Emperour of former times, (at the leaft,the greateft politician) what thanks had he 

for cutting off the fuperfluities ofthe lawes,and digefting them into fome order and method? This, 

thathehath been blotted by fome to bee an Epitomift, that is,one that extinguifhed worthy whole 

volunss,to bring hisabridgements into requeft. This is themeafure thatharh been rendred to ex- 

cellent Princes in former times, euen, Cum bene  facerent, malé andire, For their good deedesto be euill 

fpokenof. Neitheris there any likelihood,that enuieand malignitie died,and were buried with the 

ancient. No,no,the reproofe of Mofes taketh hold ofmoft ages ; You arerifén up in your fathers lead, | Numb32.14. 

anineredfe of finfullmen. What isthat that hath been done? that which fhall be done: and there xs no ney | Eales. 
His aieties | thing Onder the Sunne , faith the wifeman: andS. Steven, Asyour fathers did , fo doe you. This,and | xa, aaa 
scorn. | More to this purpofe,Eiis Maieftie that now reigneth (and long, and long may hereigne,and his off. 
dingcalumni- | foring for euer, Himfelfe and children and childrens children alvayes) knew full well, according to the Aci} raids, 

frit wifedome giuen ynto him by God, andthe rare learning and experience thathe hathattak | 

"|ned ynto; namely that whofocuer attempteth any thing forthe publike( ay ifit pertaineto 

Religion,and to the opening and clearing of the word of God)the famefetteth himfelfe vpona ftage 
tobeglouted vponby euery euil eye,yea,he caftethhimfelfe headlong vpon pikes,to be gored by eues 
ty fharpetongue. Forhe thatmedleth with mens Religion in any part,medleth with their cuftome, 
nay,with their freehold ; and though they finde no content in that which they haue , yet they can- 
not abideto heare of altering.Notwithftanding his Royall heart was not daunted or difcouraged for} _ 
this or that colour,but ftood refolute,as a , ftatue immoueable,and an annile not cafe to be beaten into plates, | 
las one fayth ; he knew who had chofemhim to bea Souldier, or rather a Captaine,and being aflured <a 
thatthe courfe which heintended made much for the glory of God, & the building vp of his Church, 
hewould not fuffer ito be broken off for what(oeuer {peachesor practifes, It doth certainely belong 
vnto Kings,yea,itdoth {pecially belong ynto them,to haue care of Religion , yea, to knowit aright, 
ye to prolell it zealoufly , yea to promote it to the vitermoft oftheir power. Thisis their glory 
eforeall nations which meane well, and this will bring vnto them a farre moftexcellent weight of 
Boy inthe day of the Lord Iefus. For the Scripture faith notin yaine,T hem that honor me.I will honor, | 1.sams30. 
neither was it avaine word that Enjebius deliuered long agoe, that Pletie towards God was the wea. Sroehblan 
pon, and the onely weapon that both preferued Conftanti: 
Butnow what pietie without trueth ? what trueth(what fauing trueth) without the word of God? 
at word of God(whereof we may be {ure )withour the Scripture? The Scriptures we are comman- 
to fearch. Ioh.s.39.Bfa.8.20. They are commended that fearched & ftudied them.AG@.17.11.and 
828,29. They are reproued that were vnskilful in them,or flow to beleeue them. Myt.22.2 9.Luk.24. 
25. They canmake vs wile vnto faluation.2.Tim.3.15. If webe ignorant,they will inftrué ys; if out of 
the way,they will bring vshoinie; ifout of order, they will reforme vs; ifin heauines,comfort vss if dull, 
quicken vs; ifcolde,inflame vs. Tolle, lege; Tolle lege, Take vp and read, take vpand read the Scrip. pee 
tures, (forvito them was the diretion ) it was faid ynto S. Augustine by a fupernaturall voyce. a : oe 
Whatfocwar is in the Scriptures,beleewe me , {aith the fame S. Auguftine, ts high and dinine; there is verily attndee 
tructh, anda doctrine maf? fit forthe refrefping and renewing of mens mindes, and truely fo tempered, that |? 


nes perfon , and auenged him of his Eu/tbins lb, r0 

The T tebe! 

euery one may draw from thencethat which ts fuffictent for bim, if bee come to draw With adenout and pious 
minde, as true Religion requireth. ThusS. Auguffine. And S. Eherome: Ama forspturas , @ amabitte 
Japientiaerc. Loue the oa and wifedome will louéthee. And S. Grill againft Julian; Euen 
boyes that are bred vp in the Scriptures become moft religious,eoc. But whatmention wee three or foure 
vies ofthe Scripture whereas whatfoeuer 1s to be beleeued orpractifed , or hoped for, is contained 
in them? or three or foure fentences of the Fathers, fince whofoeuer is worthy the name of a Father, 
from Chrifts time downeward, hath likewife written not onely of the riches,but alfo of the perfection 
ofthe Scripture? Iadore the fulne(fe of the Scripture, faith Tertullian againft Hermogenes. Andagaine, 
to Apelles an Heretike of the like ftampe;he faith ; Edoe not admit that which thou bringe/t im ( or con- 
cludeft) of thine owne (head or ftore , de tuo) without Scripture. So Saint Iustin Martyr before him; 
Wee muf} know by allmeanes , faith hee, that it zs not lawfull (or pollible) to learne (any thing) of God or 
of right pietie , [awe onely out of the Prophets , whoteachvs by divine ingpiration. So Saint Bafil after 
| Tertullian , Iezs amanifel? falling ayway from the Faith , and a fault of prefumption , either to reiect any 
of thofe things that are syritten, or to bring in (ypou thehead of them, inieéyn) any of thofe things that 
are not Written. Wee omit to cite to the fame effect, S.CyrillB. of Hierufalemin his 4. (stachef. Saint 
Hierome againkt Heluidivs , Saint Augustine in his 3. booke againft the letters of Petilian , and in very 
many other places of his workes. Alfo we forbeare to defcend to latter Fathers, becaufe wee will not 
weariethe reader. The Scriptures then being acknowledged to bee fo full and fo perfe&, how can 
wee excufe our felues of negligence, if we doe not {tudie them, of curiofitie, if we be not content with 
nes # | them? Mentalke mucho sm, how many fweete and goodly things it had hanging onit ; of the 
4334 | Philofophers {tone , that it turneth copper into gold ; of (ornu- copia , that it hadall things neceflary 

“| for foode init ; of Panaces the herbe,thatit was good for all difeafes ; of Catholicon the drugge, that it 
isin ftead of all purges; of Vulcans armour, thatis was an armour of proofe againtt all thrufts, and all 
blowes,8cc. Well, that which they falfly or vainely attributed to thefe things for bodily good, wee 
may iuftly and with full meafure afcribe vnto the Scripture, for {pirituall. Itisnot onely an armour, 
besscbresds | br alfo a whole armorie of weapons, both offenfiue,and defenfiue ; whereby we may fauc our felues 
aponkoyle | and put the enemie to flight. Itisnotan herbe, but a tree, or rathera whole paradife of trees of life, 
which bring foorth fruiteuery moneth , and the fruit thereofis for meate , and the leaues for medi- 
cine. Itisnota pot of Manna, or a crufe of oyle,which were for phemorie only,or for ameales meate 
or two, butas it were a fhowre of heauenly bread fufficient for a whole hoft, be it neuer fo great; and 
asit were a whole cellar full of oyleveflels ; whereby all our necefsities may be prouided for ,andour 
debts difcharged. Ina word, itis a Panary of holefome foode, againft fenowed traditions; a Phyfi- 
ons-fhop (Saint Bafillcalleth it) of preferuatiues againft poifoned herefies; a Pandeét of profitable 
lawes,againft rebellious fpirits; a trea{urie of moft coftly iewels , again{t beggarly rudiments ; Finally 
a fountaine of moft pure water fpringing vp vnto euerlafting life. And whatmaruaile? The originall 
thereof being from heauen, not trom earth; the authour being God, notman; the enditer, the holy 
{pirit,not the wit of the Apoftles or Prophets ; the Pen-men fuch as were fan@ified from the wombe, 
and endewed witha principall portion of Gods fpirit ; the matter, veritie, pietie, puritie, vprightnefle; 
the forme,Gods word, Gods teftimonie, Gods oracles,the word of trueth, the word of faluation, &c. 
the effects, light of vnderftanding ftablenefle of perfwafion, repentance from dead workes, newnefle 
of life,holineffe, peace, ioy in the holy Ghoft; laftly,the end and reward of the ftudie thereof fellow- 
fhip with the Saints, participation of the heauenly nature, fruition of an inheritance immortall,ynde- 
filed, and that neuer {hall fadeaway : Happie istheman that delighteth in the Scripture , and thrife 
happiethat meditateth in it day and night. 

But how fhall men meditatein that, which they cannot ynderftand? How fhall they ynderftand 
that whichis kept clofein an vnknowen tongue? asitis written , Bxcept I know the power of the woyce, 
Thal beto himthat fheaketh,a Barbarian,and he that fpeaketh, Jhalbe a Barbarian tome. The Apoftle ex. 
cepteth no tongue; not Hebrewe the ancienteft, not Greeke the moft copious, notLatine the fineft, 
Natue taught a naturall man to confeffe,that all of vs in thofe tongues which wee doe not vnder- 
ftand, are plainely deafe; weemay turnethe deafe eare vnto them. The Scythian counted the Athee 
nian, whom he did not ynderftand, barbarous: fo the Romane did the Syrian, andthe Jew, (euen S. 
iat Flierome him€lfe calleth the Hebrew tongue barbarous, belike becaufe it was {trange to fo many) fo 
Hichael,rheo- | the Emperour of Conffantinople calleth the Larine tongue,barbarous,though Pope Nicolas do ftorme 
phiifil, 4, {at it: fo the Jewes long before Chrift,called all other nations,Lognazim,which islittle better then bar- 
welixeri \barous. Therefore as one complaineth, that alwayes in the Senate of Rome, there was one or other 
that called for an interpreter: fo left the Church be driuen to the like exigent, it isneceflary to haue 
tranflationsinareadinefle, Tranflation it is that openeth the window,to letin the light; that brea- 
keth the thell,that we may eat the kernel ; that putreth afide the curtaine,that wemay lookeinto the 
moft Holy place; that remooueth the couer of the well, that wee may come by the water,euen as 



Clem, Alex.3° 

cep em 

Te the Reader. Se 

Jacob rolled away the ftone from the mouth ot the weil , by which meanes the Hockes ot Laban were Gens5,355 

The tranflati- 
‘on ofthe olde 
outofthe He- 
brew into 

watered. Indeede without tranflation into the vulgar tongue,the volearned are but like children at 
Tacobs well (which wasdeepe) without a bucket or {ome thing to draw with  oras that perfon men-| lob 4.x 
tioned by E/ay,to whom when a fealed booke was deliuered, with this motion, Readethis,1 pray thee, | Etsy 29.15. 
hee was faine tomake this anfwere, I cannot, for it is fealed. 

While God would be knowen onely in Jacob, and haue hisName greatin I/rael,and in noneos 
ther place, while the dew lay on Gideons fleece onely,and all the earth befides was drie ;then forone SeeS Auth 
and the fame people, which {pake all of them the language of Canaan, thatis, Exebrewe,one and the| 1,2. gut 
fame original in Hebrew was fufficient. But when the fulneffe of time drew neere,that the Sunne of 
righteoufnefle, the Sonne of God fhould come into the world, whom God ordeined to be a recon- 
ciation through faith in his blood, not of the Iew onely,butalfo of the Greeke, yea, of allthem that 
were {catered abroad ; thenloe, it pleafed the Lord to ftitre vpthe fpititof a Greeke Prin ce ( Grecke 
for defcent and language) euen of Ptolome Philadelph Kin g of Egypr,to procure the tranflating of the 
Booke of God out of Hebrew into Grecke. This isthe tranflation of the Seuentie Interpreters,com« 
monly fo called, which prepared the way for our Sauiour among the Gentiles by writcen preaching, 
as Saint lohn Baptift did among the Jewes by vocall. For the Grecians being defirous of learnin g,Were 
not wont tofufter bookes of worth to lye moulding in Kings Libraries, but had many of their fer- 
uants,ready {cribes, to copie them out,and fo they were diff perfed and made common. Againe, the 
Greeke tongue was well knowen and made familiar to moft inhabitantsin Afia, by reafon of the con- 
quett that there the Grecéans had made,as al{o by the Colonies, which thither they had fent. For the 
fame caufes alfo it was well Ynderftood in many places of Enrope,yea,and of Affriketoo. Therefore 
the word of God being {et foorth in Greeke, becommeth hereby like acandle fet ypon a candlefticke, 
which giueth light toall thatarein the houfe > OL like a proclamation founded foorth in the marker 
place,which moft men prefently take knowledge ot; and therefore that language was fitteft to con- 
taine the Scriptures,both for the firft Preachers of the Gofpel to appeale vnto for witnefle,and for the 

| learners alfo of thofe timesto make (earch and triall by. Itiscertaine, that that Tranflation was not 

out of Hebrew 
and Greeke 
into Latine. 

fo found and fo perfe@, but that it needed in many places correction ; and who had bene fo fufficient 

for this worke as the Apoftles or Apoftohikemen? Yet it emed good to theholy Ghoft and to 

them, to take that which they found, (the fame being for the greateft part true and fufficient) rather 

then by making anew, in thatnew world and greene age of the Church, to expofe themfelues to ma- 

ny exceptions and cauillations, as though they made a Tranflation to ferue their owne turne, and 

therefore bearing witnefle to themfelues, their witneflenot tobe regarded. This may be fappofed 

tobee fome caufe, why the Tranflation of the Sexentie was allowed to paffe for currant. Notwith- 
ftanding,though itwas commended generally,yet it did not fully content the learned,nonotof the 

Jewes. Fornotlongatter (brift, Aquila fell in hand witha new Tranflation, and after him Theodo- pete 
tion,and after him Symmachus : yea,there wasa fit anda fixt edition, the Authours wherof were not| dim ® 
knowen. Thefe with the Seaentiemade vp the Hexapla, and were worthily and to great purpofe 

compiled together by Origen. Howhbeit the Edition of the Seventie went away with the credir, and 

therefore not onely was placed in the midtt by Origen (for the worth and excellencie thereof aboue 

the reft; as Epiphanins gathereth) butalfowas vfed by the Greeke fathers for the ground and founda- 

tion of their Commentaries. Yea, Epiphanius aboue named doeth attribute fo much ynto it,thathe| sees augyp, | 
holdeth the Authours thereof not onely for Interpreters, but alfo for Prophets in fome refpect : and ciate ee 
luftinian the Emperour enioyning the lewes his fubieés to vie {pecially the Tranflation ofthe Seyene| ANesell dltesst 
tie, rendreth this reafon thereof, becaufe they were as it were enlightened with propheticall grace, oxen daxrp| 
Yet forall that, asthe Exyptians axe {aid of the Prophet to bee men and not God » and their horfes| “#7 

Daparloons dum ¢, 
fleth and not fpirit : fo itis evident, (and Saint Elierome affirmeth as much ) that the Seventie were Baars es 
Interpreters , they were not Prophets; they did many things well, as learned men 3 but men] opsinogenere 
they ftumbled and fell, one while through ouerfight, another while through ignorance, yea ,fome- |" 
times they may benoted toadde to the Originall , and fometimes to take from it ; which made the 
Apoftles to leaue them many times, when they left the Hebrew, and to deliuer the fence thereof ac- 
cording to the trueth of the word,as the fpirit gaue themvtterance. This may fuffice touching the 
Greeke Tranflations of the old Teftament. 

There were alfo within a few hundreth yeetesafter Curts, tranflationsmany into theLatine 
tongue : for this tongue alfo was very fitto conuey the Lawand the Gofpel by, becaufein thofe times 
very many Countreys of the Weft, yea ofthe South , Eaft and North, {pake or ynderftood Latine, 
being made Prouinces to the Romanes. But now the Latine Tranflations were too many tobeall | 
good,for they were infinite (Lapini Taterpretes nullo modo numerari poffunt faith S. AuguSine.) Againe aetna 
they were not out of the Hebrew fountaine( wee {peake of the Latine Tranflations ot the Old Tefa-|zentn, 
ment) but out of the Greeke ftreame, therefore the Grecke being notaltogether cleare,the Latine deri- | 

ued | 

The ean 

ued from it mutt needs be muddie. This moued S. Hierome. a molt learned father, and the beft 
linouift without controuerfie, of his age, or of any that went before him, to vndertake the tranflating 
ofthe Old Teftament, out of the very fountaines themfelues ; which heeperformed with that eui- 
dence of great learning, iudgement,induftrie and faithfulnes,thache hath for euer bound the Church 
* | ynto him, in a debt of fpeciall remembrance and thankefulneffe. 

Now though the Church were thus furnithed with Greeke and Latine Tianflations , euen before 
thefaith of Cimris ® was generally embraced in the Empire: ( forthe learned know that even in §. 
Hieroms time,the Conful of Rome and his wife were both Ethnicks,and aboutthe fame time the grea- 
teft part of the Senate alo ) yetfor all that the godly-learned were not content to haue the Scriptures 
inthe Language which themfelues vnderftood , Greekeand Latine. , (as the good Lepers Werenot 
content to fare well themfelues , butacquainted their neighbours with the ftore that God had fent, 
that they alfo might eore for themfelues ) butalfo for the behoofe and edifying of the vnlearned 
hwhich hungred and thirfted after Righteoufneffe,and had foules to be faued afwell as they,they pro- 
uided Tranflations into the vulgar for their Countreymen , infomuch that moftnations vnder hea~ 
uen did fhortly after their conuerfion , heare Cur15 T {peaking vnto them in their mother tongue, 
not by the voyce of their Minifter onely,but alfo by che written word tranflated. Ifany doubt hereof, 
he may be {atiffied by examples enough, if enough wil ferue the turne. Firft 8. Bierome faith, Multa 
rumgentitilinguisScriptura ante tranflata,docet alfa effe que addita fant,toc.. The Scripture being tranfla- 
ted before in the languages of many Nations doth fhew that thofe things that were added by Lucian ox FAcfy- 
chins) arefalfe. So S.Hierome in that place. The fame Hierome elfewhere affirmeth thathe, the time 
was had fet forth the tranflation of the Seventy. fucelinguee hominibus. i. for his countreymen of Dalma- 
tia. Which words not only Erafmus doth ynderftand to purport,that S.Hierome tranflated the Scrip- 
ture into the Dalmatian tongue , butalfo Sixtus Senenfis,and Alphonfus a Caftro( that we fpeake ofno 
_|more) men notto be excepted againft by them of Rome, doe ingenuoufly confefle asmuch. So, 8. 

ChryfoStome that liued in S. Fieromes tisne,giueth euidence with him : The doétrine of S.Iobn (faith he) 
did not in {uch fort (as the Philofophers did ) evanilh away : but the Syrians, Egyptians, Indians,Perfians. 
Exhiopians,and infinite other nationis being barbarous people, tranflated it ito their(mother) congue,and haue 
learned to be (erue) Philofophers,he meaneth Chriftians. To thismay be added Theodorit,as next vnto 
him, both for antiquitie,and for learning. His words bethefe,Enery Countrey that is onder the Sunne, 
is fullof thefewordes (of the Apottles and Prophets) and the Hebrew tongue. ( he meaneth the Scrip 
tures in the Hebrew tongue ) 7 turned not onely into the Language of the Grectans,but alfoof the Romanes, 
and Bgyptians,and Per fians,and Indians,and Armenians and Scythians, and Sauromatians , and briefly into 
allthe Languages that any Nation vfeth. So he. Inlike maner,//Ipilas is reported by Paulus Diaconus 
and Jfidor (and before them by Sozomen ) to haue tranflated the eater into the Gothicke tongue: 
TohnBithop of Siuil by Vaffews, to haue turned them into Arabicke.,about the yeere of our Lord 717: 
Yafus in \Bedaby Ciftertienfis, co haue turned a great part of them into Saxon : Efnard by Trithemius ,to haue 
Chen Wipe. | Abridged the French Pfalter, as B eda had done the Hebrew, about the yeere 800: King Alured by the 
|ropderng. | (aid (iffertienfis,to haue turned the Pfalter into Saxon: Methodius by Auentinus (printed at Ingolftad) 
sn aes, \to haue turned the Scriptures into|| Sclanonian : Valdo, Bithop of Frifing by Beatus Rhenanus , to 
seen haue caufed about that time,the Gofpels to be tranflated into Dutch-rithme,yet extant in the Library 
| faenn- tba. | of (orbinian : Valdus ,by divers to haue turned them himfelfe , or to haue gottenthem tumed into 

goo. B.Rbenn, | Evench,about the yeere 1160 + (harles thes. of that name, furnamed The wife, to haue caufed them 
rem Germano be turned into French, about 00. yeeres after Valdis his time, of which tranflation there be many 

copies yet extant, as witnefleth Beroaldus. Much aboutthattime, even in our King Richard the {e- 
conds dayes, John Treui[a-tranflated them into Englifh and many Engli/h Bibles in written hand 
are yet to be feene with diuers,tranflated asit is very probable,in thatage. So the Syriaa tranflation 
ofthe New Teftament is in moft learned mens Libraries, of Widminfladius his fetting forth , and the 
Pfalterin Arabicke is with many, of Auguftinus Nebienfis {etting foorth. So Poffelatfirmeth, thatin 
his trauaile he faw the Gofpels in the Ethiopian tongue; And Ambrofe Thefius alleageth the Pfalter of 
the Indians, which he teftifieth to haue bene fet forth by Potken in SyriancharaGters. So that,to haue 
the Scripturesin the mother-tongue is nota quaint conceit lately taken vp , eitherby the Lord Crom 
sell in England, orby the Lord Radeuil in Polonie., or by the Lord Vngnadivsin the Emperours do- 
minion, buthathbene thought vpon , and put in pradtife of old , euen from the firft times of the con- 
uerfion of any Nation; no doubt , becaufe it was efteemed moftprofitable,to caufe faith to grow in 
mens hearts the fooner, and to make themto be able to fay with the words of the Pfalme, Ase haue 
heard, forwe hane feenes. 

Now the Church ofRome would feeme atthe length tobeare a motherly affection towards her 
children, and to allow themthe Scriptures in their mothertongue: butindeed itis a gift, not defer- 
uing to be called a gift, an vnprofirable gift: they muft firft get a Licence in writing beforethey may 



S. Hieron, pref, 
in 4-Enangel. 


Theodor. $< 

P.Diaconbi.1% Chron, 
Goth. Soxomalie 
G.cap. 37. 


PRL 48.8. 

Sieg dDvegy 

The tranfla- 
ting of the 
Scripture in- 
tothe vulgar 

The ynwil- 
lingnes of our 
chiefe Aduer- 
farics, tharthe 
thould be di- 

SS SS ssp esses 

pS SS 

uulged inche 

The fpeaches 
and reafons, 
both ofour 

and of ourAd- 
uerfaries a 
gainft this 

A fatisfa&ion 
to our bre- 

To the Reader. 

yfechem, and to get that, they muft approue them(elues to their Conteflor, that is,to be fuch as are, 

lneaor frozen in the dregs, yet fowred with the leauen of their fuperftition. Howbeit, itfeemed too 
much to (lement the 8. that there {hould be any Licence granted to haue them in the vulgar tongue, 
and therefore he ouerruleth and fruftrateth the grant of Pivs the fourth. So muchare they afraid 

of the light of the Sctipture,(Luctfiuge Scripeurarum,as Tertullian fpeaketh ) that they will not truft the 
pzople with it, no notasit is fet foorth by their owne fworne men , nonot with the Licence of their 
owne Bifhops and Inquifitors. Yea,fovawilling they are to communicate the Scripturesto the peo- 

Jes vnderftanding in any fort,that they are not afhamed to confefle, that wee forced them to tran- 

flate it into Englifh againft their wills, This feemeth to argue a bad caufe , ora bad confcience, or]? 

both. Surewe are,thatit is not he that hath good gold, thatis afraid to bring it to the touch-ftone, 
buthe that hath the counterfeit ; neither is it the true man that fhunneth the light, but the malefa- 
Gour,left his deedes fhould be reproued : neitheris itthe plaine dealing Merchant that is vawilling 
to haue the waights,or the meteyard broughtin place, but he that vfeth deceit. But we will let them 
alone for this fault,and returne to tranflation. 

Many mens mouths haue bene open agood while(and yet are notftopped) with {peeches about 
the Tranflation fo long in hand,or rather perufals of Tranflations made betore : and aske what may 
bethereafon,what the neceffitie ofthe employment: Hath the Church bene deceiued, fay they,all 
this while? Hath her fweet bread bene mingled with leauen,her filuer with drofle, her wine with wa- 
ter,her milke with lime? ( Latte gyp/um male mifcetur, faith S.Iréney,) We hoped that we had bene in 
the right way, that we had had the Oracles of God deliuered vnto vs, and that though all the world 
had caufe to be offended and tocomplaine, yetthatwehad none. Hath the nurfe holden out the 
breaft, and nothing but winde init? Hath the bredd bene deliuered by the fathers of the Church, 
and the4ame proued to be lapidofirs,as Seneca {peaketh ? What isitto handle the word of God de- 
ceitfully,ifthisbenot? Thuscertaine brethren. Alfo the aduerfaries of Iudab and EXierufalem,like 
Sanballat in Nehemiah, mocke, as we heare, both at the worke and workemen, faying; What doe thefe 
weake lewes,éxc. wwillthey make the {tones hole againe out of the heapes of duft which are burnt 2 although 
they build , yet if a foxegoeup , he ball enen breake downe their ftony wall. Was their Tranflation good 
before? Why doethey nowmend it ? Wasitnot good? Why then was it obtruded to the people? 
Yea, why did the Catholicks (meaning Popifh Romanifts) alwayes goe in ieopardie, for refufing to 
goe toheare it? Nay, ifit mutt be tranflated into Englifh, Catholicks are fitteft to doeit. They haue 
learning and they know when a thing is well , they can manum detabula. Weewillanfwerethem 
both briefly: and the former,being brethren,thus, with §. erome., Damnamus veteres? Minime, fed 
poft priorum fludia in domo Domini quod poffumus laboramus. Thatis, Doe wwe condemne the ancient? In 
no cafes: but after the endeuaurs of them that were beforevs,Wwee take the beSt paines we can inthe houfe of | 
God. As itheefaid, Being prouoked by the example ofthe learned that liued beforemy time, I haue 
thought itmy duetie, to aflay whether my talent in the knowledge of the tongues, may be profitable 
in any meafure to Gods Church , left [fhould feeme to haue laboured in them in vaine ,and left] 
fhould be thought to glory in men, (although ancient,) aboue that which wasinthem. Thus 9.Hfie- 
rome may be thought to fpeake. 

Ando the fame effect fay wee, that we are fo farre off from condemning any of their labours that 
traueiled before vsin thiskinde, either in this land or beyond fea, either in King Heories time, or 
King Edwards (if there were any tranflation , or correction of atranflationin his time ) or Queene 
Elizabeths of euer-renoumed memorie, that we acknowledge them to haue beene raifed vp of God, 
for the building and furnifhing of his Church , and that they deferueto be had of vs and of pofteritie 
in euerlafting remembrance. ~The Iudgementof Aristotle is worthy and well knowen : Jf Timorheus 
had not bene, ve had not had much feet muficke ; butif Phrynis (Timotheus his mater) had not beene, ywee 
had not had Timothens. Therefore bleffed be they, and moft honoured be their name,that breake the 
yce,and giueth onfet vpon that which helpeth forward to the fauing of foules. Now what can bee 
more auaileable thereto , then to deliuer Gods booke vnto Gods people ina tongue which they vn- 
derftand? Since ofan hidden treafure,and of a fountaine thatis fealed, there is no profit,as Peolomee 
Philadelph wrote to the Rabbins or matters ofthe Lewes, as witnefleth Epiphanivs : and as S. Aupuftine 
faith ; A man had rather be with bis dog then with a ftranger( whofe tongueis ftrange vnto him.) Yet 
forall that, as nothing is begun and perfited at the fame time, and the later thoughtsare thought to 
be the wifer: (0, if we building vpon their foundation that went before vs, and being holpen by their 
labours, doe endeuour to make that better which they left fo good; noman , we arefure, hath caufe 
to miflikevs ; they, we perfwade our felues, ifthey were aliue,would thankevs.. The vintage of Abi« 
exer, that ftrake the ftroake: yet the gleaning of grapes of Ephraim was not tobe defpifed. See Indges 

8. verfe>. Toafh the king of I/rael didnot fatiffiehimfelfe , till he had {mitten the ground three times; 
and yethee offended the Prophet, for giuing ouer then. Aquilaof whom wee {pakebefore, eo 

See the obfer- 
uation (fer 
forth by Cle~ 
men. his au- 
the 4.rule of 
Pius the 4. his 
making in the 

Tertul, derefur, 

foan 3.20, 

S.tren3 lib. 


AriSt.2.0iet am 

S. Epiphan. loco 
ante citato, 

S Auguftin Ub, simie, 

ludges 8.2, 

a.Kings 13. 

nr rr rt SS eer EE 


ted the Bibleas caretully,and as {kiltully as he could; and yet he thought good to goe ouer it againe, 
and thenit gor the credit with the Lewes,to be called sp cxKew, thatis, accuratly done sas Saint Hierome 
witnefieth. How many bookes of profane learning haue bene gone ouer againeand againe , by the 
fame tranflators, by others? Or one and the famebooke of Aristotles Ethikes , there are extant not 
fo few as fixe or feuen feuerall tranflations. Now if this coft may bee beftowed vpon the goord, 
which affordeth ys alittle fhade , and which to day flourifheth , but to morrow is cut downe ; what 
may webeftow,nay what ought we notto beftow vpon the Vine,the fruite whereofmaketh glad the 
confcience of man, and the ftemme whereof abideth for euer? And this is the word of God ,which we 
tranflate. What isthe chaffe tothe wheat, faith the Lord ? Tanti vitreum,quanti verum margaricum ((aich 
Tertullian, ) if atoy ot glafle be of that rekoning with WS, how ought wee to value the true pearle? 
Therefore leno mans eye be euill, becaufe his Maiefties is good ; neither letany be grieued, that wee 
haue a Prince that feeketh the increafe of the fpirituall wealth of Iftael (let Sanballats and Tobiabs doe 
fo, which therefore doe beate their iuft reproofe) but let vs ratherblefle God from the ground ofour 
heart, for working this religious carein him, to haue the tranflations of the Bible maturely confide- 
red of and examined. For by this meanes it commeth to pafle, that whatfoeuer is found alreadie 
(and all is found for fub{tance, in one or other of our editions ,and the worft of ours farre better then 
their autentike vulgar) the fame will fhine as gold more brightly, being rubbed and polifhed ; alfo , if 
any thing be halting, or fuperfluous, or not fo agreeable to the originall, the fame may bee corrected, 
andthe trueth fet in place. And what can the King command tobeedone, thacwill bring him more 
true honour then this? and wherein could they thathaue beene fet a worke, approue their duetieto 
the King, yea their obedience to God, and loue to his Saints more, then by yeelding their feruice, and, 
all char is within them, for the furnifhing ofthe worke? But befides allthis, they w-re the principall 
motiues ofit,and therefore ought leaftto quarrell it: for the very Hiftoricall trueth is, thatpon the 
importunate petitions of the Puritanes, at his Maiefties comming to this Crowne, the Conference at 
Hampton Court hauing bene appointed for hearing their complaints : when by force of reafon they 
were put fromall other grounds , they had recourfeat the laft, to this (hift, that they could not with 
good confcience fubfcribeto the Communion booke , fince it maintained the Bible as it was there 
tranflated, which-was as they faid,a moft corrupted tranflation. And although this was iudged to 
be but avery poore and emptie fhift; yet euen hereupon did his Maieftie beginne to bethinke him- 
felfe of the good that might enfue by a new ttanflatioa, and prefently after gaue order for this Tranf 
lation whichis now prefented vnto thee. Thus much to fatiffie our {crupulous Brethren, 

Now to the later we anfwere; that wee doe not deny, nay wee atfirmeand auow, thatthe very 
meaneft tranflation of the Bible in Engli(h, fetfoortli by men of our profefsion (for wee haue feene 
none of theirs of the whole Bibleas yet)containeth the word of God, nay, isthe word of God. As 
the Kings Speech which hee vrtered in Parliament, being tranflated into French, Dutch, Italian and 
Latine, is fillcheKin s Speech, though it be not interpreted by every Tranlator with the like grace, 
nor peraduenture fo fly for phrafe, nor fo exprefly for fence, euery Where. For it is confefled,that 
things areto take their denomination of the greater part; and anaturall man could fay, Verdm bi 
multanitent in carmine, nonegopaucis offendor maculis, @rc. A man may be counted a vertuous man, 
though hee haue made many flips in his life, (els, there were none vertuous, for in many things we of - 
@ndall) alfoa comely man and louely, though hee haue fome warts vpon his hand, yea, not one! 
freakles vpon his face, but alfo {karres. No caufe therefore why.the word tranflated {hould bee de- 
nied to be the word, or forbidden tobe currant, notwithftandiog that fome imperfections and blemi- 
fhes may be noted in the fetting foorth of it. For what cuer was perfect vnder the Sunne, where A- 
poftles or Apoftolikemen, that is, men indued with an extraordinary meafure of Gods fpititzand 
priuiledged with the priviledge of infallibilitie,had not their hand? The Romaniftes therefore in 
refufing to heare,and daring to burne the Word tranflated , did no leffethen defpite the fpirit of 
grace,from whom ay itproceeded, and whofe fenfe and meaning,as wellas mans weakenefle 
would enable, itdidexprefle, Tudgeby anexampleortwo. Plutarch writeth, that after that Rome 
had beene burnt by the Galles, they fell foone to builde it againe: but doing it inhafte, they did not 
caft the ftreets,nor proportion the houfes in fuch comely fafhion,as had bene moft fightly and cons 
uenient ; was (atiline fe an honeftman, or a good Patriot,that fou ght tobring it toa comby. 
Sion? or Neroa good Prince, that did indeed fetit on fire? So, by the ftory of Ezrab, and the pro- 
pliefic of Haggai itmay begathered,thatthe Temple built by Zerubbabel alter the returne from Ba- 
bylow, was by nomeanesto bee compared tothe former built by Solomon (for they that remembred 
former,wept when they confidered the later ) notwithftanding, might this later eitherhauebene 
abhorred and forfaken by the Jewes, or prophaned by the Greekes? Thelike wee are to thinke of 
(ranflations. The tranflation of the Seuentie diflenteth from the Original in many places, neither 
it comeneere it,for peripicuitic, grauitie,maieftie ; yet which of the Apoftles did condemne 


Terem. 23.28. 
Tertwlad DAtr- 

Sisarué viliffie 
mar oe / 
quanti pretiofif= 
foxamn Marga~ 
ritum: Hier 
ad Salesirse 



famnes3 +25 


zs gee E E it? 
[ees a5 See a 

the imputati- 
ons ofourad- 

To the Reader. 

it? Condemne it? Nay,they viedit, (as itisapparent, andas Saint EXterome and mottlearned men 
doe confefle) which they would not have donesnor by their example of viing it, fo grace and com- 
menditto the Church, if it had bene vaworthy the appellation and name of the word of God: And 
whereas they vrge for their fecond defence of their vilitying and abufing of the Englifh Bibles,or 
{ome pieces thereof, which they meete with, for that heretikes (forfooth) were the Authours of the 
tranflations, ( heretikes they call vs by the fame right that they call themfelues Catholikes, both be- 
ing wrong ) Wee marueile what diuinitie taught them fo. Wee are fure Tertullian was of another 
minde: Bx perfonis probamus fidem anex fide perfonas ? Doe we trie mens faith by their perfons? we } 7™depre- 

g * 5 : - 7 : - : ~ ; s Seript. contra 
{hould trie their perfons by their faith. AlfoS, Auguftine was of another minde: for he lighting Vp= | hereon 

oncertaine rules made by Tychonins a DonatiSt, for the better vnderftanding of the word, was nota- 
fhamed to make vie of them, yea,toinfert them into his owne booke, with giving commendation 
to them fo farre foorth as they were worthy to be commended, as is to be feene in S. Auguftines third 
booke De dottrina Chriftiaea.T 0 be fhort, Origen and thewhole Church of God for certain hundred La bopep 
yeeres,were of another minde : forthey were fo farre from treading vnder foote, (much more fron: | 3% 
burning ) the Tranflation of Aquila a Profelite,thatis,one thathad turned Tew; of Symmachus, and 
Theodotion, both Ebionites, thatis,moft vile heretikes that they ioyned them together with the Fiz 
brew Oiiginall,and the Tranflation of the Seuentie (as hath bene before fignified out of Fpiphaniue) 
and fet them forth openly to be confidered of and perufed by all, But we weary the ynlearned,who 
need not know fo much, and trouble the learned, who know italready. 

Yet before we end, we muftanfwere athird cauill and obiection of theirs againft vs , for altering 
aad amending our Taanflations fo oft ; whereintruely they deale hardly, and ftrangely with ys. For 
to whom euer was itimputed fora fault (by fuch as were wile) to goeouer that which hee had done, 
and toseaend it where he faw caufe? Saint duguftine was not aftaide to exhort S. Hierome to a Pali-| 
nodia or recantation; thefame S. Auguffine wasnot afhamed to retraCtate, wemiglit fay reucke,ma- aoe 
ny things thathad pafled him, and doth euen glory thathe feeth his infirmities, If we will be fonnes ine 
ofthe Trueth,we mutt confider what itfpeaketh, and trample vpon our owne credit, yea, and vpon | “pfs. 
othermens too; if either beany way an hinderance to it. Thistothe caufe: then to the perfons we 
fay, that of allmen they ought to bee moftfilentin this ca. For what varietieshaue they, and what 
alcerations hauethey made, not onely oftheir Seruice bookes , Portéffes and Breuiaries , butal(o of 
thei Latine Tranflation? The Seruicebooke fuppofed to be made by S. Ambrofe ( Officium Ambro- 
fianum) was agreat while in fpectail vfeand requeft : but Pope Hadrian calling a Councill with the 
ayde of (harles the Emperour,abolifhed iz,yea,burnt it, and commanded the Seruice-booke of Saint 
Gregorievoiuerfally tobe vled. Well, Officium Gregorianum gets by this meanes to bein credit, but 
doeth it continue without change or altering? No,thevery Romane Seruice was of two fafhions,the 
New fafhion ,and the Old, (the one vfedis one Church, the other in another) as is to bee feenein 
Pamelius a Romanilt , his Pretace, before Micrologus. The {ame Pamelivs reporteth out of Radul- 
phus de Rio, that about the yeere of our Lord, 1277. Pope Nicolas the third remoued out of the 
Charches of Rome, the more ancient bookes (of Seruice) and brought into vie the Miflals of the 
Friers Minorites,and commaunded them to bee obferued there; infomuch that abour an hundred 
yceres after,when the abouenamed Raaulphus happened to be at Rome, he found all the bookesto 
benew,(of the new {tampe.) INeither was there this chopping and changing in the more ancient 
umes onely, but alfo ot late: Piws Quintus himlelfe confefleth, that euery Bifhopricke almoft had a 
peculiar kind of {eruice,moftvnlike to that which others had : which moued him to abolith all other 
Breutaties, though neuer fo ancient, and priuiledged and publifhed by Bifhops in their Diocef 
fes, eftablith and ratifie chat onely which was of his owne fetting foorth,in the yeere 15 68. 
Now,when the father of their Church,who gladly would heale the foare of the daugheer of his peo. 
ple foftly and fleightly, and make the beft of it, findeth (0 great fault with them for their oddesand 
larring; wehope the children haue no great caufeto vaunt of theiryniformitie, But the difference 
that appeareih betweene our Tranflations,and our often correéting of them, is the thing that wee 
are {pecially charged with; Ict vs {ee therefore whether they themfelues bee without fault this way, 
(it it be to be counted a fault, to correct) and whether they bee fit mento throw ftonesat vs: Otan- 
dem maior parcas infane minori: they that arelefle ound themfelues, ought not to obiect infirmities to 
others. If we fhould tell them that Valla,Scapulenfis,Erafmus, and Vines found fault with their vulgar 
Tranflation,and confequently wifhed the fame to be mended,ora new-one to be made, they would 
an{were peraduenture, that we produced their enemies for witnefles againft them ; albeit,they were 
in no other-fort enemies,then as S. Paul was to the Galatians,for telling them the trueth: and it were | Gatangre. 
to be withed, that they haddared to tell irthem plainlier and oftner. “Bat what will they fay to this, 
that Pope Leo the tenth allowed Eva/mus Tranflation ofthe New Teftament,(o much different from 
the vulgar, by his Apoftolike Letter & Bull;that the fame Leo exhorted Pagniato tranflatethe whole | sixins senenf 

B Bible, | 
ene eeaeeen sere cee SS sro assaf 

The Tranflators 

Bible, and bare whatfoeuer charges was neceflary forthe worke? Surely, asthe Apoftle reafoneth 
to the Hebrews , that if the former Law and Teftament bad bene fufficient,there had beene no need of the 
latter : fowemay fay, thavif the olde vulgar had bene at all points allowable, to fmall purpofe had 
labour and charges bene vndergone, about framing ofa new. If they fay , it was one Popes priuate 
opinion, and that he confulted onely himfelfe; then wee are able to goe further with them,and toa- 
uerre, that more of their chiefe men ofall forts,euen their owne Tyent- champions Paina 8 Vega and 
their owne Inquifitors, Eiieronymus ab Oleaftro, and their own Bifhop Ifdorus (larius, and their owne 
Cardinall Thomas 4 Vio Caietan, doe either make new Tranflations themfelues, or follow new ones 
ofother mens making , or note the vulgar Interpretor for halting ; none of them feare to diflent from 
him, nor yet to exceptagainfthim. And call they this an vniforme tenour of text and iudgementa- 
boutthe text,(o many of their Worthies difclaiming the now receiued conceit? Nay,we wil yet come 
neerer the quicke:dothnortheir Paris-edition differ fromthe Lowzine,and Henrenins his from them 
.| both, and yet all of them allowed by authoritie? Nay, doth not Sixtus Quintus confefle , that cer- 
taine Catholikes ( he meaneth certaine of his ownefide ) were in fuch an humor of tranflating the 
Scriptures into Latine, that Satan taking occafion by them, though they thought of no fuch matter, 
did {triue what he could, out of fovncertaine and manifold a varietie of Tranflations,{o to mingle all 
things, thatnothing might feeme to be left certaine and firme in them,&c? Nay further, did notthe 
fame Sixtus ordaine by an inuiolable decree, and that with the counfell and confent of his Cardinals, 
that the Lztine edition ofthe olde and new Teftament,which the Councill of Trent would haueto be 
authenticke,is the fame without controuerfie which he then fet forth , being diligently corrected and 
printed in the Printing-houfe of Vatican ? Thus Sixtus in his Preface before his Bible. And yet Cle- 
ment the eight his immediate fucceflour, publifheth another edition of the Bible, containing in it in- 
finite differences from that of Sixrus,(and many of them waightie and materiall)and yet thistnuftbe 
authentike by all meanes. Whatis to haue the faith of ourglorious Lordlesvs Cursst with Yea 
and Nay, if this be not? Againe,what is {weetharmonie and confent,if this be? Therfore,as Demara- 
tus ot Corinth aduifed a great King, , before he talked ofthe diflentions among the Grecians , to com- 

ole his domefticke broiles (for at that time his Queene and his fonne and heire were at deadly fuide 
with him) fo all the while tha: our aduerfaries doe make fo many and {0 various editions them(elues, 
and doeiarre fomuchabout the worth and authoritie of them, they can with no fhow of equitie 
challenge vs forchanging and correcting. 

Butiis high time to leauethem,and co fhew in briefe what Wee propofed to our felues, and what 
courfe we held in this our perufall and furuay of the Bible. Truly (; good Chriftian Reader) weene- 
uer thought from the beginning, that we fhould needeto make anew Tranflation , nor yetto make 
ofa bad onea good one, ( forthen the imputation of Sixtus had bene true in fome fort,that our peo- 
plehad bene fed with gall of Dragonsin ftead of wine, with whey in ftead of milke: ) butto makea 
good onebetter,or out ofmany good ones, one principall good one,notiuftly to be excepted againft; 
chat hath bene ourindeauour, thatourmarke. ‘Tothat purpofe there were many chofen, that were 
greaterin other mens eyes then in their owne, and that fought the truth rather then their own praife. 
Againe, they came or were thought to come to the worke, not exercendi can/a (as one faith) butexer- 
citati, that is, learned, not to learne : For the chiefe ouerfeer and inane ynder his Maieftie, to whom 
_ {not onely we, butalfo our whole Church was much bound, knew by his wifedome, which thing alfo 
"| Nazianzentaught fo long agoe, that it is a prepofterous order to teach firft and to learne after, yea 
chat wéimsueruio uaeen to learneand practife together , is neither commendable for the workeman i 
nor fatefor the worke. Therefore {uch were thought vpon,ascould fay modeftly with Saint Hlierome, 
Bt Hebyaum Sermonem ex parte didicimus , ein Latino pene ab ipfis incunabulis toc. detriti fumus, Both 
wehaue learned the Hebrew tongueinpart, andin the Latine twee haue bene exerci{ed aloft from our verie 
cradle. S.Hierome maketh no mention of the Greeke tongue, wherein yet hee did excell , becaufe hee 
tranflated not the old Teftamentout of Greeke,but out of Hebrewe. And inwhat fort did thefeat. 
emble 2 In the truft of their owne knowledge,or of their fharpenefle of wit,or deepeneffe of iudge- 
maent,as it were in anarme of flefh? Atno hand. They trufted in him thathath thekey of David, 
opening and no man fhutting; they prayed tothe Lord the Father of our Lord, tothe effe@ that 
S. Augustine did; O let thy Scriptures be my pure delight, let me not be deceined in them neither let me deceine 
by them. In this confidence, and with this deuotion did they affemble together; nottoo many,left 
one fhould trouble another; and yet many,leftmany things haply might efcapethem. If you afke 
what they had before them, truely it wasthe Hebrewtext of the Olde Teftament, the Greeke of the 
y. |New. Thefe are the two golden pipes,or rather conduits,where-through the oliue branches emp- 
tie theméelues into the golde, Saint Augaftine calleth them precedent, of originall tongues; Saint 
Hierome,fountaines, The fame Saint Hicrome affirmeth, and Gratian hath not { pared to put itinto 
his Decree, That as the credit of the olde Bookes( hemeaneth of the Old Teftament) és to bee tryed by 

9 Ut veterumte 


The purpofe 
ofthe Fran- 

cheir number, 


eS ee dhUltC<iCS~*~™ 

olumes, fo of the New by the Grecke congue, he meaneth by the originall Greeke. If trueth 

ens: stint (houla a Tranflation be made, but ourofthem? Thefe 
tongues therefore, the Scriptures wee fay inthofe tongues, wee fet before vs to tranflate, being the 
tonoues wherein God was pleafed to {peake to his Church by his Prophets and Apoftles. N either did 
a he worke with that pofting hatte that the Septuagint did , if that be true which is repora 

we run ouert vith that ; ; eee 
ted of them,that they finifhed itin 72. dayes; neither were we barred or hindered from going ouer it | 144mg. 


againe, hauing once done it, like S.Zierome, if that be true which himfelfe reporteth,that he could no Slow 

fooner write any thing,butprefently it was — from him, and publifhed, and he could hot haue lbradwef.te= 
leaue tomendit: neither,to be fhort,were we the firtt that fell in hand with tranflating the Scripture Seas 
into Englifh, and confequently deftitute of former helpes, as itis written of Origen, that hee was the 
firtin amaner,that put hishand to write Commentaries vpon the Scriptures, and thereforeno mar- 
ueile,if he ouerfhot himfelfemany times. None of thefe things: the worke hath not bene hudled vp 
in 72. dayes, buthath coft the workemen,as light as it feemeth, the paines of twife feuen times feuen- : 
tie two dayes and more: matters of fuch weightand confequence are to bee fpeeded with maturitie: ree 
for in abufinefle of moment a man feareth not the blame of conuenient flacknefle. Neither did restau 
weethinke muchto confult the Tranflators or Commentators, (haldee, Hebrewe, Syrian, Greeke, or | wc. ersin Emre 
Larine,nonor the Spanifh, French, Italian, or Dutch sneither did we difdaineto reuife that which we 
had done, and to bring backe to theanuill that which we had hammered but hauing and vfing as 
great helpesaswere needfull,and fearing no reproch for flownefle,nor coueting praife for expedition, 
wee haue at the length,through the good hand of the Lord vpon vs, brought the worketo that 

at you fee. 
Reafons mo- peradaenuute would haue no varietie of fences to be fet in the margine,left the authoritie of 
eae the Scfiptures for deciding of controuerfies by that fhew of vncertaintie,fhould fomewhatbe fhaken. 
fencesinthe | Bt we hold their iudgmétnot to be fo found in this point For though, whatfoener things are necefJary | nsizantciay- 

in,whi i G * “ J fied 
dank ad. aremanifeft, as S. ChryfoStome faith, and as S. Augustine, Inthofe things that are plainely fet downe in the \ <Cinysp.ina. 

oa Scriptures all fuch matters are found that concerne Faith,hope,and Charitie. Yet for all that it cannot be vee 
diflembled , that partly to exercife and whet our wits, partly to weane the curious from loathing of dott. Chnf. 
them for their euety-where-plaitienefle » partly alfo to {tirre vp our deuotion to craue theafsiftance pe 

of Gods {pirit by prayer,and laftly,that we might be forward to feeke ayd of our brethren by confe- 

rence, and neuer fcomethofe thatbe notin all re{pects fo complete as they fhould bee, being to feeke 

in many thingsour felues, ithath pleafed God in his diuine prouidence i here and there to {eatter 

wordes and fentences of that difficultie and doubtfulneffe notin doGrinall points that concere fal- 

uation, ( for in fuchit hath beene vouched that the Scriptures are plaine ) but in matters of lefle mos 

ment, that fearefulnefle would better befeeme vs then confidence, and if we will refolue,to refolue ype 

on modeftie with S. Anguftine, (dhougb not in this {ame cafe altogether,yetvpon the fame ground ) 

Melis e&t dubitare de occultis, quam litigare de incertis, itis better to make doubt of thofe things which | s.sugu?. 8. 
are fecret, then to ftriue about thofe things thatarevncertaine. There be many words inthe Scrip- ae 
tures,which be neuer found there but once, (hauing neither brother nor neighbour, asthe Hebrewes | iret reste. 
{peake) fo that we cannot be holpen by conterence of places. _Againe, there be many rare names of 

certaine birds, beaftes and preciousftones, &c. concerning which the Hebrewes themfelues are fo di- 

aided among themfelues for iudgement, that they may {eeme to haue defined this or that,rather bee 

caufethey would fay fomthing,thé becaufe they were fure ofthat which they faid,as S. Hierome fome- 

where faith of the Septuagint. Now in fuch a cafe,doth nota margine do well to admonifhthe Reader 

to feeke further,and not to conclude ordogmatize vpon this or that peremptorily?For as it isa faultof, 
inctedulitie, to doubt of thofe things thatare evident: fo to determine of {uch things as the Spirit of 

God hath lefi(euen inthe iadgment of the iudicious )queftionable,can be noleffe then prefumption. | 5uga°de 
Therfore as S. Augn/linefaith;that varietie of Tranflations is profitable for the finding out of the fenfe oe sis 
of the Scriptures : fo diuerfitie of fignification and fenfe in the margine, where the text isnot{o cleare, 
muftneedes doe good, yea,isheceflary,as we are perfwaded. We know that Sixtus Quintus exprefly | sictn pref 
forbiddeth,thatany varietie ofreadings of their vulgar edition, fhould be put in the margine,(which = 
though it benot altogether the fame thing to that we haue in hand, yet itlooketh that way ) but we 

thinke he hath notall of his owne fide his fauourers,for this conceit. They that are wife,had rather 

haue their indgements at libertie in differences of readings,then to be captiuated to one,when it may 

be the other. Ifthey were fure that their hie Prieft had all lawesfhut vpin his breft,as Paul the fecond | plain Pane 
bragged, and that hewere as free from errour by fpeciall priuiledge, as the Dictators of Rome were eae 
made by law inuiolable,it were an othermatter; then his word were an Oracle,his opiniona decifion, 

Butthe eyes of the world arenow open, God be thanked, and haue bene a great while,they find that 

he is fubiect to the fameaffections and infirmities that others be,that his { kin ispenetrable,and theres 

fore o muchas he prooueth,not as much as he claimeth, they grant and embrace. 


UbB capgr 
S.Hieranin 4, 
Tone. See S. 
Aung: ¢pifts 10, 


i anudlZqy Fi 

See Eufeb, eves 
srapaonsy, lied. 
ex Plason, 




Nakiawe, cei 
dy fast 

.| great faire,and to feeke to make markets after wards : alfo the encour 
"| gether impofsible that he that ts fober (and yeatchfull) fhould at any tin 

atiay Patera, 

artic fibifalsd 

The Tranflators 

: - wee hauenot tyedour 
An other thing we thinke good to admonifh thee of (gentle Reader) thatwe y 

(elues to an vniformitie of phrafing , or toan identitie of words, as fome Se ene would a 
that we had done,becaufe they obferue,that fome learned men fome where, | oe oa < 
they could thatway. Truly, that we might not varie from the fenfe of that whic sire ate 

before, ifthe word fignified the fame thing in both places (for there bee fome wordes t - ee not 
of the fame fenfe euery where) we were efpecially carefull, and madea con{cience , according to our 
duetie. But, that we fhould expreffe the fame notion in the fame particular word ; as forexample, it 
we tranflate the Hebrew ot Greeke word once by Purpo/e, neuer to call it Jntent ; ifone where Journey. 
ing , neuer Traneiling ; ifone where Thinke, neuer Suppofe sif one where Paine , neuer Ache; if one 
Where Joy, neuer Gladneff2, &c. Thusto minfe the matter, wee thought to fauour more of curiofitie 
then wifedome, and that rather it would breed {corne in the Atheift, then bring profite to the godly 
Reader. Forts the kingdome of God become wordsor fyllables ? why fhould weebe in bondage to 

Reafons indy, 
ing Ys nor 
to ftand cus, 
oully vpon an 
identitie of 


them ifwe may befree, vfe one precifely when wee may yfe another no lefle fit, as commodioufly ?t 

A godly Father in the Primitiue time fhewed him(elte greatly moved, that one of. newfanglenes cal- 
led xoster exixrwe, though the difference belittle or none; and another reporteth, that he was much abu- 
{ed for turning Cucurbira(to which reading the people had beene vfed) into Hedera. Now ifthis hap- 
pen in better times, aud vpon fo {mall occafions , wee mightiuftly feare hard cenfure, ifgenerally wee 
fhould make verballand ynneceflary changings. We might alfobe charged (by fcoffers) with fome 
vnequall dealing towards great number of good Enghith wordes. Forasit is written of a certaine 
great Philofopher, that hefhould fay, that thofe logs were happie that were made images to be wor- 
{hipped ; for their fellowes, as good as they , lay for blockes behinde the fire : fo if wee fhould 
fay,as it were,vnto certaine words Stand vp higher, havea placein the Bible alwayes, and to others 
of like qualitie, Get ye hence, be banifhed tor euer, wee mightbe taxed peraduenture with Sz James 
his words, namely, To be partiallin our felues and indges of enill thoughts. Adde hereunto, that nicenefle 
in wordes was alwayes counted the next f{lep to tritling , and fo was to bee curious aboutnames too: 
alfo that we cannot follow a better patterne for elocution then God himfelie; therefore hee vfing di- 

uers words,in his holy writ, and indifferently for one thing in nature: we,itwee will not be fuperftiti-} 

ous, may vie the fame libertie in our Englifh verfions out ot Hebrew & Greeke , for that copie or {tore 

thathe hath giuen ys. Laftly , wee haue onthe one fide auoided the fcrupulofitie of the Puritanes,} 

who leaue the olde Ecclefiafticall words, and betakethem to other , as when they put wafhing for 
Baptifme, and Congregation in ftead ot Church vas alfoon the other fide we hauefhunned the ob{curi- 
tie of the Papifts, m their Azimes,Tunike, Rational Holocaufts, Prepuce,Pafche and anumber of fuch 
like, whereof their late Tranflauon istull, and thatot purpofe to darken the fence, that fince they 
muft needs tranflate the Bible, yet by the language ther eof ,itmay bee kept from being vnderftood. 
Butwe defirethatthe Scripture may fpeakelike itfelie , asin the language of Canaan,that it may bee 
vnderftood euen of the very vulgar. 

Many other things we might giue thee warning of (gentle Reader ) if wee had not exceeded the 
meafure ofa Preface alreadic. Itremaineth, that we commend thee to God, and tothe Spirit of his 
grace,which is able to build further then we canaske orthinke. Hee remoueth the {cales from our 
eyes, the vaile from our en ) opening our wits that wee may voderftand his word , enlarging our 
hearts, yea correcting our affections, that we may loue itaboue gold and filuer, yea that we may loue 
itto theend. Yeare brought vato fountaines of liuing water which yeedigged not; doenot calt 

. | ith the Philitti ‘ee Rie ay : - SS 3 Ca 
earth into them with the Philiftines, neither preferre broken pits before them with the wicked Tewes 
Others hauelaboured, and you may enter into their labours: 
O defpife not fo great faluation! Be not like {wine to treade vnder to 
yet like dogs toteare and abufe holy things. Say not to our$ 
of our coatts ;neither yet with Fae fell your birthright fora meffe of potace. If; : 
world,louenot darkenefle more then light 5 isfogide ifclothing be otk f oe bh be comeinto.the 

ent 5 lfc g cred,goe not naked, ftarue not 

yourfelues. Remember the aduife of Nazianzene, Ibis a grieuous thing (ordangerous ) to neglect a 
agement ofS. (bry/offome, It isalto- 

: ve be neglected : Laftly,the admoniti 
onand menacing of S.Angu/line,They that despife Gods will inviting them, hal y,the admoniti- 
geance of them. Itisa fearetull thing to fall into thehands of the |, elie Code Weal takin vers 

oft | ro fall liuing God ; but abl ing iti 

and willbring ys to euerlafting bleflednes in the end,when God fa cate Vs,to ee an h 

he ferteth his word before vs,to readeit; when hee ftretcheth 1 sch ee 
I : ethou 

out his handand calleth , toanfwere, 

Heream1; here we are to doethy will,O God. The Lord workea care and con{cience in ys to know 

himand ferue him , that we may be acknowledged ofhim at th i « 
to whom with the holy Ghoft,beall prayfe and thanke/giuing, g sPreatng of our LordIefus Chrift, 

cr foote fo precious things, neither 
auiour with the Gergefites , Depart out 

Hers }riSeTtei plete) HSN Sip eels tes tesip reste ce 

; Oreceiue not fo gteacthings in vaine,, 

S.chrofif is 
epift ad Rom 

oe psig 


eco Bee RESINS oS 

Dee oe eee 

a — 

¢ The Moone xxx; 




erifer? - mi.4., SF a eee 
| = Chow ry; t Morning ..| ¢ neti 
| fall ech’) sag a Prayer. | Prayer. 
. 1-Letion, [2. Leflon. | 1. Letion. lion 
|i { Kalen of ef TCircumcilion. Ge 2s 
bait [2 "|b" litte RO. OW Teea ats eee? aa 
| _|3 | [tt $0.) [tf fait jt eet = iff $ 
edi _[4. | |p2id.§20.| (fief [b a 
SoS aT Norm Be [ae fate ee 
_|6_|E |bitt an Epiphanie, Ti seta. [shakes jets gmp 
) aa ig bit Fod./ __ [of | Genes. [Datth.s. (Gen, Romd 
a bi 3d.| Lucian, (uy [pitt Ibi Inuit ie 
3 eC ae 2) Ihe ep [bit (rbi [Dt 
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Fo eam GST arate — bo 
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4./g [ric KL) Febsarit. pa Kev rit see {tt 
ro is [A [ebitt $1. lerbit iit jevbiit [rit 
ttt [16 |b [rout Fal.| a exie rttti__|ure (ettit 
lez le Wot 1 liebe ib eet Ie 
py {18 [0 [eb FHA] yOzilta. (ebiy ieceit et ererte (rb 
lio |e [rut Fi.| Inte laced [bit lerebit —_{1.Cozt. 
olf |rtti SL) Fabian. ire (exebit —_[rbitt eeeix tt 
hr |g jet HL Agnes. leer et init (elt itt 
__p2| Met Ll Gincent, long ica (eesti 
A eee a ineeey [ete ib 
4 ot ale lic Ly eae Ibi (evita be 
ll) a= —_ {25 |0 [bit BL; Conneraut, |ecv [naito.b. |[Acts.22. juailo.c, [Acts.26. 
‘alk pi hele [bit FE, [rrby |Gene, 43. |Matt.23. |Gen.49. |Co7._ 
27|t ot Fat.| jeebylt petite se xo.t. [biti 

23 iq |b FL] rrbuyle 
£0D.2... [eed Ee Se 
a a (tit ee titt Inxbt |B it = 
—e! b [ttt FL] lore [vit eebit | Ditt t 
3L | t [paid. F BA love — tir —|erbut ie {rit 
¢ : 

o>! PTj es bi Np anaes y or peu) Tee ep Gf em Lil eam TLE as mes Rae 

es uF aan hath xxvii .dayes. 

SSMS eee Rees ee 

q The Moone xxixs 
Se eee OU Cas UU UNC Sa 
oo) voy 15 a) STSiSES TST S ST SSEeEASES 
Sunne houre a « Morning | ¢Euening 
(éatech\ gs mi.45| 2 Prayer. ran 
5 lé elion. | 2 Leflon. [Etstion. siion.* | 2.Leflon. 
= ha] C | -Kalend.—] [€xod.rt, (Market. (€xo.rit, mene 
Ebr Iz |e ttt so, ae rans a —— fraild.s, [it |aaito, rit, |riiit 
i ) | |E |i Po.) wlatj, Sa : jem rit. |e i€xo.riij, [rb : 
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hem $ [A] Nonas, [~Sgathe. a |b poi aon. pot __a,€ on 
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e [n_|g [ttt Bd,| Solin Pifcibus. [ef [Leni vir. ri ler ins, 
[12 [A \lpatd. Fd,| rity lerbi [eit [Munir [dij 
[3 |b | dus. | eety [Mum vit, | vite [rit lig 
Fam [x4. je |rbi Fal.) Galentine. [cD | ritti [xiii Iebt It 
| ls |p |xb BL) Darcy. [ede [roi (rb [te [xt 
eit {16 t pitt HL. roy |cri {rot [eet [ett 
[7 |€ [ett 31.) jeouy [erty (Lub Dif iccin [ett 
fig |g eit HI. i rrp Dii. lerbit—|@alat.t, 
ce lo (a xt, [re __ exe itt next Itt 
| fo jb ie LI ey eeey itt kerb itt 
hoy far [e lie =U} S lecebt ttt [Deut.t. ltt 
- 22 |D [bit FBI) rei (Deut. (0 it (b.— 
123 |e [bit BL Fatt, exits litif | bt 

lp {bi 
ae [24.1f [ot FL) S. Matthias. eed |partd.rix. |Dit [€ccleli. |epbeli, 
si [exby 

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__ he | litt. = a a i CT RE 

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[23 | ¢ [p2id. Hl. : ic _ (ei itt cb Ip 
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eas Sese8ciss ee se 3) oe ke oo Sptck oe aoe 
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CSU DEea ee See 2S 

pr ee rtamiep is a Mele. pi aS weielren is 
Nl aston 

BS March a XXX]. aan 

ae eas 


‘ The Moone xxx. 

Ge Eiemeee ea COG orCoe 


(gum mi.18. > [sneer STS StS preTfsRrste jesem 

q Morning | q Evening 

Prayer. . 

a Jane 
( Prayer. 

—— UfallechS by Gam. 

ee |r |B [Ramey] aw. fre [Deut 7. isLube rit, [Deat.r7, Pdi. 
bij lz |e |i Mo.|  Cedde. J fF ieviiy. rit Ieee ilte 
vb Mo. iS lee (rttit lexi litt 
lift po. = eels [tb exittt ttt 
tt o.| [eg ecb rbi lexbt_ [oll 1, 
b |p2id. 20, | [o__|erby [roti exbiit——it 
Nonas | Perpetue, [os ferie [eit Ieee init 
) [bit Fd. [oof |eeey ett qe ‘litt 
vi FD) jou reef ler evettit |i. Lei, 
bi Fd. le |Pofua.r. [eri Holua. tt |i 
v_ Fo. je ft eeu ttt jité 
tit Jod.|  Gregozte. li |D [exit vi litt 
litt FD] “Sol in’ Aries, lrg [vi Kxittt bitt [b 
po. Hd.| lei lw [Hoont. |e tt, Hhele, 
eo - 1D | Ids] lei [erty lit CLIT lif 
ty 16 |e [rit HL|  Apattts. _ [ep |Sudg.1 litt PHadgu jut 
\i7. |\f |rbt Fal. jebf_ ltt titi ttt lt. es 
ry 13 |g |ep Kil Coward, levy b vi 
j _ lio | [ett HL. [edi vy bi biti rat 
~ ho |b leitt Ft. [rte bit £ |p 
jan |¢ |eit FL) wWenedict. ite |x | Dit {rit |vi 
(22d [eA n [eek frit it ritit lit. Lim. t. 
nD [23 |e |e eS eats r rot Vie 
Ye fait lit Xexlacob. Fath. |etig xt {rbtit litt 
_ 25 |g | pet a Conn, of Mane, foci [@ccle.2. [ett \€ccle.ttt, litte 
tt} bill [26 [3 pit” Fai) __ ev |[et_— | Pudg.te |Litus t. 
| 7 |b jot Zt, [rene [eeg [ritet [Buh tlt 
silt |b BBL [ccbe ARuthy. Irv ttt jutt 
ij |29 (Bult. Bul jrewus [tte frbt stag. |Dbhilea, 
Bole litt wi) ; ‘lee iting. |rvit ltt |Heb2. t. 
ee = 3_ If paid. Bl] eae tcc | (tit irbitt lp _ fit. 
: | | 


iow a em epi an im any: Noe TE o> ST ees 1 Lew jt SeShidiesWan hase asmabes Hann au 

Soeeee Sh ne ues 
Cees See oe So esee le 

@5 Aprilhath xxx.dayes. 

q Lhe Moone xxix. 



oe TL; | 5 oO 
houre «Morning | qFuening 
falleth 6.mi.45 3 Prayer. Prayer. 

| [a.Lelfon. pp. Leffon, | -Lelfon. [eLeflon. 
[..3eing. dt [ohn xix. i. 1pebze.ti0. | 


oi [2 [2 [tite #0 ic. if 

(Ditt [ee lie {tite 

3 {but Pi Richard. [itt iE [rei let lp 
4 [c_|patd.20.|  Ambzole. fiittfeit— Retest. [eit [bt 
ae ae Noa | ge rah rb [vit 

Ie Catt - -. a (OE am litt iebut [biti 
Bene gn) I et litét [nix ir 
ect a EE Sere lp xxi Ix 
lo |Ado Bo.| [te feet Iu [exiti [xt 
vbii [to |b litt Zod.) le [eeitit ‘ltt Iexb (ri. ie 


tz |B |pad. Pd.) [cut [eebitt lie lecie anal 
rm (3 le | Ydus. | [citi [eee Ie leet 

iit |r4|E [ev Hi.) Wau. [erie fit. Binge, [rt eae 

__ Is ([g [rbit_ 1] [ro ltt — —— ti Maia 

a 6A Bil sO [ett [bi lp 

Pembke Bil —”—~S~—S SL [etitt [Ditt [i.Bet.t. 
113 |c [rite Ft] "Leva lic ieb Ir \tt 

ie fio |B [rit FL) Aiphege. ferent [rbt (rit [ut 
ole [rit at] fee [itt rbtt (ritit leet 

bit 21 if |rt HBL lect [ep irbiti [bt ip 

{i prio le Bi [rcit [ebit rir rbtti lit.aBet.t, 
123 (Sle Bil S.George. fer ieee lve ltt 

rit [24[0 [vit FL __ beeen [rei inet icra ttt 

[25 |e [be FL] Marke Evang, [eeb_leeetie. tint. exit l€ccle.b, |t.Sov.t. 
26 | |bt JBL tebe |2.3in, 23, | ert |2.FRtt, 24,0 

ee ezie [>| 3 INA. feet __—.aina. alte 

\23 |f |ttt Bi] lecbielttt [teb- [tite titt 
fr_|29 |g \ttt Fl. ete [D [exbt (bt F 
ttt 32 Lapa Bk [cer in ru Mm am 

ea ee 

es ae A. ae TES. 
Se eke eens oe CoS 

¢ the Moonexxx, 





(mn 36 | PSS Hep és i ass br as i aot = prStSesistiet@nian 

q Morning | ¢ Euening 
Prayer. Prayer, 

7m a 
( ee 

i Llc [2 Lefion. l 1. Lesion. | 2.Lefion. 
fr [Bb | sau | eaip and tucob, (€ccle7~ [Acts.3. [€ccle.o. (Puder — 
pees le (bt #20.| I eh es lecoy_3.3in.t0. [Rom _ 
DB [ply Mo|PuuoftheCroffe. lif [xi | Datth.r. [ett lie! eee 
14. le (tit s20.| — et [rite lta 
a E PEP ee _ a litt 
suena el ‘Jou Cuang, ic [roy ca ee pot"). [b 
8 eee ei LU ee 
a: aa ae 
|i an fe 43aing.1 [vi 4. Faing.2[but 
bi Fp.| {tty [bit | te ees i e 
lt [e |v Fo. 2 eg [De lie 
| titi “3d, |_Solm Gea ies { eg [vy alee ee “ 
13 |g ti Fo.| ee ie ia 
OW [iq | Spa. oe (rir [ej [wit eit lett 
jr [rit [rift [citit cuit 
iit Ha, kp eu [et ev 
rbot %i,| 3 za iro lcb cbitt rvt 
Bi frou) jae vt ee [1.02.1 
rittt HBL| Dunkane, [ce ier |rvtt it [ti 

xiii 381.) ler leet [ebitt rviiti ltt 
a) pay 2 21 | lett Bt. ey Ss ee [rir LEld2.2. [ttt 
Dt f22 |b | exif |refoe3. lee ttt ae 
wou 123. . lecuy |v rt bt [Oi 
st uit fog |D It | |cxtg [Di eeu ltt | Dit 
hs |e joie 31, \ero [2.€fdz1 [eri 2.22. [Di 
__ he If \bit 31, Auguitine. leroy [tit legeiti De 
ae Bi) jccby Ibi seb pe E 
23 [Alb BL Leo cot t 
hie (29 | [itt l.| c_ [eit _ [revit |éfteri, [rt 
iy Bo |e lit Hl ae [efter2. |ecbit [ttt [rine 
eve [31 |D [paid. 1) = ee Marker |v eu 
€ 3 


Do ena ee 3 SOO 

Ss S a) siso ee Si oo cs 39 se oe 

Se SIEGES BASIS piles il aokp Tes cep m aul con opine ie 
SSS ee 

ae; lune hath xxx. yo 

« The —. XxIX. 


f ro Susi rse1csi piers psi siieTceteten 
4 ( 34..[ = 7 Whore. Euelaem 
= houre 5 er g ce 
1Lelion [jLelion. “]2.Lefion. | Leflon. ] 1bef on.* |2.Leflon. 
lr fe | Sakvd. | cS ee [Marke ti. (Etter7. [.€oz15,_ 
_ (2 |é [ttt Ra.| i Ibitt \iti lit [cbt 
nat 13 Ig [ttt $o.| Méchomede. cf |Hobr. __|tttt Hob ti. — |[2.Cog.t. 
nt 4. | Alp2td. $20. | (ey leet lp ttt |t 
[3 |b | Nomes | wontface, pi |b ny vi \tit 
\é \c bit H0,| [DF [bet [bit {ditt [tite 
BT> jp |bti_ Fo. [py le [biti Ie lp 
bit_ (3 |e [bi Fo.| [Diy let li it (bi 
__| jv Fp. ic fre (itt [vit 
‘ to Ke a a es gos iet [rbi (bit 
wD ET ttt D.| arnabe. ti (€ccien, (Acts. xnii.|Ecclert. |Acts.ts. 
iff Ht [rz |b [paid. Pd.) So! mCancro, | Hob 17.13|/Darit, |Fobrir. |2.Cozix. 

= (5 | Ic | Ides. | Solftiti. eftiuum. eT [ev ritt itt It 

4. [D [ebitt Hi.[ Pui. rity leit (rittt [exit [et 
15 le |ebit Fal. | cb eetiti.reb. [rb rebi. cebti.[cit 

[ie f [ebi_ %1.| poy [eebitt [ebt rei [pitt 
fe lt7 19 rb Hs) roi [ree uber leet |Galad. 

[RERUt lit Reet itt 

ee cenit itt md ttt. 

a c ca BL ‘ edward. leeebi ‘(ttt KICDi ltt 
21 (D [rt ; fa [txrput |b at v 
rit 2 le Ie BBL : Lily A Di [elt i 

lohn Bapult. 

te [23 IE lie BBL 
24g [bit FB.) 
it [25 | Albi Kl 

| bit __ {vii aout. lepbeli 

F (Malan. (Datths. (Dalat. (Patt. 14. (Matt. 14.. 
MeO [Pout (Lukes, (Prout. (Ephel.2. 

elo [bi 3&1  [eeDy lett lér ip litt 
leit [27lc [b  3AL/ Ixcbulot ii [Dit litt 

_ [28 [ [tit 31.) Fatt. [eebuy itt Fa lic [p 
uy 29 |e ttt PRL] S.Peter Apottle. _ [€cclus.rb| (Ceclus.1o, |Acts.4. 
cbt 2 : pee at po Pioiet Puke rit. (Pour. l[Ephete. 
i ! : eS a Pes ara 

ol | as | 


ialy re feed 

OSES nee R Ss 

he Moone xxx, 

CRS — Gouias 

pee N oe Herm ietoekhere prereiseneleiane 
Sunne houre q Morning | q Euening 

(fa tleth i 4. mi.26: 3 Prayer. Prayer, 
| 1.Lellon. | 2Leflon. | «Ceffon. [ 2, Lefion._| 
ie ig | ae | Hikitat, of sof apa [Peou.cG. [Lube vif. P2ou. wipe, 
2 [a|dt 0.| (itis [xtitt |rb i as 
ea 3. [a |v Boi 8 Martin, fr if iit | eby [rb [cbt iis es 
(at |rpiy [cbt \rit {itt 
ls [d (ttt 70. [per (rbtt \ext ‘|Cotott, 
v le je | ee Dog dapes, — |Di_— arty (rbitt jexttt ‘lit 
roij|7 |f_| Nonas. fou leit rie lee litt 
by (8 |g [but a go jeri atte 
__9 [a |vit_ Fo] ie leebiy leet (crit |tLpelt. 
Tro [bo [bt Ho.) oe renin [€cclefi. jit 
m in {eb Hol jet | celery. [rviti tt 
ete Ip jit Bd. SolmEcone. [ett tif peti" Or Sees 
Set go: ea IPouhy, [ees 0 
fre lé lpi.) frittt_ | bij lit a ti. pet. 
is ig] Tus. | Swithune, [ro ir litt [el Sc aa 
es ie |S [rbit_ FU Augult. [cot [eg lit «Hewett, 
\r7 |b [rbi ZL. [rot [Pevem. jo ie [Limit 
__(i8 [¢ [ro a1] [rot |i Ait 
CDG lio |[D |ritit FL, ih. (te aS mo Nes 
bi 20 |e rit, Fal.| Margaret. ire [bit [brit li |b 
j21 |€ Bul fret |r ltr \xt [bt 
riitt [22 |g [rt FaL| Dagdalen. ects [rif Ie [te Lima 
Fal,| 4 erttt |rttiy _ [et nD. = lite 
_ Bl,| Falk, bertat |eby |rti [cbt | tit 
lames Apoitle, oo |Gcclus.cei|rttt |€ccins. 29] 
Ainne, |Pere.riv, |Litus.i, 
lerbie ee ae [eri [ttf 
[ccouteryebt [rete Mem 
fevic device [evil (ee iebif ie |Debet. 
ws __ eee [cbs iebij—- rebit__ tt 
[p2id, 3B Le lerbitf a tn {tit 

oes 3 ee 

pieouw ier a ies pian cite) Ss me Tt Res RE: rT Pret ee ee a te - 

a Augulthath oie 


q -T — _ XXX, 


Shee COS Ree ReneS 

se ) oe eS) Heteinaten hela Tereltmemeieiang 
Sunne. houre 

5| ¢ Morning { qEuening 
fa ehh ds mi.26| & Prayer. Prayer, 
pices | | ke - | 2.Leflon, “Hons | 2 Leflon. 
oe | Saency] Lammas. ere, Aa [Sobner. erate. eb2.ttit, 
=a (0 |i . ees eat |b 
elit Mol SRE Ceeettth Actes. [eee [bE 
rie f |p2id. $20.) z | leerbt tte | bit 
Dis jg | Noms [Peretti leeeie | biti 
Di le || J.) CeanlGgueation. - ty te rit lt 
_|7_ |b |b Hd.| same ot Felus. [oir [elt [p eliy ee See 
__|8 |e _|oi_ Ha! Dut |rutit_ |b [ibxibi. Tet 
D_f |p > Fo jit _ |rivyj_ it rlbiit nt 
li ro le [tite Bo.| LS je |i bit i es 

im ft Bo) Sotmvigins et ik (fee [Hames t, 

ate ig mes me jt |Lament, |x Lament, 6 
jet |i Ie fe ae 

te e ail oe a aan Io et lech, ae 
Elis je (edit Hat CO \esek.ii, [eit ett 
—_ [te (0 roti Ly FDt_ [vit eitit ieit——«d eta. 
POU 7 [e_|ebt_ Ft rou [pit [fio i Se 
bes lf rb FL] DRT leery eb eextttt itt ~ 
fio |g [rit ZU] jee (Dani, |rbri [Daniel ij. litt 
ER fro | A lritt 1) ler litt rbttt litt lp 
m io ht Gi. (et lp (ir. |vt |thDett, 
—_ pale fet Hat] pret [out le {biti lit 
fi jag [d |r an Fatt. [ean ltr lext Ik {iti 
Me |24.le lie  FHi{ __Barchol Apotlle. | Feuit \€eclus.25, lerit |€cclus, 29|t,Hop.t. 
DUE [25 |f |i wl jeD |Danci. [eeitt | Danny. |i 
rb 8 pe BY ab Dt ee riit re [rittt ltt 
rm pz lal Bl rou |Dfet. — |erb |De. it. tif. |ittt 
B_ hs |b jv zt ue [EDU ttt [exbi [D.bI. at 
fo |p litt 3x1 ae a =o eee Pie 
eee = Bu Ine i feat i |i [Rom.t,_ 

Rn Oe vords: (Ana King Aftyages,&c.) 

« The Moone xxix. 



ee re 
Sunn ee = 
‘fall edi “be mi.24) 

it |r ie 1 Kalend: | Gyles. 
2 la it _so [Hocti, litt 
é 3 [afm  s20.| jy. tte [tite 
LDU 4. i. [p2id, $20.| li (Amost. |b 
1 [5 |c | Nonas. | Dogdayesend. [bd __|tttt (bt 
le D vit Bo.| (bi jot [Kanes 
17 _[e [bit od. Enurchusbithop. [bij _ [biti joi 
xd (8 |f [bi Hod.) Matinit. of Mary.[oij_ |avpit. ieee 
if |g [> Fo. fie |Fon. tt. ti) 
Jo [2h Fp. Ipiche.t. |ri 
(ray tt lie |b iti fo.] jc ltt |xit 
f Ce Ic paid, Hd.) Solio Libra. lcy |b (ritt 
i D| Idus. | leu [bit rittt 
e |rbitt ZA1.| Holy crofie. ctiy |sRaum. tt.|ro 
E |rbit HL) AquinoG@ium. |rp |Abact. — |rbi 
poste |g evi Fi] Aucumnale, fiber ttt bit 
vi oe i.| Lambert, [cvif Soph, jrbit | 
b |rittt $1) licbitf (Agge.t. leer 
rit, F1.| licic_ |Zach.t, 
D [rit SY at lire ttt. b 
e ltt Fl rei |€ecte.3 
fe ie Jal er fi 
git Bi neni Ie 
Abit Bi Iieeiey —. 
dit a ler [iti 
on ae epee —[ee fe ala.t. | 
e lg ttt 
(ett *sL {econ aca: t, 
ti BL) S. Michael levir [Cecl, revi lit 
pa. Be Hrerome. litte Tobit, (MS 

¢ Toa 

tc [Die rit [Data _ 

rit 19 i 
ff [20 |d 
21 | 
i _|22 | 
rir [23 
bij [241 a 

bs |b | 


S. Matthew. 




ee i, Letion. | 2.Leffon. | 


¢ Eueanee 

1.Lefion. | 2. Leflon. 
Ole rit, 

oelit. {ttt 
[Amost, [tut 

litt lb 

|b [bt 

[bit TO: as 
lens pita 
[Fonat. lic | 

ae pees 

| Dich. tt, oS 


[Maumit. _ 

[Albac. ti. 

st i 

\tt {tt 
[Agge. ti. |ttt 
[Zac tit, |tttt 
lb bv 

Kexit Eccl.38, [bi 
lexis zach. bit. criti |Zat. ditt, [bit 

IK we [tt 
[rit lix 
Me 2S 
bits (Dalat. (ce 
[titi mt 

[Davi.t, i ob. [rit 


obi tii. [rb 



2: Co sty i oy 
ao Be oak See 

‘Sd ee 

aes 2 
Se eee Sees 

RoHS" Ga) 


Bs Oaober hath ae 





eS eS ee ROS Ue eet 
¢ [he Moone xxx. 

CRS ehe Rees. sMak Bees 

Se) ae se Mei Misiemmers met Sieneieiens 
Sunne -houre SG ¢ Morning qEuvening 
He) [smias B |... Bee Prayer. 
ea 1. Leflon, | 2. Leflon. il: i 1. Lefion. 1 z. Lefion. 
= fat] Batenc ae. “E | Lob.b, Darke 4./ ‘|LCo2.rbt. 
cee ee ~ [bit D (itt [2.€02.1, 
BB {|v Rol fk lw vt Ir {tt 
VIG | 4. [dD ltt 20.| fit [ag | dit |xti litt 
DY |s |e [it so.| [> |riti Diit |ritit [ttt 
Pe 6 Ie pet. $201 FattD,, [2 |Fudita ltr Puditit. |b 
Fo l7 ip | N fonas. as] : mt {ttt he ltt vi 
ty 3 | A font spa. ] bit fb xt [Di [ott 
__ (9 |b dit Fo.) Dennis. ‘je [but Ixtt | btit biti 
ae lio \¢ [bi Fp.| le ix rit It \tr 
__|u |b |b Fo.| fet lee |qittt \rit Ik 
ae le. fttit—Jo,|__ Solin Scorpio. ett [uti |r |ritti ire 
|g lf it Bo. Eniward. jcttt leb |rbt lxbi- rit 
[14 |g [p2td. Fa.) - wuld.  |Lubk.oii, [voild.t. [rit 
EB Tis] At [ tus. ttt [Did tit Galat.t. 
ae lb |rbit Hl.| ~ Mouembeis. il lv \ti bi tt 
bi li7 {c_ |rbt HL € theldzede. jedu jot \itt | ttt litt 
ay jp OD kD BL Luke uang, jeoitt |€ccludt. titi Hod. [itt 
(ij fio le [eit HU fet |uattdar. |b wildr |p 
a2 \f |ritt  Ja1.! lex {xt bt cit bi 
ee far |g [eit 31.) eee lent [Dit [itt Epvett, 
ce 2 ne a lccit_ Ie | biti roi it 
23 t ; ret ebtt |te rbitt ttt 
DT 24 {ec lt HL] [ecu jee ke Eccles. |tttt 
=r [dD |vift Hl) Crifpine, [xd |Eccle.ti, — |xt (2p 
coy poe le [bit Fat) [eebe |ttit [ett v ~|bt 
0 27 |€ lot w%L_ Falk. jerbitlot ttt bit PbUt 
bala lp FAI _ Simonand ude. eebiti| PJob.2 4.25.| vii Hob.rtit. tt 
uy 29 |i lit ZL [reic [Ecele.3. [xv Eccietx, | ttt 
if Bo |b |itt #1, ee |e bt Kt laut 
ea Fatt. [eee int [eeu rit Colol.t. 
eas | 

Ce Breer 

me eer 

3 Lo ae a6 


es tidice ie i SRLS samt Rete? Sa RAK Se ead Up rx egw Ux aw > fp tk at Ei dw aonym ev ina 
Sa eg OE eg 

| bein hath xxx. big 

<The! Moone xxix. 

i ciecmaimcamil 

TSP SiS STS hrSi Sheet 

g ‘Morning ¢ Evening 
Prayer. Prayer. 

mae ta 



i | “w.Leffon. | 2.Leffon. | 1Leflon. | 2*Leclion. 
EIR RIS tb oa ‘[woitd.b. [Reutlus. 
2 le litt Ro.| —— ss it«ccins.14.,|Luke 1s. |Ecclus.cb.|Col.t. 
tls |€ fit So] itt [ebt [rir roti tt 
4. |g |p2id.$20.| tt 
ee [5 EN [-Nonas. | Papiltscon{piracie. 
ro (6 |b [bit Jo) eonard. peti 
fi (7 |e |b Fo. 2 exttit 
[8 [0 [bi Fol __ [but [rebut aa rebitt tt 
mo le go: eee [Pohnt [ee jp 
i fio \é ttt Ho.| fe lect it eeeit (2. SHef, 
= in |g (ttt Jo.) D.WMartine. — aS fei eerie iit leevitit it 
! leer lett reebi fit 
pal | idus | ice. itt eeebtt rot _ | 
= (14. |¢ |edit HL) Decembeis. [viii a het ee 
bi is [0 [cbt Ll Dachute. cb [OMG cus = is litt 
lis fe roi ibe Pig ee i ip 
rit [r7 Erb FL Hughvithop. [rou jib ite Ive 
fit [18 |g [eit FAL rout [riba ‘oa \2,Zcint. 
__ lio [AL |rité_ Ft) lei _ {lie (xt it ee eee 
er no |b [rit Kl) Eomund wing. iti [cit Bacula. tit 
a |¢ [rt Zt] ( [wavuc2. [rit iy «sd 
ti 2 [D |e HL| Cititie, rete [ut [rittt lp [Zutas fo 
[23 |e lit HL Clement. leit [bo [rb \élat (tag 
n4.[€ |Ditt Bl leritti (fa. tt, [rbt ttt bile. 
al [25 |o |bit a Batherine. —— levb_|ittt bt a 
b |2z6 |a|di Bt) ieebi_ [bE roti bit tt 
Ce ee fecoat (but Init lit Titi 
riit [23 [c [tte FE rebut |x [rx [ri (itt ce 
: 9 Dt Bil Falk, levee _ [ett ext Ieiti Dv 
t [30 |¢ |peid, 914] Andrew Apoltle. fe “(P2ou.z0, |atctes.t,  |20u.21. [bt 

toe Note thatthe beginningofthe xxv}. Chapter of Ecclefiatticus (vito ¥érf-6.) But a griefe ofheart,&cc- rhuft be read with thexx¥, Chapter. 

tp Notethatthexlyj Chapter of Ecclefiatticus is to be read ynto thefe words : And after his death, &e 

ae8 Cine BBE ye ay 
eee a ooo 

as iaSy cm ao epi oper Dives Kad iplign ao! led es iidies nae "Les ries ie 


q he ie Xxx. 

"U| raoxmmiqnem mens prereiemenersrs 

Bann oa ) S|. 4 Morning | ¢ Evening 
falleth 3.Mi. = #] 

_ Prayer. 

1.Lefion. 2Lefion. | 1.Leflon.” | 2.Lefion. Bee | 
ueud, ‘i ai. tae ene if. ‘etary Heb2.7. 
ae i F 20. fit [rj ‘ja. ee es 
{Dit_|3 i : Fey co cm | ie le 
4 WO PaD.J20) Ee ere, xxi f 
FO |s Ie | Noms | 1D eis (ete 
 |é [D [biti Fd.| MNitcolasbith. | bi irep (Diba. edt icy 

7 le [vit “Zp.| jou [ervy (DLby. -|rxbitt [rts 

fi_|s |f \ot o.| ConcofMPary. [OUT jee oie seme (ames 

eee fix leery ie eevif jt 
lo [Alii Fo.) ely ie eee i 
in (bit Zo.l eb et eet ta 
tt jee Pare fait ae it -— | biti fb 
B [Dd : Luci birgin, [eit erga ett x Lett. 
4 le |eic Ul Panuarit. [iti cit rly [ritti |xitt (bet 
Di [is [E [evant F1) jo ln [rlitif {iti 
He 16 |g rbit FU] fapientia. (Eat rib edt pb litt 
tit [rz Pe ebt_ Hat by eb ij 
(13 |b |rb 31) jebtt ie __ [ebif hI [2.9Detr 
et ito [ec [rit BA) 2 rath —— ie lit [rir lig ltt 
Fit f20 |D (pitt i ss biti lex [tit {ut 
Tar [e [et ZaU) Ot _ |B20. retiy. [ert 1200.24. 1. Hout. 
Dut [22 |E | [rete [efa.tb. — |erit [ — [it 
~ aries ie ei tei [Wri (ttt, 
la4l ler on __ Fake eit eet ie [titt 

io l25 |b [itt BY ee ee [Luke jf. |eia.7. — | 
26 (c [bit FRIY S$. Steven. POU |20200,28, [Acts 6.7, |eeeleh4, {aicts.7, 

i 3sfohn. rei \ecclely. |aReuel.i. |€ccle.s.  |3Reuel. 23, 

aM sie |b LI Ton cont [erditt| Perem,31.|Acts25, _|werd.1, Lobe 5, 

29 |f jit Bit[- [erie | lefaint. _(xrbi |€fa.c2,  |2.Fobn, 
tbo lg [tt FL [ere lctti ixebit ltt ‘3.Hobn. 

Bs E Pa. is Siluetter bith, [ter cb lexbitt iri —- 
| | | 



n Almanacke for xxxix.yeeres. 




pio7y ani 
joarahk ayy 




20,febwu, | 9.9parch | 24, April j; 30.Patt | 2-Sunit | 12,Jiune | 27, j2ou, 

5° 22,Frebu,| 8. ritit 17,ati | 27,Matt | 2,Decem, 
27.ganu, | 13, 31,9parch} bt 1 riy i 
16,Febz. | 5-Barch | 20,Appil | revi kyte 8.June | 30,32ou, 
1,F eb, | 18, Seb) 54 ia witit 24, Batt rip 
24.9anu, | 10, 27,.9parch |} ti b ro revit 
12, Feb | r.9arch | 16,Apgil writ reo 4-Sune | 3.Decem, 

4. 2x.Jfebu,| 8, witit Foti 27.%pait | tt 
20,gjan, | 6, 24,9patch | 29, April tt rit i 
9. Feu, | 25, 12, April | 18,9pait | ret FeKL 29,JQ0U, 
31,ganu, | 17, 4. rk pitt retit reutti 
2cesrebyu, | 9.9parch 24. IKE 2,unif | 12, Sune revit 

5s 22,5 eb | 94 re 18.9pait | 28,9Bait | 3.Decem. 
28,Janu, | 14. 31,9arch| bt ig riy t 
16,fe, | 7-Qarch | 20,Apyil rrbi Evie 3. June | 30,3Rou. 

if; 18. Feb, | 5. ri ptiit 24, Bait pris 
24,Jant. | 10, 28.9arch | tit Ut rot rrbitt 
13,Feb%, | r,9arch | 16,Apil | rei ry 4-June | 3,Decem, 
28,ganu. | 14,Sebyu.| 1, vt K 20, Batt | it 
17.Heb2, | 6,.9parch | 215 revit KEE 9. Gune i 
9. Feb, | 16.Febyu,| 13. rig rete t | 30-3Rotte 
25.Zanu, | mre 28,9 arch | tiopait | vt 16,9Bait | revit 
13-Frebyu, | 2,9parch | 17-Apil | reife | Eee 5. Sune revit 

5 22,Sebwt,| 9+ rb | Rott 28.9patt | 3.Decem, 
21.Jant, | 7, 25.9parch | 30,4 | tit rit ti 
10,Febyu, | 27. 13,Apil | ro,9patt | xrié rgune 

Te 18, 5s zi whit 24. ait 
24.3fanu, 28,9Batch | ff bi roi 
6, Feb, és ro. Sprit rot ric Feig 
29,Janu, IS » dit r ie 
17.F cbs | 6oparch | 21. Apyit pebit ree g-Sune i 
2.Fevw, | 19,F eb, | 6 rit rb Erb 30,JRQou, 
25.Janu, | 11.Febyu, | Warch 29 |  itté vit 17.ait rrip 
14 Hebe, | 2.9arch | Apzil.r7, | rrité rrbi 5-gune qrbit 

5 22S ebay | 9» ro rotit 28.9ait | 3.Decem, 
21,Fanu, | 7. 25. Darch | 30,Aynil tii pitti tt 
1o.fF eb, | 27% 13,Qp2l | 20,9Bait rriti 2,3une f 

2, 19 Se ri pitti 24,Balt | 29,3Ro.n 
2r,Hanu. | 10,9patch| 25, rere 3,gune r3.Hune_} gpviit 

q, Ofthe Golden numbe: 

T De Golvenlanmber is fe called, becaule tt wag wpitten in the Kalender with letters of gold, right at the day whereon the Boone 
changed: and it ig the {pace of: 9. peeres, inthe tubich the Doone returneth to the felfe fame day of the peere of the Sunne: anv 
therefore is alfo callen the Cpele of the Doone, in the which the Solftices and Equinoctials doreturne to allone point inthe Zodiaque. 

Go finveit euerp peere,pou mutt apve one peereto the peere of Chritt , (for Chrift wag bogue one peere of the 19, alveadp patt) then 
Divide the whole by ro,and that which retterh,ts the Golden number foz that peere sif there beno furplutage,itis then 19, 

Es q TheEpact. 

Pa&tehemere it Greeke,voth fanifie in Englith,vapes let betweene, ann therefore the 11.vapes anv 3 .boures that areadved to 
the peere of the Boone, are called Epacta, and ave added to make the peere of the Moone, which is but 354, dapes , tult with the 
peere of the Sounne , which bath 465, vayesand a quarter. 
To finve out the Cpact ofeach peere,voe thus: Lo the Evact of the peere chatlatt went before that peere for which pou would finde 
the€pact,avde 11 and the fumme ofthelecwomake che Epact, Feit furmount 30,theu take 3 o,out, and that which refterh aboue 30 
ts the Epact pounefire, 

P yyy 


uspjory 2 
spedq ayy 

shep royeq 


-ung quoUupy 





Mage “ea ~An Pe 
0 w 




we Q tm 

a Magn War PAU "Ant Fame "AUG 

q The vfeofthe Epad. 

a: D know how old the Dooneis at any time fox cuer bp the Epact, vo thus: Andewnto the vayes of pour moneth wherein pou 
would know this,the Cpact,and as many apes moc as are moncths from “arch to that moneth, including both moneths, out of 
the which fubftract 30.08 often as pou may, the age remaineth: ifnothing remaine,the Doone changeth thatdap, 

F 02 themoye cale of the Reaver , webhaue placen bere ouce an Almanacke, incluliuelp comprehending, not onelp how to finvethe €- 
pact for thefpace of 30.peeresto come, but alfo tye Golden number afoe {pecified,together with the Dominicall lecter, Leape yeere, 
and fevten other moueable featts,or vapes in the peere,during the fame time,ag map appeares 

Grote thatthe Golden number anv Dominieall letter docth change euerp peere the firit dap of FJanuary,and the Epacethe firktdap 
df March foreucr, jRoteallo, thatchepeere of our Lozbeginnech the rrb. Day ok March , the fame dap {uppofen to be the firkt 

Dap Dpon which the wopld was create andthe pap hen Chik was conceiued in the wombe of the Hirgine Bary. 
D To 

PAL OF eS) » Ges x gn 
aS LBS: 
for cuctT. 
UN 3 > 
22 SHES RO Coo ue eae seu 
oe a ; 
An] _ ef. pe Dp (ee | he. 
Apilir, ik ut rit bi bit bij 
if March redi. \rrbii, § |xcbitt = [avin «eee rret | Apatl. 
it apeileot. | rbit cbiti Rie, Le rit = jrD 
uit; | AMpattty, | tae ti sib bib Dh 
p Darth cei, |rrdit i xebitt fein te xeittt = |rrb 
f April rot, — |xbit xt rit pitt pitt = ix 
bi Apa i,t ttt b bi Mav. 31. Apetl 1 
viii «= | Apatleriti. reitti = ie ric Re Key REY 
tr Apail tr. rv x rut pitt rity bij ; 
Apeilit, | Mar, 28, vriv Kee xery | Apatls, 
rt Apeilrdi, | rbtt rit = tik Ur KKy rey 
" Aipatl fr, t b vi bi vit 

uf We tate oars 

rig «= | Darehrevt |rebit =i xebité —ixrir KEL Mir ike 
rit «| Apeiledt. = | rout rvitt rie iti xij xb 

cb f2tpatlit, =| ttt Lo ae) bi bij bitj 
roi | Mareh revit. |rrvie i eebiie eet criti rity lex 
cbf | Apelrbi =k re rit rit rij = ieb 
vbiy |Apeiltt, te =e | Marzo. |rrry | Apatl, 
rig Aprlretit. jxritit: | rbiti rit eK ir Try 


en pehaucfound the Sunday letter in the bppermoft line, guide pour : 
eye Dolbneward from the fame, till pee come right oner againt the 
prime, and there is Mhetved both What Woneth, and what day ofthe 
Moneth Eatter fatieth that yeeres 

¢ The | 

ssc A TI Aca OO A Cee tn tC NAR OE 


Pfalmes and Leffons to be faidat Morning and Euening prayer 

throughout the yeere, except certaine proper teafts , as the rules 
following more plainely declare. 

The order howthe T’falter is appointed to be read. 

PSS eS He Paalter fhhall bee read through once euery Moneth, And be- 
I Foo \ caufe that fome Moneths be longer then fome other be, itis thought 

eG RG Gil sood to make them euen by this meanes. 
W\ con aA eS 



Toeuery moneth fhal beappointed (as concerning this purpofe) 
|| iuft thirtie dayes. 

And becaufe Ianuary and March haue one day aboue the fayd 
4| number,and February, which is placed betweene them both , hath 
onely xxviij.dayes : February {hall borrowe of either of the Moneths 

(of January and March ) one day :and fo the Pialter which fhall bee 
readinFebruary,mutt begin at the laft day of fanuary,and end the firft day of March. 

And whereas May,luly, Auguft, October, and December haue xxx}. dayes apiece : Itis ordered 
that the Pfalmes {hal beread the laft day of the faid Moneths, which were read the day before,fo that 
the Pfalrermay begin againe thefirft day of the next moneth en{uing. 

Now to know whatPfalmes fhallbe read euery day: Looke in the Kalenderthe number thatis 
appointed for the Pfalmes,and then find the fame number in this Table, and vpon that number you 
thall fee what Pfalmes (hall be fayd at Morning and Euening prayer. 

And where the Cxix.Pfalme is diuided into xxi}. portions, and is ouerlong to be read at onetime: 
itis o ordered, thatat one time fhall not be read aboue foure or fiue of the faid portions , as you fhall 
perceiute tobe noted in this Table following. 

And hereisalfo to bee noted , thatin this Table, and inall other parts of the Seruice where any 
Pfalms are appointed, the numberis exprefled after the great Engli(h Bible,which from theix.Pfalme 
vnto the Cxviij. Pfalme, (following the diuifion of the Hebrewes ) doeth varie in numbers from the 
common Latine Tranflation. 

The order how the rest of boly Scripture ( befide the P falter) 

is appointed to bee read. 

<§ He old Teftamentis appointed for the firft Leffons at Morning and Euening prayer; 
® and fhalberead through euery yeere once, except certaine Bookes and Chapters; 
2 which beleaft edifying,and might beft be {pared,and therfore are left vnread, 

The New Teftament is appointed for the fecond Leffons at Morning and Eue. 

‘ ning prayer,and fhall be read ouer orderly euery yeere thrife,befides the Epiftles and 
Gofpels : except the Apocalypfe,out of the which there be onely certaine Leffons appointed vpon 
dtuers proper Feaftes. 

Andto know what Leffons fhall be read euery day,finde the day ofthe Monethin the Kalender, 
going before and there ye fhall perceiue the Bookes and Chapters that hall be read forthe Leffons 
both at Morning and Euening prayer. 

And here is tobe noted, that whenfoeuer there be any proper Pfalmes or Leffons appointed for 
the Sundayes,or for any Feaft ,moueable or ynmoueable: then the Pfalmes and Leffons appointed 
in the Kalender, thall be omitted for that time. 


Yemuft note alfo,that the Collect,Epiftle,and Gofpel , appointed for the Sunday, fhall ferue all 
the weeke after sexcept there fall (ome Feaft that hath his proper. 
Di When 

When the yeeres of our Lord may be divided into toure cuen parts, whichis euery fourth yeere : 
then the Sunday letter leapeth,and that yeere the Pfalmes and Leflons which ferue for the xxiij. day 
of February, fhall be read againe the day following, except it be Sunday, which hath proper Leffons 
ofthe old Teftament, appointed in the Table feruing to that purpofe. 

Alfo,wherefoeuer the beginning of any Leffon, Epiftle, or Gofpel isnot expreffed , there yee mutt 
begin atthe beginning of the Chapter. 

And wherefoeueris not exprefled how farre fhall be read, there fhall you reade to the ende ofthe 
Chapter. ; 

emt oft as the firft Chapter of Saint Matthew isread either for Leffon or Gofpel, ye fhall begin 
the fame ar( snow the birth of Helus Chik Was on this wrle,gc.)And the third Chapter 
ofS. Lukes Gofpel, fhalbe read vnto, Being as was fuppofen, tye fonneof Poleph,ec. 

4¢5 Proper Leflons to bee read for the firft 
Leffons, both at Morning and Euening prayer, on 

the Sundayes throughout the yeere, and for fome 

alfo the fecond Leffons. 
SG Vadayes of | ¢Mattens. | qEuenfong. qeMattens, | q Euenfong, 
Aduent, | Whitfunday. 
Thefirt. (€faj, efa.if, j-Leflon. [Deutrbt, | neifedom. t, 
ij D Evite ij.Leflon. [Acts x jaicts rie, Pp 
ii). rrb rebj Chen Peter fortuned 
iii. EE quer opened bis {While Apo: . 
Sundayes after miouth,€¢. jlo Was at 
Chriftmas, Cozinth,€c, 
The firtt, rerbi rerbiij Trinitie Sun- (vnto) After | 
ij. rij rity day. thefe things. | 
Sundayesafter j.Leflon. |Gen.xbitt, Pothua, t, 
the Epiphany. ij-Leflon. |QDatt.tit, 
The rift. rititj rdf Sundayes after : 
ij. i li Trinitic. : 
i). s iby Fin, of}. r. | Hoth. rvitt 
ily. Ibi Itty Je uDdg.titt, Ee 
v. ie irityj ii) LBing.t. Pesingutt. . 
Septuagefima. |Gert,f. Ger.yj. ul}. 4) itt 
Sexagelima. iy. vj v. rb rit 
Quinquage- | If ry Vj. ti. Bing.rit. |i. Bing.crt, ) 
a Vij. n Ls vit Erittt 
ent. Vii). ting, Lit, | iting. 
FirftSunday. (Genrir,  (Ger.rrij, ix. mbt a ay 
ij revi KEL Xe ret rett 
ii rreiy ritt xj: (tit. Hing. v. | tit. Bingig, 
iii. rly rib ys L rout 
vj. it rb xiilj. Peren.b. |PFerem.rvit. 
Eafter day. 2 XVe rer. KXKvt 
jLeffon, |Erod.eiyj,  €rovd. ritit, xv}., | Esecly, iit, 
j.Leffon. Ron.bjy  (, xVij. vt rbitt 
Sundayes after XVil}. 73 rrtitt 
Eafter, xix. Dan.tit,, 
The fit. |Qum.xbt, /sPumrrit, XX. Poel tt. Mich. dt, 
vs Exit xed XXje aibacucit. | aBz0uerb.t 
ij. (Deut, |Deut.b, xx., | zouerd.tié, 
iil}. bt bit XXIiJe | xt rit 
v. tit ir xxitlj. xttt rit 
Sunday after Xxv. rb rbi 
Afcenfion day./Deut.rit, (Dent, ritt, RXV]- rot rit 
| i q Leffons 

APR Lee Te 

q Leffons proper for Holydayes. 

rer Ie eT ee eee 

| @Matiens. jamesuenlongs 

Andrew. #20u.ret. 

$.Thomas| £ritt criti 
the Apoftle 
Chriftmas day. Z 
j.Leflon. Efa.te fa. dit. : 
Mozeouer p 
ord {pate 
once Et. 
j.Lefon. SLubeit, vntoLitus it, 

Good will Lhe kind: 

toward mé, nes eloue ec, 


j.Leffon. s20u, rrbiit. Ccclel. tit, 
ij.Leflon. (t.e.and 7, 2icts 7, And 
AndSteuen Wherl.peres 
Lof faith € Were expired 
olwer,ec, there appea- 
vnto) 2nd jtedbntowWo- 
When forty (es, Ec, voto, 
peeres,ec, Buthebeing 
; full of the Ho- 
S.Iolh. lp Goff, &t. 
jLeffon. — |€celefb,, 
ij -Leffon. Apo Ct. ap 0 CULT + 
Innocents day. |Perem, cert, WUD.t, 
vnto, Ff Haue 
furelpy beard 
Circumeifion. |Eph2aint. 
j-Leffon. Gen.cbit. Ctt.¢.(vato) 
And now 
ii. Leffon. Hirael,ec. 
Epiphanie. Rorr.itt., 
iLeflon. {€ Cla.riix. 
itLeflon. |Putk.3.(vato)| John tt, (vo- 
wWeeing as |:o) After this 
Wasf{uppo- |e Went to 
of Soleph. 
Conuerfion of 
isLeffon. voild.b, nail. bi, 
iiLeffon. iActsertt.(vn-Ack.rebe, 
co) hep 
card int, 
Purification of y b, —‘watfd.rit. 
S.Matthias, id.rix,  |Ecelett, 
Annunciation |Gcclelat. — [Ecclefiti. 
of our Lady. 
Wednefday a-|@Meeritt, |Dfeeriiit, 
fore Eafter. 
Thurfday, Fevem, cect, 
GoodFriday. |\Generit, _ \efa.titt, 
EafterEuen. |  |€xron.ctit, 
Munday in Ea- 
fter weeke. 
iLeflon. [Exod Ebi, |Exod.rVit. 

q Mattens, | qLuentong. 
ij,Leffon: Matt, rrbuy, Atts. ti, 
Tuefday in Ea- 
{ter weeke. 
iLeflon. |€  |ExoDd.trri. 
y.Leflon. PLubkerrtiy. .Coginth.cb, 
(vnto) 2nd 
behold to 
of then. 
S.Marke. Eccle. titi, iececle. D. 
Philip & Jacob Etcle. bij,  (Eecle.t. x 
Afcenfion day./2Deut. 4. iL Bing. y, 
Munday in 
iLeffon. |Gett.ri, (voto Mun tj Ga- 
Cbhele are therdnéome 
the geneva: (70, men, et. 
tionsof —(vnto) Poles 
Shem, gate himin- 
ij:Leffon, + Corti, 
Tuefday in -LRingtiv, Deut.rre, 
Whitfun- (Dantd came 
weeke, to Samuel 
to Rama. €e, 
iLefion. |€ctie. x. Cece. rit. 
ij. Acts.rtiit, | Aetpv.(vnto) 
After certain 
S. John Bapuift. 
i.Leffon. Mata.tit. gala. 4. 
ij.Leffon. Watth.att. Mat. citi. 
Loe voher 
Pelus heard 
S Peter. 
iLeflon. €eclurcd. |€ecclu.riz, 
i.Leflon, [Acts.ty. (Acts. ty. 
S.Iames. Eccluscci. |Ecclus.cpy, 
S.Bartholo- | x¢b, reir. 
S.Matthew. (eclus.tteb. rerbitj. 
S. Michael, TEKIN, rlity. 
S. Luke. Ecclus.t, (Pods 
Simon andIude 3 
iLeflon. |Fobrrtiias.| rly. 
iLeffon. |yaifoome tii, naifedomed, 


vate) naher-( vnto pe fhal 
fore bieflenistake to €c, 
the barren, 


Hebsririj. |Apocatpp, 
Saints by wi¢(vnro)2ind 
fatth (vnto) (Ff far an 
Pye mdure\Angel and, 

q Proper 


——— oe 


q Proper Pfalmes on certaine dayes. 

o———_A~——) &£ o_o 
|Mattens.| | Eoin : |Mattens.| | Euenfong, 
ift- 1 Ierriz. : : vitt, eit 
ont CralSat. douse | an goa rb, Gra} inbité 
mas day. ince. §— CC reeit. | onaay. rit. Cviii, 
Gr — roy - —A———, 
|Mattens,| |Euenfong. | |Mattens.} | Euenfong. 
tt. Crtit, es 1D, « Cittt, 
pater éas Ibit, goa$ enuit | | yale gor} : Crats | 
ays Crt. Exvit,} | funday. ribit,.S Cpt. | 


@ hetable forthe order of the Plalmes, 

to befaid at Morning and Euening prayer. 

oo : 
Dayes ofthe | qPfalmesfor Morning ¢ Pfalmes for Euening ) 
Moneth. prayer. Prayer. 
ahs f oN 
Is LIL tL ttit.b, DULY. ily. ; 
Bs treet, Nij.LUY. rity. 
3. ED.LvL.LDIt, rvitj. 
4. ieee revert. 
5. Iettitcrd.crbt, EedIL.CeDiti.erix. 
Ts Lerb.crrdt. TrKvit, 
3. Perbut.cerivcl, Moc, 
9. ritit.rid.t1dt. rlbdit.ibiariix. 
Io, Ltt, : LiL tii, 
Il IDLIDILDIt. liv.iv. It. 
i Wit. Urttt.Iritit. IndJcbi.inbit, 
Be Irbitt. Iriver. 
£4. Urct.lrrti. : ILttt, Uentit, 
15 ee ites Ged 
16. ALCL. UCrK. Payal Aly oWliA ty ya: . 
yy. Irrrbilerrbitirerbitt, Inrrir. ne 
18, LCL, Keli. reitit, 
19. KeD.ccbi.revit. 
202 Cit. Ctit. cittt, 
21. ch, cbt. 
22. chit. 2 cbitt.ctr, 
23. Ceecricrit.criy. trittt.crb, 
LA. CeDLerbij.crbity. crir. Jude iii, 
Wo Pude bv. nde ttt, 
26 Mnde d, et 5 nde ttt. : 
27 ChE ACCL CCT CETL Ceti cee, |cerbicrrbiterebiti.ereie.eerr.erert, 
28. COUR Cre Tif. §— jecerbicrerbit.ererbit, 
29 Ceeci Ce crlt, crliicrtiit. 
30, Crlitf.crlb. cri br., 

= Peprugefinal] 


§ Fax 
Wis Ora 

oy nt Eptuagefima 
§ Sexagefima 

y Quinquagefima ( 

2724 Ovations 
% Whitfunday 

ONG Trinitie Sunday 
be «@ 

ZR a = 

( before Eafter { 

} f 
\ after Eafter 4 
J l 




ij + weekes. 
vilj J 

* @s Thefetobe oblerued for Holy 

dayes, and none other. 

pa eemes Dat is to fay : All Sun- 
“A eer Dapesin thepeere, 
2 Lbedayes ofthe featts 
A \ ofthe Civcumetfion of our 
STA SZ Lord Felus Chi. 
Dithe Epiphanie. 
Of the Purification of the bieed 
MDE Saint Matthias the Apottie. 
Mf the Annunciation of the biefled 
DE Saint Marke the Euangetift, 
DES. Philip and Pacob the Alpo- 

‘ on the Alcentionofour Lod Pelus 
DE the Matinity of Saint John 

DF S.Veter the Apofite. 

eo saath Apottte. 

Mt S.Wartholomew the Apofiie, 
ME S.Watthew the Apofie. 

Of S. Michael the Archangel. 
DES. Luke the Cuangelitt, 

DFS. Simon Bude the Apottics. 
DFA Saints, 

DMES.Andzew the Apottie. _ 
MFS.Liomas the Apotite. 

Mf the Mattuitie ofour Lozd. 

Mf S. Steuen the Martyz, 

OF S.Fohn the Cuangeittt, 

Mf the Holy Pnnocents. 

Munday and Luclhday in Calter 


Munday and Luelday tn vopiclun 


Ye Ye oY Oe aad) aN y US | 
C Ap A Von S CON Se e- Sa 

x hs names and order ofall the Book 

the Olde and New Teftament, with the 

Number of their Chapters. 

Ecclefiaftes hath Chapters 
40 The fong of Solomon 
27 Ifaiah 
36 Ieremiah 
34 Lamentations 
24 Ezekiel 
21 Daniel 
Ruth 4 Hofea 
~y.Samuel 31 Ioel 
~2.Samuel ~~ 24 Amos 
1.Kings - 22 Obadiah 
2Kings 4 ah! 25 Ionah 
1.Chronicles 29 Micah 
2.Chronicles f 36 Nahum 
Ezrah 10 Habakkuk 
~ Nehemiah 3 Zephaniah 
Efter 10 Haggai ~ 
lob : 42 Zechariah 
Pfalmes 150 | Malachi 
. Prouerbs 31 

42 The Bookes called Apocrypha. 

g& Sdras hath Chapters 9 | | Baruch withthe Epiftle ofleremiah 6 
2.Efdras 16 The fong of the three children: 
Tobit 14 The ftory of Sufanna, 
* ludeth 16 The idoleBeland the Dragon. 
orgs a, ThereftofEfther 6 The prayer of Manafleh. 
Witedome 19 1.Maccabees 
Ecclefiafticus 51 2.Maccabees 

42 The Bookes of the New Teftament. 

@ Aithew hath Chap. 2.Theflalonians hath Chapters 
4, 18 Marke 1. Timotheus 
g 2. Timotheus 
Tothe Hebrewes 
manes The Epiftle oflames 
1.Corinthians 1.Peter 
2.Corinthians s 2.Peter 
Galatians tlohn 
Ephefians 2John 
Philippians 4 3.lohn 
Colofsians Iude 
1. Theflalonians Revelation 

J Lae A 
“ A Cea 




To the Chriftian Reader, 

ie Spirit of God in the facred History, hath laid downe fuch 
helps,as are the light and life of all Nations originals. In them the 

doewee wander as without a guide: and of thefe the Perfon 
rincipall. Genealogies then drawne from them, from whom all 
are defcended, and by Gods owne warrant recorded unto vs, muft 
| moue a fpeciall renerence that they are holy, andfarre from thofé 
ole] SYAES)| <4 other againft which S.Paulwriteth. edmongft whofe manifold 
| ufes, thists the chiefef?, that by them is prooued how Chriftwas 
=a eee ~ made veryman. Andtheregorein feuerall Tables they are heere 
exhibited enen from their firft roote, and fo continued through their fpreading branches, fofarre 

asthe Scripture gineth them [ the reading whereof let the/e few directions be tly euides. 
1. Suchdefcents as holdon fromthe Parents to their Children, without interruption, are 

ery plaine by their double lineswhichrunne from rundletorundle. 

do 2. Thofe whofe Parents are not certainly knowne, but are named of their Country Citic, 
or Tribe,areioined each onder other, with this figure here in the margent, 

GSE 3. Apdlihewife such as are fet in ranke ide by fide,and diftingusfhed by this marginal mark, 
are not tobe reputed Brethren,but fome other Perfons of note,of that de{cent where they are fo 

4. Thenames of Nations avd People, (as likewife fometimes of Cities and other places 
of note) wee haue notincompaffedinrandles as thereft, but in Compartiments, and different 
letters betwixt direct lines, that [o they might beeknowne from particular perfons, and the 
Names next under them,are not inferted as certainly thence defcended but as eminent Perfons 
among them. 

5. Andwhere of necefsity we are to breake off the fucce[sion, to be continuedin fome other 
pacethat doe we at fome principal Perfons:as at the floxd with Noahs fonnes; at the Promife, 
with Terah and Abraham,ee. So that ewer the Man at which we breake off, is againe fet in 
the firft place of fome enfning page,where his iffue is continued, though many times whole leanes 
fall betwixt them ; which are fopplied with other collaterals : fachis from Abraham pag. 3. 
onto his wines and feed,pag.6.and 7.Cc. 


*Math, 6. The lineage of our ble{[ed Sauiour (which ts our principall cope) ts knowne by a Chaine- ~ 

ee like traile, continued from Adam to Sem, pag.1. and thence to Terah and Abraham, pag.3. 

cadofh in €7*¢. Solikewife from Dauid,pag.22.t0 his fonnes Solomon and Nathan, pag. 33. And laft- 
his ron ly, to our Sauiours parents, pag. 34. lincked together (as other marriages here are) by the fenlp- 
soon Lia. 2¢7cof an hardin band.Both de[cended from Zorobabel,as the holy Euangelifts hane recorded: 
ax. from Dauid, Indah, and Abraham, s Moles and the Prophets haue fpoken; and lewes 
aes HA" shem/feluesthus farre grant, that the Mefsiah [ould be the Sonne of a * Virgine, her names 
Rebvla, Maric, and fhe of * Beth-lchem, the daughter of Eli, of the houfe of Zorobabel, and Tribe of 
Talmud Jydah.Zz allwhich,our Chrikt is manifeftly defigned,and by thefe lewes both acknowledged to 
ihe Ufsan. bane been of the* bloud-royal,axd alo recorded in thenumber of the Priefts,in their publike Re- 
Oho, Sifter at lerufalem, by ths title, Lesvs THE S$ ee F THE LIVING 
napNis GOD, AND OF THE VIRGIN MARIR. Thus she Davids Sonne,and Abra- 
Sade hams Heire, in whom all the kindreds of the earth are ble([éd, being the very Image of the 

the Tew in inuifible God, the brightne(fe of the glory, andthe ingranen forme of his Per- 

geen Jin, inwwhom dzelleth the fulne(fe of the God-head bodily, and 
Telus. eto whombe afcribed all glory, praife, wifdome, 
sol ee thanks pomer and might for ener- 

Apoci7.32 more, Amen. 

circusmftances of Perfon, Time, and Place, are the chiefe; elfe * 


Gen. 4.26, 


As by one mans dif 
obedience many were | 
made finners, fo by’ |§ 
the obedience of one [RNA f 

SN} fhall many aif bee PSH 
thade righteous. Thar 
as finne had raigned 
ynto death, fo might 

GA\ grace allo raigne by 
righteoufneffe ynto ¢- 
rernall life through I¢- | 
fus Chrift our Lord. VEX 


\ SELAH. / 

TIL np tree 

& nO 

Adah. {{ Lamech. Zillah. 
Gen, 4.19 //* Gen4.18, NP Gen.4.19. 

Tubal. base bi / Tap f SEM 

Gen, 4.21, Gen.4.22, Adds Fen.§-3% Gen.5.32, | 

Gen.s.32- J 




\" cn, IO.2. 

iS A ee 
E PrteGrans] /— , \\[todians 
; p Meiets] (pacbe,) oe 

i NEF 
H FS ( Sale) SS 

‘ ‘ [fchaldeans 



: / =. res AN Oe 

ale aly 4.5 

Bats aba 



fe Mefhech 
{ auan 

Gen. 10,2, shen 



Thele fanilies hom Noah and} 
his (ons,our of Tofephus are in=| 
fered Anti.t.c.7.From whd the | 
whole earth was oiter-{pred and | 
out of thefe were the Nations i 
diuidedin the Earth after 

loud, Gen.g. 19. & cap. xo. 




‘Chedor- EBER 

Jaomer Gen.10,24. x 

Ge.rg.t a 


Rithathaim |} 


: iy) 

Wy St 

In this age and ar thebuil 
ding of Babel,the language! 
vas dinided, as Heber fhew- 


(Sicnieis }) {f 2Kin.r8.17, Sam,8.10 

== zs = = = 
' = 

4} |) a }} | 10,27, J} I} | .10.27, | | 10.29} | Gen.xo.29, 
} | 4 : 


Sh cleph 




i aN 
{ Arioch } 
= Hi Bane 24 j 

2 AZo 
hil) ban, Ter.39. | 


a Ik AY 
| WoO 
I (eee i 

/ OHO 3. 
|| Samgarne- \ 

Jaiereores?3 | 

ee) (com 
A\ Ter.39.3-  /dlo\\ 2asDan.s.c 
-\Gnp A J 
| Sharezar | 
Ter.39.3. J 

Neregal ‘ 
Ter.39.3.3 y 

2.King.20.13 / 


Ahiman \ /Shethas 

[ Daughter 

; le . y 6 ~\ aN 4 
(acsatea\( Heth i fesiva\f Hite \(emins \ lj 

f A IL i! EQ Wp) |) 
> 14 

Beeri \f Ahime- \f Vriah 
«NAB A\ Gen.26,34, \\ lech,x.Sam, | 2188.23.99: 


; Gen.34,2, jy i 



C/ratas \ 

} } } 5 
oA \ te a S ES \\ Nom,21.21 \ Toh, 
a We 7 \— 
er, Gen, ; ' bezek,ludg | (inves. | idiiken:- 





Se a 

= BE. 


x 6 ES Ca = ae 
on Eser \/ Shtal \ Ditton \) thon \ 
Gen.36,20. Gen.36.21- \ Gen,36,20, j)\ Geng6.21. I\ Gen36.  j}\ Gen.36.20. | \ Gen36.216 {| | 
1 — 
("stan \ 

JJ\Gen.36.22. })\Gen,36,27. |} 

i j 


a) \ Gen.36.23. | 
= SKF 




GT i {i GR AS 


5 , SCS 
i That Abram was not the eldett S'S 
cnet sere ee ral ae cS fon of Terah is manifelt; for he be- J 

ny bur t gat a fon at {euenty and died at wo (i 3 
he the firft recorded Idolater Lofbu. es hundred & fue, Gers 11.26.35. then To the laft in that dignity of cpu. al2 was Abram 75. Gen. 12.4. (0 thar || BASS] 2 
tation, For from him to Chrift, the oo rrerak ait Gone oadoed thirty 

times are chained with other linkes 
as to the Law, the Temple,the King- 
domes diuifion, the Captiuity, & the’ 
qo. weekes of Gabriel in Dan. 

athis birth : againe Abram maried 
Sara his brothers daughrer,and fhe 
but cen yeeres yonger then himfelf, 



The elder 

The yonger 



[xakxaeian it aaaaaa 



if Gen.24.29. Gen.22.23. t 
= iy 

fe one 





oa if Medan. 


Trek dl 


Numb. 25,15. 


Gen, 25.4: 

the Kenite, \} 




Zebah. | 
\ Tudg, “ Gu 4 



From the prefence ofIfaak, Abraham fenthis fonnes by Cetura 
(whereof Midian was one) into the Eaft,Gen,25.6.From thence are 
he Madiartites, ludg.6.3. And in the Eaft, Iob isghe greateft, lob 
1.3.He held the true worthip of God, as did Raguel and Jethro Ex. 
18.11. a fure teftimony of Abrahams care towards his family, as the 
Lord had {poken,Gen.18.19.His ftory and affli€ions are thought to 
be before that Mofes penned the Law : otherwife ithad not beene 
lawfull for him to hauc facrificed, lob 1.5. InEgiptall had finned, 
and were detiled with the Idols of that Land, Ezek,20.8, Then did 
Satan accufe the earth of impiety, yetIob was iuft, and knew that 
his Redeemer liued ; and beleened the Refurre@tion to life, Lob.r9. 

almunna, \\ Bs 
ludg.8.5, J C= 


\ >| \ \ 
Genas.2, / ey ee \ Gen.zs.2 
> ee . 

Bildad. \\ 

lob.2, ny 



Tethro \ 
Ex18-1 Hobab 

the Kenite, 


wife to Mofes. 
Exod.2,2 4, 

1.Chro,2,5 s/) 

x.Chr, 2.55. 

f Tonadab. 

{ Teremiah. 










Hisyonst: \ 

His eldeft 
Daughter, Ge. 


Gen, 19.38. 


Thefeinceftuous fonnes of Lot, 
Moab and Ammon, were both of 
them the progenitors of thofe 

eople which were great enemies 
tothe Church of God. Notwith- 
ftanding from the one, cuen Na- 
autah,the royal blood ofthe kings 
of Iudah defcended,z.Chr.1 2.13. 
And by Ruth that King of Kings, 
euen Chrift Iefus, who hath the 
key of Dauid and whofe kingdom 
fhalbe cuerlafting, Mat. 1.5.1f.9.7 
How vunfearchable are thy Indge- 

ments O God, andthywases nat 

frsding ont | Rom. 11.33+ 

|As it was in the daies of Lot fo fhall it bee when 
+ the Sonne of man fhall be revealed, Luk.17.28, 

( Shimrith 
' .Chr.14.26 




|) MAU HU 


HANAN NGG. }} D0d'|db' 


 Yehozabad \_—— 

2.Chr.24.26 | 

The Daugh. \| 
tersof Moab, / 

/‘Rehoboam } 

E org ( mation \;ae(RVTH e// BOAZ\(Neamah 

_ Rucht.s. \ Ruth 1.4. Ruth 14. en) iK.r4.21. BES 

KZA Se ey, 





Was not Efar: Lacobs brother,faith the Lord, }] RX 
yet I loued Taacob, and I hated Efau,& made |} ® 
his mountaines wafte;&c. Mal.1.2.3.¢ 


Tofep. liberg 

Math.2,22, //\\ Luke13.32. 


daunced be- 
Efter.9.7, R 8. me ; eS 

C es \ 
1 Herod y a Philli ae 
Archejaus as, z iH Leg P lusl LB | 





vA Ny yen 
i =! 


ir en, 40, Fle t S 

Jacob in Egypt and vpon his death-bead prophefied to his fons then 
 euerall. events, to Judah he gineth the preeminence, and fhéweth that] & 
f his Scepter fhould continue till Shiloh the Cir#f fhouldcome:In him he | 
i bleffeth cuery Tribe, noting them by fiindry metaphorical! allufions, a:}] § 

heerethoufeeftexprefledby Armes Read Gen.49. 

dd Le 

The {econd yeare after their 
comming from Egypt, were num- 
bred in mount Sinai of this tribe, 

fory fixe thoufand and fiue hun- || oe 

dred men from twenty yeares old 
and aboue, Num.1.21. 

came out of Egypt and now ready |} 
to enter into Canaan, of this tribe 
were numbred forty three thou- }} 
fand feuen hundred and thirty |} E 
ablemen, Num.26.7. 

| Manaffeh, at their re- 
! queft ynto Mofes had 
| their portions aflig- 
ned without Jorden, 
|Nom. 32.33. Thefe 
iin Dauids troubles 
Jagainft Abfolom , 
| brought to his aide 

one hundred and twenty 
thoufand fighting men, 
; ley he Chron.12437. 

LI Iai i 


The Rubenites in 
the daies of Saul war- 
ring ypon the haga- 
\rims increafed their 
borders Eftward vpé |! | 
the land of Gilead, 1, | 

iich.s.thefe with the o-|| 
ither tribes were caried | 
captiue to Afhur whé 
|Tiglah Pilefer made 
rael the Lo-ruha-} 

|! mah, 2.Kin.r 5.29.Hoft i 

the Prophet, 


Nemuel, 1 







Of this Tribe at their comming out of b 
gyps were numbred fifty nine thoufand anc 
chree hundred men, from twenty yeeres old 
and ypward, befides women and children, 
Numb, 1.23, All chef falling in the wil- 
derneffe at the enterance into Canaan were 
accounted of this Tribe twenty two thoufand 
two hundred and thirry men of the like 

yeeres and ftrength, Num.26.14- 

Yj MUM, 

= UW 













| -Chr.4.37, 




frecraiad Hilkh \ | 
=} 1.Ch26.23, Korea) ig 

2 )) \§ 

f Azrikam 
x.Chr.9.14 j/\\:, 

Zaccur : Ethan,1.Ch.é,\, 
44. Teduthun, 

1.Ch.24,27, } 1.Chron.zs.3. 



Zaccur \ 


{ 1.Chr.9.16, } 



< (fr 
= ~ 

WAN tf 

1 Gen. EL, =) 




Zi ff Mofe 
ep h SEM rrodiesn 


Aaron Elifheba 
ei sah WR Exod,6,23, 





the Prop. 









er grauen Images in ate oy 

Land. fudg. 13. 30, 

HL __ 

Exod, 6,18. 


Ammina- \/ Michah 
dab;1.Chr, } 1.Chr 43.20 ) 
i 15,10, 

Shan | 
1, Chiz4,24. 

Shemaiah ! Zechariah 
r.Chr.15,8 x.Chr,24.25 

: —— 




fes as they ferued | 4 
by lotin the 

the high Priefts 
from Aaronto 

The high Priefts] From the Capu- 'TheMachabes |\ | |The.obieure fine| 
from Solomon to}} | |luity to Alexander | nto Herod the jofthePricfts nto 
the Captiuity. the grea. gecat. Chiifthispafion. 
1 ee ai 

Exod, 38.21 






the ancient, \ 

Simon } 

theancients | 


the coue- 






'To Yadduah the facred| 
Scriprare recordeththe| 

high Pri 

he(€ high Prietts from Tad. 
duahto Caiphas are gathe-}} Sy 
ed from FlaniusTofephus. |] <5 

Solomon thrult our Abia-}} Fy 
thar to fulfil the word of the) 
Lord againft Eli, 1.$a.2.35. 

Iohn Baptift. 
Luke 4.60. 

Oss 3 

Delaiah’\\ | 9 

1.Ch,24.18 /) | § 




RS a 


a7 “~ 



J \ 



the daugh- 
ter of Shu- 







We, »Nehar.s 
Zag © Maaiciah 


4 Ys prs 
lie fom eam 
H Judah, thy brethren fhal praife thee; thy fathers fonnes fhall bow vnto thee.Iu- 
i \dahis a Lions whelp and fhall come from the fpoile, and coucheth as a Lion, ané 

Of 2s an old Lion : who fhall roufe him yp ? The scepter fhall not depart from Iudah, 
m fora law-giuer from betweenehis feet, vntill Shilocome, Gen. 49. whois the 

pail) Xitarce of Jacob and branch of tha. Nomb.24. Ifai.rr. 

Wibelttatiil TL. 

Mi Ht Ud 
i > 

(= — a 

® O8OOS 



Tekamiah\ A LU 
a Ahub Harum \\// Zobebah 
Eu 1.Chr.4.8, 2.Chr.4.8. x.Chr.4.8. 

i ; Aharhel 




This was not Caleb that 
was fent to fearch the Land, 
but another of that name, 

} and feucn generations 
before him. 


Nie Ephrath \y 


/ Ichohanan, 
\ 2.Chr.23.1. 

Sheua. \\ 

Se .}] \\ x.Chr.2.47. J} \\x. Chr, 2.47-! 



Ze pe 
BETH-ZVR,' a e a jo 
| .Che.2.45. | X “y \ jj 



\ Chro.17.26 | 


ee (oa) 
2.Chr.17.16 } | 

I ((Zichri.2 \ 


Amariah, \\ | |f 

Gedaliah, \ 


}ithe Prophet, | 
Poe eon al 

Jaazaniah Eram Bezaleel 
2.King.25.23 1.Chron 4.3 Exod.31.2. 

6) pale 

e 7 a aw) 
eI Tah 
= Et, 03 eile a 


i 1 [| ——— oH 
Taare-ore-\\/// Dodo Tbzan Ephai 
ae 2,Sam.23.24 Tudg.12.8, . 




S dj | BETH-G4DER ft 


| x.Chro.4.2, =) 


i Oo 
Fs % 4 See the next page | >: 

1 <a 

i : , : iiah , 
Iezreel \f Ithma \/ Jdbath \ Hazelel- (eens\ Ahio a Proph, Ahumai Lahad 
nObrea. {Ee Chro43. 1.Chro.4.3. pone 2Sam.63. /)\ Jere26.20 // \\ So } 1,.Chro4.2, 


\ t.Chr.4.20. 

‘ }) 

Meonothai. Ophrah 

i 1.Chr.4,14 ery 

/ Heldai 
\ } 


Tehudi- \ 
iah Hodiah, } 




tom \ Ce 2 
\/ Beth-ra~ \ A 
aa \/ afeah / Heber ! Tekuthiel | 

: | \2-Chr4.r2. \E-Chr, 438} « teChro.g.i8 ; + \x.Chrig.18. / 
Ate YD \ . WY, 

The Euangelifts Mathew, and 
Luke, from Dauid to Mary doe 
diuerfly deriue the defcent of 
Chrift. Saint Mathew bringech 
him to be the heire of Dauids 
throrie, and by a legall fuccef 
fion from Solomon, and thofe 
Kings that poffefied the crown, 
s likewife from thofe high 
Saints from whom it was taken, 
Dan.7. whereby he was law{ul- 
ly titled, the King of the lewes, 
which his ftar fhewed, and tor 
whom the wifemen fought, that 
Pilate granted, him(elfe confef- 
fed, and the Lewes to hinder 
hisright could name none 
but Cxfar. 



1.Chro.2, {Eeeees Exod,6.23, 

aaa cal) 

Dxeeeall Mat.1,5. 
[yj fy 



Saint Luke fheweth him to be 
the feed promifed in paradife, 
and by his naturall parents 
bringethhim from Eli, Rhefa, 
Zorobabel,Neri, Nazhan, and 
Dauid to Adam, For Solomons 
houfe ending in Leconias, Ler. 
22,29. and the Crowne taken 
from his families, Ezek. 21,26. 
theright of his kingdome de- 
{cended to hisnext in kindred 
according to the Law,Nom.27. 
and fo to Chrift, fo that thefe |! 4 
holy Euangelifts breathe forth | 
a fwecte confort of his office & 

perfon, without all contra. 
dition in their holy 


i\f Afahel 

‘ > Gan 
al i 

In the wilderneffe of Sinai and fe- 
cond yeare after their commirig out 
of Egypt,were numbred of this tribe 
from twenty yeeres old and aboue 
able men to goefoorth to warre in 
Ifracl, fixty two thoufandand fcuen 
hundred perfons, befides their wo- 

men and children notnumbred, 

Gen. 46.24. 

bred in the wilderneffe of Sinai, the 
fecond month and fecond yeare af 


ter their ee from Egypr were] & 

found to be fifty three thoufand and 

foure hundred men able to gocl 

forth to warre, from twenty yeares 

old & ypward, befides their women 
and children not numbred,Nu.1.43. 

he ‘\ | 

HI Key H ey 
Sy d | 
oui | 

lafphe- ' 

mer; Leuit, 

But thefe numbred men dying all of 
themin the wilderneffe, of this Tribe 
notwithftanding, in the plaine of Moab 
before they entred into Canaan were 
numbred, fourty fiue thoufand & foure 
hundred able to beare weapons, and to 
goe forth to war, from twenty yeares old 
and aboue, befides their women and 

* children, Numb, 26, 50, 

men of this Tribe of Dan that 
Were numbred in mount Sinai being 
dead, for their tranfgreffions, in the 
wilderneffe, and a view taken in the 
plaine of Moab, when they were ready 
to enter Canaan, of this Tribe were 
numbred fixty foure thoufand and foure 
hundred able men from 20. yecrs old & 
abouc befides womé & childré,N.26.43. 



i nf 
(‘aieei \ 

4 |\Attheic comming out of Egypt 
ofthis Tribe,"able men for war 
from 20. yeeres old and ypward, 
were numbred, forty fixe thoulad 
fix hundred and fifty, Nom. 1.25.) 

Thefe of Gad came to aid Da- 

luidin the wildemeftesmen of!] E 

might and Gt for bateell, who'e|| F 

faces where like the faces of li- 

eae rere as Swift as the Rea 
the mountaine,1.Ch.12.! 

a SSS the Prophet 

A\E -Kinger7.1. /] * 

Ax their entrance of Canaan,able 

3 |/men forwar from z0.yeers old and 

laboue, were numbred 40500. none 

of thein liuing that were -aumbred | EPA 

in Sinai, Num 24.13, 

Tehu the {word of God againii]| E = 

AV7)a | |thehoufe of Ahab & Priclts of 
Baal,receiued a promite that to 

J A | |the 4. generatié his fons fhold' 

4 |{fic on his throne which ended 

3 || in Zachariah his laft.3.K. 10.30. 




Arche comming from Egyptand in the 
wildernefle of Sinai, were numbred of 
this Tribe, from 20.yeares old & vpward, 
4rsoo. men, befides their women and 
children, Al which through difobedience 
died in their wandrings; & none ofthem 
came intothe Land ofpromife, Nom.t. 41. 





bred ofthis Tribe 45400, men, all of } 
them from 20, yeeres old and aboue,and |] 
fitto beare armes againft the Canaanites | 
whofe Countrey by Gods commande- 
ment thev went to conquere, Noma, 

ance into Canaan, & al choie 
dead that came out of Egypt, were num- 

ih ii} 



1. Chron7.32 



eX Saath 
Num.34.27 \ 1 King.4.16 Luk 

Shual ] 


Beri \ ici pee 
1.Chr.7.36. }} a 
7. ET 






hr, 7.37. Ac 





>) Shil 

ee Chi.7.3 




if B 



in 7 SS 
LE \ 
Or Genchzo, 18, /; 

\W A 


Atthe comming from Egypt were 
numbred of this Tribe able men for 
I war fiom twenty yeeres old anda- 
boue,fifty foure thoufand and foure | 
hundred men,Num.x.29, Thefe peri- 
fhing in the wilderneffe at their en- 
trance into Canaan were numbred 
of this tribe 64300. men able for war, 
befides women & children, Nu.26.25. 

This Tribe ac their comming from 
Wi Egype afforded 57400 able men fit for 

y ¥ar,Nu.t.37. Allwhich dying in the 
ll wildernefle for misbeliefe, in the 
plaine of Moab ready to enter Cana- 
an, were accounted fixty thoufand 
and fiue hundred men of ftrength 
their women and children not num- 
bred. Numb.26.27. 

Elizaphaii \ 

Nom. 34.25 



the Proph. / RSS 



+ ff Miappim.Ger 

; (ice 

[Aan aieaT a) 5G 


1,Chr. 8.4. 


io. \\/Zechariah i 

afalfe Proph. 


1Chr.8; 35 

\ 1 Chr.8, 36 


2Sam, 16,5 

eit, IL 
‘\1 Chr. 8, 37 LN 

{ Chro.8 13 of 


Kehoboam \j 

Takim Y Zichti bdi Beraiah 
x.Chr,8.19- \ 1.Chr.$.19, 2 Chr.8.19 r.Chr.8.25. 

\/ Michael 

ff Antothiiak \\ Iphedeiah Penuel 
1.Ch:.8.24. Il Chr 8.25. Nx Chr8.25., 

fer 3, iN le 
[ener '0 


= Shemariah 
r2, 2.Chro.12 

[exer er 

x.Chr.x2.4. }\ 1 
= i Nd) 

1.Chr,12.3, SS 


| oy WHY 

Beniamin fhall 2 Wolfe, in the mor- 
ning hee fhall diuide the pray, and at night hee 
thall deuoure the {poile, Gen.49.27. The Lord hall 
couer him all the day long and fhall dwell betweene 
his thoulders, Deut.33-12. he ioined to Iudah when 
the other tenne Tribes fell away. 

In the fecond-yeare after their com- || ji 5 f 
ming out of Egypt, and in the wildemes 
of Sinai were numbred of this Tribe 
thirty fine thoufand and foure hundred || 
men, able to beare weapons and fit 
for warre from twenty yeares old and 

ard, befides their women and chil- 
ennot numbred, Numb.1.37." 

S}} All thofe died in their wandrings 

jin the wildemeffe through ynbeliefe, 
{ vet when Iftael was ready ro patfe Tor- 
4 dan, in the plaine of Moab were mim- 



| bred men of like ftrength and yeares, 
| forty fiue thoufand and fixe hundred, 

= li their women, and children noe recko- 
| ned, Numb.26.41. 
@ cm 
Z f 


Nall ‘This Tribe Co milliplied in 
€ 3 ||| Baype, that befides women and |//E 
Sill a : 

the plaine of Moab, 
ildren,were accounted in the } b 

ter Cay 
wildemeffe of Sinai, 33300. 2- 

blemen,from twenty yeeres od S 
and aboue, Num. 1.35. 
: sul Mepacausy 
pac oh sca 

His wife er 

1.Chr,7.14. Ph 

1.Ch 37.23. 

Manaffth & Eohraim,the fons of lo- 
feph,ace byIacob their gridfathermade 
two tribes in Iftael,Ge.g8.5. Halfof Ma 
nafi¢s had the laad of Giants afigned 
vatothé by Mofes,withoutlordan,De.3. 
12.the other half of the tribe had their 

allotted within theland,eué 
betwixeTappuah &eh: weft (ea,Jofr7. 



eg) cise) cies. 



f Ammiel 



ee | 


{ Jah,t.Chr. 



W fen 

Bn Li 
| Shiphtan \\/Azzziah \ /Tohanan 
Nom.34.24.}/ \\ 1.Chr.2720/] \\2.Ch.28.12, 
: AK! 
AMIN nts = 

L = 

At their comming from Egypt 
were numbred of this Tribe 
IE || fourty thoufand and fiue hun- |/E 
|| dred, able to beare armes and Aah 
for warre,from tweny yeeres of || = Juul 


age‘and vpward: thele perifhing 

in the wilderneffe, their fonnes 

of thelike ftrength and yeeres, ||E 

were found to bee at their en- ||E 

trance into Canaan , thirty two 

thoufand and flue hundred men, 
Nomb. 1.33. & 26.37. = 

aad Y 



\ 1 -Ki.19.16, 

Groton\y Pekabiah 

i i 
es] (eg Ea Ea 

the prophet 



ae ees 


{ Tudg.17,1. 

‘a prophereife 

Q EA toned Seo a 
D> Na, oe 



Sonneot \| xf Taphath 
Abinadab, S Baar 



nicl the 
Prophet, Da- 



Saloons howe ending in Coniah, and | NY LF I 
hee a fignet pluckt off from Gods right 5 
hand; Jer. 22..24. Zenibbabel of Nathan | {choahaz 

another fonne of Dauid was chofeayand placed | RY//ckinassge ¢- Tedeki ADDI 
forte gneewher the ober had ood’ Sallum jf Zedekiah 

Nebufhta I choiakith 

Kings. 3 4 Si Lohanan; 3.Ch.3.1§, HN Litke 3.28. 


seta laces 4 
[ By Succelsion 


Teconiah, le S 

See According to Luke! HAIN ( JOSEPH 
er : ype iy Luke 3.26, 

Xephaiah \\/ Arnan Vf Secaniah 
.Ohxg.2x- 1.Chr.3,21. J\ 1.Chr,3.23- 

Berechiah \f Hazadiah¥ Iufhab- \Y Semaiah \/ Pelariah \f Iefaiah 
1.Chr.3.20 J\1.Chr.z.20. JA hefed,r-Ch- A 1 Chr.3.22. /)\ 1-Chr.3ax. })\ 1.Chr.3 war. 


6 L 
Neariah WY Hath VY Igeal \f Bariah \/Saphac 
1,Chr.3.22..J\ 1-Chr3.22, Jy -Chr.3.22. /)\ x.Chr. 3.226 


Tewes,which fuc- 
ceffié St, Mathew LEV] 
N || ftom Mary hebe- exch J 
N |] cam theEmanue 
ep culed feed, 
; i whofe generati 
Matthan SeLu.deferibeth, 
Math.z.ry. S 

( | 
MARIE \\/ Cleopas Mary 

the Virgin, Toh.rg.25. 

Lea ey lawet By natures 

[ CukisT © Tofes ‘Simon the 
i Mark.6,3. Canaanite, 

Mark.16.1. Math.r.16. 


eh a 

i Alphabetical 

Table of CANAAN; and the 

a Scripture quoted, and the Titbes,Cisies 7 own 
Tribe, Lar. Lemge ye. re 
Abana ritier,2.King.s.13. ‘Arabia 33+ oe 30 | Beerlahairoi, ews 
I -Abarim mountaines, Num.3 3 .48.4%- Staton 3 1450.67.20 Rotana 
ie s Hillocks of 2 v4.35, $uge 38.8643 10.67.60 ¢ 

Abacimjor@ Abarim, 5 Genargne) 
Abcl-berhmaachah, 1.K; é Simeon 3+ 


32) Manl.'2 25 go.<o Bees freba,< 
Abel-mainya.Chro.s 2Manhe , 60.67.50 ” 

‘ aa S 1.Chg2 
Bethmaachabys.Sam Keabrach. 

| Beefhrerah: 

$1066. 50 | Bela,Genay.2. 
Wa Be 50.078 10 | Zoarleryd.34.5 
Beluy or 

Of. Alu, Tof.xs 

Shixtim Numb 
shittim, Numb, 

nes, and places fer in tht 

riee Tibesas. 

Keyes, GezrteyLSam 
Crbsaney¥) acth 
sfofh 10.33. 

|. Giab, 

28, Gad. 


iat Nam 

3. Station 29. 50. 

Judah 34. tex | 

Hecho Li Ather33.60.66. 
Prolemansyt. aces 
Achor valley,toth.15.7+ 

Achthaph, loth. 
Cheub,Gen.3 6. 
Adadah, ofh.ts. 


Ather 3 
Th. 2 
S Cqadah 31. 

Tudah 3x. 

judab. 31.30.65. 30 

ep ead sea 31. 60.66, 10 | 

Pheor.3 3. 49.68:20 

50 | Berithus, z 

Beniam.3%.50.€6.30 | 

| Tbbath,1.Ch.18.3. 

fee Baalmeo. 

Felix tulia, § 
| Berochsh,Ezek 

2 | Berot hay Sam.8.8, 
} Chuo,r. Chro: . I 
| Berothena,Prolm. 

pmacl 32 

Befor furSam.3o.9. Sime. 31.20.64. 

Berah,2.san.d. * 

Ifimacl 32. 50. 

Beten,Jolhoa 19 

Bechabara: (ce Beth-barah, 

Bethanah 31401) 

a0. 67. 30 

Theonicia 53. 50. 8.5 | 

Adonius tl, 

| Bethaniah, Yohn 

5 ofl 19. 

| Gibbeché, VarKuirs 

2 | Grbbe 1557. 20dg. 

Sad. Ap 5 Te 

| Gibeon, I fh 9-97 (fh.18.a5. 
‘The vall 
Gibeon, 5 

if =po Ieof @ 

Dau. 31. 60.65, 3¢ 


hel. Da 


1Maext, 32 

35 Utudah | Beth-anoth. Joth. 15.59. 
MIGE-156S Hoes arabah,fofhua 15.6 
Benian.31. $056,301 ranen,loth.18,13. 
Afher 33.10. 67.10 3 2 

Adallam,$ 39 

Adammim, tof.ts.7 
Robes 31. 50.67.39 


Daphne Pe! 

ath-fannath $ 

IS 49- 

| Gicala, iol. 

Gad 32. 10,67.60 | 

‘cth-baalmeon Foilh.13- 
Bedh-bara, Tudge 
Beth-bafin, s.Mac.9.62, 
Berhbirei: tee Bechiebaoth. 


Rubcp 31.6 
Ephsa.31.20, 66. 50 

, Hereniy 49.36 
Airlotb.7.. Beniam.3 1.60.66. 30 
Aiahi, 1.19. 

Aijalon,Toshy.i9.42, + 50 | 
Ayalon, Tof 60 | 

260.67 GO 

Alammelech Toth.1: 

‘Alinon, Ioth.23.18. 2 
Afemeth,1.Chr.g6o. 5 
‘Almon-diblathaith, Num.33.47- 

Axa, Nuun. 

Amad, Toth, 19. 264 
Amalek mount,lodg.r2.15, 
Amam,lofbua 15,26. 
Acathushor waters, terom. 
Anmma mount, 

Ammah hitl.2.sam 
Aanionites, 2 


Ananiab,Nehem. 11. 

Anzhoih, ; 

rAnem : {ee Engannim. 

Antiparris, AGS 33 
Agame:{ce Riblah. 

C Yoth.19.30+ 


Argob.| Dewting- Kings 
p Arimathea.Ioh 
Amon riuer,Tofh.r 3.9. Lfai. 
‘Aarons fepulcher, 

Afhdods Toth. 15. 46. 
D Az0705,485.8.40. 
Afh-dod, Der 
Pifgah, Lofh. 13.2 
Afhah, Tofhua 15.33+ 
| Athoah, Toth.x5.43. 
Afhearoh, Tofhua 13 14.2 
Befhterah, fofi2r.27. & 
Karnaim, Gen, 14 
Afhtemoh, Iofhiua 15-5¢+ 
Askelon, Iudg. x ee 
Affedech: See Gs 

} Arar Toftva 16.7 
Bethulia, Iudeth 
Shoohan, 5° 
Azekah,1 Sam. 
Azem, Jofhua 19. 


H Azmauerh,Nchem, 
Azotus:(ec Afbdod, 

Baslah,Tofbua 15.9. 
Baalah mount, Iofh.g.11. 
Baalah: {ee Kirjath-Iearim. 

SonthRathoth, x.Sam.30 
Bazl,1. Chron.g. 33. 
Baa)-Gad; Tofhy,11, 


Baal-zephon, Num.3 

Bafan,or, Baraneay 
Beer, Num.21.16. Lidgo 923.2 
Beer-Blim, Efay 15.8 5 

Be. Stat. 31. 40.68.10 

So.Station 31.10,64.30 

on, loth, 
Beth-dagon, rofl 
ms § Gen.28.19. 
©6700 | Bethel,2 lotha8.13. é 
Luiz, Gew.a8.19. 
| Reth-emek; otha: 
Beth haran,Nam. 
| Betlt hogtah,Tof 

Beth- roree Botha: a 

the vpper. 
Beth- hoto: 
Loflua 16.3. 


2.68.10 | Beth-TeG- $ Num. 

moth, @ Eze. 25. 9. 

Beth-lebaoth,Lotliua 19.4. 

Beth-bicei, x.Chron. 

Sitncon 33, 30.65.10 | 

Afher 33 
Dan 31. 50.65. 30 
Benia-;2. 10.66.10 

Afher 33. 10.66.60 
Ephra. 31. 6066.5 o 

Gad 3 “30.6659 | 
Tidah 31.40. 65. 

g Ruben 3%: 60.66.60 

Raben.3 23 Sime!3i. 30-64. 60 


5.40 | 5 
066.40 #2 Tudah 31. 40 

| 2.G¢.3 5.16 
Benia5t. 50.66.10 | pt eo to h.rg-15. 
Bechmaacah: fee Abel_maim. 
Beth-mare Sik 19. 5. 2 

32. 50: 60. 60 

Benia, 31.50. 66.1 
caboth, 21.Ch, Sim.3x- 30: 64 50 
Beth-meon : (ee Baal Bea 
. | Beth-ne 
Judah 31. 40.65.40 | Fh, 2 Num. 3265300 
460 | Nimrim,IGis.6Je.¢! 
684. | | Beth palet,lott 
| Bech-phage,Marth.21.1. 
} Bethfaida, Macch. 1, 
130 | RethOhean, $ Loth.a7.31- 
22 x.King. 4.1 
Tuda 31. 40.65.50 | Beththan, 2. Sam. 
Beththemeth, $1.54 

Tudah 31. 

20.66.10 | 

Afhér 33.10.65: 
Tudah 31. 50.65.40 
- 86.40 

10.68.19 | Bethiyer fi: 
Bethihiemeth, J Tp 

| Berhfbemefh, 1. 
Irhhemehh, To 
eecatnde ee: 

Ruben 31.60.6 

Mbont Hor 

32, 40.66.10 | Beth ace - 66. 
Beth.zur,to’ Tudah 31. 10.65. 
+59. 66.10 

Rab.31. 50.66.50 
Tudeh 31. 
Indah 3 

Indah 31.40.65. 30 : 
id ee sLofhuats 
Auda 31.50. 65.20 | Boz! 

Gad 32. 10, 66.60 | Bozray < 

Benja. 32 foa6-i0| 
i | Bozrah 
Ephra.31. 606640] Babatti, 


fee Bezer. 

fe Phibefhieth. 
Gad 32. 10. 66.60 A 

vine 31. 
Simeon 31. 40. 

h 31. 10, 64.60| © 
10. 65.50| 

Callibo, a wholefome well, 
aluerie mount 
Camon,Indges 10.5. 
pec eaite fone. he 
Sime. 31. 20. 64.40 | 
| Carmel, 
Pheon. 32. 30. 68.5 | 

druben 31.60.67. 20} 

Moab 3 

| Gitah-Heph 

ah.teplicr, 1 
eee 9 | Gitaim,2 

Debir,Iofhua 15. 

6.14 2 Arabia | | Gothen,te 

3 } Gor 

piscine | Gur aiouacy2 Ki ing 
Dibon,Iofhua 13 Habbon, 

Hachilah bill.z.Sam, 

Funalby, fh 13 

Eben Ezer: fee Perl 
Ebronah, Num. 33. 

| Haradah,n 

bzeka7.17. § 
j Haz Gad 


Hazor,lofh r1.1.Net 
Hess I ie che.z1.33. 

Eleekeh, Iothua 13 
Euck monnt,loth.23 

1.Mac.3. 40. 

Emmans,$ 2 


hTcfhoa 153. 


area Cone 

Helam, 2Samuct 10, ae 

0.65.30 * Hebron, to! 

Endor, int.$ 

Alamtha, Proleti, 

En-eglaim, Fzck.q7.t0. Bebe hyT 

Engaanim, loth, 15-34 
Engznnim,Icfhua 19.28. 

Tudah 3x 
Tudah 3: 
3 ON, 
Hercules parua, 
Heres: fee Berk 

ee Faz themesh. 

Enon,Iohn 3.23. 
En-Rimmon (ee Remmen, 

En-Ro- § Iofhna 15.7. 2 

15 Tuderb a5 PR 

Oporo, Pot 

| Hozoth: ice Kirtath, 

2Staion sa2065 

pi ae 
borders adioyning: the diterfitie ‘Sfhanies ob fered: the texts 

Trike Lat. » Lowe 

1a 50 65. 40 
20, 67.10 

Sim 31:20. 
Egypt 31.20.63°50 
Gad. 32. 20.67.19 

Am3060.%4 36 

"Ben, 31.60.6630 
Da 9.65.50 | 
. Indah 51.20 25.40 | 
50.65 69 
Ben.31. 60.66.20 

é Ben. 32 


Ma. ext.23 6.68.19 | 

Ma int.33,30,66 30 | 

Iudsh 31,40.65.10 
Ludab 313065, 50 

31, ee 
Arabia 3 

Indah 31 

ation 30.40, 64.40 

Toda $1.10. 65.50 

Tuid.3 t.10 64.30 

915. Nap32.60%67.20 

Tudah 31.60.6560 
Sim.3%, 20.64. 50 

Tudah 3£ 307 65.30 

Arabia 32.46. 68.33 | 

Afser33: 10.67.10 
Nap. 3$. 20, 7.50 
Afher 33. 20. 30 

Egypt 30. 10.63.60 

19.) | 
Chea } 

Sim3y, 30.65.40 | 

fo. | 
0 | 

Todah 31, aca 20 
Pheon.33 40.68.60} 

Tadah 30.60, 4-52 

Tudah 3%. 4066.10 | 
Benizss 60. 66.39 
Arabia 33 38.09.10 

Tudeh 31. 40. ¢5,20 

ation 49. 0.65.30 

ee 33.0930 
Affien.33,20 67,20 
Niph.3z, 5a.6710 

Tudah 31.40,65,30 

0:67. 36 
2, $5.59 
fio 6. re i 


L oii tower 
E} Gare Ephraim 


ns Cajtell 
ater Gate 
Dunghill Gare 


Fact toe 
| Paucd Strece 

Efins Gate 

Old Gate. 
Shiloe Gate 
(Fountains of Shilog 
Bathing Poole 
Sulomons Garden 
Fifh Poole 
Goulden Gate 
“Fifh Gate 
Upper mont | 
Lower mont 
Hanantacl conve) 


Basil Tepidcbre é As Tonas was three days 
Dauids tower | ‘i ce nights in che wha 
Are iw Sion 



Garenorium ° 


Dayhnee'Pdlifie o 

oPhatura Nom 

fs i Busastr Nom 
V4 cithivis SBubajtus 

Dy cs / 
pee POAT ES 

erie peut ton 
SeSp hen 

Gi Pak 

23° Pharbenis 





Heflomone Debi 9 
Dinah © ae 

1-0 ee ace oe 

tpn data exiph 
le BS Pioth a al Tin 

a an, OE ois wxles lap 
De eTamor® 

Aarons fepulehre 




Mernites Alper ve 28 NB j joakgn 
ws aA tp . 
a i aN Sorhaoiadad 

Ae es 
{ [A ining ba eS 

aren Ebvonal 5p 

ig epee : 
So \Ephrain f; Coun’rrRi& oF REDAR \ 
aaa Se! J SI K he x he K Zebulon ‘ 

& Koathites «+ Stnicon Reuben 

e 29 J & 
© Cabul : 
Jo CBU © 4 
O o Bane or dist Cite? 
‘ eo Baal gad 


i Maacha 


<p NEE 
pat + Dhzuah 
OF Bi 
yefinite RSs 
ate <" 
ae oe ' Me 

oo Vobah 

£ Beene 

72 8 isu? +90 Ga 

mp “Foreltof Ephraim , Ce . 

82 chim 

- eabehath § ? 
: AMMO Meee 
goad eo 
aes Ping k we 
Doth ee” Eee abhi LB 
pena SE 

i gout 
re" HY Rasare or 


: PS perth aber, 
MS Noel aphags tort 
orks TahSvaby 
SeRkee Ftephahe wane 
Eneny = ‘OBethbarah Amonrres 
| © Beth ighynath 




laal BOD, 

Wildernes of 

a Yalnin orDiblatbain, 
e\ihjpam Toth Qi fox J ~ 
il LS : FSH, diblarhaas 
Beth gamul | 
Beth dibon ©. 


wk Kerioth e 

MiG. Ss 



| , 


The whele land of Cansan,as itwas poffeffed by the twelve ribesse 
circulated in thie Mappe with a line of round prickearwell§ with 
out Lordan as thatsathin-whichlater is deuided int three fererallart 
that ts tofate.Galile on the north treched inte the tundof Phoens 
cia Ke wry on the (out taking inall the land of the Philittines:and 
Samaria in the middsthe principall far of the reuolled Uracllics . 
Widhfeverall limites-are diftinguiphed by a double lineor che 
and all the Triber phoringlaccila® they were bvTolhuah deuided, 

raced hy a tratbot male pric ice atren to the Le: 
vitsuare marked with a crelseand the fixe citties of refuaenrith 
double crobe ltkwle all the bordering countrizurpon th land of 
FSlripture namcth 



ithin theland of Canaanor in 

Begiar bv ti the 

/M'foln Mo nV 

continued and fi: 

nifhed by Sohn 
Speede . 

Adions | 
without < 


6The place wher 
IN poe 

z bulong 


Tudah 35 

Reuben! 45 The place wi 


(Baad wose a 


Place where che wommof Canian in treated Chri) 

ae poffetied d rh 
tor her poffefied daughcer. Aark.7. 
| 2The widdowe of Zaiepha. Cheri E 
| z4n this place the woman pro: 
to the wombe thar bare Chriftand to the 
| papps that gaue him fucke Luke. u. 
4Heew ar lumndrerh thouland Aramiteewer flaine 
| and vanguilhed in “batmaile and tweribe th 
\ miore by- the SI ofa wall .1-Ki 


{ 5 Beerelollbuah overcame Jabin and manieother Kings {1 
of Canaan . Joh. 2 - 5 
fera with his nine hundred charets 
was vanquifhed and lallie Dsine by Inel wife to FF 
Heber. udp. p 
Tithe cities whenn Chinlt dwelt and did hismuacles Alathg 
8.The mount wherone Chriltwas ranlhewed. and wher 
Atoles and Elias ralked with him.Mat.27. (| 
g-In dus place Elias built his alurand facrihced to 
the Lord Naing the pnielts of Baal .1Kiyg.18. |] 
w'lhe cittic where Chiiit railed the widdowes tonne 
om deathwhere uppon John lent his 4d 
D diiciples to alke him eae Micfias . Luke. 
( u.2cere Blas raiied the Shunamites [onne.2konsea bl 
1z.Manie creat bartailes in this vallei were fought as 
bat of Gedion avainit the Mudianites. ludg.6. 
of chu Seuanieegetel king of Ifeiell 1.Kines.g. 
of Saul Again che PhiliNadsh-Sal.s. — 
ther was Naborh Stoned to death: t.King. 
and Iezabel there by dogees ‘was deuovred ski 
5 Upon the-walles of this citte the Philiflines hanged 
U the desde bodie of Saule.1.Samuel. 3. 
4Hecre Saule confultingwith a watch is &duced by 
the divell that ean tran{forme him felfe like toan 
| angell of light «1 Sam.28 . 
isMeere Abimelech ewe his brethren. Judg -9 . 
| t6dn this place Barack of Iiraell overtiirewe the forces 
| of the Canaanites.Judg-5. 
\4y.On his mount Saule flewe him Jolfe.t-Sam.51. 
WBlacobs well where Chit con ferred with thewosna 
of Samaria thewing the rewworlhippers Jon 
so-At daplsce tow lnge Phiftines in Gingle Teh were fe 
) daine the on Hamed Saph by. Sibbecha® and. the fF} 
other Goliah che itate of whofe ipeare was like 
aweauers beame by Elhanah,2.Sam.23. 
|20"The pitt wherein Toleph was ealt by- nis brethren Gen.7. 

au The calfe creSted by Teroboamwith thewhich Idola-ha 
imc all the kings of Tadll-were flainedsrking.t2 
12.Jn displace loshuah onercame hue Kings of theAmorees fi 
and comanded. the Swime to Maie Isis conrleto/ra 
23-Jhewaterswhereny Iohn did baprile. Tokn.5. 
24 Heere Achonas ftoned to death for thevedgafecls To) 
agTheBartaile of Ifmell againik the Bentamite Juda. 20. 
: iples. going towards Emaus meet with Chi 
\arThe withered and acuriled A : 

28 Ta thsi place Sampion flewea lion in whofe dead carkalle 
bees wrought hunnte which was the riddleand 
fir occalton tad by him againitthePhilifhines 
maniof wits he flew in his life amore at his death hud 

2g Heer Abtolon flew his brother Amon. 2.Sam.15 

o The place where Danid Slew Goliah thePhililbne 
3t The Aivkof Ged brought from 

[32 Lun this place Samplon ilew.3o-Phililtines. Judg.. 14. 

33 De monihrous giant Mlaine’by Tonathan 2am 21. 

34 In this cite Beth Iehem little Mics. a 

cheilt $glone oftfrtell &licht off Gennillswasborn 

1 unplonearied the gatesshitherwas caried Sintlelfe 

(36. This citne Dauad refkucd from the Philiftines. 1.Sam .23. 

\37-Dau tea Sanlewandreth thiswildernes..Sama: 

8. Hecre Indah fubdueth the Hebronites. Juso.1 

39: HeereAG oucrcameZerah King of Ethiopia Chron. 14, 

goDinid ecapingSaviccalleti this plicetockof diuifion.s.Sam.277, 

4 InthismovntMoband Amon encamped flew eadhother.2G20 

rewilemen of thecalt following theftame Chrilt. Atat.2 7 
43 The place wher Agar laied Iimaell expelled. Gen. 21. 
$4.1 dus place Samplon £thelaweboncof a Alle New a 
thowlin: Philigtinesand out pfthefamersccucd 
water to. quench his chirft ..7ude .15'- 

hamwas broughtby Babkkiyg of 

heVirallites . Noni .25. 

Moab toc 

Gad [46 Where Iacoh wreitled with the angell.Gen 42. 

\47 Where the heard of Swine perlhel Mat 8 . 
Laban enired! covenant.Gen. 32. 
¢ kg of Bathm.Deut.5. 

his heave. 2.Sama8 



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Rtokolon ek 



Se “Lane. i fetes Tike Tar Long. 
: Tribe Lar. Long. | aay <2 | DeluGura, Cee R aamtos; time i 
aarat ‘9 3168 .60.| 2eluGum, Ge R aamfos; Shittim,%ee Abel Shittim - 
Tacobs Vente Tudal 3x. 40.55, 50 | Maarah,Tofoua r5. 5. ud. 31. 40-65.60.| 7 coe Gad su. g0r67u4e | Schocors CoronNCys Tudeh. $ 
Peor-mount, Numb,23.384 Moab,31-40.67,10 | Shophan, {ec Ataroth, 

Myabez,tudg.2-55 Amal 31. 30. 64-30 | Machmas,1.Mac.9.7 3. Reub. 31.40.66 45 
Perizi, udges 1.4., "§. 60 | Shual,R. Benia.3 1.50. 65.60 

Tagur, fofhvah 54k Wah 3720.65.30 | Madmen,Ier 48 f Moab 30. 60.67.10 
Pee reas Reb. 314606720 ae asada a8 3” | Pharbews, Epypt 30.30:62.60 | ct snemm, $ LOLE9.18. 1228.49 rts 32, 40.66.49 
2 50.67.50 | Nahanni, 3 Genelis 33.3. 5 )Pharbret,Mom, Leypt 30.30.6250 | 92 a,Kin.g- 13, - 

Ynbe Las, Long. 

Baiseshiayias 4-10-48 34: x Mace 
Tair hie Sepulcher, Lucg-t0.5" Makhelob Si 0.6510 | P ner,2,Kings §,23, Arabia 3240.69.20 1er.48.32-1616.8. 
eee 29-Bphr.3310.66.40 MMakhelob Num.33 25. 22 -St230.20.6510 | st Kings $235 Kab1A 32450-69.20) siyenah 
Tapobath Folte GMB Seg 20.65.00 MakKedai ell, s0.10. Tad. 1.60-65.60 | Paica Reg, 33.40.6840] 9 Suis Rew31, 0.67.30 
hOn +2 9° ¥ y 6, f ic hibsfheth, 2p, y 32.35 
Taphiajrothuast9.12. Zebu. Baars uti a $Gena3as. Judah 31.3055.30) pubatus, ¢ =2eK30-27- Egypt 20.40.63:20 | Sibraimstzeksg7.46« Afhma.32-30.69-20 
aeChron.2.16 - “ 2 . 40 | Philadelpia,tce Rabbath Sin, fee Raamics. 
é 10.65.40. Maon, Tofh. $am 25.2. ud. 31.20 65. 40 | Philadelpia,tce Rabbah, i ules. 
£2ph09} Topmnaeionay 3. a RE aS eee 2. 23.24» lud. 34.20 65 40 | Pichahiroch, Num 33.7, 4.Stat.62.60.29. 40 | Sin wildernefie,Num.33 12+ 8.Stati29. 60.64.30 
Toppa. hAsito.5. Iudah 31. 4.65 40) Macah,Num.33. 5.Sta, 29.40.63,60 | Pirathon, ludg.13.5. Ephia.31.60.c6,50 | Sinai mount, Num33.15« 12.Stat.30.20.6445 
Peete sch Maralaby Iofharg.1 1. Zebil 32.60.96 50. irgsee aldo, Sinke\Gen. 10.7. Tudeh} 
AS OONUE LS on ! Puyoh to] Socoh,tofh.15.48. 

x hh 31 30.65.20 Toth. 35. P> axchRes \ 3 udah 31.40.65 40 
atti 48.1.Sam-3027- Tadah 31 30.65. Marcthath, 22, Chr.1q. Tudah 3 1,20.65.10 Nebo moans ¢DE™ 34% Rexb.310$0.67:50) shochoh,s,Saon17.1- Iu 2 4 Be 
Bane Gad 31,20.67:20 , fuchacrt 5. | Pithoro,Exod.1.61. Sirbons lake, Amal.31, 10.64.10 
Taazers fay a a Mafhal, tee Mifhiacl. Loans {fai.3004. Gen,14.7. 
poleseatokay 13 175 * © Macint39-36.66.30 2 ah, Jofephus. Tndah 31.30.6620! Tanis,ludeth xo, Bpype 31.20.6250 | codom, ) Dewts 29-23- Cp esd sea 31.40.66. 30 

pa Malisb, Exodus 17.7. ‘Amal. 30.20164.40 | Zin,Ezck.30.50. » S Bze.16.4y. 
GatherimmonsTOl2t25 9 > bul.g7f0:66.60 Mathdrea, Hoype 3020.92.30) Poflidian, Beypt 29.60163.40 Math,r0.15. 3 
Besa NGt oes: 5 Matcanah, Midi.3t. 50. 67.50. Prolomeusriners Egypt Sorck fs.sidg.1 Tadah | 
Fe Dan 3160-6540 Meatabrriuer,t thr ‘Anes Prolomais: fee Accho, | Saccoth,Numb.3 3.5. 2,Stat.30.10.63,30 | 
ee teereron ; Tolhet3 a PanoasNumb.33.42» B6S:25040.66.50| socceih, $ 16PLSTOLIS.27 2 Gad 33.30.5749 
rahhmeel, any : Numi. » » 60.33.07 3 
Terico, pene Me Benia,31.€0.6640 Measba< soheys s Reub. | Raamfes, Exod,1.11, Sur,[udech,2,28 : 
eC Lukito.3- | S Sin, Ezek. 30.15. Eeypt , Sandalium. 
The warers OF 2 toha 16,1, Benit. 31.60.6649 The plane of 2 

Abher 23.20.67,10 
Pelofium, Sychar,fee Shechem. 

Gad 32:20.68.10 

BA pln SEEN S.— Benia 31.60/65. 40 ~Iolhy Philadel- 2 2.Samii eee 
ak feritho. > A pee dans. . | phiae Ezek. 25.5. ‘aanach.Iof12.27.Judg.5.39, 
+} ecutalem, Lomb. 18.28 Mak22. 2 pydch Megiddo,, annem 20.6630) Fests Sepulshiers Osea sae! Benia. | — Anetss.Chr. 6.70. Pe 
pLeboses ma qudah 21.29,06.10 | Zachiadn | Rakkath,Tofhua, 19, 3 Taanah fhitoh. toth.16,6. ~ Ephr.32,10. 66.40 
‘ TemshaCn 7? < ie | Meiarkon, foil Dan31-50.65.40| Kartan, Jofh, 21,3 Naph. 3s Amal., 
ena. ‘Pan 31 0.63.40 MendeGiz:Nambe Ryyptsnoocage|  Kidarhsim.i.Ch.éy | Tabos tee s Tabor, 
Se a ceNG. so, | Mende! Dt 3 5.10,52.40 'Rakkon, [oth.19.46. Dan. 31.60.65 40, Tabor plaine,, 25. 
F Rrae, RISE OTE Tadah 3120.65.50.) 1° Toffis3-8. 2 Be : ve 19. 36+ 2 2 Caldary Mount) 3. 2 Benis.31. 50.65.60 
ci 12s is 

Tericho. Medeba, Zioth.s3.9. Reud31n606740 Rabbah or CIcth.i3 2 Syrophenicia, Mark.7.26.  Pheoni. 
5 a 


. an | Mephaath, Reub. | % | Tabs or oon 
[atcel Walley.10ag.6.35. Racer el e y Be a s 7 | Raniach, Hee 9 7 oars Sih rane eae Naph, 32. 50.67.20 
Ti 290 . Meribah : 2 1301 SO.65.. - 3 | Tan Seles 

ere soacheid: ge AMlicr 33. 20.67.30 | ST"? 2 et Edom.30,50.65-10\) C marth, 2+ 18. |Tamarsezekq7ig. 5 

Se ngs Tolrpiige Zebu.331067. 20 | MeromuacesssToth. _ Naphr, 32.50.  Ramah,Toth.19.36. Napth,  Tadmor,1,King.9.18. 2,Ch, 8g. Arab. 33. 20.69.20 
bee thal ae valley, Judah 31, 50.65.20 | Michmethah, iofh,16.6, Ephr.33. 30.65.60" Ramah, lofh.19.29,38 Ather 33. 30.67.20 Tahath,Num.23.26. 23.S62.30.10,65,10 
Tiphra, loth, a : | Midian, Exodus 3.1. Amal.30.20.63,60 | Kamathaim-Zophim, 1.Sam,1.1. bphr.32, 10.65.60. Tanis: {cc Piulhom. 

Jogbeloh, $ pUMOHET g Gad 32-39. 67-59 stonne, Stettas 3 Qu he [Ramahlebinladgnsiy Sime. 3840520 | Tapuab lth a539 radatea i678 
8 ee tt™ *  radah 3 1-40.66.10} Midianites, 2 Numbers 23, 47. Sarab.3150.68,10 | fes, SOAP Tappuah, loth.x6.8. 5 
Peabo. fro segecso| yO 8ar Sete ae FE AIe CBeypes, Staz0.1063:6 re taoeaaothg. Rphr. 32.20. #20] 

the: > Te tate Zebu. 3 2.60:66.50| Midden, Jofliuars. 63. ; outh 2, ‘atahyNus.33.27- ng Sean OEERE 
ee Naph at 0:67.20 | Modin, 1.Macca.2.s 3 Tada t- 40.0673 0--Rarioth, 5.0 baalath: Beets Taralah,Joth.18, Benia: jusneo16| 

Foley ies ichenaes 7G.  Byhta3z. 10.66.30 Migdalgad,toth.15.37. Judah 31. 30.6610 | Kamoth,tec Remoth, Tehaphnches.Ezc,30.18. 

Actas Se wicher.Iudg2,9+ Ephra.32- 10.66.20 | Migdal-eder,Gen.35.21, Judah 31.40.65 50, Ramoth-Gilead. Lofh.31:28. 2 24 35: 20.69.c0! Achaphanes, rer.2.36. 

aha ess 4o.Stat.10, 40.65.30 | Migdal-cl,roth. 19.38. Napht.3.40.67 20 * Ramath-Mizpeh, lofh.3 1, 26, 3% 20-07-59) ‘Tabphannes,Ler.43.7« Egypt 30.60.63. 40 


Nepht.321 30.67 £0/ )-. Exodi14.2, 2 i phan, fee Chinn, Daphnx Pelufia,Hered,2. 
Benia.g1.60,6¢,101 Migdol , ioe: g Egypt 29-40,62:59 | Rehob,foth.19.30,, Ather, Telem, 24. 
Judsh , Migron,1.Sam.14, Bep, 33. 10.65.30] aeuab n Rss ae: ma | Tslaim,r.Sam. 15,24. 
dah 31,30,65.60; Miiheal,tofh.19. se 4 ob Regs lud.38,28. Pheon,3 340,683.40) bekyg § 1. Cb.2.24.Am,1, 1, | 
’ Babe raies eee \Nfalhals 1. Chee, Ather32. 60.66.60 chobrome em 3. : ae 3.Sam,14.2. $ indah 31.30.66,40] 
; 19. Iudah 31-10.63920 ) Mifperh of Moab, Nt Rehob,Ioth, 9. 28, 30, Ather 32. 20, 67-3] Tekoa wilderneffe, 2.Ch.20.20.]udah 31. 30. 66.50 | 
eas [ytaila, “gtSam.azg Moab 31. 406729 Rekem, loth. 18.27. Benia31.60.66.10| The Coantiey of rege none 
WV xadeth.or Zin. 32.8t2.30.52.64,60 | Mithcah,Num 33.38 25, Sta.a9.60.65.20 | Remmon,Jofh.19.13..2 Aone 65 | emits tens -7 Edom | 
Peaigi{othe13957> Indah 3350.55.10 | Ftofhuah 18, 26 | Neab, 5 APE 3*-49-67-5 | Temam,ter.49-7.6ze,25.13, ; 
I Kain.vide ‘Gait, Mig,» 1. Samuel 7.5. SBen, 31. 60,65.60 | Remmon,toth.19.7. 2 az Theubaton,Hier, a 
] Esmon,vide Camon, Tudges 20, 1. { Rimmon, Zach,14, 10, Sim, 31.20, 6%. 5 | Viberias.Tohin 6.1, 
Kanah, Toth.19.28. 

Kinah dy.toth.x6.8.% 17.92 Bphta.32.20€6.10 
Karkaa, loth.t5 3- Judah 30.60.64 49 

] Karkor,Tudg.8.r0. Arabia 32.30.6830 
Karnaim. fee Aficaroth. 


Edom.30.50.65,10 | 
Egypt.30.g0.63.10 | 
Gencfis 31.49: En-Rimmon,Neh.11.29. § Gene- SLuke 5.1, . Zebul, 32. 20.86160 | 

Mizpah,o lof15.3.& 13.26. 6 Maex32.60 68.20 | Rémeth, loth, 19. a1 Garet, 2 Jofep. Ant.g.28. § 
{udgest x3, Tarmush, lof. 15. 3 Tifach.32.40.66,10 | Tibath, lee Betab, | 

Ather 33.32 67-39 

Galeed,Genefis 31 47. Ramoth, 1.Chr. 6.73, Timnah,Toth.15.57.Tude, { 
MizpetsTothuah 15-38 | __ Tadah 3130.65.40 | Rempham,ce Chin a, Hiooa feabiebuioge. g ce Soe 8 
“och .cabore Me ine 5 NUM.22.7.8 ephaim valley, 2.Sam.23.33- Judah 31. 40.65.60) Timnzb_hi Na ; PAF.3 4.20, 66.20 | 

g Be ratice cos: saber M ie ee Z Rewb3x. 50.66.50] REudNUR ATO. Tse sane Tihbi ingen a Ma.exg2.40 ‘eal 
Hicnesfoth 19.45. 2 Hepa g2 50.66.50 | Modin,fee Middin. ; Riblab, Num. Max. 32, 50.67:30| Tobstud.ts3, Arab. 32, soi6igc.| 
Kiron, Iudg 1.30.5 Tae Simeon | 2 24K,33.33.% 25.66,Arab.33.40.64-30] 7H 1-Chr.4.32, Sime. | 

x so | Monahath, 1.Chr.3.¢, Bi | Apame, 
| Fhe Countey i MEY» 20,65-3 eae Ns 31850. 6 5+ 50} pee 
Meise pbmabtze.s. Edomst9-2085'3°) Morathch, Mich.t.1. Dan 31.40.65 30 Rimmon,(ceRemmon. TY Nararisan A 2g, SAUCE 33:20: 675 

pees RO usin Pi Tdess gut: _lifach 32.30.6.go | Rimmon Parez, Num,33.19,  16,8t8.30, 50.64.60 v | 
| Kedemorh, § Deut.2.:6. Reub.gnso- 67.40 | Moferoth,Nam- 33.39, 27.Stztion 29.50.6 
 wildernette, ¢ loth.13.28. ve Moxab, I. th.i8 
‘Kedeth Iofb 15.23. Judah 
; 1.50378 2057- a y 
iedeta,$ OP 37KI°7- 2 Nazhe33.10.87-49 
| Kehelathah,Num.3 3,22- 19.812, 30.30165.10 1-Sam.23,r- Indah, 31.40.6540 
Kenites,Indges 1.6. Bust 31 19 ee 39 
“FP erioth,rofts5.25- ard al 31.30,65-3) 
| Ketioth,Ter.58.24.Amos,2.2 Moats geese 
Kirioth,foth.15.75. 3 Judah3 1.10 65.20 
Seren tat SSE Bena, 31.60,66.50 
P iibroch-Hetaawahs 2 xm,, 
or Sea, g NOM TTSA S13 O13 NF an 
Kikeaim, Toth 221 
Riera: Neballag,Nehe.t.34. 
2.3m. sae quidah 31.40. 56.20. ce more Sec Pilgah Nebo . 
° 5 Namaz. 38: alk 
Judah 31. 5.65 15+ Ge) He 49 Reub. 31.50.¢7.10 | Sea 
| Kiogs-dale,2.Sam.13.8. Cris 2. ise, * [Eset 
iF em cens 5 3 Iydah 3. 40.66.10 | Neicl,tof Alher34.6067,10| Icatim, Mou.ofr§.10,  Inda.31.40465.40 | Zaphon, Tok 
Pircccenccmmoss: Nowe inesLoh, 15. 9.Tadsh 31, 40. 65.50), Chefalon F | Zared river, 
| Kirharclech,feekirmosb, cis, Numb, Bgvor 30. 60.62.59 | Seitath, Inde. 3.26. Ephr. 32. 30.65.20 | Zarepharh 3.Kings 1 
Kiri2h-Arba,e¢ Hebr 1S Tudah 31.60. 65.30 | Sela, sixtieetain Pee 
+ | Kiriah-Sepher,{ee Debir. Tudah 3140.68.20) Joktheel, s 7 - $0.65. | Zane 
{se | 

2.Sam.5.11. 1K. 5.1, 

Rifah, Num.33.23. 18,$ta.} Vromath,Tofh.19. 3 
RIO. | ee? i 40.65.10} Vromath,fofh.19.30, 
Beni. 31, 60.66.49 | Rithinah,Nurm.33.18. 15.8t2, aS 
| Rock of diuifion, 1.Sam.23. 28. Indah 32. 30.65 40| Wilderneffe ofEdom, 
Naamah,Toth. 15.41. Inda 3120.65.60 | Rogelimsa.Sam.17.17,& 19 31. Ma.ex. | Wilderneffe of Shur, Anial.30. 40. 6, 
Naarath, Tofh.16.7. ht.3 1660, 66.40 s Wildemeffe of Sina, ‘Amil.go340; fie! 
Nabotls vineyare.r-Kings 21-1. Mitts | Salchahy BC aren st, : Ma.ex.32.40,67.60 | Wilderneffe of Kadeth, or Zin, Amel se 30.85. 
Nahall 19.15 { 1fa.7.96Toh 4.4. Wilderneffe ofMoab,Deur.s.8. Moab. csc, | 
Nabalals 2 Tadgeriss & Zebo-32+50.66.60 Samati, 3 ONES Rehr, Wikenae Venere ee Bee Co 
Naaliel,Vambeis ai.t9, ~ Midian 31.50.67. so | Sam(ons fepulcher, ludg.16. 31. Dan31. 50.65.30] Wilderneffe of Tury Todeitaé Aniiee oe | 
Nain,Luke7.11. Zebuu,3 2.50, 61.29 | Samvels epulcher, Eph. 33.20. 66.63 | Wildemeffe of Parse Oe aS: 10.64.30 
Naioth, 1.$am,15.18, . Ephra32.10. 65.60 | Sanfanah-Tofhyr 5.31. Tudah 3| Wilderneffe of Bethfaida, Lu, 
Nazareth, Mat, 20.23 Zebul. 30. 56.67.10 | Satid,Tolh. 19.10. Iffach. | Wilderneffe,ér. 
Neah,‘ce Riminon, |S: ¢ Mount, Num,33. 23, 20,St2,30, 30.64.60 | Wildernefic of Ben, $.15.23. Ben, 
Neapolis{ee shechem, | Satid,Iofh.x9,20, Iilac. 32-40. 66.50 | Wildernefle Ziph,r.$2.23.14., Tudeh 
Nebziotb, fai. co. ‘Amal. 29. 40.64.50 | Seon, Ads 9.35. Ephr. 32.20. 65.60 Tie ia ira ok are 
the Countrey of | sauls fepnlcher. Gad 32. 13. 67. 15 | Zaannanim,loth.19,23,. 

Nebasttion ance 

Athet | 

Edom, | 

30. 65.20 | 

Armal.3 1.40,.64,50 | 

Eplir.33. 10. 66.40 | 
PP Amal. 27.30.64-56 | Seaof Galilee, Luk.$.32. Zebul.33.30. 66.60 | Zaanaim plaine,ludg. 4.1 eee 
u 4-17. 139,675.60 

Benia.| Red 2x, ¢ cs Zalmon mount,Iudp.p.48, seca: 4 
ae 3 im 33. 10. Bgypt | 7 1m0n 29-4) Bits 0.86.30 

Por Sodom Lake, Edoti 31.20. 66.20 

Kiriach-Sanaath,(ce Debi, numirah | Seleucia, fofeph Antig. Ma.ex.33. 50.67.4 | Zecesath. Tudg 
Riad € Gen.14 5. 2 . Gad 32.10. 67.40 | Sephoris. Agher 33. 13.97. Gen 
|| Kiriathaim, 3 Toth. r3a19. -Reaben.3 1. 0.67.30 | fs 9 | Seraphiurn. Bg 4.0. Zeboim, < Devr.zg. 93. & Dead Seagn. 10.66.40 
4, ae oy Hoftir. 2 Eee 
Kiriathsim,fee Rackath. . : Serhorices,Numb, <3 Nehe11.33. Ren, 31.50.66, 10, | Sethoris. 
Kiriath-fesrim, 1. Sam 6.22 Q | Nobab, ee ; Shaalabbin,toth.t9 42. 

KitiathBaal, fofh. 15.60. © rwlah36. 50.65.49 | Ma.ex.' ot sabi Tudg.t.3 Dan 32. 10.65. 50 Aer 33.30.67.*0 

Baslah toftiua 15.9. | Keoarh ‘ M2. Ur.Kin. 49. 
Kiriadh-huzoth,Numb.22.39. Moab. | Noohah,Numb. Reub. _ Shahazimach.Tofh, 19.23, Iffich 32.30.66. 50 7 im, Fenia. 32. 10.66.20 | 

«| Kirmoab,rfay 15.1. | Neopojices, Ni Egypt 30.60.63, Te Iffach. 32.20.6640. 7 
mhaccte Ui 16.7. Moab, 31.10, 67. 10, a Rae ory b e 1 30.65.40 : 
PAitharaleth, 2-Kings 3.25. ORs > Ms UM-3 3 3.7-St4.30.50,67. 30, im, 1.Sarn.9. 7 ra : 
RGR: : Iffach 32 30.46 30, Oliver.mount,Aa Benia. | S alifha land, r.Sam. 9.4, Bentashiee cous Lererah.ite Ps Tudah 
Kjlhon Ast} 5.01. Tac. 32. so.és.50\ C4 : | Shatwhen,Toth,i9.6 Percihilkaha arenes 
Kithlith,tofh.«5 40« Iudah 31.5065 goer ae 33° Benia3 1. 60.66,20 | Shaarim,1 Sam.17.52. ae Ziddimeer. Toth.rgne . 

| Nohe. 11,35+ Chr. 5.16, . 
Lachifh. roth c§.39° udah31.30.6%10 Onuphis, Egypt Sharon; & 27.29. é 26%. THe 
Lachifh,toth.10 5. Tudah 34. 44.65.40 Onup! Egypt € Sfai.23.9. 2 
Laith,ecLethem. 5 x S24, i 

banonTudges 21.194 Ephra.32. 10.67.30. Tofhy,18,-23- 2 2. eae _ e EA aa 

eg etbat ar. Y a a8 Ophra, + rud.3.27. Q Benia, 31.50.6560} _Tefhua,Neh.t1.26. 3 Sime, 31.40.65.a0 tee PL amANG: Sime.3 1.30.65,.10 
Laith, ludges 13.27,79+ Naph. 33. 10167.36 5.$2/13.17- S . Shebam, fee Sibmah. B 
Cofarea Philigpi, sa. 13.16S Oplira,tudges 6. 11. Maiin3340.4630| Shecherttothar.a. 2 
Tibanns. Pheon.33-20,68.40 ORracina, 2 pricrom, Tudah 31.30.¢4.30 | SYSba70.4-5, 

“| Yibnsh.fofli.10.29.2.King,2,22.1udah 31.60 65.60 Affedech, 5 Saas Neapolis,AQst6.11. 
Libnah Num.3 3.20. 17,582.30 40164. 60 | P Shepham,Num.34. 10. : J on.mount, i g: 3 
Lod,Nehe.11,35« Lonis. 31. 5046¢.10 Paleltina,fce Cafarea Rraton, Shipmoth,1-Sam.30.28. Ma.ex. 33.5. 67.60 Ziontoth.x5.¢ 48.2.5 
Todebara $ain.9.5:817.27. -M2.¢%.33.5063.¢0| Paludes, Egypt ‘ Dan 31. 60, 65.40. Ziz v0.16. 
Lahivh r@b-rs,s,1er.58. 5. Moab, 31.20, 67.10 | Panephishis, Egypt 31.10.62-50 | oy 2 Ponce 
LvzJofh.19.51.146g.126, Ben, 33. 10.66, 20 | Panephilis, Egypt 3060.61.60 * 2 1.Chriz.s. Tudah 31,10, 64.30 oa teeBelees 

‘ sce Bela, 
Lyeus fu. Pheon, 33.40.68, 10 | Paral Cis 


Tudah 31.30. 2.20 

40.65.10 Reub,32. 19, 67.20 


| 3. 30.67.30 
phni, Benia31.60.66.10 | Shaueth ifee Kingsd, | 

Ephr. 32. 10.66.30 

atone Iutdah 36, 40.66.10, | 

Tudah 31, 50, 56.20 
Judah 31. 10,66, 26 

A La doib.6337 Benia 32-10,6¢,10 -libnah, (ee Belus, S§ z-Sarmvel 14.49, 2 

i, Pies Ehea’ 33:2%665.50 | paran'afhlersemte, aR nS Hs Sas 918 ia 5, Bluda.31.40 6.10, ZobA5 2.Samuel 83. Arkb.32,30, 68.40 
ba aos 7 M Patheufiip, Gen, 10. 14. Siloh, Tudg-21-19.T0th.18.1,. Ephra.32.10.64 Nae e 5 
Pisin S0eR te 2 senecdraclon ginseng FEM sosecssn|simnhinsy. ERAN ese zat hams.  Maibgnera 
SP iidalchaccabbiso. roth.25,3. Rae Tas i0)| Feua Hieron Gad 32.30,68.15 } Shiphmoth, {ec Shephamte bid ana0s6 55: | o ie ween meee: eS 

; see i : ote FINS. 

[Thecreation Chap,. of the world. | 


CoE Ak. ie 

1 Th®creation of Heauenand Earth, 3 ofthe 
light, 6 ofthe firmament, 9 ofthe earth fe- 
parated fromthe waters, 11 and made fruit- 
full, 14 ofthe Sunne,, Moone, and Starres, 
20 offifhandfowle; 24 ofbeatts and cat- 
tell, 26 of Man in the Image of God. 29 Al- 
{o the appointment of food. 

P MM hebeginnng 
z GOD created the 

Heauen, and the}. 

2 And the 
Wr earth Was with: 
7. out forme , and 
boyd; and darke- 
2 eS nefle was Dpon 
the face of the deepe :.and the Spirit 
of God mooued dpon the face of the 
Waters, : 
3 And Goolaid,* Let there be tight: 
andere was tight, 
4. And Godfar thelight, thatirwas 
GOOD+ And God divided the light from 


5 And God called the ight, Day, 

. |and the darknefle he called Might: and 

the euening and the nogning werethe 
firit day, 
6 CL And God tan ,* et herebea 

_| firmament in the nudtt of the waters: 

{| Hebr. Ex. 


and let i Diutde the waters from the 

7 Mad God made the firmament; 
MND Diuded the Waters, Which were ne 
dev the firmament, from the waters, 
Which were abouc tie firmament: and it 

3 And God called the *firmament, 
Heauen : and the evening and themoz 
ning werethelecond dap. 

9 CAnd Goolatd, Let the waters |-Pa33 
buderthebeaucn be gathered together 22175 
bnito one plate, andiet the dey land ap- 
peares and it was fo, 

lo Ad God called the dete tana, 

Carth , and the gathering together of; 
the waters called hee, Seas: and God 
far that it was good. 

1 And Goolad, Let the Earth bring 

foorthy ‘ratte, the herbe peelditg feed, | 2724.22. 

and the frutt tree, peeling fruitatter his| «22. 
hinde, whole feed is tn it Lelfe, Dpon the 

12 And the carth brought foorth 
gaffe, and herbe peelding feed after his 
kinde,and the tree peelding fruit, hole 
feed was tn tt felfe, after his kinde : and 
God la at it was good, 

3 Aud theeuening and themowming 
Werethe Hird day. . 

14. CAnd Godlaid, Let there dee |-deug.25 
“Lights inthe firmantent of the heauen, | p136.7. 

to Dinide * the day from the nigh: and) + rose. 

treene the | 

let thent be fo2 fignes and foe feafons, erie 
and fo2 dapes and peeres. twveent the. 

15 And let then be fo2 lights tn the | e.. 
firinament of tie heauen , to gue light 
bpottheearth: anditwasto, 

16 And God made tibo areattiqhts : 
the qveater light * to rule the day, and eae 
thciefler light to rule the night: he made eee 
the acres aifo, 

V7 And God let thenr in the firma 
nent of the heauet, to gine khabtbpon 

13 And to * rule ae the Day 5 and 

“Tere3 2.3 5 




duce tie night, and to diuide thelight 
fromtiedarkeneile :and Goolaw that 
itwas GOOD, 

io Andtheeneningandthe moening 
Were the fourth day. 

20 2nd Godfaid, *Het the waters 
hungfoorth aboundantly the moumng 
creature that Hath * fe, and foule thar 
| map flte aboue the earth in the’ open 
firmament of Heauen. 

21 Alid God created great Whaies, 
and eueryp lung creature that monet}, 
Wihihthe watersheought fochaboun- 
dantly alter their hinde, and eucry Wie 
gedfoutle after his kinde: and Godfay 
{Hat icwas good, 

22 And Godbietleo them faping,“wWe 
fruitiiil, and nuitipiy, and fll the Wa- 
fersin the Scag, and iet foute multiply 
inthe earth, 

23 And the evening and He nioenitig 

24. CAndGodlaid, Lettheearth 
bring forth tiie lining creature after his 
Kinde, cattell, and creeping thing, and 
bealtof the earth after his hinde ; aud tt 

25 2tid God made he bealt of the 
earth after his kinde, and cattell after 
their hinde, and every thing that cree: 
peth bpon the earth, after his kinde: 
and God far that it was good, 

26 GQ And Godiaid, “Let bs make 
Manin our Priage after ouritkenele: 
and iet then haue dominion ouer the 
fith of the fea, and ouer the foule of the 
ative, and oner Mecattell, and ouer all 
the earth andoucr every creeping thing 
that creepeth bpon the earth, 

2/7 D0 GoD cweated manin hig orne 

mage, i he Pniage of God created 

* 4.Eldr. 6. 

17.and 9.1. 

I.corin. tI, 

*March.rg | Hee Hunt; * male and female created hee 
4 wifd.2. thent. 
ae 23 Afrid God bielled them, and God 

fain bnito them, *25¢e fruitful, and nul 
tiply and replenith the carth, andfub- 
DUCE, and Hauc dominion ouer the fh 
ofthc ica, and ouer the foule oftheatre, 
aubouer euccy tig Ming hat tmoo- 
ued) boon the earth. 

29 @2ind Goo lad Behoto, WH haue 
gine pou enerp herbet bearing feede, 
Which isbpon the face of all the earth, 
MD euery tree, in he Which is the fruit 
ofaivec peeling feed, *to you i fhallbe 
fo ieat: 

30 ind to every bealt of the earth, 
andts euery fouleofthe aire,and to cue: 
ry thing that creepeth bponthe earth, 


Wherein there is life, Ihave giuen eueryp es 

greencherbe for meat: anditwasio, 

31 And * God fat every thing that 
hee had made : and behold, i was erp 
good, Aud the enening and the moz- 
nittg Where the firth day, 


t Thefirft Sabbath. 4 The maner ofthe crea- 
tion. 8 Theplanting ofthe garden of Eden, 
to and the riuerthereof. 317 Thetree of 
knowledge onely forbidden, 19. 20 The 
naming ofthe creatures, 21 The making of, 
woman, and inftitution of Maria ge. 

=v Hus the heauens and the 
ves earthy Were finithed , and 
x} all hebhotte ofthem. 
(PS\ (oy, 2 “Andon theleuenth 
Scare Day Godended his worke, 
Which heehadenane : Andheretted on 
the feuenth day from all His wozke, 
Which hehad made. 

3 And God blefled the feuenth pay, 
and fanctified tt: becaule that mithe had 
reftedfcom all bis Yorke, which God 
* created and made, + Heb, erea- 

A © Lhele are the qenevations of the| 4" 
heauens,¢ ofthe earth, when they were 
treated ; it the day that the L D 
Gon made the earth, andthe heauens, 

5 Andeuery plant ofthe field before 
if Was in the earth and euery herbeok 
the field, before tt verb: forthe LDR 
Godhadnot cauledit to raine dpon the 
earth, and there was not a man to tit 
the ground, 

6 |25ut there Went bp a mitt from Lae 
a eu eee the Whole face of vom oe. 


7 Andthe LORD God formed 
man™ of dhedultof the ground, € beeas| tee dut of 

then into his nofteils the beeath of life, |" 7" 

* Ecclus.39 

*Exod. 20. 
t1.and 31. 
17. deut,5. 


and* man became alining foute, 2 peent 

3 CAndtheL OR D Godplantep|*2-Corm. 
agarden Caftward in Coen; andtheve| 4 
heputrheman whonihe bad formed. 

9 Aind out of the ground mane we 
LOR D Godto grow every tree that 
is pleafant to the fight, and good fo2 

food: the treenf life allo in the mint of 
the garden, and the tree of knowledge 
of good and cutil, 
Io And a viner went out of Cnento 
Water the garden , and front thence tt 
ae > and became wmto. foure 
1 Abe name of the fivik is*4ifor ¢)*Bectus.24. 
that is it which compatleth the whoie|** 
landofhautiah, where there is gop, 



Mariage inf{tituted. 
1, Andthegoldofthattand is good: 
There is Bdellium and the Ontz ftone. 
B Andthename of the fecond river 
is Gihon : thelarie is tethat compatleth 

thewbolelandof erhiopia, 

14, And the name of the thirdriner 
is Hiddckel 3 That is ic WHich gocth || to- 
| Warn theEatt of Alpriaiand the fourth 
rineris Euphrates. 

15 And HheLORD Godtooke the 
Mat, and put han into the garden of E- 
Det, fo decile tf, and to keepe it. 

16 AndtheLDRD Godcomntar- 
Ded the man faping, Ofeuery tree ofthe 
garden thou mapett freely cate. 

17 2But ofthetrecofthe knowilenge 
of goodand cull, thou thaltnot cate of 
itsfo2 inthe dap that thou catett there: 
- (of thouthalt* luvely die. 

1S (And the LDRD God faid, 
Ht isnot good that the man Mhould be a 
lone. H wWillmake him *an helpe meet 

19 Andontofpgroundthe LORD 
Godfownedeuery beattof the field, and 
euery foule oftije aire, and beought them 
Drto | Adant, to fee what he wouldcall 
them: and whatloeuer Adam called 
euerp lining creature, that was Hhename 

20 And Adam * gaue names to all 
tattel and to thefouie ofthe aive,and to 
cuery bealtof the fielde : but for Adam 
there was not found an 

au And the LORD God caulera 
Deepefleepe to fall bpon Adam, andhee 
flept; and}he fookcone of his ribs ,and 
tlolen bp the fleth in ftead thereof. 
22 Audtheribibich the LOR D 
Hebréuil-| GOD Yad taken frommian,* made heea 
Woman, ¢ brought her bnto the man. 
23 And Adam laid, his ts now 
boneof my bones and fletlh of my fieth: 
the thalbe called Woman, becaule Thee 
. Was *takeroutof man. 
24. * Therefore hall a manteaue his 
” | father and his mother, and (hall ceaue 
corn, | DUO HIS Wife: and thep Mhalbe one fieth. 
"| 25 And thep Were both naked, the 
man € his wife, and Were notathamed. 

1 Theferpent deceiuethEue. 6 Mansfhame- 
fullfall. 9 Godarraigneththem. 14 The 
ferpentis curfed, 15 The promifed Seed. 
16 The punifhment of Mankind, 21 Their 
firtt clothing, 22 Their cafting out of 

4 Div thieferpent Was tine 
fubtill then any beatt of the 
» ficld, Which the L DAR D 
ZA God had niade, and helsin 
ebuto the Woman, * Bea, 

treenfthe gardenz 
2 Alnd the woman {aid bite the fer 
pert, Weemay cate of thefeuite of the 
trees of thegarden: 
3 *wMutot thefruitof the tree, which 
istnthemibdtt of the garden, God hath 
{ald; Be Thainot cate ofit neither (hail pe 
touch it,left ye dic, 
4 And the Serpent fan onto the 
Woman, Pe (haiinot*furety dic, 
5 For Goddoeth know, that inthe 
Dap pe cate thereof, then your eyes thal: 
bee opened : and pee {hall bee as Gods, 
knowing good and eutil, 
6 And When the Woman faw,that 
the tree wasgood fo2 food, and thatit was 

fruit thereof, *and did cate, and gaucal: 
fo buto her hulband with her , and hee 
DID cate. 

7 Andthe epes of them both were 
opened, € hep knew that they werena 
ked, and they fered figae leaues toge- 
ther,and made themfelues ||apeons. 

3 And they heard the bopce of the]; 
LORD God watking in the garden 

his wife hid themielues from the pre- 
fenceof the LDRD God, amongtt 
thetrees ofthe garden. 

9 And the LORD God calted 
pe Aidant, andfatd bnto hin, vahere 
art {Yous 

Io Andhelaid, Fheard thy boicein 
the garde: and WD was afraid, becanie 
Jwas naked, and J hid my leife, 

I Andhelaid, nao tola thee; that 
thou wat nakenz Pattthou eaten of the 
tree, herent H conumandedthee, that 
thou thouloettnoteatez 

12 Andthe man fad, Lhe woman 
Whonrthougauett cobe with mee, thee 
gaueme of thetrec,and BJ did cate, 

B AndiheL ORD Godlaiddnto 
the oman, wahat is this ha thou hatt 
Done? Andthe homanla Lhe Der- 
pentbequiled nie,and YD cate. 

14. Andthe LDRD God fai bu: 
tothe Serpent, Weraulethouhattdone 
LhHis,thou art curkedaboue all cattel,and 
aboue enery bealt of the field: bpon thy 
belly halt thouge am Bui thait thou 

2 ckte, 


Hath Godiatn, He Hall not cat of euerp|éoare.on 

*pleafantto the eves, anda tree to bede-| + 12t. aac. 
firedto makeone wile, the tookeof the|*- 

tnthe * coole ofthe day : and Adam and | txebin2. 

cate,all thedayes of thy tite, 

15 And FH Will put enmitie betweene 
theeand the woman ,andbetweenc thy 
teedand her feed cit Thal beuile thy head, 
aad Chouthalt wuile his heele. 

I6 Unto the woman hela, Bill 
Greatly multiply thy forzorwe and thy 
conception. Prlozow thou halt being 
et Fond childeen: and thy defive thallbe||to 

thy hulband, and hee thall *rule over 
e. Yee, 

17 And duto Apamfelawds,wWeeaule 
thou hatthearkened buto the boyce of 
thy wife, and hatt eaten of the tree, of 
Which @ commanded thee, faping, 
Khon Matt not cate of it: curled is the 
ground fo2 thy fake: infoeow haltthou 
eatcotitallthedayes ofthy life. 

18 Hhories alfo and thitties thai tt 
*hoitig forth to thee: and thou that cate 
theherbentthe field. 

Io Yun the fweate of thy face Malt 
thou eate beead, tii thou returne duto 
the ground: foz out of tt Walt thou ta 
Kern, fordutt thowart.and bute aut Malt 

20 And Anam called his wines nanie 
*€ue, becaule The was the mother ofall 

21 Unto Apanrallo, and to his wife, 
Did the LD RD God make coatesof 
{kinnes.and doathen then. 

22 @ And the LDRD Gon fatd, 
wepold, the man ts become ag one of 
bS, fo bnow good Eculll, And now left 
Heeputfoorth his hand, andtakealfo of 
fhetrec oflifc,and cateand tine for ener: 

23 Lherefore the LORD God 
fent hit foorth front the garden of €- 
Der, fo fill He ground, from Whence he 
Yas taker. 

24. Sohenroue out the man and he 
placed at the Cat of the garden of &- 
den, Cherubims,and a flaming ford, 
Which turned euery Way, to keepe the 
Way of the tree of ute, 

GH A: PP... HIE. 

1 Thebirth, trade, and religion of Cain and A- 
bel. 8 The murder of Abel. 9 Thecurfe 
of Gain. 17 Enoch the firft citie, 19 La- 
mech and his two wites. 25 The birth of 
Seth, 26 and Enos. 

6 Hal MD Adanrvknew Cue his 

Wife , and Thee conceiued, 

Mand bare Cain and fatd, J 

NS haue gotten a man from 


} Heb. Cha- 

wera a Wt LL DR D. 
2 And the againe bare his brother 


Abel murthered. 

*Abel,and Abel was atkeeper of heey, |)!" 
but Cain was atileroftheground. © |} Aebafec. 

3 not mpeocelleoftime itrameto |. 
patte , that Cain beougbe of the fruite| ier 
e the ground , an offering bite the 

3K D. 

4 And Abel, be alfo brought of the 
firttlings of bis ‘flocke, and of the 
thereof: andthe LDR D hav*velpect 
Lith Abel and to his offering. 

5 Wut bnto Cain,and to his offring 
Hehan notrefpect: and Cain was very 
Weoth, andhiscountenancefell, 

6 Andthe LORD fadbnto Can, 
noby art thou weoths And why is thy 
countenance fallen? 

7 HE thou doe well, Hhaitthou not 
|| be accepted andifthou dock not Well, |lor,have 
finne lieth atthedooze : 2d || bute thee |” 
thallbe his defite, and thou thatt vule 0: | \\ or, psice 
uct hint i untothec. 

g And Cain talked With Abel his 
brother : and tt came to pafle * wher f 
thep Werein thefield, that Cainvolebp | oo ian 
again Abel his beother, and lew Hii, | 3-1. inde 

9 CAnd the LORD {aid dnto|'* 
Cain, vaherce is Abel thy beotherz And 
hee fad, BJ kno not: ini BY my beo- 
thers keeper 

Io Andhelaid, whathatmoudonez 
the boyce of thy beothers * blood experts | 1? 40% 
puto ne,fromtheground. 

TH Andnow ar thou cucled fromthe 
earth, which hath opencd her mouth to 
anne thy beothers blood from thy 


12 wher hou tillett the around, it 
Chali not heuceforth peeid bnto theeher 
ftrength : Al fugitine and & bagabona 

tHeb. fheep, 
or gontes. 



thalt thou bein the earth. 
B AndCanfadbnto he LORD, 
| By puntthment is greater, chen Hi cate | | or, ny 


14. Webhoin, thouhattoeuen me out |” 
this day fromthe face ofthe earth, and 
fronithy face thall J bebid,and FP that 
be & fugitine, anda bagabond in the 
earth: and tt hall come to paffe, thar 
every one that findeth me, hati flap nie, 

15 And the LDR D fad bnto him, 
Hherefore Wholoener flapeth Cain, 
bengeance fhalbe taken on bins fenen 
fold. And he LDMD fet amarke 
oD Cain, tetany finding him, outdo 

ul Hine. 

16 (And Cain Went ont from the 
peelencent the L DARD, anddweitin 
theiand of fod, onthe CaofCcoen. 

17 And Cairkunel his wite,and fhe 


The genealogic 

1 Heb. Cha~) coneeiued and bare t Enoch , and hee 


the City, after the name of his fonne, 

13 And dnto Cnoch was borne J 
rad 3 AND Prad begate Mehuiael ,and 
Mehuiael beqate Methulael ,and WDe- 
| thulael begate t Laniech, 

I9 (And Laniech tooke bnto him 
tivo Wities + the nanie ofthe one was 
[Dab,and thenanie oftheother ZMah, 

20 And Adah bare Pabal: he was 
thefather offuchas dwellintents, and 
ot fuch as haue c@ffeil, 

21 And his brothers name was Fu 
bal : bee Was the father of all {uch as 
handle the harpeand oegan, 

. | 22 And Zillah, the allo bare Lubar- 

"| Cain, ant infteucter of euery avtificer in 
weafle and tron: and thefitter of Lubat- 
Cain was Maamiah, 

.23 And Lamech fayd bnto his 
wits , Adah and Zillah , Heare mp 
bopee, yee wities of Lamech , hearken 
buto my fpeech : for J have Haine a 
Man fo My wounding, anda ponginan 
tomy iburt. 

24. HE Cain Hall bee anenged feuen 
Pp Dsceee Lamech {euenty and feuen 


25 CAnd Adan knew his wife a 
gaine,and thebare afonne, € called his 
namet Seth): Fo2 God, Gid the hath ap- 
pointed mee another {eed in ftead of 2 
beLibhom Cain flew, _ 

26 And to Seth, to him allo there 
Was bone a fonne , and he called his 

Chap.v. ofthe Patriarchs, 8c, 

Huilded a City, and called the namcof| 

had begotten Seth, were eight hun- 
Deed peeves: AND He begate founes ano 

5. And all the Dapes that Avant te 
ued, Were nine Hunded and thirne 
peeves andhedied. 

6 And Seth lined an bundzed and 
fiuepeeres and begatet Enos. 

7 Aud Seth lined, after he beaate 
Enos, cight hundzed and feuen peeres, 
and begate fonnes and daughters, 

8 And all the dayes of Seth, were 
ne Hundzed and thelue peeres,and he 

1 + 

9 CAnd Cnostiued ninetic yeeres, 
and begatet Catnan, 

Io And Cnosiiued after hee begate 
Cainan , eight Hunded and fifteene 
peeves, and begatefonnes ¢ daughters. 

I And all the dapes of Enos were 
ninehundzcd efiue peres ; and hedien. 

2 ( And Cainan imed fenentic 
peeves, and begate i MDahalatect, 

B And Cainantiuedatter he begate 
PDahalalect , eight hundzed and fourtic 
peeves, ebegatefonnesanddauglters. 

14. Andal the dayes of Cainanwere 
ninehundeed Eten peres; and he died, 

15 (And Dahalatect ied firticand 
fue peeves, and begat + Fared. 

16 And Dahalaieet lined after he be 
gate Faved, eight hundred and thirtie 
peeres,and begatefonnes daughters, 
17 Alndail Hedapes of Mavaiateel, 
Were eight hunded ninehe and fue 
peeres,and headied, 

| Heby.E- 

t Heb.Ke- 


t Greeke, 


name Enss: then began men to || call 
“ibpon the Mameotthe L DIR D. 

CPEAiPs. Vi 

1 The genealogie, age, and death of the Patri- 
archs from Adam yntoNoah. 24 The god~ 
linefle and tranflation of Enoch. 

ay Wis is the*booke of the ge: 
\ erations of Abam : Bn 
neo the day that God created 
Sy, Manin Hhelthenes of God 
Owe made he yin, 

2 * Dale and female eveated hee 
thent,ana blefledthenr, and called their 
name Adam , ti the day wher thep 

3 CAind Adan tied an hundeed 
and thirtic peeres,and begateafonne ttt 
called His name Seth, 

*1,Chron, | (Fa See 


| peeres, and begate i Methulelah., 

wis | 4 “Mndthedapes of Aoanzatterhe Degen oe 
3 an 
Freep 8 

13 CAnd Faved lined an hundeed 
firtieand tivo peeves, ehe begat Enoch, 

19 And Paved lined after he begate 
Enoch,cighthundzcd peres,and begate 
fonnes anddaughters, 

20 Andall Hedayes of Jared were 
Hoes hundzen firtie and tio peeres,and 

a And Enoch tiuedfirtic and fiue 

[ Gr. Ma. 

22 And Enoch walked with Gon, 
after he begate Methulelab, theee hun- 
Ded peeves , and begate fonnes and 

23 Andall hedapes of Enoch, were 
thee hundzed firtieand fine peeves, 

24. And*Enoch walked with God: 
and hewas not; for Godtooke hin. 

25 And Methulelah lined an hun- 
D2ed eighticandfeuen peeves,and begat 
Lamech, ‘ 

26 And VDethulelah lined, after hee 



and fio peeves, and begatefomes and 

27 And all he dayes of Dethuleiah 
Were nine hundeed , fictie and nine 
yeetes, and he died. 

23 & Ana Lamech tued an Hure 
Deed cightie and tio peeves : and bee 
Qatca tonne, 

29 Ana he called his nante|| Noah, 
faying; LHtS fame Matt comfort bs,ton- 
cerning our Yooorke and topic of ouv 
hands, beraule of the ground, which we 
LDR D hath aried. 

30 And Lamiech lined, atter Heebe- 
gate Poah , fue Hundzed ninetic and 
flue peeres , and begate founes and 


31 Aud all the nayes of Lamech 
Were feuen ue feuentic and fenen 
peeres, and hedted, 

Gr. Noe. 


32 And Moah was fiue Hunded 
peeves olde: and Poals begate Sem, 
Hanrand PFapheth. 


1 "The wickednefle of the world,which prouo- 
ked Gods wrath, and caufed the Flood. 8 
Noah findeth grace. 13 Theorder,forme, 
and end of the Arke. 

fe MDit came to pale, when 
mien began fo multiply on 
the face of the earth, and 
g Dauahters Were bone div 
a gees to then: 

2 Khatthe lonnes of God faw the 
Danghters of men,thatthey were faire, 
and they took then Wines ofall which 
they chofe. 

3 AndtheL DIR D laid, Oy Spe 
vitthall not alibaypes firine With man; 
fo2 that hee alfo is fleth : pet his dayes 
Thaibe an hundzed and tibenty peeves, 
4. here were Giants itt Meearth 
tr hole dates: andatho after that, when 


Daughtersof men, € they bare children 
to them, thefame became mighticmen, 
Which were nfold, men of rerowime, 

5 @ Aad Godlaw, thatthe wicker: 
nes of man Was gueat inthe earth,and 
nation, The|||hareneryimagmnation of the thoughts 
Bee \OE bis “heart Was onely eutil t cont: 
Pag | UauY, 

i inte 6 Aud tt repented the L ORD 

<Chap.2. /athehad maneman on the eareh,and, OC Ovieued Him at his heart. 

12 pe | 7 sD MHeL DR D fad, B wit 
deflrop man, whom F haue created, 

fOr, the 

whole imagi- 

the fonnes of God caine tn bnto tHe! 

Noahs Arke. 

from the face of the early: t both man) te fom 

ana healt, and the creeping thing, and) 2.27, 
thefoules ofthe aive: forit repenteth me 
that H haue made then. : 
3 wut Moah found grace tw the 
eves of the LDR D. 

9 @ hele are the generations of]. 
floah: * Poa Was a tuft maw, and| 
(| pevfect in his genevations, and SoAH| 2.5. 
Walked With God, ee 

lo And Moah beaate theeefonnes:| °~ 
Sent, Hanand PFapheth. 

i Lhe earth alfo Was coerupt be- 
fore God sand the earth was filled with 

12 And Godiooked bpon the earth, 
and behold, tt was cowupt: fo2 all fleth 
hadcoarupted his way bpon the earth. 

3 And Godflaid bnto Noah , Zhe 
end of ail flethts come before mee; for 
the earth is ile With biolence theough 
them; and behold, FJ willoeltrop Hem 
| With the earth, 

14 @ Wake thee an 2cke of Go- 
phev-Wwood: troomes halt hou make | tHb. nett. 
tithe avke,and that pitch ite wichin and 
Without with pitch. 

16 Andthists Hhefthion which thou 
thalt make tt of : thelength ofthe avke 
thalbethece hundzed cubits, the beeadth 
a€itfifty cubits,and the height ofit mir 
fe cubits, 

le A Windo halt thou make to 
thearke ,and in a cubite thait thou f& 
mth itaboue; and thedooze of thearke 
Thait Hou fet in the fine thereof: naith 
lover ,fecond , and third ftozies halt 
thou make it, 

17 Anobeholo,F,cuen FJ doe being 
& flood of Waters bpon the earth, to de- 
ttroy au fleth , wherein is the beeath of 
iefrom buder heaven, and every thing 
that is in the earth hall die. 

13 Wut with HeewaF eftablith my 
Coucnant : and thou halt come into 
therirke, thou,and hy fonnes,and thy 
Wife, and ty fonnes Wines with thee. 

I9 Aud of every tuning hing of av 
fieth, tio of etietp for Mhait thou being 
into the Ake, to keepe them Aline with 
thee sthep fhatl be maleand femate, 

20 Di forvles after their kinde, and 
ofcattel after their kinde : ofenerp cree: 
ping thing of the earth after his kinde, 
tho of every for fhallcome buto thee, 
fo Keepe them aline, 

21 And take thou bnto thee of alt 
food that is eaten, and thou fhait ga- 
ther it fo thee; and i¢ Mhall be foe : 


Or, from 


i | 



Nyy a 

forthec, and foz then. 
22 * Thus did Moaly; according to 
all hat God commanded him, to did he. 


1 Noah ,with his familie , and the liuing crea- 
tures, enter intothe Ake. 17 The begin- 
ning,increafe, and continuan¢e ofthe Flood. 

Mos MD the *LOIRD tarde 
2" buto Poah , Come thou 
RZ audall thy Houle into the 

> aivke : for thee haue F 

5 feene vighteous befoze me, 



in this genevation. 

2 Mf every cleane bealt thou halt 
take to thee thy fenens, the male and 
his female : and ofbeattes thatare not 
ne to, themaleandhis female. 

3 MF fowies allo of he aire , by 
fenens, the imate € the female; to keepe 
{eedaliue bpon the face of alithe earth, 

4. Fo2 pet feuen dayes , and ZF will 
caule if fo raine Dpott the cartiy, fortic 
Dapes, and forty nights : and euery 
wing fubltance that Phauc made, Weil 
Bi deltroy, fro off the face of he earth. 

5 And MoahaDd according bnito alt 
thatthe L DR D commanded him. 

6 And Moa Was fire Hundred 
peeves od, Wher the flood of Waters 
Was bpor the earth, 

7 @ And Noah Went i, and his 
fonnes,and his wife , and his fonnes 
Wines With hin, into he 2ivke, becaule 
of the waters ofthe Flood. 

3 Mfcieance beats, € ofbeatts that 
are not cleane, € of foibles, and of euc- 
vp thing that creepeth bpon the earth; 

9 Chere Went it tivo arid tio bre 
to Moaly into the Avke, he male ethe 
fenaie,as God had commanded Moah, 

Io And if came to oe feuen 
Daves , Hat he Waters of the Flood) 
Wwevebpon the earth, 

Nn QC FBu the fire Hundeenth peere of; 
Hays life,in helecond moneth,thefe-| 
venteenth day ofthe moneth, thefame| 
Day, Wereat dhe formneates of He great! 
Deepe broken dp,and the || Wwindolwes of 
heauen were opened. | 

Iz And the raine Was bpon the) 
earth, fortiedayes,andforticnights, | 

B BPutheleife fame day entred j20-| 
ah, anid Sem, and Pains, and PFapherh, | 
the fornes of Moah, and Moahs Wife, | 
and the theee wines of his fonnes With | 
thent ints the Airke, 

{ Hebr.fenen 


+ Hebr. blot 

fOr,on the 
[eucnth day. 

| Or,flood- 


14. hey, and encry beatt after His, ; 

Noah entreth vii . 

intothe Arke. 
| inde, € all the cattell after their kinde: 
|andenerp creeping thing thatcreepetly 
ibpon the earth after bis kinde,and ene: 
ry foule after hiskinde,euerp birde of ¢- 
iterp tfo2t, 

15 Andthey went inbnto Moay w- 
to he Airke, tibo and tio ofall fieth, 
Whereinis o breath ofiife, 

16 And they that went i, went in 
maleand female ofall fleth,as Godhad 
commiaundedhint : andthe DR D 
fut hiniin, 

17 Aud the Flood Was fortie dayes 
bponthe earth, and the waters tevea- 
fed, and bave dp the Arke, andi wag 
lift bp aboue the earth. 

13 And the Waters prenailen , and 
Were encrealed greatly bpon the earth: 
and the Airke Went bhpon the face of he 

Io And the waters prevailed evcee- 
binigly Dpon the earth, and all the high 
His, hat were bnder the Whole heaucn, 
Were covered. 

20 Fifteene cubits bpward, io the 

f Heb. wing. 

Waters prenaile ; and the mountaines 

21. * And all fleth died, hatnioued | * wid. 10. 
bpon the earth, both offowie, € of cat: 
tell, and ofbeatt, and of euery creeping 
thing that eveepeth bpon the earth, 
and enecp man, 

22 Ail in whole noletheils was the 
thoeath of tife, of all that was tn the 
Dey land, died. 
23 And every lining fubliance was 
Deroped, Which Was hpon the face of 
the ground, both man and cattell,and 
thecreeptng things,and the foule of the: 
Heauen; andthey Were deftrvoped from 
the earth: and* Moah onelp remained 
ne : A they Mat were With Hin tr 
24. And the Waters prevailed Hpon 
the earth antundzed and fifty dapes. 


1 The watersaflwage. 4 The Arke reftethon 
Ararat, 7 The rauen and the doue. 15 Noah, 
being commanded, 18 goeth forth of the 
Arke, 20 He buildeth an Altar, and offe- 
reth factifice, 21 which Godaccepteth,and 
promifeth to curfe the earth no more. 

Md Godremembeed Moz 
oy ah,and enerypliuing thing, 

by AnD all the cattell that was 
; With Hint tr the Arke : 


t Hebp.the 
breath of the 

frie of life, 

*Wifd, 10. 

and God made a Winde | 

+ Hebr. in 
oing and 

in going and 

going foorth, 
aad retitra 


to patle oner the earth , and the Waters 

2 Bbefountaines allo ofthe deepe, 
and the Windolves of pane Were 
flopped , and the raine from heauen 
Was reltrained. 

3 And the waters returned from 
off the carth, continually: and afier the 
end dt the hundzed and fiftiedapes , the 
Waters Were abated, 

4 And the Ake velked ia the fe 
uenth moneth, on the feuenteenth day 
ofthenioneth,bpon Memwuncarttes o¢ 

5 And the Waters decvealed conti 
nually bntill the tenth moneth : in the 
tenth moneth,on the firlt day of hemo: 
ai Were thetops ofthe mountaines 


6 CAnd ttcamets pafleat the end of 
forty dapes,that Moa opened the wine 
DOW of He Avke Which hehad made. 

7 AMnohelentforth aRanen, which 
Went fooeth t to and fro , bntill the Wa 
fers Were dred bp from off the earth, 

$ Alito hee fent foozth adoucfrom 

hint, to fee tf the Waters Were abated} | done. 
22 trahilethecarth rematnetly, feen-| 5.22.0. «ze 

fromof the face ofthe ground. 

9 Wutthe doucfound no rett fo2 the 
fole of her foote, andthereturned bute 
Hintvinto the Ake: fo2 the Waters were 
ontheface of the Whole carth. Chen he 
putfoorth his hand, and tooke her,and 

- li pulled her in bnto him, inte the Ake. 

lo 2nd Hee Maped pet oer feuen 
DAES; AND againe hee {ent fooeth the 

“Ipoucoutofthe Arke, 

LL And the done came in to Him in 
the enening, and loc, inher mouth was 
an Ditue leafe pluckt off : So Poah 
kuet that the Waters Were abated 
fromoffthe earth. 

I2 And hee fayed pet other fenen 
dapyes,andient forth the done, which ve- 
turned not againe buto hint any move. 

B Andie cance to pale tn the fire 
Hundzedth and one peeve, the firlt mo- 
neth, fie firft day of the moneth , the 
Waters Were dyed bp from of the 
earth: and Moal vemooued the couc- 
ving of the Ake , and looked, and be- 
hold,the face of the ground was dre, 

14 Andin thelecond moneth,on the 
fenen and tibentieth day ofthe moneth, 
Was the cavth oried, 

15 @ 2nd God fake bnto Noah, 

16 Goe foorth of the Avke , thou, 
and thy wife, and thyfonnes, andehp 

The ale refteth. Genelis. Noah lacrificeth. 

fonnes Wiues With thee: 

17 2eing fooeth with thee eneryp te 
uing thing that is With thee, ofall fleth, 
both of foible, and ofcattell,and ofeneryp 
creeping thing that creepeth bpon the 
earth, that they eh heecd abundantip 
tthe singe and befruitinll and mult 
ply bpon the earth, 

13 And Moah went foorth, anohis 
founes, and his Wife , and his founes 
Wines With hin: 

Io Cueryp beat cureryp creeping thing, 
and enery folbic, and thhatloener evee- 
peth bpontheearth, after their thinds, 
Wwentfoorth outofthe Ake, 

20 (And Moah butloed an Altar 
bnto the LDR D,and tooke ofeucry 
cleane beat, and ofenerp ceane foie, 
and offred burntoffrings on the Altar. 

wu And the LDR D finelied a 
thoeetefanour, and the LD RW D iad 
inhisheart, J Weill notagane curle the 
ground any moze for mans fake fo2 the 
*magination of mans heartisentl from 
his pouth : neither Will P againe fmite 


+ Hebr.fax 


nour of rest. 


any mozcenery thing lining, as BJ hane| ‘* 

time and haruelt, and cold, and heat, | 22% age 
and Summer , and winter, and day |" 

andnight, hallnot ceale, 


t God bleffethNoah. 4 Blood and murder 

areforbidden. 9 GodsCouenant 13 fig- 

" nified by the Rainebow. 18 Noah reple- 

nifheth the world, 20 plantetha Vineyard, 

21 is drunken, and mocked of his fonne: 

25 Curfeth Canaan, 26 Bleffeth Shem, 
27 prayeth forlaphet, 28 and dieth. 

AMA ND God bieflen Moay, 
2 and His fonnes , and fad 
2 one ee cee crate 
% and multiply , and reple: 
s eS ith the earthy, = 
2 Aindthe feare of pou,¢ thenead 
of you fhall be bpon every beatt of the 
earth,and bponeuery foieof theaire, 
bpow all that moouetl vpon the earth, 
and bpon ail the fithes of the fea; into 
pourhandare they deliuered, 

3 Cuery mouing thing that tineth, 
thaibe meatfo2 pou; euenasthe'greene 
herbehane ZF giuen pouall things. 

4. *2But fleth with che tife thereof, 
ae is the blood thereof, hall pounos 

5 And furely pour blood of pour 


* Chap.t. 
*Leuit. 17. 




Chap.x. Noahs generations. 

{ues Wel F require atthe hand ofeue- 
rp bealt Will H requivertt, € at hehand 
a man, atthe hand ofeuery mans beo- 
ther Will J require the ufe ofman. 

6 *nahofo theadeth mans blood by 
tro. | jmanthall his bloodve Meds *fozinthe 
“Chap. lemageofGod made hernia, 

Be 7 Audyou, be ype frutiuil,and mul 
tiply, being foo2th aboundantly tn the 
earth, and multiply there. 

8 ¢And GodlpakebntoMoah,and 
to hisfonnes with bin, faying; 

9 AndF,bebolo,Z etabiith my co- 
Luenant With pou, and With pour {eede 
after pou: 

lo And With euerp liuing creature 
thatis mith pout, ofthe foie, ofthecat- 
tell, and of enery bealbofthe earth with 
pot, fromall that goe out of the 2irke, 
fo every bealtof the eartin 

I Aud“ wil eftablith my couenant 
With pou, ueither Hata fleth be cut off 
aup nore, by the Waters of aflood, net- 
ther hall here any more be & flood to 
Deftvoy theearth. 

bk And God lad, Khisis thetoken 
of the Couenant which J make ve- 
tiveene nice and pow, andenerypiining 
creature that is With pou,foz perpetual 

B Hodoeletmp bow nthecoud,and 
iMhall be foz a token of a coucnant, be- 
tibeene nie and the earth, 

14. *Auditihall comets pale, when 
FAHbunga cloud ouer the carth, chat the 
bod hail be feene mthe cloud, 

15, And ZF will renieniber my coue- 
nant, whith is betibeene mee and pou, 
and euery ltuing creature of all fief): 
and He Waters hail nd moze become a 
flood to deftroyallficth, — 

16 And thebow thalbe tn the cloud; 

and PF well looke bpon it, chat Pmay 
vemember the cueriatting couenanthe- 
tiheene God and enery liuing cveature, 
ofall Aeth thatisbpon the earth, 
17 Aud Godlaid onto Noah, Lhis 
isthe tobken of the coucnant , which Fi 
Hane eftablithed betweene nee and ail 
ficth thats bponthe earth. 

13 @ And thefonnes of Moah that 
Went forth of fhe Ake, were Shem, 
and Ham, and Paphet : and Ham is 
Feb. Che- | the father of || Canaan, 

: 19 Hhele are the theeefonnes of Mo- 
ah and of them Was the whole earth 

20 And Moah begat to bee an Huk 
bandinat, and he planted a binepard, 

* Matt. 26, 
52. reucl, 

*Efas 4:9. 


21 And he danke of the Wine, anv 
has dunker, and hee Was bncoucrea 
Within his tent, 

22 Andham, thefather of Cana, 
fay the nakennefle of bis father, and 
told his tho beetipen Without, 

23 And Shemand PHaphet tocke a 
garment, and layed ic boon both their 
fhouiders,and tent back Ward,and co- 
uered the nakennefle of theiv father, 
and thet faces were backward, and thep 
fay not their fathers nakeonefle. 

24. And. oaks awoke from his 
Wite,andkrew Whathis ponger fonne 
Had Done bute hin. 

25. Andhe laid, Curled bee Canaan : 
afernant of feruants thal hee be Dato 


26 And hee {aide, Wiefled bee the 
LORD Godof Sheniand Canaan 
fhatbe || his feruant. 

27 on hall || enlarge SBaphet, | 1o-/ernam 
and he thal diel inthe tentsof Shem, |", 
and Canaan thalbe hisfecuant. fade 

28 (2nd Moah lined after the flood, 
theechundzed and fifty peeres. 

29 And all the Bayes of Poah were 
nine hundzed < fifty peeves andhe died, 

Cn Ele atic acne 
1 Thegenerations of Noah, 2 Thefonnesof 
Japhet. 6 ThefonnesofHam.. $ Nimrod 
the firft Monarch. 27 The fonnes of Shem. 

3 Div theie are the gene: 
ANNE rations of the fonnes of 
& Se e Moah; Shem, Ham, and 
CN ‘> Paphet : and bnto them 
ASEAN There founes dome af 
tev the Flood. 

2 *Che fonnes of Paphjet : Goz| *1-Chron, 
mer,and Magog, and Wadat,and Pa |" 
uae Lubaland Methech, eLiras, 

3 And the fonnes of Gomer : Ath: 
kenas, and Riphath, and Fee ae 

4 And thefons of Fanan: Clithad, 
and Larhhith, Bittim, and Dodanin. 

5 wy thele Were the Pies of the 
Gentiles Biuided in heir lands, euerp 
onecafter his tongue : after their famit- 
lies, in their nations. 

6 *Andthefounes of Hant:Cukh, | *1.Chron. 
and Misratm,andobhut,and Canaan. |'* 

7 And the fonnes of Culh, Seva, 
and Hautlah , and Sabah, and Raa 
mah, and Sabtecha: and thefonnes of 
Raamah : heba,and Dedan, 

S$ And Culh begat Mimvrod: he be- 
gairto beamighty one mi the earth. 


9 He Was & mighty hunter ae 

ThefirftMonarch. GCenefis. 

the LORD : wherefore it is fade, 
Cuen as Mimvod the mightte Hunter 
before the ZL DW D. 
lo And the beginning of His king: 
tGrBay- |DOme Was! Wabeland Crech, and Ac 
ve tad, and Calaeh, inthe land of Shinar, 

U Outof that tand|| went forth AL 
fhur, and builded Mineuch, and the || a 
jad Calay, 
efen betibeene Pineuch 
and Calah: thefameis a qveat citic. 

3 And Dsrvatmbegat Ludi, and 
Spa , ad Lehabim, and Maph- 

14. 2nd pathouline, and Caflubim 
(out of home came Phiiftim) and 

|| Or, be went 
ont into A/~ 

Or, the 

tie Rehobo 
freetes ofthe In nod 



= Caphtornt. 
im | SS @L And Canaan begate ‘Sidon 
hisfirl bore, and Heth, 

16 And the Hebulite, and the €mo- 
rite, andthe Girgafite, 

17 And the Hite, and the Arkite, 
andthe Sinite, 

13 And the Acuadite, and the Ze- 
mavite, and the Pamathite : andafter- 
Ward there the families of the Canaa- 
nites fpeead abgoand, 

Io 2nd the boeder of the Canaa- 
nites, Wasfrom Sidon, as thouconv 
t Helr. Az mefttg Berar, bntot Gasa,as thou go- 
BS eft buto Sodoma and Gommzah, and 

Aomah, € Zevon, een dnto Latha. 
20 Khele arethefonnes of Hain, af 
tev their families, after their tongues, 
tnthete countries, and intheir nations. 
21 @ Unto Sheni alla the father of 
all the childzen of Cher, the toother of 
PHaphet the elder, euen to Him Were 
children bo2ne, 
rf ee 22 The * chideenof Shem: Clan, 
1 Hebretr-| OD Afthur,and ‘Acpharad, and Lup, 
pachfoad. | EAD Avani, 

23 And the childeen of Aram : Us, 
and Hul, and Gether,and Wath. 

24. AndAcpharad begate * Salah, 
and Salah begate Cher. 

25 *And bnto Eber were borne tivo 
fonnes: the naincof onewas Peleg, fo2 
iInhis dapes Was the earth diutded,and 
his brothers name was ZF oktan, 

26 And Hoktan begate Aimodad, 
and Dheleph, and Hasarmaueth, and 

27 Aind Hadowam, and Usa, and 
eb ae Oba, and Abimael, and 

29 AndDOphir, and Haniiah, ¢Jo- 
babsall thefe were thefonnes of Poktan, 

t Hebr. She- 

Babel builded. 

30 And their Dibelling was from 
Detha, as thou goelk buto Sephar, 
antountof the Catt, 

31 Hheleaethefounes of Shem, af 
ter theivfamites, after theirtongues, 
intheir lands after their nations. 

32 Hhele ae the families of the 
fonnes of Moab after their generate 
ons, tnehetr nations: and by thele were 
the Peete Dinided in the earth after 

¢ Flood, 


1 Onelanguageinthe world. 3 The building 
ofBabel, 5 Theconfufion oftongues, 10 
The generations of Shem. 27 The genera- 
tions of Terah the father of Abram. 31 Te- 
rah goeth from Vr to Haran, 

Py VD" the Whole earth was] *Witro.s. 
of one Hanguage, and Of] + rér.tippe. 
onet {peach, £ tHeb.words. 
> 2 And tt cametopafle 

$ =e 48 hep tourneyed trom 
the €att, that they found aplainetn the 
land of Shinar,and they diveit there. 

3 And * hey fapd one to another s| + 2b. amen 
Goeto, let hs make beicke,andt burne|<4 pes 
them thozowly.2ind Seni botche fing |i Ap fon. 
fone, and flinie Had they fog mogter, — | shento 

4 And they fad; Goetolet bs busty | 
bSa city and a tower, Whole top may 
reach Dnito Heauen, andiet bs makebsa 
name, left ibe be frattered abzoad bpon 
the face ofthe whole earth, 

5, And the LD RD came vowne 
to fee the city andthe tower, which the 
childzen of men builded. 

6 Andthe LDR D fad, Behoio, 
the peopleisone, and they haue all one 
language: and this they begin to doe: 
and no nothing will be retrained 
pant eat » Which hep bane imagined 

_7 Golto,let bs go downe,and there 
cofound their language, that they map 
not buderitand one anothers {peech, 

8 Sothe LORD leattered them 
aboad from thence, bpon the face of ail 
on aw 3 And they left fF to build the 

9 Therefore is thenanicof itcatied 
‘Babel, becaulethe LDIRD did there 
confound oe language of all the earth: 
and from thencedid the L DR D frat 
ne ae abzoad dpon the face of atl the 
lo C*Lhele are the genevations of] «1. chron. 
Dhem.Dhemwasan hundzed peresoi,| 7. 

{ Thati, 


2. 3 °3 


Luke 3.35. 



1.Chron, 1. 

The gen erations 

| Chap.xi. of Terah, Abram. 

a Arpharad too peeves after 
the Ffisod. 
= And Shem lined, after he begate 
Aepharad, fine hundzed peeves, and be- 
gatefonnes and daughters. 
12 And Arpharad lined fiucand thir- 
fie peeres, and begate Salah. 
B And Arpharadiiued, after hebe- 
gate Salah, foure hundzed and theee 
peeres, and begate fonnes and daugh- 


14. And Halah tiued thirtic peeres, 
and begate Cher. 

15 And Salah lined, after hee begate 
Ever, foure hHundzed and theee peeres, 
andbegatefornes anddaughters. — 

16 *And Cher iiued foure and thirty 
peeres,and begate *peleg. 

17 And Cheritued, atter hee begate 
Peleg, foure hundzed and thirtie peres, 

13 And Peleg iued thirtic peeres, 

19 And Peleg ued, after hee begate 
Reto Hundzcd andnine peeves, and 
begatefounes and daughters. 

20 And Rew lured tio and thirtie 
peeves, and begate* Serig. 

2-1 And Reu lined, after hee begate 
Secug, tho hundzeth and fenen peres, 
and begatefonnes and daughters. 

22 And Serug lined Hhirtiepeeres, 
and begate Pahoz. 

23 And Secugitued, after he begate 
Major, tho hHundzed peeves, and begat 
fonnies anddaughters. 

24. And Mahorlined nineand tien 
fie peeres,and begate*Lerah, 

25 And Mahoztined, after hebegqate 
Leva, anhundzeed eninetecricpeeres, 
and begatefonnes and daughters. 

26 And Levah liued feuenty peeves, 
and *begate Abani, Mahoz,¢ Haran. 

27 @ Now thele are the generat 
onsof Levah: Levah begate Abram, 
Mahor, and Hara: And Haran be- 
gate Lot. 

28 And Haran died, before his father 
Levahin the land ofhis natiuity,in Ur 
ofthe Chaidees. 

29 And Awam and Mabhoz tooke 
them Wines : thename of Abrams wife 
was Sarai, and the name of Paho2s 
Wife, Micah, the daughter of Haran, 
of we of Bileah, and the father of 


30 Wut Sarat Was barren ; hehad 

fonne, and Lotthefoune of paran his 
fonnesfonne, and Sarat his daughter 
inlathe, bis fonne Akeams Wife, and 
they went foozch with them front * er} *Nehem. 
ofthe Chaldees,, togocinte the tandof| 27 int 
Canaan : and they came buto Davan, | 77°” 
and Delt there, 

32 And the dayes of Levah, were 
to Hundzcd and fiue peres: and Le 
rah died in Haran, 

©: A Pe Xi 

t God calleth Abram ; and bleffeth him witha 
promife of Chrift. 4 He departeth with Lot 
from Haran. 6 He iourneyeth through Ca- 
naan, 7 whichis promifed him ina vilion, 
10 Heeis driuen by a famine into Egypt. 
31 Feare maketh him faine his wife to be his 
fifter. 14 Pharaoh hauing taken her from 

him,by plagues is compelled to reftore her. 
toon fe the *£ZLORD Had)}*sas.7.3: 

S faid bute Abeam, Getthee 

@ out of thy countrey ,. and 

k from thy kinved,and from 

IRALA thy fathers Houle, onto a 

and that FJ will hem thee, 

2 ANd ZF Will makeof thee a great 

nation, and ZY wil bielle thee,and make 

thy name great ; and thou thalt bee a 

biefling. ’ 

3 And ZF will blelle them that dietle 

thee, and curfehim, that curieth thee: 

*andinthee halal famuies ofthe carth 

bebiciled. 18.a&s. 3. 
4. Do Abram departed, as fhe! 25-gace.3. 

LOR D hadfpoken bnto him, and|* 

Lot Went With him: AndAbam was 

feuentic and fiue peeres old When hede- 

parted outof Pavan, 

5 And Amamtooke Darathis wife, 
and Lot his brothers fonne, and all 
thetr fubfance that they had gatheren, 
and the foutes that they had gotten 
Haran,and they tent foorth to goeinto 
the land of Canaan: and into theland 
of Canaan they came. 

6 (And Abram palled theough the 
land, bnto the place of Sichens, buto 


*Chap. 18. 
18.and 23. 

itheplaine of Moreh, Andthe Canaa 

nite was theninthe land. 

7 AMudthe LORD appeared brz 
to Ahan, andfaid, * Unto thy feed wil |*Chp-r3- 
P gue thisiand: andthere builded hee <Grap.13 
an*altarbnto He ORD, whoap-| +. 
peared bnto hint. 

$ Andhe remoued fromthence pune 
to Amountaine,on the Cat of Weth-cl, 

31 2nd Leraly fooke Aham his 

and pitched his tent hauing Weth-c} - 
; the 

Abram in Egypt. 

oe wet, and Hat on the Catt: and| 
there Hee builded an altar duto the 
LORD, andealled bponthe Panic 
of the DRD. 

9 And Amamtourneped, || goingon 
{hill tovbard the South. 

lo CAndtherewas afamine inthe 
land, and Abeam Went Downe into & 
gppt, tofoiourne there: fo2 the famine 

 Anditcameto pale when he was 
come neereto enter into Eaypt, thathe 
aid bute Saraihis wife wWebotd now, 
FJ kno that thou art a fare woman 

12 Hhevefore it halt come to pafle, 
When the Egyptians thaiiiee thee, that | 
they fhall fay, Lhis is his wife: and 
mee Will killme, but hey wil fauethee | 

B Say, Ppray thee, hou artmy f- 
fer, thatitmay be wel with me,fo2 thy 
pe ; and mp foule thalliiue, becaute of 


14 CAndit cane to palle that when 
Alba Was cone into Caypt, the €- 
Oypptians beheld Hemboman, that fee 
Was herp faire. 

15 Ahepeinces allo of haraoh faw 
Her, and commended her before Pha- 
rand ; and the Woman Was taken into 

16 Andheentreated Abram Well foz 
her fake: andhe had fheepe, andoren, 
and bee alles, and men feruants, and 
maidfernants, and theeafles, and ca 


17 AndMeL OR D plaquedsha- 
raoh € his Houle with great plagues, 
becaule of Sarai Amams wife. 

13 And pharaoh called Awanrand 
(aid, Vahat is this thattiou hat done 
brtomez why diddek thou not tell me, 
hat the wasthy wife: 

I9 Why faidek thou, Shee is my fir 
fterz fo Jmighthaue taken her to nec 
to Wife :novw therforebebot, thy wife, 
fakeherand goethy way, 

20 And pharaoh cGinanded bismien 
concerning Hint: and they fent hin a 


Way, and his bite, and alithathe har, 
CPAP, - XT, 

1 AbramandLot returne out of Egypt. 7 By 
difagreement they partafinder. 10 Lotgo- 
ethtowicked Sodom. 14 God renueth the 
ponte toAbram. 18 HeremouethtoHe- 

ron, and there buildeth an Altar. 

pms ID Abam Went vp out 
BY of Egypt, be and his wie, 
aS and all that he had, and 
6 Lot with hint, into the 
Si sws Douth. ; 
2 And Abram Was beryp vich tr cat: 
tellin fuer, and in gold, 

3 And Hee Went on his tourneyes 
from the South, euen to Weth-el, bnto 
the place Where his tent hanbene atthe 
beginning, bettheenewBeth-cland Hat: 

4 Unto theplaceofthealtar, which 
Ke had made there at the fir: ano there 
Abra called on the ame of the 

D * 

5 CAndLotait which went with 
Aoram, had flocks and heards,¢ tents, 

6 And the land Was not able to 
beare thent, that they nughtawell to- 
gether : foz their fubftance Was aveat, 
fo that they could not dwell together. 

7 And there was a rife betybeene 
He Heavomien of Abams cattell, and 
the heardmien of Lots cattell: And the 
Canaanite, and the Pevrissite awelled 
henrin theland, 

$ And Amamfatd bnto Lot, Lee 
therebe no ftrife,Z pray thee,betweene 
mecanDd Mee, and betibeene my heard: 
eae thy beavdmen : for Wwee bee 


9 FIs not the Whole land before 
thee z Separate thy telfe, F pray thee, 
from mee: tf thou wiltake theteft hand, 
then H Will goeto the right: o2i£ thou 
depart to the vight hand, then F wal 
goe to the left. 

lo And Lot lifted bp his epes, and 
beheld all the plaine of Pogdane, that it 
Was Well Watered euery where before 
the Log deltropyed Sodome and Go- 
DRS. ihe a a fone of the 

> ube the land of Eayppt,as 
thoucommettbhnto Zoar, pg 

u ChenLotcholehinral the piaine 
of Howdane: and Lot tourneyed Eat; 
and they fepavatedthemiciues the one 
front theother. 

Iz Aheam dWelled tn fhe land of Ca- 
Haat, AND Lot Dibelled in the cites of 
He plaine, and pitched his tent toward 

B Wut the men of Sodome were 
Wicked, and finners before theL ORD 

14. @ And the L DIR D fad onto 
Aiba, after hat Lot was feparated 
frombin, Let bp now thineeyes,and 

looke from the place where thou art, 

Abramand Lot. 



\ (Gods promile. 

Aoxthward, and Southivard, and 

*Chap. t2. 

7.and 26, 

| Heb. 

f Or, the 
plaine of Ki- 
Or, the 
plane of 

Ealhward, and wWelhward. 
15 Fozall the and wich thow {eett, 
*e thee Will J qiucit, and to thy {ede 

ne And ZY will make thy fede as the 
putt of the earth : fo that ifaman can 
number the butt of the earth, then hall 
thy feed allo benumbzcd. 
17 Arife, Watke though the land,in 
theiengthof rt, and in the beeadth of tt : 
fox rwiligiueitbntothee 
1% Ahern Abani remoued his tent, 
and came and dYvelt in the * plaine of 
Mamve, whichis in Hebsow, and butit 
thereanaltar bnto the DR D. 


1 The battell of foure Kings,againft fiue. 11 
Lotis taken prifoner. 14 Abram refcueth 
him. 18 Metchizedck bleffeth Abram. 20 
Abram ginethhimtithe. 22 The reft of the 
fpoile,his partners hauing had their portions, 
hereftoreth tothe King of Sodom. 

g Mdit came to pafle in the 
Dayes of Anvaphel Bing 
of Shinar, Arioch Hing 
Ae of Ctiafar, Chedorlaomer 
SevGess Ging of Clant, and Le 
dal Bing of nations: 

2 Dhatthele made warre with wWe- 
ta Bingof Sodome,and with Birtha 
Bing of Gomozal, Shinab ing of: 
Adah ,and Shemeber Hing of Ze- 
boii, and the ing of wWela, which 
is Zoar. 

3 Alli hele Were topned togetherin 
pa bale of Siddtm ; wWipicl ts the fait 


4 Lweluc peeres they ferned Che 
Doglaomer, and inthe thirteenth peere 
they rebelled. 

5 ANd in the fourteenth peeve came 
Chedorlaomer , and the %imas that 
Were With hin, and {note the Repha- 
ims, in Athteroth warnaim, ethe Zu 
stnsin Hani, and the Emimsin|| Sha 
ueh Biriathaim; 

6 And the Hozites in their mount 
Deiv,buto | C1-Paran, which is by the 

7 And they returned, and cameto 
En-mithpat, which is wadeth, ¢ fmote 
all the countrey of the Amalekites, and 
allo the Amozites, that dwelt in Hase- 

8 And there Went out the Hingof 


Sodome, and the Wing of Gomingrah, 

A taint pl 

amdthe Hing of Apmah,and the King 
of Zebotimnt,and the Hing of Weia,(the 
faine is Zoar and they lopned battell 

9 Rit) Chedorlaomer the Bing of 
Clant, arid With Lidal ding of nate 
Ons, AND Amvaphel Bing of Shinar, 
and Arioch Hing of Ctlafar ; foure 
Bings with fue. 

Jo Aindtie baleof Sindim Was full 
of flime-pits : and the Binas of So- 
Dome E Gomorrah fled, andfell there: 
and they that remained , fled to the 

II And they tooke all the goods of 
SHodomeand Gomorrah, and ali their 
bictuals,and Wenttheir way. 

12 And they tooke Lot,Abeams bio- 
thers fonne, (who diveit in Sodome) 
and his goods anddeparted. 

B © And there came one that had 
elcaped, and told Ahram the Hebrew, 
for Hee Diveit tM the plaine of Damve 
the Amorite, brother of Ethcotand bro- 
thevof Aner : and thefe were confere- 
vatewith Amani. 

14 Audwhen Abram heard that his 


brother Was taken captiuc , bellarmed| ;o-,42 
His || trated fruants bone in Hig tone |». 

Houte,thecehundz2ed and eiahteene,and 
puirfued them bnto Dan, ms 

15 And hee dintded himfcife against 
them, beandhisferuants by night,and 
finote them, and purfued them bnto 
Hoba, Which is on the left hand of pa: 


16 And hee brought backe alt the 
goods, andailo brought againe his bro: 
ther Lot, and his goods, and the wo- 
men ailo,and the people. 

17 CAnd thekingofSovome went 
out fo mecte Hint, ( after his returne 
front the flaughter of Chedoriaomer, 
andof the Hings that were with hin) 

at the bailey of Saueh , which ts the : 

*FEings dale, 

13 And * Melchisedek Hing of Sa 
lem bought foozth beead and wine: 
ane Was the priett of the molt high 


I9 And Hee blefled hin , and faide; 
Wiefled bee Abeam of the mot high 
God,poffeffour of heauenandcarth, 

20 And biefled bee the mo high 
God, Which hath deliuered thine ene: 
mies into thy hand : and heegauehim 
“tithes ofail. . 

21 And the wing of Sodome fav 

| Or, nitrite 

* Hebi 744. 

buto Abeam, giucme the perfons,and| t Heb. 
US tate Joules. 

Gods promile. 

take the goods to thpfelfe. 

22 a Abra {aid to the Bing of 
Sovome,ZF haucliftbp my hand dnto 
the LDR D, the mol high God, the 
pofleffour of heauen and earth, 

23 LhatH wil nottakefvom atheeed 
euen to athociatchetand that J will 
not take any thing that is thine, lett 
thou thouldett fay , BJ haue made 2e 

24. Sauconely that which He young 
men hauceaten, and the poetionof the 
ment Which Went With mee, Aner, CF 
chol, and Damve; let thent take their 
portion. . .. 


1 God encourageth Abram. 2 Abram com- 
plaineth for want of an heire. 4.Godpro- 
mifeth him a fonne, and amultiplying of his 
feed. 6 Abramisiuttified by faith, 7 Ca- 
naanis promifed againe, and confirmed by 
afigne, 12 andavifion. é 

LEW Fter thele things 5 the 
ae"), Word of the HD IR D 
Nox CAE Ditto Ahearn tna dt 
ANS finn, faying ; Feare not, 
a wieres Abin: Pani thy Hiei, 
*Pfal.16.16 net eeoing *qveat rebar, 
2 AndAhamfaid, Lod GND, 
What Wiltthou gine me, fecing J goe 
childletle < and the fteward ofmyphoule 
is this Cheser of Damateus, 

3 And Abram fad ; Behold,to mee 
thou hat qiuen no feed: and loc, one 
boenetn mpHoule is mine heive. 

4. And behold, the Word of the 
LDRD came nto him faying; Lhis 
hall not be thine heiverbut he that hail 
come foorth out of thy ovone bowels, 

5 Andhe beought him forth abeoad, 
and faid , Looke now towards hea: 
Ue, and tell the farres, if thou beable 
fo number them. Aud hee faid bnto 
him,* So hail thy teen be, 

6 Andhe*belecucdin heLORD; 
plese: [AnD Hee counted it to Him for righte: 


7 And helainbnto him; J am the 
LORD that brought theeoutofUr 
of the Caloces , to gine thee this land, 
to tnhevitit, 

3 Andhelatd, Lod GOD, where: 
by hang know that H thatl inberit itz 

9 And he fad bnto hin, Lakeme 
an Heifer of theee peeres old, anda thee 
Goat of three peeres old,andaramme 
of thee peeves old, and a turticdoue, 
and apong pigeon. 




lo Andhe tooke bnto hiurrail thele, 
and Diutded Them inthe midf, andlapp 
each peece oneagaint another: but the 
bivds dintded he not. 

And When the forvles came 
Dolbnebpon the cavcales, Albani deoue 
them aay. 

12 And when the Sunne Was go- 
ing DONE, Adeepe Hleepe fell bpon 2 
beant: and loc, an Horrour of great 
davkenefle fell bpon Hin, 

B Anoheladbnto Anam, Huo 
ofa furety,* that chy {eed fhalbe a ftrane 
Kev, it aland thatis not theirs, and thal 
ferue them, and they thall afflict them 
foure Hundzed peeves, 

14. And allo that nation whom they 
thallferue,wil J indge: and afterward 
walt they come out with great fub- 

Te, e 

15 And thou halt gocto thy fathers 

Abrams vii 



*AAS 76. 

inpeace ; thou thalt be buried ima good} 

old age. 

16 Dutin the fourth generation they 
thal come hither againe :fo2 the mique 
tic of the Amozites ts not yet full. 

17. And if came to pafle that when 
the Sunne went done, and it was 
darke, beYold, afmoking furnace ,anda 
Thurning lampe that paffen betwbeene 
thofe pieces, 

13 Punthatlame day the LZ DM RD 
made a couenant With Abzant, faying; 
*Guto thy feed hane B given thisiand 
from the riner of Cappt nto the great 
riner,the viner Euphrates : 

I9 Lhewienttes, and the Kenisites, 
andthe Hadmonites: 

(20 And the Hittites, and the xe: 
Lissites, and the Rephainss, 

2 And the Amozites, and the Ca- 
naanites, and the Girgalhites, and the 


1 Sarai,being barren, giueth Hagarto Abram. 
4 Hagarbeing affli@ed for defpifing her mi- 
ftrefle, runneth away. 7 An Angel fendeth 
herbacke to fubmitherfelfe, 1: andtelleth 
herof her child. 15 Ifhmaelisborne. 

FAG, Dw Darai Arams wife 
@ bare bimno childzen : and 
g Hehadanhandmarde, an 
t Coypptian , whok name 
% Was Hagar, 

2 Aind Savaifaid dnto Awmam rBe- 
Hold now, the Z DR D hath vettvar- 
Sr ary beaeing: 3 peap thee go 
buto my matd; ttmay bee that may 


| Rebrewe, 

alampe of 

* Chap. 12. 
7.and 13. 
15.& 26.4. 
deut. 3444. 



= Se 

as 32 

ss =. 

t Heb.bee 
builded by 

inthy eyes. 
| Heb. affit- 
Bed her. 

God fhalt 


the wellof 

eth me, 


Hagar fl eeth. 

*Chap. 25, 

*Chap. 24. 
6 P+ 24, 

neth andfee- 

tobraine cytideent by Hers and Abant 
Hearkened to the vorce of Sarai. 

3 AndHarai Abrams wife, tooke 
Hagar her maid, the Cayptian, after A 
Ham Had dwelt tet peeves in the land 
of Canaan, and gauc her to Her hulk 
band Abram, to be his wife. 

4 And he Went in buto Hagar, 
and the conceied : And when thee fav 
that thee had concetued, Her mittreffe 
Was defpiled in her eyes. 

5 And Savatfaid duto Abram, Dy 
Weorrg bebpor thee: Fhaucgiuen my 
maid into thy bofome, andwhen fee 
fay that the had concetucd, BH wasne- 
fpifenirbher epes: the LDR D tudge 
betbeene mie and thee. 

6 wWutrhheanrfard bnto HSarair6e 
hold, thy matdistn thy hand; doc to her 

veiae \tasitpleateth thee. 28 when Sarat 

tpealt hardly With Her, thee fled from 
her face. 

7 CAndthe Angel oftheLORD 
founder by afountaine of Water, in 
the Wwildernefle,by he fountaine, in the 
Way to Shur: ere 

8 Andhelatd Hagar Sarats maid, 
Whence camel hous and Whither weit 
thou goes And hela, F flee from the 
face of my miftreile Sarat. 

9 Andthe Angel of the LZ ORD 
fatd bute her, Returne to thy nuttrelle, 
andfubmit thy feife bnder Herhands. 

lo Andthe Angel of the L DR D 
fatd buto her, H will multiply thy feede 
erceedingly,thatit hall notbe numbed 

I 2nd the Argel of he HOR D 
faid Duto her, Webold, thou are with 
child, and (halt beare afonne, and fhait 
call His name | Pihmael ; vecaule the 
LOR Dhath heard thy affliction. — 

12 And he Will be a Wilde man; his 
Hand will beagaint enery man, ande- 

verpinanshandagainthim: *ehethal| 

Dell nthe peelenceof ali his beethze1. 
3 And thee called the name of the 
LDR D that {ake buto her, Hho 
God feekme: for he fad, Hane F aifo 
herelooked after hin that teeth mez 
14. Wherefore the Weil was catied, 

*\|Beer-lahat-rot: Behold , Je ts be-| 

tiveene Cadeth and Wered. 

Ig CAndhagardareAvamafonne: 
and Alban called His 
Which Hagar bare, Poymact. 

||| perfect. 


|t GodreneweththeCouenant. 5 Abram his 
name is changed, in token of agreater blef- 
fing. 10 Circumeifion is infticuted. 15 Sa. 
raiher name is changed , and fhe bleffed. 17 
Izfaacis promifed. 23 Abram and Ifhmael 
are circumcifed, 

SHY MD when Abani was 
Gy P ninetic peresoldandnine, 
s\ & the LORD appeared 
3) A cae . - {aid oe 
aSHLY Seas YIN, Fant the almiahtic 
God, “Wailke before me, and be thou 

2 Aw Y Wilmake my coucnanthe- 

tiocene meand thee, and Will muitiply 


3 And Albpam fell onhis face, and 
God talked With him laying, 

4 Aisfoz me, behold, my coucnant 
is With thee, andthou thaitbe a* father 
of || many nations, 

oushaue PJ madethee, 

6 Aud Hwill make thee exceeding 
fruittull, and J will make nations of 
thee,and Hings hall come out of thee. 

7 And ZY Will eftableth ny couenant 
betibeenemeand thee, and thy feene ak: 
tet thee, in their generations fo2 ane: 
uerlafting couenant, to beea God buto 
thee, and to thy feed after thee, 

3 And FJ will giue buto thee, and 

naar, fo2 an eneriatting polleffion, and 
BD wiil be their God. 

9 CAnd God faid bnto Abeaham, 
Lhou hhait keepe my couenant there: 
fore, thou, and thy feene after thee, in 
theit generations, 

lo Lhis ismypcoucnant, which pee 
hall keepe betiveene me andyou, and 

mong pouthall be civeunicifed, 
1 And pe hati civeumeife the fleth of 

pour fozelkinne and tt thal be a* token | *A47-3- 
lof the couenant betwirtime and pou, 

Iz Andhe that ts ‘eight dayes olde, 

fonnes nanic, | 

ts boane in the boule, 02 bought wrth 
money ofany ranger, Which isnotof 

16 And Abeam Was foureftoze and! | chy fi 

fire peeves old, When Hagar bare Jo- 

mael to Ahan, 

by iced, 
3 Hethatis bornein thy houte, and 
Petar tang ie WARY OTeD TaN 
6b 2 

Chap.xvi I: Abraham. 

or fincere. 

7 | Hech.mul- 
5 Meither Hall chy name any moze side ofna- 
becalled Abeam, butthy name hail bee |” 

Aloraham : *fo2 a father of many nate | "4-17 

to thy {eed atter thee,theland' whered | 22 
thou act attranger, alithelandof Ca-|"""= 

thy feed after thee: * euery man-chila a] *Aes7-8- 

tom.4. It. 

t Hebr.a 
fonne o} 

“thalbe civcunicifed among you, every | 25.1 
man Childin pour generations, He that | *Leuie. 12. 

iohn 7.23. 


OfCircumeifion. Genefis. Three An gels. 

needs beciveumeiled: and my coucnant 
Thallbein pour fieth, foz an eneriatting 

14 Aindthebneireumeifen ntanr- hilo, 
Whole fleth of his forcltinne is not civ. 
cumetien that foule fhall be cut off fromm 
his people : hee hath beoken my couc- 
nant. : 

15 (And Godlatd bnto Awrahan, 
Ag for Davai thy torfe, thou fhalt not 
call her name Sarat, but Savaty thal! 
her namie be. 

16 And JH Wil biefle her, and gine 
theca foune aifo of her: pea Fi wil bicile 
Her, and|| fhe Thatbe a mother of nations ; 
Tings of people Mhatl be of Her. 

17 Lhen Awaham fell bpon his 
fate, and laughed, andfaid ii his heart, 
Shall a child be boene bnto him that is 
anhundzed peeves old and hal Saray 
thatis ninetie peeves old, beave< 

13 And Abahani {aid buto God, D 
that Himael night tivebefore thee. 

I9 And Gon {aid, *Sarah thy wife 
(hail beave thee afonneindeede, and 
thou thalt call his namie Flac : and FH 
Will eftablilh my coucnant with him, 
foz ant cuerlatting coucnant, and With 
his feed after hin. 

20 Andas for Pihmaci, BY haue 
heard thee: behold, J haucbictlea him, 

and will make hint fruitful, and Will 
multiplic Him exceedingly: *Lrwelue 
ainces Chall he beget, and Z will make 

tina gveatnation, 
21 Wutmy coucnant wil F eftabiith 
With Plaac, which Sarah hail beare 
puto thee, at this fet tine, in the nert 

y 22 Anohe left oF tathing with him, 
and God went hp from Aahant, 

23 (And Abeahamtooke Pihmael 
hisfonne,and all that were boanein his 
Houle, and all that Were bought with 
his money,cucrp male,among the men 
of Ahahanis Houle, and cirvcumeifen 
the fieth of their forelkinne, tn he felfe- 
fameday,as Godhand fad dnto hin. 

24. And Abeahant was ninety peeres 
oldand nine, when he was cirvcumeifed 
tthe fleth of bis fozettinne. 

25 And Pihmael his forne was thir- 
teene peeves old, When he was circum 
tiledin the fiety of his fozefkinne, 

26 Hur the felfe fame day was 2 

money of the ranger, were civeumet- 
fed With Him. 

CH A Po XV, 

1 Abraham entertaineth three Angels. 9 Sas 
rah is reproued for laughing at the ftrange 
promife. 17 The deftruction of Sodomeis 
revealed to Abraham. 23 Abraham ma- 
keth interce{sion for the men thereof, 

of Ro spd the * LDR D ap: * Hebr. 33. 
ee) peared bute hint, i the|* 

%» Plaines of Mamve:and he 
Ae Latein the tent doo2e,in the 
fori aees Heat ofthe day. 

2 Aud he lift bp his eyes and too- 
Ked, and loc, thee men flood by hint: 
and When He far them, hee ranne to 
meete thent from the tent dooze, and 
bowed himleife toward the ground, 

3 And fas, Dy Lowd, BE now“ 
haue found fauour in thy fight, patie 
notabay,F pray thee, fro thy fernant: 

4 Petalittte water, pray pou,be 
fetched and wath your feete, and rett| 
pourfelues bnder the tree: 

5 Atrid BY will fetch « morkel of 
byead ; and “comfort ye pour hearts, ab | t Heer. pay. 
tev that pou fhall patie on: fo2 therefore 
t ave pou come to pour feruant. And} ter 
they {aid; Sodoe,asthouhattian,. |’ 

6 And Awaham Haftened tnto the 
tent,bnto Sarat, ¢ faid ;* Dake ready | t Helv. He 
quickly theee meafures of fine meate, |” 
Knead it, AND make cakes bpon the 


oa tircunieifed , and Hihmael his 

27 And all the men of His Houle, 
bozne in the Houle , and bought with 

7 And Aheaham ranne buto the 
Heard, and fercht a caife , tender and 
good, and gave it bute a yong man: 
and be hatte to deeffe it, 
3 And He tooke butter, and mike, 
and thecalfe which he han deeflen, and 
fet it before them; andhettood by them 
brder the tree: and they nid cate. 
9 And hey fad bnto hin, wavere 
is Saval) thy wifes And he faid, Bee 
hoid,in the tent, 
To Andhe laid, J will certainty ve- 
turne ditto thee according to the time of 
life ; and loc, * Sarah thy wife thait| «clu. x7. 
hauea fonne, And Sarah head it en) 9-42" 
the tent doo2e,, which was behind hin.| 
1 Mow Awahaniand Sarah were 
Old, ANd Well frickerin age + andtt cea: 
fed to be With Sarah after the maner 
Mee eueretice Sarai 
_ 12 Therefore Sarah tanqher with: 
inher teife, faying, After Pam Toe 
old , hall J hauc pleature, my Mogd ber} «1.ree.3. 
tng oldaifo z 6. 

B And 


*Chap. 12. 

ap nae rayeth Chap.xix. forthe Sodomites| 

Abrahamprayeth Chi 

18-aéts, 3. 

" [hefatd, May, but thou diddeftlaugh. 

B And the LDR D faid pnto A 
maham, wherefore Did Sarah laugh, 
faying; Shall J of a furety beave a 
childe, which am old ¢ 

“4 Js any ehing too hard fo2 the 
LDR D2 Atthe time appointed will 
FH returne duto thee, according to the 
fime of hfe, and Sarah Mall haue a 

15 Lhen Sarah pented, laying, J 
laughed not: foz (he was aftaid. And 

16 @ And the men role bp from 
thence, and looked toward Sovonie: 
and Abeahant Went with thenr, to 
bung thent epee 

17 Andthe LO RD faid, Sha J 
a front Awaham that thing whith 



18 Seeing that Abeaham thail fure- 
lp beconie a great and cued eae 
andallthe nations of the earth thalibe 
*plefled in bin. 

Io Fo2H know hint, that hee wel 
command His children, and his boule: 
hold after Hint, and they hall keepethe 
Way ofthe L OR D, todoe uthice and 
tudgement , that the LDR D may 
being bpon Abeahant, that which hee 
hath fpoken of him. 

20 AndheL DR D fatd wWeraufe 
the cry of Sodome and Gomorrah is 
Great, and becaule their finne is bery 

2I @ Will goe Downe now, and fer 
Whether they haue done altogether ac: 
cording fo the cry of tt, which 1s come 
butome :andifnot, J weil know, 

22 And the men turned their faces 
front thence, and went towara Sp- 
dome : but Abeaham ood yet before 
the LORD. 

23 CAndAbaham drew neere,and 
faid, Wilt thou alfo dDelivoy the righ: 
teous With the wicked z 

24. Peraduenture there be fifty righ: 
teous Within the citte; writ thoualfo de- 
troy, andnotipare the place foz the fit 
tevighteous, thatare therein: 
That befarce from thee, to do ak: 

fromthee: Shall not the Pudae of ali 
the earth doc right: 
26 ANd he LOR D laid, HEY 
SDE eo a eoteoUs, oti 
ate, then J will {pare ali the viace 
fo2 their fakes, 5 sa 

27 And Awabam anfwwered, and 
{aid, Behold now, J hauctaken byon 
me to fpeake bnto theL DR D, which 
ant but du and athes. 

23 Peraduenture there Thali lacke 
fiue of the fiftie righteous : Wilt thou de- 
troy all the citie foz lacke of fiuez And he 
faid, a FH ind there fourtic and fine, 
J witli notdettroy ic. 

29 And hee fpake bnto hint pet a 
Gaine, and (aid, Peraduenture there 
{hall be fourtic found there: and Hetad, 
BY Will not doc ic for fourties fake, 

30 And hetaid buto hin, Dy tet not 
the Lord beangry, and GY wil {peake: 

evaduenture there thail thirte bee 
ound there. And he faid, JF wil notvoe 
it, EDP find thirtie there, 

31 Andhelatd, Behold now, Jhaue 
taken Dpon mee to {peake bito the 
Low : Pevaduenture there thaii vee 
tibenty found there. Andhelat, 
Will not deftrop it fo2 Hventies fake, 

32 And hee fatde, DOH iet not the 
Logd be angry, and F wall {peake pet 
but this once: Peraducntureten hail be 
found there. Andhe lard, F wilnotode- 
{troy itfoztennes fake, 

33 AnD MeL DR D wenthis way, 
affoone a8 Hee Had eft communing 
With Awaham : and Aveaham retur- 
ned bnito his place. 


1 Lotentertaineth two Angels, 4 The vici- 
ous Sodomites are ftriken with blindneffe. 
1z Lotisfentfor fafety into the mountaines, 
18 Hee obtaineth leaue to goe into Zoar. 
24. Sodome and Gomorrah are deftroyed. 
26 Lots wifeis apillaroffalt. 30 Lotdwel- 
leth inacaue. 31 The inceftuous original] 

of Moab and Ammon, 

SOAs M20 there came tho Aue 

E gels to Sodome at even, 

> AND Lotlatein the gate of 

¥ » Dodome sand Lotileeing 

Ste Ssoe them,tofebp to meet them, 

and he bowed himleife with hts face to- 

Ward the ground, 

2 AMnd he laid, Wehoilde now my 
Loods, turnein, J peay you, ito pour 
feruants boule, andtaric allnight,and 
*Wwath pour feete, and ye fhati rife bp 
carly and gor on pour Wayes. And thep 
fad, Nay : but We Wil abide in the {treet 

3 Andhe peeled bpon them greatly, 
and they turned in bnto hint, anden- 
tredinto bis wae andhe made then 


*Chap. 18, 
3 afeatt, 

houle befet. 


afeatt, and did bake Drieauened bread, 
Aud they did cate, 

4 © %ut before they lay Downe, 
fhe men of the citic, even themen of So- 
dont, compatlea the boule round, both 
oldand yong, all the people fronieuerp 

5 Anothey called dnto Lot andiaid 
puto hint, woheve ave the men Which 
came it to thee this mabe: being them 
outbnto bs, Mate may know them. 

6 And Lot Went out at the doove 
bnto thent,¢thutthedooze after hint, 

Andiaid, Ppeay you, beetheen, 
Docnotio wickedly. 

S$ Wehola now, Whauc tio daugh- 
fers, Whichhaucnot krowen man; iet 
nee, Ppray pou, being thenrouthnto 

pou, and Docpetothem, asisgoodin 
pour eyes: onely duito thele men do no- 
thing: fortherefore came they buder the 
thadow of my roofe. 

9 Andthey laid, Stand barke. And 
they faid againe, Lhts one fellow came 
into foiourne, and Ye will needs bee a 

udgC: Mo Wil We deale Worle with 
thee, hen with then. And they peelled 
foeebpon themia, even Lot, and came 
neeve to beeake MHhedoore, 

lo But the men put forth their hand, 
and pulled Lotinto the houleto them, 
and hutto the dooze. 

2nd they finote the men * that 


Sodome bur nt. 

handof his wife, and bpon the hand of 
his tho daughters, the LOMD being 
mereifull bute Hin: and they. brought 
him forth and fer him without the citte. 

17. (CAndit came to pale When thep 
had boought then forth abzoand, thathe 
fad, €frape fo2 thy life lookenothehind 
thee, weno flay thou in all the plane: 
elcape to the mountaine, elt thou bee 

18 And Lotlatd bnto theni, Db not 
fo,my Load. 

Ip *Webolde now, thy feruant hath 
found grace in thy fight, and thou hatt 
magnified thy mercy, Which thou Hatt 
thelbed buto me,infauing my life, and 

cannot eftape to the mountaine, eft 
ome cuilltakeme, and FH odte, 

20 Wehold now, his aticis neereto 
flee Duto, andéstisalieone: Dbletme 
efcape thither, isitnotaliticones) and 


u Andhelaid buto him, See, PF haue 
accepted * thee concerning this thing, 
that ZH Well not ouerthow this citte,fo2 
theibhich thou hattipoken, 

22 Hatte thee, eltape thither: far 
cannot Doc any thing tll thoubee come 
thither : therefore the name of the citte 
Was called Zoar, 

23 @ Lhe funne was ' rifen bpon 
the earth, when Lot entredinto Zoar, 

} Heb.thy 


} Hebr.gone 

24. Then *the LORD rained Dp- *Deut. 29. 
on Sodome €bpon Gomorvrad, beta | 23- luk 17. 
ftone and five, fromthe L Dak Dout|77 673: 
of heauen, 

40.amos 4. 

25 And he ouertheew thole cities and | 1e7- 

were af the Dooze of the Houle, with 
blindnes, both fnalland gqveat : fo that 
they Weavied themielues to finde the 
I @ And the men {atd bnto Lot, 


+ Heb.are 

4 Or, punifh- 

Hatt thou here any befides z fonne in 
lath, and thy fonnes, and thy daugh- 
ters, and Whatloeuer thou hatinthe 
cific, beittg them out of this place. 

13. FO2 Wwe Will dellvoy this place, bee 
caule the *cvie of them 1s Waren great 
before the face of HeLORD ; andthe 
LDBD hath lent bs todettroy it, 

14. And Lot tent out,and fpake bn- 
to hisfounes inlaw, which marrien his 
Daughters, and fad, Up, act pecoutof 
this place: fo2theLDIRD wil deftrop 
this citie : but hee feemed as one that 
niocked, bnto hisfounes inlaw, 

5 @ And When the monte arole, 
then the Angels hattened Lot, faying, 
Aivile, take thy wife, ethy tivo dangh- 
ters, Which’ are here, left thou be cont 
MED tt The || tniquitic of che citte, 

16 And “While he tingred, memen 
laid Hold bpon hishand, and bpon the 

all heplaine, and all the nbabitants of 
Ms cites, and that which grey bpon 

26 (But his wife looked backe from 
Eee Hint, and the became apillar of 
27 CAnd Ahaha gate vp eavely 
ithe mowuing, to the place, wherehee 
flood before the LZ DR D. 

23 And helooked toward Sonome 
and Gomorrah) , Etoward all theland 
of the plane, and beheld, and toe, the 
{mote of the countrey Went bp as the 

29 (Andit cameto patle, when God 
deltroped the cities of the plane; that 
God vemembed Avraham; aridfent 
ent of ae ‘ theouertipow, 

ei He ouerthzew the cities ; inthe 
Which Loe nwelt, Sng 

30 (And Lot went vp outofZoar, 
AMD Dwell in the mountaine, andhrs 



ots incett. 

| Chap.xx, Abra 

ham in Gerar, 

9 DANAHters With jini: foz Hee fea 
- to abel tt Zoar, and hedwelt tu 
acaue,he and his tho Daughters, 

31 And the fir boene faide bnto the 
pouger, Durfatheris old, and thereis 
notamanim the earths, tocomeindnto 
bg, after the maner of all the we 

32 Come, tet bs make our father 
Denke Wine, and We Willlpe with him, 
thatwe may peeferucfeed ofour father. 

33 And they madetheir father deinke 
Wine that night, € the fick bone went 
i, andlay With ber father: and he per- 
ceiuednot, when thee lay Downe, 102 
When the avofe. 

34. Audit came topatle onthe mor 
row , that the fir bone faid buto the 
pouger, Behold , FH tay pefternight 
With my father: tet bs make hin danke 
kine thts night allo, ana goe thou in, 
andtye with him, chat woe may peeleruc 
feed of our father. 

35 And they made their father dinke 
Wine that might alfo, andthe pouger a 
role, and lap With hun : and Hepercer- 
oe fhelapdoiwne,nioz When 


Me Thus Were both the daughters 
ofLot with hide by their father. 

37 Andthe fir bome bare a fonne, 
and called his name Doab: thefamets 
the father of the Woabites buto this 

38 And the pouger, the alfo bare a 
fonne, and allen his name,Ben-amimi: 
thefame is the father of the chitdzen of 
Anunon, bnto this day. 

Gi cA: Pi KX: 

Abraham foiournethat Gerar, 2 denieth 
his wife, andlofethher. 3 Abimelechisre- 
proued forherinadreame. 9 Herebuketh 
Abraham, 14 reftoreth Sarah, 16 and 
reprooueth her. 17 Hee is healed by A- 
brahams prayer. 
PAD MD Ahaha iourneped 
<5 from thence, torbard the 
By, Douth) - Countrey , and 
AON dibelled betweene Ca 

Is deh and Shur, and fo- 
tourned in Gerar. 

2 And Abahani faid of Sarah his 
Wife, She temp fitter : And Abimetech 
Bing of Gevar lent, and tooke Darah, 

3 Wut God cameto Abimetechin a 
deeame by night , and fatd to hint, wWe- 
Hold, chou ar bura dead man, forthe wo- 


1 Heb. mer- | Mey Chou hatt taken : for Meets 

yiedto an 
h usband, 

Tamas wre, 

4 But Abimelech had not conic 
neere her: and he fain, DIR D, wit 
thou flay allo avighteous nation + 

5 Haldhe not bntome, hers nip 
fitter zand fhe,euen the herielfe fad, pee 
is mp bother: in the inteqvitic of my 
Heart,andinnocencie of my hands haue 

6 Aud God fade bnto him in a 
deeanie, Bea, JF know that thoudiott 
this tn the mtegvitie of thy heart: for F 
allo Withheld thee from inning agaitilt 
mee, therefore fuffered F thee not to 
touch ber. 

7 Sow therefore vettoze the man 

his wife: for he isa prophet,and he that 
peay fo2 thee, andthou (hait tiue sand fF 
thou veftoze her not, know thou that 
thou Malt iucely de, thou, andail that 
8 Kherefore Abimelech role eaveip 
it He mowing, and called ait his fer: 
WANTS, ANd Cold all thete things m their 
caves sand the mien Were fo2¢ afraid, 

9 hen Abimelech catled Ara 
Ham,and {aid dnto him what hatt thou 
done dito bsz and that haue F offer: 
ded thee, that thou Halt beoughton me, 
and on my kingdome @ areat finne z 
thou Halt Done deeds buto mee that 
ought not to be done, 

lo And Abimelech fad onto Ahrw- 
hanr what fawett thou, that chou halt 
done his thing: 

W And Abaham fatd , Weeaule F 
thought, Surely the feave of God is 
not inthis place: and they Will fay mee 
formiy Wines fake, 

Iz And pet tndeed thee ts my fitter: 
Cheisthe daughter of my father, but not 

the daughter of mp mother; and thee 

becanie nip wife, 

3 And if came to pafle when God 
caufed me to Wander from my fathers 
houle, that Hfaid bnto her, Lhisisthy 
kindneffe which thou Mhalt ther nto 
ine; at euerp place Whither twee that 
come,“ fay of mee ts my other, 

14. Aud Abimelech tooke (heepeand 
Oren, ANd men-fernants, and women 
feruants , and gaue them bnto Abea- 
ham,and rettored him Sarah his wife, 

15 And Abimelech aid, Wehotd, ny 
laud is before Hee; wel Where tt plea 
feth thee. 

16. 2nd bute Sarah bee fain , We: 
Hold, H haue aiuen thy brother a thou: 
{and pieces of filucr : behold, heisto thee 
aconering-of the eyes, Duty alt ee 


| Or; fimpli- 
citie or fin 



t Heb.asis 
good in thine 

\faacis borne. Genelis, Hagar comforted, 

*Chap,17. | ¢ 

19.and 18. 

's.{wed, and bare : 
» (oldage, atthelet time, of Which God 




With thee, and With all others Hhus thee 
Was repeoued. 

17 @ So Aheaham prayed bnto 
God: and Godhealed Abimeiech, and 
hisibife, and his maid-feruants, and 
they bare childzen. 

18 Forthe LD RD hadfattcofled 
bpall the wombes of the houte of Abi 
meee, becaule of Sarah Abeahbams 



1 Ifaacis borne. 4 Heiscircumciled. 6 Sa- 
rahsioy. 9 Hagar &Ifhmael are caft forth. 
15 Hagar in diftrefle, 17 The Angel com- 
forteth her. 22 Abimelechs couenantwith 
Abraham at Beer-fheba. 

E MD the LDR D hifited 

“ es Sarah ay had fatd,and 
y oe nd a mt mn 
A\\cr Sarah *ashehanfpoken. 
M 2 Fo Sata" cotute 
Aibeaham a fonne tn his 

Hadlpoken to him, 

3 And Abpaham called the name of 
His foune, that thas bomne bnto han, 
Whom Sarah bare to him, Plaac, 

4 And Abahant civcumeen his 
fonne Hlxac, being ceghtdapes old,*as 
God had commandedhim, 

5 And Abraham was an hunded 
peeves old, when his fonne Plaac was 
poze Dnto hint. a 

6 C And Sarah fad, Gor Hath 
mademe to laugh, tha allthatheare, 
Will laugh with me. 

7 Andthe fad, who would haue 
{aid buto Abraham, that Sarah thouid 
haue given childzen fucke ¢ for J haue 
bowichim afonnein bis oldage. 

8 Andthe child grew,and was wea- 
ned: and Ababam made agveat feat, 
the Ame day that Pilaac as weaned, 
es < ae Sen ee oe fee of 

agar the Egyptian, which theehad 
boete buto Abraham, mocking, 

1o naherfoze (hefaid bntoAbeahan,| | fa 

*Caft out this bond oman, and her 
fonne : for the fonne of this bond wo: 
man hall not be heive with my fonne, 
cuen With Piaac, 

I Andthe thing as beryp grienoug 

in Ahabams fight, becaule of hts} |f 

12 CAnd God fatd dnto Amaham, 
Bet itnot begrieuons tn 
caufe of the 1ad,and becante of thy bond 
Woman, Jnali that Sarah hath flaw 

buto thee, bearken bnto her voice: foz 
itt Plaac that chy feed be catled. 

13 Andalfo, of thefonne of Hebond 
Woman will Fmakeanation, becaule 
he isthyp teen. : 

14. And Abeaham role hp earely in 
the mozning, and tooke becad, and a 
bottleof hater, and gaue tt bnto Ha- 
gar, (putting tt on her thoulder,) and 
the child, and fent her away: and thee 
oe and Wandered in the Wilder: 
nefle of Weer-fheba, 

15 And the Water was {pent in the 
bottle, and thee cathe child bnder one 
of thethaubs. 

16 And he went,and fate her Downe 
ouer againt him, a good Wap off, ast 
Were Abo Hoot: foz Mhelaid, Letme 
not feethedeath of thechild. Andthee 
fate over againtt him, and tft bp ber 
botce, and wept, 

17 And God heard the boice of the 
lad, and the Angelof God called to Hae 
Gar out of heauen, and {aid dntoher, 
wahatatleth thee, Hagar feare not: fo2 
Godhath heard the doice of the lade, 

18 QAteile, tiftbp theilad, andhold him 
inthine hand: for J will make hima 

I9 2nd God opened her eyes; and 
thefar a well of water, and fheewent, 
and filled the bottle with water, and 
gauethelad dainke. 

20 And God Was withtheilad, and 
Hegreth, anddibeit in the wildernefie, 
and became anarcher, 

21 And hee dwelt in the widernefie 
of eo and his mother tookebima 
wife out of theland of Eaypt. 


22 (And it came to patie at that 
time, Hat Abimelech and phichol the 
chiete captaine of his hotte fpake bnto 
Abhaham, faying, God is with thee in 
allthat thou dock. 

23 How therefore hucare nto mee 
Here by God, that thouwitnot peale 
fly With me, noz With my fonne, no2 
With my fonnesfonne: burdecogding to 
¢ kindnefle that J haue done bnto 
ce, hou thaltdoe Suto me, and tothe 
land herein thouhat forourned, 
24. aind Ahabam fade, FY wel 
25 And Ahaham reproued Aine: 

lech), becaufe of & well i 
fight, be- Pat DP 

bimelechs {eruants had diolently ta 
ken away, 

26 And Abimelech {aide, J wote 

| Thatis, 
The well of 
the othe. 

| Or, Tree. 

Abraham is tempted. Chap.xxi. 

trot be hath done this thing: neither 
DID thou tell nie, neither pet heard ZF 
ofit,but to day. 

27 AndAbahant tooke theepeand 
OLE, and gaue thent bnto Abinelech: 
and both of hentmadea coucnant, 

28 And Abeaham fet feuen eve 
lambes of the flocke by themfeiues. 

29 And Abimelech {aid bnto Ab2a- 
ham , vahat meane thefe fener eve 
lambes , Which thou hat let by then 

30 Andhelaid, Foz thelefenen eve 
lambs thait thou take ofimy hand,that 
they may be a thitneile bnto me, that 
hate digged this teil. 

31 noherefore He called that place, 
|2Beer-Theba: becaule there they fware 
both of then. 

32 Hhus they made.a conenant at 
Weeer-Mheba : then Abimelech vole bp, 
and Phichol the chiefe captaine of his 
hottie, andthey returned into theiand 
ofthe pbilittines. 

33 @ And Abraham planted a|| groue 
tn 2Beer-Mheba, and called there onthe 
Mame of the LD RD, the enerla 
thing God. 

34. And Abeaham foiourned tr the 
Pbiliftines land, many dapes, 

Gora XT. 

1 Abraham is tempted to offerIfaac. 3 Hee 
giueth proofe of his faith and obedience. 
11 The Angel ftayeth him. 13 aac is 
exchanged with a ramme. 14 The place 
is called Ichouah-ijreh. 15 Abraham is 
blefled againe. 20 The generationof Na- 
hor ynto Rebekah. 

YE MD tt came to pafle after 
% thele things , that* God 
& did tempt Abeahan, and 
g Laid dnto hint, Aweaham. 
Howes Andee laid, * Weholde, 
Heerve ¥ ant, 
2 Andhelaid, Lakenow thyfonne, 
thine onely fonne Hfaac, whom thou io- 
ueft, and get thee into the land of Do- 
tial) : and offer Him there fo2 a burnt 
offering Dpon one of the Wountaines 
Which PH will tet thee of. 
3 C And Abraham role bp earely 
inthe moming, and fanied his afle, and 
tooke tho of his pong men with hun, 
and Blaac his fonne , and cane the 
Wood foz the burnt offering , and rofe 


God Had told hint, 

Dp , AND Went bnto the place of which | 

4. Therion the thirdday Awaham 
lift bp His eyes , and fat the place a 
farve off, 

5 And Abeahanifad dnto his yong 
men, Abide pouhere with the alle, and 

And Helad will goe ponder and Woz 

bip,and come againe to you, 

6 And Abeahamtooke the Wood of 
theburnt offering,andilayd it bpon Be 
faachisfonne : and he tooke thefivem 
his hand, anda kuife : and they Went 
both of them together. 

7. And Haat (pake buto Aweaham 
bis father,and fain, oP father: and be 
faid, * Here am ane onne, Andhee 
faid, Behold the fire and wood: but 
Whereis the Hambe fora burnt offring: 

3 And Abraham Laid , Wy fonne, 
God ill proutde himleife atanibe fora 
burnt offering : fo they Went both of 
them together. 

9 Audthey cameto the place which 
God Had tolde him of, and Amaham 
butitan Altar there,and lapo the wood 
in order, and bound HFfaac his fonne, 
repent Him on the Altar bpon the 


Jo And Aheaham ftretehen foozth 
his hand, and tooke the knife to fay his 

¢ Angel of the L ORD 

I 2ind 
called buto him out of heauen, andfan, 
ae And he laid Here 


12 Andhelatd, Lay not thine hand 
Hpon the lad, neither do thou any thing 
buto him ; fo2 no J know that chon 
fearelt God, feeing thou hat not with: 
helde thy fonne , thine onely fonne 
from mee, 

3 And Abeaham liften bp his eyes, 
And looked, and beholde, behindehima 
Rammie caught in a thicket by his 
hones: And Abeaham Went and fooke 
the Ranime,and offered hin bp fora 
burnt offering,in the ftead of his fonne. 

14. Aud Abahani called the name of 
that place|| Pehouah-ijreb, agit ts faid 
to this dap , Fn the Mount of the 
LORD it Hhatvefeene. 

Ig (And the Angelof HeLDORD 
called bnto Abeahbamout of heauen the 
fecond tine, 

16 And faid , * Wy my lelfe Haue FP 
fone, faith the L D IR D, for becaute 
thou hattdone this thing, and halt not 
Withheld thy fonne, thine onclyfonne, 

17 hat in blefling F will viefle 
thee, and in multiplying, FJ wil mut- 

[fac (pared. 


hold me. 



willfee, or, 


*Pfal. 105. 
44-21. luke 
i. 73. hebr. 

Sarahs death. 

tiply thy feed as the ftarres of the hea- 
uen, andas the fand which pee 
feat Thoze, and thy feed thal pofleme the 
gateofhis enemies, 

13 *Andinthy feed MHhatlall thenatt- 
ons ofthe earth be biefled, becaule thou 
Halt obeyed my voice, 

Io So Abeaham returned buto his 
pyouginen, and they rofe bp, and went 
together to Beer-Mheba, and Abeaham 
Dibelt at Beer-Theba, 

20 (Andit cameto pale after thele 

{ Heb, lippe. 

3. and18. 
44.32, acts. 
3-25. galat. 
acde 2 

tig, Wehold Micah, thee hath alio 
boze childeen bnto thy beother sa- 

? 21 Hus His firk howe, and wus his 
beother , and Bemuel the father of 

22 And Cheled, and Haso, and Pil 
dah, and Pidlaph, and w2Wethuet, 

23 AndWethuel begate *Rebekah : 
thele cight Dilcah did beareto Pahoz, 
Ahahams bother. 

24. Andhis concubine whole name 
Was Reumah, the bare allo Lebah,and 
Gahan, and Lhahath, and Daachah. 


1 The ageand death of Sarah. 3 Thepurchafe 
of Machpelah, 19 where Sarah was buried. 

Sd Sarah Was an hur 
deedandieuen and twenty 
Bam PLCVES OLDE : thefe were the 
peeves ofthelifeof Sarah. 

i ae «82 Aid Sarah died in 
Fawiath -avba,helame is Hebronin the 

‘Hlandof Canaan: And Abahant came 
- mourne for Sarah, aud to weepe foz 

3 And Abraham ftood vp from 
before His dead, efpake butothefonnes 
of Heth faying, 

4 Yamaftranger anda foiourner 
With pou: gtue me apofleffion of abu 
rping place With pou, that Hmay bury 
my dead Out ofmy fight. 

5 And thechiddzen of Heth anlyered 
Abeahant, faping dito Him, 

6 Heare bs, mp Lord, thou art a 
‘ miahtie P2ince among bs : m the 
choileof our feputehes bury thy dead: 
noneof bs Hhall withhold from thee his 
fepulehee, but hat thou mapett bury 
thy dean, 

7 And Abahani ftood bp and bow: 
ed Himleife to the people of the land, e- 
uen tothe chilnenof eth. 

3 And hee communed With them, 

* Called 


things, thatit Was tola Ahaham, fay: | 

faying, if itbe pour mind that J thouto 
bury my dead outofnry fight. Heareme, 
and entreat foz me to Epheon the fonne 
of Zohar: 

9 Hhathe may gine me the caucof 
Machpelah, which he hath, whichis in 
the end of his field: for ‘as much money 
astt ts Woeth he lhatl gine it mee, fora 
pottefion of a burying place amongtt 

: lo And Ephron dibeit amonalkt the 
childeenof Heth, And Ephron the Hit- 
tite anfivered Ababa in the t audi: 
erecof the childzen of eth, cuen of ail 
that Went in at the gates of his citie, 

Her buriall 


t Hebr. full 




Il May, my lord, heave mee: he field 
gue FH thee,and the caucthat is therein, 
é giue it Hee, in the prefence of the 

ones of myp people gine Hit thee: bu- 
ry thy dead. 

Iz And Ahaham bowed done 
himietfe before the people of theiann. 

13, Aud helpake nto Ephron in the 
audtence of the people of the land, fay- 
ity, Wut ifhou wit gine it, HB pray thee, 
heave mec: BJ will give thee money fo2 
the field: take ttofime, andZ willbury 
imp dead there, 

14. And Epheon anflbered Abe 
Hani, faying bnto him, 

15 Dy lod, hearken buto mee:the 
land is Worth foure hundzed (hekels o 
filuer : What ts that betwirt mee and 
theez bury therefore thy dead. 

16 And Ababa hearkened onto 
Ephron, and Ahaha Weighed to €- 
phzon the filuer , hich he Had namen, 
in the audience of the fonnes of Heth, 
fourehundzed thekels offiluer, currant 
money With the merchant, 

17 CAnod the field of Ephron which 
was tit MDachpelaly , Which) was before 
Manic, the fielveand the cane which 
was therein, and all the trees that were 
inthefield , that were inal heborders 
round about,Wwere made fire 

8 CntoAbaham fora pofleiion in 
the prefence of the chilozen of eth, be- 
ee all that Went wat the gates of his 

} eg, 

19 ANd after this Abalham buried 
Sarah his wife in the cane ofehe fein 
of Dachpelah, before Mamwesthefame 
isHebeon inthe land of Canaan, 

_ 20 Alnd the field, and the caue that 
isthevetn, Were made lure bnto Awa 
hamn,foz a pofleffion ofa burping place, 
by Hhefonnes of eth. 


Caretoprouide — Chap.xxiii. 

“Chap. 47: 

“Chap. 12, 

Abraham {weareth his feruant. 10 The fer- 
uants tourney: 12 Hisprayer: 14 His 
figne. 15 Rebekah meetethhim, 18 ful 
filleth his figne, 22 -receiueth iewels, 23 
fheweth her kinred; 25 and inuiteth him 
home. 26 The feruant blefleth God. 28 La- 
ban enterteineth him. 34 Theferuantfhew- 
ethhismeflage. 50 Laban and Bethuel ap- 
proue it. 58 Rebekah confenteth to goe. 
62 Ifaacmeeteth her. 

REF MD Ahahanri was olde 
d2oe and Yell {tricken in age: 
VX And the LDRD Hard 
RNG biclled Abeaham im ail 
2 Atboahanrfatd duto Hrs eldett 
fernant offis houfe, hatruted over ait 
that he had, “put, Ppeaythec, thy 
hand buder my thigh: 

3 And P wiilmake thee fueare by 
heL ORD the God of heauen,and 
the God of the earth, that thou thait 
not fake a Wife bnto my fonne of the 
daughters of the Canaanttes among 
Whom F dwell. 

4. Butthou halt go bnto my coun: 
trey, aud{o my kinved, and take a wife 
bnto my fonne Piaac. 

5 And the feruant fad buto him, 
Pevaduenture the Woman Weil nothee 
Willing to follow mee duto thisiand : 
mutF needes bring thy fonne againe, 
des tHe land front whence thou ca 

6 And Anahan fad bnto him, we: 
Ware Mou, that thou bing not my 
fonne thither againe. 

T CLZVCL OR D Godofheanen 
Which tooke mee from my fathers 
Houle,and from theiand ofmy kindzed, 
and Which fake duto mee, and that 
fare bnto me, faying,* into thy feed 

-, WAZ gtue chisiand, he thatt fend his 
| Mngel before thee, and thou that take a 

wWifebnto my fonne from thence. 

3 Andifthe Woman wi not be wi: 
ling to follow thee then thou thait bee 
cleave from thismy othe : onely bang 
not myfonne thither againe, 

9 And the feruant put his hand ore 
der the thigh of Awaham his matter, 
and fare to Him concerning hat 

Jo [And the feruant tooke tence: 
mels, of the camels of his matter, and 
Departed, (||forall the goods of his ma: 
fer Were inbishand) and heavofe,anv 

Went to Delopotaniia, oneo the citie 
of Mahor 

LE And he made his caniets to krieeie 
dove Without the cite , by a Weil of 
Water, at the timeof theeucning, euen 
thetine ‘that women gocout to date 

In And held, DL ORD, Godot 
inp matter Ababa, J pray thee fend 
me good {peedtijis day and fel kind. 
nefie bute my matter Abahani, 

3 Bebhols, FH and here by the Weil 
of Water ; and the daughters of the 
men of the Citie come out to dea 

14 Andlet tt come to patie, that the 
damiell to Whom F thal fay, Wet 
Dolbne thy pitcher, J pray thee, hay 
may dune, and the Mhallfay, Druntie, 
and J Will gue thy canieis oznke allo, 
let the fame be thee that thou hatt ape 
pointed for thy teruant Fiaac : and 
thereby thall FH know that thou Hatt 
hetbed kindnefie bute my matter, 

Is CAnd it came to pale beforehee 
had done fpeaking, that behold, Rebe- 
kal) came out, Who thas bome fo We: 
thuel, fonne of Ditcaly, the wife of Pa- 
hoz Abahains brother, With her pit: 
ther bpon her thoulder, 

I6 Andthedamlell was ‘very faire 
to looke pon, abirgine, neither Had a 
hy inatt Knowwen ber; and thee went 
DOWNIE fo the Wel,and filled Her pitcher, 
and came dp, 

17 And the feruant ranne to meee 
Yer, and faid , Let mee (FZ pay thee) 
Duke alittle Water of thy pitcher. 

13 Andhelatd, Danke, my lord: ann 
the hatted, and iet downe her pitcher 
bpon Her hand, and gauchindanke, 

19 And When thee had done gtutng 
Him deinke, he fad, ZF wall daw water 
for thy camels alfo, butit they haue 
done deinking. 

20 ind the hated and emptied her 
pitcher into the trough, and ranne a 
gate Dnito the Well to death warer,and 
Dew forall His cameis, 

21 And the man Wondering at her, 
Helde his peace, to wit, whether the 
LORD had made his tourney prot: 
perous,o2 not, 

22 Anditcame to palleas the camels 
had done dainking, that the mantooke 
& golden |leare-ring, of halfe a theket 

awite for Ifaac, 

{ Hebr.that 
wome which 
dray water, 

ge foorth, 


{ Hebr. good 
of counte~ 

f Or, fewer 
forthe fore- 

Weight,¢ two bracelets forher handes, |f 1 

of fet thekels Weight of gold, 
23 And faid, vahote ee art 


Abrahams feruant, 

thouz tell mee, B pray thee: ts there 
roome in thy fathers Houle for bs to 

24. Andihelad bnto him, J ani the 
daughter of wethuel thefoune of Wit- 
ome fhe bare bnto Pahoz: 

25 DShelaid mozcouer bnto him, we 
Have both fra € proucnder pnough, 
And roometo lodge tt, 

26 Andthe man bowed done his 
head, and WoreMhipped the LOR D. 

27 And hee fade, Wielled bee the 
LORD Godofmy matter Ababa, 
Who hath not left oeftitute my matter 
of his mercy and histructh: J being 
inthe way, the L DR D len meto the 
houfeof mp matters beetheer. 

23 Andthedamlell ranne, andtoiDd 
themof her mothers houle,thelechings. 

29 & And Rebekah had abeother, 
and his naine was Laban: and Laban 
ranite out bute theinan,bnto the weil. 

30 Audit came to patle when hefaw 
the eave-ving,, and bracelets bpon his 
fiftershands, and then hee heard the 
Wwones of Rebekah His fitter , fayinag, 
Chus ipake the man bnto me, that he 
came Dnto the mat ; and behold, hee 
flood by the camels,atthe weil. 

31 Andhelaid,Comein, hou bielen 
of the LDRD , wherefore tandelt 
thou without: for J haue peeparedibe 
houfe,and voome fo2 the camels. 

32 @ And the man came mito the 
houle: and he bugivded his cameis,and 
gauc fray and peoucnider fo2 the ca 
Mels, and Water to Wah histeet, and 
the mens feet that were With him. 

33 And there Was {et mearhefore him 
to cate: but he laid , FB woul not eate,bn- 
till Phane toldemine errand. Andhee 
fad, ppeakeon, 

34. Andhelatd, J am Aheahams fer- 

35 And he LDRD hath bielko 
my inater greatly, and hee is become 
great: and Hee hath aiuen him flocks, 
and heards, and filuer, and gold, and 
menfernants, and maya feruants, and 
camels andatles. 

36 And aval) my matters Wife 
bave afonne to my matter When thee 
Was old: and dnto him hath hee giuen 

37 Audmy matter mademe ueare, 
faying, Lhou halt not take a wifeto 
my fonne, of the daughters of the Ca- 
naanites,in whole land J dwell : 

33 Wut thou fhalt goe bnto my fx 


thers houfe, and tomy bined, and fake 
abife buto my fonne. 

39 And Haid buto my matter, Per- 
aduentuve the woman willnot followe 

4° And hee faide bnto me, Hhe 
LDR D, before whom FY walke, will 
fend his Angel with thee, and peofper 
thy way: and thou fhait tate a Wife for 
my fonne, of mp kinced, and of my fr 
thers houte, 

41 Lhen thalt Hou bee dearefrom 
this my oath, then thou commett to 
my kinred, and if they giue not Hee one, 
thou fhait be cleave fronviny oath. 

42 AndF came this day bnto the 
Welland fxtd,D LOR D Godofm 
matter Abeahant, ifnow thoudoe prot: 
pecmy way, which H goe: 

43 “Webhon, Hltandby the weilof 
Water; andit hall come to pale , that 
When the birgine commeth foorth to 
Daw water, AND FH fap toher, Gine me, 
FJ pay thee, alitie water of thy pitcher 
to deinke; 

44 Andihelayto me, Both orinke 

thou, and J will alfo dea forthy ca 
meis: lecthe fame bethe woman, hs 
he LORD hath appointen out fo2 
my maflers fonne. 
. 45 ind before Phan donelpeaking 
inmine heart, behold, Rebekal) came 
forth, With her pitcher on her fhoutder ; 
and he Went doiwne bnto the hell, and 
De water: and J Laid bnto her, Wet 
me dainke, J pray thee. 

46 Audthemade hatte, elet pone 
her pitcher from ber thoulder, and fatne, 
Diinke, and amu give thy cameis 
Danke alfo : fo F deanke, andMHemade 
the camels deinke alfo, 

47 Ano alked her,ann fad nohofle 
Daughter art thouz andthe fain, ab 
Daughter of Wethuel, Mahors fofine, 
Who Dileah bave bnto him: and 
putthe eavering bpon ber face, andthe 
bracelets bpon her hands, 

43 AndPF bowed Downe my heap, 
and Wo2hhipped the LORD, and biel: 
fed the LDR D God of my matter 
Abeahani, which had leo mee tn the 
right way to takemyp matters baothers 
Daughter bnto his fore, 

49 Andnow pou Wwildeale kindly 
and truely With my matter,tellme sand 
if not, teliime, that B may turne to the 
righthand, o2 to the teft, 

50 Hhen Laban and Wethuel an- 
fivered andfaid, The thing proceeneth 


*Verfe 13. 

from the LDR D: We cannot ipeare 

bnto thee bador good. 
$1 Wehold, Rebekah ts before thee, 
talkie her, and goe, andlether be thy ma- 
ftersfonnes wWife,as the LORD hath 
ios Aind it came to pafle, thatwhen 
Aheahams fervant heard their words, 
he worlhipped the L DIR D, bowing 
hinilelfe to the earth. 
53. And the feruant brought footh 
“Ittewels of filuer, and teweis of gold, 
and ratnent, and gaue them fo Rebe- 
hah: be gaue alfo to her bother, and 
toermother precious things. 
54. And they did cate anddzinke, he 
and themen that were with him, and 
tavted alinight, and they rofe bp tn the 
. MoMnitg, and hefatd, *Sendmeaway 
dnto my matter. 2 
55 Andher bother and her mother 
fald, Let the danfell abide with bs 
Ja : nape, at theleak ten; after that, 
eee And he faid bnto thent, Hinder 
menot, fecing the Z DIR D hath prot 
peredmy way: fend me aay, that J 
may goe to my matter. 
57 And they {aid, usec will cali the 
Danlell, andenquireather mouth. 
§3 And they called Rebekah, and fad 
bnto her, wilt thou go with this man: 
and fhe fad, a Will goc. 
$9 And hep feut albay Rebekah 
thew fitter, and her nurfe, and Abza- 
hams fernant, and his men. 
60 And they bleflen Rebekah, and 
faid bnto her, Lhou artouc fitter, bee 
thou the mother of thoufands of mit: 
Ons, and let thy feed pofietle the gate of 
thote which hate theni. 
61 @ And Rebekah arofe, and her 
pamfels, sh tode bpon the camels, 
and followed the man : and theferuant 
tooke Rebekat, and Went his way. 
62 And Piaac came from the way 
of the* Well Lahat-roi, fozbediueitin 
the South countrey. 
_ 3 And Hiaac Went out,to || meditate 
Inthe field, atthe euentine: and hee lift 

p His eves, andfaw, ann behold, the 
camels Werecomming, 

64. And Rebchaly eft dp her eyes, 
and hen Hela Piaac, he rghted off 
the camel, 

65 For the hanfaid bnto the feruant, 
Labat manis this that Walketh inthe 
field to meet bs and the fertiant had 
iid, Peismyp matter: therefore thee 

tn athe bad done. 
Core AND Plaacheought her into hts 
mother Sarahstent, and tooke Rebe- 
kal), andthe became his tife,and helo- 
uedher: and Plaac Was comforted ak: 
ter bismotiers death. 


1 Thefonnesof Abraham by Keturah. 5 The 

diuifion of his goods. 7 His ageand death. 

9 His buriall. 1m The generations of Ifh- 

macl, 17 His age, and death. 19 Ifaac 

prayeth for Rebekah being barren. 22 The 

children ftriue in her wombe. 24 The birth 

of Efauandlacob. 27 Their difference, 29 
Efau felleth his birthright. 

) .2 And thee bare him 
a 63 Ziman, and PFokthan, 
and Deda, and Midian, and Pmhbak, 
and Spuah. 

3 And* PokMan begat Sheba,and 
Devan, Andthefonnes of Dedan were} 32 
Afthurin, andLetuwhim, and Leunv: 

4. Alnd the fonnes of Mintan, €- 
phah, and €pher,and Hanoch, anda 
bids, And Cidaah ; ail thele Were rhe 

had, bnto Pfaac, 

6 Wut bnto the fonnes of the con- 
cubines Which Abraham had , Awa: 
ham on gifts, and fent them apap 

from Plaac his fonne (while he pet We 
ucd) Ealtivard, dito the Catt country. 

7 And hele arc the dayes of the 
peres of Aheahams life which he ttued; 
anhundzed, Mheecicore ¢ fifteene peeres. 

8 LhenAwaham gaue dp the ghott, 
And died ina good old age, anoldman, 
AND full of yeeres, and Was gathered to 
his people. 

9 And his fonnes Plaac and Hh: 
mael buried Him tn the caue of Pach- 
pelal), inthe field of Ephronthefoune 
- Zohar the Hittite, whieh is before 


lo *The held which Abeaham pur- 
chafen of thefonnes of Heth : there was 
Ahaha buried ,and Sarah his wite. 

Nn @ And it care to pafle after the 
death of Abahant , that God bieflen 
is fonne Fiaac, and Ffaac weit 
by the * theil Lahait-rot, 
¢ 12 @ Mow! 

[fhmael dieth. 

12 (Mow thele are the generations 

| Hebr fell 

of Hhhimacl Avahams fonne, whons 

agar the Coyptian Savahs hand: 

mapDd, bare bnto Abealant: 
B And *thele ave the nantes of the 
fonnes of Hihmael; by their names, ac 
cording to their generations; Lhe firkt 
bowcot Hihmiael, Mebatoth, and sez 
DAL, And Adbeel and MDibfani, 
ee and Duniah, and 

415, Hadar, andLema, PFetur, Pa 
phifh and wedemah. . 

16 Hbele ave the fonnes of Pima 
cL and thele ave their names , by their 
folbnes and by their caftels ; tielue 
princes according to their nations. 

17 And thefe are the peeres of the life 
of HHmael; an hund_ed and thirty and 

feueipeeres : and he gaue dp the ghott 
wen » ID Was gathered duto his 
people. see 
13 And they dwelt front Haulah 
bnto Dhur , Mat is before Egypt, as 
thou govt tolbards: Aflpria.: and hee 
tied tithe peelence of all his beetheen. 
Io © And thele are the generations 

of Plaac, Abeahansfonne: Ababa 

begate Piaac. 

20 And PFlaacwas forticpeeres old 
When hee tooke Rebekah to wife, the 
Daughter of wWethuel the Dyprian of paz 
yn Arann, the iter. to Laban the 

LU And Plaar intreated HeL DRY 
for his wife,becaute The was barren: and 

¢LDBMD was intreated of hin, 
and Rebekah His Wife conceiued. 

22 And the childzen rugged toges 
ther Within her; andthe fad; PH it be 
fo, why anr 4 thus and fheewentto 
enquiveofthe LDR D. 

23. Andthe L D RD fad bnito her, 
LWo nations aveinthy wombe , and 
tibo maner of people thal be feparated 
from thy bowels : and the one people 
thalbe ftronger then the other people: 

- land *theelder thaiiferuc the poner. 

24. QD 2nd When her dayes to bede- 
Liuered Were fulfilled, behold there were 
thinness i herwonibe, 

25 And the fir came out red, alloz 
uevitkeanhairy garnient: and thep.cate 
led His name, €fau, 

26 And after that came his brother 

./out, and*his hand tooke olde on &- 

faus Heele; and his name was called 
Pacob: and Hlaac was theeelore peres 
old, When Meebarethen. . 

27 Audthe boves arvew; and Efau 
Was a cunning hunter , a man of the 
ficlde: and Pacob wag a plaine man, 
Dwelling intents, 

23 And Plaacloued Cfau,becanfle' he 
DID cate of His denifon: but Rebeke 
loucd Pacob. 

29 @2ind Facob fod pottage:and 
is came from the field, and hee Was 


30 And Efau fatd to Pacob, Feed ne, 

PD pray thee, * with hat fame red por 

rage ‘for F am faint therefore was his) 

name called Coon. 

31 And PFacobfatd, Sellsnethis pay 
thy bivthaighe. 

32, And Efaulaid wWebhold, J am at 
the point to die: and What profit hail 
Chis birthaghtdoeto mez 

33 And Pacoblad, Siweare to mee 
thisday: and hefwareto him: and he 
folodbis birthaight bnto Pacov., 

34. Hhen Pacob gaue Efau bread 
and pottage of lentiles; and he did cate 
and danke, andvrole bp, and went his 
Way : thus €fau defiled his birtheight. 


1 Ifaacbecaufe of famine wentto Gerar. 2 God 
inftruéteth, and bleffethhim. 7. Heeis re- 
proued by Abimelech for denying his wife. 
12 He growethrich: 18 HediggethE(ek, 
Sitnah,and Rehoboth. 23 Abimelechma- 
keth a couenant with him at Beerfheba. 34 
Efaus wiues. 

SHEKCP Modthere wasafaminein 

35 the land , defines the firtt 
\2s) famine that was mn the 

; KS Dapes of Abeabam. And 

fo ee Plax went buto Abime- 

lech Hing of the Mbilitims , bnto 


2 Andthe LDR D appeared br- 
to him and faid, Goe not downe into 
Cgype dwell in the land which F hail 
tell tice of. 

3 Hotourne in this land and J wil 
be With thee, and will biefle thee + fo2 
bnto thee, and bnto thy feed *F will 
giucall hele countreys, and ZF wil per: 
foame the othe, which BH fware puto 2 
beaham thy father, ; 

4 And FB wil make thy {eedto mut: 
tiply as the ttavres ofheauen, and Wel 
gue bnto thy feed all thefe countreys : 
andinthy Heep Hhall all the nations o 
the earth be * bieflen: om 

5 wWeraule that Avraham obeyed 
my bopee , and kept my On, nip 


Genefis.. Efaus birthrisht fold. 

t Hebr.ven 
mfon was in 

{ Hebr.with 
that red, 
with thasred 

t Hebr.go. 
ing to dic, 

*Chap,313./ | 

* Chap.12. 
3. andr. 
18, and 22. 




Conimiandenients, ny Statutes and 
my Lawes, ; 

6 CAndPlaac dteltin Gerar. 
1-7 And the men of the place alken 
himof hiswife:andhefad, She ismy 
fitter :fo2 he feared to fap, She ismip Wife; 
left, faidhe, the men of the place Mouln 
Bill me foz Webekab, becaule Mee was 
faire folooke bpon. 

3 Auditcame to pale when hehad 
bette there along time, that Abintelech 
king of the Piittinis looked out at a 
Window, andfa, and behotd, Plaac 
Was {porting with Rebekah his wife, 

9 And Abinetech called Plaacand 
faid, Behold, ofaluretic Hheis shy wife: 
and how ixdt thou, She is my fitter 
And Plaac laid duto han, Weeaule ZF 
fain, Lek FJ die fozrbher. cts 

lo And Abimetech fatd,vahat is this 
thouhatt done bnto bs one of the peo- 
ple might lightly haue len with thy 
Wife, and thou fhouldett haue brought 
guiltinefle bpon bs. 

TH And Abinelecl) charged all His 
people, laying, Hee that toucheth this 
hd his wife, thall furelp bee put to 

12 Chen Plaac owed in that and, 
and 'receined in the fame peerean paw 
deed fold: Ethe LH OR D biefled him. 

3 And the man Wared great, and 
"Went forward, and grew butilhede- 
caine bevy great, 

14. Fo2 he had poflefion of flocks, 
and pofleffion of Heards, and great 
ftoze of | fernants , and the phuiidtins 

15 Foz all the Wels which his fathers 
feruants had digged in the dapes of 2- 
heaham his father , the Philttims had 
Hopped them, €filledthem with earth, 

16 And Abimetech fad bnto Flaac, 
Goefrombs: for thouart mud nugh- 
fier then we, 

17 C rnd Flaac departed thence, 
and pitched his tent inthe datley of Ge- 
tar, and diweltthere, 

13 And Plaacdigged aganethe wets 
of Water, Which they had diqged in the 
Dapes of Abraham his father: for the 
Philittims had topped them after the 
death of Abraham, and he calledtheir 
names after the names by which bis 
father had catled them. 

Io And Plaacs feruants digged in 
the bailey, and found there a weil of 

t Heb.foand. 

t Heb.went 

fOr, ba/~ 

fi Heb.lining t fpinging water, 
20 And the heardnien of Gerar oid : 


XXV] é 
firme ith Blaacs hearonien, faping, 

The Water is ours ; aud hee called the 
name of the well, || Clek, becaule they | Tiaris, 

at Beer-fheba. 


ftroue with him. 

21 And they pigaeh another Welland 
ftroue for that allo: and Hee calied the 
name of it, | Sitnah, | Thatis, 

22 AMdhereniouedfrom thence,and |" 
Digged another Well, and for that they 
ftroue not: andhe called thenaticofit| — 
| Rehoboth: and hefad, Fo2 nor the || Thies, 
LORD Hath made roonie for bs, and” 
We hail be fruitfullin heiand, 

23 And He Went bp from thenceto 

24. AndtheL OR D appeared nz 
tohinithe fame night, and faioe, Fam 
the God of Abeaham thy father: feare 
not fo2 J am With thee, and Wal bictie 
thee, and multiply thy feene, fo2 my fer- 
uant Ahahams fake, 

25 And he butlded an altar there,and 
called bpon thenameof the Lh DR D, 
and pitched His tent there : and there 
Plaacs leruants digged atveil. 

26 CLhenAbimelech went to hin 
from Gerar, and Ahussach one of his 
friends,and Phichol the chiefe captaine 
of hisarmic. 

27 And Plaac faide buto them, 
wherefore come pe to mefecing ye hate 
me, andhauefent Rgds 3 from pouz 

28 And thep lard, *waetatb certatnly |t Metin 
that the DR D was with hee sand)” 
Wee lad, Lettherebenow anothebe- 
tihirths, euen betivirt bs aud thee,and 
let bs make acouenant withthee, 

29 Chat hou whiltdoe bs no hurt, 
as Woe hauenot touched thee, andas we 
Hane done bnto thee nothing but good, 
and Hhauefent theeatbay mn peace : thou 
art now the biefled of the ORD, 

30 And he made them a featt, and 
they did eateand drinke, 

31. Aud they vole bp betimes in the 
mozgning , and fiware one to another: 
and PHiaac fent then aray, and they 
Departed frombim in peace. 

32 And tt came to pafle thefanie day, 
that Hfaacs feruants canie, and tolde 
Him concerning the well which they 
Had digged,andfaid bnto him, we haue 
found thater. 

33. And hecalledit | Dhebah : there-) 
fore thenamte ofthe cities | Beer-theba, 
Dnto this vay. 

34. @ 2nd Clan was forty peeres 
old, When he tooketo Wike Funith, the 

Soalt Ges 

{ Thatis, an 

{| Thacis,rb- 
well of the 


Daughter of Weert the Hittite , avd 
et & 2 *Bathe- 


*Chap.27-| Hittite: 

} Hebr.bit- 
terneffe of 


Walhemath the daughter of Clon the 

35 nahich * were t agriefe of minde 
bnto Plaacand to Rebekah. 

Ifaac fendeth Efaufor venifon. 5 Rebekah 
inftructeth Iacob to obtaine the blefsing. "15 
Tacob ynder the perfon of E(au obteineth it. 
30. Efau bringeth venifon. 33 Ifaactrem- 
bleth. 34 Efaucomplaineth,and by impor- 
tunitie obtaineth a blefsing, 41 Hethreat- 
nethTacob. 42 Rebekah difappointeth it, 
REX ® {2D it came to palle that 
When Plaac was old,and 
His eyes Were dime, fo 
thathe could not fee, bee 
Pees walled Elau his eloeft fon, 
andlad duto him, Dy fonne, And hee 
faid dnto him, Behold hercam J. 

2 Andhelad, Behold now, Ham 
old, J knob not theday of my death. 

3 fw therefore take, J pray thee, 
thy Weapons, thy quiuer,andthy bow, 
and gocout to the held, and* take ntee 
fome bentfor. 

And make mefauoury meat,fuch 
as'y louc, and being it to mee, thatZ 
map cate, Hatmy foule map belle thee 
before F die, 

5 And Rebekah heard when Piaac 
{paketo €fau his fonne:and €fau went 
to the fielde to Hunt for benifon, andto 

6 And Rebekah fpake bnto Pa- 
cobherfonne, faping, Behold, P heard 
thy father fpeake bnto Elan thy bro- 
ther faping, 

7 MBunginevendon, andmake mee 
fawoury meat, that J may eate, and 
bieffe thee before tiie L Dik D, before 
my death, 

3 Mow therefore, my fonne, obey 
my boyce, according to that which FZ 
command thee, 

9 Goenowto the flocke, and fetch 
me from thence tio good kids of the 
goates,and J Will make them fauoury 
meatfn2 thy father {uch as heloueth. 

Jo And thou fhatt being it to thy fa 
ther that he may cate, and that hemay 
bleflethee, befozehis death, 

H And Pacod laid to Rebekah his 
mother, Behold, Efaumy brother isa 
hairy man,and Fama Mniooth man, 

2 Dy father peraduenture wil 
feele me, and FH thall{eemetobimasa 
Decetuer, and Y thatl being acurfe bpon 
me, and not a bieffing, 


3 And his mother faid bnto him, 

pon me bethy curie, my fonne: onelp 

obey my botce, and goe fetch me them, 

14. And hee went, and fetched, and 
heought them to his mother, and his 
mother made fauoury meat fuchashis 
father loued. 

15 2ind Rebekah tooke ‘goodly vat | Her de 
mentof her cidett fonne Elan, which” 

Were With her in the Houle, and put 
them aon hee her pongerfonne: 

16 And thee put the fhinnes of the 
kids of the goats bpon his hands, and 
bpon thefmooth of his necke, 

17 And fhe gaue the fauoury meate, 
and the beead, Which the had prepared, 
into the hand of her fonne Hacob, 

13 © And pe came Dnto his father, 
and fad, Dy father: And he laid, ere 
am J : Who avt thou, my fonnez 

I9 And Pacoblaid bnto his father, 
Pan€tau, thy fick borne; HF hauc done 
according as thou badett mec: avile, J 
peay thee fit, and cate of my bvenifon, 
that thy foule may bieffe me. 

20 And Plaac faid bnto his fonne, 
How is tt that thou hat found it fo 
quickly, my fonnes Ande fain, we: 
caule the LDR D hy God brought 
it* fo me, 

a And PHlaac faide bnto Facov, 
Comenceere, Ppray thee, that J may 
feelethee, mptonne, whether thou bee 
my beryp fonne €fau,o2 not, 

22 And Pacob Went neere bnto ¥F- 
faachis father : and hee felt him, and 
fad, Lhe boyre is Pacobs boyce,but the 
handgsare the hands of Clan. 

23 Anohedileernedhin not,becaule 
bis hands Were hairic, ashis brother 
Efaushands : So hedleflenhim. 

24. Andhelad, Art thou my very} 

fonne €fau zandhelaa, Zam. 

25 Andhelatd, Being i neere to me, 
and J will eate of my fonnes bemfon, 
that my foule may biefle thee: and hee 
heought icneeve to hint, and he did cate: 
and hewouahthinwine, € henanke, 

26 And his father Piaac faide vito 
aus neevenol,and kifle me,my 


(27 Aud Hee came neere, andkeTen 
Him: and he inielled the fine of his rat: 
mentand dielled him, and fatd, See,the 
fell of my fonne is as the finell of a 
field, Which the L DAR D hath bietien. 

28 Hherefore* God giue thee of the 

del of Heauen, and che fatneffe of che | * 

earth, and plenty of cozne and Wine, 
29 Let 


fore mer 

Efaumourneth. Cha 


{Or, fappor= 
ted, ne 

29 Bet people ferue thee; and natt- 
on Doibne to thee: bee lozd oucr 
thy beethzen., € letthy mothers fonnes 
bow Dolbne tothee : Curled bee enerp 
one that aipety thee, and blefled be hee 

tbieil ee, 
~ cub itcame to palle, asfoone 
as Piaat had madean endeof diefling 
Patod , aid Pacob was petferarce gone 
out from the peefence of Plaac bis fa- 
ther , that Glau his beother came i 

ie oe Hee alfo Had made fanoutp 
meate,and bought ¢ Dnto his father, 
and faid dnto his father, ZL et my father 
arile,and cat of his fonnes denifon,that 

hint, who arc thou z andhelaid, J am 
thy fonne,chy fir borne €fau. 

33 And Plaac trembled beryp ercec- 
Dingly, and fad, vahoz Whereis He that 
hath ‘taken benifott,and bought tt me, 

ane eaten of all befoze thou ca 
eee Hinrz peaand he 

albe bleffe' 
ne And when Efanheard the words 
ofhisfather, he ered ith agreatand 
erceeding bitter cry, and fad bnto his 
father, lefle mee,cun meallo,D ny 

35 Andhee fad, Lhyp brother came 
a fubtilty,and hath taken atbap thy 

36 Andhe {atd,Jsnothe rightly na- 
[Thatis,<7/ ted | Pacob< 

thele tivo times: hee tooke albay my 
birtheight, and behold, now ee 
kei albay my bdlefling : and hee faid, 
Hak thou not referued a blefling fo2 

and wine Haue F | fultemed ini: and 
pobsae that ZH doe now bnto thee, my 
33 And Efau {aid bnto his father, 
Hat thou but one blefling my father z 
bleffe mee, cuen meeaifa ,D my father. 

- |Alnd Efantift bp his bopee,* and wept, 

39 And Plaac his father anfivered, 
and fad drito Him, Wehoid ,* thy awe: 
ling thail be || the famette of the earth, 
and ee oe Sea beeen 

40 2nd by o2dfhaitthoutiue, 
and thaitferne thy brother sand tt thai 
cometo pale When thou thalthaue the 


Dominion » that thou thait beeake bis 


bleffen him: and fan fain in his heart, 
The dayes of mourning for my father 
are i ae s*then wil Z flay my beo- 
er Facov, 
42 And thele toords of Efar 
Der fotine Were 

comfort himlelfe,purpofing to killthee, 

43 Sow therefore my fonne, obey 
my botee? andarie,fleethouto Laban 
my bother, to Para, 

44. And tarp with hima fer yayes, 
bntilithy brothers furie turne away, 

45 Untill thy bothers anger turne 
oe from thee, and hee forget that. 
Which chou Hatt done tohin : then 

46 AndRebckah laid to Wlaae,* 
ant Weary of my life, becaule of che 
Daughters of Heth : PE PFacob take a 
Wife of the daughters of Heth, fuchas 
thete hich ave of the danghterso the 
land, What good hail my lifedoe niez 


t fac bleffeth lacob , and fendeth him to Pas 
dan Aram. 6 Efau marrieth Mahalal the 
daughter of Ifimael. 10 The Vifion of 
Tacobs ladder. 18 ‘The ftone of Bethel. 
20 Iacobs yow. 

Z MD Ffaac called Pacov, 
& and biefled him, and chav: 

2 *Avile, goe to Padan Arant, to 
the Houle of Bethuet thy mothers fr 
Her , and take Hee a thitefrom thence, 
of the daughters of Laban thy mo- 
thers beother, 

3 And God Almighty biefle thee, 
And make thee fruitful, and multipiy 
thee, that thoumayettbe ta nwitiune 
of people: 

4. Mnd give thee the blefling of A 
beahant, to thee and to thy feede with 
thee, thatthoumapelt inherit theiande 
"Wherein thou art aftranger, whch 
God gaue buto Abraham, 

€ 3 5 Ard 

lacob is fene away. 

* Obad: ro. 

affembly of 

t Hetr. of 
thy [oionr- 

lacobs dreame: 

. {had bleffen 

| Heb.were 
Yes, Ole 

* Called 
A&s 7.2. 

*Chap. 35. 
1,& 48.3. 

*Deut. 12. 

tcha.r 2.3 
and 18.18. 
and 22,18, 
and 26.4. 

+ Heb. break} of the 

5 And PFlaac {ent away Facob, 
and hee Went to Padan-airam bnto 
Pavan, foune of wethuel the Syrian, 
the beother of Rebekah , Pacobs and 

6 when lau fare that PHiaac 
acob, andfent him arbay 
fo Dadan-Arant, to take hin a wife 
from thence, and that ashe dieflen him, 
he gaue hina charge, faying, Lor 
(halt not take aite of He Daughters 
of Canaan; 

7 And that Pacob obeyed his fa 

cr, and His mother, and was gone to 

adan- Avant, 

$ And Efau fleeing that the paugh- 
o of Canaan ‘pleated not Plaachis 

9 Thenrbent Cian bnto Pihmael, 
and tooke bnto the wiues Which hee 
had, WMahalath the daughter of ont 
mael Abeahams fonne, the litter of s2e- 
baioth, to be his wife. : 

lo @ And Pacob Went out from 
Weer-fheba,and Went tobard* Haran. 

W And hee lighted bpon a certaine 
place; and tavicd there all night, becaute 

elunneibasiet: andhee tooke of the 

ones of that place, and put them foz 

His pillolves, and lay Downe in that]. 

placeto fleepe. — 

Iz And he deeamed, and beholde, a 
lander fet bp on the earth, and the top 
of tf reached to Heaven: and bebolde 
the Angels of God alcending and de- 
frending on it, 

B *Andbehold, the L OR D ftoon 
aboucit, andlaid, HamtheL OR D 
God of Aheaham thy father, and the 
Govof Plaac: theland  whereon thou 
liett, to thee Will J qwue tt; and to thy 


And thy {eed thall beas theautt 

earth, and thou thalt * fpeada- 
Had * fo the Nel, and to the Caf, and 
to the Porth, and to the South: andin 
thee, and*in thy feed, thall all the fant: 
Lies of the earth be bieffed, 
WS Anodehold, Ham wWith thee, and 
Will keepe thee it ail places Whither thou 
goctt, and Will being thee againe into 
thistand: for PWwill notieaue thee, pn- 
CUP hae done that which J haue fpo- 
ken to thee of, 

16 (And PFacobawaked out of his 
fleepe,and hefaid, Surely the LORD | 
ig tithis place, and FD bnew itnot, 

17 Andhe wasatrad,and laid, How 
Decadflis this placesthisisnone other, 


but the houle of God, and this is the gate 
of heaven, 

13 And Jacob vole bp earely inthe 
Mowing, Ind tooke the Tone the hee 

ad put fo2z his pillowwes, and {et itbp 
02 apillar, and porbeed oile bpon the 
fop of it, 

19 And Yee called the name of that 
place! Weth-el : but thename of that ci 
ficibas called Lus,atthefirk, — 

20 And PFacob bowenabow, fay- 
tng, HF God will be With me, and will 
Keepe me in this Way that J goe, and 
Will giue me bead to cate, and vraiment 
to puton, 

21 So that PF come againe to my fa- 
thers houle i peace : then thall the 
ZL DIRDM bemyp God. 

22 Aud this fone which BH hauelet 
for a pillar, hall be Gods houte: andof 
allchatthou thalt gineme, Bill fure- 
ip gue the tenth buto thee. 


1° Tacob commeth to the well of Haran. 9 He 
taketh acquaintance of Rachel.’ 13 Laban 
enterteineth him. 18 Iacob couenanteth for 
Rachel. 23 He isdeceiued with Leah. 28 
He marrieth‘alfo Rachel, and ferueth for her 
feueni yeeres more. 32° Leah beareth Reu- 
ben, 33 Simeon, 34. Leui, 35 and Iudah. 

Say Der Pacob' went on his 

porate aaenree 

e nd of the ‘people of the 


eee 2 Andhelooked, and 
behold, aivellin the field, and loc, there 
Nee He nthe at LDeepe Iwanby ston 
outofthat Wel they Watered the flocks: 
and a great fone Was bpon the welles 

3 Alnd thither Were all the flockes 
gathered, and they votlen the ftonefrom 
theiels mouth, elbatered the theepe, 
and put theftoneagaine bpon the wels 
mouth wHis place, 

‘ 4, ao aan ane won, 0p 
nether, whence be pez and De, 
OE Haranrare ie, a 

5. Andhelaid dnto then, Know pe 
Pavan thefonne of Mahozs And they 
fayde, nae krolwe him. 

6 Aud he {aid bnto them, *Jshee 
Wellz andthey faid, Heis Well: andbe- 
hold, Rachel his daughter commeth 

7 And hee (aid, Loe, tirispet high 
Dap, Neither is i time that ae at 



+ Thatis, 
the houfeof 

t Heb. hift 
up his feet. 

t Heb.chil~ 

f Hebr Is 
there peace 
to him? 

| Heb.yer 
the day is 

great, . 

} u, 
| er 



fhould be gathered together : Water pee 
the (heepe, and goe and feed them. 

8 Andtheyplad, wecannot, onli 
al the flockes bee gathered together, 
and till they volle the ftone from the 
Welles mouth : Men Wee water the 


Ae Aud While hee pet fpake with 
thent , Rachel came with her fathers 
theepe: for Thekeptthent, 

Io Alnditcame to palle, when Pacob 
farh Rachel the daughter of Laban his 
mothers beother,and thetheepe of La: 
ban his mothers bother; that Facob 
Went neerve, and. rolled the fone from 
the welsmouth,and watered the flocke 
of Laban bis mothers bother, 

I And PHacodbkiflea Rachel, andue 
ted bp his boyee,and wept. 

12 And Pacod told Rachel, chat hee 
Was her fathers beother , and thathee 
Was Rebekahs fonne: and theranne, 
and told her father. 

3 Anditcameto pale, whenLavan 

card the ‘tidings of Pacob his fitters 
onne, thathe vanne to meetehini, and 
inibpaced hint,and kiflen hint, ¢ brought 
him to bis Houle: and hee tolde Laban 
allthelethings, ; 

14. And Laban laid to him, Surely 
thou art my bone and my fleth: and he 
_ abode with himthe {pace ofamoneth, 

15 (And Laban laid bnto Facob, 
wWecaule thouart my bother, hhoutdett 
thou therefozeferuc me fo2nought z tell 
me, What thall hy wages bez 

I6 AndWaban had tio daughters: 
the name of the elder thas Leah, and 
thename ofthe ponger was Rachel, 

17 Leah Was tender eyed : but Maz 
hel was beautifuland well fauouren. 

13 And Facob loued Rachel ; and 
fad, J will ferue thee feuen peeres for 
Rachel thy ponger daughter. 

I9 And Laban lard, Pt is better that 
FP aucher to thee, then that fhouid 
give Her to another man: abide with 

20 And PFacob ferued fenen peeres 
for Rachel: and they {eemed bnto him 
bas . fey Dayes , for the ioue Hee had 

aA © And Pacod {aid bnto Laban, 
Giue me my wife (for my dapes are ful 
filled) that may gocin bnto her, 

22 And Laban gathered together 
i men of the place , and made a 

23 And it came to pafle in the enc: 

casas sh Ss nce nice a 

ning, thathetooke Leah his daughter, 
and beoughe her to hin, and he wentin 
buto her, 

24. And Laban gaue buto his 
Daughter Leah , Zilpah his mayoe,fo2 

25 Alud tt cante to-pafle, that in the 
Moning, behold it was Leah: and he 
fatd to Laban , vahatis this thou batt 
done buto mee z vid not FH rue with 
thee for Rachel 2 wherefoee then Halt 
thou begquiled mez 

26 Aud Laban fad ,-Pemult not be 
fo Done tt our * countrey, to gine the 
ponger,before the firit bozme. 

27 Fulfill her weeke, and wee wil 
gtuethee this alto, for theferuice Which 
thouthalt ferue with mee, pet feuen o- 
ther peeves, 

23 And Pacod did fo, and fulsitten 
er Weekes andhe gauchim Rachel his 
daUgHter to wife alfo, 

29 AndLaban gaue to Rachel hig 
daughter, Wilhah his handmayd, to be 
her may, 

30 And hee Went in allo bnto Ra: 
chelandheloued allo Rachel moze then 
Leah, and ferued with hun pet feuen 
Other peeves, 

31 (And When the LDR D faw 
that Leah was hated, hee opened her 
Wombe: but Rachel Wasbarren., 

32 And Leal) concetued and barea 
fonne, and thee called hisname | Rew 
bent: fo2 thefaid, Surely,thel ORD 
hath looked bpon my affliction ; now 
therefore mp-hufband wal loueme, 

33 And thee conceiued againe, and 
bate a fonne, and faide, Wecaule the 
LORD hath heard that J was ha 
ted, Hee hath therefore giuen mee this 
fonneaifo, and fhecatled hisname|| St 

34. And Mee conceiued againe, and 
bareafonne,andfaid, Mow this time 
Wilimy hufband be topned bnto me,be- 
caule J haue bone him three fonnes: 
therefore has hisnamecailen |Leut. 

35 And thee conceiued againe, and 
baveafonne: and thefaid, Mow Wil 
peaite the LZ DIR D: therefore fhe cat: 
led his name *|| Pudaly, and eft bea 


r Rachel in griefe for her barrennefle,giueth Bil- 
hahher mayd ynto Iacob. 5 She beareth 
Dan and Naphtali.. 9 Leah giveth Zilpah 
her mayd,who beareth Gadand Afher. 14. 


and marieth her. 

} Heb:place. 


| Thais, 

* Matth.x. 


| Thatis, 

| Hebr flood 
from bearing 


built by her. 

{ Thatis, 

lings of God. 

Ny wrait- 

* Called 
Matt.4.1 3. 


|| Thatis, 
A troupe, 
Or company. 
my happines. 
{That is, 

Reuben findeth Mandrakes , with which 
Leah buyeth her husband of Rachel. 17 
Leah beareth [Mfachar, Zebulun, and Di- 
nah. 22 Rachel beareth Iofeph. 25 Ia- 
cob defireth to depart. 27 Laban ftayeth 
himonanewcouenant. 37 Iacobs policie, 
whereby hee becamerich. 

a ED fxd When Rachel faw 
os thee bare Facod no 
chuden , Rachel enuied 

her fitter , and faid buto 

piesa Paton, Giue mee chit 
Deer, o2 els Pdie, 

2 And Pacobs anger wags kindlen 
agatutl Rachel, and he fad, Am Pt 
Gods ead , Who hath withhelo fron 
thee the frutt of the wombez 

3 Aud the (aid, Webhold my maypoe 
wWrilhah :goe indnto her ,and the hall 
beavebpon my knees, that Z may atfo 
hauechtldeen by her, 

4. And thee gaue han wWahah her 
hHandmaypd to wife: and PFacod wentin 

5 And BWithah conceiued and bare 
PFacob a fonne, 

6 AMdDRachel fad, God hath iudged 
me, and hath allo heard my boyce, and 
Hath giuen meafonne; therefore cailen 
fhe is name|| Dan. 

7 And*wWrhah Rachels mayd con: 
eu Againe, and bave PFacov afecond 


3 And Rachel faide; with * great 
Weallings haue J wattled with my 
fifter,and J haue peeuatled:and the cal: 
ledhis name ||* Ee 

9 wahen Leah la that the had ieft 
beating, fheetooke Zilpah her mayne, 
and gaucher Jacobto wife, 

Io And Zilpah Leahs mapde bare 

cal) fd, A troupe conv 
meth sand fhe called hisname|| Gan. 

Iz And Zilpah Leahs mapde bare 

B And Leah laid, Happy am J, to2 
thedaughters will callme dleflen: and 
fhe called his name||Ather, 

14 CAnd Reuben went inthedayes 
of wheat haruett, € found Pdanneakes 
inthefield, and bought them bnto bis 
mother Leah, Mhen Rachel farde to 
Leah, Giueme, F pray thee , of thy 
fonnes Danhakes, 

15 And thee fad dnto her, Ps ita 
fmall matter that thou batt taken mp 

uiband and ouldit thou takeaway 
myfonnes SPandpakes alfoz and Ra- 

chelfain, Hherefore hee hat ive with 
thee to night , for thy fonnes gpan- 

16 And Yacod canie out of the field 
tnthe enening, and Leah went out to 
meet hint, and fad, Zhou mutt come mn 
puto mee : for furely P hanehiredthee 


Genelis. lofephis borne. 

With mpfonnes Pandrakes, Andhee} 

lay whith her that night. 

17 And Godhearkened nto Leah, 
and the conceiued, and bare Pacobthe 

IS And Leah fad, God hath qinen 
nieemy hive, becaule P haue given mp 
maypden tomy Hulband : and the called 
bisname|Zitfachar, — 

19 And Leah conceiued againe, and 
bare PHacob the firth fonne., 

20 And Leah faid, Gon hath endned 
me with A Toon Dovey :'sROW Will myp 
hufband divel With me,becaule F hauc 
boenehim fire fontes s and thee called 
his name ||* Zebuiun, 

| That is, 
ts hire. 

21 And afterwarnes thee bare al? 

Daughter,and called Her name|Dinah, 

22 (And Godremembzed Rachel,| | 

and God hearkened to her, and opened 
hev wombe. 

23 Aud thee conceiued and bare a 
fone, and fad ; God hath taken away 
mip tepeoch: 

24. And thee called his name || Po: 
{ep , and faide, Lhe L DIR DM hati 
adde fo meanotherfonne. 

25 CAnditeameto pate when Wal 

chelhad boone Poleph that Pacob fain 
bnto Laban, Mend meabay, thatZ 
may Toe Dnto mite ovbne place, andto 
my countreyp. 

26 Give mee my Wines and my chit 
Deer for Whonr J haueleruedthee,and 
let ne goe : foz thou knowelt my feruice 
which PF hauedone thee, 

27 And Laban laid bnto hint, J 
pray thee, tf J haue found fauour in 
thine epes, tary: for J Haue learned by 
erperience , that the LD RD hath 
blefled me fo2 thy fake. 

28 Andhelatd, Appoint me thy wa- 
ges,and J Will giueit, 

29 Aind Hee fad bnto hin , Lhou 
knowett hob J hauclerned thee, and 
How thy cattell was with me, 

30 Fortt Wasiittle which hou hant 

q That is, 

|| Thaels, 

before FJ came; and tt is now tnevealed| t Hebr.sro- 
buto a multitude; and the H% D3R wp | ””" 

hath bieflen thee tfince my roma 
and now When hall J prouide fo 
mine one houle alfoz 

31 And 

} Hebr. at 
my foote, 



4 lacob and Laban. Chap. XxX}. 

31 And hee fd, vahat hall J gine 
thee 2 and PFatov fad, Lhou Matt not 
guenicany thing; fthou witdoethis 
thing for mec, J Will agatne feed and 
keepe thy flocke. 

32, Prwil pale heough allthy flocke 
today, vemoouing from thence allthe 
{peckied and {potted cattell and allthe 
hore cattell among the fheepe, and 
the {potted and fpeckied among the 
gqoates,and of fuch (halbenty hire, 

33 So fhall my righteoutnetle an 
fivere for mec intinie to conic, when it 
hall come for my hive, before thy face: 
euery one that ts not{peckied and {pot 
fedanionalt the qoates , and beoone ae 
mongttthe theepe, that halbe counted 

34. And Laban faide, Weholde, F 
Would it might bee acceding to thy 

35 Andheremoued that day thebhee 
goates that Were ring-fraked , and 
{potted andall the thee goats that were 
fpeckied and {potted, and euery onethat 
Had Ome Ibhitein i, andall Hebeowne 
amongtt he theepe, and gaue theminto 
thehand of hisfonnes. 

36 And Vee fet theee Dapes tourney 
betibict himicife and Pacob: and Fae 
cobfen thereof Labans flocks. 

37 & And Facob tooke Hinr rods 
of greenepoplar, andofthebaleiand 
chefnuttrec,and piled White ttrakesin 
thent, and made the White appeare 
Which was tithe rods. 

33. Anohelet herons which he had 
pilled, before the flockes in the gutters 
in the watering troughes when the 
flocks came to dunke, that they thouin 
corcetue When they came to deinke. 

39 And the flockes conceiued before 
thevods,and brought forth cattell ving: 
ftraked, fpeckied and{potted, 

40 And Pacob did feparate the 
lambes, and fet the faces of the flockes 
toward the ving-ftraked, and all the 
browne it the flocke of Laban: and he 
puthis omne flocks by themfelucs, and 
putthemnot buto Labans cartel. 

41 Andtt came to pale henfoeuer 
the ftronger cattell did conceiue , that 
Pacob layd the rods before the eyes of 
the cattell in the gutters , that they 
might conceiucamong the rods, 

42 But when the cattel were feebie, 
Heeptit them not in: fo the feebler were 
Lavans, and the ftronger Facovs, 

43 Aud the manincrealed exceeding: 

ly, and had much cattell, and mayd- 
fernants , and men feruants, and ca 


t Yacob vpon difpleafure departeth fecretly. 
19 Rachel ftealeth her fathers images, 22, La- 
ban purfueth after him, 26 and¢complai- 
neth of the wrong. 34 Rachels policie to 
hide the images. 36 Jacobs complaint of 
Laban. 43 The covenant of Laban and 
Tacobat Galeed. 

Mdheheard the words of 
® Labans fonnes , faying, 

ae PFacob hath taken aay 
& all hat Was our fathers; 

S ¥y¥, % 
Lee. sp of that which was 
of our tathers, hath hee gotten ali this 

2 And Pacob behelde the counte- 
nance of Laban, and behold, twas not 
toward hin ‘as before. i 

3 AndHeLDOR D laid bnto Fx 
cob, Returne bnto the land of chp fa 
thers,and to thy kindzed ; and F wil be 
With thee, 

4 Aud Patoblentand called Rachel 
and Leah, to the field bnto his locke, 

5 Andlaiddnto them, Wiee pour fa- 
thers countenance , that it ts not to- 
Wardmeeas before: but the Godofmy 
father hath bene With me, 

6 Andypee know, that with all inp 
power J hauclerued pour father, 

7 And pour father hath deceiuen 
Mee, and changed my Wages tentimes : 
but God fuffered him notto hurtme. 

8 PE hee fad thus, He fpeckted 
thall be thy tages, then ail the cattetl 
bare {pechied : and if helaid thus, Lhe 
ving-fraked fhalbe thy hire, then bare 
all the cattell ving-ftraked, 

9 Lhus God hath taken away the 
tattell of pour father , and giuen them 

lo And it came to pafle at the time 
that the cattell conceited, that Hiifted 
bp mine cpes andfaw in adzeame, and 
behotd, hel rammies which leaped bp- 
onthe cattell were ring-ftraked,fpecklen 
and grifled, 

I Arid he2Anacl of God {pake buto 
me tt a Deeame, fying, Pacob; And F 
faib, Here am FZ. 

2 Andhee laid, Liftdp now chine 
eves, and fee, all the ranimes which 
lteapebpon the cattell are ving -firaken, 
fpeckledD and grified: for F haue feene 


lacobs feruice. 



and the day 

lacob fleeing, is 

*Chap. 28, 

all that Laban docth buto thee. 

B Pathe God of Wethel,* where 

ouAnNOPpntedit the pillar, and where 
thou boweotta bo bnito mee: no a 
vile, net thee out from this land, and ve- 
turne bnto theland of thy kinnzen, 

14. And Rachel and Leah anfive- 
rep, andiid buntohini ; Ps there peta 
np poztion o2 tnhervitance for bsin our 
fathers houle: 

15 Alte Wenot counted ofhim ttran- 
gers? fo2 he hath fol bs,and hath quite 

{devoured alfo our money, 

t Hebr.Te- 

+ Hebr, the 
heart of La~ 


} Hebr. from 
gaodto bade 

t Hebr. hast 
fallen me, 

16 Forall the riches which Gon hath 
taken from our father, that is ours, 
andour childrens : now then whatlo- 
cuer God hath laid bnto thee, doe, 

17 CLbhen Pacod role bp, and {et 
hisfonnes andhis wines bpon camels, 

1S And he carted aay all his cattel, 
and all bis pens Which he had gotten, 
the cattetl of his getting, which heehad 
gotten in padan Avram, forte gocto J- 
faac his father in the land of Canaan. 

I9 And Laban Went to theare his 
heepe: and Rachel had ftolleri the *F 
mages Hat were Her fathers, 

20 2nd Pacob ftale arvay * bna- 
Wares to Laban the Sprian, inthat he 
told him not that heflen, 

21 So hee fled With ali chathee han, 
andhe vole bp and palled ouer the Ri 
nev, and fet His face toward the mount 

22 2nd if Was tolde Laban on the 
third day,that Jacob Was fied. 

23 Andee tooke his beetheen with 
hin,and purluedatter him feuen dapes 
tourney, and they ouertooke haninthe 
mount Gilead. 

24. And God came to Laban the 
SHpraninadeeame by night, and fade 
bnto hin, Lake heed that thoulpeake 
notto Pacob' either good oz bad. 

25 @€ Lien Laban onertooke Ja: 
tob. Pow Pacob had pitched his tent 
in the mount: and Laban with his bee: 
Cheer pitched tn Hhemount of Gilead. 

26 And Laban laid to Pacob, what | 
Hatt thou done, thatthouhatt tollena- 
Way bnalares to me, and caried atbay 
my daughters, as captines taken With , 

27 voverefore didtt thou flie albay | 
fecretly,and' fieale atvay fromime,and | 
DID not tell meez that H might hauc | 
fent thee atbay With mirth, and with 
fongs, With tabzet, and with harpe, 

28 And hat notluffered mie to kitle 


my fonnes and mp daughters + chou 
hattnow done foolifhly in doing, 

29 His in the pober of mp hand 
toDoeyou Hurt: but the God of pour 
father fpake bute mee pefterniaht, fay- 
ing, Lake thou heed, that thoufpeake 
not to Pacod either good o2 bad, 

30 And tow though thou Wouldeft 
needes bee gone , becaule thou forclon- 
geatt after thy fathers houle; yer where: 
fore Hatt thou ftollen mp godsz 

31 And Pacod ankwered andlaidto 
Laban, Beraule J was afraid : for FZ 
fad, Peraduenture thou Wwouldelt take 
by force thy daughtersfromme, — 

32 With Whomlocner thou findelt 
thy gods, tet Him not tine: before our 
beethzen difcerne thou What is thine 
With me, andtake itto thee: fox Facob 
oe not that Machel had ftolien 


33 And Waban rent into Pacobs 
tent , andinto Leahs tent, and into the 
fibo inaid feruants tents: buthefound 
themnot, Chen went he out of Leahs 
fent,and entredinto Rachels tent, 

34. Mol Machel Had taken the 
Mages, and put themin the cameis fur- 
niture, and fate bpon them: and Le 
batt fearehed allthe tent, but found 
them nof, 

35 And Chee laid to her father, Letit 
not difpieafe my lord, that FH cannot 
rife bp before thee; fo2 the cuttome of 
Women is bpon mee: and he fearchen, 
but found not theimages, 

36 C And Facod was woth , and 
chode With Laban: and Pacod antwe- 
tedand {ald to Laban, nahatismy trek 
patie: Whatismpfinne, chatthou hat 
{o hotly purfuedaftermez 

37 dahereas thou hatk * fearchen atl 
my ftuffe, that halt thou found of ail 
thy Houtholn ftuffe z tet it here before 
my beetheer,and thy beetheen,thatthep 
may tudge betibirt bs both. 

338 Lis twentie peeres have 
bene with thee : thy ewwesand thy thee 
goates haue not catt their pong, and 
ae tammies of thy flocke Daue J not 

39 Lhat which was tore ofbeatts, 
brought notbito thee: H bare thetotie 
ofit; of *myp hand didk thou requircit, 
ne ftolien by day, 02 ftollen by 

4.0 Thus J Wwasin poay,theneought 
confumied nice, and the fro by night, 
Aud nip fleep Departed frommine epes. 

a! 4 Khas 

purlued by Laban, 

} Hebr felt. 

{Hebr. felt 

* Exod.22. 



SS SS a eae = 


1 Hhus haueP bene tlentie peres 
in tp Houle if ferued thee fourtcene 
peeves foz thy tivo daughters, and fire 
peresforthy cattel; and thou bhatt han 
ged my Wages ten times. 

42 Exeeptthe God of my father;the 
God of Ahaahant, and the feare of F- 
faachad bin with me, fuvely thou hadtt 
fent me albay now empfie: Godhath 
feene mincaffliction, and thelabour of 
mp hands,ercebubed thee petternight. 

43 (And Laban anfwered and fad 
bute Pacob, Lhele daughtersare my 
Daughters, and thele childzen are my 
childeer, and thefe cattell are my cat- 
tellandall that Hhoufect, is mine sand 
What can HF doe this dap bnto hele 
my Daughters, o2 dnto their chadzen 
Whitely they haue bone 

44. s20W therefore come thou, iet 
bs niakeacouenant, J and thou: and 
let tt be fozaitnelle betioecene me and 

oe And Pacob tooke atone, and {et 
itbp fora pillar. 

Their eouehant. Chap.xxxiy. 

46 And PFacod farde bnto his bee- 
theen, Gather ones : and they tooke 
ffones, and made an Heape, and thep 
DID catethere bpon theheape. 

47 And Laban called it || Pegar- 
SHahadutha : but Pacob called it. Ga- 
" Hteen, 

43 And Laban fad, Lhis heape is 
AWitnefle betweene mee and thee this 
Day. Mhevefore was the name of tt cat: 
led Galeed, 

49 And | Dispah: forhe law, Lhe 
‘|LDRD wate betiveenc me and thee 
When Weare ablent one fromanother. 

50 HE thou hate afflict my dangh- 
ters, 02 tf thou halt take other tines 
befide my Daughters,t1o man is With bs; 
ae God ts witnelle betwirt mee and 


51 And Laban {aid to Facov, We: 
Holdthisheape, and behold this pillar, 
Which Phaue catt betwirt meand thee, 

52 Lhis heape be witnefle, andthis 
pillar be Witnefle, that H will not patie 
guer this heape to thee, and that thou 
halt not patle ouer this heape,and this 
pillar bute me, fozharme, 

53 Lhe God of Abrahanr, and the 
God of Mahozr, the God of their fa: 
ther, tudge betibirt bs, And Facob 
fivare by the feare of his father Piaac. 

54. Then Yacod | offred faccitice pp- 
onthemoune, and called his beetheen to 
cate bread, and they dideate beead , and 

{ Thatis, 

Or, Ried 

caps, . 

tavied all nightinthemount, 

55 And cavely the niowning, La 
ban vote bp andkifled bis fonnes, and 
Hisdaughters, and blefled them: and 
Laban departed, and returned buto 
bis place, 


1 Tacobs vifion at Mahanaim. 3 His meflage 
toEfau. 6 He isatraid of Efaus comming. 
9 Heprayeth fordeliuerance. > 13 Hee fen- 
deth a prefentto Efau. 24 He wreftleth with 
an Angel at Peniel,. where hee is called Iftael. 
31 Hehalteth. 

AMS MD PFacob Went on his 
is Way, and the Angels of 
o> God methint, 

~ 2 BAnd when PFacov 

a as fath thent, hetaid , Lhisis 

Gods hotte : and hee called the nameof 

that place | Mahanatn. 

3 2nd Pacob tent meflengers before 

Hint, to Cfauhis wother, bnto theiand 

of Sei, the trountrey of Edont. 

4 Andhecommaunded thent, fay- 

ing, Lhus Mail pelpeake buto my iozd 

Cian, Lhy feruant Hacod fatth thus, 

¥F haue foiourned with Waban, and 

{taped there bntili now. | 

5 And JF haue oven, and afies, 

flockes, andimen feruants and women 

feruants: and J haue fent to teil my 
lozd, that J may find qvace in thy fight. 

6 And he meflengers returned 

to Hacod, faping, nace came to thy beo- 

ther €fau,and ailo he commeth to meet 
thee, and foure hundzed men with him. 

7_ Chen Facob was greatly atvain, 

anddiftrefled, andhediuidedthe peopie 

Herdes,and the camels into tivo bands, 
8 Andlad, PHiClaucometo theone 

[coinipany, and finite it, then the other 
| company Which isteft, Hatt efcape, 

9 And Pacovlatd,D God of my 
father Abaham, anid God of my father 
Piaac, theL DR D which fade nto 
me, *Returne bnto thy countrey, and 
to thy kinred, and J will deale Well 
With thee: 

Io TH am not worthy of the tealtof 
all the meretes, and of all the trueth, 
Which thou halt theved buto thy fer- 
uant: fo2 ith my tafe J paled oucr 
this Forder, and now Pani beconie 
tio bands. : 

I Deltuerme, J pray thee, fronithe 

hand of nip beother, froni the hand of 
a Cla 

that was With hint, and the flockes, and |. 

" -atobs prayer, 

two hoftes 
or coompes. 

tHeb. Field, 


hap. 31. 


+ Heb. Lam 
leffe ther alt 
Cu ~% 

lacobs prefent. 

| Heb.epon. 

Elan: foe H feavehim,tetthe will come, 
and finite mie, and the niother' With the 
childzen, . 

Iz Andthoulaidk, J willfurely doe 
theegood,and make thy {eed as thefand 
of thefea, which cannot benuntbecd foz 

3 CAndhelodged there that fame 
night, and tooke of that which came 
to His hand , a peefent for €fau his 
beother : 

14. Litho Hundzed thee goats, and 
thentichee goats , tho hundzed eres, 
and tipentierammes, 

15 Lhirtic mulch camels with their 
colts, fortichine, and ten builes,tiventp 
hee athes, and ten foaies. : 

16 And hee dellucred them into the 
hand of his feruants, cuery dzoue by 
thenifelues, and fard bute his {eruants, 
patie oucr before me,and putalpace be- 
(WIL Dove ANd DeoUE. 

17 And Hecommanded the foamoft, 
faping, vahen Efau my bother mee- 
teththec,and alketh thee, faping, wabote 
atthouz andiwbither goe 
Wholearethete before thee 

13 Lhenthou (halt lap, Lhep be thy 
feruant Jacobs: it is a peelentfent puto 
a ap Efau:and behold allo, heisde- 


19 Andfoconunanded he the fecond, 
and the third, andall that foliorved the 
neones, faying On this mancr thal pou 
{peake bnto €fau, hen you find him. 

fent that goeth before me, and after: 
Warn F will fee his face; peraduenture 
He will acceptt of ite, 

21 So went the peefent ouer vefore 
him: andhinieife lodged that nightin 
the company. 

22 Audheerofle bp that night, and 
tooke His tivo wives, and his tibo wo: 
men feruants, and his cleuenfonnes, 
and paffen ouer the food Fabbok. 

23 And he tooke thens,and ‘fent then 

" jouer the brooke, andfentouer thathee 


24 (And Facob was ieft atone: 
and there Weehled aman With him, bn- 
till the beeaking of the Day. 

25 Ano when helaw,that he peenat- 
led notagainithim, hetouched thehor 
low of his thigh: and the hollow of 
PHatobs thigh Was out of toynt, as hee 
Weelkled With him, 


26 Annhelaid, Let me goe, for the 

Day bzeaketh : and he fad, * BP Wilinos|*O%24. 

let thee goc, exceptthou biefle me. 
27 And he aid dnto hint, vohatis 
thy namez and he fad, Pacob. 

28 Aiud hela, * hy name Chall be |*Crp.35. 
talledno moze Facob, but Pfrael: for) °~ 

as apetnce hat thou potber with God, 
and With men, andhatt preuatied. 

29 And Pacob alked him, and fade, 
Lelime, oe ee ae 
fad , Daherefoze 8 it, that thou doeft 
Fe ena ee 


30 And Pacobcallen thename of the 
place} Pentel: for J haucteene God face 
to face, and my life is peeferued. 

31 Andashepatled ouer Dennei,the| 

funne rofe bpon him, andhe halted bp- 
onbisthigh. o 

32, Lherefore the childeen of Piract 
eate not of the finetbe Which theanke, 
Whichis bponthe hotlow of the thigh, 
brito this dap: becaufe hee touched the 
Hollow of Pacobs thigh, inthe finewe 
that thaanke. 


1 Thekindneffe of Ilacob and Efauat their mee- 
ting. 17 IacobcommethtoSuccoth. 18 At 
Salem he buyetha field, and buitdeth an Al- 
tar called Elohe Iftael. 

BOF MD PFacob lifted bp his 
2% cpes, and looked, and bes 
v2 Hold, Claucame,and With 
% Him foure hundeeth nen; 
and Hee diumpded the chi- 
eal); and bnto Rachel,and 
bnto the tho handmaids. 

2 And heputthehandmaides, and 
theit chidzen forenott, and Leah and 
her childzen after, and Rachel and Bo: 
feph bindermoft, 

3 Mndhee pafled oner befoze them, 
and botbed himieife to the ground fe 
ab oe bntilibee canie neeve to his 


4 And Elauranto meete hint, and 
imbeacedhim, and fellonbisnecke,and 
biffed him, and thep wept, 

5 Alndhe iiftbp his eves, andfarbe 
the women, andthe chilozen, and faid, 

re ave thofe ‘With theez And hefLarD, | + Hen.20 
iG i grad: thee, 

€ childzen Yhtch God hath 
ouily giuen thy feruant, 
6 het the handmainens came 
neeve they and their childzen, and thep 
bolbed thenifelues, 

Mi and 

Heis ase Ifrael, 

WD | feote of the 

lacob andEfau. 

7 And Lead allo with her dhitdeen 
cameticere,and bowed thenifeiues: and 
after cante PHoleph neere and Raghel, 
andthey bolved themfetues. 

| 3% ata help, * vohatmeanett thou 

bandtorhee?| DY ALL THIS Deouc, Which J mete And 
He laid, Theleare to find gracein the fight 
of my lod. 

9 And Elan fad, J haue chongh: 
my oe thouhatt bnto 
thy felfe. 

i S And Facoblaide, May, J pray 
thee: ifnow F haue found grace inthy 
fight , then veceine my peefent at my 
Hand : for therefore Fi haue feene thy 

ate, as though F had feeire the face of 
God; and thou walt pleated with me. 

1 Lake, J pray thee, my dielling 
that is brought to thee; becaule God 
hath dealt gracioufly with mec, andbe- 
caule F have enough : and hee baged 
Hint, andhetookeic. 

12 And he lad, Let bs take our tour: 
Tey , aid let hs goce, and F will goe be- 
fore thee. 

B And hee fatd bnto hint, Wy iow 
Kiolbeth, that the childzenare tender, 
and the flockes and heards with yong 
ave With mee : and tf men thoutd o- 
Uct-Dutte Ment one day, all the flocke 
Will die, 

14. Let ny lord, F pray thee, patfe o- 
uer before histeruant, and Z will ieane 

tHebacco- | OUOFiLy according ‘ag the cattell that 

cee loch before me,andthe chilozen beabie 

morke,coe. {EO CHDUCE, Dut ZF conte buto my low 

brite Stir. 

ween? | 1 And lau la DLeemenow tieaue 
, With thee ome ofthe folke thatare with 

Heb wher. UC? And Hee lard, ' nahat needeth itz ict 

oreisthan? | Me finde grace tt the fight of my loz, 

16 €Ho Efau returned thatpay, on 
His way onto Srir, 

17 And Facod tourneped to Sue: 
coth, andbuilthim anhoute, andmade 
boothes for his cattell: therefore the 

|Thaeis, | nameofthe placeiscatten| Succoth. 
me 1 18 CAndPacobcameto Shatena 
eld ,,|eitie of * Shechem, which isin theland 
Sychem, [OE Canaan, When he cane fromPadan 
Han, and pitched his tent befozethe 

\ t > 

19 2nd he bought a parcel of a field 

“Called | Where Hee had fpread his tent, at the 
bow? * Hand of the childzen of * Hamo2 She 
Ontomber,| Hens father, foran hundzed | pieces of 
i is, Nigtey, 

Peer 20 And Hee erected there an Alltar, 



xxi. Dinah defiled, 
1 Dinahisrauifhed by Shechem. 4 He fucth 

tomarty her. 13 The fohnies ot lacob offer 
the condition of Circumcilion to the She- 
chemites. 20 Hamor and Shechem per- 
{wade theinto acceptit, 25 The fonnes of 
Tacob ypon that aduantage flay them, 27 
and fpoile their citie, 30 Lacob reprodueth 
Simeon and Leui. 

DWE Md Dinah the daughter 
) of Leal, Which thee bare 
buito Hacob, Went out to 
ERE ANS fee He daughters of the 
meee ees AND, 

2 Aud When Shechem the fonne of 
Hamo? the Hinite, prance of the coun 
trey farb her,he tooke her,and lay With 
Hev,and ‘defiled her. 

3 Atnd his foule daue pnto Dinah 
the Daughter of Pacob, and hee toned 
thedamfell, andipatet kindly puto the 

4 And Shechem {pate buto his fa: 
ther Hamoz, laying, Get mecthis danis 
fell to wife. 

5 And Pacob heard that he havde- 
filed Dinal) his daughter (now his 
fonnes Were With his cattel ithe field) 
and Hacob Helde his peace vntilt they 

6 CArAndhamoz the father of She: 
chem Went out bnto Hacob to conv 
mune With hint, 

7 Aud the fornes of Facov came 
outof he field when thep heard it, and 
the ment Were grieued: and they were 
bery woth, becaule hee had w2ought 
folly in Hira, in ping with Facovs 
daughter ; Which thing oughé not to 
be Done. 

3 And Hano2 communed with 
them, faping , Lhe foule of my fonne 
Dhechem longeth foz pour daughter: 
FJ pay pou giue her himnto wife. 

9 And make pe mariages with bs, 
And Give pour Daughters dnto bs, and 
take our Daughters buto pou. 

lo Andye hall well with bs ,and 
theland thal be befo2e pou: dwelland 
trade pou therein, and get pou poet 
fiens thereit, 

H And Dechert {ard drito her faz 
ther, and dnto her beetheen, Let mee 
finde grace in pour eyes, and Whatyee 
Hall fay dnto nie, Will gine, 



her heart. 

AND Called ét || Cl- Clove- Praci, 

12 Afke mee neuer fo much powrze 
and gift, andZ pate os RecowItrg as 
g yee 

| TheShechemites | 

pee fhall fay bnto mee: but gine methe 
Damlell to Wife, ; 

B And the fonnes of Pacobantine: |) 

red Shechem , and Hamoz his father 
deceitfully,and faid , becaule he had de- 
filed Dinah their fitter, 

14. Aun they {aide buto thenr, wee 

ranhgtdoe this thing, to rine our fitter | 

to ote that is Ducivcumiefed : foz that 
Wered repeoch buto bs. 

15 Wutin thts will Weronflent bute 
pou: BE pe willbe as webe, thatenery 
malrofpou becireumelens 

16 HKhen Wil Wwe gine our daughters 
Dts pott,and Wwe wu take pour piugh- 
tersto bs,and We wil oibeil with pou, 
and Weibull beronie one people. 

17 Wutit pe Willnot hearken bnto 
HS, 60 be ciccunieifed, then Will wor take 

‘-- |Qurdaughter,and Welt be gone. 

*Chap. 49. 

{ Hebr. 


19; Andtheir Wowds pleated Hamoz, 
and Sheehem Hamozsfonne. 

Ip And the pong mar deferred not 
fo doe the thing, becaule he han delight 
tu Facobs daughter: and he was moze 
pevewanle then all the Houle of his 

20 (And hamozand Sheehenr his 
fonnecame bnto the gateof their atic, 
and commuried With the men of their 

21 Chelemenare peaccablewith hs, 
thereforciet thent dibel ntheland,and 
tradetherein: forthe land, behold itis 
large enough fo2 thems let bs take 
their Daughters to bs for Wines, and 
let bs giuethent ourdaughters, 

22 Mnely herein Will the men cor: 
fent buto bs, fo2 to DYbell With bs to be 
one people, ifeuerymalcamong bs bee 
ciccumeiled, as they ave civcumeiled, 

23 Shallnot their cattell , and their 
f{ubftance, and cuery beatt of theirs bee 
ours? onely letdsconfent bnto thent, 
and they Will Divell With bs, 

24. Andbnto Hamozand bnto She- 
chem his forne., hearkened all that 
went out.of the gate of his cite; and 
every male. Was civccumeted , all that 

| Ment outofthe gate ofbis ctie, 

25 (And it came to pale on the 
thirde day When they Were fore, hat 
tivo of the fonnes of Hacob, Simeon 
and Lent, Dinahsbrethzer, tooke each 
man His fivord and. came bponthe cite 
boldly, and* flew all the males. 

26 And they flew Hamozand Hhe- 
chens his fonne, with the ‘edgeof the 
fino2d, and tooke Dinah out of Ohe- 

theway which 


hems Houle, and Went out. 

27 Lhelounes of Pacob camebpon 
eae and fpotled the citic, becaule 

hey had defiled their fitter. 

23 Ley tooke their fheepe , and 
their oven, and thew. affles, and that 
Which was ir the cite, and that which 
was tirehje field. 

29 And all their Wealth,and all their 
little ones, and their wines tooke they 
captine, and {potted ener all that was tt 
thehoules <9 Sew , 

30 And Fatob faid to Sinrwon and 
PLeni,Be hauc troubled me to make me 
to finke among the inhabitants ofthe 
land, amongt the Canaanites, andthe 
Pevissites: and J being fey in nun 
bev, they thall gather themfelucs toge- 
ther againt me,and flap me,and J that 
be deftroped,F and my houte. 

31 And they faid, Should hee deale 
With our fifter,as With an hariots 


1 God {fendethIacob to Bethel. 2 He purgeth 
his houfe of idols. 6 He buildeth aa Altarat 
Bethel. 8 Deborah dieth at AllonBachuth. 
9 God bleffethIacobatBethel. 16° Rachel 
traueileth of Beniamin , and dieth in the way 
toEdar. 22 Reubenlieth withBilhah, 23 
The fonnes of Iacob. 27 Iacob’commeth 
tolfaacatHebron. 28 ‘Theage,death,and 
buriall of Ifaac. 

Aivife, goe bp to 25: 
and dDibel Here: and make 

MD Godiaidbuto Facov,| ° <-- 
ethel,| 2 

G Herean Altar bnto God,} 

Stoss that app 
* when thou flendett from the face of €- 
fau thy bother, 

2 Lhen Pacoblaid dnto his houle- 
Hold , and to all that were With hint, 
pout albap the trange gods that arca- 
NIONg pou, and bee deane, and change 
pour garments, et 

3. And let bs avile., and goe bp to 
wWethel, and J Will make therean Ae 
tav bnto God, who aniwerved mein the 
dap of my Meee With me in 

Went, See 

4. And they gaue bnto PFacob all 
the ftrange gods Whicly were wn their 
Hand, and all Meir eave- rings which 
were ttt their cares, and Pacob Hid then 
aoe the. oke: Which was by. Shee 

nt. Pyeng 

5 Alndtheptourneped: and the ter: 
rour of God Was bpon the cities that 



eared bnto thee.) 

Chip. 37. 

* Chap. 28. 

. called any moze Sacobd’, * but Plract 

Chap. XXXV]. 

Were round about thent, and hep did 
notpurfucatter the fonnes of Facod. 

6 CHoFacobcameto Lu5,whid) 
isin the land of Canaan (that iswethet) 
Hee and all the people that were with 


s 7 And hee built there an 2litar, 
and*called the place | Cl-25ethel,becaule 
A ete him, whenhe 
flenfrom the tace of his beother. 

3 Wut Deboral) Rebekahs nurie 
Died, and fhe as buried beneath Wert: 
elbnder anoke sand thenameof i ibas 
called || Allon Wachuth. 

9 © And God appeared bnto Jaz 
cobagaine, when he came out ofadan 
Acam,andbleflea him. 

Io And God fad bnto him , hy 
name ts Paco: thy name hall not bee 

fhall bee thy name; and ee called his 
naine Pirael. ; 

WI And God {aide bnto him, Fam 
Gov Almightie: be fruittull and muiti: 

Ip: Anation anda company ofnations 
thailbe of thee, and ings thal come 

Iz And theland which J gaue Abra: 
Ham, and Piaac, to thee J will ginett, 
and to thy {eed after thee will HF gine 

B And God tent bp from Hat, in 
the place Wherehetalked with him. 

14. And Pacod fet bp a pillar nthe 
placeWhere he talked With him, euen 4 
pillar offtone: andhee polbzena doinke 
offering thereon, and He porzed ote 

15 And Pacob called the name of 
the place where God fpake with him, 

6 @ And thep tourneped from 
Bethel: and there was but a title wap 
fo come to Cplath ; and Rachel tra: 
veiled, and fhehad hard labour. 

17 Afnd it came to pafle when thee 
Was inhard labour, that the nudwife 
faid dnto her, Feare not: thou (hait 
hauethisfonne aifo, 

13 And it came to patle as her foute 
Was in departing, (fo2 Thedied) that fhe 
called His name || Sen-oni : but his faz 
ther called him | Sentamin, 

Io AndRachel ded, and was buried 
i ben Way to Cphrath, which is Werth: 


20 And J acob {et a pillar bpon Her | 
Grane: Mat is the pillar of Rachels | 

Srauchnto this day, 

a And Pirael iourneped and 
{peead his tent beyond the tome of 

22 And it came to pafle when He 
vael Dibelt tn that land , that Reuben 
Went €* lay With Wilhah his fathers 
concubine : ano Plrael Heardir. Pow 
thelonnes of Facob were twelue. 

23 Lhe lonnes of Leah : Reuben 
Patobs firk boze, and Stncon,and 
Leut, and Judah, and Ptachar, and 
mig ' f 

24. Thelonnes of Rachel: Joleph, 
and Weniamiér, oe aa 

25 Aind the fonnes of Wihah, Ra- 
chels handmatd :Danand Maphtait, 

26 And the fonnes of Zapah, Le 
abs handmatd: Gad and aither.Chele 
are the fonnes of Pacob, which were 
boeneto himin Padan Aran, 

27 (And Facob came snto Plaac 
his father bnto Damece, onto 
of Arbah (Which sdebron) whereA 
aham annie fotourned, 

28 Andthe dayes of Plaac were an 
Hundzed and fourefcoze peeres, 

29 And PHlaac gaue bp the ghoft and 
Died, ANd Was* gathered bnto his peo- 
ple, being old and fill ofdayes: and his 

onnes Cfau and Pacobburiedhimn, 


t Efausthree wiues. 6 His remouing to mount 
Seir. 9° Hisfonnes. 15 The Dukes which 
defcended of his fonnes. 20 The fonnesand 
dukes of Seir. 24 Anah findeth mules, 31 
The kings of Edom. 40 The dukes that 
defcended of Efau. 

NAtAATE Dw thele ave the genera: 
Hs tions of Cfau, Who is E- 
@ DOM, 

c AN 2 Elautookehis wines 

ROMARRA Of the Daughters of Cana: 

an: Adah the daughter of Elon the Hit: 

tite, and Aholthamah the daughter of 

Atnah the daughter of Zeon the be 


3 And wWathemath pe tTeAs daugh- 
tev fifter of s2ebatoth. 

4. And * Adah bare to Cfau, Et 
phas: and Walhemath bare Reuel, 

5 And Aholibamah bare PFeuth, 
and Faalam, and wozah : hele ave the 
founes of Cfau, Which wereboone buts 
hiniin the land of Canaan, 

6 And Efau tooke his wrues, and 
hisfounes, and his Daughters, andail 

thet perfons of eee aud His cat: 

Ne cite} 


* Chap.49. 

*r, Chron. 

¢ Heb fonles. 


—Genefis. Dukes,andKings. 

tell, and all his beatts, and all his fub- 
fiance, Which he had got in thelande of 
Canaan : and Went mto the countrep 
fronithe face of his beother Pacod. 

7 For their viches were moze ther 
a they night dibell together: and 

cland Wherein they were ftrangers, 
een nn beave thent, becaule of their 

3 Khus dwelt Cfanin* mount Se- 
te: Gfauis€dont. 

9 CAnd thele are the generations 
of lau, thefather of the Edoniites in 
mount Seiv, 

lo hele are the names of €faus 

.|fonnes :* Eliphas the fonne of Adah 
the wife of €fau, Reuel the foune of 
wWalhemath, the wife of Cfau. 

I And the fonnesof Eliphas were, 
Leman, Dinar, Zepho, and Gatant, 
and HWenas, 

Iz And Linina has concubine fo 
Chiphas Efaus fonne, and thee bare to 
Eliphas Amalek:thele were thefonnes 
of Adah Claus wife. : 

B Aeon eiece at 
MNahath and Zerah, Shammah, and 
Missah: thele Werethe fonnes of Wa- 
themath, €faus Wife. 

14. (2nd ae Were the fonnesof 
Ahotibamah, the daughter of Anah, 
Daughter of Zibeon Efaus Wife: and 
the bare to Cfau, PFeuth and Paaiam, 
and Boral. 

15 CLAbele were dukes of thefonnes 
of Elan: thefonnes of Eliphas the firtt 
dome foune of Efau, duke Leman, 
DUkeDmar, Duke Zepho, Dube THe- 

16 Duke Borah, ouke Gatam, and 
Dube Amalek : Hele are the dukes thar 
came Of Eliphas, in the land of Edom: 
hele were the fonnes of Adah. 

tan, and Sbobal, and Zibeon, and 2 


2 And Dithon, and Eser, and Dv 
than: thele arethe dukes of the ozites 
te childgen of Setr in the lande of & 


22 Andthechilozen of Lotan,were 
Hort, and Hemam: and Lotans fitter 
was ZLiniina, 

23. And the childen of Shobal were 
thefe: Aluan, and Manahath, and ce 
bal, Dhepho, and Dnam, 

24. And hele are the childeen of Zt 
beott, both Atah, and Anah: this was 
that Anah that found the mules in the 
Wilderneffe, as hefed thealles of Zibe- 
onbis father. 

25 And the children of Analy were 
thele : Difhon, and Aholibamah the 
Daughter of Aah. 

26 And theleare the childzen of De 
thon: Hemdan and Cfhban, e Pthean, 
and Cherat. 

27 The children of €ser are thele: 
Wihan and Zaauan,and Akan, 

23 Hhechildeen of Dithan arc thee: 
G5, and Aran. 

29 hele are th 
the Horites: Duke Lotan, nuke Sho- 
bal, Duke Zibeon, Duke Anal, 

Dou, among their dukes nthelando 
31 € Alnd thele are the kings that 
ane tt me aun of Coom, before 
eve teignedD any king ouer the chil: 
deen of Pirael ee 
32 And Wela the fonne of Wenz 
reignedin Coom: andthe nance of his 
titte was Dinhabaly, — 
33. And Wela Died, and Pobad the 
fonne of Zeval of Bosra reiqnenin his 

17 And thele are the fonnes of} | ftead. 

Reuel Efaus fonne : duke sPahath, 

duke Zerah, duke Shamma, duke 

DMissah, Hhele are the Dukes that came 

of Reucl, in the land of Enont : thefe 

ne pe fonnes of Bathemath, Efaus 

18 (And thele are the fonnes of 2 
holibamah Claus wife : duke Peuth, 
Duke Paalam, duke Borah: thefe were 
fhe Dukes that came of Aholibamah the 
Daughter of Anah Efaus wife, 

19 Hhele are the fonnes of Clan, 
bhois Cdom)andthefe are their Dukes, 
| 20 Q* TKhelearethe fonnes of Seir 

the bozite, who inhabited the land, Lo- 


34. And Pobad died, and Pulham 
aff pe land of Lemant reigned in his 

35 And Hulham died,and Hadad the 
fonne of edad, (who {mote Midian 
tn the field of Moab, ) reigned in hig 
fead : €thenamie of his citie was Auth, 

36 And Hadad died, and Sam 
of Dalrekah, reiqned inhis ftean, 

37 And Samiah died, and Sauto 
aEOO by He vier, reigned in his 

38 And Sauldied, andwWaal-hanan 
thefonneofAchboz veigqned in his ftean. 
39 And Waal- Hanan the pa of 

and His Wes nanie was MDebhetabel,che 

“eo Aind thele are the namies of the 
Dukes that camie of Efau, accoeding to 
their families after their places, by their 
names se Limnah, uke Aluah, 
Duke eth, ; 

4i ue Aholibamah, suke Clay, 
Duke Virion, 

42 Duke Bena, Duke Tenia, 
Duke DMibsar, ; 

43 Duke Wagndiel, duke Pram, 
Tphelebe theaukes of Edom, according 
to their habitations, in Hheland of thei 
pofleffion: he is Efau thefather of the 


» Tofeph is hated of his brethren: 5 His two 

dreames. 13 Iacob fendeth him to vifite his 

brethren. 18 His brethren confpire his death. 
21 Reuben fauethhim. 26 They fell himto 
the Ifhmeelites. 31 His father, deceiued by 
the bloodiecoat, mourneth forhim. 36 Hee 
is fold to Potiphar in Egypt. 

WOOO J2D Pacob Divelt in the 

A and “Wherein his father 
¥ Was a firatger , in the 
: 5 Sa ey 

oS as 2 ele are the getie: 
vations of Hacob: Foleph being leuen- 
feette peeres old, has feeding the flocke 
With His beecyenandthelad was with 
the fonnes of wilhah, and with the 
founes of Zilpah, his fathers wines: 
and PFoleph brought onto his father 
their entll report. 

3 Mow Pfrael loucd Fofeph more 
then alt his chitoren, becauiehe was the 
fonne of bisoldage: and hemanehim 
-acoatof many || colours. 

4. Andithenhisbheetheen faw that 
theivfather louedhim moze then ail his 
breetheert, they hated hin, and could not 
{peate peaceably bnto hin. 

5 C And Folepho-camedadzeame, 
and He told Chis beetheen, and they ha 
tedhim pet the moze, 

6 Audheladbnto then, peare, J 
Peay pou, this dreame Which FY haue 

7 Fo02z beholde, wee were wining 
theaues inthe field, and ioe, nip theafe 
atole, and alfo food dpriaiie; and be: 
Hold, pour fheaucs ftood round about, 


|iehboz died, and Dadar reigned inbis| |andniadeobeifanteto niy theafe, 
ftead and thenanie of his citie was au, | 

Daughter of Datred; the Daughter of} | halt thou indeed haue doniinion ouer 


8 And his beethzen fatde to him, 
Shalt thou indeed reigne ouer Ls? 02 

bSz and they hated hiniyet therrioze, for 
hisdzeanies, and for his Words. 

9 € And hee dreamed pet another 
Deeane, ald fold it his beetheen, and 
fatd, Behold, FH hauc deeanied adeeamie 
Mize 2 And behold, the funhe and the 
fioone, and the eleuen ftarres made nz 
beifance to me, 

lo Andhetold icto his father, and 
to His beetiyen: and hte father rebuked 
Hint, and faid dnto hin; nahat is this 
deeame Hat thouhaltnzeanied: hal F, 
and thy nother, and thy bretheen ine 
Deed come to bow Downe out {elues to 
thee, to the earth 

U1 Aind bis boethzen enuted ham: but 
his father obferued thefaying. 

12 CAnd his beethzen went to fren 
their fathers flockein Sheehens, 

13 2nd Hirael faide bute Poleph, 

buto them: Eheladto fini HereamF. 

14 AndHeladto hini, Goe; FH pray 
thee , "fee Whetherit bee teil with thy 
beethzer, and Well With the flockés and 
bungime Word againe: fo hee lent hin 
outof the bale of Hebzon, and he canie 
to Shechent, 

15 CAndatertaine man foundhim, 
and behold, hee was wandzng m the 
field, and the man afken him, faping, 
nahat feckettthouz 

I6 Andhelatd, F leeke mip brethren: 
tellme, Bpeay thee, where they feede 
theit Aockes. 

17 And the nian fad, Chey are dee 
partedhence: for J heard them fay, Let 
bs Gor to Dothan. And Foleph went 
after His beethzen, and found theniin 

IS And Wher they far him afarre 
off, eucn before He came teere bnito 
thent, they confpired again hint, to 
flay him. 

19 And they laid ote to another, Wee 
Hoid, this’ decanier commicth, 

20 Comenow therefore, and leths 
flay him,and cat hint into fore pit,and 
Weil fap, Sonic eutll beatt hath de- 
UoUred him: and We Hhallfee what wil 
become of his decanies, 

21 And *Reuben Heard it, and he de: 
linered him outof heir hands, and faid, 
Let bsnotkilthini, 

D3 22 And) 


t Hebr fee 
the peace of 
thy brethren 

+ Hebs. 
mafter of 


* Chap. 42. 

folephis fold. 

|| Or,pieces. 

+ Hebr. 

17. wil. 10, 

*Chap. 44. 

22 And Reuben faide vnto- thent, 
Shep no blood, bur catt Hin into his 
pitthatis ithe wildernefic,and lap no 
hand bponhim ; that hemight vid him 
out of their hands, to deliuer hinito his 
father agate, 

23 CAnditcame to pale when Jo- 
feph Was come bnto hisbethzen, that 
they tript Poleph out of hiscoate, his 
coatof many | colours that was onhim, 

24. And thep tooke hanand cat hint 
into apit : and the pit was emptic, there 
was to Water tir if, 

25 Alud thep fate dorbne to eat beead: 
andthey itt bp their eyes and looked, 
and behold, a company of Pihmectites 
tanie from Gilead, with their camels, 
bearing {picery, € baulme, andimyperbe, 
going fo cary cdoWneto Egypt. 

26 And Pudah aide bnto His bee- 
theen, wavat profit isirif We flay our beo- 
thev,and conceale his blood: 

27 Come, andiet bs {ell hin to the 
Hihmectites ,and let not our handbee 
bpon hin: fo2 Heis our beother ,and our 
fleth ; and his beetheen' were content. 

23. Lhen there patled by Midtanites 
merchant men, and they deer andiift 
bp Foleph out ofthe pit, and “fold Po: 
feph to the Pihmeclites for tiventie pie- 
cesoffiluer: and they bought Poleph 
into Egypt. 

29 (And Renbeit returned bnto 
the pit, and behold, Poleph was notin 
thepit: and herent his dothes, 

30 And Hee returned buto His bee- 
theenand fad, The chtlde tg not, and 

Whither hall J goez 

31 And they tooke Polephs coat,and 
Killed abid of the goats, and dippedthe 

32 Andthey fent the coat of many co- 
lours, and thep brought it to their fa 
ther, andiaid, Lhis haue we found: 
Kio not Whether it bee thy fonnes 
coat o2 to. 

33 And Heke it, and fatd, Icis mp 
founes coat: an *euil beatt hath enow- 
ced hint; Holeph ts Without doubt rent 
tinpieces. ; 

34. And Pacob rent his clothes, and 
putlackclofh bpon bis loines, ¢mour- 
ned for his fonne many dayes, 

35 And all his fonnes , and all His 
daughters role bp to comfort bins: but 
he vefuted to be comforted ; andhelard, 
For J Will goe Downe into the graue 
bnto my fonne, mourning sthus bis fa: 
ther wept for him, 


ludahs marriage: 
36 And the Medanites fold him into | 2 
Egypt nto Potiphar , an * officer OF ic word does 
pharaohs, andi | captame ofthe guard. | sno 
alfo Chamber~ 
1 Judah begetteth Er,Onan,and Shelah. 6 Er tees 
marrieth Tamar. 8 Thetrefpafle of Onan. e101 eh 
11 Tamar ftayeth for Shelah. 13 She de-| jor. chiefe 
ceiueth Iudah. 27 She bearethtwinnes,Pha-| Maral. 
rez and Zarah. 
Ory Mditcameto palleat that 
time, that Pudah went 
© Downe from his beetheen, 
AK and turned in to a cere 
Awe S Size taine Adullamite, Whole 
name wasdpiral : 

2 And Judah fa there a naugh: 
tev of a cevtaine Canaanite , whole 
name Wwas* Shual : andhetooke ber, 
and Went in dnto her, . 

3 And the conceiued € bareafonne, 
andhe called his name Er, 

4 *And thee conceined agatne, and! «Num. 26. 
bare a fonne, and thee cailed his name, | 19- 

5 tnd the pet againe conceined and 
bave afonne, and called his name Dhe- 
la} sand hee wasat Chest, when thee 
bare hint. 

6 And Judah tooke a wife for Er 
te fir boone , Whole name was La 

7 And Er, Pudahs firlk bogne was | * Num.r6. 
Wicked tn the fight of the Z DIR M,|'* 
andthe LZ ORD flew him. 

3 And Pudah laid bnto Onan, Goe 
iibnto thy bothers Wife, and marvic 
her,and raile bp feed to thy beother. 

9 And Onan Bnew that the teed 
Chouldnot be his; and tt came fopatle 
Wher hee went in dnto his beothers 
wife, thathee tpilled it on the ground, 
a a hee Mould gine feed to his; 


Io And the hing which he ip, taie| 127 
pleafed the LDR D ; Wherefore hee) eyes acehe 
fle bimatfy. Lord. 

n Lhen laid Pudah to Lamar his 
Daughter nla, Remaine atbtdow at 
thy fathers boule, til Shelah my fonne 
be epi: foe let, ae peraduen- 
turvehe die allo as his beetheendid) and 
Fenn Wentand divelt inher fathers 


Iz € And tin procele of time, the 
Daughter of Shuah Pudahs wefedied: 
and Judah was comfosted, and went 
bp bnito bis theepe-fheavers to Lim: 



} Hebr. The 

== = 

} Heb.the 

doore of eyes, 

or, of &- 

t Heb.akid 
of the goats. 

| Orin E- 


| t Heb. be- 
come a con 

gata ici canal Su OO 


nath, beand his friend Pirah the Aout 
lamitte. 5 

3 Aud it was tolo Lamar, faying, 
Weboid, thy father inlaw goeth dp to 
Linmath to theare bis theepe. 

14. And thee put her Widolwes garz 
ments off from ber, and couered her 
with a baile, and Wrapped her felfe,and 
fate in tan open place, Which 1s by the 
Way to Lininath : foz thee fate that 
SDhelab was grower, and the Was not 
given bnto him to wife. 

15 vohen Judah lawher,bethought 
her to bean harlot: becaule fhe had co- 
ueved her face. 

16 And hee turned bnto her by the 
Way, andfatd, Goeto, J pray thee, let 
mecomeinduto thee: fozpeknew not 
that the washis Daughter inlaw) and 
the faid, nahat Wilt thowgine mee, that 
MHoumapelt conte tt Dito mez 

17 And hee faid, J will fend thee 
‘abid from the flocke: and thee faide, 
Ntit thou giue mee apledge, fill thou 

18 Andhelaid, what plenge hal J 
Gtuc thee And he faid, Lhy fianet,and 
thy bracelets, and thy ftaffe, that isin 
thine hand: andbegaue ither, ecame 

tbnto her, and fhe concetued by him. 

I9 And thee avole and went away, 
and latd by her baile from her, andput 
onthe gariients of her Widowhood. 

20 And PHudah lent the kidde by the 
hand of his friend the Aduilamite, to 
vecetue his plenge from the womans 
hand: but he found hernot. 

21 Chen hee afken the men of that 
place, laying, naberets the harlot, that 
Was ‘openly by the Way lide 22nd Hey 
fatd, Lherewas no hariot tn thig place. 

22 And hereturnedto Judah, and 
fatd, J cannot finde her sand alfo the 
men of the place faid, Hhat there was 
no Harlot in this place. 

23 And Pudah fad, Let her take it 
tober, lettbe bee fhamed: beholn, F 
oe kidde, and thou hattnotfound 

24. ( And it came to pafle about 
theee moneths after, that it tas toive 
Judah, faying , Lamar thy daughter 
mila hath played thehariot, andaifo 
behold, heis with chin by whozedom: 
and Fudah faid, Bring her forth, and 
lether be burnt, 

25 Maben he as brought forth, the 
fent to her father in iam, faying, 2p the 
man Whole theleare, an BP with chad: 


loleph in Egypt. 

and thee faid, Difcerne, Fpzay thee, 
Wholearethefe, the fignet, and beace- 
lets, and fatke, 

26 And Pudahacknowledged them, 
andfatd, She hath bin moze righteous 
then J : becaule that H gaucher not to 

Helah mp fonne: and he knew her a 
gaitte no moze, 

27 (Alndit canieto pale inthe time 
of her trauaite, that bebolde, tines 
Werein her wombe, 

23 And tt came to pafle when thee 
trauailed, that the one putouthis hanp, 
and the midwife tooke and bound bpon 
his hand afkaviet theecd faping, Ls 
tame out firtt, 

29 And itcame to palle as henewe 
batke his hand,thatbehold,his other 
came out: and the lard, ‘Hob hattthon 

|| Or,where- 
fore hast 

{fperin his hand, 

hooken foozth 2 this beeath bee. ppon 
thee : Lherefoze his name was catien 
"hares. |) Thatis, 

30 And aftertvard came out Hts] sdreach. 
beother that had the fkavlet theeed bp- Eon 
on hishand, andbisname was catied| 74 


1 Tofeph aduanced in Potiphars houfe, 7 Hee 
refifteth his miftrefles temptation. 13 He is 
falfly accufed. 19 Hee is caftin prifon. 21 
God is with him there. 

thou made 
this breach 

pt, and Bp- 
tiphavan Dificer of pha- 
tah, captaine of p guard, 
os me an Copptiat, bought hin 
of thehand of the Pihmectites, which 
Had beought him done thither. 

2 And heLDORD was with Jo- 
fepf), and Hee Was a paolperous nian, 
andhee Was tn the Houle of his matter 
the €aypptian. 

3. And his matter farbe that the 
LDR D was With him, and that the 
LDRD made all thathe did, to pzo- 

4. And Poleph found grace in his 
fight, and heferucd him; and hee made 
him ouerfeer ouer his boule, and alt 
thathehad heputinto hishand. 

§ Andttcame to patie from the time 
that Hee had made hint ouerfeer in his 
Houle, and oucr alithathe hand, thatthe 
LOR D biefled the €gyptianshoute 
for Pofephs fake : and the biefling of 
the LORD was vpon all thathe had 
mthehoule,and inthe field, 

6 And heiefe ali that he had, ? ae 


lofeph imprifoned, Genefis. 


fephshand: and hekuerw not ought he 
had, faucthe bread which hedid cate: 
and Poleph was a goodly perion, and 

7 @CAnoitcameto patle after thele 
things, that his matters wife catt her 
Hs vpon Poleph, and hee faid, Lie 

ith me. 

3 wWuthe refuled, andfaid dnto his 
matters wife, chold, my matter wot 
teth ap is ith mee tn thehoute, 
and he hath conmitted all that he hath, 
tomp band. 

9 Abere is none greater in this 
houfe then J : neither hath hee kept 
bathe any thing fromime, butthee, be- 
caute hou archis wife: how thencan J 
DOC THIS Great Wickednelle, and finne x 
gatnlt Godz 

lo Andit came to pafle as helpake 
to Poleph day by day, thathee hearke- 
nednot dnto Her, to lie by Her, orto bee 

i And it came to pafle about this 
time,that Poleph went i to the houte, 
todochisbulines, and there wasnone 
of he men of the houle here within. 

12 And thee caught hint by his gar: 
ment, faying, Lie with me: andhe eft 
His garment inher hand, andfled, and 
gothun out, 

3 Ainditcameto pafle, when Kyelaw 
that hee had left his garment in ber 
Hand, and Was fled forth ; 

14 Lhat thecatleadnto the men of 
her boule, and fpake bute them, fay 
ing, Sce,hehath booughtinandebrew 
Dutods, toimockebs : He came in dnto 
ime to lie With me, and JF cried witha 
‘Youn boice, 

15 Alnd if came fo pafle, When hee 
Heard that H titted bp my botee,and cri: 
td, hat helefthis garment with mee, 
and fled, and got himout. 

16 And the laid bp his garment by 
Her, bntillher lod came honie. 

17 And the fpake bunto ins, accoz- 
Ding to thele Words, laying, Lhe e- 
beet fernant which thou Hatt bought 
pnto bs, cameinbdnto meto mocke me, 

13 And itcame to pafle as Hlift bp 
My boice, and cried, that he left his gar- 
Met With nie, and fled out. 

Io Anditcanceto pale when his ma: 
fer heard the words of his wife, which 
fhe fpake bnto Hini, faying, After this 
mater Did thy fernant tome, that his 
Yorath Was kindien, 

20 Atnd Polephs matter tooke him, 

and put Hin into the pufon, a place, 
Where pkings petfoners Were bound: 
andhewas vee eae 

21 (But the LDR D was with 
Poleph, and ‘thewed hin merce, and 
sane fauonr in the fight of thetice- 
per of the paifon. 

22 And che keeper of the prifon come 
mitted to Polephs hand ait the prifo- 
ners that were tt the prifon, and what: 
{ocuer they did there, be was Hhedoer 
of it: 

23 Hhekeeper of the prifon looked 
Not fo any thing, thar was Dnder His 
hand, becaule the LDR D was with 
hint: Ethat which he did, the LORD 
Made to proper. 


i "TheButlerand Baker of Pharaoh in prifon. 
4. lofephhath charge ofthem. 5 Heinter- 
preteth their dreames. 20 They come to 
pafleaccording to his interpretation. 23 The 
ingratitude of the Butler. 

IMD it came to pale after 

thele things , that the 

wWutler of the Hing of E- 

:  Sppt, and his Baker, had 

7 wae Offended their iozd the 
Bing ot Egypt, 

2 And Pharaoh Was Weoth againt 
tio of his officers, againt the chief of 
the Butlers, and againt the chiete of 

3 Alnd he put them in ward inthe 
houte of the captaine ofthe guava, into 
the prot te place rpbeve oleh was 


4 And the captaine of the guard 
charged Holeph with thens, and He fer: 
ued thent, and they continued a feafon 
in tarde, 

5 © And they deeamed a deame 
both of then , cach man his deeamein 
one night, each man according to the 
interpretation of his deeame, the But- 
ler and the Waker of the king of Egypt, 
Which Wereboundin heprfon, 

6 And Foleph came in dnto them 
inthemozning, andiooked bponthent, 
and behord, they were fan, 

7 Andbe alked pharaohs officers 
that Were With him im the warde of his 
lo2d8 Houle, laying, naberefore tigoke 
pelo fadly to day z 

3 Andtheylatd dnto hint, we haue 
Deedined a deeame, and there is no tn 
terpeeterofit. And Pofeph fad onto 

1S profperous. 

t Heb.ex~ 
tended kind 

t Feb. are 
your faces 


He interpreteth 

thent, Doe not interpretations belong 
\to Gods tellmethem, Pprayypou. 

9 Aind the chicfe Butler tolde his 
deeameto Poleph, and fad to hin i on 
my Deeame, beholde, a bine Was betoze 

lo And in the bine were thee bean- 
ches,and it was as though it budded,and 
her blofloms thot fooztl ; and the clu: 
fersthereofbeought forth ripe grapes. 

HW And Pharaohs cup Was tn mt 

fooke thegrvapesand peel: 
fed them into Pharaohs cup : and J 
gauethe cup into acaobs an. 

2 And Poleph {ad bnto him, LhHis 
istheinterpeetation of tt: thethece bean: 
ches are theee dapes, 

13 Bet wWithintheee dapes (hall pha- 
-/ tay ||lift bp thine head, and reftoze thee 
buto thy place, and thon thait deliner 
pees cup tnto his hand, after the 
ommer manner when thou Wak his 


14. Wut|| hinke on me, when it hall 
be tell With thee,and fhe kindeneffe, 
BD pray thee, bnto mee, andmakemen- 
tion ofmebnto Pharaoh,and being me 
out of thishoute. 

15 Foz indeed FJ Was foilen arvay 
out of the land of the Pebsewwes :and 

Here alfo haue J done nothing, that 

they Hhould put meinto the dungeon. 
Ié vOhen thechiefe Waker fav, that 

the interpretation was good he faiddu- 

to Holeph , J allo was in my deeame, 
and behold, FI hadthzec | white balkets 
omy hean, 

17 And i the bppermott balket 

tHebr.meat (Chere was ofallmaner of *hake-meats 

theee balkets ave theeedapes: 
I9 Bet within theeedapes thall pha- 

\|Or, reckon | CAOD|lttEE Dp thy head from off thee,and 

| hail hang thee on atree andthe birds 
(hail cate thy Aeth from off thee. 
20 @ Audit came to pallethethird 

and He [lifted bp the head of the chiefe 
Butler,and ofthe chiete Waker among 
his feruants, 

21 Andherettored the chiefe Butler 
bnto his Butlerthip agate, and hee 
Saue the cup into Pharaohs hann, 

22 BWuthe hanged the chiefe Waker, 


23 Bet vid not the chicke wWutler vez 
member Foteph, butfo2gatehint 


1 Pharaohstwodreames. 9 lofeph interpre- 
teththem. 33 Heegiueth Pharaoh coum 
fell, 38 Iofephisaduanced. 50 Hee bes 
getteth ee and Ephraim. 54 The fa- 


bp afterthent out of the riuer,ti fag 
ted and leane flethed,and food by then: 
ther kine, bpon the bunke ofthertier, 

4 And the ill fauoured and ieane 
flethed kine, Did eate bp the feuen well 
fauouved and fat kine : So Pharaoh 

And Hee flept anddzeamen the fe: 
cond time: and bebolde, feuen cares of 

cozne came dbp bpon one ftalke, t ranke|t Heer. fe. 

and good. 

6 And beholde ,fenen thime eaves 
and blatten With the €attpind, fprang 
bp after them, 

7 And the leuen thinne eaves de- 
uoured thefeuen ranke and fulleares: 
and Pharaoh awoke, and behoin, i¢ 
Was adzeeame. 

38 And itcame to pale tr hema 
ning, hat his fpivit was troubled, and 
be fent and called fo2 all the Magicians 

hen {pate the chiefe Butter 
bnto Pharaoh, laying, J doerenieny: 
bermy faults this day. 

lo pharaoh was weoth with bis 
feruants, and put mee in Warde, inthe 
captaine ofthe guards Houle, bothmee, 
and the chicte Baker. 

Il And lhe deeamed a deeame none 
night, and he: we deeamed each man 
according to the mterpeetation of his 

12. And there was there With bs a pong 
man an Debsew , feruant to the cap- 
taine of the quard : and Wee told him, | , 

feuerall dreames, 

a8 Foleph had mterpzetedto then. eae: 

andhe*imterpzcted to bs our decames,| 5c 

Pharaohsdreames Genefis. areiterpreted, 

jtocach man accoeding to his decame,be 
DID interpret, 
B And cameto pafle,as he inter- 
preted fobs, foitwas; nieche reftozed 
onto mincoffice, and him be hanged, 
alr) 44 C* Then pharaoh lentand cat 
tHebr made eo Holepiy and they *heought hin ha- 
himrome. Ty out ofthe dungeon: Andhethaued 
himfelfe, and changed his vainent, and 
tame bute pharaoh, 

15 And pharaoh fad nto PFofeph, 
FH haue deeamed adzeame, andthevre is 
none Mat can interpret tt: and PB hauc 

|| Or, When | Heard fay ofthee,thac| thoucant bnder- 
thes bere Trand a Deeamne,to interpret tt, 
rhoscosi | 16 And Polephantivered pharaoh, 
interpret ig ; Pls not ime: God (hall giue 
in phavaohanantwercofpeace, 
17 Ano pharaoh laid nto Foleph:; 
Sumy deeame, behold, Food bpon 
13 Andbehold, there cane bp outof 
the rinuer feuewhine,fatflethen and well 
fauoured, and rent amedowb. 
19 Andbeholdfenen other kine cane 
bp after thent, poore and very tii fauow 
red, andieane flefhed, fuch as FH neuer 
fab in all the land of Egypt for badnes, 
20 Andtheteane, € the ui fauoured 
Kine, did cate bp the firk fenenfathine, 
tHebrcome) 21 2D When they had‘ catenthem 
pornofitem,| OP tt could not bee Knolven that thep 

had eaten themn,but they were til al fa 
uoUted , a8 at the beginning: So F 

22 And ZB fay ir my deeame,andbe- 
hold, feuen eaves came bp in one ftatke, 
fulland good. 

23 And behold, leuet cares || withe- 
red, thin eblaten with the Eatt wind, 
fprung bp after then, 

24. And the thin cavesdenoured the 
feucti good caves: and FZ told this buto 
the magicians, butthere was nonethat 
could Declave fo me, 

25 And Foleph aid bnto pyara- 
oh, Lhe deeame of havraoh ts one; 
Gonhath thetoed pharaoh whatheis 
about to doe. 

26 Lhe leuen good kine ave fenen 
peeves sand thefeuen good eaves are fe- 
Uet peeves: the deeameis one. 

| 27 And theleuenthinand wl fauow- 
vedkine that came bp after thent, avefe- 
uel peeres: and thefeuen empticeares 
blatted with the Catt wind, thal beefe- 
ucnpectes of famine, 

28 This is the thing which Bhaue 

_ [fpoken nto pharaoh: what Godisa- 

{| Or, final 

bout to Doe, he theweth bnto pharaoh. 

29 Wehold, there comefeuen peeves 
of great plentic,theoughoutall the land 
of €gypt. 

30 And there Mhallavife after thent, 
feuen peevesof famine, and all the plen- 
tie Tall be forgotten in the land of €- 
gppt: andthe famine thail confume the 

31 And the plentic hal notbebnowen 
titheland, by veafon of thatfantine fol 
loWwitig : £02 tf fhalbe berp* grieuous, 

32 Andfor that Hhedzeame was dow- 
bled bnto Pharaoh tite, it shecaule 
the thing ts || eftabitfhed by God: and 
God Will (hoztly being it to pafle. 

33 SMO therfore let Pharaoh looke 
outa man diltreet and Wile, and ferhin 
ouer the land of Egypt, 

34. Let pharaoh doe chis,andiet him 
appoint || officers ouer.thetand, Etake} jor, oan, 
bp the fift part of theland of Egypt, in\e=—} 
thefeuen plenteous peeves, 

35 And let chenr gather all the food 
of thofe good peeves that come, andilay 
bp coane buder the hand of pharaoh, 
andletthembkeepefood inthe cities, 

36 Andthat food thal be foe ftoreto 
theiland, againt the feuen peeres of fa- 
mine, which hall bee inthe land of €- 
grpt, thatthe land * perith nottheough 
the faniine, pata 

37 CAndthething was goodin the 
epesof Pharaoh, andirthe eyes of alt 

38 And Pharaoh fad bnto his fer- 
uants, Can we find fuch aone, as this 
ts,amanin hom the hpiritof Godis? 

39 And pharaoh {aid buto Poleph , 
Foratmuch as God hath theibed thee 
all this, there is none fo difeveete and 
Wilt, asthouart: 

40 *Thou thailthe ouer my houte, 
and according bnto thy word Mall all | oo ra. 
my people be ruled: only in the Hheone |7.10. 
Will J be greater then thou. Lider 

41 Alnd Pharaoh fad bnto Polepy, | jie.” 
oes hauelet thee onevallthetand of 

42 And pharaoh tookeoKhis ring 
frombis hand, € put it bpon Polephs 
Hand, and araped him tn beitures of 
fine linnen,and puta gold Haine about] jor jie. 
His necke, 
43 And he made hin to vide inthe 
fecond charet which he had: and they 
cried before Him, Bow the knees and! ox, 7e- 
be ss bin culer over all the tan of | foe 
Oypt, chy 

*Pfal. 105, 

MT oley h exalted. : 

ae ee a 


Chap. xliy. 32 His brethren. 

And pharaoh faid bnto Pofleph), 
aainvobarach,anbivithoutthee ha 
oman ae bp his handozfoote, trvall 
» 45 Pind ‘baraoy talled Folephs 
iname, Zaphnath-paaneah, and he 
gauc hin to wife Afenath the daughter 
of Poti-pherab, || peeft of On: and Jo- 
feph Went out over all thelande of €- 


as (CC And Foleph was thirtie 
peeres old When he oon before phara- 
_ fob bing of Waly dened ofept) went 
. joutfrom the peelence nt Bharaoh, and 
Wentthorowout all Heland of Egypt. 

47 Aadinthe leuen plenteous peres 
the earth beoughtfozth by handfuls. 
‘1148 Andhegathered bp all thefoode 
jofthe feuen peeves, which Were in the 
landof Egypt, and latd by the foode in 
the cites : the foode of the field which 
Was roundabout every atic, lainhebp 
49° And Polep) gathered come as 
thefand of thelea, very much, butt he 
left numbzing : fo2 it Yas Without 
50 *Aind bnto PFoleph were vore 
thofonnes, before the peeves of fainine 

pPoti-pherah, ||riek of On bare buto 

51 And Foleph called thenameof the 
firft bogne | Danatleh : fo2 God, faidhee, 
hath made me forget all my tore, and 
alimy fathers houte.: - 
52 Atnd the name of the fecond ca 
lea he] Cplaiin: for God hath caufed 
nec to be fruttiull in the land of my af: 
| flictions « py 
53 @ Andthe leuen peeves of plen- 
teoultiefie,, that Was inthe land of €- 
Syppt, Were ended, 
54. “And theleuen peeves of dearth 
begaune to come according as Poleph 
had fade, and the dearth was tn all 
lands:but mail He land of Egypt there 
Wasbeead, - 
_ 55 And When all theland of Egypt 
Wasfamithed, thepeopie cried to Pha- 
taal fo2 bead : and Pharaoh laid bnto 
all the Capptians, Gore bnto Foleph: 
Whathelath toyou,doe. 
56 And the famine was ouer all the 
faceofthe earth; and Fofeph opencdait 
"the fo2ehoufes , and folve buto the €- 
| Spptians: and the famine wared fore in 
57 And all countreps came thto €- 

tanie which Afenath the daughter of 

t to Poleph ; for to buy coene , be- 
wate we ape canine Was fo fore itr ait 


¥ Tacob fendeth his ten fonnes to buy.cornein 

_. Egypt. 6 They are imprifoned by Iofeph 
for{pies.. 18 They are fetatlibertie,on con 
dition to bring Beniainin.’ 21 They have 
remorfeforIofeph. 24 Simeon iskept fora 
pledge. 25 They returne with come, and 

“ theirmoney. 29 Their relation to Iacob. 
36 lacobretufeth to fend Beniamin, 

WesKe Dw when *Pacod faw 
SON Cis Dat there was comet €- 
IZDNEN9 Sypt, Facob laid dnto his 
ae » i fonnes, why doe peiooke 
Seow One bponanotherz 

2 Andhee fad, Beholoe, F haue 
Heardthat there w come in Cappe: get 
poudolvne thither and buy forbs from 
thence;thatvbemapiiue,and nordic. 

3 CAndPolephs ten beethzen went 
Downe fo buy comnein Eaypt. 

4 But Weniamin Gtete b20- 
ther; Pacobient not with his beetheen: 
for he taid, Left peraduenture nulchicte 
befalt him, 

5 Anathelonnes of Hiraci cameto 
buy come among thole that caine: fo2 
the famine was in the landofCanaan. 

6 And Foleph Was the gouctnour 
ouet the land, and Hee it was thatfoin to 
allthe peopieof theland: and Holephs 
beetheen came, € bowed Downe theni 
ec befoze Hint, with their faces to the 

7 And Foleph far his weethzeen, 
ad he knel them, but made himleife 
firange bnto them, and{pake ‘roughly 
bnto them ; and hee fatde bnto them, |*) 
vahence cone pez 2nd they faid, From 
theland of Canaan,to buy food. 

8 And Poleph knew his veetheen, 
but they knew nothin, 

9 And PFoleph * remembzeed the 
Deeames Which hee dreamed of them, 
andfaid dnto them, Pearelpies: to fee 
Henakennes ofthe land pouare come, 

lo And they faid bnto Hint, May, nip. 
1020, but to buy food are thy feruants 
come,’ ; 

I Meare all one nians fonnes; woe 
ave true men: thy feruants areno fpies. 

Iz Andhelaid onto then, Pay sbut 
to fee the nakedneffe of the land, you 
are cone. 

13 And they laid, Lhy fernants are 

er eae be 




tloclue beethzen,thefonnes ofone man 

mMtheland of Canaan: and behold, the 
pougett is this pay with our father, and 
one isitot, 

14 20s Poleph faid buto ther, 
That is it that H fpake buto pou, fay: 
mG, Pe are{pies. 

154 Hereby ype Mhall beproued: by the 
Vite of Pharaoh pe thallnot goc foorth 
hence, ereept pour porgelt bother come 

16 Hendoneofpou,and et hin fetch 

with his brethren, 

it was in his fackes mouth, 
23 And he faid bnto his beetheen, 
My money i$ veftozed, and loc, iis enen 

in my facke : and their Heart ' farlen | tren 


them, and they wereafraid, faying one 
fo another, vahatts this that God bath 
Done duto bs7 

29 € And they came bnto Pacob 
theiv father, brite the land of Canaan, 
up told himvall chat befell puto them, 
aping; ‘ 

30 THhe mat who is the lord of the 

pour beother,and pe fhalbet keptin pat 

land, fpake ‘roughly to bs, and tooke| t Heer. vis 
fon, that pour wWwordes may be proued, i 

bs fozipies ofthe countrey. i 

+ Hebriga= 

*Chap. 43+ 

.* Chap. 37. 

Whether here be any tructh i pou 302 
els by theclifeof pharaoh fuvely pe ave 

17. Andheiputthenrall together te 
to Warde,threcdayes. 

13 And Foleph faid dnto them the 
third day, Khis Boe, and liue : for F 
feave Gon. 

Io Pf ype be truc men, let oneofpour 
beetheen be bound tn the houle of your 
prfon: gocye,carry come forthe famine 
of pour houfes. 

20 Wut*being pour pongettbheother 
puto mec, fo hall pour Wwordes be bez 
vified, and pee Thal not dies and thep 

2 co And hep faid one to another, 
Mae are verilpguiltic concerning our 
bother ,inthat We far the anguity of 
his foule, Wher hebelought os, and te 
Would not heave : therefore ts this ov 
fivefle come Dpon ds, 

22 And Reuben anhvered thenr,fay- 
tng, *Spake J not dnto pou, faying, 
Moenot finne agautthe chide, and ye 
Wwouldnotheare z therefore behold at 

‘\fo, bis blood is required, 

} Hebr. an 
was betweene 


23 Ando Ahey knew not that Poleph 
buderftood thent : fo2 ‘hee fpake puto 
thent by aninterpeeter. 

24. And Hee turned himleife about 
fronithem and Wwept, and returiicd to 
thent againe , and communed With 
thent, and tooke from them Simeon, 
and bound him before their eves, 

25 Lien Poleph conunandedto 
fill thei fackes With come, and to re- 
fto2e cucry mans money into his facke, 
aud to giuie themi proutfion foz the way: 
and thus rid hebuto them. 

26 Ann they laded theiv alles with 
tHecorne,and departed thence, 

27 And asone of them opened his 
fatke,to gine hisafle prouender in the 
Bune, he elpieahis money : fo2 behoid, 

31 And Whe faid dnto hint, Dac ave 
trucmen; Weareno (pics, 

32. Mebetiveluc bretheen, fonnes of 
ourfather: one is not, and the pongett 
isthis day With our father, intheland 
of Canaan, « 

33 And the man the lord of the coun- 
trey {aid bnto bs, Hereby (hall J know 
that peavetrucmen: leaucone ofyour 
beetheen Here With me, and take foode 
for the famine of pour Houtholns, ans 
be gone. 

34. Aud bring pour pongeltbeother 
bnto ine + then thall H know thatpou 
arent {pies , but that pouaretrue met: fo 
Will Pdeliver pou pour brother, andpe 
(hall traftique m the land. 

35 @ And tt came to pale as they 
enipticd their facks , thatbeholn, every 
mans bundle of money was in his facke: 
and Wher both they and their father 
ie oe bundels of money, they were 

36 Aud Facob their father faid bnto 
thent, Dehaue pe bereaued of my chil: 
Deen : Poleph is not, and Simeon ts 
NOL, ANd pe Yul take Wenianiin away: all 
thele chings aveagaint me, 

37 Aiud Reuben fake bnto his fa 
ther faping; Stay my tivo fonnes fF 
bung hininot to thee: deliuer himinto 
my Hand, andH wWillbeing him to thee 
¢ Catire,, 

38 And he laid, Wy fonne hati not 
goc Downe with pou for his bother ts 
dead, And He is left alone ; if milthiefe 
befall hint by the tap inthe which pee 
goc,then hall pe being Downe my grap 
Hatves with forvoly to the grane. 


1 Tacobis hardly perfwaded to fend Beniamin, 
15 Tofephentertaineth his brethren. 31 Hee 
maketh them a feaft. 

Bentamin goeth 
ePqreR Md the fantine was fore 

= it 
| [tefting he 

* Chap. 42. 

t Heb.asking 
he asked vse 


D [tHeb.kaow- 

ing could we 

| With DS, We Will goe Downe and buy 

Chapaliy — 

with his brethren. 

ROLE EY ; ao eset 
Tiron ws When they had eaten bp 
Me Sew thecorne, which they had 
brought oucot Cgppt, their father faid 
pe theni, Goe againe, buy bs a little 
one. = 

3 And Judah {pate onto hint, fay- 
ing, Lhe man did ' folenilp protett bir 
fobs, laping, He thall not fee my face, 
except pour* bother be with pou. 

4. oe thou wit fend our beother 

thee food. 

5 Butif Hou wilt notfendhim, wwe 
Wil not goer Downe: foz the manfaide 
buts pape cGpailnot fee my face, except 
pourbeotherbeiith you, 

6 And Wreact fad, wherefo2e dealt 
pelo fit With me,as to tell the man whe- 
ther pehad peta brother: 

7 And thep fad, Zhe man athe 
bs ftraitiy of our fate, and of our kin 
Dred, laying, Bs your father pet aliuez 
Haue pee another brothers and Wwe tolde 
him according to the t tenour of thefe 
Words: Could we certainelp knowe 
ee outs fay , Bring pour beother 

$ And Judah laid bnto Plracthis 
father, Sendthelad with mé, and Wee 
Willarifeand go, that we may liuejand 
notdte, both We, and thou,andalfo our 
ne te ll be fi fo2 f f 

9 tl be fuvety fo2 hint; of my 
Hand thatt thou require jim: * if Z 
bunghininot bute thee, andfethim be: 
fore thee,thenletine beave the blame fo2 

lo, Foz ercept We hadlingred, furely 
NOW, Wee Had returned || this fecond 

Wn And their father Piraelfard bnto 
then, HE temutk bee fo nowy, doe this: 
tabcof the beltfruitsin thelandin your 
beficis,and carte Downe the mama y2e- 
fent,alitle bale, andalitie hone, tpt: 
6S, and my2erhe, nuts, and almonds. 

12 And take Double money in pour 
Hand, andthe money thatibas brought 
againetn the mouth of your fackes : ca 
tigragaineinpour hand,peraduentare 
twas anouerfight, 

3 Lakeallo pour beother,ann arife, 
Soe againe bnto the man. : 

14. 2nd God Almightie gine por 
imevcic before the man, that he may fend 
abay pour other brother, and wWenta- 

min: | FFF be beveaucd ofmy chitozen, 

15 (And the men tooke chat wze- 
fent, and they tooke Double nioney in 
their hand, and Weniamin,and vole bp, 
and Went dorbue to Egypt, and food 
before Hofeph. 

16 And when Foleph fare Wenta- 
mitt With chem, hee faid to the ruler of 
his houte, 82ing thefemenbome, and 
‘flay, and make veaby : fo2 thefe men 
thall' dine With me at noone, 

17 Andtheman didas Fofeph bade: 
and the man bought the men into Po- 
fephs boule. 

nd the mien wereafraty, becaule 
they Were beougit into Polephshonte, 
and they fd, Weeaule of the money 
that Was returned in our fackes atthe 
firlt time ave we beought in, that hee 
may feeke occalion againt bs, and fail 
bpoit bs, andtake bs forbondmen,and 

I9 And they came neere to the fte- 
Ward of Polephs houle, and they conv 
ale With him at the dooze of the 


20 Anofaid , D Sir, **we eames 
Deed Downe atthe firlt time to buy food. 

21 AfnDd it came to pafle when wee 
came to the June, that weenpened our 
fackes, and behold, ee mans monep 
was itt the mouth of his facke, our nio- 
nep infulweigtt: and wehauebought 
itagainein our hand, 

22 And other nionep have wee 
brought Dorbne i our handes to buy 
food: Ihe cannot tell Who put our mo- 
nep trourfackes, 

23 Andhelatd, Beacebe to pou,feare 
not: pour God,and the God of pour fa: 
ther, hath given pou treafure in pour 
fackes: *Hhadyour money. And hee 
brought Simeon out hnto then. 

24. And the nian bought the nen 
into Folephs houle,and*gaue them we 
ter, ANd they Wathen their feete, andhe 
gauetheivailes prouender. 

25 Andthey made ready the pzefent 
again Poleph canie at noorie: for they 
heard that thep thouid cate bread there, 

26 (And when Foleph camehome, 
they brought him the Pzelent Which 
Wasin their hand, mto thehoufe, and 
bowed thenileiues to hintothecarth. | 

29 Andhealked theni of heir twet- ae: 
fave, andfaid,* Js pour father Well,the icrepcece 
dD man of Whoni pe lpake2 We he pet} coyors » 
aliues Esp i tare 
€ 23 And 

|| Oc,and I, 
a Ihaue 
bene Ge. 

1 Heb. kill 

+ Hebroll 

Upon Ue 

+ Heb. com- 
ming downe 
we came 

} Heb.jour 
money came 
10 Mee. 

4. 24.32. 

Acup putin 

23 Andtheyantwered, Lhy leruant 
ourfatherisin goodhealth, Heeis pet a 
line: Ethep boibed dolwne their heads, 
andmade obeifance, 

29 Audheiift dphisepyes, andfawe 
his bother Wemanin, his mothers 
fonne, and faid, Js this pour ponger 
heother, of hom peelpake bnto mec z 
and hefad, Godde gracious bnto thee, 
my fonne. 

30 And Foleph made hatte: for his 
bowels DID perne bpon His beother : 
andhefought where to weepe, andhee 
entred into his Hamber, ewept here. 

31 Anvhewathed his face, and went 
out, and refrained himleife, andfaive, 
Set on bread. 

32 And they let onforhimby himleife, 
andfoethem by themfeiues, and forthe 
Cgyptians which dideate with him, 
by themfelues: becaule the Egyptians 
might not cate bread With the He- 
beetbesifo2 that is an abomination bnto 
the Egyptians. Gk RE 

33. And they fate beforchint, the firk 
boene according to His birthaght, and 

- | thepongettaccording to his youth: and 

. | onto thent 

+ Heb. they 


themen marneiled oneat another. 
34. oe tooke and fent meafles 
tom before him: but Wen- 
taming meafle was fine times fo much as 
any of theirs : and thep dunke, and 

-| ere merry With him. 

CHAP. XLIiiil. 

1 lofephs policie to ftay his brethren. 14. Iu-| 

dahs humble fupplication to Iofeph. 

AF fro Hee conumaunded the 

yey ' feward of hishoutefay- 

we tig, Fill the mens fackes 

ap with food, as much as thep 

= tant cavie, and pit euerp 
mans money in his lacks mouth, 

2 And putmiy cup, the filuer cup; in 
tHhelackes mouth ofthe yongelt,and his 
coaite money : And He did according to 
the word that Holeph hadfpoken. 

3 Aflooneas the mozning was tight, 
Sp aenumeteleatstoay,ciey ante their 
alles, . 

4 And when they were gone out 
ofthe cite, and not yerfarre ok, Poleph 
{aid bnto histteward, Gp, follow after 
the men; and when thou doef oner- 
take them, fay bnto thent, naberefoze 
haue pe verarded entil fo2 good 

5 PS not this tt, tn Which my ior 
Dunketh z and hereby indeed he ||di- 



uineth2 pehaue done euill info doing. 

6 CAnd he ouertooke them, and 
hefpake bnito them thele fame words, - 

7_ And thep laid dnto hin, nahere- 
fore faith my lozd thele words 2 Godfor 
bid that thy fernants thould doe accor: 
Ding to this thing, 

$ Wehold, the money which wee 
found in our fackes mouthes , wee 
heought againe bnto thee, out of the 
land of Canaan: bow then thouid wee 
aue out of thy lords Houle, fituer o2 

9 NBIC Whom cuer of hy fernants 
ithe found, both Iet him die,and weallo 
Will be my 19208 bondmen. 

lo Andhelaid, Mow aio let teat: 
cording Dnto pour Wordes : hee With 

Whom itis found, thatl be my feruant: 

and pe hall be blametefie. 

nu Lhen icon tooke Downe 
every man his facke to the ground, and 
openedenery man his facke, 

12 Aud helearched,and began at the 
eldett, and leftat the pongett : and the 
cup has found in Wentanins facke, 

B Lhen they rent thetr dothes, and 
pe ae bis affe, and returned 
0 the citte. 

14, CAnd Judah and his eetheen 
cameto Polephs houte: (for he was pet 
eemenn they fell before Him on the 

15 And Foleph fad bnto them, nopat 
OO Ene ve baue done? ote ye 
iia. amanas J can certatne- 
y ”, 

I¢ And Judah laid, wahat thatl wee 
fapbnto my lod? hat hai the {peake: 
02 how fhall Wwe cleare ourieluesz God 
hath found out the miquitic of thy 

thecup ts found, 

17 And he faid, God forbin that 
fhouid doc fo: buc the man in whore 
hand the cup is found, he thal bemy fer: 
nant; and Fae eomaet you bp tt peace 

18 @ Lhen Judah came neere pnto 
Hint, andfatd, Dy my itord, tet thy fer: 
uant, J pray thee, fpeakea wow in my 
logds cares, ¢ letnot thine anger burne 
againt thy feruant ; foz thou artenen 
as pharaoh. 

19 Dy lod atked his fernants, fay | 

ing, hauc ye afather, ora bother: 
20 And Welaid duto my lord, xaee 

hauea father, anode man, anda oe 
ieee oi 

Beniamins facke, 


of Hisold age, a littic one: and his bo- 
thevisdead, andihe alone ts lett of jis 
mother, and bis father loucth hin. 

21 And houladll bnto thy feruants, 
Wring Hint Downe dnto mee, that J 
may fetmine epes bpon Hin. 

22 And we faid bnto my lo2d, Lhe 
lad cannot leane his father : fo2 if Hee 
Mhould leauchis father, his father Woutd 

23 And hou {aidthnto thy ferwants, 
* Except pour ponget brother come 


*Chap. 43- 

no nine. 

24. And tt cameto pafle when wee 
came dp bnito thy feruantmy father, Wwe 
tolohimthewordsofmiyp ion, 

25 Andour father fad, Gocagatne, 
and buy bsatitiefood. _ 

26 And We faide, wdée cannot goe 
Downe: four pongelt beother be with 
bs, then Well We goe Downe : for thee 
may not {ee the mans face , except our 
porget bother be with bs, 

27 And thy feruant my father fad 
bnto bs, Be know that my wife bare 
me tivo fonnes. 

28_ Andthe ore went out fromme, 
and FH faid, * Surely he ts tozne in pie- 
ces and FZ far himinot fince. 

29 And ifpe takethis allo fromme, 
and mifthiete befall him, pe hall being 
DONE my gray Haives with foro to 
the graue. 

30. INOW therefore when PH cometo 
thyfernant nip father, and the lad bee 
not With bs ; ( feeing that his life is 
bound bp tithelads iif.) 


* Chap. 37, 

Downe the gray haives of thy feruant 
ourfather with foro tothe qraue. 

32 Forthyferuant became furety for 
the lad bnto my father, laying, * HEF 
being him not nto thee, chet {hail 
beare the blame to my father, foz ener, 

33_ Mow therefore, J pray thee, iet 
thy feruant abide in ftead of the tad, a 
bondnian to my low, andiettheiad goe 
Lp With his wetheen, 

34. Forhow hall F goe bp to my fae 
ther, and theiad be not with mec, left 
pevaduenture ZH fee the evil that thai 
"come on my fathers 


t Tofeph maketh himfelfe knowen to his bre- 
thren. 5 Hee comforteth them in Gods 

“Chap. 43. 

t Hebr. finde 
my father, 

Downe With pou, you fhalifee my face) |b 

providence, 9 Hee fendeth for his father. 
16 Pharaoh ¢onfirmeth it. 21 Iofeph fur- 
nifheth them for theiriourney , and exhor- 
teth themto concord, 25 Iacobisreuiued 
with the newes. 

Hen Poleph could not re- 
X fraine Hinilelfe before ail 
SY them that ttood by him: 
con Ande cried, Cauleeucry 
are Manto goe out from nie; 
and Here ttoodne manwith han, white 
Poleph made hinieife knowen ynto 


2 Ande ‘Weptaloud: and the € 
pee and the Houle of Wharaoh 
3 And Foleph fad onto His we: 
theen,* Bam pony Doeth my father 
ve linez and 
weve Him: foz-thep Were | troubled at 
hes peefence, 

4 And Foleph fad onto His we: 
then, Conie neereto me, H pray you: 
andthey caine neere; andHelaid, J am 
aon pour brother, Whom pe ton tte 


5 fro therefore bee not grieucn, 
‘nozangry with pour feiues, that yee’ 


Kaif | 

6 Fortheletwo peeves hath the fa- 

fiue peeves, in the Which there Hatt nev 
ther be eaving no2haruett. 

7 _ Alnd God lent me before pou, to 
"peeferue pou a potteritic in the earth, 
and to faue pour lines by a great deli: 

3 Ho now it was not por that feng 
mehither, but God : andhehath mane 
me afather to Pharaoh , and ior ofall 
His Houle, and a ruler theoughout ait 
theland of Egypt, 

9 Hatke pou, and goe bp to my fa 
ther, and fay bnto hint, Lhus faith thy 
fonne Poleph; God hath mademeiod 
ofall Pavel; comedoiwne dnto me, ta 
rp not, 

Jo And thou thalt diel in theland 
of Gothen,and thou that beneere duty 
ine, hou, and thy children, and thy cpt: 
zens childeen, and thy flockes, andthyp 
Yeards,andall that thou hat, 

I And there Wil Pnourith thee,fo2 
pet there are fiue peeves of famine ict 
thou and thy houthoid , and alt that 
thou hatt,conie to pouertic, 

In Andbehold,your cepes fee,and the 
epesof nip brother Weniamin, that iris 

€ 2 nip 

iS beethzen could notan:|* 

Or terri- 

foorth his 
voice inwee- 


* A&s.7. 


| Hebr xei- 
fold meiither:* for God did fend me be: |!" 

Z be ancer in 
foze pou, to peeferuciife,  youreyes, 
* Chap. 50. 


mine bencin theland:and pet there are |? 

} Hebr. to 

i fudahis fu plication. Chap.xlv. lofep his knowen. 

putforyou | 
arcmnant. | 



lacobbeinsfentfor  Genefis. 

+ Hebr. wae 

good in the 
eyes of Pha- 

| Hebr. Let 
nat your eye 
pares hc. 

} Hebr. 


+ Hebr.his. 

my nonth that fpeakerh bnto pou. 

3 Andyoulhalltell my father ofatl 
my glo in Egypt and ofalithat pou 
haueleenc, and pe hall hatte, and being 
Dolbue my father hither. 

14. And hefel bponhis brother Wer 
taming necke, and Wept ¢ and Wenta- 
min wept bpon his necke. 

15 Moeouer hee killed all hts bee- 
theen, andweptdpon them : and after 

hat his beetheen talked with him. 

16 © And the fame thereof twas 
beat inpharaohs boule, laying, Jo- 

phs beetheen ave come: and it pleated 
pharaoh Well, and his feruants. 

17 And pharaoh faid nto Foleph, 
Say bnto thy beetijeen, Lhis doe pee, 
lade pour bealts and goe, get pou bnto 
theland of Canaan, 

18 And take pour father ,and pour 
houtholds ,andcome dnio mee: and ZF 
Wd giucyou the good of the land of €- 
gpptand pethall eat the fat of theland. 

I9 SOW Hou art commanded, his 
Doe pee; Lake pou wagons out of the 
land of Egypt for your littic ones and 
fozpour Wiues, Andbeing pour father, 
and come, 

20 Afotregard not pour ttuffe: foe 
the good of all the land of Egypt is 

21 Andthe childzen of Pirael did fo: 
and Foleph gaue them wagons, accor 
Ding to the t conunandement of ba 
rao}, and gaue them peouifion fozthe 


22 Koallof thembe gaue cach man 
changes of raiment: butte Wentamin 
hee gare theee Hundz€d pieces of {iluer, 
and fiuechanges of raiment, 

23 And to his facher hee fent after 
thismaner : ten affes Haden with the 
good things of Egypt, and ten thee 
afics laden With core, and bead and 
meat fo2 his father by the way. 

24. So he fent bis beetheen away, 
and they Departed : aud Hee faid buto 
them, Soe that pee fall not out by the 


25 € And they went bp out of €- 
gpptand came into theland of Canaan 
bute Pacob their father, 

26 Andtold him, laying, Poleph is 
yetaliue, and he is gouevnour ouer all 
theiand of appt, Andt Hacobs heart 
fainted,fo2 he belecuedthemmnot. 

27 And they tolo hii all the Wworrs 
of Holeph , Which hee had fatde bnto 

them: and When hee fay the wagons 

goeth to Egypt. 

Which Joteoh hadient to cavichim,the 
{pivitof Pacod their father veuiued. 

23 And HFfraclfaid, Pe is enough: 
Poleph my tonne ts pet aline : PH will 
gocand lec him before Z die, 


1 Iacobis comforted by God at Beerfheba. 5 
Thence hee with his company goeth into 
Egypt. 8 The number of his family that 
wentinto Egypt. 28 Iofeph meeteth Iacob. 
31 Hee inftru@teth his brethren how to ans 
{were to Pharaoh. 

r MD PFfrael tooke his 
FH tourney With all that hee 
2 Yad , and came to Weer- 
fheba, and offered facrt- 
5 > fites Duto the God of bis 
father Biaac. 
2 And Goo fake bnto Plrael in 
the bifions of the night, andiaid, Fa: 
cob, Hacob. And helaid, Heream J, 
3° Andhelad, Fain God, the Goo 
of thy father. fearenot to goedoibne it 
to Cappt: for F will there make of thee 
agreat nation, 
4. HYWill goedorwne with theeinto 
Egypt; and JY writ atfo furelp being 
thee bp againe: and Poleph hall put his 
hand bpon thine epes, 
5 Alnd Hacob rofe bp from Weer- 
foeba: and thefonnes of Hfiraci carted 
Hacov their father, and their lite ones, 
anttheir Wines, th the wagons which 
pharaoh hanfent to carp hin, 
6 And thep tooke thet catteit,and 
theit goods Which thep Had gotten in 
the land of Canaan, and came into E- 
gypt , * Facob , and all his {eed with 
pum: Hae 
7 8 fonnes , and His fonnes|4° 
fonnes With hint, his paughters, and 
his fonnes Daughters, and allhisieed 
boought he With him into Egypt. 
$ CAnd thee are the names of the 
chitdzen of Piracl, which cameinto €- 
appt, Pacob and his fonnes:*Renben 
Pacobs firk bozne ; UR 
9 Alnd the fonnes of Render, waz) \"** 
noch), and PHallu, and Hesron, and 
lo (*Aind the fonnes of Simeon: 
Pemuel, and Famin, and Ohad, and 
Pach, and Zohar , and Shaul the 
fonrie ofa Canaanitith woman. «1.Chro.6 
UC Anothefonnesof* Lent: Gerd: 
{hon, Hohath, and Werart. *1.Chro.2: 
12 € And the fonnes of * Puna :) 32°44") 


* Exod. 1.1. 
and 6,14. 

num. 26. 8. 
and 1.chro. 

*Exod. 6. 


) : [acobs 0 pring. Cha 

-| pheaim, *whi 
ine, |OF Pott-pherah || zieft of Du bare bn: 

Ev,and Onan, and Sheiah,and pha- 
te3,and Zeral : But Cr E Duan died 
inthelandof Canaan, 2ndthefonnes 
of hares, Were Hesron, and Hamil: 

B C And the fonnes of Flachar: 
Cola, andphuuah, and Yob, and 

14. (*And thefonnes of Zebuiun: 
Seved, and Elon, and Pabicel. 

15 Hele bee the founes of Leahy, 
Which Hebare bnto Pacob in Padan- 
Avant, With his Daughter Dinah: ail 
thefoutes of his fonnes and his daugh- 
ters, Were thirtic and theee. : 

lo (And the fonnes of Gad: Ze 
phion ,and Haga, Shunt, and €sbon, 
Ertl, and Avodt, and Arei, 

17 @* And the fonnes of Ather: 
Pimmnah, and Jihuah, and Put, and 
Weriah, and Sevah their fitter: 2nd 
the fonnes of eriah: Heber,and Dat 


“18 Lheleare the fonnes of Zapah, 
Whoine Laban gaue to Leah hes 
Daughter: and thele the bare bnto Pa- 
cob, enrenfitteenefouies. 

Ig Lhe founes of Rachel Pacobs 
Wife: Foleph, andweniamin. 

20 CAndbunto PFoleph intheiande 
of Egypt wereboune Manallehand €- 

2 @* And the fonnes of BWeniamin 

'|were Belay, and Wecher, and Athbel, 

Gera, And Naaman, Chi and Roth, 
Muppim, and Huppim, and Ard, 

22 Lpvele ave the fornes of Rachel 
Which were bone to Facob: aii the 
foules Were fourtcenc. 

‘ 3 C And the fonnes of Dan: Hu 

24. CAndthefonnes of Maphtatt: 
Pahseel, and Guni, and Jeser, and 

25 hele ave the fonnes of wihah, 
Which Laban gaue bnto Rachel His 

Daughter, and fhe bare thele punto Da 

cob: all thefoutes werefenen, 
26 All the * foules that came with 
Acobintoe Coppt, which came out of 
ts Tloines , befines Jacobs founes 
ee all thefoules were theeftoreand 

27 AMndthefonnes of Poleph, whitch 
Where bome hin in Egypt, were tio 
foules: alithefoules of thie houte of Pa: 
cob, hich came into Egypt, Were 
theeefcore and ten, 

28 CAndheilent Judah vefozeiim 
bnto Foleph,to divect his face brito Go- 
on and thep canie into the lande of 

29 And Poleph made ready his cha 
tet, and Went bp to mieet Pieael His fa- 
ther, to Gothen, and pelenten himlelfe 
bntohim: andhe fell ouhis uceke; and 
Wept onhis neckea good white, 

30 And Hfrael laine vnto 
HOW letime die, fince P hane feene thy 
face, becaufe thouartyetaline, 

31 And 26th): 
and dnto His fathers houte, J wilt goe 
bp, and thet Pharaoh, and fay onto! 
Hin, Dy brethen, emy fathers houte, 
Which were tn the land of Canaan, are 
come Dnto me, 

32 And the mett are heapheards , fo2 
tehete trade hath bene to feed catteil: 
and they haue brought their flocks,and 
thetrheards,and all that they haue, 

33 And it hall come to pale nee 
pbaraod thall call pou, and thail fay, 
vebatis pour occupation: 

34. Lhat ye thall fap, Ly feruants 
trade hath bene about cattell ,froniour 
a even bntill now, both We,and al- 

0 our fathers: that pe map dibell in the 
land of Gothen ; foz euerp thepheard 
Sanabomination bnto theEgyptians, 


1 Tofeph prefenteth fiue ofhisbrethren, 7 and 
his tather, before Pharaoh. 11 Hee giveth 
them habitationand maintenance. 13 He 
gettethall the Egyptiansmoney, 16° their 
cattell, 18 theirlands toPharaoh. 22 The 
Prieftes land was not bought. 23 Heelet- 
teth the land to them for afittpart. 28 Ia. 
cobsage. 29 Hee fweareth lofeph to burie 
him with his fathers. 

Hen Foleph canie and 
Oa tolde Pharaoh, andfaide, 
me Dy father and my bree 
a\ theen , and their flockes, 
O-aese- ANd their heards, and all 
that they haue, are conic out ofthe land 
of Canaan and behold, they are in the 
landof Gothen. : 

2 Aind Hee tooke forme of His bee- 
heen, euen fine men, ¢ prelentedthem 
bnto Pharaoh. 

3 And Pharaoh laid bnto His tre- 
fe nohat is pour occupation 2 Anp 

ep laid onto haraoh/Lhyp fernants 
ave Hhepheards , both Wee and alfo 

our fathers. 
o 4 Zhe 

f Gj 

€ 3 

t Hebr. they 
are men of 

facobandPharaoh. Genelis. 

many arethe 
dayes ofthe 
yeeres of th 
life? A 

Or, asa h- 
tlechilde is 
Heb. accor= 
ding tothe 
hitle ones. 

YWecome: for thy feruants Haue no pa 
fturefo2 their flockes, fo2 the famine ig 
forein theland of Canaar: now there: 
fore Wwe pray thee, lec thy feruants dwell 
inthe land of Gothen. 

4. hey laid mozcouer bnto Phas 
raoh, Foz to forourne i the land are 

5 AndpPharaoh {pakebnto Foleph, 
faying, ba father and thy beetheen 
arecome buto thee. 

6 Leland of Copptis before thee: 
in the bet of the land make thy father 
and beetheen to. divell, i thelande of 
Gothen let them dwell: and if thou 
knolbelt any manof actiuitic amongt 

13 nOhen that peeve was ended, they 

en then make thenirulersouerviy 

7 And Foleph bought in Facob 
his father, and fet him befoze Pharaoy: 
and PFacobbieflen pharaoh. 

& And pharaoh faid buto Pacod, 
tT How oldart houz 

9 And Facob faid bnto Pharaoh, 
*The dapes of the peeres of my pit: 
Pan atcanhundzed € thivtic peres: 

ew and. eudll Haue the dayes of the 
peeves of my life bene, andhauenotat: 
tained bnto the dapes of the peeres of 
the life of my fathers, in the Dayes of 
their piigrvinage, 

lo And Pacob bieller pharaoh, and 
Went out fron beforewharaoh, 

1 (2a Foleph placed his father, 
and his beethzen, and gaucthem a pol 
feflion in the land of Egypt, tn the bett 
of he land, inthe land of Rameles,as 
pharaoh had commanded, 

i And Poleph nourifhea his father 
and his brethren, and all his fathers 
houthold with beead, || according to their 

B-@ And there was no bread in all 
theland: fo2 the famine was bery fore, 
fo that the land of Egypt and all the 
land of Canaan fainted by reaton of the 
ED feph) gathered bp all tt 

14 And Holeph gathered bp all the 
minnep that Was found in the land of 
€gppt, and in the land of Canaan, fo2 
the come which they bought: and Fo- 
oP the money into phara- 
obs houfe. 

15 And Whenmoney failedintheiand 
of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, 
alithe Egyptians came buto Pofleph, 
and fad, Giue bs bread: for why Mhouid 
we aie in thy peelencez foz the money 

16 And Poleph faid., Giue pour cat- 


tell: and J Will gine pou foz pour cat- 
tell, tf money faite. 

17 And they brought their cattel pn- 
to Holeph : and Foleph gaue them 
Head in exchange fo2 Howes, and fo2 the 
flockes,and foz the cattell of the beards, sbi 
and for theafles, andthe fen themwith)| /,,. 
beead, forall their cattel, forthatpeere, 

canie Duto hin the fecond peere, and 
fatdbnto hin, wewillnoethioeitfrom 
my 102d, Holvthatour money is fpent, 
my io20 allo had our Heards of catteil: 
therets not oughtiei ithe fightof my 
102d, butour bodies, andouriands. 

I9 noberfo2re Thali we dite before thine 
eyes, both We, and our tand z buy bs 
and our land for beead, andie and our 
land Wilt be feruants bnto pharaoh: 
and gine vs {eede that Ye may line and 
not die, that theland benot defolate. 

20 And PFoleph bought alithelann 
of Eappt for pharaoh: for the Eayptt- 
ans fold euerp man his field, becaute the 
famine preuatted oucr them: fo the land | 
became pharaohs, 

wu Andas forthe peopte, he remoued 
them to cities fromt one end of the doz 
ae af Cappt, cue to the other ende 


22 Mnelp the land of the || Pztelts |1o--Privces 
bought henot : for the prietts hada por 
tion afligned them of Pharaoh,and dw 
cate their portion which pharaoh qaue 
eet 2 Wherefore thep folde not their 


23 Lhen PFoleph faid buto the peo- 
ple, Behold, J Have bought pouthis 
Day, and pouriandforpharaoh : Loe, 
hereis feed fo2 pou, and ye thall for the 

| Tand, 

24. And it fhalleome to pafle in che 
tneveate, that you thall gine the fift part 
brto Pharaoh, andfoure parts thaiibe 
pourorone, forieed of the field, and foz 
es food, and forthenrof pourhoufe: 
Re en eee nea 
25 And they fatd, Lhou hak faned| 
outlines sletbsfindavaceinthefiahtof 
inp sa and Ye Willbe Pharaohs ferz. 

26 And Poleph made ta taw ouer 
theland of Egypt dnto this day, that 
Pharaoh thould haue the fiftpare: ex 
cept theland of the | pziettsinnely, which | jor,rrine 
became not pharaohs, 

27 CAnd PHflraek oitheitin theian 
of €gypt in the countrep of Gothen, 
and they had poflettions therein; and 

grew, | 

MN) cob blellech 

t Rebr.the 
dayes of the 
yeeres of bic 

* Chap. 

Chap. xlvij. 

grery, andmultiplied exceedingly. 

23 And Facod lined in the tand of 
Egypt feuenteenc peres: fo tthe whole 
age of Pacob Was an hundzed fourne 
andfeuen peeves. : 

29 Andthetine deer migh that PE 
rael mut dic, and He called bis fonne 
a h,andfatd bnto him, Bt now 
Pane tearm grace in thy fight, *put, 
peay thee, thy hand binder my thigh, 
and Deale kindly and truely with nee, 
burpmenot, J pray thee, in Cgppt. 

30 Wut PH Will lie With my fathers, 
and thouthalt caviemee out of Egypt, 
and burp me their burying place: and 
heflaid, J will docas thou bhatt laid. 

31 And Helxid, Sioeare buto mee: 
andhefware dbutohini 2ina* Bieael 
bowedhiunlelfebponthe beds head. 


1 Tofeph with his fonnes vifiteth his ficke father. 
2 Iacob ftrengtheneth himfelfe to bleffe 

*Chap. 41. 
50 iofh? 


them, 3 Herepeateth the promife. 5 He 
taketh Ephraim and Manaffeh as his owne. 
7 Heetelleth him of his mothersgraue. 9 
Hee blefleth Ephraim “and Manaileh. 17 
Hee preferreth the yonger before the elder. 
21 He prophefieth their returne to Canaan. 

2D tt came to pafle after 
thefetiings, that one ton 
PFoteph, Bebo, thy fa: 
6 ther is ficke sand Hetooke 
5 With hin histo fonnes, 

MDanatleh and Ephraim. 
‘4 zi ate om sani oe 
old, hy fonne Poleph conmneth bnto 
thee: andPfrackitrengthened himleife, 

andfate bponthe bed. 

3. And Pacob fade bnto Foleph, 
God Almightic appeared hut mee at 
“Pus in heland of Canaan,and bietlen 

4 And faid dnto me,28ehoin,F wi 
makethee fruttfull,and multiple thee, 
and J Will make of thee amuititudeof 

copie , AnD Will give this land to thy 
cede after thee, fozan euerlating pot 

5 CAudnow thy* two fonues, € 
pheaim and Banafleh , wich were 
dome dito thee in theiand of€gypt,be- 
fouF came onto thee into Egypt, are 
mite : as Reuben and Simeon, they 
rate ae ae whieh th 

6 And thy tue wht OU beget: 
teftafterthem, thatthe thine, ann thail 
be called after the name of thetr bree 
theen tn thei mberttance, 

7 Andasfoz nie, when F canie from 

ofephs fonnes. 


“savant, Rachel died by me inthe land) +9: 

of Canaan, tithe Way, when pet there 

was but alittle Way to come bnto €- 

phrath : and J buried her there inthe 

lene of Epheath , the fame is Bethy 

$ And Plracl hehelde Polephs 
fonnes,andfatd, who are thelez 

9 Md Poleph fad nto his father, 
Chey avemy founes, whom Goohath 

gen ntetn thts place: andhelar,2weing 
them, J pray thee,buto me,and H Yotil 
biefle thent, 

lo (Mow the eyes of Piract were 
Toinime forage, © thar he coulanot fee,) 
andhee brought them neeve dnto him, 
andhe keen them, and tmbeacen them. 

WI And Hfrael fatd dnto Poteph,F 
Hadnotthought to fee thy face:andioe, 
Godhath Hhemer meailo thy feed, 

I2 And Foleph brought them out 
frombetwweene bis knees ana hee bow: 
ed biniletfe Moth his face to the earth, 

3 And Poleph tooke thenrboth,€- 
pheatm in his righthand, tabard HE 
tacls left Yand , and Danafich mn his 
left hand towards Hiracis right hann, 
and beoughtthem neere bnto him. 

14 And Flrael (retchen out His 
right hand, andlapd icbpon Eplpaims 
Head Who was the pouger ; and his teft 
Hand bpon Manalehs head, guiding 
his hands wittinglp: for WManafiehy 
was the firlt boone, 

15 (And *he bleflen Fofeph and 
{aid , God before whonr nip fathers A 
wabanrand Pirac did walke the God 
ee feode mee all my iife long buto 

is dap, 

16 Lhe Angel which redeemed mee 

From all cutll, bleffe theiaddes, andict| . 

nip name be named on them, and the 
name of my fathers Abraham and Y- 
faac, and let them grow tinto amuitt 
tudein themidtt ofthe earth, 
17 And when Foleph faw that his 
father laide bis right hand bpon the 
head of€pheaimn ttolpleatea yim sand 
he Heid bp his fathers hand ,to remoue 
itfrom Epbheams head, bute Wanal- 


13 2ind eee faide buto his fa: 

ther, Pot fo my father : for hisisehe 

ne thy righthand bpon his 


: Io Annhis father refuled, and faid, 

*FYknow it, mypfonne,P know it: he alfo 

fhall become a people ,and he atfo oe 

| a A 

t Heb, beauy 

| Heby. as 
Fifbes doe in- 


lacob bleflech 

be great : but truely his pouger beother 
thail be greater then be; and his fede 

tHebr. ful- | That become at niuiticude ofnations. 

nelle 20 Andhe biellen them thatday fay: 
ig, Futhee hall Hiracl bietle, faying, 
od make thee as Epheaim , and as 
Manalleh : and he {et Epheaim before 

21 And PFirael {aide onto Folepy, 
Wehols, JY die : but God thai be with 
pou,2nDd bring pouagaine bnto theland 
of pour fathers, 

22 Moreouer F haue giuen to thee 
oueportion aboue thy beetheen, which 
FH tooke out ofthe hand of the Amozite 
With my fivord, and With my bow. 


1 Tacob calleth his fonnes to blefle them. 3 
Their blefsing in particular. 29 Hecharg- 
eththemabouthisburiall, 33 He dieth. 

& Md Yacob called nto 
his fonnes, and fad, Ga: 
lint aa together, 

» Chat Pay tell pou that 

: Ss Which Mall befall pou in 

the lat dapes, 

2 Gatherpour felues together, and 
heave pefonnes of Facob, and hearken 
bnto Pirael pour father, 

3 @ Reuben,thou act my firtboone, 
my might , and the beginning of my 
ftrength, the ercellencie of dignitic, and 
the excetlencie of povver : 

4 Unable as water, t thou thait 

~ |not excell, becaule thou *Wwentelt bp to 
.35-| thy fathers bed : then defilentt thou it. 
"| |e Went bp to my couche. 

5 Cimcon and Leniare brethren, 
| inftruments of cvueltic are in their ha: 

6 D mip foule, comenot thou into 
their ferret: buto their aflembip mine 
Honour benotthou bnited : fo2 mcheir 
anger they flevaman,andin their felfe 

{Or honghed| WOUL they || Digged dole a Wail, 

eer 7 Curled be their anger , foz tt was 

fierce and their Weath,for i€ was crucht: 
Hill diuide themin Yacod, andicat: 
ter themin Piract, 

$ @ HFudah, houarthe whom thy 
beethpen thal patie: thy hand thall bein 
the necke of thine enenues thy fathers 
childzen Thali bow dotwne before thee, 

9 FPudahisaLyons whelpe:from 
the pray my fonne thouart gone bp: he 
ftoupendortbne,hee couched ag aL yon, 


and as an olo Lyon : who fhall route 

‘Genelis. | 

his fonnes, 

10 Hhelcepter (hail not depart from 
Huns no2 a Hath -gtuer fron be- 
tieene his fete, Dntill Shiloh come: 
and bnto hin Thal the gathering ofthe 
people be: : : 

Il Winding his foale bnto the bine, 
and his alles colt bnto the choite bine; 
Herbathen his garments in Wine, and 
his clothes inthe blood of grapes. 

2 Hisepes thailbe red with wine, 
ann his teeth white with mitke, 

3. © Zebuiunthati oweil ee hae 
uen of the fea , and hee thail be fo2 an 
Hauen of hips: and his bogder thall be 
bnto Zidon, 

14 CHllachar ts a ftrong alle couch: 
tig Done betibeene tho burdens. 

15 Andhelar that ret wasqood,and 
the land shatic was pleafant : and boibed 
his thoulder to beave, and became afer: 
uant bnto tribute, 

16 ( Dan hail tudge his people, as 
oncof eis frael. boaies 

17 Dan thalbeaferpent eWay, 
an Tanner tn the path, that biteth the 
hole heeles, fo that bis rider (hal fait 
me be Watted foz thy faluatt 

1S ue Waited foz thy faluation, 

Io C Gad, atroupe hall overcome 
hint: buthe thatl overcome at the iat, 

20 (Dut of Ather his beead thall be 
fat, andhe fhallpceid vopail dainties, 

al ( Mapheait tg a Hirde let loole: 
He giveth goodly wos, 

22 C Poleph ts a fruitful bough, 
even Afruitiull bough bya tell, whole 
theanches runne oner the wail, t Hebr. 

23 Hhearchers hane forely qrienen|<""* 
Hin, and fhot at him, and hated him. 

24. ®Buthts bow abode in firenath, 
and theavmes ofhis hands were made 
ftrong, by the hands of themightp God 
of Facov : from thence ts the Sheap- 
heard, heftone of Hfrael, 

25 Euen by the Gon of thy father 
Who fhall helpe thee, and by she Av 
mightic,who thall blefle thee With diet 
{ings of heauen aboue, dieflings of the 
Deepe thatipeth udev, bleflings of the 
boeatts and ofthe wombe. 

26 Che bieflings of thy father hane 
peeuatled aboue the bieflings ofmy poz 
Henitors: bnto tHhebtmotboundo tbe 
enerlatting his, they thall bee on the 
head of Foleph,and on the cvorwne of] 
thebeadofhinithat was leparate from 


27 © Weniamin (hall rauine as @ 

3 Wwoife: 


Woife : Ju the mogning hee thatl de- 
uote eg pay, andat night he hall at- 
utde the fpotte. 

23 (All thelearethe nbelue tribes 
of Pfracl,and thisisit that heir father 
ipake bnto them,and bielled them : eue- 
ty one according to his biefling he biek 
fed thent. : 

29 And hee charged them and fain 
buto them, Panto bee gathered puto 

‘| my people: *burieme with my fathers, 
mmbecaue thatistn the field of Ephzon 
the Hittite, 

30 Puthe auc that ts inthe field of 
Machpelah, Which is before WMamive,tn 

‘| theland of Canaan,* which Abeaham 
bought with the field. of Ephron the 
Hittite , fo2 a pofleffion of a burying 

31 (Kherethey buried Abraham and 
Savah his wife, there they buried F- 
faac and Rebekah His wife, and there 
FJ buried Leah.) 

32, Khe purchale of the field andof 
the caue that tS therein , was from the 
childzen of Heth. 

33 And when PFacob had made an 
end of commanding his fonnes, he ga- 
thered bp his feete into the bed, and 
peelded bp the qhott,and has gathered 
bnto his people. 

CH AP. L,. 

Themourning for [acob. 4 lofeph getteth 
leaue of Pharaoh to goe to bury him. 7 The 
funerall. 15 Tofeph comforteth his brethren, 
who crauedhispardon. 22 His age. 23 He 
feeth the third generation of his fonnes, 24 
He prophefieth vnto his brethren of theirre- 
turne. 25 He taketh an oath of them for his 
bones. 26 Hedieth, and is chefted. 

Md Foleph fell bpon His 
fathers face, and wept bp- 
onhint, and kiffes han, 
ey 2 And Foleph com: 
x Zs MANDED His feruants the 
pbylicians to mbaline his father: and 
the phylicians imbalmed traci. 

3 Andfortiedayes Were fulfillen fo2 
Hint, (for fo are fulfilled the ayes of 
thole which are imibalmed) and the € 

| Spptians tmourned foz han theeefcoze 
andten dayes, 

4. And When the dayes of hts mour- 
Mung there pat, Poleph fpake puto tie 
a of Pharaoh, faving, Hf now F 

ue found grace in pour eyes, fpeate, 

pment eet 

His buriall. 
pap pou, it the eaves of havach, 


y Pap ytather made mefiweare, fap: | «Chap. 47. 
ing, Loe, F Die: tn my grane which F | 2% 
haue digged foz mic, i the land of Ca- 
naan, there thait thoubury me. Mow 
therfore let me goc bp, H pray thee, and 
bury my father, and ZF wall come a 

6 Ano pharaoh fad, Goebp, and 
bury thy fatier, according as he made 

7. CAnd Foleph went dp to bury 
his father: and with hin went bp ail 
thefernants of pharaoh, the civergof 
Bebant anbdall the elders of theiand 

3 Andallthehoule of Fofeph, and 
His beethzen, and his fathers houte: 
onelp thetr litle ones, and their flockes, 
pe wee heards, they leftin theiand of 


9 Mudthere went bp with himborh 
eanets and hoelemen ; and it was a 

ery great company, 

‘to And they came to the thy 
flooze of Atad, which is beyond 
DAN, AND there they mourned with a 
great and bery fore lamentation: and 
he made a mourning foz his father te: 

Il Andibhen the tibabitants of the 
land, the Canaanites fawe the mour- 
ning i the flooze of Aad, they fade, 
Lhisisa grienous mourning to the €2 
Spptians : Yoherfoze the name of tt was 
sae Disrain which ts beyond 

wat. ore, 

12 Andhis fonnes vio wnto hima: EL" 
cording as He commanded thenz. 

13 Fo2* His fonnes carted him into 
theland of Canaan, and buried himin 
the caue of the ficld of Dachpeiah, 
which ATwaham “ought with the field * Chap. 23. 
fora poffeffion of aburping place, of E-| + 
phon the Hittite, before Damre. 

14 (And Foleph returned into €- 
Sypt, be andhis beethzen, and ail that 
Went Dp with him, to bury his father, 
after head buried hts father, 

QC And when Folephs brethren 
falb that their father was dead, thep 
fad, Foleph will peraduenture hate 
b3,and Wilicertainelp requite bs all the 
eutll Which we did bnto Hin, 

16 And they tfent ameflenaer puto = 


| Thatis, 
the mour- 


Poleph, laying, Lhy father dtd comes 
mand before hedicn, fapinag, 
17 So fhallpefay bnito Poleph, Fo2- | 

lofephskindneffe. Exodus. Hisage, and death, | 

gine, H pray thee now, the trefpatle of 
thy beetheen, and their finne: for they 
DID bnto thee enti: Aud now Wee pap 
thee, forgine the trefpaffe of the fer- 
uants of the God of thy father. And 

lofeph wept, When they fake buto 

: 13 And his beetheen allo Went and 
fell Doone before His face,and they fard, 
wWehold, We be thy feruants. 
I9 And Poleph -faine bnto them, 
scenes ii not : foz am J it the place of 
: od? 

20 Wutasfozpou, pee thought eutlt 
Again me,but Godmeantit bnto good, 
to bring to pafle,asitis this day, to faue 
much people altue. 

21 F2w therefore feareyeenot: J 
Wel nourith you, and your litle ones. 
Aind hee comforted them, and fake 
Tkindly bnto then. 

t Hebr. to 
their hearts. 

22 C2ind Poleph owelt in Egypt, 
He, and his fathershoule: and PJoleph 
Lived anhundzed anditen peeves, 

23 *And Poleph fave Cpheains | «num, 3, 
chiloeen, of the third generation: the) 39- 
chaozen allo of Dachir, the fonne of 
Manaleh were throught bp bpon Jo- 
fephs tnees. 

24. And Holeph laine duto his bre-| 
theen,* J die: and God will iurety vili¢|* 8 
pou, and being pouout of this land, bre 
to the land which hee fare to Abea- 
ham, to Pixac,andto Pacov. 

25 And Poteph tooke anothe of the 
chiozen of Biraet, taping, * God Will | «Exod. 13, 
furely difite pou,and pe Mal cavie bp my | *9- 
bones frombence, 

26 So Foleph died, being anbun- 

Deed and ten peeres old; and they inv 
baimed him, and he was putin a coffin, 
in Egypt. 


Moles, called Exodus. 


The children of Iftael after lofephs death do 
multiply. § Themore they are opprefled by 
anew King,themorethey multiply. 15 The 
godlines of the Midwiues, in faving themen 

children’ alive.” 22 Pharaoh commandeth| | 

the male children to be caftinto the river. 
CD) Se gee 2 

wAayv< Die thele ave 
*Gen4s. | REO SAGEN a the names of the 
B.cxod.. | Sab Org HE * chilnzen of Bl 
DS) tacl, Which came 
into Egypt,eueryp 
Eg) man € his houte- 
é Hold, came with 

RC ZR eS!) 2 Beuben,St- 
m Pudah, 

3 Hilachar, Zebulun and Wen 
ait Daw, and Maphtali, Gad, and 

5 And ait the foules that came out 

ofthe Nopnes of Pacob, weve * fenere| przes.hi0. 
tiefoutes : for Poleph was in Egppt|*Ser-6. 
already. oe 

6 And PFoleph died, and ali his bre: 
Cheen,and all that generation, 

7 C€* And the childzen of Plract|* as. 
Were fruitful, and inevealen &boun-|?7- 
Dantly , AND multiplied, and Wared ex: 
ceeding mighty, and the land was filled 
With theni. 

3 Mol therearole bp anew King 
ouer Coppt, which knew not Poleph, 

9 Aunohe fad nto his pedpie, wee 
Hold, the people of the children of HE 
vaelavemoc and mightier then we. 

To Come on,let bs deale wilely with 
thent, left they muitiply, andit come to 
pafle that iohen here falter out any 
Warre, they toyne allo bnto our ene- 
Mes, ANd fight again bs, and oget 
thent bp out of the land. 

i Hhevefore they didlet over ther 
talés-matters, to afflict them with their 


+ [Pharaohs crueltie. 

| | ethey mul- 
all {tiphied,cc, 

Dens: And they built fo2baraoh 
rate ties. peters and Raamies, 
12 t®Butthe moeethey afflictedthem, 

[the moze thep multiplied and gret: 

and thep were grieved becaufle of the 
childeen of Hitacl. 

3 And the Cayptians made the chit: 
deen of PHirael to ferue With vigour. 

14 And they made their hues bitter, 
With hard bondage , in mozter and in 
betche,andin all maner of feruicein the 
fielde : att feruice Wherein they 
made thent feruc, was With vigour. 

15 CAnd the ing of Egypt fake 
tothe Hebrew midwwines,(of hich the 

- [name of ote as Obhiphpah, and the 

| people , faying , €ueryp fonne th 

name ofthe other Dual.) : 

16 Andhelaid, vahen pedo the office 
of a midwife to the Hebrew - women, 
and fee then bportthe ftooles, if it bea 
fonne, then pethatl kil him: but if tbe 
& Daughter,chen thee fhailtiue, 

17 But the midwWines feared God, 
and didnot as the Hing of Caypt con 
manded them, but faued the men chit- 
Deen aliue. 

18 Andthe Ling ofEgyptealien fo2 
themidibines, efaibdntothem, aby 
Haue pedone this thing, arid hane fa- 
uedthe men childern atine z 

Ip And themidwWines faid bnto pha- 
tah, Beraule the Hebsew women are 
not as the €gpyptian Women : fo2 they 
Aretinely,andare Delinered eve the nud 
Wives come in bnto thent. 

20 Lherefore God dealt Well with 
the mudibiues : and the peopie multe 
plied and Wared bery mighty, 

21 And tt came to pafle , becanfe the 
mudiwines feared God, that hee made 
then outes. 

22 And Pharaoh charged all his 
at is 
bose, pee Thail raft into the river, and 
euery Daughter pe Thallfaue atiue. 


Cha Ip 

Mofes is borne, 3 and inanarke¢aft into 

theflags. 5 Heis found,and brought vp by 

Pharaohs daughter. 11 He flayeth an Egyp- 

tian. 13 Hereprouethan Hebrew. 15 He 

fleeth into Midian. 21 Hee marrieth Zip- 

porah. 22 Gerfhom is borne. 23 God re. 
fpeGteth the Ifraclites cry. 

LENE Md there went” a man of] 

av”, the houle of Leut, ¢ tooke 

LB to wifea Daughter of Lent, 

WS 2 And helvoman con: 

es Celued, and bare afonne: 

and hen thee fay him that hee was a 
Soanly chide, thee *hid him theee mo- 

3 Aiud when thee could not longer 
hidehun , the tooke for him an arke of 
bul-ruthes , and paubed tt With lime, 
and With piteh,andputthe chddethere- 
it, and. Chee layd rein the flags by the t- 
liers beinke, 

4. And bis fifter food afarre off, to 
hit What Would be done to him, 

5 CArAndthe daughter of pharaoh 
caine Dolbne fo Wath her iclic at the rv 
uer, andbher maydens Walked aMongby 
the riuer fide: and When thee Ew th 
arke among the flags, thefent her maid 
to fetch it. 

6 Aud when the had opened ic, the 
faib the chilne: and behoine, the babe 
Wept. And the had ee onbim, 
ee tS one of the Hebzetwes 


7 Hhen lard his litter toh 
anurie of the Hebzet-women, that the 
maypnurle the hive fz thee: 

3 And Pharaohs daughter faidto 
Yer, Goe : Andthemayd went andcat- 
led the childs mother. 

9 And Pharaohs daughter fard yn- 
to her, Lake this child atvay,and nurie 
itfoz me, and FJ wil give chee thy ta: 
ges. Andthe Woman tooke the chine, 

Jo ind the childe grety , and thee 
brought hin buto Pharaohs Daugh- 
ter, and he became Herfonne, And the 
called His name || Doles : And thefarn, 
Becaule J drew himoutof the water, 

U @ And tt came to pale in thofe 
Dapes, When Doles was growen,that 
He Went out bnto his beetheen, and ioo- 
Redon their burdens , and he {pied an 
Copptian fniting an Hebrew, one of 
His beetheen, 

Iz And helooked this way and that 
Way, and when bhelaw that there was 
noman, Hefler the Egyptian, and hin 
Him inthefand. 

B Andiwhen he went out the fecond 
bay, behold, to men of the bebrewes 
ftroue together : And hee {aid to him 
Hat did the Weong , waherefoze finitest 
thou thy fellow z 

14. And he fatd, Maho made thee ta 
Prince and.a (udge ouer DS z intendeft 
thou to kill nic, as thoubiledt the €- 
Gypttanz And Wokes feared, andfa, 
Surely this things knowen, 

5 ow 

Mofesis found. 

{ That is, 
Drawen out. 

t Hebr.a 


| Or, Princes 

*Chap. 18. 

* Gene. 15. 

1§ Mow hen pharaoh Heardthis 
thing , be fought to flay Doles, wut 
Motes fled from the face of Pharaoh, 
AND DIwelt in theland of Midian: and 
hefate done by a well. 

16 Mor the ||Peielt of Midian had 
feuen Daughters, and they cante and 
Deelv Water, and filled the troughesto 
Vater their fathers flocke. 

17 And the thepheards came and 
pronethemarbay: but Doles ttood bp 
andheipend thent, vated their flocke. 

13 And When they came to Reuel 

19 A 
ueren bs out of the Hand of the thep- 
heards , and allo deel Water eno 
fo2 bs, and Watered the flocke. 

20 Andhe far nto hisdaughters, 
And Where is he < Why ts ee ee 
haue left the manz Call hint, thathee 
may eate bzead. 

21 And Moles was contentto diel 
With the man,and he gaue Doles Zip- 
pozah his daughter. 

22 Andthe bare him a fonne,and he 
callen his name * Gerfhom: for he fard, 
FJ haue bene a firanger in a frange 


23 (Anditcameto patie in procefle 
oftine,thatthe king of Cappt died,and 
thechilaeen of Hirael fighed by reafon 
of hebondage,and they cried, and their 
crpcame bp buto God, by reafon of the 

24. And God heard Heir groning, 
and God remembeed his * Conenant 

With Ababa, with Blac, andwiey 



25 And God looked bpon the chit 
peer of Pirael, and God t had relpect 
Drto them. 



1 Mofes keepeth lethros flockes 2 God appea- 
reth to him ina burning buth, 9 Hefendeth 
him to deliver Iftael. 14 Thenameof God. 
15 Hismeflage tolfrael. 

Dwe Moles a Lh 

flocke of Jetheo his fa- 

ther it lath , the Prettof 

5 Miia: and Hee led. the 

~ flocke to the backefide of 
thedelert, and came to the mountatne 

Of God, cuen fo Po2eb, 

2 Aud the Angel of the Loxv 

. [Appeared buito him, ina *flame of fire 

outof the midtt ofa buth, and beloo- 

ken, and behold , the buth burned with 
fire, and thebuth Was not conlumed, 

3 And Doles laine, FJ will nowe 
tutne ative, and fee this great fight, 
Why thebuth ts not burnt, 

4 and when the Lo up fae 
that he turned alide to fee, God called 
puto hin out of the midtt of the buth, 
andfain, Doles, Woles. Andhelade, 

Herean Z. aus 
5 Andhe laid, Deavenot nigh IZ 
ther: *putoft thy thooes from off t 
feete,, forthe place hereon thou ftan- 
Det, isholyground. 

6 Mozcouer hee fai, * FI am the 
God of thy father, the God of Aba 
Ham, the Godot Hiaac, andthe Godof 
Pacob. And Moles hid his faces forhe 
Wwasafraid to looke bpon God. 

7 (Anrthe Lox vlad, J haue 
furely feene theaffliction of my people 
Which are i Coypt, and haue Heard 
SEE , by realon of their talke-ma- 

83 for BI Know theirfoevowes, 

3 AndH anicome dotbne fo deliver 
themout of thehand ofthe €apptians, 
and to bettig them bp outof that land, 
bnto a good land and a large, bnto a 
lande flowing with milke and bony, 
bnito the place of the Canaanites, and 

e Hittites, andthe Amozttes, the 

evissites, and the Hiuttes, and the 


9 Mow therefore behold, Hhecricof 
the chilozen of Piraeliscomebnto me: 
aud J haue aifo feene the oppzeffion 
ae the Capptians oppzefle 


10 Come now therefore, and ZF Will 
fend thee bnto begat » that thou 
mayett being forth my people the chit 
neenof Piracloutof Egypt. ‘ 

U And Moles faide bufo God, 
voho am FJ, that J fhoutld goe buto 
pharaoh and that Pihould bring forth 
the childzen of Pirael out of Cgppt: 

Iz Anohelatd,Certainely P willbe 
a thee, and this hall bea token bre 
to thee, that J haue lent thee: nahen 
thouhatt beoughtfoorth the peopleout 
of Egypt, pethaliferue God bpon this 
mountaine. ’ 

13 Aud Moles fade bnto God, We- 
Hold, when FJ come bnto the children 
of Hlraci, and (hall fay bnto them, 

\MolesinMidian. Exodus. Thebuthburning|| 

atts.7.5 3. 

*Matth. 22, 

The God of your fathers hath tent] ~ 

me bnto pou, and they fhatlfay to me, 
vahat is his names What thall F fap 
bnto them: Se 

14 And 


| | lor, 46] OF Coypt weil not let you goc, | no not 
Poet hed pin tease you goe, || 

aa ee ; TLL Mere 

SS SSS SSS Ss > S* = 

- | {pole || the €ayptians. 

The Nameof God. Chap.iii. | 

14 And God fade bnto Woies, 

2 AD LHAL J ADM:Andbe 

1D, Khus halt thou fay dnto the chit- 
neerrof Piracl, J AD harhilent me 
bnito pou. 

15 And Godflad mozeouer buts Wo- 
{es, Lous halt thou fay bnto the chit: 
pen of Pirael; Lhe LORD Godof 
your fathers, the Godof Abeaham,the 
God of Plaac, andthe God of Facov 

ath fentme dnto you : this ismy name 
O2cuer, AND Hisis my mensoziall bnto 
all generations. 

6 Goeandgatherthe €iversof FE 
taeltogether, andfay duto them, Lhe 
LORD God of oe fathers, In 
Godof Abeahan, of Plaac,and of Ja- 

cobappeared bnto me, laying, Jhaue) 

fuvely bifited pou, and feene that which 
17 And J haue fad, J Will being 
pou bp out of the affliction of Egypt, 
bnto the land of the Canaanites, and 
eHithtes, andthe Amozites, andthe 

‘|{erissites, and the Hiuites,and the Je: 

bulites,bnto aland flowing with mike 
and horny. 

13 And thep Mhall hearken to thy 
boypee: and thou thait come, thou and 
he €idersof Hiracl bnto the %ingof 
Cgypt, and you thall fay bnto: him, 
Lie Lowe God of the ebzewes 
hath met with bs: andnow let bs aoe, 
(wee beleech thee) three dapes tourney 
into the Wildernes, that we may facet: 
ficetothe Loxrmouregon. 

I9 (And PFamfure that the Bing 


20: And F will fretch out my hand, 
and finite Coppt With all mp Wonders 
Which J will doe m themidit thereof: 
andafter that he williet pougoe. 

a1 And F Will gue this people fa 
Lourin he light ofthe €gyptians, and 
ttthall come to pafle that when pe goe, 
vethallnot goe empty: 

22 ™2But euery woman thal borrow 
of her eet, » and of her that fo- 
tournethinherhoute, iewels of fituer, 
And telbels of gold, andrayment sand 
pyethall put them bpon pourfonnesand 
Dpon pour Daughters, and pee tall 

CHAP. Il. 

1 Mofesrod isturned into a Serpent. 6 His 
hand is leprous. 10 Heisloath tobee ent. 

. 14 Aaron is appointed to aGift him. 18 Mo- 

wey $d Doles aniuered,and 

y fad, 2ut behold, they 

~» Will not belecuenice, noz 

Vie » Dearken bnto my boice: 
Cree Sas fo2 they wit fay, Lhe 
LORD hath not appeared dnto thee. 

2 And heL ounfaid dnto him, 
vahat is that in thine Hands and hee 
faid, 2f vod, 

3 And helaid, Calton the ground: 
and hecatt it onthe ground, ann itbe- 
came a ferpent : and Dotes fled front 

4 Andthe Lox fad vnto a- 
fes, Put forth thine hand,and take it bp 
the tatle: 2ind he put forth his han, 
aa caught it, and itbecamearodinhis 


5 hat they may beleene that the 
LORD Godot their fathers, the Gon 
of Abeaham,the Goo of Plaac,ann the 
God of Yacob hath appeared hnto 


6 CAndthe Lox laid further: 
moe bnto him Put now ine handar 
to thy bofome. And he put his handine 
to His bofome: and then hee tookeit 
out, behold, His Hand tas leprons as 

7 Anodhe laid, put thine hand into 
thy bofome againe. 2nd hee put his 
Handinto his bofonteagatne, and piuc: 
keditoutof his bofome, and beboiv, it 
Was turned againeashts other fle, 

3 Andit Mhallcome to pafle, if chep 
Wilnot belecue thee, neither hearkento 
the botceof the firtt figue, that they wilt 
beleeue the boice of the latter figne. 

9 AMnditthallcome to pafle, if chep 
Will not beleene alfo thele tivo figues, 
neither hearken bnto thy boice, that 
thou thalt take of the water of the rv 
Ver, And pot2e tt vpon the dee land: and 
the Water Which thou takett out of the 
ee bponthe die 

io € Arid Moles faide bnto the 
Lox, D mp iow, F am notteto- 
quent.neither hevetoforr,nozifince thou 
Hattipoken bnto thy feruant: but Fam 
flow of {peach, and of a flow tongue. 

Ir And the Lox laid dnto him, 
Valo hath nrademans mouth: o2who 
maketh the dunibe 02 deafe, 02 the fee: 
tng, orp blind z hauenotH the Lou: 

Mofes his lignes. 
fesdepartethtrom lethro,. 21 Gods wneflage 7 
to Pharaoh. 24 Zipporah circumcifeth her 

fonne. 27 Aaron 1s {ent tomeet Mofes,. 31 
The people beleeueth them. 

tHeb fralbe 

+ Heb.aman 
of words, 

t Heb. fince 
nor fince the 

third day. 

F 12 Mow) 

Mofes and Aaron 

*Matth. 10 
19.mar. 3. 

Iz Mow therefore goe , and FJ will 
be * with thy mouth, and teach thee 
What hou Hhaltiay. 

B Audhe lain, D my Lov, fend, F 
pray thee, bp the hand of him whom fou 

- \|\Yout fend, 

7.x. *thouthaitbeto him inftead of God. < 


14 And the anger of the Louw 
Was kindled again Moles, and hee 

fad, Js not Aaron the Leuite thy bro- 

therz Pkno thathe can fpeake weil. 

/And aifo behold, he commeth foozth to 

meet thee: and When he leeth thee, hee 
Will be glad wn his heart, 

15 Aindthou that fpeake duto him, 
and putibordsin his mouth,and FZ wil 
be With thy mouth, ewith his mouth, 
and Wil feath pou What ye Hhalldoe. 

16 And he talbetiyy pokelman bre 
to the people: and he thallbe, cuen hee 
thall be to theein ftead of a mouth, and 

17 And thou halt take this rod in 
thine hand, wherewith thou (halt doe 


13 (And Moles went and retur- 
ned to Fetheo his father in lav, and 
fad nfo hint, Let me goe,Z pray thee, 
and returne bnto my beethern, which 
are in Egypt ,and fee Whether they bee 
petaline. And Petheo fad to Dofes, 
Goce tu peace. 

Io AndtheLox vlad bnto Boles 
inDidian, Goe, rveturue tito Caypt: 
a 7 the men ave dead Which fought 

y life, 

20 And Moles tooke his wife, and 
hisfonnes, and fet them bpon an affe, 
andhereturned to the land of Egypt. 
And Doles tooke the rod of God in 
his hand. 

21 Anudthe Lox laid bnto Mo- 
fes,, valen thou goett to returne into 
Eaypt, fee that thou doe ali thofe won- 
pers before Dbharaoh , which J haue 

utin thine hand: but J wilhardenhis 

eart, that hee Thal not tet the peopie 
22 Ano thou hat fay bnto Whara-: 
ob, Lhusilath theL oun, Plractis 
my fone, even my fir bo2ne, 

23 And Flay onto thee,let my fonne 
goe, that he may ferucmec :andifthou 
vefufe to lethinigoe,bebol, J will lay 
thy fonne, euen thy fir bone. 

24. { And it came to pafle by the 
Way in the Pune,thatthe L ox wD met 
hin, andfoughtto kill him. 

25 Lhen ee tooke atharpe 
fone, and cutoft theforefkinne offer 


3 ae 

goeto Pharaoh, | 

fone, anditcattitat his fete, and far, | 14 mde 

Surely a bloody hulband art chou to 

26 Soheiethinigoe: then the fav, 
Af bloody hufoand thouart, becaule of. 
the Circumerfion. 

27 CAnd the Lox faidto Aa 
ron, Goe into the Wildernefleto meete 
Moles. And hee went and met him in 
the mount of God, and killed him. 

28 And Woles tolde Aaron ali the 
Wordes of the Lov, who had lent 

him, and all the fignes which Heehad| . 

commanded him. 
29 (And Doles and Aaron Went, 

and gathered ee all theelders of) - 

the childeen of Ptraet. 

30 And Aaron {pakeall the Modes 
which the Louw hadf{poken bnto 
ae ee fightof 


31 And the people beleeued s And 
When they Heard that the L onp 
had bifited the chiloeen of Piraci, and 
that hehad looked bpon theivafiiiction, 
fen tip bolbed their Heads and woz 


CE AMP. aye 
1 Pharaoh chideth Mofes and Aaron for their 
meflage. 5 Hee encreafeth the I{raelites 
taske. 15 Mee checketh their complaints. 

19. They cry out ypon Mofes and Aaron. } 

22, Mofescomplaineth to God. 

i SS omege Nd afterwwarnGDolesand 
ee JIN ay, Aaron Went in, andtolde 
S7AOCS pharaoh, Lhus tath the 

ix Louw God of Pirael, 
Scag ILet my people goe, that 
they may bolde a feattbntomec inthe 
penser havaoy fi 

2 And pharaoh fad, nao is the 
Long, that J houldobeyp his hoyce 
to let Hlrael goes J know not the 
Loup neither will Jlet Picraci goe, 

3 And theplaid, *Lhe God of the 
Hebsees Hath met with bs : let bs 
Soe, he pray thee, theee Dayes tournep 
into the delert, and facvifice bnto the 
LOR’D our God, lett hee fall bponds 
With peftilence, o2 With the ford. 

4. Alnd the Hing of Egypt iain bnto 
thent, naberforedoc ype, Doles and Ala 
ton, let the peoplefromtheir okes 2 
get poubnto pour burdens, 

5 And Pharaoh {aid Wehold, the 
people of theland now are many, eyou 
make theniretticomtheiv burdens, 

6 And Pharaoh eS, the 


Codi promi 

Aifsclopreticl. Chip 

fame day the tafke-mafters of the peo- 
ple,and their officers faping; 

7 Beethallno moze giue the peopie 
trav to make beicke, as heretofore : ict 
at goe and gather ftravy for them: 


3 Andthetale of the beickes which 
they DID make Heretofore , pou thal 
lay bpow thens : pou hall not diminith 
ought thereof: fo2 thep beidle therefore 
they ery, faying, Lets goe and facrifice 
to our God. 

9 tLet there moze Yorke be layoe 
bpon the men, that hep may labour 
thevett, and let them not regard baine 

lo. (And the talke-matters of the 
people Went oti, and their officers and 
they {pate to the people, faping, Lhus 
ri Pharaoh , J will hot giue you 


Ik Goepe, get pou firath where pou 
can findit: pet not ought of pour wozke 
fhall be diminithed, 

12 So the people there fratteren a 
broad theoughout al thetand of Egypt, 
to gather ftubbic in fteand of ftrarw, 

B Aud the talke -matters Hatten 
them, faping; Fulfill pour Workes, pour 
- baply talkies , as when there was 


14 Andthe officers of the chidzen of 

frael, Which Pharaohs tale-matters 

. [Hadfetouerthem, were beaten, and de: 

manded, Wherefore haue penot fulfi- 

led pour talkie, in making beicke, both 
petterday and to day, as heretoforez 

15 & Lien the officers of the cha 
deen of Hlrael came and cryed onto 
pharaoh , faying , wherefore dealett 
thou thus with thy feruants z 

16 here iso ttraw giuen bnto thy 
feruants , and they fay tobs , Dake 
heitke : and behotde, thy feruants are 
eae 3 but the fault is in thine owne 

17 wWuthelaid, Beare idle, yearetdte: 
therefore ye fay, Let bs goeandaoefa- 
trificeto the Lox. 

13 Goe therefore now and worke: 
for there that no ftraw bee given pou, 
pet thall pe deliuer thetate of brickes, 

I9 And theofficers of the children of 
Pleael did fee that they were m eur 
tale, after it was {aid , Bee fhalinot me 
nifh ought from pour brickes of pour 
Daply tafte, 

20 CAnd they met Moles and a- 
ton, Who food wt the way , as they 

came foorth front Pharaoh, 

21 And they fad bute them; Lhe 
LORD looke bpon pou, and uoge,be- 
caufe poutjauemade our fauour f to be 
abhozved ttt the epesof pharaoh, and 
in the eves of his feruants, to puta 
fiwo2d in their hand to flay bs, 

22 And Motes returned bute the 
LOD, and laid, Lon, vaherefore 
Hatt thou oeuill ntreaten this peopiez 
Why is ttthatthouhatt fent mez 

23 Fozrlince Heame to wharaoh to 
{peakein thy Mame, heath doncewmil 
tothispeopic , neither Hatt hout dele 
uered thy people at ail, 


1 Godrenueth his promife by his Name f E- 
HOVAH. 14 The genealogie of Reu- 
ben, 15 of Simeon, 16 ofLeut,ofwhom 
came Mofes and Aaron. 


theni goe, and with aftrong hand thail 
hedstuethemout ofhisiand. 

2 And Godipakebnto Motes, anv 
fad bnto hin, J am the Lox, 

3 AudF appeared buto Abeaham, 
bnto Plaac , and bute Facob, by the 
Name of God Almighty, but by my 
mane IEHOVAH tas J tot knowert 

4 And Phaue allo eftadtithe my 
Coucnant With them, to giue theni the 
land of Canaan, theland of heir pagre: 
mage, Wherein thep were ftrangers, 

5 And H haue allo heard the gro- 
ning of the childzen of Hlract, whom 
the Egyptians keepe in bondage :and 
FH haueremembed mp Couenant, 

6 xaherefore fap dnto the chidzen 
of Hlracl, Jam the Lox, anoF 
Will bing you out from bndev the buv- 
dens of the Egyptians, and ZH wii rid 
pou out of ther bondage : and J will 
tedeeme pou With a ftretched outarme, 
And With great iudgements. 

7 Andi take youto meefora 
people,and FZ will beto poua God:and 
pe thall know that J am the Loua 

our -God, which beitigeth pou out 
ton buder the burdens of the Egyp- 

3 And AP will being yout buto the 
lande concerning the which) FH did 

F 2 tfueare 



} Heb.deli- 
ering thou 
haft not dem 


Moles isfent 


\+Heb.o¢ [Tiweareto ginett, to Abeaham, to Pla 
up myhand. ae and to PHacob,and F will gineit pou 
foranrheritage, Han theL on. 

9 And Moles fake fo bnto the 
childeen of Pirael : but they hearkened 
notbnto Doles, fort anguith of {pirit, 
and fo2 crucii bondage. 

lo AndtheL OR Dlpake bnto Mo- 
tes, faping, 

Ir Goe ttt, fpeake bnto Pharaoh 
Bing of Egypt, that helet the childen 
of Hiracl gocout of his land. 

iz And Doles fake before the 
LOx dD, faping, Webhold, the chiineen 
of Hiracl haue not hearkened buto me: 
How then Mhalpbharaoh heave me,who 
anot drcivcumeifed lips: 

3B Andthe Lou fpake bnto Moles 
andbuto Aaron, egaucthema charge 
Dnto the childzen of Hiraci, and puto 
pharaoh ting of Egypt, to bang the 
childzen of Pitael outof the land of €- 

avs @ Lhele be the heans of their fa- 
thershoules:*Lhefonnesof Reuben 
a rit boeneof Hfracl, banoch, and 

{ Heb.fhort- 
neff: or, 

i pete? 
T.chrO. §.3» 
alin, Hesvon, and Carmi: thele be the 
imilies of Reuben, 

15 * And thefonnes of Simeon : Fe: 
muel, andPamin, and Ohad and Fa: 
chit, and Zohar, and Shaul thefonne 
of aCanaanitith woman: thele are the 
faniulies of Simeon. 

16 @ Andtheleare thenames of the 
*fonnes of Leni, according to their ge: 
nevations: Gerfhon and Hohath and 
Merart : and the peeres of the life of 
Leut, Were anhundzed, chirtie andfe- 
uct peeres, 

17 Lhe fonnes of Gerfhon: Loni 
and Ohimt, according to their famiites, 

13 And*thefonnes of Hohath: An 
- | tam, and Psbhav, and Hebon, and Us 
tel. 2nd the peeves of the tife of te0- 
hath Wwerean hundzed thirticand theee 

I9 And thefonnes of Derari: Px 
haliand Duthistheleavethefamites of 
Lent, according to their generations. 

20 And*Ainvam tookehim Poche: 
benhis fathers fifter to wife, and thee 
bave him Aaron and Doles: and the 
peeves of the ife of Anant Were an 
Hundred, and thirticandf{euen peeres, 

21 @ And theionnes of Pshar: Ho- 
tah and Nephea, and Zichit, | 

22 And the fonnes of Usstel : Me 
Hhael, and Eisaphan, and Zithet. 

23 And Aaron tooke him Elitheba 





daughter of Animinadad fitter of Pa: 
athon to wife, and the barehim Manab 
aud Abibu, Cleasar and Herhamar. . 

24. Andthefonnes of Borah Air, 

and Clkanah, and Abialaph : Mele arc! 

the families of the Hozbites. 

25 And Cleasar Aarons fonnetooke 
Hint one of the daughters of uticl to 
Wife, and * the Boia phinehas : 
thefcare the heads of the fathers of the 
Leuites, according to their families. 

26 Lbele are that Aaron and Wo- 
{eS, to Whom the ZL ox v faid, Bring 
outthe chidzen of Hlracifrom theiand 
of Egypt, according to their armies. 

27 hele are they which fpake to 
pharaoh king of Egypt, to bung out 
ve childeen of Firaei from Egypt: 

Hele are that Molesand Aaron, 

28 CAnvit cane to pale on the dap 
When the Lox {pate bnto Wofes 
intheland of Egypt, 

29 Chat the Lox {pake bnto 
MOoies, taping, Fam the Lown: 
{peake thou bnto Pharaoh king of €- 
gppt, all that F fay bnto thee, 

30 And Doles iad before the Lown, 
Behold, Panvot bueircumedeo tips, 
and howd thall pharaoh hearken bnto 


1 Mofesisencouragedto go to Pharaoh. 7 His 
age. 8 Hisrod is turnedintoa Serpent. 11 
The forcerers do the like. 33 Pharaohs heart 
ishardened. 14 Gods meflage to Pharaoh. 
19 Theriueris turned into blood. 

o MD the Lox fad bu 
) to Doles, See, H haue 
) MADE thee a god fo Pha- 
HO Ve rao), and Aaron thy byo- 
far Oe Se Liver Mhalbe thy prophet. 
2 thalt tpeake all that Z 

command thee, and Aaron thy brother 
(hailfpeake buto Dhacaody cachet 
thechudzen of PHirael out of his tann, 

3 And BF will harden pharaohs 
heart, and multiple my fignes and mp 
Wonders in theland of Egypt. 

4 Wutbharaoh hall not hearken 
bnto pou, that Pinay lay mp hand bp: 
on €gppt,and being forth mmearmies, 
and my people the chilnzen of Bfraci, 
aba theland of Cappt, by great maa: 

5 And the Egyptians hail knowe 

that HamtheLoun, When F tretch 

forth mine hand bpon Egppt,andbung 


, toking Pharaoh] 

*Num. 25, 

The bed sfersent. 

out the chilozen of Hirael fromamong 

6 And Dolesand Aaron didas the 
LoORpcommanded them, fo did they, 

7. And Woles was foureltoze peres 
olde, and Aaron foureftore and three 
peeves old, hen they fpake bnto pha- 

oS C And he Lox fpake dnto 
PMoles,and dnto as 

9 when pharaoh thail{peake nto 
you, faping, Sbewv a mivacle fo2 pou: 
then thou that fap bnto Aaron, Hake 
thy vod and catitbefoze Pharaoh, and 
it {hall become aferpent. 

lo (And Moles and Aaron went 
in bnto Pharaoh,and they did fo as the 
Lowhad commanded sand Aaron catt 
Dobie His vod before Pharaoh, and 
before His feruants , arin it became a 

“ Lhen Pharaoh allo called the 
Wile men and the forerers ; now the 
Magicians of Egypt , they alfo did in 
lke maner With heir enchantments, 

12 Foz Hey cal dobre euery man 
Hisvod, andthey becameferpents : but 
Aarons tod fiuallowed dp their rods. 

3 And hee hardened pharaohs 
heart , that hee Heavkened not onto 
them, astheiL ox p han fain, 

14 @ And the Loxn fade bnto 
Moles , Pharaohs heart is hardened: 

efuleth tolet the peoptegoe. 

15 Get thee dito Pharaoh in. the 
Mozntng,loe,he goeth out bnto the wa: 
fer, and thou halt ftand by theriuers 

thou take in thine hand, 

16 And thou thalt fap onto him, 
Lhe LORD Gon of the Hebrewes 
hath lent me bnto thee, faying; Let my 
people goc, that they mayferuemecin 
the wilderneffe:and behoide, hitherto 
thou wouldett not heare, 

17 Lhusirith heLoun,Inthis 
thouthalt know thatH amtheLoun: 
behold, fant finite With the ron that 
isin my Hand, bpon the waters which 
avein the river, and hep thatbe turned 
te blood, 

13 And the fil that is in the riner 
hatloic, andthe river fhati ftincke,and 
the Egyptians thall loathe to punke of 
the water of the riuer, 

19 @ And the Lox {ake onto 
Doles, Say nto Aaron, Lake thy 
TOD, €ftretch out thine hand bpon the 



Vi 1 @ 
Waters of Cappt,bpon ther ftreames, 
bpott they riuers , and vpon their 
ponss, and bpon all their t pootes of 
Water, chat thep map beconic biood, 
and that there may be blood through: 
outall the land of Egypt, both itt veliels 
of WOOD, ANDI veflels ot frone, 

20 And Doles and Aarondid fo, a9 
theLon commanded: and he “tft 
bp the rod and finote the waters that 
Werein the river, in the fight of Pha: 
taoh, and in the fight of his feruants:; 

Bloody waite 

t Heb. Ga- 
thering of 
their wan 

* Chap. 17. 

and all the* Waters that were in the rie|- 

uev, Were turned to binod, 

21 ind the fith that was itt the river 
died: aNd the tiuer ftunke, and theé- 
po ed could not dinke of the water 
of the tiuer: and there was dood 
theovgqhoutall theiand of Egypt. 

22 * And the Pacicians o Cagyppt 
did fo, With their enchantments: and 
pharaohs heart was hardened > Net 
ther did he hearken puto them, as the 
LORD hadfain, 

23 And Pharaoh turned and went 
into bis Houle, neither aio hee fet hig 
heart to thisaify. 

24, And all the Egyptians diggen 
round about the viuer fo2 water to 
Deitthe : foz they could not denke of the 
Water of the river, 

25 And feuen dayes were fulfilled 
after thatthe Louw han fmitten the 

Co Ake Vib 

1 Froggesarefent. 8 Pharaoh fueth to Moles, 
12 and Mofes by prayer remoueth them a- 
way. 16 Thedultis turnedintolice, which 
the Magicians could not doe. 20 The 
{warmes of flies. 25 Pharaohinclineth to 
letthe peoplegoe, 32 but yetis hardened. 

goe,that they may ferue me. 

2 Audit thou refule to let them aoe, 
bebolode, J will {nite all thy borders 
With frogges, 

3 And the river fhall beng foorth 

frogges abundantiy , Which tall goc 
bp and come into thine Houfe, and in- 
to thy bed - chamber, and bpon thy bed, 
and tnto the boule of thy feruants and 
bpon thy peopic, and inte thine onens, 
And into thy ||kneading troughes. 
F332 4 


Or, dough. 

Pla ues of frogges, 

4 And the frogges Mhall come dp 
both onthee, and bpon thy people, and 
bponalithy feruants. 

5 LAndthe Lowe lpake bute 
Poles ; Day buto Aaron, Stretch 
foosth thine hand with thy rodde ouer 
the ftreamies, over the viuers, and ouer 
the ponds, and caule frogges to come 
bp bpontheland of €gypt, 

6 And Aaron fretched out his 
hand ouer the waters of Egypt , and 
the frogges came bp, and coucredthe 
landot Egypt. ; 

7 *Aind the Dagicians did fo with 
their nebantinents , and brought bp 
frogges bponthe land of Egypt. 

3 en Pharaoh called foz MPo- 
{es, and Aaron, and fad, Putreat the 
LO D, that hee may take albay the 
frogacs fronimie, andfrontmiy people: 
and J Will letthe people goe, thatthey 
nap docfacrifice bute the Loxr. 

9 And Doles faide buto Yharaoh, 
|| Giozy ouer mee: | Yhen thal F enz 
treatforthee, andfo2thyferuants, and 
fo2 thy people ,to tT deftroyp the frogges 
from thee , and thy houles, that they 
miay vemiaine it the viner onelpz 

1o Andhe lard, ||Lo mioevow. And 
- | Hee fatd , Bee i according fo thy Word: 

That thou maypel know that there is 

noneltke bute the LoxD our God. 

u Andthe frogs hall depart from 
thee, and from thy boufes, and from 
thy feruants , and from thy people ; 
they thall remaine in the river onely. 

12 And Moles and Aaron went out 
from ~bharaoh , and Poles cried buto 
the Lox becaule of the frogs which 
Hehadbeought again pharaoh. 

B Andthe LOxD did according 
to the word of Moles: and thefrogaes 
Died out of the houles , outof the dit- 
lages,and out ofthe fields. 

14. And they gathered them toge- 
ther bpow heapes,and the land fanke. 

15 But When Wbharaoh fary--that 
there was relpit, behardned his heart, 
and Hearkened not buto them, as the 
Lox hadifaid. ; 

16 € And the Loup faide bnto 
Potes, Say buto Aaron, Stretch out 
thy rod, and finite the duft of theland, 
that tt map become lice, thozorbout ail 
theland of Egypt. é 

17 Anotheyp didfo : for Aaron ftret- 
hed out bis hand with his rod , and 
{mote the duft of the earth , and it be- 

“wild. 17. 


| there, to theend thou matett know that 

tamiclice , th man andin beak : alithe) 


dutt ofthe land became lice theoughout 
alithe land of Egypt. 

13 And the Magicians did fo with 
their enchantments to being foozth lice, 
but they could not : fo there were ice 
bpon man and bpon beat. 

I9 Lhen the Magicians fad bnto 

Haraoh ; Lis is the finger of God, 

nd Pharaohs heart was Hardned, 
andhehearkened not bnto them,as the 
LOvD hadlatd, 

20 (And the LORD fade bnto 
Moles ,Rile bp early inthe mozning, 
and ftand before Pharaoh soe, hecon 
meth foozth to the hater, and fay bnto 
hint; Khustaith heLoxv, Letnip 
people goe, that thep may ferueme. 

21 G13, if thou Wilt not tetmy peo- 
plegoe,bebolde ,P will fend | fiparmes | jo, «mix. 
of flies bpon thee, and bpon thy fler- 
uants, and bpon thy people, and into |o% 
thy boufes : and the Houfes of the €- 
gpptians thail bee full of fiwarnies of 
flies and alfo the ground thereon thep 

22 And PF willfener in that day the 
lande of Gothen in which my people 
Dibell, that no fwarmes of flies fhall be 

J am the LOuD tn the midk of the 

coat 3g et us oe Diutfion be- eget 
my people an cople: to) 5577. 
miozrowb thali this fianebe. Peoples HO hiong 
24. 2nd the LOD did fo: and 
*thevecame agrienous fivarnic of flies | + wits, 
into the houfe of pharaoh, and mto his| > 
feruants houfes, and into alltheiande 
of Cgppt: the land was | cozcupted dy | y0,, 2. 
reafon of the fwarme of flies, frayed. 
25 CAind pharaoh called foz Wo- 
{es and fo2 Aaron, and faid, Goe pee, fa- 
trificeto pour Godin theland. 


their epes, and will they not ftonedsz 
27 erill goe theee dayes tourney 
into the Wildernefe, andiacrifice to the 
LORD out God, as* he thail con 
mand bs. 

28 And pharaoh fatd, J wiliet pou 
goe that pe map facrificeto the LZ ox Dd 
pour God, inthe wildernes: onelp pou 
a = Soe berp farrealvap: intreate 

1, ; 

29 And Poles laid, Behold, F goe 


* Chap.3. 
18. : 


outfromthee, andZ will trtveate the 
ox that thefwarmes of flies may 
Depart from Pharaoh; from his fer- 
uants,and from his people to mozrow: 
butict not Pharaoh deale deceitfully 
anp moze, it notlettirg the people goe 

30 And Moles wentout from pHa 
tao), andintreatenthe LOD: 

31 Andthe Lox didaccodingto 


The murraine of beafts. § The plague of 
boyles, and blaines. 13 His meflage about 
thehaile. 22 The plague of haile. 27 Pha- 
raoh fueth to Mofes, 35 but yet is hardened. 

geese HentheL on nfaid buto 

3 Behold, thehandof the Lovo 
isbpon ae Which is nthe fieln, 
bpon Hehorles, bpon the affes, bpon 

ecamels, bpon the oxen, and bpon 

etheepe: there thallbe aberyp grieuons 

4 Andthe Loup thal {ener ve- 
tibeene the cattel of Hicact,and the cat: 
tellof Egypt, and there hail nothing 

( Lihat ts the childeens of Hiract, 

5 And the L é ( 
tine, faying, Lo morrow the oxp 
thalldoc this thing in theiana., 

6 And He Lou nid that thing 
onthe morrow; and all the cattell of E 
Oppt died, but of the catteil of the cht 

7 AndpPharaoh lent, and behore, 
eve Was not one of the cattell of the 
Pleaclites dead. And the heart of pha 
tao) as hardened, and he didnot let 
| 3 @ And the Loup fade onto 
Doles, and bnto Aaron, Laketo pou 
“handfuls of athes of the foonace, and 
let Dofes {prnikie tt towards the he 
uen, inthefightof pharaoh: 


> And it Hall beconic fmaill oulin 
all the land of Egypt, and thall bee a 
boyle breaking fosth with biaines, bpon 
manand bponbealt,heoughout ali the 
land of Egypt, 

lo And they tooke athes.of the for 
nate, and flood before Pharaoh, and 

fes {prinkled it bp toward heanen: 
and it became a botle breaking forth with 
biaines,bportman and bpon beat. 

li And the Magicians could not 
fand before Doles, becaufe of the 
botles : fo2 thebotie was bpon the mia: 
gidans, and dponalithe Eayptians. 

Iz And the Lox hardened the 

Pharaoh, and Hee hearkened 
a$ the Lox har 
{poker bute Doles. 

B CAnd the Lown fade bnio 
Moles, Rile bp earelp nthe moming, 
and fland before Pharaoh,and lay yuito 
hun, Lhus faith the Loxp Gon of 

eHebreives, Letmy peoplegoe, that 

eymiapieruenic, — 

14. Foz F will at this tiie fend all 
inp plagues bpon thine heavt,and bpon 

feruaunts, and bpon thy peopie: 
at thou niapelt knowe that there is 
fone like mein alithe earth, 

15 Foz wow F will ttretclh ove nip 
Hand, that H may {mite thee and thy 
peopie, with peftilence, and thou thait 
becut off fromthe earth. 

Ie Andi bery deede, for *this caule 
Haue Pt railed thee dp, foz to fhewein 
theemy power, andthatm name may 
bedetlared theoughout all the earth. 

17_AS pet eraltelt thou thy teife a 
gainttmy people, thatthou wilt notict 
them goez 

13 Webhold, to morro about this 
tine, J woe canfeitto raine a bevy grie- 
uous Dalle, fuch as hathnot benein €- 
Sppt, fince the foundation thereof cucn 

Io HSHendtherefore now, and gather 
thy cattell, andall that thou batt inthe 

e1D ; foz vpon euerp mian and beat 
Which Chal be found tn the field,and thal 
not bee brought home, the hatle thai 
pte DOYbne bpon Chemi, and they Matt 


20 Hee that feared the Word of the 
LoOxwy amonglt theleruants of pha- 
Yao}, made his lernantsand His catteii 
fleeimnto the houfes. 

21 And he that t regarded not the 
Word of HheL oun, lefthisleruants 
and his cattell in the field, 


|| Heb: made 
thee ftand. 

' Heb: fet 

sot his heart 

22 € Aud the Lowy faide vuto 
Doles , Dtretel forth thine hand to- 
Ward Heauen, that there may be hate 
tialitheland of Egypt, bpoumanand 
bpon beat , and bpow cuery herbe of 
We field, thozoivout the land of wa be 

23 And Doles ttretchen foorth his 
rod tolbard Heaucn, and theLoup 
fent thunder and baile, and the five 
rane along Dpou the ground, and the 
PLOurD rained hale bpon theland of 


24 So there was hatte, and fire 
mingled With the hatte, bery qrieuous, 
fuch as there Was none like tt tall the 
land of Cgypt, fince it became a nation. 

25 And the Haile imote thoughout 
all heland of Coypt, all that wasin the 
field, both man and beatt: and the hatle 
finote cucry Herbe of the ficlde , and 
beake every treenf the field, 

26 Duelp im the land of Gothen 
Where the childzen of Plrael were, was 
there no hate, + 

27 (And Pharaohfent,and called 
foz Dotes and Aaron, and fad puto 
them, J Haue finned this time : the 
Loup ts righteous, and Fand my 
peopleare Wicked, 

23 Entreat the Lox, ( for it ig 
enough) that there beno mozet mabey 
thunderings and Haile, andY wiliiet 
pougoc,and pe hall tap no longer, 

29 And Doles faide onto hin, AL 
fooncas Hani gone out of the 8 
Will fpeead abzoad my hands bnto the 
LORD, and the thunder hall ceafe, 
neither thall there be any moze hatte: 
that thou mapelt know bow that the 

* Pia 24.7. “earth isthe Lora S,. 

30 WButasfor thee and thy {eruants, 
¥J know that pe will not yet feare the 
LOnD God, 

31 Alnd the flare, andthe barley was 
{rutten : fo2 the barley was in the care, 
andthe flare was bolted: 

32 Wut the Wheat and the rye were 

{ Hebr. hid- Hottnutten;foethep were trot growen 

den: or. 
? ip. 5 
33 2nd Doles went out of the city 
from pharaoh ,and fpread absoan his 
Hands bute the Loup : and the thune 
Dersandhatlecealed,and the rainetwas 
Not polh2ea bpor the earth, 
34. Aind when Pharaoh faw that 
{the vaine, anv the hatte and the thun- 
ders Were cealed , hee finnedpet more, 
aoe his heart, heandhis fer: 
uants, Bigs 

+ Hebr. 
voyces of 


35 And the heart of Pharaoh was 
hardened neither Would Heletthe chit- 
deen of piracl goc, asthe LORD had 
f{pokentby Dofes: 


1 God threatneth to fend locufts. 7 Pharaoh, 
moued by his feruants., inclineth to let the Ii- 
raclitésgoe. 12. The plague of thelocufts. 
16 Pharaoh fuethto Mofes. 21 The plague 
of darkenefle. 24 Pharaoh {ueth ynto.Mo- 
fes, 27 butyetis hardened, 

REF NotheL ox pladbnto 
Yom Doles, Goe in bnto pha 
we aol : for * Bhaue hard- 
ANF ed His heart, and the 
Covers heart ofbis {eruants,that 
Z might het thele my fignes before 
ints © 

2 AMndthat thou mayett tell a the 
cares of thp fonne,and of thy founes 
fonne, ihat things J pane wzought 
in gppt, and my lignes which J haue 
Doneamongl then, that pe may know 
how that PamtheLono, 

3 And Boles and Aaron cane in 
bnto Pharaoh, and faide onto Him, 
Lhus iith theL ox w Gon ofthe pe 
bretees; Horb long writ chourvefule to 
humble thy felfe betoze mee 2 Let my 
peopic oe, thatthey may ferue me, 

4 €ls.ifthou refute to ietmy people 
Soe, behold, to mozrow will J being 
the*locutts into thy coat. 

5 And they hall couer the t face of 
the earth , that one cannot beabiete fee 
the earth, and they thatl eate therefinne 
ofthat Which is efcaped, Which remar: 
neth bnto poufrom the hatte, and fhail 
cate cucry tree, Yobiclh groweth fozpou 

ee halistteyp yout 

6 aindthep hall filthy houles,and 
theboules of all thy feruants; and the 
Houles of ail the Egyptians , Which 
neither thy fathers, no2 thy fathers fa: 
thers Hane feene, ince the day thatthep 
Were bpon the earth , onto this Day. 
aind he turned hinfeife and went out 

from Pharaoh, 

7 Andpharaohs feruants fay on- 
to hin, How long thal this manbea 
frarebnto bs 2 Let the men goc, that 
they may {eruetheL ond their God: 
nowelk thou not pet, chat €agpptis 
Deftroped z 

3 And Moles and Aaron were 

bought againe nto pharaoh: and he 
faidbnto them, Goe, feruethe Loup 

Ci ta 

Theplagueof haile. Exodus. Locultsthreatned, 

t Hebr. by 
the hand of 



* Wild, 16. | 

} Hebr.eye. 

Crlte Xf. 

tHebwho [pout GOD? but f Whoare they hat thail 
who, ee. goes d 

9 And Doles faid, wae wil goe with 
Out pong, And With ourold, With our 
founes and With our Daughters, with 
our flockes and With our heards will 
Megoe: foz We mutt hold a feat nto the 

Io Anoheladbntothem ; Letthe 
LORD bee {o With pou, as F will let 
pougoe, and pourlitie ones. Looketo 
tt, for entilis befoze pou. 

U Mot fo: goe now pee thacaremen, 
andfeructheL ox vd, forthat poudid 
Defire: and thep Were deiuen outfrom 
Pharaohs pretence, 

Iz CAndtheLox plaid bnto Do- 
fes, Stretch out thine hand over the 
landof Egypt forthe locutts , chat they 
may come bp pon the land of Egypt, 
And eate euery Herbe of the land, enen 
alithat thebaulehath left. 

3 And Woles tretched forth his rod 
ouertheland of Cayptand HeLoxw 
bought an Cal wind bpouthelandatl 
that day, andallthatnight: andwbhen 
i Was morning, He Call wind brought 

4 And Helocuiis went bp overall 
thelandof Coyppt, andretted matithe 
coatts of Egypt : bery grieuous were 
they: before thent there thereno tach 
iia sees after them thail 


15 Fo2 Hep concved the face of the 
Whole carth,{o thatthe land was dark- 
ned, and they did cate enery herbe of the 
land,and all the fruit of the trees, which 
the Hale Had icft, and thereremained 
not any greene thing i the trees, o2tn 
the herbes of the field, theough alithe 
land of Egypt. 

16 ( Zhen Pharaoh icatted for Wo- 
- ifesandAaronin hatte: and hela, Z 

haue finned again the Lox pour 

| God, andagainftyou. 

17 Moh therefore forgiue, J pray 
thee, my finne onelp this once, andine 
treat the Loup pour God, that hee 
aba take atbay from mee this death 

13 Andherent out from Pharaoh, 
andintreated he 9% v. 

I9 AndtheL Ox Dd turned a mighty 
ftrong welt wind, Which tooke atvay 
thelocutts, and tratt them into the red 
fea: therevemained not onelocutt inal 
thecoatts of Caypt. 

20: Dut theL OR Dd hardened pha 

Thicke dar kenes. 
taohs heart, fo that hee woul not let 
the chilozen of Pirael goe. 

21 CAndtheL Ox v laid buto Doz 
fes, Stretch out thine hand toward 
Deauen, that there may be Darkenefic| 
ouertheland of Cgypt,t eucn darkenes ee 
Which may be felt, deca 

22 And Motes ftretched forth bis 
Hand toward heauen: and there was a 
thicke Darkencffe in ali the land of € 
Oyppt theeedapes, 

23 Hhey far not one another, nev 
ther vole any from bis place for theee 
Dayes :* but all the chilozen of Hiraci|Wie28. 
Yadlightin thetr dibeltings. 

24. C And Pharaoh caited bnto Wo- 
{es and laid, Goe pe,feructheL o8 Di 
onely let pour flockes and pour herds 
- heen let pour litle ones aifo aoe 


25 And Doles fade, Kyou mutt| _ 
ginet bs alfo facvifices, and burnt offe-| 1-H 
Tings, that we may facrifice puto the : 
Re ene gop. ito 

26 Mur catteli a all goe Witt 
08: there {hall not an boofe bee iff be 
hind: fozthereof mutt te take to ferue 
theL ond our God: and we knowe 
not ith what wee mutt ferue the 
LORD, bntill Wecome thither, 

27 ( But the Louw hardened 
ae » And He Would not iet 

23 And Pharaoh fad duto hin, Get 
thee from me, take heed to thy teife: fee 
my face no moze: fo2 in that dap thou} 
feett my face, thou {halt die. : 

29 And Doles faid , Chon hat fpo- 
Bet Well, H wii {ee thy face aganre no 

C Ht Agks XE 

I Gods meflage to the Iftaelites to borrowsiew- 
els of theirneighbours. 4 Mofesthreatnerh 
Pharaoh with the death of the firft borne: 

ccs oes Copp, aftertvards hee 
Willlet you goe hence: When Hee thaii 
let you goe, he hall furciy theutt pouout 
2 DMpeakie now in the eaves of the 
people, and ict euerpmian bozrorwe of 
his neighbour, and euery oman of 
Herneighbour, *iewels of filuer, and} + chap.;. 
tebels of gold. 22.812. 
3 AndtheL Oxy gauethe peopie|’* 


Mofesis angry. 


* Chap. 12. 
129. ; 

t Hebr. that 
is at thy feet. 
| Heb heat 
of angers 

fauour in the fight of the Eayptians. 
Moreouer the man * Boles was very 
great in Heland of Cgypt, in the fight 
of Pharanhsieruants, andinthefight 
of een 

4 And Volks laid, Lhus faith the 
LD xp, *aboutmidnight wil J goe 
outinto the nuditot Caypt, 

5 Andallthe fir bone in theianne 
of Egypt Mhall die, front the fire ome 
of Pharaoh , that fitteth bpon his 
theonre, cuen duto the firtt bome of the 
maid feruant that is behind the mull, 
andall the firlt boone of beats, 

6 Aw there hall bee a great erie 
thoughout all the land of Egypt, fuch 
asthere Was none hike if, noz hall vee 
like itanyp moze. 

7 @Wutagainiany of the chitoren of 
Picael (hai not adog mouehis tongue, 
againt man oz beat: that ye may know 
How that the L ox d doth put adiffe- 
ee betiveene the Cgppriansand Fl 

3 And all thele thy feruants thant 
comedoWnebnto me, andbow downe 
themielues bnito me, faying, Get thee 
out, and all the people that t follow 
thee,and after that ZH Wil gocout: and 
HeWwent out from Pharaoh inta great 

9 Andthe Lox tad bnto Wo- 
fes, Pharaoh thall not hearken puto 
pou, that my Wonders may be muiti- 
pledintheland of Egypt, 

lo And Doles and Aaron did ai 
thele Wonders before Pyavaoh : and 
the Loup hardened Pharaohs heart, 
io that he Would not let the chidgen of 
Picael goe out of hisiand, 


The beginning of the yeere is changed, 3 
The Paffeouerisinftituted. 11 The Rite of 
the Pafleouer. 15 Vuleauened bread. 29 The 
firft borne are flaine. 31 The Ifraelites are 
driuen out of the lande. 37 They come to 
Succoth. 43 The ordinance of the Pafleouer, 

og Md the Lou fpake bn- 
to Doles and Aaron in 
> thelandof Egypt, faying, 
2 Lbisnioneth thalbe 


mMoneths ; it Mhallbe the fit moneth of 

3 @ Speake pebnto allthe Conagre- 
gation of Hlraci ayia, Bu the tenth 
day of this moneth hep thall take to 


SS piito pou the beginningof| |f 

them every man alambe, according to 


The Pafleouer 

the houte of their fathers , al lambe fog | or. eae. 

an Houte. 

4 And if the houthold be too tittle 
fo2 the lambe , let him and his neigh 
bour next bnto His houle, take accoz 
Ding to he number of theioules: cuery 
man according tohis eating Hall make 
pourcount fozthe lambe. 

5 Bourlambe thall be Without bie: 
mith,amatet of thetivt peeve: yee fhail 
take tt out from the theepe o2 from the 

ma Aind pe thallkeepeit bp utili the 
fourteenth Day of the fame moneth: 
andthe whole allembly of the congre: 

t Heb. forne 
of ayecre. 

gation of Pirael Halt wulte tin the ees) t Melrte 


and fivtke tton the tio fide poftes, and 
orithe bpper donze pofte, of the houles 
Wwherin they thall eate tt. 

$ Andthey thall eatthe fe inthat 

night rofte whith fire, and bnieanened 
2eab, and With bitter herbes thep fhail 
cate it. 

9 €atenot of it ray, no2 fooden at 
all With Water, but rofte with fire: his 
Head, with his legs,and with the purte- 
nance thereof. 

Io And pe hail let nothing of it re- 
maine bntil He mozming : and that 
Which remaineth of it bneil che moz 
ning, pe Hall burne with fire, 

WU (And thus hall pe eateit: with 
pout lotnes girded, pour fhooes on 
pour feet, andpour inpour hand: 
and pe Tail eate it in hatte : it ts the 
LORDS Palleouer, 

12 F02 Stites 
of Egypt this night, and will finite all 
the fir bone inthe land of Egppt,both 

7 Ann they thai take of the blood) one 

man ebeakl, and againt ali the || gods| | onjpr- 
of Cappt P will erecuteudgement: J 

am the LDBD, 

3 And the blood Hall be to pou fora 
token bpon the Houles where pou are: 
and When F {ee the blood, F will patte 
ouer pou, and the plague thail not bee 

bpon pou ito defrop you,twhen F finite yes 

theland of Egypt. 

14 2ind 
fo24 memoziall :andyouthalt keepeita 
cal to the Loxn, throughout pour 
Generations :.pou thall keepe it a feat 
by att ordinance foz euer, 

Is SDeuen dDayes hall pe eate pniea- 
weted beead, eucn the fir dap peethati 
put albay leauen ont of pour houles : 

this day hall be bnto pou!” 




Foz wholoeuer tateth icaiiened beead, 
from thefirit day dui the feuenth day, 
thatfoute (hall be cut off from Picaet. 
16 And inthe firl day there thalbean 
Holy conuocation, and in the feuenth 
dap there hailbe an holp conuocation 
fo pou: nonianer ofworke fhatbedone 

tHebfoule. tn thent, faue that which every tman 

mutt cate , that onely may beedoneof 

: 17 And pee thall obferue the featt of 
buleauened bread: fo2 in this {eifefame 
day Haue J brought pour arnites out 
of theland of Cgypt ; therefore Mhall pe 
obferue this Day tn pour generations, 
by aroadinancefo2 ener. 

13 ©* Bu the fir moneth, on the 
fourteenth day of the moneth at euen, 
pethatleate bricaucnen beead bnitill the 
Ole AND Hbentieth day oF the moncth 
at even, 

19 Seuen dapes (hall there bee no 
leanen found in pour houles :foz who- 
foeuer eateth that which is icauencd, 
erent that foule Mail be cutoff fromthe 
{congregation of Hiracl, whether he be 
afiranger,o2 bone inthe land. 

20 Peethall catenothing leauened: 
tall your habitations thall pe eate pre 
leanened bead, 

UI CLhen Doles cated foz alt the 
Eiders of Pirael, andfaid bnto then; 

\|Orkidde. | Davo outand take you a |llambe , ac: 

coding to pour families , and Bill the 

22 *Andye thal take abunch ofhy- 
fope, and dip iti the blood thatisin the 
bafon, and trike thetintel and the two 
fide poftes With the blood thatisinthe 
bafon sand none of you tall gocout at 
the donee of hishoufe, putitl che moz- 

23 Forte Lou wil pale through 
to {mite the Capptians :and when hee 
feeth the blood bpon the lintel ,andon 
the two fine-pottes , the Lox will 
pale ouerthe dooze, and will not fuffer 
the deftroyer to come i bute pour 
houlesto fmite you. 

24. And ye hail oblerue this thing 
foz an ordinance to thee , and to thy 
fonnes fo2 ener, 

2§ ind it fhall come to pafle when 
pee bee come to the land , which the 
LORD Willgiue pou, according ashe 
Hath peomiled, that ye thall keepe this 

26 *Andit hall come to patle, when 
pour chilozen Chall fay dito pou, vahat 

meaneypouby this feruicez 

27 Khatpe thal fay, Peis thelacri- 
fitcof the Loum S palleoucr, who 
patted ouer the houles of the chilneen 
of Hiracl in Egypt, when helmote the 
Coyptians, and deliuered ourhoules. 
Alnd the people bowed the head , and 

23 Audthechildeen of Hfrael went 
abay,and did asthe Loe hadconr 
manded Doles and Aaron, fo id they. 

29 @* And tt came to paffe that at 
mibnight the Loup tmoteall thefirtt 
bozne in the landof Egypt, *from the 
firit bozne of dhavaoh that fate on his 
throne, bnto the firit boene ofthecap- 
tiuethatwbas in thetdungeon, andall 
the firft bone ofcatteit, 

30 2nd Pharaoh role bp in the 
night, Heeandall his feruants, andaii 
the €ayptians ; and there Wasa great 
ctp in appt: for there Was nota houte, 
Wijerethere was notonedead, 

31 (Aud Hee called for Dofesand 
Aaron by night andiad, Rife bp, and 
oe ftom amonatt my peopic, 
both pou and the childzen of Hirai: 

bo goe, ferne the Lox d, aspehaue 


32 Alife take pour flockes and pour 
Heards, as pe Hane faid : andbee gone, 
and biefle meaifo, 

33. Andthe Egyptians were bagent 
bpon the people that thep might fend 
thet out of the tand tn hatte : fo2 they 
fatd we be all Dead men. 

34. And the people tooke ther dough 
befozett Was leauened, their kneading 
troughes beeing bound bp im their 
dothes bpon Meir Mhoulders, 

35 Andthe chldzen of irael vid ac- 
coeding to the Word of Doles:anathep 

bozrolben of the Egyptians *teweis of} «chap. 3. 

filucr,and ievbeis of gold,and raiment. |» 

36 AndtheL oud gaue the peopie|~ 
fauour in the fight of the Egyptians, fo 
that they tent bnto them fuch things 
as hep required : and they {porten the 

37 C And* the chitozen of Plraci 
tourneyed from Ramieles to Succoth, 
about fire hundzed thoufand on foote 
thatwere men, befide chulpzer, 

38 Mudat mired multitude went bp 
allo ith them, and flocks and heards, 
ener berp much cattell. 

39 Andthey baked dnleauenedcakes 
of the dough, which they bought forth 
out of Egypt; fo2 tt as noticanencd: 

: Chap. xij. -Firft-borne flaine. 

becaule they were theutt out of Egypt, 
andtould not tarry, neither had they 
prepared foz themfeiues any bictuall, 

40 @ Mow the foiourning of che 
childeen of Pirael, who dibeit in €- 
Oppt, was *foure Hundzed and thirtie 

41 Anditcameto pafle at theendof 
the foure hundeed and thirtie peeres, 
even the felfe fame day it came topaffe, 
that all the hoftsof the Loup went 
outirom the land of Egypt. 

42 Ht is atnight tobemuchovier- 
” {ued bnto the Lonz, forbsinging them 

out from the land of Egypt : Lhis is 

that night of the Lown to beodferued 
of all the childzen of Pivael, in eheir ge- 

43 € And the Lox fade bnto 
Moles and Aaron, his ts the ordi 
nanceof the Palleouer : there hall no 
franger cate thereof, 

44. Mut euerp mans feruant thatis 
bougit foz money, When thou hat cir: 
cumafea him, then thallhe eate thereof, 

45 Alforreiner,and an hired feruant 
fhalinot cate thereof. 

46 *Jn one houle thall ¢ ve eaten, 
thou that not cavie foorth ought of the 

- fleth abzoad out of the boule, *neither 
30. hall pe breake a bone thereof. 

47 Alilthe Congregation of Piraci 

i.| halt keepett. 

43 2nd when a ftranger thatl fo- 
tourne With thee, and will keepe the 
pPatleouer to the Loun, let all his 

[mates becivcunieted, and then let-Him 

CHINE Neere,and keepeit: and he thallbe 

as one that is bone inthe land: forno 

bretrcunicifed perion Mall cate thereof, 

49 Mne laws that be to him that is 
Home-bowe, and bnto the ttranger 
tHhatfotourneth among pou, 

50 Lhus did all the chiloeen of JL 
- |tacl: asthe LO v commanded Mo- 

{es and Aaron, fo ae. 

$1 Anditcame to pafle the {eife fame 
dap, Hat theL OB Dd did bring the dit: 

Deen of Piracl out of thelandof Egypt, 

by their armies. 

eer NIT. 
1 Thefirftborneare fandtified to God. 3. The 
memoriall of the Paffeouer is commanded, 
11 The firltlings of beafts are fet apart. 17 
Thelffaelites goe out of Egypt, Sach cary lo- 
pusbonss with them. 20 They come to 

acloud, anda pillarof fire. 

13.a&s 7.6 

The Pafleouermult Exodus. 

am. 2i Godguideth them by apillarof} |b 

ARAL Md the LOx v {ake bn: 
to Doles, faying, 
é ti ee oe a 
A\\S all the fick boene, whatio- 
az aN cuer openeth the wombe, 
among He childzen of Piracl , both of 
manand of beat: tis mine. 
3 CAnd Moles fain ynto the peo: 
ple, Remember this day, in which pee 
came out fron: Egypt, out of the 


houfe of t bondage: fo2 by Hrength of j r.6-.j0- 

hand the Loup brought youout from 
this places there fhall no leauened beead 
be nae se tnt 

4- 1S Dap came pee out, ¢ 
monetl Abid, 

5 CAnd tt halbe when the Lox 
thail bung theeinto the land of the Ca: 
naanites, andthe Hittites, and the A 
mozites,and the Hinites, and the Pebu- 
fites, hich he fware onto thy fathers 
to giue thee, aland flowing with mike 
andhony,thatthou that keepe this fer 
uice in this moneth, 

6 Seuen dapes thou thait eate yn: 
leauened beead, and inthe feuenth dap 
thallbe a feattto the LDR 2. 

7 Gnleauened bread that be eaten 
feuen dayes: and there (hall no leaue- 
ned bread bee feene With thee: neither 
thall there beleauen feene with theein 
al eee hate ; 

8 CAnd hou halt thew thy fonne 
inthat day, faping, Thisis een 
that which the Lowa did pnto imee, 
When ‘e came fo2th out of Eaypt. 

9 And tt fhall bee fo2 a figne pnto 
thee, bponthine hand; and fora memoz 
viall betibeene thine eyes, that the 
ORB la may be tn thy mouth: 
for with a frong Hande hath the 
LORD brought thee out of Egypt. 

Jo Lhouthait therforekeepe this 2: 
Dinanceinhis feafon from peereto pere, 

H CAnd tthalbe when the Louw 
thall bung thee into the land of the Ca: 
naanites as Hefware buto thee, and to 
thy fathers, and thall gineit thee: 

2 * hat thouthait tiet apart onto 
theLorn ali that openeth the matrix, 
and cuety firing that commeth of a 
beatt, which thouhatt, the mates hall 

3 And every fivttling of anatterhou 
thalt vedeeme with a || lambe: ann if 
thou wilt not redeeme tt , then thou 
thait nee his cae the firtt 

pane of man amon childzen 
halt thou redeeme. — 




29. and 34, 
26.nun. 3, 
luke 2.23. 


* Chap. 22 
29.and 34: 

+ Heb. canfe 
to paffe ontr. 

}os kad 

| ee fire. 

Saas = eee ee = 

SY SS ee Sw SS OT 


Y*Gone. 50. 



Oxy fine 
in aranke. 


14. CAnd tt thalbe when thy fonne 
afketh thee tin time to come, faping, 
nabat is this: thatthou (halt fap buto 
Hint; By ftrength of handtheL ox w 
bow eee from Egypt , fromtiye 


15 And it came to pate when pha- 
aol} Would Hardly ict bs goe, thatthe 
LORD lew ail the firlt bozne in the 
land of Egypt, both the firtt bone of 
man, and the fir boene of beat: Lhere- 
fore H facrifice to the LO xp all that 
opencth the matvir, being mates : but 
all the fir bogne of my childzen J re- 

16 Andit (hall be for a token bpon 
thine hand, and foz frontiets betwveene 
thine epes. Foz by ttrength of hand the 
LORD brought bs foorth out of €- 

ae CAndit came to pale when pha- 
raoh hadlet the people goc, that God 
led them not dough the way of the 
land of the obiltines, although that 
Was neete : Fo2 God fade, Delt per: 
aduenture the people repent when 
thep fee Warre, and they returne to €- 


18 But God ledde the peopleabout 
though the wap of the wilderneffe of 
the Wed-fea: and the chidzenof Piraci 
Went bp | harnefled out of the land of 

Io Aud. Doles tooke the bones of 

+ Poleph with him: foz hee had frattiy 

fiwome the chuldzen of Pieael, faying; 
* God Will furely vilite pou,and pe hail 
caty Dp mp bones albay hence With 
pou. } 
20 CAnd*they tooke thei tourney 
from Succoth , and encamped in €- 
tham, inthe edge of the weilderneffe, 

21 And* the LO x w iwent before 

; {them by day tn a pillar of a cloud, to 
‘tucor, | AD thent the Way, and by night ina 

pillar of fire, to gine them habe to gor 
by Day and night. 
22 He tooke not albap the pillar of 

| thecloud by day, *no2 the pillar of fire 

by night, om betoze the people, 

» God inftru@eth the Ifraelites in their iour- 

< heye 5. Pharaoh purfueth after them, 10 
The Iftaelites murmure. 13 Mofes com- 
forteththem. 15 God’inftru@eth Mofes. 
19 The cloud remoueth behinde the campe. 
a1 The Ifraelites pafle through the Red-fea, 
23 which drowneth the Egyptians. 

Pharaoh urfueth, 

Mdthe Louw take vane 
0 Poles fang, 

ep furtte and entanipe 

before "Pt Dabiroth,benbeene Bigdol 

and the lea, ouer againft Baal-sephon : 
befozett Mail ye encampe by thefea. 

3 Fo2r~baraoh will fay of the chit: 

Pleael, Tey are intangledin 

the land , the wildernefte hath thut 

therm in. 
arden pharaohs 

ob, andbp 
Coypptians may know th 
LORD, And they didi. 

5 CAndit was told the King of E- 

pthat the people fled: And the heart 
of Pharaol) and of his {eruants was 
turned again thepeople,andthey fain, 
moby haueweedonethis, that we haue 
let Hirael goc from ferung bsz 

6 And hee made ready hig tharet, 
And tooke his peopie with hint. 

7 And hee tooke fire hundzed cho- 
fen chavets, and all the chavets of €- 
Sypt, and captaines over eucrp one of 

3 And the Louw hardened the 
heart of Pharaoh wing of Egypt, and 
Hepurfued after the children of Hiract: 
and the chilozen of Hicael went out 

high bann. 

9 Wut the €aypptians purluenatter 

taob, and bis hoefemen, andhisarmy) 
and ouertooke them encamping by the 
ao Ot-Habiroth before Waa: 

lo (And When pharaoh drew nigh, 
the chtldzenof Piraci ut pp theivepes, 
and behold, the Capptians marched at: 
terthent,and they were fore afraid:and 
the chilozen of Jad lift Dp their eves, 
and beholde, the Egyptians niar ed 
after tient, 

IL And they faid onto Wofes , we: 
caute there Yere no graues tn Egypt, 
batt thou taken bs alvay to die i the 
Uildernefle  naherefore halt thou dealt 
tas With bs, to cary bs foorth out of 


i *Jsnot this the Wod that twee 
DID tell thee tn Egypt, fayin 
|lone,thatwentap i acs 

*Nurh. 33° 

themcall the hosles and chavets ofa: a 

Forithad bene better for ds to feruethe 
Egyptians, then that wee fhould diein 
the Wildernefie. fen 

B CAnd Boles faide bnto the peo- 
ple, Feare penot, Tand hl, and fee the 
faluation ofthe L © xm, which hewill 
{thew to pou to Dap : || forthe Egyptians 

Or, For 
whereas yon 
hans [eene 
the E; Zeypti= 
ansto day, 

thent againe no moze fo2 ever. 

14 LheLoOxw hhalifight fozyou, 
and pe {hall hold pour peace. 

IS C And the Lox fade bnto 
Moles, noherefore cviett thou buto mez 
Speake bnto the childzen of Plrael, 
‘that they goe fortbard. 

16 25ut lift thou bp thy rodde, and 
ftretch out thine hand ouer the Seca, 
and Divide it: and the chiloeen of Pirael 
hall goe on dep ground thozow the 
mids ofthe Sea, 

17 And J, behoide, F wil harden 
| the hearts of the Egyptians ,and they 
Chall follow them ; and J will get nee 

gotten mehonour bpon fopone: bp- 
jon bischarets, and bpon his hoelemen. 

Io. © Aud the Angel of God which 
Went before the campe of Piraet, remo: 
ued AND Went behind thent, and the pi: 
lavofthe cloud Went from before their 
fate,and food behinde them, 
320 Andttcame betibeene the campe 
ofthe Capptians, and the cantpe of JE 
fael, and it has acloud and darkenefle 
tothem, butit gauchaht by night tother: 
e a 7 Set not neere He other 

21. And Woles tretched out His 
hand ouer the Sea , and the Loxp 
caufen the Sea to got backeby aftrong 
Cak Winde all that night , and mane 
’ | the Dea Dey land,and the waters were 
» 22 And*the childzen of Piracl went 
into the midtt of the Sea bpon thendgp 
Ground, and the waters Were avail 
foe Ag ontheir righthand, andon 

ete lett, | 

23. & And the Egyptians purfued, 
and Wwentin after thent,to the midttof 

¢ Dea, eueh all Pharaohs horles, his 

aretsandhishoremen, ar 
‘2 24 And it came to pafle,that inthe 
| Morning watch the Louw looked br- 
to the hofte of the Egyptians, through 

10,1. hebr. 
11.29." ~ 

‘Thefeadiuided. . Exodus. Pharaohdrowned. 

Whom pehaueleence to day, pe (hallf{ee| |ans 

the pillar of fire, and of the donde, and 
troubled the holte of the Egyptians, 
25 ind tooke off their charet 
Wwheeles, that they deaucthem beauty: 
So that the Egyptians fad Let ds fiee 
from the face of “Hfcael: forthe Louw 
fighteth fo2z them, againt the €apptt- 

26 (And the LOxD {aide dnito 
Boles, Stretch out thine hand ouer 
the Sea, thatthe waters may come a- 
gaine bpon the Egyptians, dpon ther 
charets, and bpon their hoglemen. 

27 And GP 

fea, and the Waters were & Wall Hnto 
oan on their righthand, and on their 

30 Lhus the L on w laued Hiraci 
that day out of the hand of the Eqyptt- 
ans: and Pirael fave the Capptians 
Dead bpon the fea Tho2e, 

31 And Plrael larb that qreat twozkre | t ret. 
Which the 1 Ox wD did bpon the Egyp- |" 
tans: ethepeoptefearedthe L oxw, 
and beleened the LO xw, and his fer- 
uant Pofes, TES 


1 Mofesfong, 22. The people want water, 23 
The waters at Marah are bitter,. 25 A tree 
fweetneth them..27. AtElim aretwelue wels, 
and feuentie palme trees. ; 

 Henrfang * Polesann the 


WN chide of Hirael this 

fog bute the LOR», 

Qi KE) AMdipate, faping, J wii 

See Ss lita DutotheL Dew: fo? 
hebhath triun Hed glorioutly, the Hooke 
enue Tider. Hath he theowen into the 

2 CheL on vis my trenath and 
fong.andbeisbecome mp falvanan te 
ismyp God, and Pwill prepare piman 
ne mpfathers God; and epinit 
3 Lhe LOR visaman of barre: 
the ZL Ox wis his Name. 

fraelsfongof = Chapxvixyj. thankelgiuing. 
raohs charets andbishotte| | io Forthehodle of pharaoh wencin 

hath seaman toetea. his choleticap-| | with his chavets and Iith his hozte- 
taines allo aredzotbnedin the red Sea.| | meit mto the fea ; and the Z Ou’ 

5 Lhe depths hance coucred thent:| | brought againe the Waters of the Sea 
thepfankcinto thebotomeasattone. | |bponthent: But the chioenof Heaci 

6 Chprighthand, D 2 oxy, is} | Wentoh dze land inthemids of te fea. 
become glozious in power, thy right} | 20 @ And Wiriani the peopicteite 
hand, D LORD, hathdathed mn pie-| | the fitter of Aaron, tooke atimbecll in 
ces the enremie. Her hand, and all the wonten Went out 

7 Andin the greatnetle of thine er-| | after her , wit tunbrels € with dances, 
cetlencie thou batt ouerthzowen them,| | 21 And Biriam anfwered then, 
that role bp againt thee: thou fentett| | Sing yeto the On, for be hath tri: 
forth thy Wzath), which confumed them} | umphed gloziotifly :the Hole and his 
asfttubbie. rider hath be thzolven into the fea, 

3 Andi with the lat of thy noftriis| | 22 00 estrought Hieaci from 
the waters Were gathered together :| | the redfea, and they Went out ney the 
the floods {food bpright as an heape,| | Wilderneffe of Dhur + and they went 
and the depths Were congealed in the| |theee dayes in the Wiidernefle, and 
heart of the Sca. found no water. ti 

9 Khe enenite faid, Pri purfue,| | 23 C€ And when they came to Wa: 
FH Wil ouertake,P wil inidethe {porte:| | raly,they could not Duinke ofthe Waters 
my luk hail be fated bpon then: of Darah, fo2rthey were bitter : there: 
Iii Death mp frvozd, mine hand thati| |foze the namie of tt was calied | Bara), |) thats, 
|[Deftroy them. 24. And he people murmured a2]: 

lo Dhou didkt biow with thy winnd,| | gaintt Wokes, fapuig , what fall wee 
the leaconered them, thepfankeasicad| | dainke- oe 
tthe mighty waters, 25 Ande cried nto the LOE: 

He Whoisitke bnto thee DL o xp, and the L Dew thewed hin a * tree, 
amongt the | gods z Who is itke thee,| |Which when hee had caft into the waz 
glorious tt Holineffe, fearefull in peai-| |ters, the Waters Were made fiweete ¢ 
{es, Doing Wonders! therehemade attatute ¢ an ovdinance, 

Iz Hhou firetcheatt aut thy right andthere hepoued them, 
Hand, the earth fwwatlowed then. 26 And aid, HE thou wat oitigentiy 

B Lhouinthy mercic hatt ied forth} |hearken to theboiceof the ox mthy 
oe people hich de Hatt redeemed :| | God, and wilt doe that Which is right 

ou Hatt gquined them in thy ftrength| |in bis fiaht, and wit Give eae to iis 

buito thy holy habitation. Commandements, and Beep all bis 

14. *Lhepeople Mhall heare, and bea Statutes, H Will put none of thele ni€ 
 |fratd: fozrorh thal take horn on their cates bpon thee, which F hance bought 

habitants of aleftina, bpon the €gpptians : for J am the} 

15 Lhen thedukes of Edom hhalbe| |\Loxrw thathealeth thee, 
amated : the mighty men of Poad C* And they came to Ettm:| «Num. 33. 
trembling hall take hold bpon thens:| | where weretihelue Wels of Water, and|9 
alltbeinbabieants of Canaan thal mett thzeeftore and ten palme trees,and thep 

encamped thereby the waters. 
16 * Feareand dzead (hail fall bpon 

them, by the gveatneffe of thine arme Ne 

thep thall be as fhill as a ftone, tit thy ee ae 

people ee ouct, D Loup, till the Bie ee of bread i God oiainife 
people pale ouer Which thou Hatt pur: rr 

es ape Hou halt p 

them bread from heauen. 11 Quailes are 

17 Chou thait being them in, and fent, 14 and Manna. 16 The ordering of 
plant them in the mountatne of thine) | Siapna. 25 Te was not Se 
: eritance , in the place, D Lox, abbath. 32 An Omer of it is preferued. 
which thou Hatt made fo2 thee to piweli| |¢ Ind thep tooke their tour: 
tt, nthe Sanctuary, D (e3. ney from Eltm,andail the 
thy hands haue eftablith / Congregation of the chi 

3 LheL Onw thalreigqne fozener| |S A) Deen of FPirael came puto 
and cuer, the wWildernefle of Sin, 


Exodus. Quailes. Manna, 

Ts egees 

Which isbetweene Clim and Sinat, on 
the fifteenth nay of the fecond monet 
after thew departing out of the land of 

shee the whole Congregation of 
the childeen of Hfracl murmured a 
gaint Doles and Aaron inthe wilder: 


3 And the childen of Piraci {aide 
bnto them, Would to God wee had 
Died by the hand of the Lo xy inthe 
land of Egypt, When wee fate by.the 
fleth pots, and When We did eate beead 
to the full: fozpehaue brought bs forth 
into this Wulderneffe, to kill this whole 
affembly with hunger. 

| 4. GLhben fad theL ox w bnto 
Boles, Wehold, F will raine bread 
front heauen for pou : and the people 
hail goc out, and gather ta certaine 
Late cuery day that FH may prone then, 
Whether thep Will Walke in my Law, 

5 Audit hall come to palle,thaton 
the fict dap, thep hall prepare that 
Which hey bing tr,and it Mhall be twice 
as much as they gather daylyp. 

6 And Dolesand Aaron {ato buito 
alithe children of Blraci, At euen,chen 
ye (hail know that the Lox hath 
bought pou out from the land of €- 

7 Andin the mozming then pe fhail 
fee the glozp of the o xD, fo2 thathe 
Heareth pour murmurings again the 
LORD: And what are whee, that pee 
murmure agains: 

3 And Doles faid, This thalbe hen 
HheLouw thal gine pou in the evening 
fleth to cate, and in the mozning bead 
to the full: foz that the L On Hea 
veth pour murmurings which pe mur: 
mnuive again Hint; and What are wee z 
pour murmurings are notagaintt bs, 
butagaink tihcL o xe, 

9 CAnd Molesipake bnto Aaron, 
Say bnto all the Congregation of the 
childzen of Hirael, Come neere before 
thei 9 2B: foz hee hath heard pour 

lo 2nd it came to pafle as Aaron 
fpake buto the Whole Congregation of 

| thechildeenof Piraet, that they looked 

tolbard the wildernefie,and behold;the 
* Chap. 13. glory of the L On wD “appeared nthe 
21. Bude. 

U Cd the Louw fake bnto 
Motes, faying, es 
2 Y haue heard the murmurings 

| Hebr. the 
portion of a 
day in his 


of the chilozen of Plract: Speake bnto 
then, faping, At even pe hall eat fleth, 
andinthe mozming pe thatbe filled with 
bead: and pe thal know that Ham the). 
LORY yout Good, 

B. Aud itcame to pafle, that ateuen 
*the Duatles came bp,and couered the | *Numb.r: 
campe: and inthemoznng thedew lay) * 
round about the hofte. 

14. And When *the devve hat lap 
Was gone bp, behold, bpon the face of 
the Wwildernefle there lay afinall round 
thing, a fnallas the hoave frott on the 

15, And when the chiloeen of BPlraet 
favb tt, HOS one to another, |Ptis 
Manna : fo2 they wilt not what tf was, 
Aind Doles fad bnto them, *Lhisis 
the bead which the Loup hath gv 
ven pou to cate, 

16 € Lhis is He thing which che 
LORD hath commanded: gather of 
if cuerp man according to His eating: 
an Dmier tfo2 every man, according to ae 
thenumiber of pour tperfons, take pee role tat 
fey man fo2 them wWwhiclare tm hig igi 

17 -Andthe childzen of oe DID fo, 
and gathered fome moze, fomeleffe, 

18 And when they did mete ic with 
au Diner, * he that gathered much,Pad} * 
nothing ouer, and he that gathered) +s: 
liti¢, Had no lacke : they gathered euerp 
Man according to His eating, 

I9 And Doles fade, Let no man 
leauc of t¢ tilithemoznng, 

20 Motibithftanding they hearke- 
nednot bute Boles, but fomeof them 
left of it Dnt the moaning, and it been 
Worwmes, and lanke : and Doles was 
Wwroth with hem. ' 

21 Aud they gathered tt euery moz- 
NING, clery Man according to His ea- 
fig: and When the Sunne waren hot, 

22 C And tt came to pale that on 
the firt day they gathered twice ag 
SEN ALES ne wee fo2 one man: 
and all the rulers of the Congregation 
caine oe abe aa th pile 

23 Andhe {aid bnto them, Lhisig 
that whihtheLoxw atyian, Lo 
mozrold is the velt of the holy Sabbath 
buito the Louw: bake that which pou 
Will bake, to Day, andfeethe that pe will 
feethe, and that hich remameth ouer, 




fOr,whar x 
this? oritis 
4 portion. 

*Toh. 6 31. 
1.Cor.10 3 

iy bp foz pouto be kept buat the moz- 
24. And hep laid tt Op til the mox- 

Se = 

2 ye SS 

SS ce 


SSS |, 





* Co alandinhabited : they aideate Dan: 

ning, as Doles bade : and tt did not 
ftinke, neither was there any Woeme 

25 And Doles faide, Cate that to 
day, for to Day is a Sabbath dnto the 
ale aR; Co Day pee (hall not findeitin 

¢ field, 
ee Sire dapes pe hall gather it, but 
onthe fencnth day whichisthe Sabbath, 
inittherefhall benone. 

27 C2ind it came to pafle,that there 
Went out fome of the people on the fe 
uenth day foz to gather, and thep found 

23 And the Lo x w {aid nto Wo- 
fes, How long refule pee to keepe my 
Commandements, andmy Lawes? 

29 Sec, fo2 that the L ox w hath 
giuen pou the Sabbath , therefore hee 
giueth pou on the firt day the bead of 
tio Dayes ; abide pee euery man in his 
place letno man goc out of his place on 
thefeuenth day, 

30 0 the people vetted on the fe: 
uenth da 

31 And thehoule of Piracl catied the 
name thereof Danna : and it was itke 
Couander feed, white: and the tatte of 
itwaslike Waters made with hony. 

32, C And Moles faid, Lhis is the 
thing which the Louw commandeth: 
Fillan Diner of it to bee kept for pour 
Generations , that thep may fee the 
beead Wheretbith J hauc fed pou inthe 


33 And Moles fayd bnto Aaron, 
Lakeapot, and put an Omer furli of 
Banna therein, and lay it bp before the 
ae to be kept foz pour generati- 

34. As he Lm x wm commannnded 
Doles, fo Aaron lapd it bp vefore the 
Leltimonte, to be kept, 

Chap.xvij. Mu rmuring, 

ng §2D all the Congregation 
of the chilozen of Hiraei 

tourneped from the Wit 

dernefle of Sin after their 

SS ras (urneps, according to the 

oniniandenent of the LO nD, and 
pitched in Rephidim : and there was tig 
Water foz the people to duinke. 

2 xaberefore * the people did cide] «Nom. 2. 
With Boles and fad, Giue vs water 
that wee may danke. And Moles fad 
buito them, naby chide pou With niecz 
vaherefore doc pe temptibe Lo x? 

3 ANd the people thirtten there fox 
Water, and the peopie murniven acl 
gain Poles , and fad, vaverefore ts 
this that thou hat beoughe bs bp out 
of Cgypt, to kill bs and our childecn, 
and our cattell with thir: 

4. And Doles cried dnto ticLoun, 
laying, uabat thall J oe buts this peo- 
plez they bealmoft ready to ftone nie, 

5 Aud the LOD fad onto Wa- 
{es, Gocon before the people, and take 
With thee of the Civers of Plraci: and 
thy rod wherewith * thou fmotett fije|*Chap.7. 
tiner, take in thine hand,and goe, ee 

6 * Bebo, J Will land before thee | * Num. 20. 
there , bpon the vocke in Bored, and ae 
thou thait finite the rocke, and there| juice, 
hall come Water out ofit, that the pene | 4-1-coz.10. 
plemay duke, And Moles a fa, in 
thelightof the Elders of Hiract, 

7 And Hee called the name of the 
place | Dallah, and | Deridaty, vecaute| i Thais, 
of the chinmng ofthe chilnzen of Hiract, he 
and becaule thep tempted the Lo xp, Chiding: o, 
laying , Js the Ll On w amongit bs, 2% 
or not. 

8 &* Then came Amalek,e fought Ranier 
With Eg tnRepindim. jeans 

9 And Doles faid bnto *Fothua,| * cated tc 
Choole bs outmen, and goeout, fight | 49-7. 




35 And the children of Piraci id eat 
anna fortie peeres, *ritill they came 

na, dntill thep came bnto the borders of 
the land of Canaan, 

36 Mow an Dinevisthe tenth part 
of an Ephah. 


1 The people murmure for water at Rephidim. 
5 God fendeth him for water to the rocke in 
Horeb. 8 Amalekisouercome by thehol- 
ding vp of Mofes hands. 15 Mofes buil- 
deth the Altar IEHOVAH Nifsi. 

With Amalek sto mowow F will tana] * 
onthe top of thebill, with the rodde of 
Godin mine hand, 

lo So Fothua vidas Woles had 
fatd to Hint, and fought with Amaiek : 
and Doles, Aaron, and dur went yp 
to the top of the hill, 

IL And tt came to pafle when Doles 
Held bp his hand, that Picact preuar- 
led : and Wher he let Downe his hann, 
Amalek prenatied, 

Iz But Doles hands were Heante, 
and they tookea fone, and put it buder 
hint, and be fate thereon: and Aaron 
and Hur flayed bp hishands, the one 
ott the one fide, ~— theotheron oF Oe 

5 3 ther 

. | the hand of 

Moles his fonnes. 
ther fide, and his handes were. fteady 
ne the going noiwne ofthe Dunne, 
_ B 2nd t 
Ick, and His people, with the edge ofthe 
fugd. : 

14. AudtheL_O #D fad nto Wo- 

fes , noite this for a memoziall in al | 

booke, and rebearie tt tn the eaves of 
| Nem24:| Hothua:to2"B will btterip put out the 
toa [eemembance of Ainaiek from bnder 

VOriecane| Called the nameot t|JEHDUAY 


qin: | 1 Forhetatd, | Becaule theLouw 
throne of che | WAY Traoete that the LORD will haue 
Pose, ther-| Warre With Amatek from generation 
Hebr.The \tQ generation, 
thelard. \+* Yethto bringeth to Modes his wife and 

two fonnes. 7 Mofes entertaineth him, 
27 Tes 

143. Tethros counfell is accepted. 
thro departeth. 

SCAU poy Det Hethro the prtelt of 

p Didian , Doles tather tn 
) lath, heardofalithat God 
efaVin Viva 1) done foz Dokes, and 
(Weta cex for Piracl hispeople, and 
that the L on D had brought Pract 
2 HAhen Fetheo Moles father in 
laly tooke Zippozah Doles tite, after 
Hehad lenther backe, 
3. Andher tio fonnes, of which the 
*Chap.2. |* namie ofthe one was|| Gerfhom : fozhe 
ay fad ,F haue bene anatien tn aftrange 
A firanger aD, 
there. 4 And thename ofthe other was ||eé- 
liezer : fo2 the God of my father, {aid he, 
was mineHelpe, and delineted me from 
the fivozd of Pharaoh, 

5 And Sethe Woles father trtaw 

came with hisfonnes and his wifedu- 
to Doles into the wildernes, where he 
encamped at the mount of Good, 
6 And he faid buto Moles, B thy 
father i lato Hetheo am come onto 
thee, and thy wife, and her two fonnes 


7 (And Doles went out to meete 
bis father in lat, and did obepfance, 
andkiflen him: and they afked each o- 

tHeb-peace. | Ther of ther t Welfare, and they came in 
to thetent, 

3 And Doles told his father nia, 
all that the Lox w had done bnto 
pharaoh, and to the Capptians for PE 
taelg fake, and all the tranatte thathan 

i| Thatis, 
my God isan 


Pothua difcomfted Ame] | 

15 And Woles Altar, and) 

lethros counfell to 

Teome bpan them by the Way, anDhow | | Hef 
the Lh 9 ww delivered them, 

9 And PHetheo retopced fo2 all the 
goonneile hich the Louw had done 
to Piracl: Whom he had delivered out 
of the hand ofthe Egyptians. 

lo And PFetheo laid, Wiellen be the 

LORD, Who hath deliuered pou out 
of thehand of the Cayptians and out 
of hehand of Pharaoh, who hath delt- 
ered the people from bnder the hand 
ofthe Egyptians. 
“Tt Mow Fknow that the Loxnw 
18 greater then all gods : * foz in the 
ithing wherein they dealt proudly, hee 
was aboue thent. 

2 And Fetheo, Wotes father m 
lath, tooke a burnt offering and facri-: 
ifices for God: and Aaron cane, aud all 
ithe Elders of Piract, to cathzead with 
Doles father wiat before God. 

3 CAndit came to pale onthemor 
rot, that Moles fate to tudgethe peo: 
iple : and the people food bp Doles, 
fromthe mowing buto the euening, 

14. And when Moles father in iar 
fath all that he Did to the people, hela, 
nabat is this thing that thou doef to 
the people naby fittelt hou thy feifea- 
lone, and all the people ftand by thee 
from mozning bnto euenz 

15 2nd Boles {aid onto his father 

and 5.7. 
and 14.18, 

iiiawh , Becaufe the people comebnto 

me to enquiveof God. 

16 Vahen they hauc a matter , hep 
comebnto mee, and Fiudge betwveene 
Tone and atiother, and J doe make|t xr. 
them knot the ftatutes of God and his |~7 4 
Barbes. i 

17 And Doles father in law fade 
bnto him, Lhe thing that thou doef, 
18 not good. 

18 THhou wilt {urelp weare away, 
both thou, and this people thatis with 
thee : fo2 this thing is too Heauy fo2 
thee; *thou art notable to perfozme it | Deutirs. 
thy felfe alone. 

Io Hearken now buto my boyee, J 
Will giue thee countell, and God halt 
port ae thoufoz ee to 

odward, ou ma zing the 
caules bnto God: : a 

20 Andthou halt teach them ozdt- 
nances and lalbes,and thalt her them 
the way therein they mutt wake, and 
the Worke that they mutt doe, 

21 Mozeouer thou fhait prowide out 
ofall the peopleable men, fuch as feare 

} Hebr.Fa- 
ding thon 
wilt fade. 

God, men of tructh, hating couctoul 

ee ie aie. 



lofes,obeyed. The Chap xis. 

#25 = 

Ss SiS S53 SS Ssese” 22 FS. 

i *ARS 7.38 

| “Deut, 29. 

peoples promile. 

nefie, and place fuch oner them, to bee 
rulers of thoufands , and rulers of 
hundzeds, rulers of fiftics ,and rulers 
oftennes. ; 

22 And let thenrindge the peopteat 
all feafous: and tt Mall bee that cucrp 
great matter they Mall bang bute thee, 
buteneryimall matter thep Mal udge: 
fo (hallit be cafier fo2 thy felfe, and they 
hall beave the burden With thee. 

23° $f sy ta np ee 
God command theefo, then thou that 
beeabie to endure, and all this peopie 
fhattatlo gocto their place i peace. 

24 So Moles hearkencd to the 
botte of his father in law, and Didall 


on Moles hole able men out of 
al PHieael, andimade them heads ouer 
the peopte, rulers of thoufands, rulers 
of hundreds, rulers of fifties , and ru- 
at och a judged thepeopleatalt 

26 Andthey dg peopie 
feafons: the hard caufles they brought 
bute Doles, but enery {mall matter 
they tudgen themfelues. 

27 © And Poles iet his father in 
lal depart, andhe went His Way into 

1H oYoneland. 


1 Thepeoplecometo Sinai. 3 Godsmeflage 
by Mofes ynto the people out of themount. 
8 The peoples anfwere returned againe. 
10 ‘The people are prepared againft the third 
day. 12 The mountaine mult not be tou- 
ched. 16 The fearefull prefence of God 
vpon the Mount. 

eM the chitteen of Ffiract 

Were goneforth out of the 

4 land of Egypt, the fame 

PS Day came they ito the 
of Sinai, 

2 Fozrthey were departed fromRe- 
phidim, andere come to the defert of 
Dinat, and had pitched tn the wader: 
nefle, and there Piraci camped before 

3 And* Moles went bp buto God: 
aMdtheL Ox wealled onto him out of 
the mountaine, faying, hus thait 
thou fay to the Houle of Pacod, and teil 
Hhechildeen of Plrael: 

4 *Pehaucleene what J did bnto 
the Capptians,and how F bareyouon 
Cagles Wings, and brought pou onto 
my feife, 

5 srow* therfozeif pe will obey nip 
boice tndced, and keepe mp couenant, 
then ype thal bea peculiar treature bnto 
me xboue all people: for *all the earth 
is mite. 

6 Atndye thall be bnto mie a* hing: 
dome of yo2tefes,, andan Holy nation, 
Chelle are the Wordes which thou Mart 
fpeake bute the chilnren of Hicael. 

7 (And Doles cane and catted for 

the Ciders of the propie, and iapd be-| 

fore their faces all tiiete woes Which 
theL Ox w commandedbin, 

3 And* all the people anhueren to- 
gether, andlaid, Ailthat the “Zoxw 
Hath {poken, We illdoe. And Wotes 
returned the Wozrdes of the people puto 
theL Dx. 

9 And the LO xD laid bnto Wo- 
fes, Loe, J come bnto thee ina thicke 
cloud, that the peoplemap heare pen 
P lpeake With thee,and beleeue thee for 
ever 3 And Doles told the wordes of 
the people bntotheLh oxp. 

lo ( And the LOn@ aide nto 
Doles, Goe buto the people, and fan- 
chifie them to Day arid to mozrow ,and 
let them wath their clothes, 

WH 2nd be veadyp againt the rhirde 
Day : foz the third day the L O nw will 
come Done int the light of all the peo- 
ple, bpon mount Sinat, 

2 And thou thait fet bounds buto 
thepeopte round about, faying, Lake 
heedte pour felues, thatye gocnot bp 
into the ntount,o2 touch the bozder of tt: 

/*Wwbholoeuer toucheth the mount, that 

befurely putto death. 

3 Lhere hall not a hand touch it, 
buthe fhall fuvelp be toned o2 thot tho- 
row, Whether tt be beak, o2 man, tt Mail 
not ltue: when the || trumpet foundeth 
long, they fhatl come bp tothe mount, 

14. CAnd Doles went done from 
themount bnto the peopte, andflancti: 
fied the people; aud they halhed their 


15 Andheelad buto the people, Ge 
veadpagainkthe third dap: come notat 
pour ibiues, 

16 (Andit cameto pafleonthe third 
day in the mowing , that there Were 
thunders and lightnings , anda thicke 
cloud bpon the mount, and the boyce 
of the trumpet exceeding lod, fo 
that alt the people that Yas in the 

17 And Moles brought foorth the 
people out ofthe cainpe to mecte With 





3,7 -deut. 5. 
27.& 26. 


j Or, Cornet 


hetenne Exodus. Commandements | 

God, and food atthenetherpart| | water bnder the earth. 
acne . 5 Zhou thait not bow vowne thy 

18 Ad “mount Sinat was altoge-| | {eiteto them,nozferue them: ForF the 
Heron a finoke, becaule the Louw) | ox w thy Godama tealous Gan, be 
Deftended dponitin five :andthefinoke| | {iting the wniquitic of the fathers bpon 
thereof alcended as the finokeofafur-| | thechidzen, bnto the thirdeand fourth 
nace, and the whole mount quaten| | generation ofthemthathate me: 
Greatly. 6 And thewing mercy onto thew 

Ig Andibhentheboyce of the trun) | {ands of themthat iouemee, andkeepe 
pet founded long, and wared iowner| | my Commandements, 
andlowder, Dolestpake,andGodan-| | 7 *Lhou fhait not take the Mame 
fivered him by a boyce. of the IL On wD thy God in baine : fo2 

20 And He LOUD tame done] | the ox w will not olde him gue 
bpon mount Sinat, on the top of the| | lefle, that taketh his Mametu vane, 
moune: andtheL O ww called Dofes| | 3 Remember the Sabbath day, to 
vp tothe top of the mount,andQofes| jkeepe it Holy, 

Went bp. _9 * Sire dapes thalt thou labour, 

21 And the L Ov w laid bnto Do-| | anddocail thy wore: 
fes,Goedotne,t charac thepeopie, lett| | lo ut the feuenth nay is the Sav: 
they beeake thozow bnto the LZ oxw| | bathof theL ox @ thy God: iniethou 
fo gase,andinany ofthem perith, thait not doc any Wozke, thou, no2 thy 

22 Aind let he Prieltes allo whieh | | fonne, noz thy daughter, thy man fer- 
come Neere to the Louw, fanctifie| | want, noe thy mayd feruant, no? thy 
themfeines , tet the L Ox @ beeake| | cattell, noz thy firanger that istoithin 
foo2th bpon them. thy gates: 

23 And Doles {aid bnto theLoxuw, 
The people cannot come bp to mount 
Dinai: fo2 thou chargedtt bs, faying, 
ae bounds about the mount, and fan: 

fie tt. 

24. AndtheL OnD faid dnto him, 
alway, get theedoiwne,and thou thait 
come bp, thou, and Aaron with thee: 
outlet not the pzieltes and the peopie 
breake though, to come bp bnito the 
LORD, lett hee breake foozth bpon 


25 So Moles went downebnto the 
peopie,and fpake bnto them. 


Theten Commandements. 18 The people 
are afraid. 20 Mofes comforteth them, 
22 Idolatrie isforbidden. 24 Ofwhatfort 
the Altar fhould be. 

fe Md God {pake alt thele 
Words laying, 
oe 2 *FamtheLouw 
thy God, which haue 
ome ought thee out of the 
ino ot Caypt,out ofthe houfle oft bon: 

3 Ahou Mhait hauc no other Gong 
before nic. 

any gtauen Fmage ,o2 any likenefle of 
any thing thatis inheauen aboue,oz that 
isin the earth beneath, o2thatis inthe 

*Leuit. 19, 
12, deur. 5. 
II. matt.s. 

Heb. con~ 

Ir Foz * ih fire yapes the Loxw 
made heauen andearth, helea, andail 
thatin themis, and retted the feuenth 
day: Whereforetie L ow bieflen the 
Sabbath day,and Halowed tt. 

12 (* Honour thy father and thy 
mother : thatthy dayes may bee long 
bpon theland ,whihthe Lore thy 
God giveth thee. 

B *Lhou thaltnotkt, 

14. hou Hhatt notcommitaouitery, i 

15 Lhou thalt not fteate, 

16 Lhou fhaltnot beare fallewitnes 
againt thy neighbour. 
17 *Zou (halt not couet thy neigh 

noz His maid feruant , nozhis ore,no2 
pe ee any thing thatis thy neigh: 

13 © And * all the peopte faw the 
thundzngs, and the lightnings , and 
the noile of the trumpet, andthe moun: 
taine fmoking : and when the people 
fal it , Hep temooued, and ftood a 

I9 And they faide bnto Dotes, 
* Speake thou With bs, and wee will 
Heate : But let not God fpeake with 
vs let the die; 

“Deut.s.6. ‘ 
pfal.81. 10. } 

| Helr.fer- 


*Leuit, 26. 

: foz God is cometo peooue 
YOU , And that his fearemay bee before 
pout faces, that pe finnenot, 

FF 2 

"S28 FF: 



er ae 

BSsreis 2 

21 And the people ttood afarre off, 
and Doles deed neere dnito the thicke 
Darkenes, Where God was. 

22 CAnd the Loup lard bnto Da: 
fes, Lhus thou thait fay dnto the chi 
deerrof Plract, Pee haune feene that 
haue talked with you from heauci, 

23 Bethall not make with me gods 
offiluer,neither thall pe make bnto pou 
gods of gold. 

24. € An Altar of earth thou that 
make buto me,and thait facrifice there: 
onthy burnt offerings, and thy peace 
offerings, thy fheepe, and thine oxen: 
Ju all places Where J vecozd my 
ame, F Will come bnto thee, and FJ 

25 2nd * if thou Wilt make mee an 
Alitar of fone, thou thait not thurid it 

| friebrdmia| OF HeYven tone : for tf thou lift bp thy 

toole bponit,thouhatt polluted ie. 

26 speither thalt thou goe bp bp 
eps bnto nine Altar, that thy naked: 
neffe be notdiftoucred thereon. 


1 Lawes formenferuants. 5 For the feruant 
whofe eare is boared. 7 For women fer- 
uants. 12 Formanflaughter. 16 Forftea- 
lersofmen, 17 Forcurfers of parents. 18 
For finitets, 22 Fora hurt bychance. 28 
Foranoxethatgoareth. 33 Forhimthatis 

x]. and ordinances. 

te bea maypd feruant, thee hall not goe 
outas the mienferuants doc, 

8 Pitheipteate not her niakter who | tr7b+. 6c 

hath betrothed her to himleife , then 
hall helet her be redeemed: Lo fell her 
buito a frange nation hee fhall haueno 
pober, feeing he hath dealt deceithully 
With her. 

- 9 Aud fhe haue betrothed her bre 
to his fonne, he thall deate with her ak: 
tev themaner of daughters. 

lo HE he take him another wife, her 
food Her vayment,and Her ducty of ma 
riage hall he nor diminith, 

I Andithedoe not thele thee yuto 
bs eta thatt the goc out free without 
mo > 

I C*He that initeth aman, fo that 
He die, (halbefurely put to death. as 

3 Andifamanipe not i wait , but 
God deliver him into his hand, then* ZF 
hee thee a place whither hee 


14. But if a man come prefumpeu- 
oufly bpon His neighbour to flay him 
With guile , thou that take him from 
mine Altar, thathe may die. of 

15 (Aud he hat initeth his father, 
a His mother , thall bee furely put to 

16 CAndhethat teatetha man,and 
felleth bim,o2 ifhebe foundinbishano, 
he hall {urely be put to death. 

an occafion of harme. 

Ow thele ave the Judge- 
ments which thou thalt 
fet befozethem. 

2 *FHfthoubuy anbe- 

* Leuie, 20. 
9-prou. 20, 


17 CAnd*hee that | curleth his fe 
od pet clairte nese fuvetp bee put 

18 CAndifmen friuctogether,and jOnvenin 
one finite || another with a fone ; 02| 124; 




== sf S= 

| wd brew feruant , fire peeres 
hehailferuc,and inthefeuenth he (hail 
gocoutfree fo2 nothing. 

3 PHihecame tnt op himletfe,he that 
gocout by himfeife: ifhe were married, 
then his wife hati gor out with him. 

4 He his matter haue giuen him a 
Witt, andthehaue bone him fonnes 02 
Daughters ; the wife and her chidzen 
mea matters,and he thall go out 

5 _Aindif the feruant thal plainelp 

y,# louemyp matter, my wife,and mp 
childzen ,F will not goe out free: 

6 Hhenhis matter hall bring him 
bnto the Pudges, hee Mail allo being 
Himto the doo2e,o2 bnto the doze pott, 
and His matter thal boare his eare 
though With anaule,and he hailferue 
Him fo2 ever, 

7 CAndifaman fell his daughter 

23 And 
a ee 

With his hilt,and he dienot, but keepeth 

I9 HE Veerile againe, and watke a: 
beoad bpon his flaffe, then thall hee 
thatimote him,be quit : onely be thatl 
pay fort the lofle of his time, and thail 
caute him to be theoughlp heated, f 

20 (TAnodifaman {nute his feruant, 
orhis mapd, With arod,and hee die biz 
aa as hand, hee thall bee furelp tpw 


21 SPOtibith{tanding , Fhe continue 
adap o2 tbo, hee thalinot bepuntihen, 
fozbeis his money. 

22 CFE men firine, and hurta wo: 

man With child, fo that her frutt depart 
fronther, and petno mifchiete foiiow, 
he Hhalbe furelp punithed, accordingas 
the Womans Hufband will lay bpon 
him, and hee hall papas the Judges 

determine. i 

Diuers lawes, 

*Leuit. 24. 

23 Arid if any milchtefe follow, then 
thou thatt giuctife fo2 iifc, 

24. "Eye fozepe,tooth for tooth, hand 

25 Wurning fo2 burning, wound fo 
Wound, firipe fo2 ftripe. 

26 CAndif'a man {mite the eye of 
bisferuant , ortheepe ofhts mayo, that 
itpertth , Dee Thal let hin goe free for 

27 And tt he finite out his manter- 
uants tooth) , 02 bis mayde feruants 
tooth), Hee thal let hint goe free foe hes 
tootis fake. 

28 CPHfanore gorcaman, orarvo- 
mat, Mat they die, then* the ore thal be 

‘fuvelp toned , and bis fleth thatinot be 

pee > butthe olbner of the ore fhatide 

29 Wutifthe ore Were wont to puth 
With his hosnein tinepatt, andichath 

- | benetefiifien to his ovoner., and he hath 

not kept huni, but that he hath kuten 
Amano2a Woman; theore fhail be fto- 
Ned, and His owner atlo thall ber putto 


30 Hhere be lapedonhinrafunme 
ofmonep then he fhall gine for the ran- 
pie ofbis life, whatloeuer istayd bp- 

31 nabhether hee haue goed afonne, 
or Haue go2eda daughter, according to 
Chis tudgement (hail it bee Done Dnto 


32 HE the ore Hall pulh a man fer- 
uant, 02 Amaypdferuant, Hee fall otue 
Onto ther matter thirty thebels , and 
the ore thaibe ftoned. 

33 CAndifa man thal open a pit.oz 

- lifanian hall digge aptt, and not coner 

if, AnD an oreo2 anafie fall therein: 

34. Lhe olbner of the pit hall make 
itQood,and giuemonep bnto the ovoner 
of them,andthe dead beat thalbe his, 

35 @ And tf one mans oreburtan: 
others, that he die, then they thal {ett 
Heliue ore, and diutde the money of tt, 
and the dead ore allo they hall dimbde, 

36 2 if it bee knolben that the ore 

Inath biedto puth in time paft, and his 

olbner hath not kepthini in, hee Matt 
furely pay ore foz ore, and the dead fhall 

CHAP. XxXiIl. 

1 Oftheft. 5 Of dammage. 7 Of trefpaffes. 
14 Of borrowing. 16 Of fornication. 18 
Of witchcraft. 19 Of beltialitie. 20 OF 
idolatrie. 21 Of {trangers, widowes, and 


fatheilefle. 25 Ofvfurie. 26 Ofpledges, 

28 Of reuerence to Magiltrates, 29 Ot 

the firft fruits, 

PS F aman that feale an ore, 
02 a || fheepe, and Billi¢, 02 

ae fellit; he thal veftoze fue 
KcQe@ orenfo2an ore,and*foure : 

rt a then be thall bee fon fo2 big 

4. Be the theft be certainely found 
inhishand aliue, Whether itbec ore o2 
afle, 02 Theepe, he Chall rettoze doubie, 

HE @ man thal caule a field o2 

6 CH fire breake out,andcatchin 
thounes, fo that the ftackes of come, 02 
the landing cone, o2 the field be conf: 
Med therewith; Hee that kindled the fire, 
thallfuvely make reftitution, 

7, CFAeaman thai deliner onto his 
neighbour money o2 ftuffe to keepe,and 
ithe ftollen out of themans houteaf the 
thicfe be found, let han pap doudie, 
38 HE the thiete be not found, then 
the matter of ehoufe fhall be brought 
buto he Pudges,to (ee whether hehate 
Lada de dnto His neighbours 

9  Forali maner of trelpafle, whether 
itbe foz ore, 

ment, or foz any maner of ioft thing, 

to Pisneighbour, 

lo HE aman deliuer bntohis netah- 
bout an affe, 02 an ore, 02 a Cheepe, 02 
any beaft to Keepe, and tt die, 02 be hut, 
o2 deinen albay, no man feeingit, 

I hen Hhallan othe of the Loup 

thereof, and he thalinotimate tt goon, 

Iz And* if tt be ollen frombim, he 
thallmake veftitutton bnto the owner 


and ordinances. 

fo2 affe, fo2 theepe, for rat-| 


~<Druers lawes, 


and ordinances. 

Bh PHFitbetomnein pieces,thenlechini| | is tome of beatts in the field: pee thal 

HiNg it for Ant - tot 
make good that Which was torn 
4. < oat if a nan bozvolbeought 
of hisheighbour, anditbehurt, o2 die, 
theowner thereof being not with it, be 
thal furely makeit good. ; 
15 Wutif theotner thereof be with 
t,he thal not make it goon : HE tt bee 
anhived thing, it came foz his hire. 
PDdeut.2! 16 ( And * if a man entice a maide 
1 ae®- that isnot betrothed, andlic with her, 
hethalifivelp endow her to be his wife, 
; . | 17 HE her father deteriy-refule to 
PiHel.veigh| gine her bnito him, he (hall fpay money 
eee the doze of birains. 
18 © Lhou halt not {afer awitch 
19 Cnwoholoener lieth with a beat, 
{hati furelp be putto death. 
20-@ * Hee that facvificeth) bnto any 
godfaue bnto the L OP onely, hee 

2 C* Lhou thalt neither bere a 
ftranger, noz oppzeffe Him : foz ye Were 
» |frangers tn theland of Egypt, 
|p 2ac7-10-| 22 C *Bee fhall not affitet any wt 

DOW, o2 fatherieile child, 

23 PE thou afflict then tn any wife, 
and Hep. crie at all Dufo mee, “J will 
{urelp heave thetr ceric, 

24. Andmy wath hall warehote, 
and F Will kill pou with the fod: 
and pour Wives hall be Widorwes, and 
pour childzen fatherteffe. 3 

Peleviers.) 25 C*PHfhoulend money to any of 
137<e"33 | my people that ts pooze by thee, thou 
*| {halt nofbe to himas an dfurer,nather 

| fhaltthou tay bpon binvbiurie. 
26 SF houatall take thy neighbors 
- }taiment to pledge, thou thaltdeliner it 
bnto hinvby that the fun goeth doone, 
27 Forthatishis couering onely, tt 
ishis raiment forhisfkinne: wherein 
thalhelleepe and it fal come to paffe, 
When he cvieth-buto mee, that H will 

| heave: fo2 Pamgracous. 

‘WP 4%23-5| 28 @* Thou thalt not reutle the 

10%, Zedge, ||| GODS,O2 curfethe ruler of thy peopie. 

29 @ Lhow fhalt not delay to offer 
imeisy the Thiet of thy ripe fruits, andof thy 

PtHeh-Teore| LQuors + *the ficlt bome of thy formes 

*Chap.r3. | Chalt thou give b to me, 

1, 34) 30FLiberbile thaitthou do with thine 
Overt, and With thy Theepe : feuen dayes 
it Hail be With his damme, on the eight 
day Hou halt giue eme. 

pe Leviere.| 31 C2And ye thail be holp men dnto 
a “4 Mes “neither fhall pe cate any fleth that 

Vy" Deu. 33. 
| : 314,15. 
S| | pt-mac.2.34 

Uh | {hallbe btterlp deftroped. 

7 Leuit. 19. 

calkitto thedogs. 

t Of flanderand falfe witnefle, 3.6 Of iuftice. 
4 Ofcharitablenefle. 10 Or the yeere ot 
teft. 12 Of theSabbath. 13 Of idolatrie. 
14 Of the three feafts. 18 Of the blood 
and the fatof the facrifice. 20 An Angelis 
promiled, with a blefsing, if they obey him. 

X teport: put notte hand 
With the Wicked to veean 
buvrighteous Witnef{e, 
ate 2 EC Lhou thait not 
follow a nuititude to Doe cull : neither 
halt thou t{peakein acaufe, to decline 
after Many, to Welk iudgement : f 

3 C Meither thalt thou countenance 
Apooze man in his caute, 

4 CFE thou meete thine enemies 
Ore OHS alle going altray, thou thait 
furely bring it backe to bimagaine, 

5 "HE thou leethe alle of him that 
hateth thee, lying buder his burden, 
| and Woutdett forbeare to Helpe him, |!" 
thou that furely helpe with him. bepe bam? 

6 Chou thait not weelk the indge- CnC wie 
mentof thy pooze in his caufe. pele 

7 Feepethee farce froma falle mat-| buinei 
tev: and the innocent and righteous)”: 
oe wee not: for J Wel noc ieettiie he | rc, cane 

cBeD. . z it toioyne 

8 -€ And" thou thalt take no wife :|72"”. 
foz the aft biindeth t rhe wile, and pere| ro.ccctus. 
uertetl the words of therighteous. ae 

9 Allo thou (halt not-oppeeflea| re 
ftranger : fo2 pee know thetheartofa + Heb one, 
fivanger, feetng pee were frangersin 
theland of €qypt. 

Io And" fice peres thou Matt for hyp | *Leuie-2s-| 
Wee a fhalt gather in the fruites| * 

eveof: i 

Ht But the feuentl) yeere thou Mhait 
let it veft, and lie fill, that the pore of; 
thy people may eate, and What they 
leaue, the beatts of the field Thali cate, 
i like manet thou thait deale With 

Pp Dinepard,and With oH oliue pard, 

2 * Sire dayes thou fhatt doe thp M Chapi $6. 
Worke, and on the fenenth day Mow) ¢ deur. 
fhaltrett: thatthine ore and thine affe| 13-1uke 13. 
may veft, and the fonne of thy hands '* 
mapDd, €the ftranger may be vefrethed. | - 

B And nalithings that Phauc fain 
dnto pou, becivcunipect: andiniakeno} - 
mention of the ramies of other gods, 
neither let it be heard out of thy nioutt), 

: 14 CL hee 

i . 


|| Or cline 


3X 34.18. 


*Chap.t 3. 

. {ther thail the fat of mp || {acvifice re: 

:|land thon thaitbing into the Houle of 

'| thee, and “bung thee in bute the Amo: 
. | tites, andthe Hittites, and the Perts: 

- | theie Yorkes : “but thou that btterip 

| pour God, and helhall ble 

Three folemne feafts. Exodus. 

14 (*Lheeetines thou thalt keepe 
afeatt onto meinthe peeve. 

15 *Lhou thalt keepe the feat of bn- 
leauened bzead: thou thalt cate bulea- 
ucnied beead feuen Dates,as J comman: 
Ded thee in the time appointed of the 
moneth Abib: foz nit thou camett out 
fromt Egypt: *and none {hall appeare 
before nie emptte: 

16 And the feak of harueft, che frit 
fruits of thy labours, which thou hatt 
forben in the field: and the featt of inga- 
thering vhichis in the end of the peere, 
When thou hak gathered in thy la: 
bours out of the field. 

17 Chee times in the peere allehyp 
tales hall appeare before the oxw 


18 “Zhou thalt not offer the blood of 
my facvifice With leauened bread, net: 

maine ntl the moming. 
Ip *Lhefirttof thefirk fruits of thy 

the LD Bw thy Gon: thou (halt not 
feethe a kid in his mothers milke. 

20 C* Behold, J lend an Angel be: 
fore thee to keepe thee in the way.andto 
bung thee into the place hich J hane 

21 Werbare of Him, and obey his 
botce, prouoke him not: foz he will not 
pardon pour tranfgreflions ; for my 
name is tn Hint. 

22 Wutif thou thait tideed obey his 
boite, and doe ali that F {peake, chen 
Pil bean enemie bnto thine enemies, 
and ||an aduerfarie bnto thine aduerfa- 

23 *Fornune Angel Mall qoe before 

sites, AND ihe Canaanites, the dtuites, 
ane wa Hebulites : and J will cut 
em off. 
24. Thou halt not bo downe to 
their gods nozferuethem,noz doe after 

ouerthzorbe thet, and quite beeake 
Done their images, 

25 And pee hall ferue cee 

ip bead, 
and thy Water: and F Wili takeficknes 
albaptromthe nunttof thee. 

26 @* Chere hhali nothing cakt their 
pong, noz bee barren tn thy land : the 
number of thy dapes 4 Will fulfill. 

27 Hwwilifend my feare before thee, 
and Will Deftroy all the peopleto whom 

Gods promife, 

thou thalt come, and J will make all 
thine enenues turne theie tbackes bnito | | Hebnech, 


28 And*Z Will fend hoenets before | « tosh. 24, 
thee, Which (hall dane out the Piuite, | > 
Hg on and the Hittite from be- 


29 ¥F will not deine thenr out from 
befoze thee in one peeve, left the land be- 
comendefolate, and thebeattof the ficld 
multiply againk thee. 

30 2By itttle and little FY Will deve 
them out from befoze thee, Dutilithon 
beinevealed and inhertt theland. 

31 And F will {et thy bounds from 

tants of the land into pour hand: and 
thoufbait dziuethem out before thee. 

32. * Lhou thalt make no couenant 
With them, noz With ther gons. 

33, Hhey (hallnot Dibeil in thp land, 
left they make theefinneagainttme : fo 
if thouterue their gods, *t will furelp 
bea fnare bnto thee, 


1 Mofesis called vp into the Mountaine. 3 The 
people'promife obedience. 4 Mofesbuil- 
dethan Altar, and twelue pillars. 6 Hee 

_Sprinkleth the blood of the Couenant. 9 The 
‘glory of God appeareth. 14 Aaron and 
Harhauethe charge of the people. 15 Mo. 
fes goeth into the Mountaine , where he con- 
tinucth 40.dayes,and 4o.nights, 

&Z Md hee fai bnto Moles, 
© Comebp bntopL ORw,| - 
we thou, and Aaron, Madad 
# and Abihu, and teuentie 
osnars of the Elders of Pirael: 
and wozthtp yea farre off, 

2. And Doles alone thalt come 
neeve the Louw: but thep thall not 
come nigh, neither thalithe peopie goe 
bp with him. 

3 @ And Dofes came and ton the 
people ail the Wo2ds of the Loxe, 
anDall the tudgements: and all the peo- 
Pe the were) one bop, ana, 

e Words hich he Loxw 
fatd, Will Wwe doe. =e 

4 And Doles wrote ali the words 
of the Te one enn ile ep carte ta tbe 
mozning, and builded an 
thebhti,anp TEE ee TaeoEg eD 
the tibeluc tribes of Picacl, 

5. And hefent pong men of thechit- 


"Chap. 34. 

13. iudg. 2, 

Wi hepeople promile. Chapxxv.  Freeofferin 

ren of Piracl , which offered burnt 
eee peace offerings 
oforen,dbnto he Ou. 

Pas Moles tooke halfe of the 

'/blood, and putit in bafons, and halfe of 

eblood hefprnklen on the Aitar, 
me And he tonke the booke of the co- 
uenant, and readin the audtence of the 

+ (people: and thep fatde, * 2 that the 

LOR D hath (aid, Will wedoe, and be 

$ And Poles tooke the blood and 
{prinkled it on the people, andfaid, 2Be- 

. [hotd*thedlood ofthe Conenant whith 


H) /* Chap. 34, 
28. deut.9. 

thee Dx w Hath made with pou, cov 
cerningallthele words. 

9 CLbenwent bp Doles and Aa: 
Lor, Nadaband Abihu, and feuenty of 
the €iversof Piracl: 

Io And they fa the God of Firact: 
and there was buder his feet,asit were 
a pated Workeof a Saphire ftone, and 
as tt ro the body of heauen in his 

I And bpon the Nobies of the cha 
deen of Pirael he tayd not his hand: av 
fo they fatb God, and did cate and 

2 € And the LORD fayd bnto 
Moles, Come bp to meinto the mount, 
andbe there, and J will gue theeLa- 
bles of ftone , and a Law , and Com: 
mandements Which J hae wetter, 
that thou mapett teach them, 

3 And Moles role bp , and his mi: 
nifter Fothua: and Moles went vp tr 
to the mount of God, 

14. Alnd Hee faide onto the Elders, 
Lary ye herefo2 bs, butill wee comea: 
gaine bute pou : and behold, Aaron 
and Hur are With pou : Hf any man 
haueany matters to doe, let himcome 
brito them, . 

15 And Doles went bp into the 
Mount , and a coud coucred the 

16 And the glory of the Lo ww a 
bode bpon mount Strat, andthe coud 
couered it fire Dayes: and the fenenth 
bay hee called dito Doles out of the 
mdf of theclond. 

17 Andthe fight of the glory of the 
LORD was ithe deuourmea fire, onthe 
top of the mount,in the eyes of the chit 
deen of Hiraet. 

13 And Moles Wentinto the miott 
ofthe cloud , and gatehim dp into the 
mount: and* Moles was in the mount 
forty dayes, and forty nights, 

CB Aak ei XX. 

1 What the Ifraelites mutt offer for the making 
ofthe Tabernacle. 10 The formie of the 
Arke, 17 The Mercy-feat, with the Che- 
rubims, 23 The table, with che furniture 
thereof. 31 The candlefticke, with the in- 
ftruments thereof, 

everyman that atueth tt woullinaty with 
His heart, ye hail take my offering, 
3 And oa ts the offering which ye 
ee them; Gold, andfituer,and 
4 And diet ,and purple, and fear: 

lef, and fine | innen,and goats haire: 

5 ind rammes fhinnes died red, 
and badgers fatnnes , and Shitcim 

6 Milefo2 thelight {pices foranoin- 
ting otle,and forfivect incenfe : 

7 Muir ones, and ftones to be fet 
tn the* Cphod, and in the* brett plate, 

8 And let them make mee a Sane 
are » that BF may divell among 


9 Accowdingto all hat F thew thee, 
atter the patterne of the Sabernacie, 
and the patterne ofall the mftruments 
thereof, eucn fo fhalipemakei. 

lo @* And they hall make an Arke 
of SHittim wood: tio cubites and a 
hatfe thalbe the tength thereof, anda cu: 
bite and an Halfe the breath thereof, 
and a cublte Ea halfe the height thereof, 

I 2ind Mou thait oucrlay it with 
pure gold, Within and without thait 


| Hebr.take 
for me. 

Or beaue 

* Chap.3 5. 

Or, fitke. 

x Chap,28. 

* Chap. 28. 

* Chap; 37. 

thou ouerlay it: and thalt make bpon| 

tt Acroibne of gold round about. 

I2 Andthou ae of 
gold fo2 tt, and put them tn the foure 
comers thereof and tibo rings thalbe in 
theonefide ofit, and tworingsin theo: 
ther fide of tt, 

B And thou Malt make ftaues of 
SEA Doe seit oueriay then with 

14. And thou fhait put the ftaues tne 
to the rings, by the fides of the Avke, 
that the Avke may be bone With hem, 

15 Hhe faues fhall bein the rings of 
the Arke:thep (hal notbe taken from it, 

16 And thou halt put into the Arke 
the Leftimonte Whuh J hail gic 

» 17 And 

4 ||Or,come- 

: The ‘Tabernacle 

cightand tiventy cubits, and the bpenth 
of ove curtaine,foure cubtts : and enerp 
oncof he cuvtaines (hall haue one mea 

3 Khefiue curtaines Hhatbe coupled 
together one to another: and other fine 
curtaines thalbe coupled one to another. 

4 And thou fhait make loopes of 
bielb bpon the cdgcof the one curtaine, 
from thefeluedge nthe coupling, and 
lkewwile (halt thou make in the btter- 
moft edge of anothercurtaine, in the cou- 
pling of the fecond. 

5 Fife loopes halt thou make tn 
theonecurtaine, and fiftie loopes thait 

ou make in the edge of the curtaine, 

at 8 in the coupling of the {econd, 
tthe loopes may take bold one of a- 

” And thou halt make fiftte taches 
of gold, and couple the curtaines toge- 
ther whith the taches: andit fhailbe one 

7 (And thou haltmakeenrtatnes 
of goats haire, to bea couering bpon the 
tabernacle: cleuen curtaines thalt thou 
make, ; 

3 Abelength of one curtaine thalbe 
thirtie eubites, and the beedth of one 
curtainefoure cubites: and the elenen 
thalbeall of onemeafure, 

5 And thou thalt couple fine cur: 
taines by themicines,and fire cactatnes 
by th ues, and (halt double the fict 
curtaine in the forefront of the taber- 

Io And thou Halt make fiftieloopes 
ontheenge of the one curtaine, thatis 
outino in the coupling , and fiftie 
loopesin the edge of the curtaine which 

I And thou thaltmake fiftietaches 
of brafle, and put the taches into the 
loopes, and couple the [tent together, 
thatitmay be one. 

Iz Andtheremnantthat rematneth 
of the curtaines of the tent, the haife 
curtaine that rematneth (hall hang o- 
uer the backe fide of the tabernacie. 

B Anda cubiteontheonefive, anda 
cubiteon the other fide tof that which 
temaineth in the length of the eur: 
taines of thetent, (thall hang over the 
fides of thetabernacic, on thisfide,and 
onthat fide to coner tt. 

14. And thou thalt make acouering 
fo2 the tent of rammes fkinnes died 
ted, and a couering aboue of badgers 
fhinnes, . 


I + Heb.inthe 


15 © And thou Halt make boards 
foz the Labernacle of Dhittim woon 
fanding bp. 

16 Len cubits thali be the tength of 
Aboard, and acubite and att halfe that 
be the breadth of one board. 

17 Lyvo ftenong thall there be tone 
boardiet tn oder one againftanother : 
thus thatt thou make for all the boards 
of the Labernacie, 

Ig And thou (halt make the boards 
forthe Labernacie, rwenticboards on 
the Southfide Southiward, 

19 And thou (halt mate fourtte foc: 
kets of filueronder the twenty boards: 
tibo forkets buder one board for his 
tio tenons, and tio fockets pnaer 
anotiver board foz his two tenons, 

20 AAndfo2 the lecond five of the La- 
bernacle on the Mozthfide there fhallbee 
tihentte boards, 

21 And heir fourtiefockets of fiver: 
tho fockets Dunder one board, and to 
fockets bnder another board. 

22 Atnd fo2 the fides of the Laber- 
nacle weibard thou thait make fire 

23. Andtibo boards fhaitthoumake 
for the corners of the tabernacle in the 
tibo fides. 

24. Andthey thall bet coupied toge- 

ther beneath, and they thall be coupicd |” 

together aboue the head of it buto one 
ting: thus fhall tt bee foz them both; 
they thali be foz the two cozners, 

25 And they hail be eight boards, 
and thetr fockets of filuer firteene foc: 
ets: tio fockets bnder oneboard,and 
tho fockets bnder another board, 

26 (And thon halt make barres of 
Dhittin Wood : fiue fo2 the boarag of 
the onefine of the Labernacie, 

27 And fine barres for theboards of 
the other fide of the Labernacie, and 
fiue bartes foz the boards of the fine of 
ea fo thetiho fines tact: 


28 Andthemiodle barre in thenids 
of the boards, thall reach from endeto 

29 And thou lhalt overlap He boards 
With gold, and make their rings of 
gold fo2 places forthe barres: and thou 
{halt ouerlay the barres With gold. 

30 Andthou fhalt reare bp the La- 

Chap.xxvj. and appertinances. 

+ Heb.trine 

bernacle *accozding to the fathion ther-|" 
of , which was Mhebed thee in the) 22° 

31 C And thou halt make «Carle oi 

ie 9 2 bie, 
elt ean ese 

TheAltarof — Eeodae 

bietv, and purpie, and {rarlet, and fine 
fibined linnen of cunning Woke: with 
32 And thou thalt hang it bpon 
foure pillars of Sbittim wood, ouer- 
layd With gold: they hookes thalbe of | 
- |gold,bpon the foure Lockets of filuer. 
.33-@ And thou thalt hang bp the 
Gaile buder the taches,that hou maitt 
{being in thither within the Vaile, the 
Ake of the Lekkimony : and the Vaile 
hail Diuide bnto pou, betibeerte the ho- 
lp place and the moft Holy, 

34. And thou thalt put the Mercie- 
feat bpon the Arke of the Lettiniony, 
tn the moftholy place. 

35 Andthou thalt fetthe table with: 
out the Caile, and the candiefticke ouer 
again the table, on the fine of the La- 
bernacle tolbard the South: andthou 
thalt put the table on the Noth fide. 

36 Andthou halt makean Hanging 
fozthedoore of the Lent, of blew, and 
purple anditarict, andfinetbined tin 
nett, ought With needle woke. 

37 And thou fhalt make for the 
Hanging fine piitars of Shittim Woon, 
and overlay them With gold, and their 
hookes thaibe of gold : and thou that 
tattfiuefockets of beatle fo2 them. 


1° The Altar of burnt offering , with the vef- 
fels thereof. 9 The Court of the Taber- 
nacle inclofed with hangings and pillars. 

18 The meafure of the Court. 20 The 

oile for the lampe. 

SOA Md thou fhalt make an 
) Nave) Altar of Shictim wooo, 
Svaa Se fine cubits long, and fiue 
Vy fee ANG cubites beoad: the Altar 
LIS AX thailbe fouvefquare, and 
the height thereof thalbe thee cubits, 

2. And thou fhalt make the homes 
ofit pon the foure conners thereof: his 
Hoznes thail be of the fame: and thou 
halt ouerilay it with beatle, 

3 Andthou thait make his paunes 
to receiue His athes, and his thoueis, 
andbis bafons,and his flethhooks,and 
His firepannes ; all the beffels thereof 
thou thaitmake oftzaffe. 

4 And thou halt make forita grate 
of netiborke of beafie and bpon the net 
halt thou mate foure beaten vings in 
thefoure comers thereof. 

5 And thou thalt put it bnder the 
compatle of the Aitar beneath, that the 

net may bee cuen to the midft of the 

6° And thou fhalt make ftaues foz 
the Aitar, aues of Shittim wood,and 
ouerlay them with beatle, 

7: Siete ee ee 
rings, and the anes hail be bpon the 
tio fides of the 2litar,to bearett, 

$ Hollow With boards thait thou 

make it: asti¢was Themed thee in the |+ tr. x. 
mount, fo {hall they make tt, freved. 
9 CAndthou halt make the Court]: 

of the Labernarie for the Southfioe, 
Southward: there thail be hangings 
for the Court, of fine tiined tinnen of 
anhundzed cubits long, foz one fide, 

lo And the twenty pillars thereof, 
and. their. tiventp fockets , thall be of 
boafle: the hookes of the pillars , and 
their fillets fbalbe of fituer. 

I And liherile foz the Poethfine in 
length , there (hall be hangings of an 

pillars , and thetr tibenty forckets of 
byafle : the Hookes of the pillars, and 
their fillets offiluer. 

Iz © 2ind for the breanth of the 
Court,on the weltline halve hangings 
of pipe 3 thetv pillars tenne, and 
their lockets ten. 

B Alnd the beeadth of the Court on 
ie eure Caltibard , thal bee fiftie 

14 Lhe hangings of one fide-of the 
gate {hatbe fifteene cubits: their pillars 
theee,and their fockets theee, 

15. Aadon the other fide thalbehang: 
ings, fifteene cubits: their pitlars thee, 
and their fockets thee. 

16 Aud foz the pate of the Court 
thallbe an Hanging of tienty cubits of 
blelb, and purple, andirariet, and fine 
tibined linnen , heought With needie 
Worke:. and their pillars thallbefoure, 
and their fockets foure. 

17. Ail the pillars round about the 
Court thalbe filletted With Gluer + their 
hookes thalbe of filuer,and their fockets 
ofbeaffe. . at 

18 CAbhe length of the Court thalbe 
anhundzed cubits, and the beeanth thE 
te every Where, and the height fiuecu: 
bits of fine tibined tinnen, and their for: 
ketsofbeafle, i. 


=. Bsa] SSS 


cn dtr aba ACE! iP stir 6 Apps  o 

Be Fe |. 

=. SS 

Aarons garments, 


chilozenof Piract, that they being thee 
purcople Dliue beaten, fo2 the light,to 
caute thelampet to burne altbayes. 

2 Pu the Labernacte of the Con: 
Gregation without the Cate, hich is 
before the Leftimony, Aaron and his 
formes fhall oder tt from evening to 

mowing beforethe Lo uw : Ht hall 
be aftatute for ener, dnto their genera: 
tions, on the bebalte of the chilozen of 


Aaron and his fonnes are fet apart for the 
Priefts office. 2 Holy garments are appoin- 
ted. 6 TheEphod. 15 The breaftplate, 
with twelue precious {tones. 30 TheVrim 
andThummim. 31 Therobeofthe Ephod, 
with pomegranates and belles. 36 The 
plate of the Miter. 39 The imbroidered 
coate. 40 The garmentsfor Aarons fonnes. 

$ ND take thou bnto thee 

Alacon thy brother , and 

: rae fonnes with him, 

(tom among the childzen 

of Piracl,thathe may mu: 

to mei the Petetts office, cuen 

Aaron, Madad, and Abihu, Eleasar, 
and Jthamar, Aarons fonnes: 

2 And thou thalt mate holp gars 
ments for Aaron thy brother , foz alozp 
atid for beauty, eid! 

3 And thou thalt fpeake Hrite ati 
that ave wife hearted, whom hate 
filled with the {pivit of w Dome, that 
They may make Aarons garments to 
contecrate him , that hee map miniter 
buto me tn the Brietts office, 

4 Andtheleare the garments which 
vis fhail make; a beeattplate, and an 
Ephod , and a robe , and a bordered 
coat, A Diter, and a girdle : and they 
thail make Holy garments for Aaron 
thy brother, and his fonnes, that hee 
map nituifter bnto mee in the zettes 


5 And they thall take gold , and 
aoe purple, and fravlet, and fine 

6 CAnd they (hail makethe Ephod 
of gotd,of bie and ofpurpte,of Fe 
andfine fined linen, with Cuuning 

7 Ht Hall have the two Mhonider 
pieces thereof, ioynedat thettho enges 
aye and fo it Hall bee topned to: 

8 ANd the] curious girdle ofthe E- 


ee Which is bpon it, Chall bee of the 
ame , According to the Woske thereof, 
euenof gold, of blew, andpurpie, and 
frariet,and fine tioned imnen, 

9 And thou thalt take tivo Mnit 
ftones,and grauecon themthenamies of! 
the chilozen of Hfraet: 

Io Sire oftheir names on one ftone, 
and the other firenames of thereft on 
the other ftone,according to their birth: 
_ i * Maith the wozke of an engrauer 
ttt ftone ; like the engrauings ofa fignet 

> aiter the tbo 
thou thalt matett: of gold ofbiew,and 
of purple,and of ftariet,and of fine tye 
nediinnen (halt thou make it. 
16 Foure (quate tt hall be being pow 
bled; a {parine thalbe theiength thereof, 
and a {pan thalbe the bieadth thereof, 

17 Aud thou thale let in t feecings| tree. pain 

of tones; cuen foure rowes of ftones: A 
the firftrovp thalbe a | Sardius,a Lopas, 
and a Carbuncle : this thall be the firt 

13 And the {econd row thallbean€- 
meraude,a Saphiv,anda Diamond, 

I9 And thethirdrow aLypgure, an 
Agate, and an Amethitt, 

20 Andthefourth row,awerill,and 
au Dnir, anda Palper : hep thalbetet 
ingoldin their Tindofings. 

21 Andthe tones thal bee with the 
names of he chilozen of Piracl,twelue, 
AtcordiNng fo Heir names, like the engra- 
uings of a fignet: euerp one With bis 
name hall thep bee accogding to the 
tibelue tribes. 

beeftplate chaintes atthe ends, of wheea- 

thet Worke, ofpure gold, 
23 And thou thalt make bpon the 
i) 3 belt: 

and hisfonnes. 

| ‘Aarons garments, 

t Orsi rts. 

beeftplate tivo rings of gold, and that 
put the tivo rings on the tivo endesof 
the beettplate. : 

24. And thou thalt put the tio 
Weeathen chaines of gold tn_the tio 
TINGS, whichareon the ends of the beet: 

r 25 And the other tio endes of the 
fibo Weeathen chaines, thou Chait fatten 
in the tibo ouches, and put themon the 
thouider pieces of the Ephod before tf. 
26 C And thou thalt make two rings 

bowder thereot, which is in che five of 
the Ephod inward. Lee 
27 And tio other rings of goidthou 

the Cphod witha lace of bietve, that tt 
may be aboue the curious girdle of the 
€phod, and that the beeattplate be not 
loofed from the Ephod. 

29 And Aaron thal beare 
of the chitdeen of Hlrael tn the break: 
plate of tudgement, bpon his heart, 
Whenhee goeth in buto the Holy place, 
foza memoziall before the LO # Bcon- 

30 C2AMd thou halt putin the beeatk- 
plate of tudgement, the Trim and the 
Lhumniim, and they fhall bee bpon 
Aacons heart, when he goeth m before 
the LOuD: and Aaron (hall beare 
themudgementof the dhildeen of Plraet 
bpon his heart,before the L ox Deon: 

31 C Andthou thalt make the rove 
of the Ephod allof biew., 

32 -AMndthere Khalil bee an hole the 
top of if, in the mids thereof: 1 thatt 
Hauca bindingof Wouen Woke, round 
aboutthehoicof it, asit were the hole 
of anhabergeon, that tbe not rent, 

33 € And beneath bpon the |hemme 
of it thou fhait make pomegranates of 
blew, and of purple, and of frarict, 
round about the Henne thereof, and 
Bate of gold betibeene them rounn a- 


34. Agoldenbelland a pomegranate, 
a golden bell and a pomegranate, bpon 
thehemmie of the roberoundabout. 

35 *2ind it thall be bpon Aaron, to 


mintier: and his found thal be heard 
When he goethin bnto the holy place bez 
forethe Loum,and wbhenhecommeth 
out, thathedie not. 

36 © Andthou halt makeaplateof 
grauings of a fignet, 


37 Audhou thalt put tt ona dletoe 
lace, that it map bedpon the miter; dp- 
onthe forefront of themuter tt hall be. 


holy gifts and tt hall bealwayes bpon 
his Sieg that thep may be accepted 
before the Dx B, 

39 CAnd thou thalt embzoider the 
coat of finelinnen, and thou thait make 
the miter of finelinnen, and thou thait 
make the girdle of needle worke, 

40 (And fox Aarons fonnes thou 
thalt make coats, andthou thalt make 
for them girdles, and bonnets fhait 
thou make foz them, for glozp and fo2 
bee a b hou thatt put th ; é 

41 And thou thalt put them bpon 
Aaron thy bother, and His fonnes 
With him: and hhaitannointthem,and 
Ha ison them, oe them, 

they may mint nto mecin the 

tefts office. im 

4z And thou halt make thens ttn: 
then breeches, to couer ttheir nakeones, 
from the loines enen buto the thighes 
they thailt reach, 

43 And they Mall be bpon Aaron, 
€ bponbis fonnes, when they come in 
buto theLa 

ey beave not tniquitic, and die, Icthall 
be a ftatute fo euer bnto him and hig 
feene after hin. 


1° The facrifice and ceremonies of confecrating 
the Priefts. 38 The continuall burnt offe= 
ring, 45 Gods promife to dwell among 
the children of Iftael, - 

PAVE Md this is the thing that 

£% thouthaltdoebnto them, 
6 to hallow them, to mint 
ANG fet but mein the D2iets 
Pe Office : * Lake one pong 

2 Aud dnleaucned bread, andeakes 

and hisfonnes,| | 

t Heb. fill 
their band. 

t Heb. fle 
of their nae 

{ Heb.bee. 

* Leuit.9.2 

, AND fibo vammes Without! 

: bniea- 
i ee 



SA Tis See 

*Chap. 30. 
D} 25. 

i ee — ea — el 

|} Heb. bind, 

+ Heb. fil 
} * Chap. 28. 


SSF our = 


} *Leuir.3.3 
| Zt feemeth 
by Anatomy, 
andthe He- 

| brewe Do~ 

| Fours, tobe 

5 | the midriff. 


Se NS 

i The 

confecration Chap.xxix. 

of the Priefts. 

Dnleauencd, tempered With oyle, and 
Wafers buleauened, annointed With 

oile : of Yoheaten floveze halt thou 

make thent, ; 

3. And thou halt put theminto one 
patket, and being chem in the bafket, 
Withthebullockeandthe two vammes. 

4 AndAaronandhis fonnes thou 
fhait being dato the dooze of the Laber- 
nace of the Congregation, and thait 
Wath then With Water, 

5 Andthou fhattake the garments, 
andput bpon Aaron the coat, and the 
vobeot the €phod, andthe €phod, and 
thebeettplate, and gird him with the cw 
riots girdle of the Ephon. ; 

6 And thou thalt put the Diter bp- 
on bis head, and put the holy Crowne 
bpon the DBiter. I 

7 Chen thaltthoutaketheannoin- 
ting’ opie, and poze tt bpon his head, 
and annotnt hint. 

3 And thou thait being his fonnes, 
and putcoats bpon them, 

9 And thou that gird them with 
girdles , (Aaron and his fonnes) and 
Tput the bonnets on them: and the 
prietts office (hall be theirs fo2aperpe- 
tuall ftatute: and thou thalt t* confe- 
trate Aaron and his fonnes. 

le Andthou Mhait caule a bullocketo 
bee brought before the Labernacle of 
the Congregation : and * Aaron and 
hisfonnes thall put thetr hands bpon 
the headof the bullocke. 

I Aud thou (halt kill the bullocke be- 
fore the LOxwD, by the dooze of the) 
Laberiacle of the Congregation. 

Iz Andthou thalt take of the blood 
of the bullocke, and put ic bpon the 
homes of the altar with thy finger,and 
porbee all the blood belive the bottome 
ofthe Altar. 

B And* thou that take all the fat 
that couereth the inwards , and || the 
taule tharisaboue theliuer, andthe tio 
kidneis, and the fat that is bpon them, 
aud burnethem Hpon the altat.: 

14 Butthefleth of thebullocke, and 
his Thinne, and his doung thalt thou 
burtte With fire Without the campe, it is 
afinne offering, 

15 (Lhou thaltatfo takeoneram, 
and Aaron and his fonnes hall put] 
their hands bpon the headof the ram. | 

16 And thou halt flay the ranimic,| 
andthou halt take his blood and fpr | 
Kleicround about bpon the altar. 

17 Andthou halt cut theraniuie itt | 

pieces, and Wath the wwards of him, 
and his legs, and put them bnto his pit 
eS, and||bnto hishead. 

13 And thou fhait burne the whole 
ramme bpon the Aitar :itis abucnt of: 
fering bnto the LORD: Ftisalweet 
favour, an offering made by fire buto 
he Lox, 

|| OF open. 

20 Hhen that thou kil theramme, 
and take of his blood, and putitbpon 
thenpof the right cave of Aaron and 
bpon the tip of the right cave of his 
fonnes, and bpon the thumbe of cheir 
righthand, and bpon the great toe of 
their right foot, and {panckie the blond 
bpon the Altar round about, 

21 Andthou halt take of the blood 
thatis bpon theAitar,and of the anoin- 
tingoyple, and {pinkie itbpon Aaron, 
and bponhis garments, and bpon bis 
founes , and bpon the garments of hig 
fonnes With him : and hee thall behat- 
lolbedD , and His garments , and his 
sate and bisfonnes garments with 


22 Alifo thou that take of the ram 
the fatand the rumpe and the fat that 
couereth hetnwbards, € the caule aboue 
theliuer, and the tivo kione(s, and the 
fat that ts bpon them, and the right 
fhoutder , foz it is aram ofconteevation: 

23 And one loafe of bread, and one 
cake of opied bread, and one wafer out 
of the batket of the buleauened mead, 
thatisbefore the ZL 9 2m, 

24 And thou thalt put all m the 
bands of Aaron, and in the hands of 
his fonnes, and thait || haue them fora 
Wane- offering before heL ox. 

25 And thou that receiue thent of 
their hands, and burne them pon the 
Alitar fo2 a burnt offering , fora fiueet 
fauour before theL Ox w: tt isan offe- 
ringmade by firebnts theL ox wD. 

26 And thou (halt take the belt of 
the vamme of Aarons confecvations, 
and Wauert for a waue-offering before 
the Lh Dx BD, andit thalbethy part, 

27 And thou thait fanctifie the beet 
of the waue-offering, andthe fhouider 
ofthe heaue offering, whichis waued, 
and Which tsheaued bp of the ranmie 
ofthe confecration , even of that which 
is fox Aaron, and of that hitch isforhis 

| 23 And 

| Or, fake 
toand fro, 

23 And it fhalbe Aarons, and his 
fonnes by a ftatute fo2 cuer , from the 
childzen of Pcael : fozttisanheaue of 
fering: and it (hail be ant Heaue offering, 
from the childzen of Plraet, of the fa- 
cvifice of their peace offrings,cuen their 
heaucoffering bute theh Ong, 

29 CAndtheholp garments of Aa- 
ronthallbehisfonnes after him, to dee 
anoypnted thevettt,and to be confecraten 
in thent. 

. Andi that fonne that ts ret tn 
his tead, thal put them onfenen dapes, 
When he commeth into the Labernacie 
of the Congregation to miner inthe 
holy place. 

31 QAnd thou thalt take the ramutic 
of the confecration,and feethe his fieth 
tnthe holp place. 

32 And Aavowand His fonnes (halt 

41 And the other lambe thou fhait 
offerat Cuen, and fhaitdoc thereto, ac: 
coding to the meat offering of hemor 
ning, md according to the detnke of 
fering thereof, fo2 a fucet fanour, an 

at the Doove of the Labernacie of the 
Congregation , before the Lox, 
Where FH woul meete pou, to {peake there 

} Hebr.He dnto thee. 

of hes formes. 

tac : J oul fanctifie atfo both Aaron 
andhisfonnes, toninifter to mein the 
Puielts office. 
45 (And * FZ will dwell among 
enn of Hivact and Will be their 

46 Andthey hall know that J am 
the Louw thett God, that bought 
thent foozth out of the land of Egypt, 
that J may dwell among then : 
auheL ORD their God. 


t The Altar of incenf& 11 Theranfome of 
foules. 17 Thebrafenlauer. 22 Theho- 
ly anoynting oyle. 34 The compofition 
of the perfume. 

12. 2.cor. 

3t-matth. , 
14 {of the Labernacie of the Chgregation. 

And they thall cate thofle things, 
Wherewwith theatonement as made, 
to confecrateand to fanctifie them: but 
en thalinot eate thereof, becaufe 
they aveholy. 

OL And tf oughe of the fle of che 
contecrations , 02 of the beead rematne 
bute the moaning, then thou. thalt 
burne the remainder with fire: tall 
not be eaten, becaule tis Holy. 

35 Andthus thaltthoudoe bntoAa- 
ron, and tohisfonnes, according to all 
things which J haue conmiaundend 
thee: feuen dapes thalt thou confecrate 

“3 And thou halt offer every dapa 
bullocke fora finne offering, fo2 atone: 
ment: and thou thalt clenfe the Altar, 
When thou halk made an atonement 
oa it, andthou thalt anopneit, to fan: 
| 37 Senendaypes thouthaltmakean 

atonement fo2 the Aitav,and fanctifie tt: 
andit Halbe an Altar mottholp: what: 
foeuer toucheth the Alitar,thalbe holy. 

38 © Mow this ts chat whteh thou 
thalt offer bpon the Alltar;* tho lambs 
ofthe firit pere, Day by day continually, 

39 Lhe one lanibe thou thalt offer 
inthe mozning sand the other lambe 
thou thait offer at euen: 

4° And with the one lambeaten 
dealeofflowze mingled with thefou 

act ofan din of beaten oplesandthe| | of Sbictim wood, and overlap them 

purth part of an Hin of Wine fo2 a gold, 
Denke offering, 6 And thou halt put t before the 



length thereof, and acubitethe bread 
thereof, (foure fquare thallitbee vane 
tio cubtts thalbe the hei eee: the 
hoznes thereof thalbe of the 

3 And thou halt oncriap i with 
pure gold,the ttop therof,and the ifines | 4 re5r.she 

eveof round about , and the Homes od 

eveof: andthou that mate bnto tea) fret. 
crovune of gold round about, 

4. And tio golden rings thalt thou 
make fo tt bnder the cvotbne of tt, bp 
thettbo t comersthereof,bpon the two | tHe Ri 
fides of it halt thou makeit : and they 
thalbe fo2 places foz the ftaues to deare 
tt Wwithall. 

5 And thou thalt make the ftaucs 

[Pheconfecration Exodus. of chePrielts 




a oe 

SS pa Ate 

=s=Ss SS ES 




WSSS Bea SsSsres 




b t 

up.heb. can 

eth toa~ 

Uarle, thatisby the Ake of the Letti- 
monie before the Dereie-Leat, thatis, o- 
uer the Letimonte Where PH Will meet 

7 Aud Aaron thall burne thereon 
tfvectincenfe enerp mozning : when he 
deelleth thelamps he Hhalburnemncente 
pporit, Bate x 

3 And when Aaron | lighteth the 
lampestatenen, he Mhallburne incenfe 
bpont it, aperpetuall incenfe befoze the 
LOnw, thoughout pour generate 

. /Ons. 

9 Be Mhall offer no range incenfe 
thereon, noz burnt facvifice, noz meate 
offering, neither Mall pe poivee deinke 
offering thereon. 

lo AndAaron (hall make an atone: 
ment bpon the hornes of it once in a 
peere, With the blood of the finne offe- 
ring of atonements : once in the peere 
fhall hee make atonement bpon ic, 
thoughout pour generations: itismott 

| {Feb them| the chaldeen of Plrael after their nun: 

ber, then thall thep gine enerp mana 
ranfomie foz bis foule bnto the Loum, 
Whenthou numbeet them, that here 
beno plague amongt them, When thou 
numbeett thent. 

4 Euery one that pafleth among 
them that ave numbeed from twentic 
peeves old and aboue, hall giucan offe: 
ring bnto theL ORD, 

15 Hherteh hal nott qiuemoze,and 

"idm. \*DE POO? Chall nott giuciefle then halfe 

a thekel, When they ginean offering bn- 
tothe L ORD, to makcanatonentent 
fo2 pour foutes. 

- 16 And thou. thait take the atone: 
mentimoney of the chilozen of Plrael, 
and Chait appoint itfo2 the feruice ofthe 
Lavbernacle of the Congregation, chat 
iLinay be amemoziall bnto the child2en 
of Pivael before the L ony, tomake 
anatonementfoz pourfoules. 

17 CAnd the Lon (pake bnto 
Wotes, faying, 

13 Lhouthaitallo makea Lauer of 
heafle, and his foote alfo of beafle, to 

Wath withall, and thou that put it be 
tieene the Labernacie of the Conagre- 
gation and thealtar,and thou that put 

Io F02 Aaron and his fornes that 
Wath their hands and their feet thereat. 

20. wohen hep goe into the Laber- 
nacle of the Congregation, they thall 
Wath with water,that they die not: 02 
When thep come neeve fo the altar to 
minifter, to burne offering made by fire 

21 So they (hall wath their handes 
and their feet,that they die not: andit 
hall bea ftatute for ever to thems, cuento 
Himandto hisleed theoughout their ge- 

22 CPoreouer the L oxD take 
bnto Moles, fapina, 

23. Lakethou aifo bnto thee panei: 

pall {pices, of puremyperhe fiue bundzed 
thekeis , and of fivect cinamon faite fo 
much, enentiyo hundzed and fifty the- 
kels, anbdof fiweet calamus tivo hundzed 
ann fiftie thekels, 

24. Andof Caflia fiuehundz2cd thekels, 
after the Thekel of the Sanctuary, and 
of opie olinean* Pin, 

25 Andthou Mhalt make tt an oyie of |* 
Holy opntment, an oyntinent com: 

pound after the arte of the || Apotheca: llOr, 

vie: ttthalbe an Holy anointing opie. 

26° And thou thalt anoint the La 
bernacle of the Congregation there: 
With, and the Ake of the Lettimo- 
nic 3 

27 Anothe Labie and all his befleis, 
and the Candlefticke, and his beffels, 
and the Altar of incenfe: 

23 Andthe Altar of burnt offering 
ae near bdeffels, and the Lauer and 

18 foo 

29 Andthou fhaitfanctifiethem,that 
they map bee moft holy: whatfoeuer 
toucheth them, thall be Holy. 

30..2Aind thon thalt annoint Aaron 
and his fonnes, and confecrate them, 
that they may minifterbnto mecin the 
prietts office. 

31 And thou thait fpeake bnto the 
childzen of Piraci, laying, hts Thali 
bee an Holy anointing oile buto mice, 
throughout pour generations. 

32 Upon mans fieth hall ttnot bee 
pow2ed, neither fhail pe make any other 
like tt, after the compofition of i: 1¢ is 
holy, and tt hail be Poly Dnto pou. 

33 Mahofoeucr compoundeth any 
like tt, 02 Wholoeuer putteth a ah 5 


Anointing oyle. 

Bezaleel and 

ypon a firanger, thail cuen be cut ot 
frombis peopte. 

34. @ And the Lox faid dnto 
poke , Lake bnto thee fweete {pices, 
Stacte,and Onicha, and Galbanum: 
thefe fiueete fpices With pure frankin: 
cenfe, of each fhall there bea like weight. 

35 And thou Hhaltmakeita perfume, 
a confection after the arte of the Apo- 
thecaric, tempered together, pure and 

36 And thou thalt beat fome of it herp 
{niall, and putof ttbefore the teftimony 
inthe tabernacieof the Congregation, 
Where J Will meet With thee: it Hhalbe 
buto poumoftholp. 

37 And as fo2 the perfunre Which 
thou thait make, pouthall not make to 
pour felues, according to the compofiti 
onthereof: it fhall be buto thee holy foz 

33 mholoener (hall make like bnto 
that, tofmell thereto, fhatleuen bee cut 
off from bis people. 

Gl AP: XXX. 
Bezaleel and Aholiab are called and made 
meet for the worke of the Tabernacle, 1: The 
obferuation of the Sabbath is againe com. 
manded. 18 Mofes receiueth the twoT ables, 
BBOAB&E NdtheL Ox Mlpake bn: 
to Pofes, faying, 
eae 2 Hee, J Hauc called 
[ext by name, Wesaleel the 
. | marry “lonne of Cri, the fonne 
of Hur, of thetribeof Judah: 

3 And F haue filled him with the 
Spivitof God, in wifedome, andin bz 
Derflanding, andin knowledge, andin 
all maner of Yorkemanthip, 

4 Lo denife cunning workes, to 
erat tt golde, and in filuer, and ar 


5 And tt cutting of ftones, to fet 
them, and in caruing of timber, to 
Worke in all maner of Workemanthip. 

6 And F,behoto, J haue ginuen with 
him, Aholiad thefonne of Ahifamach, 
of the tribe of Dan, and in the hearts 
of ali that are Wife hearted J haue put 
Wilenome, that they may make all that 
Phauecommanded thee: 

7 Dheabernacie of the Congre- 
Gation and therirkeof the Lettimony, 
and the Dercie-feat that ts therenpon, 

Hebvefels| & Al the tfurnitureof the Labernace: 

3 AnotheLableandhis furniture, 

and the pure Candlefticke, with all his 
furniture, and the Altar of incenfe: 

[Heb falted 





Aholiab called, 

9 And the Aitar of burnt offering, 
With all his furniture, and the Lauer 
and bis foote: 

lo Andthe clothes of {ernice,and the 
holy garments for Aaron the wzett, 
and he garments of his fonnes, to mi: 
nifter in the Dztelts office: 

I And theanointing opie, and fiveet 
tneenfe fo2 the Poly place: according to 
m net Phauecommandedthee, thal 

ep doe. 

2 (And the LOxw {hake bnto 
Motes, faping, 

B Speake thou alfo bnto the chi: 
dren of Pirael laying, Verelp my Sav- 
baths pe thall keepe : foz tt is afigne be: 
tibeene mieand you , thoughout your 
generations, that yemay know that 
amnthe LO x w,thatdoth fanctificpou, 

14 * Pee thall keepe the Sabbath 
therefore: foritis holy bnto pou: Euerp 
one that defileth tt, hall furely be put to 
Death: fo2 whofoeuer doth any Worke 
therein, that foute thal be cut off from 
among his people, 

15 SDivedapes may wWorke beedone, 
butin thefeuenth is the Sabbath of eft, 
THholy tothe L Ox DB: Wholoeuer doth | t Heé.s00- 
any orketn the Sabbath dap, he thatt |" 
furelp be put to death, 

16 wobherefore the childeen of Piraci 
thall keepethe Sabbath, to obleruethe 
Sabbath thoughout thetv generati: 
ons, fora perpetual conenant, 

17 FPtisa ligne betweene mean the 
childzen of Hirael fo2 ener: fo2 *in fire 
oa ae oR? ate heauen and 

and onthe enenth day he rete 
and Was refrethed. mp : 

13 (Ande gane bute Doles, when 
hee had made an end of comimuning 
With hint pow mount Siat, * to 
tables of Leftimonte, tabies of fone, 
Wutten With the fingerof God, 


1 Thepeople inthe abfence of Mofes,caufe A- 
aronto make a calfe. 7 Godis angred there. 
by. 11 Attheintreatie of Mofesheisa eae 
fed. 15 Mofes commeth downe with the 
Tables. 19 Hebreakeththem. 20 He de- 
{troyeth the calfe. 22 Aarons excufe forhim. 
felfe. 25 Mofes caufeth the Idolaters tobee 
flaine. 30 a Pie for the people, 

Pe Neo J2D When the people fary 

) that Doles delayed to 

y SOME Done ont of the 

* Chap. 20. 

and 2.3. 


| Themoltencalfe. 

== SSS S252 5 Sess ewes 


\SSSS=S5 = S38 FSi tS 


- puto Aaron, and faid bnto him,* Ap, 
make bs gods which thall goc befo2e 
bs: foras for this Doles, the man that 
beoughtys bp outofthe land of appt, 
WeWot not What ishecome of hint 

2 And Aaron faide bnto them, 
Wreake off the golden earerings which 
Javemthe caves of pour wes ,ofyour 
fonnes; and of yout daughters , and 
batigthem buto me. 

3. And all the people brake off the 
golden eaverings:, which were in their 
eaves, and brought them bnto Aaron, 

4 “Aud hee veceiued them at their 

* Hand, and falhioned it with agrauing 
toole , after hee had made tt a molten 
calfe: and they fad, Lhele be thy gods, 
D Piract, Which bought thee bp out 

5 Andwhen Aaron fawit, hebuit 
analtar before it, and Aaron made pro- 
dlamation, and faid, Lomozrow is a 
feattto he Duy, 

6 Andthey role bp cariy on the moz- 
row ,andoffered burnt offerings, and 

10. | ought peace offerings :and the *peo- 
ple fate Done to cate and to deinke, 
and rofe bp to play. 

7 € And he Louw fad bnto 

.9. | Motes, * Goe, get thee dotone: for thy 
people ibhich thou beonghtet out of 
See of Egypt, hauc corrupted them- 


3 *They haucturned afide quickly 
outof the Way Which HF conimaunded 
them: they haue made thent amoiten 
Calfe , and haue wWorelhipped tt, and 
haue facvificed thereunto , and fatoe, 
hele bee thy gods, D Pirael, which 
pune brane thee dp out oftheland of 


9 And the Lone fad bnto Mo- 

-|fes ,* Phaucleene this peopie, and be- 

* | Hold, itis a tiffenecked people. 

Io Jeo thereforeiet mealone, that 
my Wrath may ware hotagaintthenr, 
and that FJ may confume theni:and ZF 
Willmake oftheea queat nation, 

0 *And Doles beloughtitheLorw 
His God, andla,Z 9% w, Why doeth 
Teenie Hot againtt thy people, 
Which thouhat brought foorth out of 
thetand of Egypt, with great power, 
And With amighty hand: 

.| 1 * tobherefore Chould the Caypti- 
ans {peake andfay, Fo2mifchiefe did he 
bang them out, to flay them tn the 
mMountaines ,¢ to confiume them from 
the face of the earths Lurnefromthp 

. Fables broken, 
fierce Wath, and repent of chis eutlia: 
gaint thy people. 

3 Remember Ahaham, Piaac,and 
wie thy feruants , to whoni thou 

avett by thine oionelelfc, and fatdett 
Duto thent, *B will multiply pour feed 
as the flarves of heauen : and all this 
land that J haue fpoken of , wil F 
Siue buto pour feed, and they Hhaitintie: 
vit it fozener, 

14. AudtheL oO uwrepented ofthe 
popieh He thought to doe nto his 

16 CAnd Vokes turned and went 
Downe from the PDount, and the wo 
Lables of the Letimony were nis 
Hand : the Lables were written on 
both their fides; on the onefine,andon 
theother were they written, 

6 Andthe*Lables were the worke 
of God, and the writing was the wri: 
ting of God, grauen bponthe Lavies, 

17 And When Fothua heard the 
noile of the people as they Mhouten, hee 
faitd bnto Moles , There is x note of 
Warvreinthe campe. 

13 And he {aid, leis not the boyce of 
themthat Hout fo2 mattery, neither is ic 
the bopce of thent thatcry fort being o- 
uercomie : but the nople of them that |-0 
fing doe FH heare. 

Io C And tt came to patie, affoone 
ashe came nigh bnto thecampe,thathe 
falb the Cale , and the dancing : and 
Moles anger waredhot,and he catt the 
Lables out of his hands, and make 
them beneath the mount. 

20 *Aind He tooke the Calfe which 
they had made, and burnt ic inthe fire, 
and ground i fo poder, and ftrawen 
it bpon the tater, and made the chit: 
Deer of Plrael d2inke of it. 

21 And Woles {aid bnto Aaron, 
nahat iD this people bnto thee, chat 
thou hat beoughtlo greatafinne bpon 


22 And Aaron fatd, Letnot the aw 
ger of my 1o2d ware hot: thou knowelt 
ve Bg og that they ave fet on mil 


23 Fo2 they laid bnto me, Dake bs 
gods Which Hall goe before bs : for as 
foz this Doles, the man that beought 
bs bp outof the land of Cappt, We ot 
not Whats become ofhint, 

24. And F {aid dnto them, nhoflo- 
ener Hath any gold, let them beeake it 
off: So they gauettmee : then F cattit 
into the five,ethere cameout ths Caife. 

25 (And 

*Gene. 12. 
7.and 1§.7. 
and 48.16, 

* Chap.31. 

oles prayer: He Exodus. — talketh with God. 

25 CAnd when Motes faw thatthe 
people were naked, (for Aaron had 
made Hhemnaked bnto their hame, a 
mong their enemies) — 

26 Chen Moles toodin the gateof 
the campe , and faide , who is onthe 
EL DRDS fide? lethim come Hite mee, 
And all the fonnes of Leui gathered 
themfciues together bnto hin. 

27 And hee fad bnto them, Lhus 
faith the LORD God of Plrael, put 
every mai bis fivord by hisfide, and go 
tnand out from gate to gate theough- 
out Hecampe, and flay cuery man his 
other, and every man bis company 
On, ANDeuerp manhisneighbour, 

23 Alnd the childeen of Lent aivac- 
cording fo the Word of Doles; and 
theve fell of the people that day about 
theeetbouland mien, 
| 29 |For Doles hadlaid,iConteerate 
Confecrare | POULLeINES to Day to He Lo x w, cuen 
cuery man bpon his fonne, and bpon 
Lone be. | DiS brother, that he may bdeltow bpon 
manbath | 30 CAndit cameto pafle on the moz 
spe” vol, that Doles faid bute thepeopie, 
andagant (PeVHaue fnnedagreatfnne: And now 
be brather, |B Yi goe bp bnito the LO ww ; per: 
frerge jaduentuceH Challmakean atonement 
yourhande. | Fon your fine. 

31 And Moles returned vito the 
LOUD and lav, Dy, this people haue 

} Hebr. thofe 
that rofe up 


finned a great fiune , and Hane made 
them gons of gold. rosott 

32 Bet noww,tithou wilt forriucthar 
finne ;andifnot, blotme, 2 pray thee, 
out of thy Wooke , which thon Hatt 

33 Andthe Lory trio bnto Do- 
fes, wholoener hath finned againtt me, 
him a blot out ofmp BWooke, 

34. Lherefore now goe , ieane the 
people biito the place of Which F haue 
{poken buto thee : Behold, mine Angel 
thal goe before thee; Meuertheleffe m 
the day When ZB bifit, J wi rfie cheir 
finnebpon them. 

35 And the LORD plagued the 
people, becaule they made the Caife, 
Which Aaron made. 


1 TheLordrefufeth to goeas he had promifed 
with the people. 4 The people murmure 
thereat, 7 The'Tabernacleisremoued out 
ofthe Campe. 9 The Lord talketh faini- 
liarly with Mofes. 12 Mofes defireth to fee 
the Glory of God. 

re MD theL OneD laid bu- 

eee to Doles, Depart, and goe|. 

> vp Hence , thou and the 

es People Which thou hatt 

* zas brought bp out oftheiand 

of €gppt, vutotheland which F fware 

bute Ababa, to PFlaac, € to Jacob, 

laying, * Unto thy {een will J giuest. | + Geng. 12, 

2 “Ano ¥F weit fend an Angel vee 7- 
fore thee, anid FJ writ dgine gut the Caz| Deu. 
naattite, the Amozite, andthe piceite, | >>! 
a vd Perissite , the Hiuite, andthe 


3° Onto 4 land flowing with make 
and Honyp: Fo2P willnot goehpmthe 
mdf of thee: fo2 thouarta”tiffenceked | «chap. 33. 
people, ieft F confume theemthe way. jp -cettoss 

4. @ And When the people heara| '* 
thele cutll ndings, they mourned rand 
NO Mat DW put on him his omaients, 

5  Forthe LOxnw had laine dnt 
Boles, Say bnto the chitoeen of HE 
vael Be ave a fhiffenecked cm ga Jwit 
come Dp into the nudtt of thee tna mo- 
iment, econfumethee : Lherefore now 
putoft thy omaments from thee, that 
J may knob what to doe bnto thee, 

6 Andthe dhildeen of Piraci ttript 
themfeines of their onamients vp the 
mount Hozeb, 

7 And Moles tooke the Laver: 
nacle, € pitched it without 
fare off from the campe, and calledit 
the Labernacte of the Congregation: 
Aind tt came to pafle , that euery one 
Which fought the L on w, went out 
brite the Labernacle ofthe Congrega: 
Hon, Which was Without the campe, 

3 Anditcameto pale when Moles 
Went out bnto the Labernacie, thacaiy 
the peopie rote bp,and toon euerp man 
athis tentdooze, andlooked after Wo- 
fes , Oneill he Was gone into the La: 

9 Atnditcameto pafle as Dofes en- 
treB into the Labernacle , the cloudy 
pillar deftended, and foodat thedooze 
of the Labernatie,and the Lord talked 
With Doles. 

Jo Andall thepeoplefaw the doudp 
pillar ftand at the Labernacte pooze: 
and all the people rofe bp,and woethtp:| 
pedetierp man in his tentdooze, 

W And the L ORD fake bnto Ap 

Aind be turned againe into 
the campe , but bis feruant Jothuathe 
fonne of Mun, a yong man, Departed 
not out ofthe Labernace, 



SS Sea ze ST 


|e *Rom.9» 

ts) | 
all | 
il) | 
My | 
tH | 
Mt! | 
ft) | 


2 € And Woes faine bnto the 
Lonuw, See, thou fayett buto mee, 
Wing bp this people,and thouhat not 
let mee know Whome thou wilt fend 
With me. Bet houhatt laud, J knowe 
thee by ants odd ouhatt allo found 

ace in my fight. 

Now therefore, H pray thee, HE 
Phaue found gracein thy fight, Hhewe 
mee now thy thay that J may know 
thee, that H may find grace tnthy fight: 
and confider that this nation is thy 

: i Andhelain, Dy peelence hall go 
withthee, and ZH will gic thee retk, 
15 Anohelabnto him, HE thy pre- 
fetree goe Not with mee, caviebsnot hp 

ence. ; 
‘| 16 Foz Wherein Mail tt beeknowen 
here,that J and thy people haue found 
grace in thy fight ts tt not nthatthou 
goettiwith bs So (hall wwe be lepara- 
ted, H and thy people, from all the peo- 
ple thatare bpon the face nt the earth. 

17 Andthe Lox laid bnto Do- 
fes, J Will doe this thingatlo that thou 
haftipoken: fo2 thou halt found grace 
inmy fight, and J buow theeby name. 

13 Andhelaid, FH beleech thee, Hew 

Io Anodhe fatd, PF will mate all ny 
goonnefie pale before thee, and Ff will 
proclaime thenameof the Lowmbe- 
fo2e thee : * and Will bee gracious to 
Whom FH wil be gracious and wil he 
meracon Whom FBrwiil (hem merce. 

20. Auohefaid, Hhou cant not fee 
my face: forthere thallno man feeniec, 

Ua AndtheLoxD lad, Weholoe, 
theres aplaceby mice, andihou thait 
ftand bpon arocke. 

22 Audit thattcometo pale, white 
my alo pafieth by, that FJ Will put 
peerie oftherocke, and Weill couer 
thee with my hand, while F pafle by. 

23 And ZF wil take albay nine Hand, 

andthon Hatt fee mp backe parts: but| 

my face hall not befeene. 


1 TheTablesarerenued. 5 The Name of the 
Lord proclaimed. 8 Mofes intreateth God 
togo with them. 10 God maketh a couenant 
with them, repeating certaine dueties of the 
firt Table. 28 Mofes after fourtie dayes in 
the Mount commeth downe with the Tz 
bles. x9 His face fhineth, and he couereth it 

Se ND the Lox laid bu- 
to Doles, * Hew thee pws 

2 Laviles of ftone,like bnto | 

SPEPANG thefirlt and H will weite 

ices Dpott thee Lables, the 

Ss that Were in the fir Lables 
Which thou boakett, : 

2 And be ready nthemoming,and 
come bp in the moming bute mount 
Dinat, and prelent chy telferhereto me, 
tthetop of the mount. 

3 And no nian (hail *come bp with 
thee, neither let any man bee feene 
theoughout all the mount, nether tet 
the flockes noz herds feede before that 

4 @QAndbhebherwed too Lables of 
ftone,like nto the firft,and Dofes rofe 
Dp eately th the moming, and went 
bp bnto mount Stuat, astheLoxue 
hadcommanded him, and tooke mis 
hand the tivo tables of ftone. 

5 AnBtheL o x wodelcendedinthe 
cloud, and fiood With him there, and 
pocdatmed the Manic of the L oOxnD. 

6 Andthe LZ O x w pafled by be- 
foze him, and proclaimed, Lhe Lour, 
Lhe Ow God, mereifulland gra- 
cous, long fuffering, and abundantin 

7 Peeping mereie for thoufanns; 
forgiving miquitie and tranfgeeffion 
andfinne, and that will by no mieates 

soca Twonew Tabled 

*Deut. ro. 


cleeve the guile, *bifiting the iniquitic of | Exod.20. 

thefathers bpon the childeen, and bpon 

the childzens childzen, bnto the third! :s 

andto the fourth generation. 

3 And Doles made hatie,and bory- 
edhishead totbard the earth, and wor 

9 Andhelaid, Hfnow FJ haue found 
graceinthy light, OL ow,let my Loz, 
pee thee, gocaniongit bs, foritisa 

ffeneckedD people, ) and pardon out 
tniquitic, and our finte, and take bs foz 
thine inheritance. 

lo (Andhelatd, Weholn,* ZF make 
a couenant: beforcall thy people, J wal 
Doe mavuetles, fuch as hane not beene 
Done inallthe earth, noz in any nation: 
andall the people amonal Which thou 
art, Mall fee the workeof the L On wD: 
foritis aterrible thing that Jf Will doe 
With thee. ; 

UU Mbferue thou that which J conv 
mand thee this day : Behold, Ff deine 
outbefore thee the Amorite, and the Ca 
naanite, and the Hittite, and the peris< 
site, andthe Pinite, andtheZ gee 

In *Lake 



Againtt idolatric. 

32.deut. 7, 

t Hebr fia- 


* Chap,20. 

2 *Lake heed to thy {eife, et thou! 
mabe Acouenant with the inhabitants 
of the land whither thou goett, ict it 
beforatnarein the nidttof thee. 

B Wutype fhall deftrop their altars, 
beeake their t images, and cut downe 
their groucs. aga 

14 Forthou that worlip no other 

oD: fo2 the LOxD, whole name ts 

elous,isa*Jelous God: 

15 Left thou make a couenane with 
the inhabitants of the land, and thep 
goea Whoring after their gods,anddo¢ 
facvifice Duto their gods , and one cali 
thee,and thou eate of bis facrifice, 

I6 And thou take of * their daugh- 
ters dito thy fonnes and their daugh- 
fers goe a Whoring after their gods, 
and make thy fonnes goc a whoriigak: 
tev their gods. 

‘ Thou halt make theeno moiten 


18 (Le feat of*bnicanened bread 
thalt thou keepe : Seuen dayes thou 
alt cate bnieauened bead as F cone 
manded thee in the time of themoneth 

‘| Atoib : for tn the *moneth Abr thouca- 

meftout front Egypt, 
Ip * All that openeth the matrireis 

" jmithe: and cuery ficlHing amongtt thy 

tattell whether ore o2 Mheepe,tharis male. 

20 Dutthe firlling of an Ate thou 
fhait redeeme with a | lambe : and if 
thou redeeme hininot, chen thait thou 
breake His necke, All the firttbome of 
thy fonnes thou thait reneeme : and 

23. none Mall appeare beforeme* empty. 

. |buton 

2 €* Sire dayes thouthatt worke, 
thefeuenth day thou thait ret: 

{it cating fie and in haruett thou 

the yeere, 
i Chap. 23. 


thait reff. 


23 @ * Lhe in the peere thait att 
pout men childzen appeare before the 
LOD GOB, the Godof Frac, 

24. FOr P Will catt out the nations 
before thee, and enlarge thy boners: 

neither hall any man defive thy tann,| | 
When thou thalt goe bp to appeare de: 

forctheL on @ thy Gon, Hheicein the 
25 *Thou Malt not offer the blood 

fice Wi stetiher that 

patleoucr be 
26 Lhefivttof the fir fruits of thy 

land thou fhait bang dnto the houte of 
the L Ou w thy God. Chou thaitnot 
{eethea* kid in bis mothers mike, 

27 AndtheL On w fad bnto Wo- 
{es , naztte 
the tenour of thele wo2des , J hauc 
Le 3 couecnant With thee, and With 


28 * And Hee was there with the 
LOxD forty dayes andforty nights: 

He did neither eat head, nor dunke wal” 

ter andie Wrote bpon the Labies the 

thou* thefe wos: fodafter |: 

Wordsof the couenant, the tent Conv 
29 © And tt cane 

lkeDd With Hin, 

30 And When Aaron andall the hiv 
been of Hirael far Doles, pehoin, the 
fixinne of hts face fhone, and they were 
afvatd to come nigh him. 

31 And Doles called nto them, and 
Alavon and all the rulers of the Con: 
gregation returned bnto hin,and Wp- 
{es talked With them, 

32 Andafterwa 
coninandement all that the Louw 
hadfpoken with him inmount Sinai, 

33, UnDull Poles had done fpeaking 
With hens, he put*a batle onhis face, 

34. Wut when Doles went in before 

t LOUD to fheake with hin, hee 
tooke thebatle off, bntal he came our: 
Aind Hee came out and {pake bnto the 
childeen of Hirael, that which he was 
commanded, : 

35 And the children of Piract fa 
the face of Doles , that the fhinne of 
Doles face hone: and Poles put the 
batle bpon his face againe , pntitt hee 
Went i tofpeake with him, 

1 TheSabbath. 4 The ree forthe Ta- 

bernacle. 20 The readinefle of the people 
tooffer. 30 Bezaleel and Aholiab arecal- 

led to the worke. 

fs: . ther,and faid bnto them; 
SS TN) Chele are the wordeg 
whibthe Loxrw bath ES 


Moles face fhineth, 


* Chap. 24° 

_#8/ ifs 


~= == 2S 

BSS SF WseeTts 

> Chap. 20. 
g-leuit. 23. 

zedeut. 5. 

Aff r2.luke 13. 

| that peethoutp noe then) 
os Me irtapes Tpeiwonstictione\| 

: thercin, fhall be put to death. ; 

"3 Petpall nine noGee ptighonr | 

+ bpott ‘the Dabbath 

“4. CAnd Poles tpave bite alt the 

Congceganon ofrhecIntozen of Plea, 

faying, This is the Ming wWwhiey the 
LORD commanded, faying,-—  < 

5 Lakepefromamongtpouan oe 

| fing bntothe dL © xe naholoenct is 

ofa ie lig let Him beng tt, an 
offering of the ORD, gold, and{i- 
et, andbpafle, Ghee 
6 And ble, andptitple , and rar: 
let,andfinelinnen, and goats haire, 
7 And vammes Chines died red, 
ebadgersfkinnes,and Shittim wood, 
3 Andoylefoz thelight, and {pices 

for anopnting ople, and foz the imeet 

9 And Ontrftones , and tones to 
bel foz the Ephod, and fo2 the bette: 

Io And every wile hearted among 
pou, thall come and make all that the 
LORD hath commanded: 

I *Lhe Labernatie, his tent, and 

'[biscouering, histaches, ¢ pisbartes, 

his pillars, and his fockets: 

12 LheArkeandthe ttaues thereof, 
With the Derep feat, and the Vatleof 

13, Lhe Lable and his ftaues , and 
all bis veffeis, and the Shewbzean, 

14, Lhe Candiettiche aifo for the 
light,and his furniture,and histamps, 
With the opie fo2 the light, 

15 *Alnd the incente Altar, and his 
ftanes, andtheanopnting ole, andthe 
fiweet tncente, and the hanging foe the 
oe at the entring in of the Laberz 

16 * The Aitar of burnt offering 

‘| With his beaten grate, his ftaues, and 

alihis deflels,the Lauer and his foot: 

17 Ahehangings of the Court, his 
pillars ,and thetrfockets, and the han- 
ging for the dooze of the Court: 

18 Lhe pinnes of the Labernacie, 
and we pinnes of the Court, and their 

Io Hhecloathes offerutce,to doe ferz 
Licein the holy place, the holy garments 
for Aaron theeett,and the garments 

| | Drought the DR®S offerin 

are offered | 
of fis fonnes toniititterin theppretts| 
ate 281020 rissa 

20° Any al the Cotigregation of 
€ chilozen ot Blvael departed from 
pretence of apotes, > oe 
aE Ban ey cemetery oat whofe 
heave fired Hine bp, ‘and every one 
POUL Soe eee at 
mngto the 
Woke ofthe Wabernacie of the Con- 
Sregation andfoz all his feruice and for 
the Holy garnients, 
2 ANd Hey catite both met and wo- 
Men, AS Many as Were Willing hearted, 
and Houghe bextelets', and earerings, 
And rings, € tablets, all tevbels of goid: 
and cuerpsnan-that offered, ofered an 
offering of gold bnto the. ox, 

23 Andeuerp man With hom was 
found blelv,and purple andiearict,and 
fine Itinei, and goates haire, and red 
fkinnes of rantines , aud badgers 
{hiines, beought them. - 

24. Eucty one that did offer an of: 
fering of filuer and beaffe, bought the 
LORDS offering : and every men 
With whom was found Hhittin woop 
fozany Worke ofthe fernice,beought it. 

25 And al the Women that were 
Wilehearted div {pin with heirhands, 
and brought thatwhich they had fpun, 
both ofbieth,and of purpie;and of frat- 
let.and of fine linnen, 

26 Andall the women Whole heart 
fkitved then bp tt wifedome , fpunne 
goatg haire. 

27 And the rulers brought Onit 
ones, and tones to be {et fo2 the &- 
phod, and fo2 the beeftplate : 

28 And*f{pite, and oyle for the tight, 
andfo2 theanopnting ople,and fo2 the 
frueet incenfe, 

29 Mhechilozen of Pirael beought 
a ihilling offering bnto the Louw, 
cuery nat and Toman, Wholeheart 
made them willing to betty fo2 all ma- 
ner of iboeke, Which the Lox w har 
See tobemade by the bands of 


30 CAnd Poles fad bnto the chit- 
Den of Pirael, See, *the Lonw hath 

*Chap. 30 


called by namie Wesaleei the fonne of|* 

an, ce fonne of Hur, of the tribe of 

31 And he hath filled him with the 
Spirit of God, in wikeoome,inbnder- 
fanding, andin knowledge, andin ail 

32 Andtodeuile mvious Workes,to 

Z Woke 


thbites, and the becadth of a boardone 

cubiteand abaife. 

22 Due board had tibo tenons, c- 
qually diftanit one trom another: thus 
Did hemake forall the boards of the ta- 

23 Andhemade boards forthe Laz 
mee $ en fo2 the 
South fine, Southard; . 

24. oo fourtie fockets of fuer hee 
made bnder the tientic boards : tivo 
fockets buder one board fo2 his tio te- 
nous, cmprernanemis a another 
board, fo2 His tivo tenons. 

25 And forthe other fine of the Le 
bernatlewhich is tomard the Mo2th coz- 
nev, he made tibentte boards. 

26 And thete fourtie fockets of fi 
ner: tivo fockets bader one board, and 
twofockets bnder another board. 

27 And for the fides of the Laver: 
natie saciward, he made fire boards. 

23 And two boards made he forthe 
re of the Labernacie, in the to 


29 Andtheyp weret coupled beneath 
And coupled together atthe head there: 
of, to one ring: thus hee did to both of 
themin both the cozners, 

30 And there Were eight boards,and 
their fockets were firteene fockets of fi: 

_ {uees baderteuery board tro forkets, 

31 CAndhe made* barres of Sint- 
ft Yood:: fiue for the boards of the 
onefide of the Labernacie, 

32 And fiue barres for the boards of 

” the other fide of the Labernacie, and 

tHeby. the 

| worke of a 


| | reedle wor- 

Rer. pr em= 

fiue bavves for the boards of the La- 
bernacle for the fines noeftibard. 

33 Andhe made the middle barreto 
Hootthorow the boards from the one 
end to the other, 

34. And he oueriad theboards with 
Hold, Andmade their rings of golve to 
be places foz the barres, and oneriaine 
Hebarves With gold. 

35 CAndhemade a Vane of biew, 
and purple, and frarlet, and fine twbined 
lien: with Cheeubims made he tt of 
cunning Yorke, 

36 Andhemade thereunto foure pi: 
lars.of Shtttina wood, and oueriade 
Hem With golde: thetr Hookes were nf 
gold: and he cat forthem fourefockets 
of filuer, 

37_ CAndhee made an hanging fo2 
the Labernacie dooze of blew and pur- 

ie, and ferarlet, and fine omed innen, 
of needle worke, 


33 Andchefiuepiliars of it with their 
Hooks: and heoueriaid their chapiiers 
and their fillets With gold : but their 
fiuefockets were of baffle. 


t The Arke. 6 The Mercie feat with Cheru- 
bims, 10 The Table with hisveflels. 17 The 
Candlefticke with his lamps and inftruments. 
25 The Altar of incenfe. 29 The anoiuting 
oyle and fweet incenfe. 

Sy MD Wesalecl mane * the 

y, ache of Shittim wood: 

, oO cubites and a halfe 

» Was thelengthof tt, and 

Se i cubite and a halfe the 

2eadth of tf, anda cubite and a haife 
thebeight of x. 

2 Andheoucriad with pure god 
Within ¢ Without, andmade acvowne 
of gold to it round about, 

3 Aud hee cakt for tt foure rings of 
Gold, tobefer bythe foure comers of tt: 
cuen tivo vings bpon the one fide of it, 
and tio rings bpon the other fide of it. 

4. And he made ftaues of Shitrim 
Wood, and oueriatd them with goin. 

5 And hee put the flaues into the 
rings, by the fines of the Arke,to beare 

6 @ Andhemande the * Weveie feat |- 

of pure gold: tio cubites andan halfe 
was the length thereof, and one cubite 
andar halte the beeanth thereof, 

7 Andhemade two Chervpansof 
gold, beaten out of one piece mane hee 
pas ott the tin endes of the Merrie 

3 Due Cherub | on theend onthis 
fide, and another Cherubd||on the other 

end, on thatlide: out of the Dercie feat | o- 

mabe Hee the Cherubims on the two 
ends thereof. 

9 And the Cherubims {pean out 
their Wings ondigh, and coucred with 
theix Wingsouer the Mereciefeat with 
thetr faces one to another : even tothe 
Merce feat ward were the faces of the 

lo @ And hee made the Labie of 
Shittim Wood: tio cubites was the 
length thereof, anda mubitethe breanth 
thereof, and a cubite and a halfe the 
height thereof. 

It Aud he oucriaid tt With pure gold, 
and made thereunto a cweotbne of gold 
round about, 

12 Mito bemade thereunto a boobder of 

3 an 

The Arke, 

“Chap. 25. 

|| Or, one of 

|) Or,ost of 

ourtandfumme Chap.xxxix. 

lo Hheiv pillars were tiventy, and 
rocactaaten farketstibentic:thebooks 
of the pillars, and thete fillets were of 

iluer. f 

q 1 And forthe Mozth fide,the hangings 
Were att Hundzed cubites, thetr ae 
weretiventi¢, and their fockets o beatle 
tibentic: thehoopes of the pitiars, and 
their fillets of fituer. 

Iz And for the noelk fide were hang: 
ings of fiftie cubites, their pillars ten, 
and thete forketsten: thehookes of the 
pillars, and thete fillets of ftluer. 

B Andforthe Eat fine Ealtward fie 
tie cubites. 

14. Lhe hangings of the ore five of 
the gate were fifteente cubites, their pillars 
theee, andtheirfockets thee. 

15 Andfo2 the other fide of the court 
gate on this hand and that hand were 
hangings of fifteene cubites , thet ptt- 
{ars thoee, and their fockets thee, 

16 Mil the hangings of the court 

round about.were of fine bined linnen, 

17 And the fockets fo2 the pillars 
were of hatte, the bookes of the pillars, 
and their fillets of filuer, and the ouer- 
laying of their chapters of filuer, and 
all the pitlars of 

ecourt were filleted 
With filuer. 

= Aud the hanging fo2 the gate of 
the Court wasneedle Wozke, of blew, 
andpurple, and {cariet,and fine tibined 
linnen : and tibentie cubites Yas the 
length, and the hetabt tn the beeadth 
Was fiue cubttes , anhwerable to the 
hangings of the Court. 

Io And thee pillars Werefoure,and 
their fockets of baffle foure, their 
hookes of filuer, andthe overlaying of 
their chapiters, ¢ thet fillets of filuer. 

20 And all the *pinnes of the La- 
bernacle, and of the court round a: 
bout, were of b2afle. 

2 CLHbisis the funune of the La- 
bernacle, cuen ofthe Labernacie of Lez 
ftimonte, agit has counted, accoeding 
to the commaundenient of Bofes, for 
theleruice of the Lenites, by the hand 
of Hthamar, fon to Aaron the pztett. 

22 And Wesalect the fonne of Gri, 
the fonne of Hur, of the tribe of Ju 
dah, made all thatthe ZL ox w conv 
manded Doles. 

23 And With hin was Ahotiad,fonne 
of Ahifamach, of thetribe of Dan, an 
engrauer, and a cunning Wokeman, 
and an embroderer tn bier , and in 
purple, and in ftariet, and finelinnen, 

24. Ail the gold that was occupten 
for the Wozke tn all the worke of the 
Holy place, euenthe gold of the offring, 
was tYbetttie and nine talents, ann {e- 
ven hundzed and thirtie fhekels, after 
the thekelof the Sanctuary. 

25 And the fuer of them that were 
numbed of the Congregation, was an 
hundzed talents, and athoutand, feuen 
Hundzed and theeelcore ana fifteene fhe: 
Hels, after the fhekel of the Sanctuary. 

26 At Bekah foz t euerp man, that is, 
Halfe a thekel, after the thekel of the 
Sanctuary, fo2 enery one that went to 
benumbzed, from tientic peeves olde 
and bp Ward, forfire hundz0d thoufand, 
and three Mouland, and fue hundzed, 
and fiftie men. 

27 Andofthehundzed talents of fi- 
ev, Were calt the fockets of the San- 
ctuarp, andthe lockets of the bate: an 
hundzed forkets of thehundzed taients, 
atalent fo2 a locket. 

28 Andof the houland, feuen pure 
dzed, feuentic and fine Thekels, he made 
hookes foz the pillars, and ouerlaine 
thet hapiters, and filleted them. 

29 Aud the brafle of the offring was 
fenentie talents, and tibo thoufand and 
fourehundzed fhekeis. 

30 And therewith he made the foc: 
kets to the doove of the Labernacie of 
the Congregation, and the beafen Ar 
fav, andthe beaten grate fo2 it, andalt 
the beflels of the Altar, 

31 And thelockets of the court round 
about,and the fockets of the court gate, 
and all the pinnes of the Labernacie, 
a all the pinnes of the court round a- 



t Theclothes of feruice and holy garments. 2 
The Ephod. 8 The Breftplate. 22 The 
robe of theEphod. 27 The Coates, Miter 
and girdle of finelinnen. 30 The plate of 
the holy Crowne. 32 Allis viewed and ap- 
proued by Mofes. 

E Md of the blew, and pur- 

ple, andfcarlet,thep made 

we clothes of ferutce, to Doe 

\F ferutce in the Holp place, 

<= and *made the holy gar: 

ments fo2 Aaron, asthe L ORD com 
manded Dofes. 

2 Andbhe made the Cphonof goin, 
blew, andpurple, and frariet, and fine 
tibined linnen, ; 

3 And thep did beate the golde into 


of the offerin gs. 

(The Ephod,and 

thinne plates, andcut itinto Wiers, fo 
Worke iin the blew, andin the purpie, 
andinthefeariet, and in chefinetinnen, 
With cunning worke. 

4. Lbhep made thoutder pieces fo2 
it, to couple ic together; by the two 
edges Was tt coupled together. 

5 Andthe curious girdle of his E- 
phodthat was bpon tt,yas of thefaine, 
accozding to the Worke thereof of goin, 
bielv ,andpurpic, andf{tariet and fine 
fined linnen , as the Lowe conv 
mandea Doles, 

6 €* And they wrought Oniw 
ffones enclofedin ouches of goin, gra: 
uct as fignets ave guauen , with the 
names of the childeen of Hiract. 

7 And hee put them on the hou 
Bersofthe Ephod, that they thouid be 

-| fones fo2 a *memoziall to the chilnen 
i irae as the LORD commanded 

$ CC And he made the beeltplateof, 
cuntiing Worke, like the Woke of the 
€phod, of gold, ble, and purple, and 
ftarlet, and fine tbined linnen, 

9 Ht was foure (quare, hep made 
the beftplate double: afpanne was the 
iength therof, andafpannethe beeanth 
thereof being Doubled, 

lo Ana they fet in it fourerowes of 
ftones : the firlt row was 4|| Sardins,a 
Lopas, and a Carbuncle: this wasthe 

11 And thelecond row an Emeraune, 
aSaphireanda Diamonn. 

In And he third row aLypaure, an 
Algate,and an Amethitt, 

B And the fourth row, a Weritl,an 
Onc and & Falper : they Were encio- 
fedinouches of gold intheir incofings. 

14. And the ftones were according to 
the names of the cyitdeen of Bfraet, 
tYWoeltie according fo their names, like 
the ingrauings of a fignet, euery one) 
ie) his name, according to the tibelue 

15 Aud they made bpon the beeftplate 
chaines, at the ends,of weethen worke 

16 And they made two ouches of gold, 
andtibo gold rings : and put the two 
rings tn the tio ends of the beeftplate, 

17 ind they put the tivo weathen 
thaines of golde in the tho rings on 
the ends of the breftplate. 

13 And the tio endes of the tho 
Ireathen chaines they fattened tn the 
tho ouches,and put them onthe Mout 


the Breftplate, : 

dev pieces of the Ephod, before it. 

19 And they made two rings of gel, 
and put them on the tio endes of the 
heeft plate bpon the border of tt, which 
wasn the fideof the Ephodinwhard, 

20 And they made tivo other golpen 
rings, and put them on the two fines 
of the Ephod bnderneath, toward the 
fozepart of it, ouer againt the othercon: 
pling thereof, aboue the curious girdle 
of the €phod, 

21 Andtheyp did bind the beett plate 


bee looten from the €phod, as the 
LoOnecommanden Moles, 

22 CAnd he made the robe ofthe €- 
phodof wouen Worke, allof biew. 

23 And there Was aholemthe midtt 
of the robeas the hole of an habergeon, 
With aband round about the hole,that 
tt fhould not rent. 

24. Andthey made bpon the hemes 
of the robe pomegranates,of blew,and 
purple, and frariet, and tinediinnen, 

25 And they made * belles of pure 
Gold, and put the belies betweene oe 
poinegranates, bpouthehemmeof the 
tobe, round aboutbetweene the pome- 

26 Abell anda pomegranate, abell 
and & pomegranate round about the 
Hemmeot therobe to mintfter in, as the 
LOR Dcommanded Doles, 

27 And thep made coats of. fine 
linnen,of touen Worke,foz Aaron and 

23 And amiter of fine tinnen, and 
goodly bonnets of fine linnen,and*tin- 
nen breeches of fine tipined lannen, 

29 Andagivdieof finetibinedtinnen 
and bietb,and purpie,and frarict ofnec: 
dle wborke,as the L Ox Dtommanded 

30 C And thep made the plate of the 
holy Crowne of pure gold, and wote 
oe ita Waiting, like to THeengranings 
of afignet, *HDDLIRMES ZH 

31 And they tied bnto it alace ofbiew 
to fatten itonhigh bpon the mitre, as 
theL Ox Bcommanded Moles, 

32 CLbus was all the worke of the 
Labernarie of the tent of the Sone 
gation inithen: andthe childeen of HE 
taeldID Accosdinato al that heLorp 
conimmanded Doles, fo did a 

33 @ 

“Chap. 28. 
366 : 


3S S32 3225 

= S335 


eS SS > 

he Tabernacle Chapixl, 

35, ain they bought the Laber- 

“I nace bute Woles,.the tent, and althis 

prcenfe of 
Preece fpices. 

* Chap.26, 
it Heb.the 

Werder there. 

furniture, bis tachts; Dis boards, his 
Oe casniesbrms hisdockers; 

34. Ady the covering of rammes 
Chimes Dior Ted, and the concering: of 
bangers:{hinnes; andthe batleof the 
coucring: BSI IS 
‘ashe Mebeof he Lethimony,and 
theftanesitheveof, andthe Dercie feat, 
-( 360 Ee Hable 5 and all the oefkets 
thereat, andthe Shed bread3! 

37. oaee cramiueties 
tan thereof, ewcit with thelainpes 
to te teeta Mder,; and all he vellels 
thereofjandthe oplefoz light : 

33 Andthe goldenaltar, andiMhean- 

oitttingople,and the tfibect mcenfe, atid 

ehanging for the Labernacte booze: 
oe Liewaten altar, ands grate of 
baffle, his faues, and all his deficis, 
thelanerandhis foote: 

40. Lhe hangings of the Court, bis 
pillars, and bis fockets, andthe hang: 
tng forthe court gate, his coards, and 
His pines, and alt the beflels of the 
feruice of the Labernacle; forthe tent of, 
the Congregation: 

41 Hherothes of feruice to doe fer- 
uicein He holy place, and thehoty gav- 
ments for Aaron the Pett, and his 
fonnes garments to minifter in the 
Vrielts office. 

42 According to allthat the Louw 
tommnianded Doles, fo the chithenof 
Pirael made ail the worke. 

43 And Woles did looke Hyon all 
the Worke, aid behold, they bad done it 
astheL Dew hadconmnanded, cue 
fo han thep done tt: and. Pofes bleflen 


1 TheTabernacle is be reared, 
9 and anointed. 13 Aarenand hisfonnes 
to be fan@ified. 16° Mofés performeth all 
things accordingly, 34 Acloude couereth 
the Tabernacle. 

MD the L OR pw {pake 
brite Dofes, faping, 
2 Du the fir day of 
Sthe fir moneth. thait 
i m thou fetbp the Laverna: 
tle of the Lent of the Congregation, 
3 And thou halt put therein the 
Airkeof the Letimonie, and couer the 
Aivke With the Taite: 
4 AMid* thou halt bangin the La 
ble, andietin omer the thingsthatare 

to befetinorder bpotit; andthowthait;- 
bung in the Candletticke; and tight the 
lainpes thereof. 

5: Aind thou Chait fet the Altar of goin 
fox the incenfe before the Arke-of the 
puciiye banging of 

Lektimonie , and 

7 Aes Hott Hhalt let he Lauer ve: 
fbeene the Lene of the Congregation 
se ai alltac'; and halt put tater 


a ~ - opan _ Bp the Court 
ut, And Hang bp the hangin 
at the Court gate. i : ese 
‘9 And thou Mhaittake the annoyn- 
ting ople,andannopnt the Labernatie 
adall thatis therein, and thatthatiow 
tt,and all the beficis thereofiand it Hhat- 

be holy, 

Io Aud thou Matt anropnt the AL 
tar of the burnt offering , and all his 
beffeis., and fanctifie the Altar : and it 
thalve an Altart mot Hoip. 

It And thou thaltannoynt the La 
uecandhis foot,and fanetifictt, i 

2 Andthowthalehung Aaron and 
his founes bnto the deore of the La- 
bernade of the Congregation , and 
Wath them with water. 

3 And-thow Mhalt put dpott Aaron 
the holy garmetts , and anoynt hint, 
and fanctifie hint, that he may minitter 
brite mein HhepWrtelts office. 

4 Andthou halebing his founes, 

Jand clothe them With coats. 

15 Aud thou halt anopnt then, as 

} thou dink anopnt thei father, that they 

map minifier bnte mee m the pnetts 
office: Foz theivanopnting Chat fureiy 
bean eueriating pziefthood, theough: 
out their generations. 

16 Lhus did Doles : actozding to 
altthatthe £ ox @ commandedhim, 
fo dinhe. 

17 (And ttcame to pale in the firkt 
moneth, in the fecond peere.on the fir 
day ofthe moneth, that the*Labernade 
Was reared hyp. 

13 And Doles reaven bp the La- 
bernatle, and faftened his forkets, and 
fet bp the boards thereof,andput nthe 
barves thereof , and reared bp His 

Io And he fpread abroad the tent o- 
ner the Labernacie, and put thecoue- 


-usreared Vp. 

The Tabernacle Leuiticus. _Isrearedvp, 

ving of the Lentabone bpowit, asthe) | themeat offeing,as*the@ ox B con ag 
LORD commanded Moles. manded Doles, 

20 CAndhetookeand putthetety| | 30 (And helet the Lauer detweene 
mony into the Avie, and fectheftaues| | the Lentof the Congregationand the 
onthe Arke, and putthe PerieLeata:| | Aitar, put water thereto Wath withall. 
poucbponthe Ake. oo. . 2 ; 31 And Doles; and Aaron and his 

21 Andhe brought the rAvkemto the| |fonnes, wathed their hands and their 
-|Labernacle, aud* let bp the Uatte of] | feet thereat. __ RSHO) 

the couctittg, and couered the Arkeof| |: 32 nahenthepwwentiitothe Lentof 

eLeftimony:; asthe Loxw conv the Congregation. , and when thep 
jmanded Doles, Qnty cameneere duto the Altar, thep wath: 
|22 QAndhee -ectie seriaanee cD, a8 the Lonmeommanded Doles; 
| Lent.of the Congregation; bpor the| |°33// 2nd. hee reared wp the Court 
\Gide. of. the-Labernacle: Mozthwaed,| |round about the Labernacie ; and the 
| Without the Ciaite. Alitar,elechp thehangingofthe Court 
23 Alun heletthebzeadin oder byon| | gate :[o Doies finithenthe worke: 
it, before the Onw, as the Low) | 34 € * Chena coud coneren the |: Numb.9, 
Had contmanded Woes... ~: | | Lent ofthe Congregation,and the glo: |5 5-1 kes 

24, (Aud he put thecandletticke in| | ry ofthe Loum filled the Labernatie, |” 
the Lentof the Congregation, ouera:| | 35 And Doles was notable te enter 
gaint the Lable, on thelinenfthe La-| | nto the Lentof the Congregation, bez 
bernacle Southward, . caufe the cloud abode thereon, and the 

25 And He lighten thelampes befoze| |alozy of the Lox w filled the Laver 
the LOD, as the Loxw conr| |narle, 
|manDded Dofes. 36. And When the cloud was taken 
| 26 @Andheput the golden Atari] |bpfrom oner the Labernacte, the chil 
the Lent of the Congregation, befoze| \Deen of Pirael t went onward tn ali belch 
the Vaile. thetr tourneys : ge 
| 27 aAudhe burntimectincente there-| |. 3-7 Wut if the doud Were not taken 

on, asthe Lon commanded Motes. | |op,then thep tourneped not,tillthe Dap 

|. 28. Caind Hee fetbpthehanging, at] |that it as taken bp. 
the doore of the Labernacie. 38. Forthecloud of the oO x w was 
| 29 And He put the Altar ofburnt of |ppon the Labernacle by day, and fice 
| fering by the Dooze of the Labernacle| \wason eteninDt te tbetigheat all the 
of the Lent of the Congregation, and| |houtle of Pirael, thoughout all their 
offered bpon tt the burnt offering, and| liourneps. 

= SZ 

of Moles, called Leuiticus. 

er Ae As Pirael, and fay onto them, Ff anyp 
t The burnt offerings 3 Of theherd, 10 Ot! |mman of pou being an offering bnito the 
the flockes, 13 Of the foules. rpc aiecongh le ended of 
= GAN Md the Loxw peat enenof the herd, andof the 
GA (UK) & oke 




called bnto WDo- . baad 
fes , and fpake) | 3 * Pf his offering be abuentinert: |"="” 
Hifi Duto Hinr out of |fice of the herd, tet him offer a mate 
the Labernacle| | without blemith : he hail offer it of his 
of the Congrega-| jowne boluntary Wal, at the Doore of 
tion, faping, the Labernacle of the Congregation 
2 Speake bn-| |beforethe Lore. 
chingen of} | 4 Andhethall put his hand bpon 


=e , 



See Ean 


S335 253 225 - 




altar on the Catt part, by the place of 

S= Ss SS 

the bead of the burnt offering: and it 
{hat be accepted foz him to make atone: 
ment for hin. 

5 Andhe thall kal the buillocke be- 
fore the Lowe: and the Prelts Aa 
ronsfounes thal bang the blood, and 
{pzinkle the blood round about bpon 

ealtar, that is by thedooze of the Lae 
bernacie of the Congregation. 

6 Andhee Hail flay the burnt offe- 
tittg, And culitinto his pieces. 

7 And the fonnes of Aaron the 
Puett Chall put fire dpon the Altar,and 
lap thewoodin oder bpon thefire, 

3 And the Petelts Aarons fonnes 
thaillay the parts, he head and the fat 
tinosder bponthe Wood hatisinthe fire 
Which isbpon the altar. 

9 But the mrbards and histegges 
thal he wath in water, and the zie 
(haliburne all on the altar,to bea burnt 
facrifice, an offering made by fire, ofa 
fivect fauour bute the On w. 

lo CAndifhis offring be of the flocks, 
namely of the theepe, 02 of the goates foz 
aburnt facrifice, he fhall bung ita mate 
Without blemith, 

I And hee fhall kill ¢ on the fine 
of the Altar Mozthward, before the 
LORD: and the ricltes Aarons 
fornes fhall {prinkle his blood round 
about bponthealtar. 

Iz And he hall cutit nto his pieces, 
With his head and his fat: and the 
Priel Mall lay them i oder on the 
peat Hat ison the fire, which isbpon 


13 Buthee That wath the mwards 
andthelegs With water, andthe Dztett 
hall being it ail, and burne i bpon the 
altar: itis a burnt facvifice, an offering 
made by fire, of afwwectfauour dnto the 

14 € And if the burnt facrifice fo2 
hisoffring to the £ © 2 @ be of foutes, 
then he hall bring his offering of turtie 
Doues, o2o0f pong pigeons, 

15 Andthe Drietk Mall bang tt buto 
thealtar, and | wing off bis head, and 
burne it on the altar: and the blood 
Sea Thali be tung out at the fine of 


16 And hethall plucke away his crop 
With | his feathers, and cattit befine the 

the athes, 

17 And hee hail ceaue it with the 
Wings thereof, bur Hall not piutde tt a- 
funder + And the Wz Mall burne i 

bponthe altar, bpon the Wood that is 
bpon thefire: its a burnt facvifice, an 
offering made by fire of a fwect fauour 
butotheL One. 


1 The meate offering of flower with oile and 
incenfe, 4 eitherbaken inthe ouen, 5 oron 
a plate, 7 orinafryingpan, 12 Orot the 
firft fruits in the care. 13 The falt of the 
meate offering, 

2D When any will offer 

ameate offering bnto the 

®D 4 B, bis offting halt 

AN beof fine flowwze: and hee 

of fail porbze opie dpon it, 
and putfcrankincenfe thereon, 

2 And he hail being it to Aarons 
fonnes the picts: and hee thall take 
thereout bis handfull of the flowze 
thereof, and of the otle thereof, with ali 
thefrantincente thereof, andthe wretch 
thatl burne the memozati of tt bpon the 
altar, tobe an offering made by fire ot 
fvect fauour bnto the Loup, 

3 And* the remnantof the meat o€: 
fering thallbe Aarons and his founcs: 
itis AtHing mot Holy of the offerings of 
the Dum mandedy fire, 

4 And if thou bung anobiation 
of Ameate offering baken in the ouen, 
it fhall bee an bnleauened cake of fine 
flotbze nuingied with opie, o2 bnieaue: 
ned Wafers anointed With opie. 

5 @ Andif thy oblation beameate 
offering baken| ina panne, itthallbee of 
fe flotbze bnicaucned , mingled with 

6 Lhou that partit in pteces, and 
porbze ople thereon: it isa meate offe- 

7 CAnd if hy oblationbeameate 
offering bakenin the frying pan,it hatbe 
made of fine flowbze with opie, 

3 Andthou halt bring the meat o£. 
fering that is made of thelethinas bnto 
theL OxD, and whenit ts prefented 
buto the pz2tett , He Thali bang tt bnto 
the Aitar. 

9 And thepPpiek Mati take fromthe 
meat offering*a memopiall thereof,and 
hall burne it bpon the Aitar,icis an*o€ 
fering made by fire of a fveet fauour 
bnto the L Dx wv. 

Io And that which is left of the meat 
offering, thalbe Aarons and his fonnes: 
Itisa thing moft holy, of the offerings 
ofthe L Ox w made dy fire, e 

Il 320 

SAA tm 
Died Soe 

\Theburncoffting, Chap. _ Themescolfring 

* Ecclus.7. 

|Or,on «flat 

plate or, 



* Exod.29. 

Meat offering. 


tence mementos mye gnermn = 

Peace offering. | 

HW Mo meat offering, whieh pe thail 
bing bnto the Lo nw, fhallbemade 
With leauen: Foz ype Hall burne no lea: 
Uen,noz any hony,in any offering ofthe 
Louw madebyfire. — 

2 CAsto2 the obtation of the firkt 
fruits, pee thail offer them buto the 
Louw, but they thal not tbe burnt 
onthe Altar fo2 atweetfanour. | 

3 And euerp oblation of thy meat 
offering “halt thou feafon with fait; 
neither halt thou fuffer the fait ofthe 
Couenant of thy God to bee tacking 

} Hebr. 


front thy meat offering: With all chine 
offerings thou halt offer fait. 

14 Andrfthou offer aimneat offering 
of thy firlt fruits bute the Lo xz, 
thou thait offer forthe meat offering of 
thy firit fruits , greene caves of come 
Drtedby the fire, euen cone beaten out of 

15 Andthou halt put ople bpon tt, 
anbdlay feanbincenfle thevon ;ttisameat 

16 And Hhepr,iekk hall burne themie- 
moziall of if , part of the beaten cogne 
thereof , and part of the ople thereof, 
With all the frankincenfe thereof : ic is 
an offering made by fire bute the 

GAP; {Tt 

1 The meat offering of the herde, 6 of the 
flocke, 7 eitheralambe, iz oragoat. 

8 Sad if his oblation be ala 
° crifice of peaccoffering, if 
> hee offer ic of the herd, 
: > Whetherit be amate oe fe- 
Re Peas male,be thal offer it With: 
pucbleinnth before theL on BD. 

2 And he hall lay bis Hand bpon 
the head of his offering and kil it at the 
door of the Labernacie ofthe Congre- 
gation: and Aarons fonnes the pzielts 
fhatt {p2inckle the blood bpon the A- 
farroundabout. — 

3 And He hall offer of the facvifice 
of thepeace offering, an offering made 
by fire dito the Lo xD; * che fat that 
coucreth the intbards , and ail the fat 
| 4 Aapthe tivo kisneyps, and the fat 

thatisonthenr, Which is by the flanks : 
ilor,cacd-| AnD the|\caule abou the tiuer With the 
raf mer’ Boneys, tt Thalive takeaway. 
wrikka| 5 and Aacvons fonnes thal burne 
Heys. iton the Altar bpon the burnt facrifice, 

Which is pon the wood that i onthe 
fite: itis an offering niade by fire of a 



Or, fuer. 

fweetfanour bnto the LZ Ou. 

6 Aud if his offering for afacri- 
ficeof peace offering bute the L Ox BD, 
be of the flocke, mate o2 fentale, he thal 
offer it without blemith. 

7 HE hee offer a lambe fo his of 
fering , tien thall be offer it befoze the 
8 And he {hall lap his hand bpon 
tichead of his offering, and kill it be- 
fore the Labernacie of the Congrega- 
tion: 2d Aarons founes (hait{fpunkie 
the blood thereof , reund about bpon 
the Aitar. 

9 Ande (halt offer of the facrifice 
ofthe peace offering, an offering made 
by fitcbnto the Lore: the fat there- 
ofandthe wholerumpe, itfhall he take 
lof hard by the backe bone: and thefat 
that coueveth theinyards , and att the 
fatthat s bpon thetbards. 

Jo Andthe tio kidneys and the fat 
that is bpon them , whichis by the 
flankes,, and the cauleaboue the tiuer, 
With he kidneys, it hall he take albay. 

In Andthe Pre hall burnettbpon 
the Altar: iis the food of the offering 
madeby firebntothe LOR vp, 

2 And if bis offering be a goat, 
then he thal offer it befoze the Lone, 

B And he thal lay his hand bpon 
He head ofit, and bill i¢ before the La- 
bernacle of the Congregation: andthe 
fonnes of Aaron thall {peinckle the 
blood theveof bpon the Altar round 

14. Anohe hall offer thereof his of 
feritig,cuen an offering made by fire bn- 
to the Louw; the fat that couereth 
theintbards,and al the fat thatis bpon 
the intbards, 

5 And the tivo kidneps,and the fat 

|that ts bpon then, which is by the 

flancks , and the caule abone the liver 
With the kidneys. it Hall he take atbap, 

Ie Andthe pret Chall burne them 
bpon the Altar : iis the food of theok 
fering made by fire, fozafivect fanour : 
“All hefatistheLOuws, .. : 

17 Itthallbe & perpetuall fatute fo2| 2s 
pour generations, theoughoutall pout | «cee: 
SONS that pe eat neither fat, no2 +n 

00D, E 26; and 17: 

CHAP. Ili. 

1 The finne offering of ignorance, “3° forthe 
Prieft, 13 forthe Congregation, 22 for 
theRuler, 27 forany ofthe people. 


eae ea ee 

> land ali bis fleth 

hoy -Chapaiii. froneson ignorance. 

MotheLo xvlpake bre 

to Wofes; faping, 
2 » Speake wnto the 
childeen of BPiract, fay: 
wig, HE a foute thal finne 
theough ignozarice again any of the 
commandements of the oD (con: 
cerning things which ought-not to bee 
Done) And Mall do againi any of them: 
3. PE che eiek thatis anointed,doe 
finne accozdinng to the fine of the peo- 
ple, thet et bin being foz his Gune 
Which be hath finned, a pong bullocke 
Without blenuth, bute the Z O21 wp fo2 

afinne offering. 

4 And hee thail bring the bullocke 

{bntothe dooze of the Labernacie ofthe 

Congregation before the L ox w, and 
thal lap his band bpow the bullockes 
head, and bill the bullocke before the 


Sy Aad the Wziek that ts anointed, 

(hail take of the bullocks biood,; and 
butigit to the Wabernacle of the Con: 
gregation. oc. rhs 
916 Andthe Pret hallaip his finger 
inthe blood, and {prinkie of the biood 
feuentimes before the Lox B, before 
the Gate of the Sanctuary, 
“7 And the prielt Mall put fome of 
the blood bpen the hoenes of the Altar 
of fiuect incenfe before the Lox, 
Whithis inthe Labernace of the Con- 
guegation,and thal polbze*all tie blood 
of the bullocke at the bottome of the 
altar of the burnt offering, Which isat 
thebooreof the Labernacieofthe Con: 

3__ aind he thall tate off from tt all 
the fat of the bullocke for the finne offe- 
ving: the fat that couereth theinibards, 
and all the fat that ts Dpon the tn: 

9 Aind the tho kinneis, and the fat 
that spon them, which is bp the 
flankes , and the canle aboue theliner 
With the kioneis, tt hall he take albay, 

lo Asitwastaken off fromthe buts) 
locke of the facrifice of peace offerings : 
and the Pret thall burne them bpon 
thealtar of theburnt offering, 

i *2ind the fkinne of the bullorke, 
> With his head; and 
With histegs, andhisinwards,and bis) 


2 Euen the whole bullocke thatthe | 
tavie foozth t Without the campe, bnto 
a cleane place , here the athes are 
polozeD out, and *burne him on the 

Wood with fire: there the athes are 
polvzed out, fhalihebe burnt. — 
3 CAndif the whole Congregation 

of Hlraei {inne through tqnozance,*and| + chap 5. 
thething be hin fromthe epes ofthe af | »3-4- 

fembly, and they haucdone fomelbhat 
againitanyo the Commandenientsof 
HheLo xe, concerning things which 
Hhouidnotbe DONC, and avegquiltie: ~~ 

14. Daben thelinne whieh chep haue 
finned againt i, ts tnowen, then the 
Congregation thal offer a pong dul 
locke for thefinne; and bunghitt before 
the Labernacleof the Congregation, 
els And the Ciders of the Congrega: 
tion {hall lap their hands bponthehean 
ofthe bullocke,beforethe ZL ox D:and 
the buitocke (hall be killed before the 
LORD. ty 

16: And the priek that is anointen, 
thallbzing of the buitockes blood to the 
Labernacieot the Congregation. 

fore the baite, 

13 Aud he thal put fome of thedlood 
bpott the Hores of the altar, whichis 
before the Low, thatis the Laver: 
natie of the Congregation , and thal 
porbee outall the blood atthe bottome 
oftheaitar-of the burnt ofting, which 
is at he Dooze of the Labernacic of the 

19 Ande hail take alt his fat from 
Hin, andburneit bpon theaitar, 

20 And he lhall do with the bullotke 
as he did with the bullockeforafinne ok 
frittg, fo hati he do with this : And the 
Puett Mall make an atonement fo 
them, and it hail be forginen chem, 

21 And he thall carie forth the bul: 
lotke Without the campe, and burne 
himashe burned the firtt bullocke : iis 
afinne offering fo2 the Congregation. 

theLoup his God,concerning things 
Which Houldnotbedone,andts guilty: 

23 Darithis finne wherein hee hath 
finned,come to bis knowledge: he fall 
being his offering, akid of the goates, 
amale Without biemith, — 

24. Andhee halllay hishandbpon 
the head of the goate, and wil it in the 
place where they kill the buent offe- 
ting before the L On D? ttisa fine of 

___#__25_ And 

Mnneofisnorance. Leuiticus. 

*Leuit. 3, 

* Exod. 29. 

25 And the pzielt thall tate of the 
blood of the finne offering with his fin 
Ger, and put it Hpon the hoenes of the 
Altar ofburntoftring, and Tall poze 
outhis bisod at the bottome of the Ait 
tavofburnt offering. 

26 Andhe hall burne all his fathp- 
onthe Altar, as the fat ofthe facrificenf 
peace offerings : and the zelt hail 
make an atonement fozhim ,as concer: 
ning bis finne, and it thal be fozgiuen 


27 (And if tany one of thet conv 
mon people finne theough ignozance, 
While he Docth fomewhat againtt any 
ofthe commandements of the Loup, 
concerning things which ought notto 
bedone, and be guiltie: 

23 Drifhisfinne which he hath fine 
ned coine to His kno wiedge , then hee 
thallbung his offering, a kode of the 
goats,a female Without blennth, for bis 
finne which hehath finned, 

29 And he thalllay his hand bpon 
eee of the finne offering, and flay 
ee offering in the place of the burnt 

30 And the wWerelk thail. take of the 
blood thereof with his finger, and put 
ttbpon the homes of the Aitar ofburnt 

fering , and thall powee out all the 

blood thereof at the bottome of the 


31 And* he hall take atbay all the 

fat thereof, as the fat is taken atbayp 

from off the facrifice of peace offerings: 

and the ag fhall burne i bpon the 
> £0 

Alitar , fo2 a* fweet fauour puto the 
LORD, and the Hrek hall make an 
atonement for Hun, and it (hall be foz: 

32 Andifhe bring alambe fora finne 
offering, he hall being tt a fentale with: 
= eae hall lay His hand b 

33. And he p and bpon 
the bead of the finne offering, and flay 
itfozafinneofering, in the place where 
they bill the burnt offering, 

34. And the Priett thail take of the 
bloodof the fine offering With his fin- 
ger, and put i bpon the homes of the 
Altar of burnt offring,and Mhall powee 
outall the blood thereofat the bottome 
of the Altar. 

35 Andhe halltake away all the fat 
thereof, as thefat of theiambets taken 
albay from the facvifice of the peace of: 
ferings:andthe pet hall burnt them 
bpon the Altar , according to the of 

feringsmande by fire bnto the L ox, 
and ee fhalimakean atonement 

foz bis finne that he bath committen, 
andit hatbe fozgivuentim. 


He that finneth in concealing his knowledge; 
2 intouching anvncleanething, 4 or iii 
making anoath. 6 His tiefpaffe offering, 
of theflocke, 7 of foules, 11 or of fowre. 
14 Thetrefpaffe' offering in factiledge, ‘17 
and in finnes of ignorance. 

ASCE M20 if a foule finne , and 

RSE) ey, Heare the bopce of fea 

ttevit,then he thali beate hisiniquity. 

2 MDrifa foule touch any bneleane 
thing, whether tt bea cavtale ofan bn: 
cleane beatt, 2a cavcale of bueleanie tat: 
tell,o2 the carcafe of bicleane creeping 
things, and ifit be hioden from Hint, he 
aifo hall be bueleane,and guilty : 

3 D2 if hetouch the bneleannefie of 
man , Whatloeuer oncicanneffe it be 
that aman thalbe defiled withall and ic 
behid from him, whenhe knowerh of 
it, Then He fhatbe guilty. © . 

4. Drifatouie fweare,peonouncing 
With His lips to Do eutil, o2todo good, 
Whatlocner tt be that a man Hall pro 
nouncebith anoath andicbehio from 
him , when he knowWeth of it, thet he 
thalbe guilty in one of thete. 

5 Andichhalbe when he hatbe aqui 
tein oneof thele things, that he that 
Gaanee that hee bath finned tn that 


6 And he hall bung his trefpafie 
offering dito He OR D for his finne 
Which he-hath finned, a female from 
theflocke , alambe , 02 a biDDde of the 
goates, fo2 a fine offering : And the 
Prict Thalmake anatonement fo2 him 
concerning his finne. 

7 Alndift hee be notable to beitga | t Herr. ni 
lamibe, then he thal being for bis trek: | 4 om" 
pafle Which Hee hath comimitten, tio |e peione 
turtle Doues, 02 fv0 pong pigeons DI | of “amie. 
tothe On DB: onefo2 a finneoffring, 
and the other for aburnt offering, 

3 Andhe hall bang thembnto the 
Puelt, who Mhatlofter that which ts fo2 
the finne offering firft, and “wing off 
his headfrom his necke, but thailnot 
Diutdeicafinder. ; 

9 AndHe thall{princkle ofthe biood 
ofthe Se eeneeeeeen the 


* Chap.1- 
I 5- 

' |Alitar, and the rett of the blood fhall be} 
Waung out atthe bottome of he altar: 
itis a ftnneofering. 

Io Anohee thal offer the ferond fo2 | 
ord SADUENE offering, According to the || maz; 
nevi andthe Puck Mal make anatone-| 

ment forhinifoz his finne, which be pad! Lee 

finned, and it hall be forgiuen him, 

U @Wutif hee be not adie to being 
tio turtle Does, 02 tho yong pige 
ons; then he thathinned, thail bring fo2 
Ins offting the tenth part ofan Ephah 
of fine flowze foz a finne offering: hee 
fhall putno ople por it, neither Chait 

{he put any frankincenfe thereon: fo2 it 
isafinne offering, Mat 

12 Zhen that hee bring tt to the 
Prieft , and the piel fhall take his 

-|Handfittt o€ it; *euen amremoziall there: 

4 (Of, andburne ion the altar, “according 

tothe offerings niade by fire duto the 
LOxw: ttisafinneoterng, 

13 And the pet hall make an at 
onement for him as touching his finne 
that he hath finned in one of thefe ,.and 
tt fhall be forgiuen Hi: and cheremnant 
Chall be the eietts, asaimeat offering. 

14. (And the LOx Dw lpake dnto 
Poles, faying, 

15 HE afoulecommit atrelpatle,and 
finne theough ignozance, in the holy 
things of the L ox; then hee thail 
bung forhis trefpatle bnto the Loup, 
& vamme Without blentth , out of the 
flockes, With thy eftimation by thekeis 
of filuer, after the thekel of the Sanc: 
tuavic, for atrefpafle offering. 

16 And Hee (hall make amends fo2 
thebarimethathe hath done mthe holy 
thing, and hhallavde the fift part there: 
fo, AND gine tt Dnto the piel: andthe 
Puiett Mall make an atonement fo2 him 
With the ranune of the trelpafle offe- 
ting, Andit Mall be forgiuen him. 

17 CAndif a*foutefinne, and con 
nut any of hele things which are for 
bidden to be Done by the conmaunde- 
ments of the Lore, though he wit 
ittot, pet ishee quiltic, and Mall beare 
his iniquitic, 

13 And he Mall bung aramme with: 
Out blest out of the flocke, with thy 
efhimation, fo2atrefpafic offering buto 
the wprielt: and thezelt Hhaitmakean 
atonement fo him concerning his ige 
Noance Wherein he erred, and wiftit 
not: andit fhali be forgiuen him. 

Ip Htis atrelpalle offring: he hath 
certainly trefpafled agamittie Loup. 

Diuers offerings, 
EPR pA, 

t The trefpaife offering for finnes done wit- 
tingly, § The Law of the burnt offerings 
14 and of themeéate offering. 19 The o 
feriug at the confecratioh ofa Prieit. 24 The 

Law of the finne offering, 

9 MD the LORD fake 

) bnto Doles, fapitig, 
Vey, 2% PHaloulefinie,and 
Ye COnunita trefpaffeagaint 
tS tess He OD xD, andite onto 
his neighbour in that which was vel 
uered Hun to Keepe, o2 in | fellowthip, 
oritt athing taken aay by thiolence; Es 
o2hath decemned his neighbour: aie 

3 D2 Hane found that whieh was | Hd 

loff,and lieth concerning it, and *fvea:|*Num. 5.6 
veth falfly: in any of ail thele that a 
man doth, inning therein:. 

4 Chenit hailde, vecaute he path 
finned, and tS guiltic, that hee thalt re: 
floze that whitch he tooke piolentiy a 
Way, o2 the thing Which he hath aeceit: 
fully gotten; o2 that whitch was detine- 
vedhinito Keepe,ozthelolt dying which 
hefound: es 

5 Dralithatabout which }ee hath 
foe faltlp: hee Malt cuen * rettozert|*C™r-s- 
Intheprncipall , and thatl adde tie fife|'™ 
part moze hereto, and giueit bnto han 
to Whomitapperteineth, | inthe day of lone 
his trefpatfe offering, fen 

6 Andhee thal bring his trefpatle | evils. z70. 
offering bute the LORD, a ranme epee 
Without blemifh out of the*flocke, with *Chap,s5. A 
thy eftimation, fo2 atrefpatfe offering|:s- 
buto the pete, 

7 And the Prtett Hhallmatke an at: 
onement for hint, beforethe Loxw: 
and tt fhall bee forgiuen him, foz any 
thing of all that be bath done, in tret 
pafiing therein, 

8 @ And the LOxw lpake dato 
Moles, faying, 

9 Coniunand Aaron andhisfounes, 
faying, Hhis istheiaw of the burnt of 
fring: (Heis the burnt offring, |becaule \|Or, forthe 
of the burning bpon the Attar all night | os. 
buto the mowing, and the fire of the 
altar hail beburning init.) 

lo And he Drie thal put on histin- 
hen garment,¢ bis linnen beeches that 
he put bpon his fleth, andtake bythe 
athes which the fire hath confumed 
With the burnt offering on the Attar, 
and he hall put theni belines the Bitar. 

 Andhethal put of his garments, 
and put onother garnients, andcarrp 

Or, in dea~ 

he GK 2 fooxth 
a Us Se 


foorth the athes without the Campe, 
buto a cleane place. 

rR Audthefire bpon the Altar fhatt 
beburning init : it hall not beputout; 
And the Priel Mali burne Wood onit 
cuery mozning , and lay the burnt of: 
fering in ozder bpon tt, and he thal 
burne thereon the fatte of the peace 
offerings. — 

3 Hhefire thal eucr be burning bp 
on the Alitar: it fhall never goe out. 

4 @* Aud this & the law of the 
meat offering : the fonnes of Aaron 
thal offer it before the L © x B, before 
the Altar. 

Ig And he Khai take of it his hand. 
full, of the flowec ofthe meat offering, 
andofthe opie therofandall the frank: 
tacente hich isbponthe meat offring, 
and hail burue ic bpon the Aitar,fora 

-| feeet fauour, even the* menroztall of tt 
bntothe LOD, 

I6 Aud the remainder thereof hati 
Aaron andhisfonnes eat: With oulea 
verted bread thallitbe eaten in the holy 
place:in the court of the Labernacie of 
the Congregation they thalteatit. 

17 Ht hall not be baken with tea 
uen : FH haue ae it buto them fo2 
theiv poztion of my offerings made by 
five: itismotholp , asisthefin offering, 
andas the trefpafie offering. 

13 Ali the males amongthe chadzen 
of Aaron Mhall eat of tt: Ht halbea tte: 
tute fo2 ence in pour generations con: 
cerning the offerings of the Loxe 

.29.| made by fire: * eueryp one that toucheth 

them thalbe holy. 

I9 @ And the L Ox BD {pake bnto 

20 Chis is the offering of Aaron, 
andof hisfonnes which they thail offer 
onto the D uD, in the Bay Whenhe 

‘tS anoputed: Lhe tenth part ofan *e€- 
phab of fine flowwze for ameat offering 
perpetual , haife of it in the mozning, 
and halfe hereof at night. 

21 Pir a panne tt Hhalbemade with 
ovle, and Wien it is baken, thou halt 
bring tt in : and the baken pieces of the 
meat offering thalt thou offer for a 
fweet fauour bute the LL 9 xe, 

22 And the week ofhis fonnes that 
iSanopnten inhis ttead Mhal offer it: Ht 
18a fatute for ener bntothe Lox, 
ttMhalbe wholly burnt. 

23 F02 enerpy meat offering fo2 the 
me Hhalbe wholly burnt: it hall not 

Motes, faying, 

25 Speake bnto Aaron and to his 
fonnes, fapitg, This is the law of the 
finne offering: Puthe place where the 
burnt offeringis killed, thall the finne 
offering be killed before the Lowe: 

26 Khe pPrielk that offereth it foz 
finne,thaileatit: Pn theholy place hat 
it. be eaten, tn the court of the Laber- 
nacleof the Congregation. 

27 aobatlocucr thatl touch the fleth 
thereof, haibe holp: and when thereis 
{princkicd of the blood thereof bpor| 
any garment, thou halt wath that 
bear twas f{princkled, in the holy 

23 Wutthe earthen beflell wherein 
ttisfonden, * hall be beoken : And ifit|* 
befodden ina bealen pot, it hall be both |’ 
f{romkeed, and rinfedin water. 

29 Mil the malesamong the eiekts 
hall cate thereof: tt is moftholy. 

30 *2ind no finne offering whereof)" 
any of the blood is brought into the 
Labernacie of the Congregation to re- 
concile wichall in the holy place, thall-be 
eaten: tt fhallbe burnt in the fire. 


1 Thelaw ofthe trefpafle offering, a1 ‘andot 
thePeaceofferings, x2 whetherit be fora 
Thankefgiuing, 16 or-aVow,or a Free: 
will- offering. 22 The fat, 26 andthe 
blood are forbidden. 28 The Priefts por- 
tionin the Peace offerings. 

ae PHkewile this is the latve 

of the trefpafle offering: it 
> ismoklPoly, 
° 2 Bune place where 
STA they hil the burnt offring, 
hei they bil the trelpafle offering; and 
¢ blood thereof fhail hee fpanckie 
round about bpon the Altar. 

3 And he hall offer ofit all the fat 
thereof; therumipe, andthefatthatco- 
ueveth theinwbards, 

4. And he tho kidneys, and the fat 
that is on them, which is by theflankes, 
and the caule that is aboue the liner, 
With the kidneys, it (halihe takeaway. 

5 And the Wziett hall burne thenr 
bpon the Altar , for an offering mane 
by five bute the Low: itis a trek 
paffe offering. 

6 Cuerp male among the puettes 
hall cate thereof: it hail be eaten in the 
holy plate: itismoftholp. 5 

5 7 AS 

| Meat O cring. 
4, Caubihe Lowe hakebuio, 

Chap. 11. 

Hebr. 13. 


L— = 


7 As the {inne en “4 ve c 
trefpatle offering: there ts one 02 
en + the puielt that maketh atone: 
ment therewith, Mail hauc ic. 

3 And the 

9 Audalithe meate offeringthat is 
bakein he ouen,and all thatis defied 
inthe frying panne, and| inthe panne, 
hall be the rielts thatoftereth it. — 

lo And eucrp meate offering ming: 
led With ovle, and due, Mall all the 
fonnesof Aavonhaue, oneas much as 

I And eps is Cela of the facvifice 
of peace offerings, which he Maul offer 
butotheL our. — 

12 YE hee offer tt for a thanket 

enhe thal offer with the fa- 

of thankefquing bnicauencd 

cakes mingled Ihith opie, and bnteaue- 

ned Wafers anointed with ole, and 

oe mingled With ople of fine flowze 

13 Welides the cakes, hee fhall offer 
fo2 his offving leancned beead, With the 
facvifice of thankefgiuing of his peace 

14. Andof it he thall offer one outof 
Hetohole oblation, for an heaue offe- 
ting bnto the ZL ORB, and it (hall bee 
the Prtetts that {prinkleth the blood of; 
thepeace offerings. 

15 Andithefieth of the lacrifice of his 
peatcofferings for thankeioming, (halt 
be eaten the fame day that it is offered: 
he thall not leauc any of it ntti the 

16 2utif the facvifice of his offering 
be & bow, o2 a boluntary offering, it 
hall be eaten the fame day that he offe- 
teth his facvifice: and on the mozrowwe 
alfo the remainder of it that be eaten. 

17_ But theremainder of the fieth of 
the facvifice on the third day fhall bee 
burnt With fire. 

18 Andif any of thefleth of the facrt- 
ficeof His peace offevinas beeaten atall 
onthe third day, it Mall notbe accepted, 
neither thalitbeimputen puto hin that 
offerethit: it hall bean abomination, 
and the foule that cateth of it, thall 
beare his tniquitie. 

I9 And 

20 But the foule that cateth of the 
ficth of the facvifice of peace offerings, 
that pevtaine bute he Lo xp, 
“pauing its bneleanneife byon han, 
eutett aaa be cut of from bis 

21 Mozreouer , the foule that thar 
touch any bneleane thing , as the bir 
deanneffe of man,oz any bneleanebeatt, 
ogzany abominable bneleane thing, and 
cate of the fleth of the facrifice of peace 

ngs Which pertaine pny the 
LORD, even that foule thatt be cut 
of eed . 

22 ND the HL Ou @ (hake onto 
Poles faying, a 

23 Speake bnto the ehitnzen of FE 
rael, faping,* Be thall eatno manerfat 
ofore,o2of (ycepe, o2of goat, 

24. Aud the fat of the t beat that 

dieth of it {elfe,and the fat of char which |° 

ts torne with beatts, map be died in any 
mis bles but pee Mhall tn no wile cate 
of tf. 

25 Foz wholoeuer eateth the fat of 
thebeatt, ofwwhtch men offer an offring 
made by fire Dnto the L Oxw, enen 
the foule that eateth ic, (hati be cut of 
frombis peopie, 

26 *DPozconer ye hall catno maner 
of blood, Whether tt bee of foule 02 of 
beatt trany of pour Dibeltings, 

27 vabatloener foule it be that ca 
tett) any maner of blood , euen that 
foule fhalbe cutoff from peopic, 

23 CAund the LO xP lpake onto 
Moles, faying, 

29 Opeake bnto the chinzen of HL 
rael, faping, Dee that offereth the facet: 
fice of His peace offerings Dnto the 
LORD, hall bring his oblation bnto 
the On w, of the farrifice of his peace 

30 His Olbne hands (hall bung the 
offerings of the Lox wD made by fire, 
the fat ith the brett, tt thall hee being, 
thatthe beeftmayp be waned fora wane 
offering beforethe Lox, 

31 Andthe pz2ett thaliburnethe fat 
bpon the Aitar: but the brett halbe Aa 

32 AnD the right fhoulder thal ye 
Give bnto the pPriett for an heaue of 
fering of the facrifices of pour peace of: 

33 Hee among thefonnes of Aaron 
that offercth the bloovdof the peace of 
fevings,and the fat, hall hane the right 
Choulder foz His Pa 

vi. _ blood is forbidden. 


chap.3. 17. 
and 17.14, 

*Exod. 39; 

3 34. Fez 





34 Forthe wWaue beet andthe heaue 
Thoulder haue taken of the chiiozen 
of Hiract fromof the facvifices of heir 
peace offerings , and haue ginen them 
brto Aaron the Pziell, and bnto his 
fonnes , by a ftatute for ener, from a: 
mong the chidzen of Piraet. 

35 €L LS is the portion of Theanoine 
tingof Aaron, andof the anointing of 
his founes, out of the offerings of the 
LORD made dy fire, intheday when 
heprelented thent, to minifter bute the 
LORDin the pvatetts office: 

36 WhichtheL Onw commanded 
tobeginen then of the chilazen of HE 
rael, in the day that hee anointed them, 
by & ftatute fo ever, throughout their 

37 Lhisisthelaw of the burnt offe- 
ving, of the meate offering, and of the 
finite offering, and of the trefpafle offe- 
ring, and of the confecvations, and of 
the facvifice of the peace offerings: 

33 wWhichthe L ORW commanned 
Motes in mount Sinai, inthe day that 
he commanded the hildeen of Hfraelto 


offer their oblations bute the Loxe, 
inthe Wildernefle of Dina, 


Mofes confecrateth Aaron and his fonnes. 
14. Theirfinne offering. 18 Theirburnt of 
fring. 22 Theram of confecrations. 31 The 
place and time of their confecration. 

y NdeLox plpakebu- 

§ to Doles, laying, 

» 2 *Lake Aaron and 

& bisfonnes with him, and 
3 cas the garmients, and * the 
anointing ople, and a bullocke foz the 
finne offering, and tio rammes, and 
abalket of bnleanened bread, 

3 And gather thou allthe Congre- 
gation together bnto the dooze of the 
Labernacie of the Congregation, 

4 And Doles didas the Loup 
commanded him, € the allembiy was 
gathered together bnto the ooze of 
the Labernacie of the Congregation, 

5 And Doles {aide nto the Con- 
Gregation, *Zhis ts the thing which 
the Lox commanded to bedone. 

6 And Doles brought Aaron and 
its fonnes, and wathed them With waz 

7 Andheput bpon him the coate, 
ANd Sirded him with the givdie,andcloz 

thed him With the robe, and put the €- 

of Aaron,and 

phodbpon him, and he girned him with 
the curious givdle of the Ephod, and 
bound « bnto him therewith, 

3 And hee putthe brett plate bpon 

(ni: aifo he *put in the beelt plate the 
rinrand the Lhumimuni, 

9 And he put the nuter bpon his 
head allo bpon the miter, euen bpon 
his forefront did hee put the golden 
plate, the holy crotone, asthe L one 
*commanded Doles, 

otle, And anointed the tabernacle and 
a that was therein , and fanctified 

I Audhelprinkledthereof bponthe 
altar feuen times, andanointed theal- 
tav and all bis veffeis, both the lauer 
and his foot, to fanctifie them. 

12 Andhe*potkeed of the anointing] *Ecctus. 
pile bpon Aarons head, and anointed oe 

him, to fanctifie him, 
B And Doles brought Aarons 
fonnes, andput coats bpon them, and 

girded them With givdles.andipnt bone] tHeb.bound 

nets bponthem, asthe LOxe cone 
manded Doles. 

14. *And he brought the bullocke fg | *Ex04-29. 

the finne offering, and Aaron and his|" 
fonnesiaid their Hands bponthehead 
of the bullocke forthe finneoffering, 

15 And he fle it, and Doles tooke 
the blood, and putit bponthe homes of 
the altar round about With hisfinger, 
and purified the altar, and porzen the 
biood at the bottome of the altar, and 
spk if, fo make reconciliation bp- 

16 And hetooke all the fat tharwag 
bpon the tithards, and the Rall aboue 
theliner, and the tho kidneis,and their 
ae and Boles burned tt bpon the Av 


17 But the bullocke, and his ioe, 
his fleth and his doung, heburnt With 
five Without the campe,astheLoxp 
*comimanded Doles. 

3 CAndhebroughtthe ranimefo2 
theburnt offring : and Aaronand his 
fonnes laid thetr Hands bpon the head] - 
of theramme. 

Io And he killed tt, and Wotles fpank 
ie = blood bpon the Altar roundaz| 


20 And he mt the rammeinto pieces) 
and Doles burntthehead, and the pie- 
ceS, andthe fat. 

21 Andhe wathed the Mwards and 
thelegges in Water,,and Moles burnt 


* Exod.28. 

Io And Woles tooke the anointing) 39-* 


- | tinirit as Doles *part.asthe Loup 

the whole ranune bpon the Altar: Ye 
wasaburnt facvifite to? a fucet fauour, 
and an offering made by fire bnto the 
LORD, as the LORD commanded 


22 @ And* hee beought the other 
ramme , the vanimne of confecration: 
and 2laron and his fonnes layd their 
hands bpon thehead ofthe ramme. 

23 And he lew it, and Doles cooke 
ofthc blood ofit,and putit bpon the tip 
of Aarons right carve ,and bpon the 
thumbe of his right band,and bpon the 
greattoc of his right foot, 

24 Andhebought Aarons fonnes, 
and Doles putof the blood bpon the 
tippe of thetr vighteare, and dpon the 
thumbs of their right bands,and bpon 
the gveat toes of their right feete sand 
Moles {prinkled the biood bpon the Av 
tar round about, 

25 find hee tooke the fat , and the 
tumpe, and all the fat that was pon 
the tnbards , andthe cautle above the it: 
ter, and the tibo kidneys and their fat, 
and the right Hhouider, 

26 Andoutof the balket of dniteaue- 
ned bead, that wasbefore the Loup, 
he tooke one bnleauencd cake , anda 
take of opled beead, and one Wafer, and 
fe to onthefat, and bpon the right 


27 And hee put all * bpon Aarons 
hands,and bpon his fonneshands,and 
Waued them fora wane offering before 
theL ore. 

23 And Doles tooke them from off 
Hheirhands, and burnt them onthe 
tav,bpon theburnt offering: Lhey were 
confecrations fo2 a fiwect fauour : Ft 
is an offering made by fire bnto the 

29 And Doles tooke the beet, and 
Waued itfora Wane offert. 3 before the 
LOR Di Foroftheranune of confecra: 

commanded Doles, 

30 2nd Doles tooke of the anopn- 
fing ople, and of the blood Which was 
bpon the Altar, and {peuckled ie bpon 
Alacon,and bponhis garmients,and bp- 
on his fonnes, and bpon his funnes 
gavinents With hin: and fanctified Aa: 
tot, and his garments,and his fonneg, 
andhis forunes garments with him. 

31 @ And Doles faid onto Aaron 
Adto hisfonnes , Bole the fielh at the | 
dooreof the Labernacteof the Congre-| 


Gation sand theve* eat it with the bead 

that is in the batket of confecvations, 
as J commanded, faping, Aavonand 
bistonnes hall eat it. 

32. Anothat which remaneth of the 
fief, and of the bread , hall yee burne 
With fire, 

33 And pe hall not aoe out of the 
Door ofthe Labernacle ofthe Conare- 
Sation in feuen dayes, vutill the dapes 
of pour confecration be at an end : fo2 
“feuen dayes thatl he confecrate you, 

34. 2s Hehath done this nay , fo the 
LORD hath commanded to doe , to 
makean atonement fo2 you. 

35 Hhevefore hall pe abide at the 
Dooreof the Labernacie of the Congre- 
Gation day and night, feucn dayes, and 
keepe the charge of the L ox @, that 
pedienot: forlo Ham commanded, 

36 So Aaron andhisfonnes diva 
things which theL one conman- 
DED by the hand of Boles, 

CMAP «ix: 

x The firft offerings of Aaron, for himfelfe and 
thepeople. 8 The finne-offering, iz and 
the burnt offering for himfelfe, 15 Theof- 
ferings for thepeople. 23 Mofes and Aa- 
ron blefle the people. 24 Fire commeth 
from the Lord, vpon the Altar. 

BEL MD tecamieto pafle on the 
Wee cightday, that Doles cai- 
a len Aaronandhis fonnes, 
\F atid the elders of Hiraet, 
wesars 2 And Hee faide onto 
Alavon, *Lake thee a pong calfe for a 
finne offering, and aranine fora burnt 
offering , Without blemith , and offer 
them beforethe L On w, 

Aarons offrings. 



3 And dhto the chien of Pract |" 

thou thait {peake,faping, Lake pe akin 
of the goats, for a finne offering, anda 
calfe,and alambe, both ofthe firtt pecre 
Without blemith,fora burnt offering, 

4 2iile a bullocke and avammie, fo2 
peace offerings, to facvifice before the 
LDRD, ad & meat offering mingled 
With ople : for to nap the Loup 
Wilappeare nto pou. 

5 © And they beought that which 
Moles commanded, before the Laberz 
nacle of the Congregation: andall the 
Congregation dew neeve and flood de- 
forctheH. © x wp, ; 

6 And Moles id, Lys ts the 
thing which the LO wx wcommanded 
that pe Mould dee: andthe glozp of the 
LOxnw hall appeare bnis pou, 

\ 7 And 


| Aaro 

7 Aud Woes faid buto Aaron, 
Goe bnto theAitar, and offer thy finne 
offering, and thy burnt offering, and 
make an atonement foz thy felfe , and 
foz the people: and offer the offering of 
the people, and make an atonement foz 
them, as the L O xB commanded, 

3 @ Aaron therefore Went bnto 
the tar, and fle the calfe of hefinne 
offering, Which was fos hinileife. 

9 And thefonnes of Aaron bought 
the bioad bnto him, and hedipthis fin: 
ger in the blood , and put it bpon the 
hommes ofiheAitar,and powzedout the 
biood at the bottome ofthe Bitar. 

lo Mufthe fatanddhekioneps, and 
the caute aboue the liner of the finne of 
fering he burnt bpon the Altar asthe 
LOD commanded Doles, 

Ik Andbefieth and thehidehe burnt 
With fire, Without Hecampe. 

Iz Andhee flelo theburntofering, 
and Aavonsfonnes prefented bnto him 
theblood, Which he fpanckied round av 
boutbpon the Bitar. 

13 Aind they peefented the burnt of 
fering buto him, with the pieces there 
of and the head: and he burnt them bp- 
onthe Altar. 

14 Andhe did walh the tniwards, 
and the legs, and burntthem bpon the 
burnt offering on the Aitar, 

15 CAndHewoughe the peoptes of: 
fering , andtooke the goat, which wag 
thefinne offering fo2 the people , and 
ae If, and offered it fo2 finne, as the 

16 Andhe keought he burnt offring, 

Jorerd- [And offered if According to the|| maner, 
+ Hebr.fied| and t tooke an Handful thereof , ann 
hubodoe ournt it Dpon the Altar, * belide the 
trod, a9.| burnt facvifice of the mozing, 


17 Andheboughtthe meat offring, 

13 He flew allo thebullocke and the 
ramme,fo2 afacrtfice of peace offerings, 
Which was for the people: And Aarons 
fonnes prefented bnto him the bison, 
Mbbich hee — bpon the Aitar 
round about 

I9 Andthe fat ofthe bullockeand of 
the ramme, the rvumpe, and that which 
couerett) the inwards , And the kidneys, 
and the taute aboue theltuer, 

20 And thep put the fat bpon the 
brelts,ehe burntthe fatbpon the altar: 

21 And the beealts and the right 
thoulbder , Aaron Waued fo2 a aue of 
fering before the Lox w , as Doles 

nsofferings. Leuiticus. _ Hisfonnesburnt, 

22 And Aaron lift bp his hand to-|, 

Yards the people , and blefled chen, 
and came Dolvne from offering of the 
finne offering, and the burnt offering, 
and peace offerings, 

23 And Moles and Aaron went in 
to the Labernacle of the Congrega- 
flO, And camncout, and diefled the peo: 
ple: and the glozp of the Lo xB aps 
peared bnito ail the people. 

24. And* there cane afire out from 
before the Z ORD, and confumed bp- 
on the Altar che burnt offering , and 
the fat: which when atl thepeopicfaw, 
they fhouted,and fell on their faces, 


1 Nadab and Abihu, for offering of ftrange fire, 
are burnt byfire. 6 Aaron and hisfonnes 
are forbiddentomourneforthem. 8 The 
Priefts are forbidden wine when they are to 
goeintothe Tabernacle. 12 Thelawofea- 
ting the holy things. 16 Aaronsexcufe for 
tranfgrefsing thereof. 

Yrs MD * Madab and Abi 
hu, the fonnes of Aaron, 
tooke either of them his 
Ge confer, and put fire there: 
SHY Seray it, AND put incenfethere- 
Olt, And offered frange five before the 
LORD, which hee commaunoed 
them not, 

2 «Aud there went out firefromthe 
LORY anddeuouredthem, and they 
died before the Lore, 

3 Chen Doles faid bnto Aaron, 
Lyisisic thatthe Louw fpake, fay: 
ing, H will bee fanctified in chem that 
come nigh me, and before all the peopie 
cen be glozified : And Aaron held 


4 And Moles called Wilhael and 
Eisaphan the fonnes of Usstel, the bu- 
ceof Aavon,and fad bnito theni, Conte 
neere, carp pour beetheen from before 
the Sanctuary, out of the cape, 

5 So they tent neere, and caricn 
themin thetr coats outof the campe,as 
Moles had aid, 

6 And Dolesiaid bnto Aarvon,and 
ditto Cleasar and bnto Jebamar his 
founes, Uncouer not pour heads, net: 
ther vend pourclothes, ict poudie,and 
left Yo2ath come dpon all the people: 
Wut let pour beetheen,the wbhoiehoule 
of Hirael, bewaile the burning which 
the Lox hath kindled, 

7 Alnd ype fhainot gocout fromthe 


ES Se | eerie (aa 


* Gen. 4, 
1.king. ie 
38. 2.chro, 

and 26,61. 

i Rue tld en. Chap.x. : Beatts cleane,&¢] 


SF : = 

FExod. 29. 

| | 


the) | 
i ; 
Ot, : 
it | 
i | 

(8 | 





done of the Labernacle of the Con- 

macs pou die : fo2 theanoin- 

fingople of the LOxuw wbpon you: 

and they did according to the Wo2d of 

oo € And the Z Oxw {pake bnto 

Aavon, faying, — : 

9 Moe not dike Wine noz {trong 
dritike, thou, nozthy fonnes with thee, 
When pe goeinto the Labernacic of the 
Congregation, lett pee Die: Iethall bee a 
ftatute for ener, theoughout pour gene: 

lo Auothat pemay put orfFerence be- 
tiheeneholpand buboly, and betiveene 
pncleane and cleane: 

H_ Andthat ye may teach he childzen 
of Hivael all the ttatutes Which the 
LORD at fpoken buto thent by 
thehand of Dofes. 

Iz CAnd Woles fpake bute Aaron, 

B Andype thal eat itinthe holy place, 
becaule itis thy due, and thy fonnes due 
of the facrifices of the Louw, made 
by five: foz fo FJ am commanded. 

14 And “the aucdeealt and Heaue 
thoulder hall ye eateit a cleane piace, 
thou, and thyfonnes, and thy daugh- 
ters With thee: Fozthep bethyp oucand 
thyfonnesdue, which are giuen outof 
the facvifice of peace offerings, of the 
hidden of Hirai. 

15 Cheheaue hhoulder, andthe wane 
boeatt thal they britig, With the offrings 
made by fire of the fat, to Waue ic fora 
Waue offering before the L ox wD: and 
ttfhall bee thine, and thy fonnes with 
thee, by a ftatutefo2 ener,asthe Loup 
hath commanded. 

16 { And Doles diligently fought 
the goateof the finne offering, and be: 
hold, tas burnt: and he was angry 
With Ceasar andJthamar,thefonnes 
of Aaron, which Were eft alive, fay- 

17 xobherefore haue pe not eaten the 
{inne offering in the holy place, feeing tt 
smo holy, and God hath giuen tt you 
to beare the intquitic of the Congrega- 
fon, to make atonement fo them, be- 
fore the o nD: 

13 Behold, the blood of tf Was not 
brought in, within the holp place: yee 

thouid mdced haue eaten it mthe holy 
place, * as 2 commanded, — 
Io Anda 
Bol, this dap haue they offered their 
iMite offering, andtheir burntoffering 
before the LoOxw : and iuch things 
Haue befallen me: andif 2 had eaten 
the finne offering to day, Hhouldit haue 
bint accepted in thefight of the Loup: 
20 Andwhen Poles heard that, he 
Was tontent 

Cael dhako Ck 

1 What beafts may, 4 and what may not bee 
eaten. 9 Whatfithes. 13 What foules. 29 
The creeping things which are vncleane. 

VE Md the Lou fpake vue 
y, to Doles, andto Aaron, 
~@ Taping bnto them, 
MSESING 2 Dpeakebnto the he) 
snes ees Deen Of Firael, Laying, 
Lbele ave the beats which pe That cat 


3 dabatloener parteth he hoofe,and 
ts douen footed, &cheibeth cudamong 
the beatts , that hati ye cate. 

4 Meuertheielle, chefe That penot 
cate, of them that chethe the md, 02 of 
them hat dade the hoofe: as the camel, 
becaule hee chewbeth the cud, but vine: 
deth not the Hooke, he is bneleane buto 
5 Andthe conte, becaule he chewerh 
thecud, but dintdeth not the hoote,heis 
bncleane bnito pou. 

6 And thehare, becaulehe heweth 
the cud, butdiniderh not the hoote, bets 
brieleane bnto pou. 

7 And* the fwine, though hedinine 

chetbeth not the cud: he ts bneleaneto 

8 MD their fleth hat pe not eat,and 
thei cavcale (hail penot touch ; thepare 
bricleaneto pou. 

9 CThele thal peeat ofall chatare 
tn the Wagers: whatloence hath fines 
andfeales tn the Waters, the feas,and 
inthe tiuers, them thall pe cate, 

fo Andati that haue not finnes noz 
fcales in thefeas,and in the rivers, ofall 
that mouein the waters, and of any it 
uing hing which isin the waters, they 
fhalbe an abomination bnto pou: 

I Dhep thalbe even an abomination 
bnito pou: pe hall not eat of their fleth, 
but you thall hane their cartates in x 

: Iz whet 
Sogo ag pa a enn ea | RG |) 112} 4] MrT 

ronfaid bnto Doles 26e-| 26 

aniong all the beatts that are on the) +2*'* 

the hoofe, and beclouen feoten, pethee| 

Meates cleane, 


and vncleane, 

12 nahatfoeuer hath no fiunes noz 
{rales inthe waters, that fhalbe anabo- 
mination buito pou. : 

B And thele ave they which ye 
Hall have in abomination among the 
foules, they (hall not be eaten, they are 
an abomination : Lhe Cagic, andthe 
MOMifrage,andthe D{pray, 
| 14. Andthe Vulture, and the Hite, 
after his hinde: 

15 Euerp Rauen after his kinde : 

16 And the Orie , and the night- 
hauke, € the Cucko , and the Palbke 
after hiskinde, 

17 Audthelittle Orie, and the Cov 
Moat, andthe great Die, 
18 Andthe Dyanne, and the Pelt: 
catte,and the Gier-eagie, 

Io Andthe Storke, the Peronafter 
be Kinde, and the Lapwing, and the 
2Batte, : 

20 AAilfoules that cveepe, gotug dp- 
onal foure,thalbean abomination br: 
fo pou, 

21 Betthele may pe eat, of euery fips 
tng creeping thing that gocth bpor all 
foure, Which Hane legges aboue their 
feet,to leape Withall pon Me carth. 

22 Euen thele of them pe may eate: 
the Lott, after bis kinde, and the 
Wald-ilocutk after his hinde , and the 
wWeetle after his kinde, andthe Grafle- 
hopper after his kinde. 

23 But al other filping creeping things 
Which haue fourefeet, Hall be anabo- 
mination bnto pou. 

24. And for thele pe fhathe bneleane: 
Whofoener toucheth the cavkaffe of 
thenr, thai be bucleane butili theenen, 

25 And wholoeuer beareth ought of 
the carkaffe of thent , fhall wath his 
clothes, e be bucleane butil the even. 

26 The carkafles of euery beatt which 
Diuideth the hoofe, and ts not douen 
footed, 102 chetbetls the cud, are bre 
cleane bute pou : cuery one that touch: 
eth them, fhalbe bnieieane. 

27 And whatloeuer gocth bpon his 
palbes,amongall mance ofbeatts, that 
goe on allfoure, thole are bucleane dnto 
you : Who fo toucheth their carkaffe, 
fhallbe bneleane bral the Cuen. 

23 Andhe that beaveth the carkafle 
of them, fhall ath his clothes ,andbe 
bricleane ontill the Cuen they ave bn- 
cleane bnto pou. 

29 CChbefcatlo Hhatbe budeane bu: 
to pou,among thecreeping things that 

creepe Dponthe earth: the nacakll,and 

the Moule, andthe Loztois, after his 


30 And the Ferret, and the Camele- 

Ol, and the Lysard, and the Suaiie, 
and the Dollie. 

31 Lhelearebneieane to pouamong 
all that cveepe : Wholoener doth touch 
thent when thep bee dead, thall be bu- 
cleane bntilithe Euer, 

32, And bpot Whatloeuer any of 
thent, when they ave Dead, docth fail it 
thaibe bucieanie, Whether itbe any beflel 
of twood,ozraimient,o2 Chitine, o2facke, 
Whatloeuer eflell ic be, wherein any 
Woreketsdone, ¢ mult be put into wa: 
tev, and if hail be dneleane bntill the 
Cuer; fo tt hatbe cleanfea, 

33, And cuery earthen belel , where: 
into any of them falieth , whatloeneris 
in t¢ hall bee bneleane; and* pee thall 
becakie tt. 

34. Dfall meat which may be eaten, 
that on which ch Water conumeth, 
hall be bucleane : And all dpinke that 
map be Duunkein cucry fuch heflel thal 
be pects ti 4 

35 Andeuerp thing, whereupon any 
part of their cavkafle falleth, thal be 
bucleane, whetherit be uen, 02 ranges 
fo2 pots, they thalbe booken Downe : foe 
they are bucleane,and fhall be bucleane 
bnto pou. 

36 Meuerthelefle, afountaine o2 pit, 
t wherein theve ts plenty of ater, Haibe 
cleane : but that which toucheth their 
cavkafle (halve bneleane, 

37 Andifany part of their carkafle 
fall bpon any forbing feed which ts to 
be fowven,it hhaitbe cleane: 

33 Wutif any Water be put bpon the 
feed, and any part of thet carkaflefait 
thereon, itthalbe bucleane bnto pou, 

39 Andif any beat of which pemayp 
eat, Die, he that toucheth the cavkafie 
peat > Hall be dneleane duel the 


oO And Hee that eateth of the car: 
kaffeofit, thall hath bis llothes, and 
be bucleane butilthe Cuen: he all that 
beareth the carkafle of it, (hal wath his 
oe » And bee bneleane duel the 

uen, : 

41 And every eveeping thing that 
creepeth bpon the earth, thalbe anabo- 
mination ; tC fhall not be eaten, 

42 vabatloeuer goeth bpon the bel: 
lie, and Whatlocuer goeth bpon all 


foure ,o2 hatloener thath moze feet a | tHeer-4a" 

mong all creeping things that creepe |”? 


* Chap.6, 
28. . 

t Hebr.age- 
thering toge- 

ther of wa- 






\The purification Chapyxip.xii. 

HpotitHeearth, MHenvpe Malinoceate,) |of the Congregaron, onto theuek: 

sep areanabomination, 

Sten not make pour Melues 
abominable With any creeping thing 
» [that creeper) , neither Mail pe make 

‘lpour felues dneleane with them, that 
pethould be defiled thereby, 

44 For. Ham the Lowy your 
God: pee hail therefore farictifie pour 
felues, and* pe Mhatt-be Holy, for Yam 
holy? neither Mhallpedefite pourfelues 
bith any inauer of creeping thing that 
ereepeth bpontheearth. 

FOr am HeL O ww that drt] | 


eth pou bp out of the land of Egypt to 
be pour God: pe thatthereforebe Holy, 
for Bam Holy. 
46 This thelawof thebeatts,and 
af the forte, anpoferterytiningeveacure 
thatimoueth it the waters, and of ene- 
rie ‘treature that creepeth ppott the 

earth: ; 

ye ‘Lo make a difference betwecne 
| the bicleaneand the cleate, eberweene 
the beatt that. may be eaten, and the 
bealt hat map not be cater, 

1) The purification of women: after childbirth, 
6 Her offerings for her purifying. 

wery Md the Louw fpake br- 

0 Doles,faping, —- 
2 Speake duto° the 
\ Childeenot Piract,faying, 
= HE a * woman haue ‘con 
teiued feed, and borne a man child, then 
the thalbe bucleane feuen dapes : accor 
Ding to the dayes of the feparation fo2 

her infirmitte that the be bneleane, 
3 “And inthe* eight day, the fleth of 

a hts fozel kinne thall be cireuninfen. 

4 Andfhe hal then continue in the 
blood of her purifping thece and thirtic 
Dapes: Dhee thall touch no hallowed 
thing, noz come into the Sanctuary, 
ei he Dayes of her purifying be fut- 


5 Dutif he bearea maid chit then 
fhe fhatbe bncleane two weekes, asin 
Her feparation : and fhe hall continue 
tn the blood of her purifying theeelcoze 
6 And when thenapes of her puri- 

ig ave fulfilled, foz a fonne, o2 fora 
daughter, the thatl bring alambeof the 
Tfirtt peere foz a burnt offting, ea pong 
PINCH, 02 a turtle Done for a finne offe- 
Tuts, Onto the dooze of the Labernacte 


z naho Thali offer it before the 
Loup, anvmake an atonement fo2 
Her; andthe thall be cleanted from os 
iMucofher blood, Lhis ts the law fo2 
Hevthathathbomeamale orafemate. 
3: *Anditi he benotable tobunga 

lambe, hen He thal wg two turtles, | ?4;, i. 
02 tivo ong pigeons, the ore for tye | serdsindnoe 
oui, andthe other fora tinne | 

Offeritig? and the wpe thai makean 
ee for Her, and thee thail bee 

G.H.A P.. XUl- 

1/ The Lawesarid tokens whereby the Prieftis 
tobe guidedin difcerninig the Leptofie: 

GZ Md the LORD take 

nto Poles and Aaron, 

2-- when a man That 

wk Hane tn the fhinte of his 

fief, ajriting, aftabbe, o2 bastht fpot, | o> 
anit bee t the Thine of hts fieth ike | s- 

the plague of tepeofie, then he that bec 
brought bnto Aaron thezietk, 2 bnto 
one of HIS fonnes the Driers, 

3 2D he Gee thal lobe on the 

¢ thine of the fleth : and 
When the haiee in the plaque ts turned 
White, andthe tagne in fight bedeeper 
then the Thi of his fieth itis aplaqueof 
leprofie: and the rte thal looke on 
Hint, and Pecauiite him dneleane, 

4. Ff the bright ipot be white in the 
fhinne of his flefh, and m fiaht bee not 
deeper then the fhinne, and the haive 
thereof be notturned white, then the 
Pek Mall Thue bp him char hath the 
plague, feuen dapes, 

5 Andthepriekhalllooke onhim 
the fenenth) day: and beboine, if the 
plague in his fight be ata flap, andthe 
plaguefpzcad notin the fkinne,then the 
puetk Hatt Mut him dp feuen dayes 

6 And the Ortekt Hhattiooke on him 
againe thefenenth dap :andbeboioe, if 
the plague befometwhatdarke, and the 
plaguefpzead notin the Chin, the peek 
thall pronounce him cleane : tis bur 4 
{rab sand he thall wath his clothes, and 

7 Muttfthetcadf{pread much abeoad 
in the fkinne after that hee hath beene 
feencof the pret, for bis ceanfing hee 
thaltbefvenc of the puieltagatne, 

8 And tf the ziettlee, tharhehotn, 

the ftab fpeadeth in the Thin, thenthe 
I ‘ 


of women. 

~ Leuiticus. the Leprofie! |; 

place, and {prcad. not , it isa burning 
bile; andtheadetett Mall pronounce hin 

How todilcerne 
Priel Halt peonounce him bucleane sit 

9° Cxobhen the plague of lepzolie 1s 
naman, then he Hhallbe bought bnto 

the pziett; 
ee Ain the aici halt feehine sand 
beholnifcheriling bewhitem the fain, 
andit baucturned the haive white, and 
there be tquicke rat flethy inthe vifing: 
u PHtiganoldlepeofic nthe fkinne 
of is fleth , and the Dzett thalt: pro- 

ae a en thesbuied thaniooxebbon 
25 @ eye poke bpon 
tandbehold, ifthe haiveinthe bughe) +. 
{potbe turned White, andit beeimnlight 


of lining. 

nouncehin bneleane, and fhainot thut 

12 Andifalepeofic beeake out abroad 
tithe fhit,and the lepeofie cover ail the 
‘| Phin oFhimthachach the plague,fronihis 
headeuen to his foot, whereloenerthe 
Prueklooketh: 3B. : 

3. hen the peek thatt coniioer; 
and behold, if the lepeofie bane conered 

that hath fhe plague , ttsall turned 
white; Hesceane, 
14 But When raid fleth appeareth 

and bee changed buto White, hee Thal 
come Dnto eat ‘ek 

17 Andthe rie hallfee him: and 
behotoe, if the plague bee turned into 
White, then the Pztet hall pronounce 
him. fleane that hath ¢he plagues Hee-is 
cleane. 4 

13. CEHefichh allo, in which, cuentn 
lehe fhinne thereof was.a bile, and is 

Io. And ta. the place of the bile there 
pea white vifing,oza bight {pot white, 
andfometbhat rendif, and it be fherv- 
eDto the rick: 

20 Aud if when the pretk {eth i¢, 
Hehoid , tt be in fight lower then the 
{hinne, and theatre thereof beturned 
White, the ze (hall pronounce him 
pucleane: itis aplague of lepzofie beo- 
kenoutofthebile, — 

21 Wutitthe Prckiooke on tC, and 

22 And if it fpread much abzoad in 
the fhinne., then the 2ielt thait peo- 
nounce him bucleane; itis a plague, 

23 Wut if the baught {pot fay inhis 

albis fieth,be thal ponoutce himcleane| | 

{plague of lepeotie, «-- 
[fonietbhat) Darke; t¢ is arifing of the 


| plague: and behold, fitbein hight dee: 

Deeper ther the Chine, t6 is Alepeotie| 

beoken out of the burning: wherefore 
theqzett hal pronouncehuu ducleane: 
ttistheplagueofieppofie,...-.. : 
26 Buti thez2elklooke ont, and 
behold , there be no Whitehatrem the 
baught fpot amie beno lower thenthe 
other fain, but be fonwehat darke,then 
there Hat hurhim vp feuendayes, 

27, Aad the Priett Halliooke bpon 
Hinithe feuenth day : and ifit befpeead 
muchabsoan tu thefhin thenthe Pack 
thail pronounce, bint bneleanes isthe 

“28 ino ifthe bught fpot bap indis 
lace,andipead not inthe Chin, butit be 
burning, andthe Pek thall pronounce 
him cleane: fortes aninflammation of 
29: C HEaman- oz Woman hath a 
plague bponthehead oz eee 

130 Dhen the Wrietk that fee the 

perthen the Chin,andtherebetnit apel- 
lolb thinhaive,then the prietk fhall pro- 
nounce Him bueleane, it sa Dep Ckall, 
cucn Alep2ofie bponthe head o2 beard, 
31 .Aind tf the yztelt iooke on the 

plagueofthc fkall,and behoid,itbenst| 

32. Andir.the feuenth bay the Priekt 
thall iooke on the plague: and behold, 
ifthe Chall {fpzead not, and therebeinit 
no yellow haive,and the hall benot in 
fiaht deeper thenthe Thin; 

33, He Hall be Hhauen, but the Chall 
Mati he not Mhaue: and thezietk thai 
fhut bp him that hath the fkall, fenen 
Daves uOze. 

34. Andin the lenenth dap tie priett 
thaillooke on the fkall: and behold sf 
the Chall be notipzead in the Chin, noz 
bein fiahtdeeper then the Chin, then the 
Pritt fhatl pronounce him cleane: and 



--\he thal wath his clothes,and be cieane, 

35 Butif the fhail fpread much in the 
fhinneafter his deanting, 

36 Ahert the Drie Hall looke on 
Him, andbehold,it the fkall be fpeadin 
the Lhinne, the Datel Mati not ieckefoz 
pello have: beis bueleane. 

37 Wutif the Chall bein his fight at 
& fay, and that there ig blacke Hatre 
grolben bp therein: che fkallis heated, 
Heiscleane, and the wpziett that pro- 

38 @ HEaman aifo 02a woman hane 
tithe Chinne of their fleth beghtfpots, 
euen White beight tpots, 

39 A benehe pict hall tooke: and 
behold, if the bright {pots inthe f binne 
of their fielh bee dDarkith white, tt isa 
freckled {pot that growerh inthefkin: 
he is cleane. 

Hebrhead| 4.0 Andtheman whole t hatreis fat- 



um.s.2.| Lone ,* Without the campe thal his habi- 
1 a-king.15. tation be. 

Loy off His Head, he ts bald : yer is Hee 

41 And hethathath hishaive fatien 
off from the part of his head toward 
his face , He ts forehead-bald : yeris hee 

42 And tf there be inthe bald hear, 
02 bald forehead a White reddtth fore, it 
is & leprofie fpaung dp in bis bald-Head, 
or hisbaid forehead. 

43 Lhen the eielt thal tooke bp- 
Ont: and beholde, tf therifing of the 
fore bee White rendith m his balde 
Head, o2 in his bald forehead, asthe 
aie Appeareth mn the fhinne of the 

4-4. Hee is a leprous man , be is bre 
cleatte: he Pztek (hall pronounce him 
fone” budeane , bis plague is in his 


45 ind the leper in whom the 
plague is, His clothes hall be rent, and 
bis Head bare, and he Mall puta coue- 
ting bpon His bpper lip, and hail cry, 
Gnceane, bneleane. 

45 Mil the dayes wherein the 
plague thall been hint, he thail bee de- 
filed, Heeis bueleanes he Mall dwell a 

47 C Lhe varment allo , that the 
plague of leprofie sin, whether it bee 
@ Woollen gavinent , o2 a linnen gar: 

4% nahether tt bee in the Wwarpe, o2 
Woofe of ttanen 02 of Woollen, Whe: 
eet Malkin, orinany tehing made of 


chele roficl 

49 Aind if the plague be greentth o2 
renbih m the garnient,o2 inthe Chin, 
either inthe Warpe, o2itt the wooke, o2 
i oe thing of fhinne, its plague of 
oe and hall be Hhemed nto the 


$0 And the pie Hhatl looke bpon 
the plague, and thut pp itthar hath ehe 

51 Aind he thall looke ow theplagne 
on the feuenth day : if the plague be 
{p2cad in the garment , either in tive 
Warpe, 02 tthe woofe, ozia fin; or 
it any Worke that is made of fkinne, 
the plague is a fretting teprofie; ttispuz 

52 Hee thall therefore burne that 
Savinent, Whether Wwarpe o2 Woofe, in 
Wollen o2 in hunen, o2 any thing of 
fkinne, Wheretu the plagueis: foz itis 
‘ ates lepofie; it Thali bee burntin 


53 And the Priel hall looke ,and 
bebold the plague be not fpzead tn the 
garment, cither ithe warpe, orinthe 
Woofe, ozinany thing of fine; 

54. Lhe the Buel hail command 
that they Wath the thing wherein the 
plagueis, and he fhall hut it bp fenen 
Dapes moze, ; 

55 And the Puck thal lookeon the 
plague after: that it is Wathen: and be: 
Hold, tfrhe plague hance not changed his 
calour, and the plague be not {pean tt 
is Ducleane, thou fhalt burne tt in the 
five,ttisfretintbard, whether tebe ibare 
Within orithout, 

56 And if the Drie loske , and be: 
hold, the plaine be fomewhat aarkeat 

{ Heb.velfoll 

or intr itm 

| Heb. whe- 
ther it be 

bald tn che | 
of or in the 

terthe wathinig oft, then he that vend |r 

itout of the garment.oz out ofthe fia, 
02 out of the wWwarpe, 02 ont of the 

57 And i€it appeave fil in the gar: 
ment, cither in the Warpe , o2 in the 
Woofe,o2 inany thing of fkinne, ttisa 
{preading plague, thou thaltburne that 
Wherein the plague is, with fire. 

58 And the garment, either warpe, 
02 Woofe, or whatloener thing of Thin 
tt bee, Which thou thait wath , if the 
plague be departed from them, then it 
(hall be Wathed the fecond time, and 
thalbe clean. 

59 This isthe law of the plague of 
leprofie tra garment of woollen 2 ine 
net, either in the warpe, 02 Woofe, 02 
any thing of fhinnes; to pronounce tt 
cleane, 02 to PAO TOUTE Sreeae. . 



Cleanfing of 


1 The rites and facrifices in clenfing of the Le- 
per. 33 The fignes of leprofie in ahoufe. 
The clenfing ofthat houfe. 


RAF Md the L D 2% w {pake 

Se Duto (Poles faying, 

we 2 TLhisthalbe thelaw 
Sma Nep OF the leper, in the Day of 

Rass Vis cdeanfing: he* thall be 
bought bunto the Dziekk. 

3 And the Priett hall goe forth out 
of thecampe, and the Pret (hall looke: 
and bebolde, if the plague oflepzofie be 
healed in the ieper, 

4 Chen thal the pre command 
totake for him that ts to bee cleanted, 
tio || birds aliue, and cleane,and Cedar 
Wood,andftariet, and hyplope. 

5 And the peek thail command 
that one of the birds bee hiled in an 
earthen beffellouer running Water. 

6 Astor theliungdird he hhaltake 
tf, andthe Cedar Wood, and the {eariet, 
and the byfope, and halt dip them and 
theliuing bird in the biood of the bird 
that was billed over the running 

7 And he Hail {fprnckle ppon hin 
thatis tobe cleanfea from the tepeofic, 
. fenen times, and tall pronounce him 
cleane, and Hallet the lining bird loofe 
Tinto the open field. 

3 Andbhe that isto becleanled that 
wath his clothes, and thaue off all his 
Haire, and wath himleifein water,that 
hemay be cleane: And after that Hee 
hall come tito the Campe,and Hail ta: 
ry abroad out of histentieuen dayes. 

9 Butit hail beonthefeuenth pay, 
that he that Mhauc ail bis haive off hts 
Headand his beard,and his epebrowes, 
euen allhis haire he Mal haucofk: And 
he hall wath his clothes, aifo he thai 
oe His fieth wm water, and he hail be 


Ilo Aud onthe cightday he Kalitake 
tho hee lambes Without biemith, and 
one etbe-lambe oft the firlt peeve, With: 
outblemifh , and three tenth oeales of 
fine flovvze fo2 ameat offering, mingled 
With opie, and oneiog of opie. 

L And the Prielt that maketh him 
cleane, that peelent the nian that isto 
be made cleane, and thole things before 
the LO xp, athe doore of the Laver: 
nacleofthe Congregation: 

12 And the Prielt hall takeonehee 

luke 5.12. 

||Or ,par- 



the face of 
the field. 

t Hebr.the 
daughter of 

her yecre. 


the Leprofie. 

lambe, and offer him fo2 atrefpaffe of 

fering, and thelog of ote , and* Wauc | *Exo4.29. 
them foz a YWaue offering before the|’* 

13 And he that flay tie lenitetn the 
place where he hall ku thefin-offering, 
and theburntoffring in the holy place: 
foz “asthe finne offering is the ztefts, |*C-72. 
oa the trefpatle offering : it is moft 


14 And the Pretekt (hail takefome of 
the blood of the trefpaffe offering, and 
the petett Mail put it bpon the tip of the 
vight eave of him that is to decleanfed, 
and bpon the thumbe of His right 
Hand , and bpon the great toe of his 

15 Andehe prielt Chall take fome of 
the log of otle , and porvze it into the 
palme of bis otbneteft hand: 

I6 And the Prek Nhat dip his right 
finger nthe oflethat isin his tefthand, 
and thail {pzinchic of the ote ith his 
finger feuen times before the L ox. 

17 Audok Hherek oftheotlethatisin 
His hand, hail thepuelt put bponthe 
tipof the right eave ofhimthatiste be 
deanted, and bpon the thuinbe of his 
tight hande, and bponthe great tocof 
His right foot , bpon the blood of the 
trefpatle offering. 

18 And the cemnant of the oie that 
ts in the Pzrtelts hand, he thal pore 
bpon the head othimethatis to be dean: 
fed: and the pick hallmakean atone: 

i Pell, | 

ment fo2 hin before the L o nw, 

19 And the pziek (hal offer the finne 
offering , and make an atonement foz 
him that ts to be ceanfen from bis bn: 
cleanneffe, and aftertbard he fhall ki 
the burntoffering. 

20 And the Pret hall offer the 
burnt offering, andthe meat offering 
me ne oe : ene Pre hati 

i tt Atonement fo2 Him, an 
ihaieceam nl 

21 And ihe be poore and teannot 
get fo much , then hee Mall take one 
lambe fo2 atvelpatte offvinat to be Wae|,,,. rm 
ued, to make anatonement foe himt,and | sxaving 
one tenth Deale of fine flowwze nrinalen 
eo Niet fo2 ameat offering, and alog 


22 And tivo turtle dones , 02 tivo 
pongpigeons,fuch ashe is able to get: 
andthe one fhalbea firme offering, and 
peed ied ora, 

23 And Hee Mail being theni onthe 
eight Day, for his cleanting ynto the 

+ Hebr.bis 

U Cleanling of Chap.xity. theleprofic 
| r Prick, buto the dooze of the Laber-| ; 36 Lhe the Pek thatl commann ; 

| that they emptte theboute, before the) |" 

Congregation, before the ! 
mee gatos tesa Pritett goe mto tt to fee theplague; that 





soe Aid the pzietk halt tate the 
lambe of the trefpafie offering andthe 
log of oile and the Priel hall wane 
ent fo2 a Waue offering before the 

DRY 2. 
25 Anohe thal kai the lambe of he 
trefpaffe offering; and the poze thait 
take fome of the blood of the trefpatfe 
offering, and put it dpor the tip of the 
righteare of him that isto becleanted, 
and bpon the thunibe ofhis right hann, 
gue bpon the great toc of His right 
26 And the pret hall porwre of the 
ople info the palme of His otbne eft 


27 Andthe Pret thal fprinkie with 
hisvight finger, fomeof the ovlethatis 
int His left hand, feuen times defozethe 

23 And the etek hall put oftheode 
thatisinhis hand, bpou the tip ofthe 
vighteare of Him that isto bedeanted, 
andbpon the thumbe of his right hand, 
and Dpon the great toe of his right 
foot ; bpon tie place of the blood of the 
teefpatle offering. 

29 And the velt of the ole that isin 
the Pretts hand, he Hhaliput dpon the 
head of hint that is to bee cleanfen , to 
mane ant Atonement forint before tye 


30 Andhe Khal offer the one of the 
turtle Doues , 02 of the pong pigeons, 
fuchas he can get: 

31 Even fuch as He ts able to get, the 
onefora finne offering, and the other 
fo2 a burnt offering , With the meatot 
fering. And the Pziel hall make an 
atonement foz hint that is to be clean: 
fed, before the L ox, 

32 LYS is the law of hint thom 
is he plague of leprofie, whole handis 
not able to get that which pertanerhy 
to biscleanfing. 

33 And the Lox» fake onto 
Moles,and nto Aaron, faying, 

34. Valen pedecomeinto the land of 
Canaan, which H gine to you fora pol 
eflion; and J put the plague of tep2o- 
te in a Houfe of the land of pour pot 


35 And Hee that oeth the houte 
that come, and tell the ziett, faping, 
Ht (eemeth to me there ts as tt were a 

all that isinthehoutle be notmadedn- 
Cleane: and afterward the piel Thai 
gocin, tofeethe houte. Shit 

37 Ald he Hal looke onthe plague: 
and behold, ifthe plague be inthe waits 
of the Youle, with hollow trakes,qree: 
nity oz vendtth, which mfightarelower 
then the wail; 

338 Lhen the Priett that gocout of 
thehoule, tothedoozreofthehoute,and 
tat ppd bontetenen dapes, 

39 And the Pelt (hall come againe 
the feuenth dap, and thail iooke : and 
behold; tf the plague bee {pean tn the 
Walis ofthe houte, 

40 hen the Priett hail command 
that they take albay the ftones in 
Which the plagueis,and.thep hall catt 
them tuto an bneleane place without 
the Citic, 

Al Andee thal caute the houte to| 

be {tvaped Within round about, and 
they Thali porhze out the aut thatthey 
{crape of, Without the citte nto an we 
cleane place, 

42 Aindthey thail take other ftonces, 
And put them in the place of thofeftones: 
aud Hee thall take other mozter , and 
(hall plaifter the houfe. 

43 And tf the plague come againe, 
aid beeake outin the boule, after that 
he i taken albap the ftones,and af: 
ter be hath fcvapen the boule, and after 
itisplattered ; 

44. Chen the Pret Matt come and 
looke , and beboid , if the plague bee 
{peeadin thehoute, tt isa fretting tepeo- 
ficinthe boule: itis bucleane. 

45 Mnd he thatl beeake vowne the 
Houle, the tones of it, and the timber 
thereof, andall the mozter of the houte: 
and he hall cary them foorth outofthe 
tity into an Ducleane place. é 

46 Dnoreouer , he that goeth mto 
the boufe ail tie while that it is thut 
bp, fhalbe bueleane dni the Euen, 

47 And bee that lieth in the houle, 
hall Wath his clothes : and hee that 
eateth tr the boule, thall wath his 

43 And tf the peick t hail conte itt, | tebr.é 

and looke vponit,and behold, theplague 

Hath not fpread in the Houle, after the oa. 

boute was plaftered : then the pziett 
hail pronounce the Houle deane , be: 
caule the plague ts healed, 

2 49 And] 

Howto urge 

49 And he thall take to ceanfethe 
houfe,tivo birds and Cedar Wood,and 
ftariet,and hyMope. 

so Mud he thal kil che one of the} 

birds in an earthen beflell, over run 
ning Water. 

51 Anudhethalitake the Cepar-Wwood 
and the hyflope, andthe {rariet,and the 
lung bird, and dip thent in the biood 
of the flaine bird, and in the running 
Water, and fpainkle the Houle feuen 

52 Andhe hhailelenkerhehoule with 
the blood of the bird, and with the run 
ming Water, and With the iuing bird, 
and Yith the Cedar Wood, and with 

53 Wut hee Mhall let goe the ituing 
bird out of the citic nto theopenficids, 
and make ant atonement fo the Houle: 
anbdtt hallbecieane. 

54. THiS is the lav foz all manner 

*Chap.13. | plague of lepzofieand*f halt, 
oe 55 And for thelepeoficof agarment, 
and of anboule, 

$6 And fo2z arifing, and fo2 afcabbe, 

tHebdnche| AND forabeight{pot: = 
day ofthe 57 Ho teach t When ic is bucleane, 
oncleancs land yhetriris leane: this is the latveof 

and inthe 
day of the lepeofie, 



1 Thevncleannes of menin their iffues. 13 The 
clenfing of them. 19 The vneleanneffe of 
women in theiriflues. 28 Their clenfing. 

BaF MdthcLo xp fhakebrw 
pe fo Doles, and to Aaron, 
s faying, 
\f 2 Speake dito the dt: 
as ars Dut of Hirael, and fay 
buto them, vaben any man hath a 
[Or raming ||| Cunning tue out of his fleth, becaufe 
ofihercnes.| of His Mueheis bneleane, 

3 Anndthis thailbehishneleannele 
inhistilue : Whether his fleth run with 
Histiiue,oz his fleth be toppedfrombis 
ee meee sevice tt 

4 Euerpbe creo Hetieth that 
hath the ifluc, is bneleane : and every 

tHebveffel. een ee Thali bee bn: 

5 Andiwhofloeucr toucheth his bed, 
fhall wath his clothes, and bath himéelte 
tn tater, and bee bucleane Dnt the 


6 And hee that fitteth on any thing 
Whereon Hee fate that hath the iflue, 
hall wath his cdothes, and bath himtelfe 


w Water, and bee bucleane oufill the 

7 Andhe that toucheth the fieth of 
him that hath therilue, hall wath his 
dothes, and bathe himfelfetn Water,and 
bebneleane butili the Euen. 

8 Andif he that hath the ue, fie 
bpon him that ts deane, then hee thall 
Wath his dothes, and bathe himeelte in 
— » and bee Oucleane butili the 


9 And what faddiefoeuer he rineth 
— that bath theifiue, thati beebn- 


Io And Wholoeuer toucheth any 
thing that was bnder him, thail be vue 
cleane bntti the Cue: Andhethatbea-| 
reth anpot Mole things thail wath bis 
dothes, and bathe himielte in Water,and 
be bucleane bntil the Even. 

And Whomfloeuer hee toucheth 
thathath the tfue (andhath not ringed 
bis hands in water) he thal wath his 
clothes, and bathe himéelic in Water,and 
be ra aennn rot cart 

2 And the ellof earth thathee 

toucheth which hath the iflue, thall bee 
broker: and encryp veflell of Wood Malt 
berinted in Water. 
_ 3 Andithhen hee thathath an ilue, 
18 cleanted of bis ifue, then hee thail 
nuniber to bimieife feuen dapes fo. his 
cleanfing, and wath his dothes, and 
bathe his flefh in running water, and 
hall becieane, 

14. And on the cight day Hee Mati 
take to hint tio turtle doues, 02 tivo 
pong pigeons, and come before the 
LORD, bnto thedoozeof the Laver: 
nade of the Congregation, and gine 
them bnto the patett, 

15 And the Prtelt thait offer them, 
the one fo2 a {inne offering, and the o- 
ther fozaburnt offering, and the D2et 
hail make an atonement foz him before 
the L D2 @ fo2 bis iflue. 

16 Andif any mans feede of copula: 
tion goe out from Him, then hee thail 
Wath all his fieth m water, and bee bre 
cleane butilithe Cuen. 

17 And everp garment and eneryp 
fhinne hereon is the fede of coputa: 
tion, thall be walhed With water , and 
be bneleane bnailithe Cuen. 

18 Lhe woman allo with whom 
man fhail lie With feed of copulation, 
they thal both bath themfeluesin Water, 
and be bucleane bnttil the Euen, 

I9 CAndifawoman enero anne 


vneleane iflues, 



WV ncleane iffues. 

Hebr. it 

5 |) or fepara- 



B&ee 28 sizes 2 

S325 $5885 Bes B22 22 

and Her tue in her fleth be blood, thee 
fhall bee t pat apart feuen Dayes: and 
ee ie on dev, thail bee bn- 
cleane dnt the Cue 

26 Andenery thitg thatthe tieth bp- 
ott inher feparation, thatl be bneleane: 
enery thing alfo that the fitteth ppon, 
fhalbe bucleane. 

21 And Wholoener toucheth her 
bed, thall wath his clothes, and bathe 
himéelfe tte Water, and be bucleane built 
the Even. 

22 And Wholoener toucheth any 
thing that thelate bpon,thatl wath his 

Idothes, and bathe hinelfein Wwater,and 

bebneleane but the Cuen, 

23 And tf it be ov her bed, 02 onany 
thing whereon the ftteth , when bee 
foucheth) it he Mail be bucleane butt 
the Cuen. 

oh Aind if any man lpe With her at 
all, andher flowers be bpon him, hee 

* |fhail be bucleane feucn dayes: and alt 

the bed whereon he tyeth, thallbeon- 

25 Andif a woman haucaniffucof 
Her blood many dayes out of the time 
ofher feparation, oztf t¢ runnebepond 
the timeof herfeparation, alithe payes 
of theiffue of her bucicannefle, Haile 
as thedapes of ber feparation: the thal 
be bueleane. 

26 Cuery bed Wwhercon helpeth ati 
the dayes of her iffue , fhall be bnto her 
asthe bed of herleparation: and what- 
foeuer thee fitterh bpon, thall bee bie 
tieane, asthe bucleannetie of her fepa: 

27 And wholoener toucheth thofe 
things, fhaibe bueteance, and fhall wath 
his dothes, and bathe himélte tn water, 
and be bucleane butill He Euen, 

28 Wut ifthe becleanted of her ifhue, 
then the hatinumber to her feife feuen 
Dapes:andafter that,(he fhalbe decane. 

29 And on the eight day the thatt 
take bntohertwo turties 02 tio pong 
pigeons, € bring them buto the 2tek, 
to the booze of the Labernacie of the 

30 Andthe Priett thal offer the one 
fora finne offering ,and the other fora 
burnt offering , and the wrtet thay 
make an atonement for her before tye 
2X a B BD, fo2 the Tue of her Wnelean- 

31 Lhyus thal pee feparate the cha 
Den of Pirael from their bneleanneffe, 
that thep die not areheir ondeannefic, 

| Chay 


When thep defile mp Labernacie that 
tg among thent. eas} 

32, Lhisis thelawofhim that hath 
an iffue, and of him Whole feed goeth 
from Him, and is defiled therewith ; 

33 And of her that ts ficke of ber 
floibers, and of him that bathantiue, 
ofthe manand of the Woman,¢ of hin 
that ipeth with her Which ts bncleane, 


« How the hie Prieft{muftenterinto the Holy 
place. 11 The finne - offering for himfelfe. 
15 The finne- offering for the people. 20 
The Scape Goat. 29 The yeerely Feaft of 
the Expiations, 

OE Md MeLonwtpake dre 

Ne 10 Doles, after theneath |” 

B of the tio fonnes of Aa 

ANG con, When they offered be- 

as fore the Loum, anddien, 

the LORD fayd donto 

Doles, Speake bnto Aaron thy bro- 
ther, that hee *come not atatl tines in 
to the Holp place within the Gaiie, 
befoze the Derey feat , Which is bpon 
the Airke, that hee die not: fo2H will 
be ee it the cloud bpon the Derep 


3 Ahus (hall Aaron come to the 
Holy place: With a pong bullocke fora 
fine offering, anda ramme foe a burnt 

4. Hee hall put on the holy tinnen 
coate, and he hall hane the linuen beee- 
ches bpon bis fleth, and Mall be girded 
With a linnen girdle, and with the tin- 
nen Diter (hail hee be attired, Chefle 
are Holp garments : therefore thall he 
Wah his fet tn water, and fo put 
thent on, 

5 Andhe hall take of the Conagve- 
gation of the childzen of Ffracl, two 
kindes of the Goates for a finne of 
peee, and one ramme fo2 a burnt of 


6 And Aaron thal offer his bul 
locke ofthe finne offering, hich ts foz 
himieife, and *make an atonenientfoz 
himfelfe, and for hishoule. 

7 Andhe hailtake the to goats, 
and prelent them before the LD xw 
at the dooze of the Labernatte of the 

3 And Aaron thail calt lottes bp- 
on the tho Gaates : one lot for the 
LORD, and the other lot for the 
tT Scape goat, 

The Scape gout. 

* Levit.10: 

*Exod. 30, 

The Scape goat. 

9 AndAaron thall being the goate 

| Hebr.went| DpOn Hitch the Louies lott fell, and 


and 10.4. 

offer hint for a fiune offering. 

lo Wut the goat on which the lot fell 
to be the Scape goate, Mhaibe peefenten 
aliue before the Louw, to makean at- 
Onement With hint, and to let Him goe 
foz a Scape goate into the wilder: 


1 And Aaron Mal being the bullocke 
of thefinne offering, Which is for hin 
felfe, and fhail inake an atonement fo2 
himietfe, and for is houte, and fai kill 
thebutlocke of the finne offering which 
isfor himileife, 

Iz And he hall take a cenfer full of 
burning coales of five from off the Ae 
tar beforethe Lo x w, andhishannes 
full of fect incenfe beaten fall, and 
heiig i within the bare, 

B And He thal put the incenledpon 
the five before the Louw, that the 
cloud of the incenfe may couer the mer: 
tiefeate that is bpon the teftimonie,that 

14 Aud he fhalltake of the blood of 
the bullocke, and * fp2inkie i mith his 
finger bpon the Dereie leat Cattward: 
and befo2e the Dercie leate that hee 
{prtukic of the biood With his finger fe- 
ven times, 

15, CLhen hall he kill the goate of 
the finne offering thatis fo2 the peopie, 
and bung His biood Within the Hate, 


and doc with that blood ashe did with 
the blood of the bullocke, and {prnkicit 
bpon the Dereie feat, and before the 
Percie leat. 

16 Andhehhallmake an atonement 
foz the holy place, becaule of the due 
cleannefle of the childeen of Hfraet, 
and becaule of their tranforeffions in 
all thetrfinnes : and{o Mhall hee doe fo2 
the Labernacle of the Congregation 
that tremaineth among them, tn the 
middettof their bucieanneffe, 

17 *Aind there thall bee no man in 
the Labernacie of the Congregation, 
When hee goeth i to makean atone: 
ment inthe holy place, bneil Heecome 
out, and Haue made an atoneinent fo2 
himfelfe, and for bis houthoid, and fo2 
all the Congregation of Hfract, 

13 Andhe hallgocout bnto the 2 
tat thatis before the Louw, andmake 
an atonement fo2 it, € Thali take of the 
bloodof the bullocke, and of the blood 
of the goate, and put it bpon the hones 
of the Altar roundabout. - 

9 Andhe thati{penbie of debloon 
bpotrit with his finger fenen times,and 
dente it, and hallow it from the bn- 
cleannefle of thechildeenof Hiraci. - 

20 ©€ And when hee hath madean 
end of reconciling the holy piace, and 
the Labernacie of the Congregation, 
an Oe Alltar, hee thall being the tue 

21 And Aaron thall lay both his 
hands bpon the head of the tine goate, 
and confefle ouer him all the intquities 
of the chilozen of Hlracl, and all their 
tranfgreffions in all their finnes, pur 
ting thent bpon the head of the goate, 
and thall fend him atbay by the hand of 
taficman into the widerneffe, 

22 And the goate thall beare byon 
him alltheir iniquities,bnto alandinot 
inhabited ; and he Mall let goe the goat 
inthe wildernefle. 

23 And Aaron Mhall come into the 
Labernacle ofthe Congregation, and 
thal putoffthelinnen garments which 
He put on, When he went in to the holy 
place, and fhallleauethem there. 

24. Aude hall wath his fleth with 
Water in the holy place, andputon his 
garments, and come foorth , and offer 
his burnt offering, and the burnt 
offering of the people, and make an 


A finne offring 

| Hebra 
man of opm 

| Heb.of fe 



atonement fo2 Himfeife, and foz the . 

25 And the fat of the finne offering 
(hall he burnebpon the Alitar. 

26 Andhe that let qgoe the goat fo2| 

the Scape-goat, hal wath his clothes, 
and bathe his fieth in Water, and after: 
Ward come into the Canipe, 

27 And thebullocke fo2 the finneok 
fering, and the goat fo2 the fin offering, 
Whole biood Was oughtin, to make 
atonementin heholy place, Hall one 
cacy foozth * without the Campe, and 
they thal burne tn thefire their fhnnes 
andtheit fleth,andtheirdoung, . 



23 Andhethatburneth them, thait| 

Wath His cdothes and bathe his fleth in 
Water, and afterward he thall come tn: 
to the Campe. 

29 ( And this Khalil be a fatute fo2 
ener bnto pou: that mthefeuenth moz 
neth on thetenth day of the moneth,ye 
thall afflict your foules, edoeno worke 
atall, Yohether it bee one of your one 
tountrey , o2 a ftranger that foiour- 
neth among you. E 

30 Foz on that day Mal thePriet make 
an atonement foz pou, to cleanfe pou, 


o.heb.1 3. 






= 250 


that pee may bee cleane from all pour 
finnes beforcthe 1 D2 BD. 

31 Pt thallbea Sabbath of ret buto 

ou, and ye fhall afflict your foules bya 
tutefozeucr. — 

32, Andthe Pret whom he hallan- 
opnt, andiphom he fhait t confecvateto 
minifter in the Weietts office in his fa- 
thers ftead , Thali make the atonement, 

and thal put on thelinnen clothes, even | 

the holy garments. 

33 And he Hall make anatonement 
fo2 the holy Sanctuary, and hee thal 
makean atonement fo2 theLabernacie 
ofthe Congregation,and foz the Altar: 
and he fhall make an atonement fo2 the 
puietts , and foz all the people of the 
Congregation. : 

34. And this hall be an everlatting 
ftatutebnto pou,to make an atonement 
fo2 the childeen of Pirael , fo2 all their 
finnes*oncea peete, Andhedidas the 
Lon wconunanded Doles. 


1 Theblood of all flaine beafts muftbe offered 
tothe Lord at the doore of the Tabernacle. 
7 They mutt not offer todeuils. 10 Allea- 
ting of blood is forbidden, 15 and all that 

dieth alone,or is torne. 

Mo heLHonw fpake bu: 
° co Doles faying, 

2 Speake bnto Aaron 
and bnto his fonnes, and 
puto all the chitdeen of HE 

tael , And lay dnto them ; Lhis is the 
thing which the L © x w Hath conv 
manded, faping ; 

3 hat nan focuer there bee of the 
Houle of Piract, that kilieth an ore, o2 
lambe,o2 goatin the Canipe,o2 that ktl- 
lethicout ofthe Campe, 

4 And brngeth it not buto the 
Boose ofthe Labernacte of the Congre- 
Gation , to offer an offering bnto the 
LL DKW before the Labernarie of the 
LORD, blood (hall be imputed puto 
thatman ; he hath then blood , and that 
ao be cut off from among bis 

5 Lotheendthat the haneen of FE 
tael may beitig their facvifices , which 
they offer in the open field , euen that 

they may bring them buto the Loz, | 
bnto the dooze of the Labernacie of | 
the Congregation bnto the Dztett, and’ 
oye la foz peace offerings bnto the | 

Chap XVI] 


6 ind the yo2iek that {princkic the 
blood bpon the Altar of theL Ox Bw, 

| thedooze ofthe Labernacte ofthe Con- 

Qregation,and burne the fatiora*hueet 
fanour bnto the LL OR BD. 

7 And thep Hhatino moze offer their 
facvifices bnto Deutis, after Whomthey 
haue gone a whoring : Lhis hall bea 
ftatute fo2euer bute them thoughout 
thetr generations, 

3 And thou thait fay bnto them, 
vabhatloeuer man there be ofthehoute of 
Pirael , 02 of the ttrangers which fo- 
lourneamong pou, that offretha burnt 
offering o2facrifice, 

9 And brngethit not nto rhe noo 
of the Labernacte of the Congrega- 
tion, to offer it bnto the Loxw, even 
that man thallbe cut off from among 
his people. 

lo @ And whatloener man there be 
of the houfe of Hiracl, o2 of the tran: 
gers that foiourneamong you,that ea: 
teth any maner of blood, F will enen 
fet my face againtt that foule that ea: 
teth blood, and Will cut him off from a 
mong His peopie, 

I Foz the tife of the ficth is in the 
blood, and ZF haue giuen it to pou bpon 
the Altar , to make an atonement fo2 
pourfoules: fo2 tt is the blood, tharma- 
keth an atonement fo2 the foute. 

12 Lherefore F fatd bnto the chi 
deen of Piracl, No foule of you thai cat 
blood, neither thall any firanger that 
fotourneth among pou,cat blood, 

3 And whatloener man there be of 
thechildzenof Pirael, o2 of the ttranz 
gers that foiourne among pou, which 
thunteth and catcheth any beatt 02 foute 
that may be eaten, he fhatl euen powee 
oe blood thereof, and couce it with 

14. Foriris the life of all flety, the 
bloodof itis foz the life thereof: there- 
fore J faid duto the childzeen of Hfraet, 
*Pethallnot eat the blood of no maner 
of fleflh : fo2 the tife of all ficth is the 
blood thereof: whofoeuer eateth it, 
thalbe cut off. 

15 And euerp foule that eateth that 
Which tied of it elfe,n2 that Which was 
to2tte with beafts, Whether it bee one of 
pour oibne countrey , ozaltvanger, he 
(hall both wath his clothes, and bathe 
himfelfe in Water , and be ducleane bntilt 
the Euen: then hall he beceane. 

16 Wutifhe wah them not,noz bathe 
his flety thenbe thal beare his augue, 


Leuiticus. marriages, 

- | 

Geb. Po XVIll. 
I Volawfull Marriages. 19 Volawfull lofts. 

Very Md the LO x w fpake 

ao” puto Doles faying, — 

2 Speake nto the 
ee childzen of Pirael , and 

i x fay bnto then, J amthe 
LORD pour God. 

3 After thedomngs of the landof €: 
gypt Wherein pe dibeit, (hal penot doe: 
and after the doings of land of Canaan 
whither J being pou , hati ye not doe: 
neither (hall pee Walke in their ody 

4 BPethalldoe my udgements,and 
Keepe mincordinances, to Walke there: 
in: FamtheL DuDW pour God. 

5 “Pee thall therefore keepemy tta- 

che, |MECS, AND My tudgements : Which fa 

man doc, Hee Mhall tive inthe: Fam 

6 Mone of pou fhall approcheto 
any that is tneeve of kinne to him, to 
bneouer ther nakenneile : F am the 

7 benakednelle of thy father ,o2 
the nakedneffe of thy mother , thait 
thou not bucouer : the is thy mother, 
thou thaltnot dncouer her nakeonefle. 

3 *Lhe nakednefie of thy fathers 
Wife halt thou not bncouer: itisthy fa: 
thers nakennefic, 

9 Lhenakedneffe of thy fitter, the 
daughter of thy father, o2 daughter of 
thy mother, Whether thee be boone at 
Honte,o2 bome abeoad,cuen their naked: 
neflethou fhaltnotbucouer. 

lo “Lhe nakednefle of thy fonnes 
Daughter, o2 of thy daughters daugh- 
ter,cucn their nakednefle thon thalt not 
bucouer : for theirs is thine one na: 

n Lhe nakednefle of thy fathers 
Wines Daughter , begotten of thy fa 
ther,(theis thy titer, thou thaitnot bn- 
couer her nakednefie. 

2 *Lhou thait not bucouer thena 
keonefie of thy fathers fitter : the is thy 
fathers neerekinfboman, 

B hou halt not bucouer the na 
kenneile of thy mothers fitter: foz Theis 
thy mothers neerckiniivoman, 

14. *Lhou halt not bneouer the na- 
kednefle of thy fathers brother , thou 

fhalt not approche to his Wife: thee is 

5 *Lhouthaltnot bncouer the na- 

keonefie of thy daughter iia: theeis 
thy fonnes wife , thou thatt not bnegz 
uee Her nakednefle, 

16 “Zhou thaitnot butouer thena-| *‘ 
keouefle of thy brothers wife : itisthp 

bothers nakeonefie, 

17 Lhou halt not bntover the na- 
kednefle of a Woman and her Baugh: 
tev, neither thalt thou take her fonnes 
daughter, o2 her Daughters Daughter, 
to bricouer her nakednefle : Fo2 they 
ave her neeve binfetwomen : it is Wit: 
kednefle. : 

18 MNeither hait thoutakea wefel| to 

her fifter,t6 bere her, to bnconer her nae] ji 

kednes belides the other, tn her life time. 

Ip *Aifo thou halt uot appeoce due 
toa Wooman to bncouer her nakeones, 
as long as thee is putapartfoz ber bu- 

20 MPoreoner, thou halt not tie car- 
nally With thy neighbours Wife, to de- 
file thy felfe ith her. 

21 And thou halt notiet any of thy 
feed* paffe though the fre to* Dolech, 
neither thalt thoupzophane the ame 
of thy God: PFamtheL oxy. 

22 Lhou that not tie with man: 
kinde, as With Womankinde : it is abo: 
sare fhatt thou tie wih 

23 * sreither halt hou lie with any 
beaft, to defilethy felfe therewith : nei 
ther thall any Woman ftand before a 
beatk to lie DoYone thereto : Je is con: 

24. Defile not pou pour feluesinany 
ofthele things: fo2 in ail thele, the na: 
fions ave defiled hich F cal out ve: 
foze pou, 

25 And the land is defiled : Lhere- 
fore J doe bilit che iniquitie thereof bp- 
ont tf, and thelann t¢ felfe bonrteth out 
hev inhabitants. 

26 Belhall thereforekeepe mp Sta- 
tutes and my Fudgements, and hall 
notcomuit any of thele abominations; 
neither anyp of pour olbue nation , no2 
any ranger that fotourneth among 
pou: , 

27 (Fora heleaboininations hane 
the men of the land done, which were 
before Ls thelandis defiled.) 

23 Lhat the land {pew not pou out 
aifo, When pe defile tt, as it fpemed out 
thenations that were before pou, 

29 Fo2 WHoloeuer Matt commit a 
ny of thefe abominations , even the 
foules thatcommiit them, Mati be ut of 
fromamong Heir people. 

30 Hiheve- 

{|Or, one 
wife te ana: 

*Chap. 20, 

Divers lawes, 

Sf SASF ee 


SSS == 


. puto them,* 
°7| LORD your Godam Holy. 

30 Hherefore Mal pe keepe mine Dy- 
Dinance that ye commitnot any oneo 
thefe abominable cuftomes , which 
Were committed before pou,and that ye 
Defilenot pour felues therein: F am the 
LORD pour God. 

x A repetition of fundry Lawes. 

Md the LO xB fpake 
nto Doles faping, 

2 Dpeakebnto all the 

@ Congregation of the chit: 

comp DIE of Plrael , and fay 

Be Khalbe holy: for J the 

3 © Bee thal feave every man his 
mother, and his father, and keepemy 
hou tJ am the LOxD your 

4 CLurnepenot onto doles, no2 
make to pour felues molten gods: Z am 
thew On your God. 

5 CAunif pe offer a facrifice of peace 
offerings bute the LoD, pe thal 
offer it, at pour olbne will, 

6 Ht Hall be eaten the fame day pe 
offer tt , and on the morrow : and if 
ought veimtaine bntill the third dap, tt 
fhalbeburntin the fire. 

“7 And ifit be eaten at all on the 
third day , it is aboninable; it hall not 

3 Mhevrefore cucry one that eateth tt, 
Chatbeare his tniquitic, becaufe he bath 
prophaned the halowed thing of the 
LORD; and that foule thatbe cut off 
fromamong his people. 

9 CAnd* when pe veape the har: 
uett of youriand,thou thatt notwholly 
veape the corners of thy field, neither 
pee on gather the gleanings of thy 


Io Aud Hou halt not gleane thy 
dinepard, neither thaitthou gather euc- 
ty grape of thy bineyard ; thou fhait 
leane them for the poore and ftranger: 
Jaw the LO xv pour God. 

HT (Pe hall not teale,ncither deale 

aly, neither lic oneto another. 

12 (And ype hall not *fiueare by my 

 |Soame falily , neither thalt thou pro- 
-: ae Mame of thy God: Jam the 

}7-deut. 24. 
14. tobi. 4 


3 C* Lhou thait not defraud thy 
heighbour,neithet rob hint: the wages 
ofhim thatis hired, thal not abide with 
hee ali night, butdl the mozning, 

. Chap.xix. 

14. (Thou halt not cute the deate, 
*no2 put aftumbling blocke before the 
blind, but thait feavethy God: FJ am the 
LOR. ’ 

I§ Cvwe fhalldoe no buvighteoufnes 
itt tudgement; Ayou thalt not * refpect 
the perfon of the pooze, noz honour the 
per ottof the mightie : burin righteout 
nefle (halt thou iudge thy neighbour. 

16 @ Lhou thait not goe bp and 
Done as a tale-bearer among thy peo- 
ple: neither thaltthou ftand againtt the 
blood of thy neighbour: J am the 
LDR a _ ie 

7 you thalt not hate thy b2o- 
ther in thine heart : thou thait in an 
Wile rebuke thy neighbour, ||and not 
fuffer finne bpon his, 

8 © Lhou thait not auenge no! 7, 

beare any grudge againt the chidzen 
of thy peopie,*but thou thait iouc thy 
netghboz as thy felfe: Fam the Loum. 

19 C Vee hallkeepe mp Statutes: 
Hhou that not let eaten gender 
With a diverle kinde: Hhou (halt not 
forbe thy field with ningicd feed : Pet 
ther hail a garment mingicd of tinnen 
and Woollen come Hponthee. 

20 (And wholoeuer lieth carnattp 
With a woman that isabondmard,| be- 
trothed fo an bulband, and not at all 
vedeemed, nozfreedomnie ginen ber, || fhe 
thail befcourged : they hall notbe put 
to Death, becaule fhe was notfree: 

and ordinances, 

* Deitt. a7: 

* Exod.23: 

17-and 16; 


? eccl.19.1 3 

\|Or, that 

thon beare 

not finne for 

*Mart.5:43 | 
and 22.39. 
rom.1 3.9. 
galat. 5.14. 
iam. 2.8. 

{ Or, abufed 
by any. Heb. 

by orfor 
LOrthey. | 

21 And he thal being his trefpatle | r<24-c 
offering bnto the Louw, bnto the |"2"s 

noone of the Labernade of the Congre- 
pane » cuen Avamime fo2a trefpatle of 

22 Andthe Prick Hall make an at- 
onement for hun With the raninic of 
the trefpatte offering before theLorp 
for his fine Which hee hath done: and 
the finne Which he hath done thall bee 

23 CAudwhen pee Hhailcomein to 
Heland, and thail haue planted all ma- 
nev of trees fo2 food,then ye thall count 
thefrutttherofas bnaveumeited : theee 

ipeeres fhailitbe as bucircunietled bnto 

pou: ithatlnot be eaten of. : 

24 Wut in the fourth peeve all the 
fruit thereof thall be tholp to pzarfe the 
LDRD withall. 

25 And inthe fiftycere thall peeate 
ofthe fruit thereof, that itmay peelde 
bnto pou the increale thereof: F am the 
LO w pout God. 

26 ( 38e thallnoteateany thing With 

+ Helines of | 


| the 
I anny nna pc a Se inne acne SR ee 


Diuers lawes, 

*Chap. 31. 


} Hebr. pro- 


*Exod. 32. 
*Exod. 22. 

*Prou, 11. 
rand 16. 
31. andio. 

{ Heb feones. 

*Chap.18. | og 
21, : 

theblood, neither fhallye bfeinchant- 
ment, noz obferue times. 

27 *Sethall not round the coxners 
of pour heads, neither fhalt thoumarre 
thecomners of thy beard.» 

28 Pethallnot*make any cuttings 
trpour fleth for the dead ,noz paintany 
markes bpon pou: Fam the oxy. 

29 CDocnatt peottitute thy paugh- 
tev, to cauleher to be a Whore, leftehe 
landfall to Whozedome, and the land 
become fullof Wickeonefle, 

30 (Ve thall keepe mp Sabbaths, 
and reverence my Sanctuary : FJ aw 


31 (Regard not them that hauefa- 
millar fpivits , neither feeke after wat: 
ZaUDdS, to be defiled by them: Famthe 
LORD your God. 

32, C Lhon that rile vp before tye 
hoary head, and honour the face of the 
Old Matt, And fearethy God: Pamthe 

33 @ And * fa ftranger fotourne 
With thee in pour land, pee-fhall not 
| bere him. 

34. * But the ftranger that dwelleth 
With pou, thaibe as one bogne among 
pou > and thou Malt lone him as thy. 

e,fo2perbere rangers tithelann of 
Egypt: Jam the L Ow pour God, 

35 CVehhalldoceno burighteoulnes 
iniudgment, iMnictepyard, tn Wetght,o2 

36 * Hult ballances, tui tweights,a 
inf Cphah,anda tut Hin hall pehaue: 

am the LORD your Good , which 
brought pou out ofthe land of appt, 

37 Kherefore hall pe oblerucalimy 
Statutes , and ail mp Z udgements, 
andDdoe them: Jam theZL Ox, 


Of him that giueth of hisfeedto Molech. 4 
of him that fauoureth fuch an one. 6 Ot 
goingtoWizards. 7 Offanétification. 9 
Orhim that curfeth his parents. 10 Ofadul- 
terie. 11. 14.17.19 Ofluceft. 13 Of So- 
domie. 15 OtBeattialitie. 18 Ofvnclean- 
neffe. 22 Obedience is required with holi- 
nefle, 27 Wizards muftbe put to death. 

gy MD the LOxwW fake 
bnto Doles faying, 

Me 2 *Againe, thou that 
eo ee fay to the childeen of HE 
Rect Y Sry Val; DdVoloever he beof 
the children of Plracl, o2 of the ttran- 
gers that fotourne in BPlvael , chat 



giueth any of his {eed bnto Woiech,he 
thail furelp be put to death : the peopie 
of theiand thall fone hin with tones, 

3 And wiliet my face againtrhat 
Mat, And Will cut hint off from among 
pone : becaule he hath giuen of his 

ced Duto Molech,to defile mp Sancty- 
ary,and to prophane mpholpy Mame. 

4 Andi thepeopileof theland doe 
any Wapes hide their oe from the 
man, when he giueth of his {eed bnto 
WMolech,and kilhininot: 

5 Dhen F will {et my face again 
that man, and againt his family, and 
Will cuthin off, and all that goea who- 
ring after him, to commit Yohozedome 
With Woleh , from among their 

6 CAndthe foule that turneth a€ 
ter {uch as hauefanuliarfpirits,au at 
tev Wizards , to goe a Whoznag after 
thent, BH wWiil even fet mp face againt 
that foule, and will cuthin off froma: 
mong bis people. 

7 €&* Sanctifie pour feiues there: 
fore , avid bee pee Holy: for Ham the 
ZL DRY pour God, 

3 Aun pe thall keepe my Statutes, 
and do then: J amtheL ox w whieh 
fanctifie you. 

9 C*Fozreuery one thatcurleth his 
father o2 bis mother, thalbefurely put 
to Death : hee hath curfed his fathero2 
his mother; his blood thalbebpon hin. 

Jo (And* theman that committeth 
adulterie With another mans Wife, euen 

He that commniittech aduiterte with his |* 

neighbours wife; the aduiterer, and 
ne Sere hall furelp bee put to 
1 * And the man thattieth with his 

fathers wife , bath bucoueren bis fa-|* 

thers nakeonefle: both of them that 
ae to death sthetr blood thalbebpon 

Iz Aindifa man lle with his aug: 
ter inital, both of them thal fureip be 
put to death: they Hane wrought con: 
fufion ; thett blood thall be bpon them, 

3 *FEaman allo tie With mankind, 

as hee ipeth with a woman, both of)? 

themt Haue_ committed an abomina- 
ton: they Aalifuvelp be putto death; 
their blood thalbe bpon them. 

14 Andif aman takea wefe,andher 
mother, (tistoickennefle: Ley thalbe 
burnt with fire, both he and they, that 
therebeno wickednefle a:nong pou, 

ly *Andif amaniie With a beat, he 

and ordinances, 

44. and 19. 
2.1 .pet.1. 

*Exod. 21. 
17% pro. 20. 


* Deut. 22 
22.iohn 8, 

*Chap. 18 


* Chap. 18. 

tail J 

a iuers lawes, 

EChap. 18. 

af| Pp teb.made 
7 A ed. 

Wf Heb.a/e- 



Chap. 18, 

Deut. 9.5. 

| Tallfurely be put todeath : and pe Hatt 
flay the beatt. 

16 Andif awomanappoch bnto a 
np beat, and lie Downe thereto, thou 
halt ill the Woman and the beatt: they 
hail furely be put to death, their blood 

17 Andif aman (hall tate his fitter, 
his fathers daughter , oz his mothers 
Daughter, and {ee her nakednefle, and 
the fee his nakennelle , it is a wicked 
thing, and they thal bee cut off tn the 
fiahbtoftheir people: hehath bucouered 
Hishiters nakennelle, he (hall beare his 

13 *Andifaman hail ite with awo- 
man hauing ber fickenefle, and that bu- 
couer her nakedneffe: hehath toiftoue- 
reaver fountaine,and fhe bath bucoue- 
ved the fountaine of her blood: and 
both of them hall bee cut off front a 
mong their people. 

Io And thou halt not bncouer the na- 
kednefie of thy mothets fitter, nozofthy 
fathers fitter: for Hee Ducouereth his 
neevchinne: they thall beave their tni- 

20 And ta man (hall lie with his 
bueles Wife, He hath bucouered his bu- 
cles nakeonefle: they thall beare theit 
finne, they thall die chiidieffe, 

21 And ifaman thall take his beo- 
thers wife, itistanducleane thing : bee 
hath dncouered His brothers naked- 
nefle, thep hall be childieffe. 

22 (Be thall therefore keepe all my 
* Statutes, and all my Judgements, 
and dDocthem: that the lande Whither 
FH bung pou to Divell Herein, {pue pou 
not out. 

23 Andye Hhallnot walke inthe ma- 
nevsof Henation, which PH cat out be- 
fore pou : for thep committed all thefe 
things, e* therefore FI abhoored them, 

24. But A haue laid dnto pou, Bee 
Chall inherit their land, and J will giue 
it dnt pow, fo pofielle it, a land that 
flovveth With milkeand honyp: F am the 
LORD pour God, which hane fepa- 
vated poufrom piboten 

25 *Pethall theretore put difference 

14. | bettbeene cleane bealts, and dueleane, 

and betbeene bueleane foules , and 
tleane: eye Mhail not make pour foules 
abominable by beak 02 by foule, o2 by 
anp manerof lining thing, that) evee- 
peth onthe ground, which J hauele- 

79. paratedfconipouas bucleane, 

26 Andyethal be holp bnto me: *fo2 


PieLonrwanholy, ehauctuered 
pon From other people, that pe houid be 

27 @* Aman alfo 02 oman that 
bath a familiar {pivit, 02 that is a wis 
3ard, Mhalifurelp be putto death : they 
hail fone them with ftones : chetc 
blood thalbebpon them. 


1 Of the Priefts mourning, 6 Of their holi- 
nefle. § Of theireftimation. 7, 13 Of their 
Maniages.. 16 ‘The Priefts that haue blemi- 
fhes muft not minifter in the San@uarie, 

ACLS ModtheL On wiaid onto 

) Doles; Speake ynto the 
Cpe, Puelts the fonnes of Aa 
We, ton, and fay dntoe them, 
fists Lieve thall none be defi: 
led for thedead among his peopie: 

2 Wut for his kine, that ts neere 
buito him, tharis, for his mother, and fo2 
his father and fo2 his fonne, and fo2 
his daughter, and for his brother, 

3. And for hisfittera virgin, thatis 
nigh bute him, which hath had nohue 
band: for her may he be defiten. 

4. But hee hail not defile himteife 
| being achiefeman among his peopie, 
to prophane himleife, 

5 * Xheyp (hail not make baidnefie 
bpon their head, neither thalt thep 
thaue off the comer of their beard , nio2 
makeany cuttings in their fleth : 

6 Chey thalbe holp buto their God, 
and not profane the namicof their God: 
for the offtings of theZ OxDmadebp 
five, and the bread of their Godthey doe 
offer : therefo2e thep hall be holy. 

7 They hall not takea wife thatis 
AWhore, o2 profane, neither ant tbey 
take aYboinan put albay froniher huk: 
band : for he is holp bnto his God. 

§ hou hattlanctifie hint therfore, 
for be offereth the bread of thy God: he 
thalbe holy dnto thee:foz J theLore 
Which fanctifie pou, am Holy, 

9 a ee Ae eat Hose 
if the profane ber felfe, by playing the 
Whore, the peofancth her father: thee 
fhallbe burnt with fire. 

lo And he that is the high potett a- 
mong his wethzen, dpon Whole head 
the anointing opie has poweed, and 
that is confecrated to put on the gar- 
ments, thall not bucouerhishead, no2 
tenthis clothes: 

I Metther hallhegoemnto a ae 


and ordinances. 

JOrsbeing an 
husband ax 
mong his 
people hee 
foalinot de- 
file himfelfe 

for his wifé 

*Chap. 19. 

Divers lawes, 

body, tto2 defile himfeife foz bis father, | 
o2for bis mother: 

12 Meither fhall hee goc out of the 
Sanctuary , 102 Benpbane Wye Barwetiy 
aty of his God; fo2 the crotone of the 
anointing oile of His God shponhim: 
Jamthe LORP, 3 

3 Andhelhail takea wifein her biv- 

14. AWidow , o2adituozced Woman, 
ozpophane, or an harlot, thele thatthe 
not take : but he Mhalltake a biraine of 
his orone peopie to wife. es 

15 Meither halhe prophane his feed 
among bis people :fo2 z theLoOxuw 
doefanctifie him, 

16 ( And the L oxw {pake buto 
Dotes faping, 

17 Speake bnto Aaron , laying, 
rabofoeuer he beof thy {eed in their ge- 
nerations, that hath any blemith , ict 
te hot approche to offer the||beead of 

iS God: 

18 Fo2 Whatfoener man hee be that 
hatha blemith, be Hhallnotappzoche:a 
blindDman, O28 lame, o2 he thathath a 
flat nofe,o2 any thing *fuperfiuons, 

Ip DA man that ts beoken footed, 
ozheoken handed, 
sat ha Te a &| etn 

Chath a biemit in his eve, o2 be 
fruruy, 02 (tabbed, o2 hath his ftones 

2 Moman that hath a blentith of 
the feed of Aaron the etett, fhatl come 
nigh to offer the offtings ofthe Loup 
made by fire: he hatha blemith she that 
not aves nigh to offer the bread of his 

22 Hethall cat thebead of his Gon, 
both ofthe mot Holy, and ofthe holy: 

23 Dnelp He thall not goe in ynto 
the Gaile, noe come nigh nto the Ay 
tar, becaule he hath ablemith, thathe 
prophane not my Sanctuaries : fF 
thei DRM doelanctifiethent, 

24 Aid Doles toid tt onto Aaron, 
and to his fonnes, and buto ali the chit: 
neen of Hiract. 


1 The Priefts in their vocleanneffe mutt abe 
ftaine from the holy things. 6 How they 
fhallbeecleanfed. 10 Who of the Priefts 
houfemay eate of theholy things. 17 The 
facrifices muft be without blemifh. 26 The 
age of the factifice. 29 Thelawof eating 
the facrifice of thankefgiuing. 

Or, food. 

*Chap. 22. 

4) Or, too 



and ordin ances, 
ye Md the Louw {pate bn- 
/, to Poles faping, 

sags that they feparate then 
felues trom the holy things of the chit 
Deen of Piract, and that they propane 
notiny Holy Mane, in chofe things Thich 
they halow bute me: J amtheLonuw. 
3 Say dnto them, whofoener he be 
ofallpourfeed, among pour generati- 
ons, that goeth bnto the holy things, 
Which the childen of Hirai hatlow 
butothe LD xB, having his buclean- 
nefle bpon him, that foule thatbe cut off 
from my prelence: Fam the Lox w, 
4. Dabhat man focuer of the feen of 
Aaron tS a leper, o2 Vath atrunning 
iftue,be halinoteat ofthe holy Things; | 5.5 
buttil he becleane. And * who fo toucly: | chap.15. 
eth any thing that is Dueleane by the|* 
ee 02 a man Whole feed goeth from 
5 D2 wholoeuertoncheth any evee- 
ping thing, whereby he may bemade 
bucleane, oz a manof whom heemap 
fake bucleannefle , whatloeuer on: 
cleanneffe he hati: 

t Hebrrap. 
wing of the 

bniefe he hath his fieth with water. 
7. Aud Wher the Sunneis downe, 
he fhallbe cleane, and thall afterward 
ad of the Poly things, becauleitishis 

8 *Hhat which victh of it ieife,orts|*Ex0d.a. 
toztte with bealts, Hee hall not eate to| 37% 
defile Himlcife therewith : Bam the|*** 

9 Lhey thatt therefore keepe mine 
MDadinance, tek they beare finne fo2 rt, 
and Die therefore, they prophane it: J 
the LOx®@ doelanctifie then, 

Jo Chere thatino ttranger eat of the 
holpthing; a fotourner of thesprietts, 
e ant me feruant hall not eate of the 

oly thing, 

I Wut tf the etek buy any fouie 
anne i i eat ne isan Bie 

ethatis bome in bishoule: thep Matt |r" 
eat of His meat. Ee seme 

In HE the Wrielts daughter atfovee 
married buito ta flranger , themayn 
cate ofan offering ofthe holy things, 

B ut tf the Puelts daughter bea 
Widow,o2 diuozced,and hauen childe, 
andis returned bnto her fathers houte, 
*asinber pouth, the fhatieat of her fr 

ot { Heb.amas 

* Chap.30: 

feuen Dapes buder the Damme; and 

| Vhatoblations Cha xxii}. __ multbeoffred. 

I) Or, lade 
Wavith the int~ 
agsity of tre/- 
4 i Epa(fe in their 





Deut. 5: 
21.8 17.1. 

Or, goats. 

_ S25 

sf MOr,kidde. 

| 1} Chap, ar. 
j 18, : 

— oe — a — 


thers meat, but there Mhalino ftranger 

14 CAndif aman eate of the holy 
thing buibittingiy,then he tail put He 
fift part thereof vito it, and Mhallgiues 
bnto thepetelt, with heholp thing, 

15 And they fhall not paofane the 
holy things of the chilozen of Hlract, 
which hepofferdntotheLoxrD: — 

16 D2|{ufferthem to beare the tnt 
quiticof trefpatle, when they cate theiv 
holy things : fox PH the L Du wdo lan- 
ctifierbenis — 

17 (And the L ORD {pake bnto 
Motes, laying, 

18 Dpeake ito Aaron and to His 
fonnes, and bnto ali the childeen of JE 

from theeight dap and thencefoorth, it 
Chal be accepted fozan offering made by 
fitebnto the DnB. =. 

23 And whether it be cote? || eve, 
pe Hall not killit, *and her pong,bot 
itonedayp, _ 

29. And then pee will offer a facrt- 
fice of hankefgiuitig bute the Loup, 
offer it At pour oie will, hadi 

30 Dn thefame day tt (hall be eaten 
bp, pe all leaue *none of ithntithe 
mMozrolb: Ham the ox wp, 

31 Lheretoze thail pe keepemyp Conv 
mandements, anddoe them: J am the 
LORD. ; 

32 SMeither Mal ye* profane mp holp 

rael, and fay dnto them, vabatloeuer| | amie, but ZF weil be hallowed among 
he be of the Houle of Hirael, 02 of the) | thechilozen of Pirack: Jamthe Louw 
ftrangers in Hiracl, that will offer his! | which hallow pou, 

oblation fo2 all Hts boiwes, and forall] | 33 Mhatheoughtpououtoftjeiand 
his fire willofferings, which they wilt | of Egypt; to be pour God: F am the 

offer dnto the L ox fora burnt ofte- 


19 Yefhaloffer Af pour olbne Wil a male 
Without biemith, of the beeues, of the 
fheepe, 02 of the goats. 

20 But wWwhatloeuer hath a blemifh, 
thatthail penotoffer : fort hall notbe 
acceptabte fo2 you. 

21 *2ind wbholoeuer offereth alacri: 
fice of peace offerings bute the Loup, 
to accompltth his both, 02a free Will of 
fritig in beens 02 || (heepe, tt thalbe per: 
fect, to be accepted: there (hall be no bie- 
mith therein, 

22 Wlind, o2beokert, o2 mated, 02 
hauingaiwenne, orfeurute, orftabbed, 
pethalnot offer thele buto the Loup, 
nozmakean offring by five of them bp- 
onthe Altar bnto theL O xv, 

23 Either a bullocke,o2a || lambethat 
hath any thing “{uperfluous o2lacking 
in his parts, that mapett thou offer fo2 
aftee Will offring: butfo2a bow tt thal 
not beaccepted. 

24. Bethalnot offer nto theLouw 
that Which ts bentfed,o2 crulhed, 02 br0- 
Kent, o2 cut, neither Hall pou make any 
offering thereof in your land. 

25 Metther from a ftrangers hand 
Hall pe offer the bread of pour God of 
any of thele ; becaufe their cozruption 
isin thent, and blemtthes bee in them: 
they thali not be accepted fo2 you. 

26 € And the LOxw lpake bnto 
Motes, faping, 

27 Aen abullocke, o2 athcepe, 02 
AgoAtis hreought forth, hen itthail bee 



1 The feaftsof theLord. 3 TheSabbath. 4 
The Pafleouer. 9 The Sheafe of firft fruits. 
15 TheFeaftof Pentecoft. 22 Gleaningsto 
beleftforthepoote. 23 The Feaft of Trum- 
pets. 26 Thedayot atonement. 33 The 
Feaft of Tabernacles: 

to Doles, faping, 

2 Speakednto hei 
deen of Plracl,andfay ou: 
to them, Concerning the 
feafts of the Lox, Which yee fhall 
proclainte tobe Holp connocations, cuen 
thele avemy featts. 

3 *SDiredapes thall workebedone, 
but the feuenth dap is the Sabbath o 
veft, an holy ronuocation; pe fhall doe 
no Worke therein: isthe Sabbath o 
theL DuBin all pourdwellings, 

4. © hele are the feattes of the 
LORD,cuen Holy conuorations, which 
pe thall peoclatme in their feafons. 

5 *¥Ju the fourteenth day of the firtt 
monet ateuen,she Lonvpopatle- 

6 And on the fifteenth day of the 
famemoneth), isthe feattof pnicauened 
beead buto the Lox w: feuen dapes 
pe mutt cate bnicanented beead. 

7 FBPuthe firl day ye Hhallhaucan 
holy conuocation: pe fhalldo no ferutic 
Worke there. 

3 Wutye Chal offer anofFring made 
by firebute the L on: ® feuen dayes: 



| Or, Bee 
koat. 7 
* Deti.22.6 


deut.5. 13. 
luke 33.44. 


‘Thefirit fruites. 

Leuiticus. Solemne featts,and 

inthe fenenth dap is an hotly conuocati- 
on, Pe thalidoc no feruile Workke there. 

9 € AndtheL on Dw lpake buto 
Mofes, faving, 

lo Speake bnto the childeen of HE 
val, andfay Ditothem, paben yee be 
coincinte the land hich J giue brto 
pou,and thal reape theharuett thereof, 
thenpethall being a|| heafe of the firkt 
* |fenitsof pour haruelt bato the Duet : 

i Andhee Mhall warie the theafe be- 
forcthc LL Dz B to beaccepted for pou: 
on the mozvow after the Sabbath the 
portelt hall wane wt. 

12 And pe thail offer that day, when 
petauc the theafe , an hee lambe with: 
outblemith ofthe firkt peeve, fo2a burnt 
offering dnto the One. 

B AndHhemeatofiring chereof thal 
betiva tenth deales of fine foie, min 
Sled With ovle, an offering made by fire 
onto the 2 0 8 B, for alweet fauour: 
and he dinke offering thereof thalbeof 
Wine, the fourth part ofan Hin, 

14. 2ind pe fhall cate neither bean, 

NO2 parched core, noz greene cares, 
bntill the feife fame day that pee haue 
bought an offering bnto pour God: 
Pt halve a Katte fo2 ever,theoughout 
et generations , in all pour Divel 
lings. ; 
5 (And * pe that count nto you 
from the mowow after the Sabbath, 
from he day that pe baught the fheate 
of the Wane offering: fenen Sabbaths 

16 Cuenbnto the moor after the 
feuenty Sabbath,thait pe number fiftp 
Dapes, and pe hail offer anew meatok 
fertig Duto the Lo xv. 

17 Bethallbring out ofpour hadvita: 

MONS TWO Waue-loanes, of two tenth 
Deales: they Malbe of fine flow, they 
hall be baken With teauen, they are the 
fir fruits dato the Lox, 
13: Andye Thal offer with the bread 
feuen Taiibes Without bienith , of the 
firit peeve, and one pong bullorke and 
~ | Mbo ramimes they thatl be fora buent 
offering buto the Louw, withtheir 
Meat otring and their dritike offrings, 
cuen ant offering made by five of fiveet 
fauourdnto theL on p. 

Io Lhen pe Hail facvifice one kin of 
the goates, fora finne offeting.and tio 
lainbes ofthe fick yeere;forafacriticcof 

20 And the Priel Hatt wane them 

With the bread of the fir fenits, fora 

Waue-offring before the. Ox w, with 
the tivo lambs: they thalbe holy to the 
LORD forthepuetts, 

21 Anoypethal preoctatne on the lelfe 
fame Day , that tt may bean holy conuo- 
| cation bitto pou: pe hall doc no ferutte 
Yorke therein : i: thallbe g ftatute fo2 curr 
| nail pour Dwellings theoughout pour 

22 G And *When pe veape the Harz | “Chap. ro, 
uett of pour land, thou thalt not make!” 
cleane riodance of the comers of the 
field, When thou reapett,* neither hat 
thou gather any gleaning of thy Har- 
i ueft : thou thalt ieaue them bnto the 
poo2rl, and to the ftranger : F amthe 
LDRD pout God, 

23 EC Andthe LORD fpake bnto 
Doles faying, 

24. Mpeake buto the childeen of HE i 
tael, faying, Bn the *fenenth moneth, | “Nor. 
tithe fill day of the moneth fhail yee} * 
hauea Sabbath , amemoziallof blow: 
ingoftrumpets,an holy conuocation. 

25 Be fhail do no feruite worke there- 
in; but pe (hail offer an offering made 
by fire bute theL ox wD, 

26 (And the LOxD {pate nto 
Poles faying, 

27 *Afilo onthe tenth day of this te: 
uenth moneth, there thalbea day ofat- 
onement, t halbean holy convocation 
bnto pou, € pethall affitet pour fonies, 
and offer an offering made bp five buto 
the L Daw, 

28 Andye hall doe no Wworkeinthat 
fanie Day :fo2 tt is a Day of atonement, 
to inake an atonement foz pou, before 
theL Ox pour Gon. 

29 F02 Whatloeuer foule it bee that 
fhati not bee afflicted in that fame day, 
Hee on bee cut of from among bis 

30 And whatloeuer Loule icbee that 
Docth any Workein thatfameday, the 
fame foute Will J dettroy froni among 
his peopie. 

31 Be Chall doe no manerof wome: 
itfhall be & ftatute fo2 ener thoughout 
yout Generations , i all-your Divel: 


32 Ht thalbe nfo pou aDavvath of 
reff, and pee-Mhall afflict your fontesin 
the ninth day of the moneth at Even, 
from Guen Dnto Cuen Mall pet ceie- 
bate pout Sabbath, 

33 C And the LOnD pate buto 


*Deut. 24, 

*Chap. 16, 
30, num, 

} Hebr. rei 

Motes faying, 
34. ‘Speake bnto the an “ 


e to Doles, faping, 
> 2 Command the chit 

x holy conuocations. Chap.xxiti}. 

i oxunao. [Sitvaet, taping, * ve fifteenth pay oe) |e 
; f aschn7. ae facut monet, (hallbe the feattot e 



BRASS 8. 23> 

437 Cavernacles tor feuen dapes bnto che 


35 Du the fick day thalbe ant Holy con- 
uocation: pe Mall Doe no {erutle Wozke 

36 SHeuendayes pe (hall offer anak 
fring made by fire bute the ZL 9 uB,on 
the eight day thall be an holy conuocat- 
ot bnto pou, and ye Hall offer an offe- 
ringmadeby fire bnto theL ORD: Pt 

isatfolenmeatlembly, and pe fhalltoc! 

noferuile Worke therein, 

37 Hheleavethefeats oftheLone 
Which ye Hall proclatine tobe Holp con: 
uocations, to offer an offering made by 
firebuto the Lh On B,aburnt offering, 
vat ameat te a hee ey 
offerings, eueryp thing bpon his day; 

38 elie the Sabbaths of the 
LORD, aud belide pour gifts, and be- 
fideall pour bobes, and befide all pour 
free Wilt offerings, which ye giue nto 

39 Allo inthe fifteenth day of tie fe- 
uenth moneth When pee haue gathered 
inthe fruit of the land, pe fhailkeepea 
feat bnto the Loupieucndayes, Du 
the fir Day thall bee a Sabbath, andon 
the eight day thal beea Sabbath. 

40 Andype halltake pou onthe fick 
Day thet boughes of goodly trees bean: 
chesof Palme trees, and the boughes 
of thicke trees, and IWillolwes of the 
brooke, and pee thall vetoyce before the 
LORD your Godleuendayes. 

Al Andyee hall keepe tafeatt bnto 
the O xB feuen Dapes in the peere: 
Pt thalbea Statute for ener inpour ge- 
nerations, ye hall celebpate itinthefe- 
uenth moneth. 

42 Be hall dwell tt boothes feuen 
Dapes : all that ave Plraclites bone, 
thall bibell it boothes; 

43 Lhat pour generations may 
knob that J made the chilozen of HL 
vael to Dell in boothes , When F 
brought them out of the land of Egypt: 
PantheL O # Bw pour God, 

44. Aid Doles declared bnto the 
children of Pirael the feattes of the 


1 Theoyleforthelampes. 5 The Shewbread. 
10 Shelomiths fonneblafphemeth. 13 The 
Law of Blafphemie. 17 Of Murther. 18 Of 
Damage. 23 The blafphemer isftoned, 

» dzert of Hirael, that they 

zap bung vito thee pure oyie 

Dituc,bearen, foe the light,t to canle the 
lampes to burne continually. 

3 Ithout the Maile of the Lette: 
iMome, in the Labernacle of the Con- 
Sregation, thal Aaron order it frometbe 
cuening bnto the mowing, befoze the 
L OR Dcontitually : Pe thallbea Sta 
tute foz ener it pour generations, 

4 He Hail order the tampes ppon 
* the pure Candletticke before the 
LOngw continually. 

5 (And than thait take fine flowze, 
and bake tibeine “cakes thereof: mo 
tenth deales hall be tn one cake, 3 

6 ind thou thait fet them in tio 
voles fire onarolb bpouthe pure La: 
bie, beforctheL one, 5 

7 And thou that put pure frankin-: 
cenfe bpon eth vorb, that tt may bee on 
the beead for amemoziall, even an offe- 
ving made by five bnto the ox, 

eueriaihng couenant, 

9 Aud * tt Mall beAarons andhis 
fonnes, and they thali cate it inthebolpy 
place: fo2 ttismioft holy bnto hiniofthe 
offerings of the L Dx w made by fie, 
bp aperpetuall fatute. 

lo CAndthefonne of an Firaciitith 
Woman, whole father was an Eqppti- 
att, Went outamong the childzen of He 
tael: andthis fonne of the Plractifith 
Woman, and aman of Plrael roucto- 
gether inthe cantpe. 

I And the Piraclitih womans foune 
blafphemed the name of the Loxp, 
and curled, and they brought him bnto 
Moles : and his mothers name was 
Dbhelomith, the daughter of Dibz, of 
the tribe of Dan. 

12 Andthep* put him inward, that 
the minde of the Louw might bee|s4 
fhetbed then, 

3 AndtheL Ox wipake bnto Io- 
fes,faping, : 

14. Bang forth him that hath curled, 
Without the Campe, and let all that 
heard hint, “lay their hands bpon his | « 
Head, and iet all the Congregation | > 
ftone hit, 

15 And thou thalt {peake duto the 
childzen of Hiraet, faying, wahofocuer 

QD 2 curt 

curfeth his God, thallbeare his finne, 
16 And hee that blalphemeth the 
| ame of the Hox w, hethatt {ureiy 

ofthe L Ou®D, Thali be put to death, 

17 (And he that thileth any man, 
"| fhallfurely be put to death, 

13 And he that killeth abealt, hail 
makeit good ; Tbeatt foz beatt, 

I9 And if a man caule a blemith in 
. _ | Hisneighbour ashe hath donc,fo thal 
to | ebedone fo hint: 

20 Breach for beeach , eve foz eye, 
tooth foztooth : ashe bath caufed a bie: 
mith ma man, fo hallitbedoneto him 


wU And hee that killeth a beatt, hee 
Thal teffoze tt: and hee that billet) a 
man, he thall be put to Death. 

22 Be thalihaue*onemaner oftaw, 
afweil fo2 the ftranger , a8 fo2 one of 
your oYone countrey : fo2 J am the 
LORD pour God. 

23 (And Doles fpake to the childeen 
of Hiraci,that they thould being foorth 
hin that had curied, out ofthe Campe, 
and Tone hin with tones: and the chit 
Deen of Pracloid asthe Lo xw cone 
manded Doles. 


1 TheSabbath of thefeuenth yeere. 8 The 
Tubilein the fittieth yeere. 14 Of oppref- 
fion. 18 Ableffing ofobedience. 23 ‘The 
redemption of land, 29 Ofhoufes. 35 
Compaffion of the poore. 39 The'vfage of 

bondmen. 47 The redemption offeruants. 

OBOABRE Md theL Ou wlpakebn- 

to Doles tn Wount Sr 

3 2 Speake buto the hit 
ravers dienof Piract, andfay dr- 
to them : vahen pee come into the land 

; 3S gine pou, then hall the land 
et Theepe “a Sabbath bute the Lox. 
‘| 3 Size peeves thou thalt for thy 
field, and fice peeves thou thalt prune 
py Hineyard , and gather in the fruit 


efenenth peeve thalbea 
buto theland, a Sab 
bath fo2 the Lox : thou thait nev 
oe thy field, noz peune thy Tine: 

5 « Lhat witch groweth of it one 

laccozd of thy haruelt , thou fhait not 
veape neither gather the qrapestof th 
ine bndjzefled ; fo2 t¢. is a peere of cel 
bnto theland., : 

6 And the Sabbath of the tand that 
be meat for you; forthee,and foz thy fer- 
uant, and foz thy mayo, and fozthy hi: 
venferuant,and foz the ftranger that {o- 
tourneth with thee, 

7 Andfo2rthy cattel,and forthe beatt 
that aveinthy land, thal all the encreafe 
thereof be meat. 

3 C Andthou halt nunwer feuen 
Dabbaths of peeves nto thee, fowen 
times feuen peeves, and thefpace of the 
feuen Sabbaths of peeres,fhall be due 
to thee fourtic and nine peeves. 

9 hen Hale thou caule the trun 
pettofthe Public to found,on therenth 
Day ofelenenth moneth; inthe day of 
atonement thal pe make the trumpet 
found theoughoutall pear and, 

Jo Aind ye Thal Hallow the fiftieth 
peeve, and proclaime iibertie theough- 
outall heland,bnto al the inhabitants 
thereof: Ht thatbe a Fubie bnto you, 
and ye hall returne every man dnto 
bis pofleffion, and ye thatl returneeue: 
ty man bnto his family. 

UA Fubtie hall that fiftieth peere 
bebnto pou: 2¢ Mhallnotfow, neither 
aie ay see srolpess . Mi oy in 

; thegrapes itt if9 ine 
bndzetied. : : 

In Foritis the Pubite, it hall beho- 
lp bitte pou : pe fhall eate the encreafe 
thereofout of the field, 

B Gu the peeve of this Judie pee 
thail returne cuery man duto bis pot: 

14 Andif thou fell ought buto thy 
neighbour , 02 bupelt ought of thy 
neighbours hand, pe thatinot opprefie 

15 According to thenumber ofperes 
after the Fubile, thou Mhait buy of thy 

Spee none > and atthe frie ae the 
Uniber of peeves ofthe fruits, he that 
felt buto thee. ue bad 

16 Accoding to the multitune of 

| peeves , thow thalt encveale the price 

thereof, and according to the fermnetie 
of peeres , thou Malt numintth che price 
of tt : fz accordimg fg the number of the 
on of the fruttes doeth bee fell nto 

17 Hee hall not therefore opprefle 

| (One another; but thou thalt feave thy 

God: ForF am the ZL OND your God. 

t Hebr, of 
thy feparatin 

t Hebr. 
lomde of 


13 Crohere- L 

Redeeming of 


=. = 



22S 5. SSeS 

#22 F522 22 

S23 5 




Se S== SSS SS =. 

| t Hebrven 

13 (wherefore ye Hhalldo my Sta- 
tutes, andkeepe my Pudgements, and 
Doethem, and pe Mhall dbell 1 the land 
tnfafetic ; E ES 

Io Andtheland Hail peeld her fruit, 
and pefhal eat pour fill, and divell ther- 
ininfafetic. Roa 

20 Ano tf pe fhall fay; nohat thait 
Weeate the feuenth peeves Wehotd, we 
eet fold; no2 gather in our in 

a1 Chen J Will command my biel 
fing bpott you tn the firt peeve, and it 
hail bunig forth fruit fo2 there peeves. 

22 Andyethall low the eight peere, 
and eat pet of old fruit, dneill the ninth 
peeve: bntill her fruits comein, pe hall 
eateof the oid foe. 

23 CLbeland hail not be foid || foz 

‘/ ener: fo2 the land its mine, foz pe were 
of. |ttrangers and {olourners with me, 

24. MAnidinrail theiand of pour pol 
feffion, pethall grant a redemption fo2 

25 C PE thy brother be waren poore, 
and hath fold avbay fome of bis pole 
fio, and if any of his kinne conieto re- 
Deeme tt, then Mhall hee redeeme that 
Which his bother ford. 

26 And if the man hance none to re- 
Deewte tf, and Thimfelfe bee able to re- 

27 Chenlethimecountthe peeves of 
the fate thevof, and veftoze the ouerping 
bnto the man, to who heloinit, that 
Hemayp veturne dito his pofleMior. 

23 2Butif hebe not able to reftoze it 
tohiny, then that whichis fold, hati re: 
maine i the hand of him that hath 
bought ¢, bntill the peeve of Fubie: 
and tn the Pubite i¢ hail goe out, and 
he thailreturne bnto his pofleuion, 

29 Andifa maniteiladwelling houle 
tira Walled citte, then he may redeeme tt 
Within a whole peeve after it is folde: 
within a full peere may hereneenicit. 

30 Andif it be not redeemed within 
thetpace of afull peeve, then the Houfe 
Chat is tu the Warled citic, Mall be ftabit- 
me fos euer to hint that bought it, 
thaoughout his generations : i {hail 
Not goc out inthe Jubrie, 

31 But the Houles of the Hitlages 
Which haue no wWwaties round avout 
tent, Hail bee countedas. the ficlos of 
the countrey : t they may ce redeemed, 
And they hail goc outinthe Pubile, 

32 Motwithtanding , the cities of 


UntO st. 

of theit polleffion, may the Leuttes re: 
Deeineatany time. 

33 And if] aman purchale of the 
Wenites, then the boule that was fold, 
andthe cite of his pofleilion thait goe 
outin the peeve of Pubite : for the how 
tes of thecities of the Leuites ave their 
peo among the childeen of BE 
ti et > 

34. Wut the field of the fuburbs of 
thett cities map not be fold, foz itis thei 
perpetual potetfion, 

35 C Aud tf thy brother bee waren 
poore,, Andi fallen in decay with thee, 
then thou thatttretiene hin, yeathough 
hebeaftranger, 02 alotourner, that hee 
may liue With thee, : 

36 *Lake oe no biuvie of hint, 92 
tneveate : but feave thy God, that thy 
brother may line With thee. 

37 hou halt not gue hini thy mo- 
nep bpont blurie, oz lend him thy vic: 

33 Ham the LOM pour God, 
Which beought you forth out of he 
land of Egypt, to giuepou the iand of 
Canaan, andto be pout Gor. iy 

39 C And" if thy brother hatdwel: 
ye a thee be Waren pooze,and be fold 

toferucas a bond {eruant. es 

40 But as an hired feruant, andag |7/5% 

a foiourner he hail be With thee, and| wehbe 
thal ferue thee dnto the pereof Fubite, |e" 

41 And then hall hee depart from 
thee,both he and his childzen with hi, 
and hail teturne Dato his ovwne fame: 
lic, and bnto the pofleflion of his fa- 
thers thallhe veturne, 

42 Fortheparempleriants whith 
B beought forth out of the iand of €2| 
Sppt: they Thali not be fold tas bop | tHeernien 
1 u 

nen, : nae 

43 * Chou halt not rule over Hirt | *Ephe.cs, 
With vigour, but hhaitfearethy God, | <o!M4-1. 

44 Both we bondmen, and thy 
bondmatds, which thon thale haue, 
hall be of thedeathen, that ave round 
about pou: of them Mhail pe buy bond: | 
men andbondmaids, 
45 Movreouier, of the chidzen of the 
frangers thatdo foiourne among pou, 
of theni Mhatlye buy, and of thetr fan 
lies that are rth pou, Which thep begat 
in pour land: and they thalbe pour pol 
{effion. $i 

46 Andypelhalltake theni as an ine 
Hevitance fo2 pour childeen after pou, to 

| Or,one of 
the Lenites 

t Heb. his 
hand faileth 
+ Hebr. 

| frrengthen, 


and 22.12, 

deut. 15.22 
hee, thou thatt not tcompelthini| 4. 

{ Heb. ferue 

ft Hebr je 
fall ferite 
your feliges 

the Leuites, and the houtes of the cities 

with them. 

mberite them foz a polleflion, t thep thal 
$3. bee 

Of iP edemption. 

| bee pour bondnten fo2 ever : but ouer 
pour beethzen the cdyildzen of Piracl, pe 
thall not rule one over another With 

4:7 (Andi a fotourner o2 ftranger 
pHebr. bes \Toave vich by thee,and thy beother that 
hentetine emettetly by Him Ware poore , and fell 

himfeife bnto the ftranger o2 fotourner 
by thee, 02 fo the focke ofthe irangers 

4% After Mathes fold, hee may be 
redeemed againe : one of His beetheen 
may redeemehini. 

49 Cither his bucie, o2 his bneles 
fone may vedecme him, ozany that is 
nigh of kinne bnto him, of bis family, 
may vedeeme Him: o2 tf He beable, hee 
may redeemedimicife, 

50 And he Mhall reckon with bin 
that bought him, from the peeve that 
bewas fold to him, bnto the peeve of 
Pubile, and the price of his fale Thatbe 
according dnto the number of peeves, 
according to the time of an Hired fer- 
uant fhallitbhe with him. 

51 HE there be pet many peeves be- 
Hinde, accozding bnto them hee thail 
Giue againe the price of his redemyp- 
fon, out of the money that hee was 
bought foz. 

52 And if there remaine but fer 
peeves buito the peere of Jubiile,then he 
fhall count With him, andaccording bu- 
to his peeves thail he gine Himagatine 
the price of his redemption, 

53 And as a peerely hired fernant 
thatl he be With him: and the other {hail 
not rule With rigour ouer hin in thy 

llOrbythee| 54. And hee be not redeemed | in 
mars. hele yeeres, Chen He thall goe out the 
mee oh Pubrle,both he,and his chitozen 
ith hin. 

55 Forbnto me the hiden of Fira: 
el ave feruants, they are my fervants 
Whom BH brought forth out of theiand 
of Cappt: J an the LOxp pour Gor, 


1 Off_dolatry. 2 Religioufnes. 3 A blefsing 
tothem that keepe the Commandenients. 14 
Accurfe to thofethatbreake them. 40 God 
promifeth to remember them that repent. 

XS Cas Ce Thall make you * no 

*Exod. 20. 

Fees oe PooUS noz grauen F- 
Se, ING mage , neither reare pou 

ep bpal| ftanding image, net- 
Oo ther hall pee fet bp any 


: eene! 

Blefsin S romuiled, 
| Pmageof fone in pour tand,to bow [ooiaired 
DOU dnto tt : For Pam YeL ORD pone of i 
pour God. dure. 

2 *Pethalkeepe my Sabbaths,and| "CP: 1. 
eee my Sanctuary : J am the 


3 C* Pipe Walken my Statutes, | Deuc..s. 
and keepe niy Commandements, and) * 
Doe them: 

4 Lhen F Will giue pou raine tn 
due feafon, and theland hail yecid her 
incveafe, and the trees of the ficld fhall 
peelo thetr frntt, 

5 And pour theething thail reach 
buto the bintage, and the bintage hail 
teach bnto the forbing time: and pee 
thal eat your beead to the full,andDYbel | * 1b 11. 
inpour land fately, 17: 

6 And¥x wil gue peaceintheland, 
andype thallipedoione , and none fhail 
make pou afraid: and F Will rid eustl 
beafts out of dheland,“neither hall the 
ford goetheough yourland, 

7 Andye hail chale pour enemies, 
Habe fie that fall before pou by the 


8 ind fine ofyou Maichate an hurr | * oo. 
Ded, and anhundzedof pou Mail put“ 
ten thoufand to flight : and pour ene- 
nies hall fall before pou by the fino2d. 

9 ForJwilhaue velpect duto pou, 
and make you frutthull, and multiply 
pou, € eftablith my couenant with you. 

lo Audyee hall cate old ftoze , and 
boing forth the old, becaufe ofthe new, 

I * Aino ZF will fet my Labernacie| sEzech. 37 
amonatt pou : and my foule hall not} >* 
abboere pou. 

I2 *AndJ will walke among you, 
and Will be pour God , and pe Mall be 
my people. 

B Ham he L O vw pour God, 

Which beought pou forth outoftheiand 
of Egypt, hat pee thould not be their 
bondmen, € J haue broken thebandes 
ofpour poke,and made pou go bpzght. 

14. @ But ifpe wil nothearken bre] * Deut. 28. 
tome, and Will notDoe allehele Comr| 15 ena" 
mandemients: ae 

15 And if pe thal delpife mp Sta 
tutes , 02 if your foule abbowe my 
Pudgements, fo that pe wa noerdocail 
my Commianudemients , bue that pee 
beeake mp Couenants 

16 Pallo wal doe this bnto pou, J 
Wilt even appoint t over pou tervour, | | He. 
tonfuniption , and the burning ague,)"” 
that thait confume the eyes, andcaute 
foro of heart: and pe thallfow pour 


t Heb. canfe 
to ceafe. 


*2 Cor.6. 


i i 

S225 BBS 


| *Pro.28.1. 

| fovith mee 

overfe 24. 

} Deut. 28, 

aguesthreatned —Chap.xxvj. 

feede tn date, for your enemies fhail| 
fe tt. 
A: Aud F wil fet my face agains 
pou,andye {hall be flaine before pour e- 
tenes: they thathate pou thai reigne 
Quer pou, and * pe thall fice when none 
urfucth pou. 
: 13 . tf pe Will not pet fo2 all this 
hearken bunto me, then J will punith 
pou feuen times moze foz pour fines, 

I9 And F will beeake the pride of 
pour polber, and BF Will make your 
peauee aS pot, and pour earth as 

20 Andyour firength hail befpent 
inbaine: for pour land thall not peeld 
her ineveate, neither thail the trees of| 
theland peeid their fruits, 

21 CAndif pe walke | contrary dnto 
me, and Willnothearken buto mee, J 
Willbungfeuen times nioe plagues bp- 
Ol pou, According to pour-finnes, 

22 J will allo fend wilde bealts a- 
mong you, Which hati rod pou of your 

‘Ichildzen, and deftroy pour cattell, and 

make pou feb in number,and pour high 
Waypes (halt be Defolate. 

23 Andifpe will not be reformed by 
thele things, but will Waike contrary 
bnto mie: 

24. *Chen worl F allo wWwaike cor 
trary Dnto pou, and will puntth pou 
petfeuen times fo2 your finnes. 

25 And F will hing afiword bpon 
pou, that that auenge the quaretliof my 
couenant: and hen pee are gathered 
together within pour cities, ZF wil fend 
the peftilence among you, andpethalbe 
Deliuered into the hand of the enemite. 

26 And When F haue hooken the 
ftaffe of pour beead, ten women that 
bake pour beead tone ouen, andthep 
thail Deliner pouyour bread againe by 
Weight: and pe halleate, and not bee 

27 AndiE pe wa notio2 ati this hear: 
ken bnto me, but Walke contrary bnto 

23 Lhen P wil walke contrary pr 
fo pou alfo infury, and F, ane Will 
chattile youfeuentinies fo2 pour finnes. 

29 “And pe hal cate the fleth of your 
fonnes,andtheficth of pour daughters 
fhatl pecate. 

30 And HF will deftvoy pour high 
places, and * cut Doone pour images, 
and cal pour cavkerles bpon the carker: 
{es of your idoles, and my foule tall 
abhozwe pou. 


31 And HF wilmake pour cities watte, 
and bung pour fanctuaries dnto defy- 
lation, and FH will not tnrell the fauour 
of pour fiueet odours. 

32 And F wil bring the land into aez 
folation: and pour enemies which del 
therein, that be attonifhenat it, 

33 Aud F will {ratter pou among 
the heathen, and will naw outa ford 
after pou: and pour land hall benelo- 
late, and pour cities Wwatte, 

34. CHhen thall the ande entoy her 
Sabbaths, as tong asit teth aeforate, 
oa oe o td cee land, enen 
: land vet, and enioy her 

35 Asiong asitlicth defoiate,cethall 
teft: becaule it dio not ret in pout Sab: 
baths, when pe dwelt bponit. 

36 And bpon them that are tek a: 
line of you, J will fend a fatnenetie into 
their hearts in the lands of their enc: 
mies, and the found of at hakenicafe 
thall chate them, and they thal flee, as 
fleeing from afivor: and they thal 
fall, when none purfueth, 

37 And they hati fail one bpon ano- 
ther, as it Were before a ford, When 
none purfucth: and pee hall Haue no 
polver to ftand befoze pour enemies, 

33 And pee Halt perith among the 
Heathen, andthe land of pour enemies 
thalleate pou bp. 

39 Andthey hat avelefe of you thati 
pine Abay th their tniquitic tn pour ene: 
Miestands, and allo in the miquities of 
ee they pine atbay with 


40 pt ioe confetle the tniqni- 
tieof their fathers with ther trelpaffe 
Which they trefpatled againtt me, and 
that aifo thep haue watken contrary 
bnto me: 

41 AndthaF allo haue walked cor: 
trary bnto them, and haue bought 
them into thelandof their enemies: if 
then thetv bneivcumeifen yearts bee 
Humbled, and thep then accept of the 
punifhment of their iniquitie: 

42. Then will J remember myco- 
nenant With Pacob, and alfo my corez 
nant with Piaac,andailo my couenant 
With Abraham will J remember, and 
J will cemeniber theland, 

43 Lheland alfo thalbelettof chem, 
and fhatl entoy her Sabbaths, whic 
the ltetl) defolate Without them : and 
they thai accept of the punifhment of 
their iniquitie : becaufe, enen becaute 



t Heb.dein 


Of vowes,and 

thep defpifed mp Budgements, and be- 
caute their foule abbozred nip Statutes 

44. And pet for all that, hen thep 
bein the land of their enemies, *Z wilt 
notcattthematbay, neither will J ab- 
howe them, to deltroy them bdtterly, 
And to beeake my couenant With them: 
for Ham tieDL OR w thet Good. 

45 But ZH wil forthetrfakes remen 
ber the coucnant of thei Anceftours, 
Whom F broughtforth out of theiand 
of Egypt, in the fight of the Heathen, 
a might be their God: JF amthe 



46 Khele ave the Statutes, and 
Judgements, and Lathes which the 
LORD made betioeene hint and the 
chilnzen of PHirael, immount Sinai, by 
the hand of oles. 


He that maketh a fingular vow mutt bee the 
Lords. 2 The eftination of the perfon. 9 
Of abeaft giuenby vow. 14 Of outs 16 
Of a field and the redemption thereof. 28 
Nodeuoted thing may beredeemed. 32 The 
tithe may not be changed. 

were Md the LZ Ox w fpake 
P puto Doles, faying, 

ae 2 Speake bdnto thechit- 

Wf Ss deer of Pivact and fay bu- 

x 225 to them, naben aman thal 

nike afinguiar bow, the perfons thall 

be forthe L o x 2, by thy eftimation. 

3 Aind thy eftimation fhail ve: Df 
themale from twentic peeves old, even 
Dnto firtic peeves old: euen thy eftima- 
tion Mail be fiftie fhekelsof filucr, after 
the fheketof the Sanctuary. 

4 Aad itdeafemaie, then thy ett: 
mation fhail be thirtte Hhekels. 

5 And itbe from fluc peeves olne, 
ete Diito trbentte peeres old, then thy 
eftimation fhall be of the maletiventic 
thebkeis, andfoz the female ten thekets, 

6 Andif ic be from amoneth od, ¢- 
nett Dnto fue peeves old, then thy efh- 
mation fhallbe of the male, fiuethekeis 
of filuer, and forthe female, thy cftima- 
finn thallbe thyzec Thekels of fier. 

7 Audit ibe fromfirtic peeves oid, 
and aboue, if ic be a male, then thy efti- 
mation hati be fifteene Thekeis, and fo2 
the female ten theses. 

$ BWuttf he bee poozer then thy efti- 
mation, then he tall peetent himlelfe 
befoze the Drielt, and the pucett Malt ba- 
luc Him: accozding to his abtilitie that 

Leuiticus. their redemption, 

bowed, Halithe rick baiuehimn, 

9 And if tt be abeat whereof men 
brung an offering bnto the Lo xB, all 
that any man giueth of fuch bute the 
LOxnD, Hallbeholy. 

lo Hethaltnotatteritno2 change tt, 
&good fo2 a bad, 02 4 bad fo2 a gond: 
Aindit Hee Mali at all chatige beatt fo2 
beat, thenit, and the exchange theres 
fhallbe holy. 

WU Andif the any bicleane beat, of] 
Which thep doe not offer alacrifice puto 
theL Ou w, then he thal prefent the 
bealt before the Duck : 

12 AudthepPzuek hall baiuc tt, whe: 

ther it be good o2 bad: as thout baluett| | Heda. 

itwho art tie Watett : fo fhaltitbe. 

13 But if Hee Will at all vedeeme ét, 
then Hethallande a fift part thereofon:| & 
to thy eftimation, 

14 (And whena man that lance 
fie his boule ro beholy nto the Loup, 
then the Pret (hal eftimate tt, whether 
ithe good o2 bad: as the Pret Mall ett 
mate tt, fo Thalttt ftand. 

15. Audit he that fanctified it ware: 
deeme his Houle, then hethallanpe the 
fift par of the money of thy eftimation 
buto it, and it thalibe his. 

16 And ifa man Mall fanctifie bnto 
the £ on wm fome part of a field of his 
poffeffion, then thy efhimation thal be 
decording to the feed thereof: | An to- 
mer of barley fren thall be valued at fiftte 
thekels of filuer, 

17 HEVee fanctifie hts fico fromthe 
peeve of Pubic, according to thy eftr- 
mation éthallftand, ~ 

13 But tf hee fanctifie his field after 
the Public, then the Wzek hail recko 
buto hin the money, according to the 
peeves that remaine, enen bnto the 
peeveot the Fubile, and what beava: 
tedfrom thy eftimation, 

19 And he that lanctifien the fiein, 
Will inany wile rebeemet, then he hat 
adde the fift par of the money of thy 
eftimation bnito it, and it that be aff: 
ved to hint, 

20 And if Hee Well not redeeme the 

field, otf be haue fold the field to ano- 
ther matt, it (hall not be redeemed any 
_ 21 Wut the field, When it goeth out 
in the Jubile , Mail be holy outo the 
Louw, asaficld denoted: the pollet 
fion thereof thalbe thezietts, 

22 And ifa man fanctifie bnto the 
LORD afield which he hath bought, 


ee ree 


Se Se 

ge al tc ane mer annie 
Redeeming of Chap,). the T'ythes, 
| Which 1s not of the fieldes of His pot| |Z onw, of all that he hath, both of 
ieflion : man and beat, and of the field of his 
23 Then the Peek halt veckon bn-| | poffeflion, thall be fold oz redeeinen: 
tobin the wort) of thy eftimation, e-| | enery deuoted thing is mott holy buto 
uen bnto the peere of the Fubile, and} [the L ox, 
hee fhall gine thine eftimation in that! | 29 Rone Devoted, Which Halve de- 
day, asa holy thing butotheL © ww.| | uoted of men, thal be redeemed : but 
24. Pi the peeve of the Pubie the! | that fuvelp be put to death, 
field That veturnebdntohimofwhomit| | 30 Anvailthe tthe of theland, whe- 
Was bought, cuen tohin to whonithe| | cher of the feed of the land, or ofthe frutt 
pofleflion ofthe land did beiong. of the tice, isthe Louw; iris holy 
25 Aiud all thy eftimations thalt be! | puto the L ox x, 
according to the thekel of the Sanc-| | 31 Andif a manwa at all vedeente 
m3, Mattes * tbentie Gerahs hall beethe! | oughtofhis tithes, he Hallande there: 
ckel, to the fifth part thereof. 
4 26 @ Mnelp the t firtting of the} | 32 And concerning the tithe of the 
Wi feone.ce. \Deatts Which Mould be the L Ox w S| | herde, 02 of the flocke, cuen of Wwhatio- 
wl firing, 1o man Mall fanctific tt, Whe) | ever pafieth onder the rod , the tenth 
thet it bee ore, 02 Cheepe : Pt is the} | Hhaibe holy buto the Lox, 
LDRDBS, 33 He hall not earch whether tt be 
27 Audit ic beofan dueleane dealt, | | good o2 bad, neither Hall he changeit : 
then Hee hall redeeme tt according to! |andif he change all > then both it, 
thine effimation, and thall ande afifth| jandthe change thereof, hati be holy it 
pact of tt thereto: D2 ifitbe notredee-| | Ghali not be cevecmen, 
med,then it Hatbefold according tothy| | 34 Hieleaccthe Commannements 

B= : 

eftimation, which the Loxw commanned Wo- 
28 * Motwithftanding, no deuoted| | fes , for the childzen of Hirael. in mount 
thing that aman thall deuote v Sinai. 
hi i A iia UNG we LAS ER 

th of M oles,called Numbers. 
ft | vael, after their families, 

WP 3 sby the Houle of, 
it CHAP. I their fathers , With the number of their 
th 1 God commaundeth Mofes to number the names, cuery male by their pote: 
th people. 5 The Princes of the Tribes. 17 3 Fcom twhentic peeres olnand iz 
i | Thenumber ofeuery Tribe. 47 TheLeuites| | Ward, all that aveabie to goc foo2th to 

| are exempted for the Seruice of the Lord. Warrein Piracl: houand Aaron fail 
i, number them by their armies. 
fl 97] MheLoun! | 4 Andwithypouthere thaibeaman 
th Hy) ake Dnto WDo-| | ofcuery Lrive : euerp one head of the 
fi | sal fesin the wilder-| | houte of his fathers, 
“c) - opi elle of Stnat,in| | s And there are fhe names of the 
th | AY() he Labernacie| | men that thal and with pou: of the 
ut | of the Congrega-| | tribe of Reuben , Clisur the fonne of 

fon , ou. the firlt) | Shedeur. 
day of the fecond| | 6 DF Simeon: Shetumtet thefon 
cond peere. after they wnevetomeuntce hte il RMabhthon, theki 
5 were come out 7 udah : Mahthon, thefonne 
thelandof Egypt faying, of Anuntitadab. 
2 Lake pee the fumme of alt the| | 3 DF Bllachar : Methaneet , the 
Congregation of the chaden of HE on DE 

Men of Wwarre 

9 Mf Zebuiun : Cliad the fonne of 


lo Df the cininzen of Poleph : of E- 
pheaim, Elithama the fonneofAinmé 
hud of Banallelh, Gamatiel thefonne 

Il DfwWeniamin :Abidan, thefonne 
of Gideont. 

n DEF Dan : Ahieser , the fonne of 

3 Df Ather : Pagiel the foune of 


14. Df Gan: Etialaph, the fonne of 

Is Df Naphtalt: Ahivathefonne of 

16 Chele were the renowned of the 
Congregation, Princes of the tribes of 
ie eats , Heads of thoufands in 


17 © And Doles and Aaron tooke 
thelemen , which are expzefled by their 

18 And they affembied all the Con- 
gregation together on the fir day of 
the fecond moneth , and they declared 
their pedegrees after their famuties,by 
the houle of their fathers , according to 
thenuniber of the names , from tien: 
tp peres oldand bpiward by their pole. 

Io As the LORD commaunned 

Moles ,fo He numbeed them tn the wi 

dernefie of Sinat. 

20 And the chiideen of Reuben P| | th 

raels cldeft fonne, by their generations 
after their families , by the houle of 
their fathers, according to thenumber 
of thenames, by their polite, euery mate 
from tiventy peeres old and bpiward, 
alithat Were able to go forth to arre: 

21 hole that were numbed of 
them, even of the tribe of Reuben, were 
fury and fire thoufand and fine hun: 

22 Mf the chitdeen of Simeon by 
fhetr genevations ,atter ther families, 
by theboute of their fathers , chofle that 
Were numbed of thenr, according to 
the number of the names , by their 
polles, enery mate from tibenty peeves 
old and bpward, all that Were ableto 
goe foo2th) to warre: 

23 Hholethat werenumbzedofthem, 
even nf the tribe of Simeon, were fiftie 
andninethoufand, and thiee hundze. 

24. €Dfthecheoeen of Gadby their 
generations after their families by the 
houfe of their fathers , according to the 
number of the names, from thenty 


able to goe foozth to warre: 

25 Lhole that were numbed of 
themt,cuen of the trtbe of Gad,were four: 
tp and fine thoufand, firehundzed and 


26 @ Df the chitozen of Pudah by 
their generations, after their fanulies 
bythe houle of their fathers, according 
to the number of the names , from 
tiventy peeres old and bpibard,all that 
Were able to goefoozth to Warre: 

247 Thole that were numben of 

ent, cuen of the tribe of Fudah, were 

eeeftoze and fourteene thoufand, and 

28 CHfthe aden of Pilachar,bp 
their generations, after their faniilies 
by the houte of their fathers, according 
to the number of the names, from 
fihenty peres olD and bpiard, all that 
Were able to goe foorth to warre: 

29 Lhole that were numbed of 
themt, even of thetribe of Pilachar, were 
fiftie and fouve thoufand , and foure 

30 CM the chitdzen of Zebutun, bp 

their generations, after their fanities, 
bythehoute of thete fathers, accoading 
to the number of the names, from 
tibentty yeres old and bpibard, all that 
Wwereable to goefoozth to Warre: 
31 Hhole that wee numbed of 
ent, cuen ofthe tribe of Zebulun, were 
fiftie and feuen thoufand and foure 
a OF be 

32 the chilmen of Jofeph; 
namely of the childzen of eninen ey 
theit generations after their famites, 
by thehoute of their fathers, accoaning 
to the timber of the names , from 
thenty peres old and bpivard, ali that 
Were able to goefoorth to warre: 

33 Hhole that were numbzed of 
thent,cuen of the tribe of Epheatm, were 
fourty thoufand and fiuebundzen, 

34. C DF the childeen of Manatleh 
by theit generations, after tijetr fant: 
lies, by the Houle of their fathers ac: 
coding to the nuniber of the names, 
fromt fibenty peeres old and bpiwarn, 
all that Were abieto go forth to warre: 

35 Hhole that were numbed of 
thent, cuen of the tribe of Danatieh, 
oer and tho thoufand,and tivo 

36 CM the dhuldzen of Beniamin, 
by their generations, after thetr fame 
lies, by the Hout of thet fathers, accoz 


| peeves old and bpibard, all that were 

Sears LE 

= S 


2 =>. 

‘he Leuites 




Ss S SS 22 SRR S 

Dingto the nunsber of thenames from 
tibentp peeresoldand bpivard,all that 
Were ableto gocfoorth to Waree: 

37 hole that Were numbed of 
then, even of the tribe of Bentamin, 
were thirticand fine thoufand,and foure 

38 CHF the chiioeenof Danby their 
generations, after their families, by the 
houte of their fathers, according tothe 
number of the names, from tiventie 
peeves oldand bpward,all hat were a: 
bleto goe forth to Warre: 

39 Ahole that were numbed of 
them, cuen of the tribe of Dan, were 
theeeftoze and tivo thoufand, and feuen 

40 QPF the chilozen of Ather , by 
their genevations, after their faniites, 
by the houle of their fathers, according 
to the number of the names , from 
tihenticperes old and bpward, ali that 
Wereable to goe forth to Warre: 

41 Chole that were numbzed of, 
them, cuen of the tribe of Uther, were 
weeee one Thoufand, and fiuehun- 


42 CME the chinren of Maphtati, 
throughout ther generations , after 

jtheir families by the houte of their fa 
\thers, accorditig to the number of the 
jtames, from fibentic peeves olde and 
jopibard, all hat twee able to goe forth 
|to Warre: 

| 43 Lhole that were numbed of 
| themt,cuen of the tribe of Mapbitatiwere 
\fiftic and theee thoufand, and foure 

44. Chelearethole that were nunv 
bed, Which Doles and Aaron num- 
heed, and the Pzinces of Pirael, being 
tibeluc men: cach one was fo2 the houte 
of hisfathers. 

45 Do Were all thole that were 
nuntbzed of the childzen of Birael, by 
thehoute of their fathers, from twenty 
peeres old and bpivard, all that were 
ableto goe forth to warren Plrael : 

46 Cucn all they, that Were nunv 
heed Were firehundzed thonfand, and 
wher thoufand, and fine hundzed and 

AT © But the Leuites after the 
tribe of their fathers, were not nun 
beedamong then. 

43 FortheL oun whan lpoken br 
tosDoles, faping, 

49 Dnely thou hhaltnot number the 

Cha Dl]. 

tribe of Leut, neither take the fume 

of thentamong the childeen of Ffract, 

5° ut thou thalt appoint the Le: 
uites ouer the Labernacie of Lettimo- 
nte, and ouer all the vefleis thereofand 
ouerallthings that belong to it: they 
hall beave the Labernacie, and all the 
beflels thereof, and they hall munifter 
buitoit, and thal encampe round about 
the Labernacie, 

$1 And when the Labernaciefetteth 
fortbard, the Heuites thal take it 
dolbne and When the Labernaticts to 
be pitched, the Lenites hati fettbp: 
and the ranger that commeth nigh, 
thall be putto death, 

(52 Andthe childeen of Hlrael Hatt 
pitch thetr tents euery man by his oton 
cainipe , and every man by his ovone 
flandevd, theoughouttheir hottes. 

53 But the Leuttes Hall pitch round 
about the Labernacle of Leftanonie, 
that there beno Wrath bpon the Con: 
Gregation of the childeen of Hirai: 
andthe Lenites Mail keepe the charge 
of the Labernacle of Lefhinionie, 

54. And the chilozen of Pfraei dio 
Acowdiltig to all that Hel Dx Bron 
manden Doles, fo did they. 


1 The order of the Tribesin their tents. 

MD the L D wz w fpake 
bute Doles, and bute A 
/ avon, faving, 

7 5 2 €uery man of the 
: > childeen of Zirael thail 
pitch by his olbne ftanderd, With the 
enfigneoftheir fathers houle: tfarre off 
about the Wabernatle of the Congre- 
gation fhatlthey pitch, 

3 And outhe Caf fide torvard the 
rifing of the Sunue, thal they of the 
flanderd of thecampeof Pudah pitch, 
throughout their armies : and Pat: 
thon the fonne of Ammiinadab, thal bee 
taptaine of thechitazen of Judah. 

4 And his hofte, and thofle that 
Werenumbsed of them, were theecitore 
and fourteene thoufand, and fire une 
2d, Z 

5 Anodtholethatdoc pitch nert buto 
Him, thall be the tribe of Pflachar:and 
Methaneel the fonne of Zuar, thallbee 
captaine of the chiloeen of Hilachar. 

6 Andhis hofie,andthole that were 
numbed thereof, were fiftie and foure 
thoufand, andfourehundzed, 

7 Then the tribe of Zebulun ‘ a 


office and charge! 

} Aehioner 

‘Theorder of 

Eliab thelonne ofHelon,thalbe captaine | 
ofthe chitdzen of Zebulun, 

8 Andhishofteand thofle that were 
numbeed thereof, were fiftic and feuen 
thoufand, and foure hundzed. 

5 All that Were niunbeed th the 
Campe of Pudah , Were an hundzeed 
thouland, and fourefroze houfand,and 
fice thoufand , and foure hundzed, 
theoughout their arnties : thele thall 

lo @ Da the Southfive thall be the 
ftandevd of the Campe of Reuben, ac: 
corbing to their armies + and the tap. 
taine of thechadeen of Reuben hail be 
Elisur thefounc of bhedeur, 

Ii Andhis hofte,and thole that were 
munb2ed thereof, were fourtie and fire 
thoufand,and fiue hundzed. 

i 2Atnd thole which pitch by hin, 
thallbee thetribe of Simeon, and the 
taptaine of the childzen of Simeon thall 
be Shelumiet the fonne of Zurithad- 

B Andhishotte,andtholethat were 
niimnbeed of thet, were fiftie and nine 
thoufand,and thee hundzed. 

14. Zhen the tribe of Gad: and the 
captaine ofthe fonnes of Gad thallbe &- 
lialaph the fonne off euel, 

15 And his hofte , and thole that 
Mere numibzed of hent,were fourtic and 
fiue thouland., and fire Hundzeed and 


16 All that Were rumbsed in the 
Campe of Reuben were an Hundred 
thoufand , and fiftte and one thoufand, 
and foure hundzed and fiftie through: 
out their armies: and they thal fet 
fooath i thelecond ranke, 

17 © Lhen the Labernacie of the 
Congregation thal {et forward with 
the Canipe of the Leuttes, wm the midtt 
ofthe Campe: as they encampe,fo that 
thepfetforward,cucry manin his place 
by thetr ftanderds, 

3 € Dn the weit fide thatl bee the 
flanderd of the Campeof Ephraim,ac: 
cording fo their avinies : and the cap: 
tatne ofthe fonnes of Ephpatmn, thallbe 
Elithaina thefonne of Ammihud. 

Io Anodhishofte,and thole that were 
mumbsen of Hhent,were fourtite thoufand 
and fue hundz2d, 

20 AAD by Hi thall be the tribe of 
DHanatleh : and the captaine of the chi 
Hen of Danafleh ,Thatbe Gamaltel the 
fonne of Sedahsur. 


21 And his hofte , and thole that 

Were numbed of theni, were thirticand 
tio thoufand, andtwobundzed. 

22 Chen the tribe of Wentamin: 
and the captaine of the fonnes of Wen. 
tamitt , thall bee 2Abidan the fonne of 

23 Audhis hotte,and hole that were 
numbzed of then, were thirtic and fiue 
thoufand,and foure hundzed. 

24. Ail that Were nunibeed of the 
Campe of Ephzain , were an Hunded 
thoufand, and eight thoufand, and an 
hunded , thoughout their arnties: 
andthep that goe fortbard nthe third 

25 Lhe ftandevd of the Canipeot 
Dan thall be on the Porthhide by their 
armies: andthe captaine ofthe hildeen 
of Dan hhalbe Ahieser,thefonne of Ani- 

26 And his hotte,and Thole Hat were 
numbed of thent , were theeelroze and 
tio Hhoufand,and ferien Hundzed, 

27 Anothole thatencampeby him, 
thatbe the tribe of Aither : and thecap- 
taine of thechinzen of Ather, thalbepa- 
gielthe foune of Devan. 

23 And his hotte , and hole that 
Were numbed of thent, were fourtic 
and one thouland, and fiuehundzed, 

29 € Lhen the tribe of Maphtati: 
and the captatne of the childzen of 
Maphtalt, thall bee WAhira the foune of 

30 And his hofte,and tholethat were 
nuntbzed of thent, were fiftic and theee 
thoufand, and foure hundzed. 

31 All they that Were numbeen in 
the Campe of Darr, were an Hundzed 
thoufand, and fifty and feuen thoufand, 
and fire hund2ed: they thal goe hind: 
moft With their ftanderds. 

32 @ Lhele are thole Which were 
numbzed of the chidzen of Hiraet, by 
the Houle of their fathers; all thofe that 
Werenumbzed of the Campes theough: 
out their hoftes, werefirehundzed thou 
fand,and theee thonfand , and fue bun 

33, Butthe Leuites Were not num 
beedamiong the children of PHiraet, as 
theL On®D commanded Botes, 

34. And the childeen of Pirael oid 
according fo all that the HL Ox conv 
manded Doles: fo they pitchedby their 
fanderds jand fo they fet forivard ene- 
rpone after their families, according to 
thehoute of their fathers. 



‘the Tents] 





3 See 


Ss ==sSs 


= SSS e 

he Leuites 
CT At. Lah. 

t ThefonnesofAaron. 5 TheLeuitesare gi- 
uen to the Priefts for the feruice of the Ta- 
bernacle, 11 i ftead of the firft borne. 14 
The Leuites arepumbred by their families. 
21 The families, number and charge of the 
Gerfhonites, 27 Of theKohathites, 33 Of 
the Merarites. 38 The place & charge of Mo- 
fes& Aaron. 40 Thefirft borne are freed by 
theLeuites. 44 Theouerplus areredeemed. 

ya Ase e Hele allo are the generati- 

EEK MDX ons of Aaron and Wo- 
fes, i the day that the 
LOnD lpake with Do- 

See les in Mount Sinai. 

2 And thele are the names of the 
Exod.6. |fornes of Aaron: Madab the * firét 
ie" Hozte, and Abihu, Eleasar and Ftha- 

3 Kheleare thenames ofthe fonnes 
of Aaron the Prictts, which Were av 
{Hebwhofe| ginted, | Whom heconlecvated to mint 
bande filed! Hey mi the Detetts office. 
PLeuit1o.| 4. *2fnd Madaband Abihu died be- 
B26 fone the LOuD, when they offered 
b42. _ |ftrange fire before the Lox w in the 
Wildernefle of Sinai, and they had 

to childeen : and Cleasar and Beha} 

marminifved i thepeetts office mihe 
fightof Aaron their father. 

5 © And the ZL On fpake bnto 
Motes, faving, 

6 Wung thetribeof Leuineere,and 
peefent then before Aaron the peiett, 
that they may minifter bato hini. 

7 And they thallkeepe his charge, 
and thechargeofthe whole Congrega: 
tion before the Labernacieof the Con- 
gregation, to doc tHheleruice of the La- 

3 And they hail keepe all he inftrw- 
ments of the Labernacte of the Con- 
gregation, and the charge of the chit- 
dren of Pirael, to docthe feruice of the 

9 And thou thalt gine the Lenites 
buto Aavonand to hisfounes: they are 
Wholly giuen buto hint out of the chit 
Deenof Hfracl, 
| Io And thou thalt appoint Aaron 
andhisfonnes, andthey Mall watte on 
thetv prietts office: and the ftranger 
oa tonineth nigh, thall bee put to 


I AndmeL on vlpake bnto Wo- 
{es faying, 

2 And F, behold, J hauc taken the 
Leuites from among the chitneen of 


Plracl,n fread ofall the firk bone chat 
opencth the matrice among the chit 
deen of Pivael : therefore the Leurtes 
fhaiibe mine, 

13 Wecauleallthe irllbownearemine: 
*foronthe day that F {note all the firtt 
boene intheland of Egypt, HF halowen 
bnto mee all the fir bone in Hiraet, 
bothiman, and beat minetheyp thail be: 
SantheL Oxw, 

14. CAndthe L O 2 w {pake bnto 
it can the Wildernefle of Sinai fay- 

15 Mumber the childzen of Leui, ak: 
ter the Houle of thew fathers, by their 
families : cuery male from a moneth 
ri and bpward halt thou number 


16 And* Doles numbed them ac 
cording to the Tio of the Lo xp, 
ag hewbas commanded, 

17 Anodthele werethe fonnes of Le: 
ul, by theit names: Gerfhon, and io- 
Hath, arid Deraci, 

13 And thele are the names of the 

fonnes of Gerfhon, by thetr families: 
Lidbut, and Shimet. 

Io And thefonnes of Bohath by their 
families: Amwvam, and Psehar, He 
heonand Cisstel, 

20 And hefonnes of Derariby cheir 
families : Dahli,and Dulhi: thefeare 
the families of the Leuites, according 
to the houte of ther fathers. 

21 DF Gerfhon was the familie of the 
Libnites , and the familie of the She 
mites: theleare the families of the Ger: 

22 Lhole that were numbed of 
thent, according to the number of ait 
the males, from a moneth old and bp- 
Ward, euen tholethat werenunihzed of 
ee feuen thoutand and fiuebun- 


23 Lie families of the Gerthonites 
Ao ake behind the Labernacte voekt- 


24. Andthe chiefeof the houte ofthe 
father of the Gerfhonites, thallbe Elia 
faph thefonne of Lael. 

2§ And the charac of the fonnes of 
Gerfhon,tn the Labernacie ofthe Con- 
gregation, thallbe the Labernace, and 
the tent, the coucring thereof, and the 
hanging fo2 the doove of the Laberna- 
cleof the Congregation: 

26 Andthe hangings of the Court, 
and the curfaine fo2 the Deore of the 
court, whichis by oo gin 

i ? 

are numbred, 

*Exod. 13: 
1. leuit. 27. 
26.chap. 8. 


Tz.cxod 6. 






be the Altar round about,and the cozds 
of tf, forall the feruice therof, 

27 (And of Bohath was the fame 
licot the Amramites, andthe familie of 
the Pseharites, and the faniiticof the 
Hebonites,and the familte of the Ussi- 
elites: thefe ave tye families of the H0- 

28 Futhe number of all thesmnates, 
from amoneth olde and Dpward, were 
eight thoufand, and fire hundzed, kee: 
ping the charge of the Sanctuary, 

29 Lhe families of the founes of 
Bohath, Hall pitch on the five of che 
Labernacle Southward. 

30 And the chiefe of the Houle of the 
father ofthefaniiies ofthe Hxohathites 
fhalbe Ctisaphan thefonne of Ussict. 

31 Another charge thallbethe aicke, 
and the Lable, and the Candietticke, 
aud the altars, and the deflels of the 
Dauctuavic, wherewith thep minilter, 
ae ie hanging, and all the feruice 

oe Aind Cieasar the fonne of Aaron 
thepztelt, Mail be chicfe ouerthe chicte 
of the Lenites, and have tye ouerfightof, 
them thatkeepe the charge ofthe San: 


33, CHEDerariwas the family of the 
PDadlites , and the family of the Dw 
thites: thelearetije families of Derari. 

34. And thole that were nunibeed of 
thent,accosding to the number ofall the 
mates front a ntonetl oid € bpward, 
werefire thoufand and tio hundzed. 

35 And the chiefe of the houleof the 
father of the families of Derari , was 
Zuviel the foune of Abrhatl: thelethatl 
pitch) on the fide of the Lavernacie 

36 Andibnder the cuftody and charge 
of the fonnes of Devart , thall bee tie 
boards of the Labernacie, and the 
barves thereof, and thepilars thereof, 
andhelockets thereof,eall the beficis 
thereof, and all that feructh thereto: 

37 And the pillars of the Court 
round about , and ther forkets, and 
their pinnes,and their cords, 

33. Butthole that encampe before 
the Labernacie toward the Caft, even 
before the Labernacle of the Congre- 
gation Caftipard , thall be Moles and 
Aaron, and His fonnes, keeping the 
thargeofthe Sanctuary, fo2 the charge 
ofthe chidzen of Hlracl: and the ftran- 
ger comimeth nigh, thallbeputto 


39 All that Were numbzen of theLe- 
uites, Which Doles and Aaron num: 
beed at the commaundement of the 
LORD, throughout their families, 
all the males from a moneth od and 
pee > were {Wenty and tio thou- 

40 € And the Lox faid bnto 
Moles, Pumiber all the fir boone of: 
the mates of the thitteen of Hira, 
from a moneth did and bpihatd, and 
take the number oftheir names, 

41 Andthou lhalttake the Lenites 
for nie, (Pam the LOxw) in teadofk 
allthe firtt bozne among the chidzen of 
Picaet, andthe cattell of the Leuites, 
in ftead of all the firfttings among the 
cattell ofthe children of Hiraci, 

42 And Doles numbed as the 
LORD commanded him, all the firtt 
bose among the childeen of Hiraci, 

43 Audall the fick bomemates, by 
the number of names, frontamoneth 
old € bp hard, of hole that were nunr 
beed of thent,weretiventy and tivo thou: 
fand, tbo hundzed, and theeeftoreand 

44. Cr%Andthe LORD fpake bnto 
Motes, faying, 

45 Lake the Lenites in ttead of ati 
the fick bomneamong the chideen of HE 
tael, and the cattell of the Leuites in 
ftead of their cattell, and the Leuites 
thalbe mine: Jam tie ox v, 

46 And fo2 thole that are to bere: 
Deemed of the tivo hundzed and thee: 
{core and thirteene, of the firtt home of 
the childeen of Pleael, Which are moze 
then the Leuites ; 

47 hou that euen take fue the: 
kels apiece, by the polie,after the thekey 
ofthe Sanctuary thait thou take them; 
“the thekel is twenty gerahs. 

43 Aud thou halt giuetije monep, 
Wherewith the odde number of them 

isto be redeemed, buto Aaron andty ; 


49 And Doles tooke the redemp- 
tion money , of them that were ouer 
and aboue them that were redeemen 
by the Leuittes, 

50 Df the firtt bone of the chitnen 
of Piracl tooke he themoney; a thoue 
fand, theeehundzen , and theeeteore and 
fie thekels , after the fhetel of the San: 

51 And Doles gaue the money of 
them that wereredeemed, bute Aaron 
and to His fonnes , according to the 



ieuerall charges, 

: | " TheLeuites — Chap.iij.. —_feuverrall charges, 




wordoftheL Ox vw, asthe LOunD 
commanded WPoles, 

© HA P. 

t Theageand time of the Leuites feruices. 4 
The carriage of the Kohathites when the 
Prieftes haue taken downe the Tabernacle, 
16 ThechargeotEleazar. 17 The office 
of the Priefts. 21 Thecarriage of the Ger- 
fhonites, 29. The carriage ot the Merarites. 
34 ThenumberoftheKohathites, 38 of 
the Gerfhonites, 42 andofthe Merarites, 

> ND the LOxw lake 
iy, buto WDoles , and puto 
® Aaron, faying, 
QANG 2 Lake the fume of 
pesos the fonnes of Hobath, 
fromamong the fonnes of Leut, after 
their families , by the houle of their fa 

3 From thirty peeres old and bp- 
ward, even dnt fifty peres old, all that 
enter into the hotte to Docthe Workein 
the Labernacle of the Congregation. 

4 Chis hall bee the ferutce of the 
fonnes of Hobath, im the Labernacte 
ofthe Congregation, abour the mott Ho- 
lp things, 

§ CAnd when the Cane fetteth 
fortbard , Aaron thail come, and his 
fonnes, and thep thail take Downe the| 
concring Viatie, and couer the Arkeof| 

| Leftimiony With it: 

6 And thall cn thereon the couc- 
ting ofbadgers {kinnes, € hall fp2ead 
ouer racloth Wholly of blew, and hall 
putinthe faues thereof. 

7 And bpon the *table of Sherw- 
bread they fhall {pread a cloth of blew, 

| and put thereon the dithes, and the 
| {poones,and the boibies,and couers to 


eovineors || couer Withall:and the continual bread 
“| thalbe thereon, 
| $ And thep Mall fpread pon them 
jacothe of {tariet, and couer thefame 
‘With a couering of badgers fkinnes, 
and thall putin the ttaues thereof, 

9 And they thall take a doth of 
blew, and couer the* candlefticke of the 
light, and his lampes, and bis tongs, 
“and bis thuffe dithes ,and all the opie 
veffels thereof, wherewith they nun: 
| fer bnito it, 

Jo And they thall put tt, andall the | 

|x Exod. a5 

badgers Chinnes , and {hall putitbpon 

Il And bpon the ae Alitar thep 
Chall {pean acloth ofblew, and coner tt | 

beffcis thereof , within a conering of | f 

Ward, bntiil fife peeves old haitrhou 

rereirehesebet bidity ea 

With a coueritig of badgers Chines, 
|and fhatl put to the ftaues thereof. 

Iz And they thalitake all the inftra- 
‘Inents of minterp, wherewith they 
minifter in the Sanctuary , and put 
them ina cloth ofblew,and toner them 
With a coucring of badgers fkinnes, 
and {hall put them ona barre, 

B And they fhall take atbay the 
athesfrom the Altar, and{peead a pur- 
plecloth thereon: 

14 And they hail put bpon tt allthe 
beflels thereof, wherewith they minv 
fter about tt, cuen the cenfers, the firtly- 
Hookes, andthe thoucis, and the baz 
fons, all the veffcls of the Altar: and 
they thall {pzead bpon it acouering of, 
er fkinnes, and put to the ttaues 
of it, 

I§ Andiwhhen Aaron and his fonnes 
hauemadean end of: En the San 
ttuary, and all the beffels of the San- 
ctuaryp, as the campe ts to fet forward; 
after that, the fonnes of Tobath fhail 
come to beareit; but they fhalnot touch 
any Holy thing , left they die. Hhefe 
things are the burden of the fonnes of 
Bohath in the Labernacie ofthe Con- 

16 @ And to the office of Cleasar 
thefonne of Aaron the rietE, perteineth 
the otle fo2 tive light, and the * fect in: 
cenfe, andthe daplp meat offering, and 
the*anopnting ople, and the Pa be 
of all the Labernacie, and of all that 
tHhereitris, inthe Sanctuary, andinthe 
beflets thereof. 

17 CAnd the LORD fpakebnto 
Mofes,and bnto Aaron, fayt f 
18 €utpenot off the tribe of the faz 
intlies of the Hobathites,fromamong 
the Leuites. 

Io But thus doe bnto them , that 
thep map live, and wot die: When thep 
appoche bnto the moft Holy things, 
Aaron and bis fonnes thai goei,and 
appoint them enery one to his fernice, 
and to his burden. 

20 But they fhall not goe in to fee 
when the holp things are couered, left 
they die, 

21 © And the LOx@ fpake bnto 
Poles faying, 

22 Lake allo the fume of the 
onnes of Gerfhon , throughout the 
pene of thetr fathers, by thetv fame 
23 From thirtie peeres old and bp- 

|]Or,b0 mies. 

¥ Exod,30. 

*Exod. 30. 

ie 2 Tune 

|} Helvto 
warre the 
| warfare. 

it Or, car- 

} Helv. 

} Hebrwar- 
| fare. 

- | Labernace of the Congregation, 

The Leuites charge. Numbers. 

nuniber them: all that enterint to pere 
forme the ferutce, to doe the Workein 
the Labernacte ofthe Pon eeaion. 

24. This is the lernice of the families 
of the Gerthonites , to ferue , and fo2 

25 And thep thall beare the eur: 
tatnes of oe Labernacie, and the La- 
bernacle 0 te Congregation; his co- 
uering,and hecouering ofthe badgers 
fhinnes that is aboue dponit, andthe 
Hanging foz the Dooze of the Laver- 
nace ofthe Congregation: 

26 And the hangings of he Court, 
and the hanging for the dooze of the 
gate ot the Court winch ts by the La- 
beriacle,and by the Witar round about, 
And Hhett cords, and all theinitruments 
of theirfernice, andall thatis made fo2 
then :fo thail they ferue, 

27 Att the tappotntment of Aaron 
andhisfonnes, hall beall theferuice of 
the fonnes of the Gerthonites, in aii 
their burdens, and inall their feruice: 
and pee thall appoint onto chen in 
chargeall their burdens, 


Their number. 
the chiefe of the Congregation, num: 
beed the fonnes of the Hohathites , af: 
ter their families, and after the houte of 
thet fathers; 

35 Fron chirticpeeres 
Ward, even brito fiftie peeves gin, eueryp 
one that enter tito the fernice, forthe 
Woke tn the Labernacie of the Con- 

thole that were numbzen of 

oid and by- 

36 And 
them by their families, were to thou- 
fand,feuen hundzed and fiftic, 

37 Chele were they that werenune- 
beed of the families of the Hohathites ; 
al that might doc ferucem the Laver: 
nace of the Congregation, Which Wo- 
{es and Aaron did number, according 
tothe commandement of the Lo 2, 
by thebandof WDoies. 

33_ ind thole that were numbed of 
|e fonnes of Gerthon , throughout 
oan families, and by the houte of their 

39 Front thirtie peeves olp and bp: 
Ward,cuen bnito fiftie peeres old ,cuery 
one (hat entveth in to the feruice , fo2 

28 Lhisis the lerurce of the families! 
ofthefounes of Gerthonn the Laberz 
nacle of the Congregation : and their 
Charge thalbe bnder the hande of aoe 
mar thefonne of Aaron the oiett. 

29 @ Als fo2 the founes of Derari, 
thou halt number them after thetr fa: 
miles, by the houle oftheir fathers: 

30 From thirty peeves od and bp- 
Ward, cuen bute fittic peeves ol thait 
thou number thent, every one that en 
trethinto thet fernice,to doethe woke 
of the Labernacle of che Congvega- 

31 And Hisis thecharge oftheir bur: 
DEM, Atcording fo all their ferutce, in the 

x the 
boards of the Lavernacie, and the 
barresthercof, and the pillars thereof, 
andfockets thereof: 

32, AUD the pillars of the Court 
round about , and their fockets, and 
their pinues, and their coards, with att 
their wiftruments , and with ail their 
feruite : and by name yee thall reckon 
the inftruments of the charge of their 

33 Lhisisthe feruice of the famities 
ofthefounes of Devartaccording to all 

Congregation , onder the hand of J: 
amar the fonneosfAaron the pzielf, 
34 © And Moles and Aaron, and 

| thete ferntce in the Labernacte ot 

the Worke in the Labernacie of the 
4° Cuenthole that were nambzen 
of then, theon eee bp 
oe Houtes of their fa 
thoufand,and fice hundzed andthirtie, 
ey that were num: 
been of the fanuites of the fonnes of 
Gerlhon, of all chat might doe fernice 
in the Labernacie 

42 CAndtholethat werenumby 
of tive families of the onnes oF Derari, 
thoughout their families, by thehoute 
oftherfathers: — 

43 From thirtie peeves oid and bp: 
Ward, eucn buto fiftie peeves gin, euerp 
one hat entreth tn to the feruice., fo2 
the Worke tn the Labernacie of the 

44 Cuen Mole that were numbed 
of them after thei families, were theee 

thoufand and tide hunnzen, 

45 hele be thole that were nun - 
bred of the families of the fonnes of Qde- 
tatt, Whom Doles ¢ Aaron numb 
according to the Word of the L oxw 
by the Hand of Mofes, 

46 Ml hole that were numberof 
HeLenites whom Wokesand Aaron, 
and thechtete of Hiracl numbzeen, — 

OF reftitution. 


e532 225 2228 

=e FS 

i — 




SSS 2 

= =s=Ss S=— 


cuit. 13. 

\* Leuit. 21. 





| Or heane 

| offering. 

their aa and after tie boule of} | 
their fathers : 

— aon thirty peeves old and bp- 
Ward, eucn bnto fifty peeres oid, euery 
one that canic to Doc the feruice of the 
miniftery, and the feruice ofthe burden 
in the Labernacle of the Congrega- 

43 Euen hole that were numibzed 
ofthem, were eight thoufand, and fine 
Hundzed; and fourcitoze. 

49 According to the commandement 
of theL OUD, they Werenumbzed by 
thehandof Motes, cuery oneaccording 
to his feruice, and according to His bur: 
Den: Hhus were they numbed ofhim, 
asthe DL ORD commianded Moles, 

GH AP: V, 

1 Thevncleaneareremoued out of the campe. 
5 Reftitutionistobe made in trefpaffes. 11 
Thetriall of Iealoufie. 

BMD he LO Rw {hake 

© bute Doles faying, 

© 2 Commaund thechi- 
deen of Hirael, that they 

Bost Yeas “put out of thecampeeue- 
vy leper , and euerp one that hath an 
ce , And Wholoeuer ts defiled by the 


3 Both mateand femate thal ye put 
out, Without the campe thall pee put 
them , that hep defile not thety camipes 
inthe niddeft whereof F orwell. 

4 And the childeen of Pirael did fo, 
and put them out, without the campe: 
as the Onw {pake buto Doles, fo 
DID the childzen of Hlvaci, 

5 @ And the LO xD lpake dnto 
Motes faying, 

6 Dpeake buto the chitoeen of HL 
tael, * Daben a man o2 Woman halt 
commit any finne thatmen commit, to 
docatrelpalle againk the Lo x p,and 
that pevfon be guiitie; 

7 Lhen they thalt confefle their 
fine, which they haue done: and hee 
thalt recompenfe his trefpatfe, * With 
the principali thereof, and adde buto it 
the fifth part thereof , and giuc ic bnto 
Himagaint whoni he hath trefpatten, 


holy things of the children of Pirael, 
wi the bing bnto the Wzteft, hall 

lo Andeuerpmanshalowed things 

{hail be his : whatloeuer any man gt 

ueth the Dztett, it hallbe *his, 

i And the Loxw fpake bnto 
Motes faymag, 

12 Speake dnto the chilneen of HL 
tael, andfay buto them, Ffany mans 
Wife goe alide,andcommufa trelpatie a: 
gaint hin; 

B And amaniype with her carnally, 
and it be Ind from the eves of her gut: 
band, and be kept clofe, and theveaek: 
led, and there be no wWitnefle againtt 
her, netther Hebe taken with the maner; 

14. And the {pivit of teloufie come 
Hpon hin, andhe be telous of his wife, 
and thee be defiled: 02 tf the fpirit of ie: 
ioufie come bpon him , and hee be ie: 
lous of his wife, and the be notnefiien: 

15 Lhen th 


pobze no opie bpon it, noz put frankin- 
cenfe thereon; fo2 it ts anofferingofie- 
loufie, an offering of memoziatl, bing: 

Ing iniquitie to venieniance: 

16 And the Priel hail ving Her 
neeve,and ict 

cloufic offering : and tye DztcK hail 

ducin his hand the bitter water that 
cauleth the cure, 

I9 And the Wrtet hall charge her 
by an othe, and fay bnto the woman, 
an no man Haue lyen With thee, andif 

ou halt not gone afine to puclean- 
neffe || wich another in ftean of thy hut 
band, be thou free from this bitter hae 
ter that caufeth the curfe. 

8 BWutifthemanhaue no kinfnan 
to vetompente the trefpatfe buto , tet 
the tvefpaffe be recompenfen dnto the 
LORD, cuen to the Priel: velinethe 
rammne of the atonement, whereby an 
Atonement hall be made for him, 

9 ANd every || offering of all che 

20 But ifthouhatt gone affine toan- 
other tn ftead of thy hufband,andifthou 
be defiled and fome man hath len with 
thee befide thine hufband: 

a1 Hhen the prick Mail charae the 
Woman with an othe of curling, and 
the 2ielt hall fap dnto the woman, 
LiyeLoO uw make theeacurle,andan 

RP 3 othe 

Of ee | 

*Leuic. 10. 

On, being 
in the power 
of thy hufe 
band. Helr. 


| Thelaw ofieloufic. Numbers. 

+ Rebr. fal. 

othe among thy people, when the 
LDR Ddoth make thy thigh to trot, 
and ty belly to fuel. 

22 Andthis water that cauleth che 
curfe, thall qo into thy bowels,to make 
chy belly fo fivell, and thy thigh to rot: 
and the Ywonian hall fay, Ainen, 

23 And the Priel (hail write chele 
curles in a booke, and hee Mall biot 
them out ibith the bitter Water : 

24. Andhe halicaufe the womanto 
Denke the bitter Water, thatcauleth the 
curfe + ard the Water that cauleth che 
curie tall enter into her, and become 

25 Hhen the patel hail take the 
tclonfie offering out of the womans 
hand, and Mall waue the offering be- 
mace LDURD, and offer it dpon the 


26 And the pret Mal take an hand: 
full of the offering, cuen the memorial 
thereof, and burne it bpon the Altar, 
and afterbard thall caule the woman 
to Duittke the Water. 

27 Andwhen he hath made her to 
Drinke the Water, then it (hall cometo 
patie, that tf thee be defiled, and haue 
done trefpale again her hufdand, 
that the Water that cauleth the curke, 
thall enter into Her, and become bitter, 
and her belly Hhailivell, andher thigh 
thal vot: and the woman Mhalbe acurie 
among ae pee 

23 Audit the Woman be not defiled, 
but be cleane, then He thall be free, and 
Chall conceiuefeed. 

29 Lhis ts the law of icloufies, 
When a wife goeth afide to another in 
ftead of heriufband, andisdefilen: 

30 Mrvbhenthelpivit of icioufie conv 
meth boon Hint, and hee be iclous over 
his wite,and thal fet the woman before 
theL ORD, and the Priel hat erecute 
bpot her all thislaw. 

31 Lien thatitheman bee quitiefte 
from iniquitic, and this woman halt 
beave her iniquitic. 

Cee Pit VA: 

1 The Law of the Nazarites. 22 The forme 
of blefsing the people. 
BEABSE Md the LZ D xn w {hake 
bnto Doles, faying, 
e< 2 Hpecake bnto the chil: 
\} Deen of Plract and fay dn- 
2s to thenr,paben either man 

02 Woman hall | {eparate themtelues to 
vow a bow of a Paszavite, to {eparate 
themfeluesbnto the ORD: 

3. Hee hall feparate himletfe from 
Witte,and flrougdnke,and hal unke 
no bineger of Wine,o2 bineger of trong 
Deinke, neither Mhalhe dinke any liquoz 
of grapes, noz cate moti grapes, 02 

4. AM the dayes of His | feparation 
{halthe cat nothing thatis madeofthe 
Pel be the kernels euen tothe 


5 Aliithedapes of the bow of his te- 
pavation, there fhail no *rafour come 
bpon bis head: bntiithedayes bee ful: 
filled inthe which hee feparateth hin 
felfe bntotheL Ow, hethall be holy, 
and fhalliet the tockes of the haive of hts 
head grow. 

6 Ail the Dapes that he feparatett 
hinilelfe buto the Loxw, hee thal 
come at no dead body, 

7 Hee thall not make hinilelfe due 
cleane fo2z his father, o2fo2 bis mother, 
for his bother, 02 fo2 bis fitter, when 
they die: becaufe the t confecration of 
his Godisbpon hishead. 

3 Allithedayes ofbhis {eparation he 
isholy bnto the ORD, 

9 Audifany man die bery fuddenlp 
by him, and hehath defiled the head of 
his confecvation, then be thal haue hig 
Head in the day of his cleanfing, on the 
fenenti day Thali he Thaucit. 

Jo Andon the eight dap he thalbzing 
tho turtles o2 tivo pong pigeons to the 
suielt, to the dooze of the Labernacie 
of the Congregation. 

Iz, And the prtek hati offer the one 
fora finne offering, and the other for a 
burnt offering , and make an atone: 
ment forbim, foz thatheefinnen by the 
Dead, and Mall hallow his head that 
fame day. 

12 Andbhee hallconlecrate dnto the 
LORD the dayes of his {eparation, 
and hail being a lambe ofthe firkt peere 
for atrelpaffe offering : but the dayes 
that Were before hall be tof, becaufe 
hisleparation was defilen, 

3 @ And this ts the Larwe of the 
Masavite: when the dapes of his lepa- 
ration are fulfilled, he hati be beought 
bnto the dooze ofthe Labernacie of the 

14. Anodhe Mhall offer his offring bn: 
to the Loxw, one hee lambe of the 

firlt peeve Without blemith, for aburnt 

\|Or, make 

ll Or, Naza-| - 

} Heb. Vine 
of the wine, 


| Hebr.fe- 

{ Hebr. fal. 

che Nazarites. 


KAS 21. 

*Exod. 29. 

tt || 
it) | 
it} | 

offering,and one elvelambe of the fick 
peeve Weepout bleniith, foz a finne offe- 
ring, and one lambe Without blenwth 

‘| forpeace offerings, 

15 Anda balket of Duieauenedbead, 
cakes of fine flowwze mingled with oyle, 
and Waters of bnleauened beead anoin- 
fed With ole, and their meate offering, 
andtheivdainke offerings. — 

16 Andthe Prtett Hall betirg them be- 
fore the LOD, and thall offer his 
finne offering, and his burnt offering. 

17 Andhelhatl offer the ramme foz 
& facvifice of peace offerings bnto the 
LORD, with the vatket of buiteaue- 

ned bead: the pzelk Mall offer allo hrs 
meate offering , and His Ddeinke offe- 

re *And the pasarite hal fhauethe 
head of his feparation, at the dooze of 
the Labeenacle of the Congregation, 
and {hall take the hatve of the head of 
his feparation, and put it in the fire 
Which is onder the facvifice of the peace 

Io Andthe Patek thal take thelon- 
den (houlder ofthe ranune,and one buz 
leauened cake out of the baftet, and 
one Duleanened Wafer, and thall put 
thembpon the hands of the Masarite, 
after the haire of His feparation ts tha: 

20 And the priett hall waue them 
“fo2 abaue offring before theL 9 Rv: 
this is holy for the Wztelt, with the 
Wwaue beeatt, and hHeaue (houlder: and 
after that, the Pasarite may dinke 

21 Lhis isthe Law of the Pasarite, 
Who hath bowed, and of his offering 
buto the L Ox D for bis {eparation,be- 
fides that,that his hand hall get: accoz- 
ding to the bow Which he bowed, fo he 
mufloo after the law of his leparation. 

22 CAndthe Low lake bnto 
Moles, faying, 

23 Speake brto Aavon, and bnto his 
fonnes, faying , Dn this wife pe thall 
oe the childzen of Bfract, faying bn- 

O tiem: 

24. Lhe LOND dielle thee, and 

25 LHL On Dmake his face Mine 
bpon thee, and be gracious buto thee: 

26 Lhe L On diift vp his counte- 
hance bponthee, and gine thee peace, 

27 And thep hall put imp Mame 
bpon the chilnzenof Plrael,andF worl 
bleffe then, 

Chap.vij. The Princes offer, 

Coir AP. VE: 

t Theoffering of the Princes atthe dedication 
of the Tabernacle. 10 Their feuerall of 
frings atthe dedication of the Altar. 89 God 
{peaketh to Mofes from the Mercie feat. 

Pk Md itcame to pafle onthe 

2 day that WDoles had fully 
(CSfpo—Ney, “let bp the Labernacle, |« rxod.go. 

[KSA Wd Had anointed it, and} *. 

res fanctifiedit, and alithein- 
ftruments thereof, both the Aitar,and 
all the deflets thereof, and hadanoin- 

ted them, and fanctified them: 
2 Hhat the princes af Pirael,heans 
of the Houle of thew fathers, ( who 

Were the Princes of the tribes, t any | 1%» 
Were over then that Were numbeen) |" 

offered: : 

3 Atnd hep brought their offering 
before the L © x w, fire couered wae 
gons, and fiveluc oxen: a Wagon fo2 
tivo of the Dzinces, and foz cachonean 
Ore, AND they brought them before the 

4 AndtheL Ox wlpake bnty Wo- 
fes, faying, 

5 Lakeirof them, thatthey may be 
todocthe feruice of the Labernacie of 
the Congregation, andthou thalt giue 
them bute the Leuites, tocuerp man 
according to hisfernice. 

6 And Moles tooke the wagons, 
and the oren, and gaue them bnto the 

7 FWwo wagousand fourcoren he 
gaue dnto the fonnes of Gerfhon av 
corditig to their feruice. 

3 And foure Wagons and cight 
oxen he gaue bnito thefonnes of Mera 
ti, According nto their fernice, bnder 
thehand of Hrhamar the lonne of Aa 
ron the priett. 

9 wut nto the fonnesof Kohath 
He gauenone: becaule the feruice of the 
SH anctuary belonging buto them, was 
thar they fhouldbeave bpon their foul 

lo (And the princes offered fo2de- 
dieating of the Altar, itheday chat it 
Was anointed, euen thepnces offered 
their offering before the Altar. 

U And the LO xD fatd dnto Wo- 
fes, Lhey thal offer thetr offering eche 
punce onhis day , foz the dedteating of 
the Aitav. 

2 CAnohe that offered his offring 
the firit day, has Mahthon the fonne 
of Amminadab,of the tribe of Fudad. 

=e ana) 

The offerin gs 


; one 


3 And his offering was one filuer 
Charger, the weight thereof was an 
Hundzed and thirty thekels, one filuer 
bowie of feuentic hekels, after the the: 
kel of the Sanctuary ; both of them 
Were full of fine lowze mingled With 
otlefo2 a*meatoffering: 

14 Due {poone of ten fhekeis of 
gold, full of inrente: 

15 MOne porg bullocke, oneramme, 
onelambe of thefirk peeve, for aburnt 

16 Onekidof the goats foz *afinne 

17 And foz a facvifice of peace of: 
fevings, two oven, fue ranunes,fiuehee 
goats, fiuclambes ofthefirtt peeve: this 
was the offering of ahhon the fonne 
of Ammiunadabd, 

13 € Onthe fecond day Nethaneel 
oie te of Zuar ,Peince of Flachar 
Did offer. 

19 He offeredfo2 his offering one ft 
uer charger, the weight whereofiwas 
at Hundzed and thirtie thekels, one fi 
uev bowie of fenenty thekeis, after the 
thekel of the Sanctuary, both of them 
full of fine flowze mingled with otie, fo2 
ameat offering: 

20 Mnefpoone of gold of ten thekels, 
fullof incenfe: 

21 Due pong bullocke, onevanune, 
onelambe of the fir peeve for aburnt 

22 Dne kid of the goats foz afinune 

23. And foz a facvifice of peace of: 
ferigs,tivo oren,fiuerammes,fiue hee 
goats fiuclanibes of the firit peeve: this 
was the offering of Methancel hefonne 
ot Dh He thied bay ead ft 

24. tt the third day Cliad the 
fonne of elon seiuce of the chitdzen of 
Zepwilun did ofter. 

25 His offering was one fuer char- 
ger, the Weight whereof was anhun- 
Ded And MHirtic fhekels, one filuer bole 
of feuentic thekels, after the thekel of 
the Sanctuary, both ofthem full offine 
flotbze mingled With otle, for a meat 

26 Puegoiden fpooneof ten thekels, 

27 Mune porgbullocke,oneramme, 
onelanibeot the fir peeve foz a burnt 


os Mune bid of the goats foz afinne 
0 : 

29 And foz a facvifice of peace o£ 

ferings, tive oxen, fiue rammes,finehec 
goats , fiue lamibes of the fir peere: 
ae waste offving of Cliab the fonne 
of Helon. 

30 C Dn the fourth day Ctisur the 
founcof Shedeur, Prince of the chi: 
Deett of Wenben did offer. 


the thetel of the Sanctuary , both of 
them full of fine flotyze mingled with 
ovle, fo2 a meat offering: 

32, Dnegolden fpoone of tenne the- 
kels, full ofincente: 

33 Dnepons bullocke, one rammie, 
one lambe of the fick peeve foraburnt 

34. Due kid of the goats for afinne 

35 ind fo2 a facvifice ofepeace of 
ferings tio oven, fiucvammes,finebee 
goats, fiuclanibs ofthe fick pere: Lhig 
was the offering of Elisur the fonne of 

36 COuthe fifth pay Shelumiei the 
fone of Zurithaddat P2nce of the 
childzen of Simeon, did offer. 

37 Hisoftring was one filuer harger, 
the Weight whereof was an Hundzed 
and thirtie thekels, one filuer borbie of fe: 
ventic thekels, after the thekel of the 
Sanctuary , both of them full of fine 
flowbze, mingled With ople, for a meate 

38 Duegolden{poone of ten thekels, 
fullof incente: 

39 Mnepong bullocke, one ramme, 
onelambe of thefirk peeve for aburnt 

40 Due kidae of the goates for a 
{inne offering: 

Al And foe a facvifice of peace offe- 
TINGS, tbo ore, flue ranumes, fiue hee 
goates , fiue lambes of the firk peere: 
Lis was the offering of Shelumiel the 
fonne of Zurifhandat. 

42 (Mnthe firtnay, 
fonne of Deuel, P2ince o 
of Gad, offered: 

43 His offering was one filuer char: 
ger of the Weight of an hundzed and 
thitie thekels, afiluer bowie of fenentie 
thekels,after the fhekelofthe Sanctna- 
vic, both of them ful of fine flothze ming: 
led With ople, fora meate offering: 

44. Mne golden fpoone of ten the- 
kels, full of incente : 

45 Dnepong bullocke, one ramme, 

of the Princes, 



a2 = 

% = 

Theoffering § Cha VI]. of the Princes, 

one lambe of the firt peeve, foraburnt| | Sanctuary , both of them full of fine 
offering: flowoze mingled With oyle, fora meate 
4.6 Duekid of the goates fozafinne| | offering: 
offering: 62 Onegoloen{pooncof ten thekels, 
47 Aiud for atacritice of peace offe-| | full of mente: . 
tings, Abo Oren, fue rammes, fuehee! | 63 Oneyong bullocke, one vamme, 
goates, fine lambes of the firlt peere.| | one lamibe of the firt peeve foz a burnt 
This was the offering of Ctialaph tije| |offering: ; . 
fonneof Deutl. 64. Duckidof the goats for afinne 
48 CMn thefeuenthday,€tithama |offering: 
thefonne of Aninnudgounce ofthe chi 
Deerof Epheatin offered. 
49 Msoffering wasone filuer char: 
Ser, he Weight whereof was an hur- 
jdedanNd thirtie thekels, one filuer bowie t 
of feuentie thekels, after the fhekel of] | oo Dn the tenth day Ahieset the 
the Sanctuaric, both of theni full of| |fonne of Atmimithandat,, Pemnee of the 
fine floivzemingled with ote fozameat| | childzen of Dan offered, 
offering: 67 tS offing was one fuer charger, 
50 Mnegolden fpoone of ter thekels,| |th ‘ight whereof as an Hunde 
full of incente: and thittte thekels,one fuer bowie of fe 
51 Dneyong builocke, one ramme,| | ucntic thebels, after the fhetkel of the 
onclambe of the fick peeve, for aburnt tuavie, both of theni fill of fine 
offering: flowwze mingled with opie, for ameate 
52, One kidof the goates forafinne| | offerma: 
offering: 68 Dnegoidentpoone of ten thekels, 
53 And forafacrifice of peace offerings, | | fullof incenfe: 
Hivo oxen, fiueranunes, fiuchergoats,| | so Onepong buliocke, one tamime, 
fue lambesof thefirttpeere, hig was! | one lambe of thefivtt peere, fora burnt 
the offeving of Elithamathe fonne of| | offering: 
ae Cini a. 
54: tt the eight Day offered Ga: 
maliel the fonne of Pedasur, Prince of) | 71 And foz a facvitice of peace offe- 
thechildzen of Danafleh. Tings, Myo oren, fiuerammes, fiuehee 
55 Disoffering wasonefiluer darger| | goats, fue lambes of the firit peeve, 
of anhundzed and thirtie thekels, one fi: Lis was the offering of aibieser the 
uet bolbicof fenentie fhekels, after the| | fonneof Atmnuthandait, 
thekelof the Sanctuary, both of them! | 72 € On the eleuenth dap, pana 
full of fine flowze nungied with otte,fo2| | thefonne of Oevan, Prince of the che 
a meate offering : Deen of Wher offered. 
56 MOnegoiden{poone of tenthekels,| | 73 Hig offering was one filuer char: 
full of incente: Ser, he Weight whereof was an hun 
57 Dnepougbuliocke, oneramme,| | ded and thirtie thekels, one filuer bowie 
ouiclambe of thefirt peeve, forza burnt! | of feuentic fhekels, after the thetel o 
offering: the Sanctuarie, both of them full o 
58 Dnekid of the goates for afinne| | fine flotbze mingled With opie, fora 
offering: meat offering: 
59 And for a facvifice of peace offe-| | 74. One goldenfpoone of ten thekels, 
TINGS, Mo oxen, fiuerammes, flue hee! | full of tneenfe: 
goats, fiue lambes of the firlt peeve, 75 Mne yong bullocke, oneramme, 
His was the offering of Gamattel the} jone lambe of the firit peeve fora burnt 
fonne of edasur. offering : 
60 CMntheninth day, Avian the| | 76 Dnekidof the gbates foz afirne 
fonneot Gidcont, prince of the chitdeen| | offering: ; 
of Wenianin offered. 77 And fo2 a facrifice of peace ofFe- 
61 38 offering was one filuer char: tings, tho oren, fiuerammes, fuehee 
Ser, the weight whereof was an hur- Koats, flue lambes of the fith peere. 
dred and thirtte thekels, afiluer bowie of| |FChts was the offering of Pagiel the 
feuentic Yyekeis, after the thekel of the} |fonne of Deran, ce 
73 on 

=e Se 



Princes offerings. Numbers. 7 ~The cleanfing 

73 @ Dn the twelfth pay, Ahiva 
the foune of Enan, zince of the chit 
Deerrof Paphtat, offered. 

79 Pisofkering was one filuer har: 
get, the Weight whereof was an hur 
Deed and thirfiethekels, one filuer bowie 
of feuentie (ekels, after the fhekel of 
the Sanctuary, both ofthem full offine 
Alowec mingled With opie, foe a meate 

go One golden fpoone oftett hekels, 
full ofincenfe: 

$1 Dune pong bullocke ,one ramme, 
onelambe of the firk peeve for aburnt 

$2 MDnekiodeofthe goats fora finne 

$3 ind for a facvifice of peace of: 
frings, tio oren,fiue vammes, fiue bee 
goats, fiuelambs ofthe firityeere. Lhis 
was the offering of Ahiva the fonne of 

$4. Lhis was thededication of he 2 
tav Gn the day When it was annointed) 
bythe peinces of Pirael: twelue char: 
gers of filuer, tibelue fuer bowvies, 
twheluefpoones of gold: : 

35 Each charger of filuer weighing 
an Hundeed and thirtte thekels, each 
bowie fenentic : all the fluer beffels 
Weighedtivo thoufand and foure hun: 
D2eD fhekels,after the fhekel of the San: 


86 Lhe golden {poones were tielue, 
full of incenfe, weighing ten thekels apiece, 
after the thekel of the Sanctuary: all 
the gold of the fpoones, wasan hundzed 
and tientie fhekels. 

$7 All the oxen for the burnt of 
fering, were fibelue bullocks, the rams 
theluc, the lambes of the fir peere 
twelue, With their meat offering: and 
thekins of the goats fo2 finne offering, 

$3 And all the oven for thefacrifice 
ofthe peace offerings , were tipentp and 
foure bullocks ,the ranmnes firtic, the 
hee goates firtic, the lanibes of the 
fir peeve firtic. LHS was the dedicati: 
oof the Altar, after that tt was an- 

39 And when Moles was goneinto 
the Labernacie of the Congregation, 
tolpeake with t him, thenhe heard the 
boypec of onefpeaking dnto him , from 
off the Werrie feat, that was bpon the 
aivke of Heftimony from betweene 

the tho Cherubins sand he fpake bn: 
to him, 

CHA YT. Vink 
1 How thelampes aretobelighted. 5 The 
confecration of the Leuites. 23 Theage 
and time of their feruice. 

PAwSy MD the LD x Bw {pake 
egy, bute Motes, faping, 
2 SMDpeake bnto Aa 
a. tO, and fay buto hin, 
5 $ rahen thou Mightelt the 
lampes, the fenen lampes thall gine 
light.ouer againtt the candlefticke, 

3 And Aaron did fo ;-Helighted the 
lampes therof,ouer agamnft thecandle: 
ftick,as the Loum *cOmanded Soles, | «Exod'a;. 

4 Andthis torkeofthecandlettick| 3" 
was of beaten gold, buto the thaft there: 
of ,buto the flowwees thereof Was eas | * Exod. a5, 
tent Yorke: accozding buto the paterne| 12 
which he Lox@ had themed Wo- 
fes, fo he made the candlefticke. 

5 @CAnothe Loxp@ fpake vnto 
Moles laying, 

6 Lake the Leuites from among 
the hilnzen of Hiracland cdeanle them, 

7 And thus halt thou doe bnto 
thenr,to cleanfe them: {peinkle water of 
purifping bpon them , and t tet them {eid 
thaucall their fleth, andiet them Wath | (ir, ong 
ne clothes, and fo makethemleiues | ov.c:., 


3 Aijen let them take a pong bul- 
locke With his meatoffering , cuen fine 
flowze mingled With ople.and an other 
porg bullock thait thou takefozafinne 

9 Aud thou fhalt being the Le 
uites before the Labernacie ofthe Con- 
gregation; and thou fhait gather the 
Whole aflembly of the childeen of HE 
rvael together. 

lo Andthou thalthing the Lenites 
before the LO xD, and the chideenof 
PHirael Chall put their hands hyon the 

ll And Aaron hall toffer the Lez) pect, wa. 
uites beforethe L 9 x @ for antoffring | +H.» 
ofthe chilozen of Hiracl, thatithep may oe 
erecutetheferuiccoftheLoum, (tee 
I2 And the Leuttes Mhalt lay thety | excauwece 
hands bpotnthe heads of the builocks: 
andthou thait offer the one fo2 afinne 
offering, and the other for a burntof: 
fering bnto the Lo ww, to make an 
atonement forthe Leuites, 

3 And thou that fet the Leuttes 
before Aaron, and before his fonues, 
andoffer them foz an offering bute the 

37- and go, 

he Leuites: 

4 ine from 
Re warfare 

14. Lhus halt thou lepavate the Le- 
uites from among the childeen of Br 
tael: andthe Leutes Hhatbe* mine, 

15 Aud after that, thali the Leuites 
goein, to doc theferutceof the Laber- 
nacle of the Congregation ; and thou 
hat clente thent, and offer then foz an 
offering. 5 

16 F702 they ave wholly ginen buto 

me,fromamong the childeen of Hlraci: 
in ftead of fucl) as open enery Wonrbe, 
*euenin ftead of the firft bozne of all the 
childzen of Hirael, haue PF taken them 
brto me, 
_ 17 Foraltthe firl bone oF che cut: 
deenof Plracl, are mine, both nian and 
beat: on the day that J finote every 
firft boone inthe land of Egypt, J fane 
tified them for ny felfe. : 

8 And F haue taken the Leuites 
o all the firlt bozne of the childzen of 

I And F haue giren the Leuites as 
atgiftte Aaron,and to hisfonnes,from 
among the children of Braet, todo the 
ruice of the childeen of Bfrael, in the 
abernacle of the Congregation, and 
tomake an atonement foz the childzen 
of Hitael: that there bee no plague a 
mong hechildenof Hirael, whenthe 
childeen of Hiracl come nigh onto the 

20 And Doles and Aarot,and ail 
the Congregation of the childzen of HE 
rael DiDto the Leuites according binto 
all that the Louw commanded Wo- 
fes, concerning the Leuites, fo div the 
childzen of ae Dnto them, 

21 And the Leuites were purified, 
ana they Wathed their clothes : and Yaz 
tou offered them as anoffering before 
the LORD, and Aaron made anat: 
onement fo2thenito cleanfe them, 

22 Anodafter that, went the Leuites 
itt, 0 Do theirferuice tn the Labernacie 
of the Congregation before Aaronand 
and before hisfonnes: as theL oxD 
hadcommanded Moles concerning the 
Lenttes, fo did they bnto them. 

23 @ And the LL On wlpake buito 
Dates, faving, 
7+, Ehisisicthat belongeth nto the 
Leuttes: from fiventic and fiue peeves 
Old, and dpWward, they hall qoeint to 
Waite bpon the feruice of the Laberna- 
deofthe Congregation, 

25 And from theage of fiftte peeres 
they (hall tceale waiting bpon the fer- 

if /ervice| Vice Thereof, andfhatlferueno moze: 

26 Wut Mall miattter With cheir bee- 
theen in the Labernacte of the Congre- 
gation, to keepe the charge, and thail 
doe noleruice: thus Haltthoudoe bnto 
the Leuites, touching their charge. 


1 ThePaffeouet is commanded againe. 6 A 
fecond Pafleover allowed for them that were 
vocleane or abfent, 15 Thecloude guideth 
the remouings & incampings of the [fraelites: 

AERO Md the LO nw fpake 

(35 bnto Boiesin the witoer- 

Xisy Dernefle of Sinai, mn the 
MANS fic moneth of the fecond 
Poros peeve, after they were 
onic out of theland of Egypt, fayin i 

2 Let the childeen of Pract aifo 
heepe* the Palleouer, at hisappomten 

3 Fun the fourteenth vay of this 
moneth fat cuen, ye hall keepe tints 
appointed feafon: according to all the 
tites of it, and according to all the cere: 
monies thereof thall pe keepeit, 

| Chap.ix. | The Pafleouer. 

*Exod. 12: 
1.&c. leuity 
23.5. chaps 

} Hebr. be- 
treenc thé 
tro ene~ 

4 Aind Doles take bnto the chit]. 

deen of Pirael chat they thould keepe 
the Pafleouer, 
5 _ And they kept the pafleoner on 

6 (And there were cevtaine men 
Who Were defiled by thedead body of a 

mat, that they could not keepe the 
Pafleouer on that day: and they came 
befoze Doles, and before Aaron ov 
that day. 

7 Aundtholemenilatd dnto him we 
are Defiled by the Dead body of aman: 
Wherefore ave tbe kept backe, that wee 
may not offer an offring of theLoup 
tnhisappotnten feafonaniong the chit: 
Deen of Hlraciz 

3 And Doles faide bnto chen, 
Stand Hl, and F will heare whatthe 
Loup Wil command concerning pou. 

9 CAnd the Lox fake dnto 
Mofes, faying, 

lo Hpeake buito the chilhzen of HE 
frael, faying , Hany man of pou, o2of 
pour potteritic Thall be bncleane by rea: 
fon of a dead body, 02 bee in atourney 
afarve off, pet he thal keepe the afie- 
Hueryuto the Ll On BD. 

I Lhe fourteenth day of the fecond 


bad and fire. 

moneth at Cuen thep fhallkeepeit, and 
ae With Dileancned bread and bitter 
Iz hey Mhall leaue none of it buto 
the morning, no2 beeake any bone of it: 

|*accoadiig to all the ozdtnances of the 
|pafleoucr they thal keepe tt. 

B Wut theman thats deance, andis 
Not it a tourney , And forbeareth to 
keep thepafleouer,cuen thefame foule 
Thali be cut offfrom his peopic,becaule 
hee boought not the offering of the 
LOxD tn hisappointed fealon: that 
man (hall beare his finne. 

14 And tf a ranger hall fotourne 
aniong pou , and Will Keepe the Palle 
ouer bute the LORD; according to 
the ovdinance of the Pafleouer, andac- 
cording to the maner theveof,fo Mhaithe 

. |BOe? Spe fhalihane one oedinance,both 

* y.Corin. 

| Hebr.was. 


fo2 the ftranger, and fozhim that has 

15 © And* on the ay that the La- 
bernacle Was reared bp, the cloud coue- 
ved the Labernacle, namely the Lent of 
the Leftimony : and at Euen there 
Was bpon the Labernacle, as it were 
the appearance of fire, butil themoz- 

Ie SoditWwasalwayp: thecloud cone: 
nes” and the appearanceof fire 


17 And when the coud Was taken 
bp front the Labernacle, then after 
that, the childeen of Pirael tourneyped, 
and in the place Where the doud abode, 
there the children of BHlrael pitchen 
their tents. 

13 At the conumandement of the 
LOxnwD the childeen of Plraet tour: 
neied, andatthecommmandement of the 
LDRBD they pitched: *aslongas the 
tloud abode bpon the Labernacie,tiey 
refted in the tents. 

Io And When the cond ttariediong 
bpon the Labernacle many daies,then 
thechtloeen of Hirael kept the charge 
ofthe L OD, and tourneyped not. 

20 And fo it Was When the doude 
Wasa fer dates bpon the Labernacie, 
according fo the commiandement ofthe 
LoOvDw, they abode in ther tents,and 
according to the commandement ofthe 
LD x wthey tourneped. 

21 2nd fo tt as When the cdoude 
Tabode from Cuen dnto the moming, 
AND thar the loude Was taken bp tn the 
mozing, then they tourneped : wWhe- 
ther if Was by day o2 by night thatthe 


cloude as taken bp,thep tourneped, 
22 Mr Wwhether icwere tho Dapyes,oz 
& moneth , 92 a peeve that the coude 
tavied bpon the Labernacie , vemay- 
ning thereon, the chiloeen of Piraet *a- 
bode itt their tents, andtourneped not: 
but when if was taken bp, they tour- 
23 At the commandement of the 
LOxDw they vetted nthe tents,and at 
the commaundement of the Lore 
they tourneped: they kept the charge of 
Dee a D, at he commandement o 
the Lox by thebandof Motes, 

C HAA Poe 
1 Thevyfe of the filuer Trumpets. 11 Thelf- 

raelitesremoue from Sinaito Paran. 14 The 
order of theirmarch. 29 Hobab is intrea- 
ted by Mofes not toleauethem. 33 The 
bleffing of Mofes at the remoouing and re-~ 

{ting of the Arke. 

BES MD the L Ou w fpake 
bnto Boles faying, 

x 2 Make thee two trun 

\F petsoffiluer : ofan whole 

eos ss piece Thalt thou make 

them, thatthoumayelt bic them fo2 the 

calling of theatlembly, and foz the tour: 
neping of the campes. 

3 And When they thal blow with 
thei, all the aflembly thall affembie 
themfelucsto thee, at the dooze of the 
Labernace ofthe Congregation, 

4. And if they blow bur with one 
trumper.then thep2inces,which are heads 
ofthe houfands of Hiracl, hall gather 
themfelues brite thee. 

5 woalen ye blow an alarme , then 
the campes that tie on the Catt parts, 
fhall goc forward. 

6 whenrypoublow an alarme thete- 
cond time, then the campesthatipcon 
the Southline, hall take their tournep: 
they thail blow an alarme foe their 

7 wut Yohen the Congregation is 
to be gathered together,you fhalbiow: 
but you fhail notiound an alarnie, 

$ And the fonnes of Aaron the 
Prietts Hhail blow With the trumpets ; 
and they thalbeto pou fozan oedinance 
foz ener throughout pour generations, 

9 And if pe goe to Warre in pour 
land agatuitthe enemie that oppeeflerh 
pou, then pe hall blow anaiarme with 
thetrumpets,and pe Hhalbe remembeed 
beforethe LOUD pour God, yee me 











thatbefaucd from pour enenites, 

ro Alfointheday of pour giadnefle, 
andi pour folemmedapes , and inthe 
beginniias ofpourmonethes, ye Mail 
blow With the trumpets ouer pour 
burnt offerings, andouer thefacrifices 
of pour peace offerings, that they may 
beeto pou for a miemioztall before pour 
God: 3 am the L Ox wD pour God. 

11 © And it canie to pafle on the 
twentieth day of thefecond moneth,in 
the fecond peere, that the doude was 
tatien bp from off the Labernacie of 
the Leffimony. 

Iz And the childeen of Plracl tooke 
their tourneps out of the wildernefle of 
Hinat; and the coud refed tithe ror: 

1B And they firlktooke their iourney, 
According to the commandement of the 
£ ORD, by thehand of Poles. 

14 Cn thefirk place went the ttan- 
Derdofthe campeof the childeen of Fu 
Dah, according to their armies, ando- 
uer his hotte was * Nahthon the fonne 
of Amminadad., 

I§ Andouer the hotte of the tribe of 
the childzen of J lachar,was Methancel 
thefonne of Zuar. 

16 Andouer the hotte of the tribe of 
the childzen of Zebulut, was Eliad the 
fonne of deion, 

17 Alnd the Labernacle was taken 
dolbtie,and the fonnes of Gerfyon,and 
the fonnesof Bevarifet forward, bea: 
ving the Labernacle, 

IS @ And the ftanderd of the campe 
of Reuben fet forward according to 
their armies and oucr his hofte was E- 
lisurthefonne of Shedeur. 

19 And ouecthehotte of the tribe of 
the chilozen of Simeon, was Shelumiel 
thefonne of Zurithanpat. 

20 And oucr the hotte of the tribe of 
the chilozen of Gad, was Eltafaph the 

- |fonne of Deut. 
2 Andthe Kobathites {et forward, 
44. (Beating the * Sanctuary, and thet other 
he es {et dp the Labernacle againttehep 

22 (And the Landerdof the campe 
ofthechilozen of Ephraim fet forward, 
according to their armies, and ouer his 
ae was Clithama the foune of An 

23 Andouer the hotte of the tribe of 
thechddzen of Panafleh was Gamatiel 
thefonne of Pedasur, 

24. Andover the hofteofthe tribe of 


of the campe. 

| thechilozenof weniamin, was Abidan| 
thefoune of Gideoni. 

25 CAndthe flanderd of > eee 
of the chnlozen of Dan fet forward, | 
Which was the rere- Ward of all the 
camipes theoughout their hottes: and 
ouer his hotte was Ahieser the fonneof 

26 Andouer the hofteof thetribeof 
the childzen of Afher, was Bagel the 
fonneof Devan, 

27 AndBouer thehotte ofthe tribe of 
tive yldzen of Naphtalt was Ahira the 
ee eA 5 ; 

28 us Weve the tournepings of | +142, 
thechildzen of Piracl accosding to their The 
avinies, When they fet forward, 

29 (And oles laid buto Povav 
thefonne of Raquel the Dinianttedo- 
fesfather in law, 23ee are tourneping 
bnito the place of hich the Lo xp 
fad, J wii giue tyou: conie thou with 
bS, AnD Ie Will Doe thee good: fo2 the 
5 fe “ © hath fpoken good concerning 


30 And helaid bnto hin, F will not 
goe, but J Weil depart to mine one 
land,and to niy kinred, 

31 Andheflaid,Leauebs ae pray 
thee, fozaimuch as thouknowett how 
Weareto encanipe tn the wilderuefie, 
and thou mapelt bee to bs in fean of 

32. Aind it hall bee if thou goe with 
bS, peatt Hail be, that what goodnefle 
the On w thall doc nto bs,thelame 
Will Ye doe bnto thee. 

33 And they departed from the 
Mount of the L Oz w three dapes 
tourney :and the Ake ofthe Couenant 
ofthe L On wD Wentbeforethem in the 
thece Dayes tourney , to {earch outare: 
fting place fo2 them, 

34. And the doude of the Louw 
was bpon them by day, when thep went 

35 And tt came to patle when the 
Aivke fet forward , that Motes far, 

*Rile bpL OnD, and let thine ene-| «pe og, 
mies be {tattered , and let thent that! :,2. 
hate thee, flee befozethee, 

36 Andibhenit relted, He fatd, Re- 
jturne, D Lox, bdnto the t many! + yes. r0n 
thoufands of Hiracl. thonfand 

C HUA. P. ae 
1 The burning at Taberah quenched by Mofes 
prayer. 4 The people luftfor flefh, and 
loth Manna. 10 Mofes complayneth of his 
O charge. 

Mannais loathed. 

charge. 16 God diuideth his burden vuto 
feuentie Elders. 31 Quailes are. giuen in 
wrath at Kibroth - Hattaauah, 

f2d when the people || conv 
plained, t itdifpieaten the 
=e LORD andthe Louw 

NG Heard it: and his anger 

AS Seas WAS kindled, and the fire 
‘\of the LOnzD burnt * among them, 
and confined them that were tn the beter: 
moftpartsof thecantpe, 

2 Aud Hepeopie cried buto Mokes, 
and when Boles prayed vuto the 
LOUD, thefiret was quencher. 

3 And hee called the name of the 
place || Labevah: becaute the fire of the 
LORD burnt among them. 

4 And the*mirt multitude that 
Was ainonug then, felt aiufiing, and 
the childeen of Birael t allo wept a 
- |gaine, and faid,* Dabo thal giue bs fleth 
to cates 

5 wMeremember the fith which wee 
DID catein Cayppt freely : the cucumbers 
and the melons, and theleekes, andthe 
Huions, and the garitcke. 

6 Butuow our fouleisdzied away, 
there is nothing at all, befines this 
Manna, beforeour epes, 

7 And *the Danna was as Cor- 
ander feed, and the tcolour thereof as 
the colour of Woeliunr: 

3 And the people tent about, and 
gatheredit, andgroundit inmiltes, 02 
beatifin amozter,and baked itin pans, 
and made cakes of it: and the tate of it 
was as the tafteot freth opie. 

9 Andiwhen the dew fell bpon the 
campe inthe night, he Wanna fell pp- 

io € Lhen Doles heard the peopie 
Weepe thoughout their families,cucryp 
mat tt the Doore of his tent, and the 
anger of the 2 > 8 DB Was kindlen 
greatly, Doles allo was aifpieaten, 

i And Dolesfaid dnto the Louw, 
vaherefoze hatt thou affiicten thy fer- 
nantzand Wherefore hauc F not found 
/fauour in thy fight, that thou layett the 

burden of allthis people bpon mez 

2 HaueF conceiued ali this people: 

haueZ begotten them, thatthou thou: 
j deft fay buto me, Carp them in thy bo- 
* |fome (as anurfing father beareth the 
fucking child) bnto theland whichthou 
fwarett bute their fathers: 

B DAhence fhould F haue fleth to 
giucdnto allthis peopic: forthep weep 


| Hiee, 

bnto me, faping, Gtue bs fieth, that we 
indy eate: "oy 

14 J am not able to beare all this 
peopleatone, becaufle itis too heaute for 

15 Adit thoudeale thus with mec, 
kill me, PH p2ay thee out of hand, if Z 
haucfound fauour in thy fight, and iet 
menotice my iheetchednefle, 

16 CAndtheLonrwfaid huts Wo- 
fes, Gather buto me feuentic men, of 
the €loevs of Piracl, whome thou 
knolbeft to be the elders of the people; 
and officers quer themt:and bung them 
buto the Labernacie of the Congrega- 
oe that they map and there with 
thee. 2 

17 And ¥F well come downe anv 
tale With thee there, and J wal take 
of the {pirit Which is bponthee,andwil| 
put « bpon thent, and they thall beare 
the burden of the peopie with thee,that 
thoubeareicnot thy felfealone, 

18 Aud fap thou bnto the people, 
Sanctifie pour {elues again to moz 
tol, and pee thall cate fleth: (for you 
haue theptin the eaves of the Lo np, 
faping, Dabo hall giue bs fleth to eate? 
fo2 it as Well With bs in Egypt: ) 
therforethcL Ox D Wil giucypou feth, 
and pe thal cate, 

I9 Be thall not eate oneday,no2 two 
DAples,no2 flucdapes neither ten dayes, 

20 Burenetat Wholemoneth, pntil 
itcomeoutat pour noftrels, and itbec 
loathfome bnto pou, becaufe that pee 
haucdefpiled the Lo ww which 8 a 
mong pou, andhaue wept before hin, 
faping, vabhp came we foorth outof €- 



2 And Doles fad, Lhe people a 
mongtt whome Fam, are fire hurdzed 
thoufand footmen, and thou hatt fan, 
FH Will give then fleth, chat they map 
cate adhole moneth, 

22 HShailthe flockes and the herds 
be flame fo2 them to fufficetheniz 92 that 
alithe fih of the fea bee gathered toge- 
ther for them, to fuffice theniz 

23 Andthe LO x w fad dnto Wo- 
{es ,*Js the LORDS hand wared 
thot thou halt fee now Whether my 
Wow fhall come to pale nto thee , 02 

24. (And Boles went out, and 
toloe the people the wordes of the 
LOnw,and gathered thefeuentpmen 
of the Elders of the peopic , — {et 


Seuenty Eld Crs, 


and 59.1» 




‘Idad and Medad. 


Zee 22 

2 Ee 

—- 3 

themronndaboutthe Labernade, — 

25 Aunthe L On w cane done 
acloude, and fpake bute hint,and toote 
of the {pivit that was dpon Hint, and 
gaueit bnto the feucitie Ciders : and tt 
caneto patie that when thefpivitreften 
bpon ehem,they peopbelied,and did not 

: 26 Wutthere remained two of the 
metiin the campe, thenameof the one 
was €ldan,¢€ the name oftheother De- 
DAD: AND the Dpivitretted bpon then, 
(and they Yoore of thent that were Watt: 
tet, but Ibent not outbnto the Laber- 
nacle)and they peophelicdin thecampe. 

27 And there ranne a pong man, 
and toloe Moles, andiaid, Cldadand 
Medad doe Tay ecampe. 

23 2nd So ua the fonne of Mun 
the feruant of Motes ,oncof his yong 
men, — andf{aid, Dy lod Moz 
fes, Forbid ther. Bigs 

pc Moles fad bnto him, Ex 
utett thou for my fake z Would God 
that all the LORDS people were 
pphets,andthattheL Ox DB would 
puthis Spirit bpon them, 

30. And Moles gate him tnto the 
cunpe, be, and the €iders of Hira. 

31 qAndthere Went forth a*winde 

fromthe Lo 2 Band brought quaties 

from the fea, and let them fail by the 
campe, Tasit ere adapes tourney on 
this fide, and as tt Were a Dayes tour- 

Inep on the other fide round about the 

campe, and as tf Yere fiho cubits high 
bpontheface ofthe earth. 

32 Audthe people food bp all that 
Day, and all chanight, andall thenert 
Day, and they gathered the quailes she 
that gathered leat , gathered ten ho- 
mers: and thep {pean chem aliabzoad 
forthemfeiues roundabout thecampe. 

33. Andiwhile the “fleth thas pet bez 
theene their teeth ,pevitias chewed; 
the wath of the 7 Ox w Waskinaled 
againk the people, and the Loxw 
tate the. people With a very great 

34 And He. called the name of that 
place; || thnoth -battaanah : becaule 
theve they buried the people that iufted. 

35 -Aind.the peopie tourneyped from 
Bibwth-Hattaauah, bnto waseroth: 
andtabodeat Haseroth. 

Gerd A. Baio bas 
1 Godrebuketh the {edition of Miriam and Aa- 
ron, 10 -Miriams leprofie is healed at the 


prayer of Mofes. 14 God commandeth her 

to be fhut out of the hotte. 

p em §2D Diriam and Aaron 
y fpakeagaint (oles , be- 
caule of the || €thiopian 
Woman, Whonr hee had 
married: for be had tmar- 

vied an Ethiopian Woman. 

2 Andthey hin, hath the L OxV 
indeed {poken onelp by Dolesz Hath 
hee not {fpoken alfo by bsz And the 
LORD heard it 

3 (Mot theman Moles was*bheryp 

Miriam leprous: 

§Or, Cu= 

t Hebr. ta 

*Ecclu. 45. 

mecke, aboue all the men which were | + 

bpon the face ofthe earth.) 
4 Ande LO uw fpake fudden- 

Hpbnto Doles, and buto Aaron, and 

buto Diriant, Conic out-pe theee bnto 
the Labernacie of the Congregation: 
and they theeecame out. 

5 AndheL OxDw came done in 
theptilar of thecloude, and food inthe 
poore ofthe Lavernacle,andcatlen Hae 
Lon and Dirtanrs and cep both canie 
foozth. . 

6 And hee faide , Heare now my 
Words 2 SF therebeaprophetamong 
pou, JwheLoxnw Will make my felfe 
knolbertbhto hinvin abilion, and will 
{peake bntohim ina decanie: 

7 *OSyleruant Molesis otis, who 
is Faithfull tn all mine houte. 

8° pith Hintwiti Hipcake *mouth 
tomouth cucn apparantly, and not in 
Darke lpeeches.and thelinutlitudeofihe 
LOnw hall hee behold : Wherefore 
thett Were pée Not afcatd to fpeake a 
gaint my feruant Doles? | 

9 And the anger of the Lo xD 
Was kindled againt their and he dez 

Jo And the doud departed from of 
the Labernacle, and behold , Diviam 
becaine leprous , whireas {hold : and 
Aaron looked bpon Wirtam, andbe- 
hold, the was lepzous. 

It And Aaron laid bnto Moles, 2b 
las my lo2d, FH beleech thee,lay tot the 
{inne bpon bs, herein we hance done 
fooltthiy, and Whereis wehaue finned: 

1 Let her not bee asione dead, of] 

Whom the flefh:- i. hatte confunied, 

When he commeth out of hismothers 
3 And Doles crped. rito: the 
LO xp jfaying; Deatle Het nol , D 
God; F befeech tice. : 
4 CAudtheL Oo laid bnto 
Motes, HE her rae had but {pit in 


Spies arefentto 

her face, Thould he not bee athamen fe- 

2 Ucn Dapyes zlet her be* (hut out fromebe 

e campe fetien dayes, and after that tet 
her bereceiued magaine. 

15 And MDiviam was hut out from 
the campefeuendayes : and the people 
touricied not,t Diriam was beought 

16 Andafterwarnd the people remo: 
ued from Haseroth, and pitchedinthe 
Wildernefle of Paran. 


1 Thenames of themen who were fentto {earch 
the land, 17 TheirinftruGions. 21 Their 
actes. 26 Their relation. 

fg Md the LD xu w {ake 
& buto Doles, faping, 
. 2 Sendthoumen,that 
& they may fearch thelande 
of Canaan, which J give 
bnto the childzen of Piraei : of eueryp 
tribe of their fathers thal pefend aman, 

* Leuit. 13. 

4 Audthele were their names. OF 
the tribe of Reuben, Shammua the 
fonne of Zaceur. 

5 Mf the tribe of Simeon, Dh 
phat thefonne of Hox. 

6 OF thetribeof Judah, Caled the 
fone of Pipbucncl. 

7_ Dt the tribe of Plachar, Fat 
the fonne of Holeph. 

3 Di the tribeof Epipaim, Dihea 
thefonneof un. 

9 Mf the tribe of Weniamin, ware 
the fonneof Raphu. 

io Df thetribe of Zebulun,Gaddiel 
thefonne of Soot, 


fearchthe land. 

17 CAnd Doles lent them to fpie/ 
out the land of Canaan, andfa ynto 
them, Get pou bp this way South: 
Ward, and goe bp into Hemountatne : 

18 Andie the lande What tis, and 
the people that pwellerh therein, Wwhe- 
ther they bee ftrong oz wWeake, fewe 2 
many: , 

Ip Alnd What the lande is that they 
Dibell i, Whether it be good o2 bad,and 
ober cities they bee that they dwellin, 
Whether intents, o2 in ftrong hols : 

20 AudwWhat the iandis, 
be fat ozleane, whether there be wood 
therein, oznot. Andbe peot good cou: 
tage, and bring of the fruit of theiand: 
(Mow the time was the timenf the firit 
tipe grapes) 

2a CHoh 


22 Mundthey attended by the So 8 
aud .came Dnto Seb Nee mate 

Was butit fenen peeves 
23 * Aud Hep came bnto the|| brooke 
col, And cutdotone from thence 

* Deutz. 

|| Or, valley 

24. Lhe place was called vad BeOOKE | 0, vate, 

| Cheol becaute of the clutter Qrapes | tia ciuper 
Which he chidzen of Pract cut bone 
from thenee, 
25 ind they veturned from fear: 
ching of the land after fourtpdapes, 
And thep Went and came to 

of grapes. 

U DE the tribe of Polephy, namely of) [eh 

the tribe of Danalleh,Gavdithefoune 
of Sufi, ~ ? 

12. OF thetribeof Dan, Amiel the 
fonne of Gemaitt, 

B pee Aither, Sethur the! 

fonne of Dich 

14. Df thetribe of Maphtatt, Nahpi 
thefonneof Uophti. 

15 DF the tribe of Gad, Geuel the 
fonnent Dacht. ; 

Is Hheleare the names of the men 
Which Votes fent to pie out the and: 
and Doles catien Dihea the fonne of 

- | Mun, Pebothua, 

great : and 
ae fatb the chitdeen of Anak 

29 The Amalekites. owell in the 
land of the Sout : and the Hittites, 
and the Pebulites , and the Almoaites 
Dell tn the mountames s anv the Cae 

# FEB 22252) 






naanites Dell by the fea , And bythe 

_leoatt of Fordane. 

30 And Caleb (tilled the people be- 
foze Boles, audfad, Let bs goe bp at 
once,and potletfe it,fo2 We ave Well able 
to oucrcomert, el 

31 Wutthe men that went bp with 
hin, fatd,, nace be notable to goe bp a 
gaint the people, foz they are ftranger 

er Wwe, 

32 And they beoght bp an eutll re- 
pozt of the land which they had {ear- 
ched, buto the childzen of Piracl, fay: 
tig, Khe land theough which wehaue 
gone, to fearch tt, is a land that cateth 
bp the inhabitants thereof, and all the 
people that we fa in it, aret men of a 
great ftature. 

33 And there we lay the giants, the 
fonnes of Anak, which come of the gv 
ants: and Yee Were tt our one fight 
ag grathoppers , and fo Wee where i 
their fight. 

CrA PP. XIFt. 
Thepéoplemurmure at the newes, 6 Io~ 
fhuaand Caleb labourtoftilthem. 11 God 
threatneth them. 13 Mofes perfwadeth God 
and obtaineth pardon, 26 Themurmurers 
are depriued of entring into the land. 36 
Themen who raifed the euill report, dieby a 
plague. 40 Thepeople that would inuade 
theland againft the wil of God, are fmitten. 

y Mdall the Congregation 
lifted bp thete boyce and 
tried; and the people wept 

| that night. ; 
mos. 2 Audall Hhechiidzen 
of Pirael murmured againit Doles, 
and again Aaron : and the whole 
Congregation {aid buto them, would 
God hat We hand died in theland of €- 
Gppt, 02 Would God Wwe had died in this 

3 And whereforchath HeL onw 
brought bs buto this land,to fall by the 
fivord, that our wines,and our childeen 
fhould bea prays Were it not better fo2 
bs to veturne into Cgpptz 

4 And they farde one to another, 
Leths make acaptaiue, and let hs re- 
turneinto Egypt. 

5 hen Moles and Aaron felon 
thetv faces before all the aflembty of the 
Congregation ofthe chien of Pfract. 

6 CAnd Pothua the fonneof Nun, 
and Caleb the fonne of Pephunned, 
Which were of them that fearched the 
land, vent thetr clothes, 

7 And thep {hake bnto all the com 
pany of the chtlozen of PHfraet, faping, 
Lheiland whieh wee pafled thozow to 
fearch tt, isan exceeding good land, 

3 SP he LZ ox wD delight in bs, 
then be will being bs into this land,and 
Muetths, a land which floweth with 
milkeand bony, 

9. Dnely rebel not pee againt the 
LD BB, neither feare pee the pee 
of the land, fo2 they are bread foz bs: 
their t defence is Departed frotn them, 
and the LD x DB is With bs: feare 
them not. eee ie 

Jo But all the Congregation bade 
ftone them wWith ftones: and the alogy 
ofthe L © 2 w appeared inthe Laber- 
nace of the Congregation , before ait 
the chiideenofPiraci, 

11 € And the L D xw faid bnto 
Poles, How iong will this people pro 
uoke mez and Ho long willit bee, per 
they beleeueme,fo2 all the fignes which 
FP haue hebedamong them: 

12 Frill frnte them With the petti- 
lence, and difinherite them , and will 
make of thee & greater nation, and 
mightier then they. 

BC And * Boles faid onto the 
Louw, Chen the Egyptians thait 
heare it, (fo2 thou beoughtett bp this 
pou. thy might front among 

em: . 

14. And they will tell it to the nha: 
bitants of this tand: for thep haue heard 
thatthoud, Ox w art Among this peo: 
ple, that thou © xB articenc faceto 
face, and that *thp doud ftandeth over 
them, and thatthou goett before them, 
by Day timeina pillar ofa cloud, and im 
apillar of fire by night. 

15 © Mow if thou that Rill all thts 
people, a8 one man, then the nations 
Which Hane heard the fame of thee, will 
{peake, faping, 

16 Weraule the L oO RW Was not*a- 
bie to bang this people into the iande 
Which he fware bnto them, thereforche 
hath flatnethenrin the wilderneffe. 

17. Andnow, FB beleech thee, letthe 
power of my 9 uw begreat, accor 
Dingas thou hatt{poken, laying, _ 

13 Lhe L Ox wg *tong luftering, 
and of great merece, forgiuing iniquite 

and tran{greffion, and by no nieanes|* 

Clearing the guiltie,* bifiting theiniquity 
of the fathers bpon the childzen, bnto 
thethirvdandfourth generation, = 
io Pardon, H beleech thee, the int: 
D 3 quitie 

+ Hebr. oa 


*Exod, 133 


* Exod: 34, 
6.pfal. 103. 

* Exod, 26. 
5.and 34.75 

Infidelitie is 

| Gr, bither- 

+ Heb. if 
theyfee the 


* Chap.26. 
65. and 32- 



+ Heb lifted 
upmy hand. 

quiticof this peopie,according bute the 
greatneffe of thy mercic, and as thou 
halt fozgiuen this people, from Egypt, 
ever | Dnitill nor. Hes SE 

20 Andthe LORD laid, J hae 
pardoned, according tothy word, - 

21 Out as truely as F itue, ali the 
earth thalbe filled With the glozy of the 

22 *Weraule all thole men whith 
hauefeenemy glozp , and my muracies 
Which PF didn Coyppe ; andin the wit- 
dernefle , andhaue tenipted mee now 
thefe ten times , and haue not heatke- 
ned to my boite, 

23 t Surely they hall not {ee the 
land which FB fivare bute their fa 
thers , neither thall any of them that 
pouoked me, feet, 

24. Butimyp feruant* Cateb, becanfe 
heehad another {pirit with hin, Cand 
Hath followed mee fully) him wi J 
bunginto the land, Whereinto he went, 
andhis feed thatl pofletfe it 
~ 25 (Srotb the Amalekites, and the 
Canaanites DwWeit in the batlep)to m2 
row turne pou and get ie into the 
Wildernefle, by the Way of the Wen fea, 

26 © Andthe Lox w fpake bnto 
Moles,and buto Aaron faying, 

27 HOW org thal f beare with this ent 
congregation Which murmuve againt 
mee z Phaue heard the murmurings 
of the children of Hirael , which they 
murmureagaint mee. 

23 Say dnto thent, “As truely as 

lite, fxth he L OxnD, aspehauelpo-| | 

Ken tirmine cares, fo will F doe to you: 
29 Pour carcales Mhatl fall in this 
Wildernefle, and all that were *nunv 
byed of pou , according to your Whole 
number from tihentic peeves old and 
DpwWard , which Yaue murmured x 
gaint niece, 
30 Doudbfieffe ye Khali not comeinty 
theland concerning which FZ tiwareto 
make pou dDibell therett, faue Catebthe 
fonnie of Hephunnel), andPothua the 
31 Wut your little ones , Which pee 
faid Thould bea peay,them will J bmg 
tt and thep thall knob the land which 
32 But as for pou, pour carkates, 

- | they thal fall inthis widerneffe, 

33 Andyour childzen Halt | wander 
inthe Wildernes forty peres, and beare 
pone Whoredomes, dntill pour carka- 
es be Watten inthe wilderneffe. 


34. AMter the runiber of thenayesin 
Which pe fearched thetand, cucn*foztte 
Dapes (each Day fo2 a peere) Thall pee 
beave pour mniquities, cuen forty peeres, 
an pee Thall know my breach of pzo- 
mile, . 

35 JtheLOuw hauelad, H wilt 
fuvely doe it Duto all this eutll Conagee- 
gation, that ave gathered together a 
gaint mee; in this Wiidernefle they 
thalbeconfumed 5¢ there they thalldic. 

36 And the men Which Wokes {ent 
to fearcl the land, who returied, and 
made all the Congregation to mur: 
muve again hini, by binging bp a 
flandevbpon tieland, 

37 Cuenthole men that did bring bp 


zy Ezech.4, 

|| Or,alre. 
ing of my 

theeutll report bpon the land, *diepby|-i.¢ 

the plague, before the L 

38 But Yothua the fonne of Nun, 
and Caleb the fonne of Pephunney, 
which were of the men that tent to 
fearch theiand, ined fill. 

39 And Doles told thele fayinas bu- 

to all the childeen of Pirael, and she: 

people mourned greatly. 

CAnd they vole bp early inthe 
mozning , and gate them bp into the 
top of the mountaine,faying, Loe, we 
“be Dere,and will goebp bnto the place 
Which the L D xP hath promiled : fo2 

41 And Boles fatd, whereforenow 
doe you tranfgreile the commaunde: 
mentof the LO nw? but it hall not 
peofper:: : 

42 Goe not bp, forthe Lo xy is 
notamong pou, that pebenot finttten 
befoze pour enenties. ; 

43 Forthe Amaickites,and the Ca- 
naanites are there before pou, and pee 
thall fail by the fun, becante pee are 
turnedalbay from the L 0 x Bw; there: 
fore the HL D Bw Will not bee With 
you. . 

44 But theypeelumed to go bp bn- 
to the hilltop: nenertheles the Arke of 
the Couenant ofthe L ox Band Wo- 
{es departed notoutofthecampe, 

45 Lhen the Amalekites came 
doibne , and the Canaanites which 
Dibeltin that hil, and fnote them, and 

*“piftomfited t emt, euen bnto Hozmah, |- 


t Thelaw of the meat offering and the drinke 
offting. 13.29 The ftranger is vider the fame 
law. 17 The law of the firftof the dough 
fora heaue’ offering. 22 The factifice for 

ie ; finne 

WO Herin oS. 


I rating. 

i) * Exod. 29. 

[Preiear| 4 Chen *thall he that offercth his 

Bees #2 2525 2 


B28 _ 

finne’of ignorance. 30. ‘The punifhment 
of prefumption. » 32° Hee that violated the 
ae, buto WDotes, faping, 
buto them , vabhen pe be 
3 Aud Will makean offering by fire 

Sabbath,isftoned. 37° Thelaw of ftinges, 
re Md the LZ O ww fake 
ah oe bnto the 
g childecttof Hiraci,and fap 
(0 thelando pour habitations, 
Which F give bnto pou, 
onto theL ORB, a burnt offering o2 

on | P Levit. 22. | afacrifice “tt performing a bow,02 ttt a 

free Will offering, 02 in pour folemmne 
featts,to mabe a feet fanour bnto the 
LORD, of theherdozof theflocke: - 

tt Heb. fepa- 

joffering bnto the Louw, beinga meat 
offring of a tenth deale of lowzc, ming: 
en with the fourth part of an Hyn of 
opie. sited 

§ And the fourth part of an dyn of 

Wine fo2 adeinke offring That thou pre- 

pare, With the burnt offering 02 facrt- 

fice foz one lanrbe. 

6 @2 for arvanime, thou thalt pre- 
pare for a meate offering ttvo tenth 
Deales of lowe mingled With the third 
pavtof an Dyn of oyle. 

7 And for a dunke offering; thou 
halt offer the third part of an Dynof 
Wine, for a fiucete fauour bnto the 

3 And when thou peeparett abul- 
locke fozaburntoffering, 02 foz afacri- 
fice in performing a bow, 02 peace offe- 
rings bntotheL ore: 

9 Chen hailthee being with abut 
locke a meate offering of theee tenth 
Deales of flowbze mingled With halfean 
Dyn of opie. 

lo And thou halt being for adzeinke 
offering haife an yn of ine, for an 
offeriig made by fire of a feet fauour 
yntotheL ORD. 

i Hhus thall tt bedone fo2 one but: 
lotke, o2fozoneramine, 02 fo2 alambe, 
ora kidde. 

_ 2 According fo the number that pee 
{halt prepare, fo thall pee Doe to every 
One, According to thetr number, 

B Ailthatareboene of the countrep 
thatidoethele things after this maner, 
inoffering an offering made by fire of a 
fucetfauour, bute the o xz. 

14 Aridi a ranger fotourne with 
You, 02 Wholoetier bee among pou in 
Pour generations, and Will offer an oF 
fering made by fire of a fweete fauour 

oy sChap.xv. 

onto the LORD: as pedoe, fo bee 

| : Offerin gs. 


15 *Mneosdinance thall be both fo2 | *Fxod. 12. 
vyouof the Congregation, and aifo fz) #2: 
the ftranger that forourneth with you, 
An ogdinance for eucr Mm pour genevatt- 
ons: aspeare, fo Thal theltvanger bec, 
beforctheL ORD. 

16 Mnelay, andone maner Mhail be 
for pou,and forthe ftranger that fotour- 
neth With you, 

17 CAnd the Louw fpake bnto 
Motes, faving, 

13, Dpeake dnto the childzen of PE 
rael, and fay buto them, nohen ye come 
into theland Whither J being you, 

Io Hhewit Mall be that when peeate 
of the bead of the land, pee thall offer 
bp anheaue offring buto theL ox pv. 

20 Be hail offer bp acake of the firtt 
of pour dough, fozan beaucoffring :as 
pedoe the heancoffering of thetheeth- 
tng flonze, fo hall peheaucit, 

21 OF the firtt of pour dough pe hat 
giuebnto the Louw, an heaue offe- 
ring in pour generations. 

22 CAndif peehaucerred, and not 
obferued all thefe Commaundements 
ae LoOxuD hath ipoken bnto 


23 Euen all that the Louw hath 
commanded pou, by the hand of Moles 
fromthe day thatthe Louw comman: 
Ded Doles, and henceforward among 
pour generations: 

24. Hhentt thalbe, if ought be come 
mitted by ignorance t Without the 
knowledge of the Congregation, that 
all the Congregation thall offer one 
pong bullocke foza burnt offering, fo2 
afweetiauour bute the L ORD, with 
hismeate offering, and his denke offe- 
ring, according fo the | manner,and one 
kid of the goats fo atinne offering, 

25 And the Week (hall make an at: 
onement fo2 ail the Congregation of 
thechiloeen of Piract, and tt thal be for: 
att them,fo2 itis iqnozance sand thep 

hall being thetr offring,a facrifice made 
a bnto the Loxp, and their finne 
offering before the L Ox B, for their 

26 And tt thall bee forginen ali the 
Congregation of the childzen of JL 
rael, and the ftranger that fotourneth 
among them, feeing all the peopie were 

27 CAnd* tfany foutefinnethough 
tgnozance, then hee Mall being a thee 


| Bebr from 

| Or ,ordix 

*Leuit. 4, 

beforethe Z OnD, tomake anatone: 
sent fo2 him, €it Thalbe forgiuen hin, 

29 Bou thail haue one law foe hin 
that t finneth theough ignozance, both 
for him that t$ bozne amonatt the chit: 
deen of Piract,and fo2 the ftranger that 
fotourneth among them. 

30 (But the foule thatdoeth ought 


32 © And While the chanzen of FE 
tael Were in the Wildernes, they found 
ainan that gathered fickes bpon the 
Sabbath day. 


34. 2ind they put him *in ward, be: 
caule it Was not Declared What (houln 
beDdorne tohin. 

35 And theL © uw fad bnito Wo: 
tes , Lhe man hail bee fureip put to 
Death :all the Congregation (hall tone 
Hin With tones Without the campe. 

36 Audall the Coaregation bought 
Him Without the cammpe,and toned him 
With fones, and hedied,as the Loup 
commanded Doles, 

37 © Andthe LO xw lake buto 
Poles faping, 

38 Dpeake bnto the children of HE 
*Deut.22. | TAel, AND bidde * them thatthey make 
rematth: lepers fringes in the bowers of their 
- garments, theoughout their generati: 
Os, andthat they put bpon the fringe 
of the bogdersa vibband ofbicw. 

39 And tt (hall bee vnto pou for a 
fringe, that ye may iooke bponit ,and 
temember all the commandements of 
HeLouw, anddocthem: and that 
vefeeke totafter pour one heart,and 
pour olbnecyes, after which ve die to 
Hoe a whortig: 

40 Chat ye may remember,and doe 
all my commandements , and be Holy 
bitte pour God, 

41 Jam the Lo zw your God, 

Korahs rebellion, 
Winch beought you out of the land of, 

Cgppt , to bee pour God: J am the 
ZL, ORD pout God. 


1 The rebellion ofKorah,Dathan and Abiram, 
23 Mofes {eparareth the people from the re- 
belstents, 31 Theearth fwalloweth vp Ko- 
tah, andafireconfumethothers. 36 The 
cenfers arereferued toholy ve. 41 Foure- 
teene thoufand and feuen hundred are flaine 
by a plague for murmuring againft Mo- 
fesand Aaron. 46 Aaronbyincenfe ftay- 
eth the plague. 

Sos Dib" Borah thefonne of 
aly pe the fonne of to: 
die Dath, the fonne of Leut, 
: Ge he and Dathan, andAbiram 
ASRANA the fonnes of Eliad , and 
Dn thefonneofPeieth,fonnes of Ree} 
eit, fooke men. 

2 And they role bp before Moles, 
With certatne of the chtiozen of Pirael, 
tho hundzed and fiftie Wainces of the 
aflembly, *famous tn the Congregate 
Oon,menofrenoione, : 

gathered themfeiues to- 


* Chap.2y. 
3. ecclus, 
45-21. iud, 

sit key 

5 Andee ipake bnto Tozah, and 
bnto all bis company, faying, Euento 
morrolb the L Ox BD will fhe who 
are His, AND Wa isholp, and will canfe 
him to come neere Duto him : ener him 
Whombehath eee hecaule to 

6 Lhis doe : take poucenlers, Ha- 
rah,and all bis company: 

7 Audput fire there , andputin- 
cenfe m thent, before the Lox to 
mozrow ; And it fhall be, that the man 
whom the L Ox D doeth choole , hee 
thall be holy : pee taketoo much bpon 
pou,pe fonnes of Leut, 

8 And Doles fade duto TZozah, 
Heare, Fi pray pou,pefonnes of Leut, 

9 Meemeth it but afmaillthirg bu-| 
to you, that the God of Pirael hath fe: 
parated pou from the Congregation of 
‘Pirael, to bang pou neereto himfeife, 
to Doe theferuice of the Labernacieof 
the Ou w, and to fand before the 

retreat omomenreew ee SO eerie 


SS Ss=sF> 

Congregation to minter bnto then 

lo Anodhe hath ought thee neere 
tohim, atid all thy beetheen thelonnes of 
Peutwith thee :andlecke pe the Puekk- 
hood alfor 

i Foz which caule both thou,andail 
thy company ave gathered together a- 
gaint he LO Rw: and what is Aa: 
ton, that yemurmureagaintt bine 

nd Wofes {ent to call Da- 

thanand Abiram the founes of Etiad: 

Which faid, woe Will not conie dp, 

B Hs ttalmall thing that thou hat 
brought bs bp out of a land that flow: 
eth With milke and hony, to kill bsin 
the wildernefle, ercept thou make thy 
felfe altogether a prince ouev ds 

14. Poreouer,thou hat not bought 
bs intoa land that floweth with nulke 
and hony , o2 giuen bs imberitance of 
fields and binepards : Wilt thout put 
out the epes of thefe mien? We Wil not 
conie bp. 

15 And Doles was very wheoth, and 

.|faid bnto the L © 2% ,* Relpect not 

thou their offering : FJ bane not taken 
one afte from then, neither haue J 
hurtoncof them, 

16 And Motes {aid dnto Ko2ah,2Be 
thou and ail thy company. before the 

LORD, thou, andthey,and Aaronto 

17 Audtake euery man his center, 
and put incenfe in thent, and bung pee 
before the LO 2 w enery man his cen- 
fev,tivo hundzed and fiftie cenfers,thou 
allo and Aaron, cach of you his center, 

13. And they tooke every man his 
cenler, and put fire inthem, and laine 

tncenfe thereon, and ftood in the doo2e 

of the Labernacle of the Congregatt 
on With Doles and Aaron, 

Ip And Horah gathered atl the Con- 
Stegqation again thens, buto Hhedooze 
of the Labernacle of the Congregatt- 
On: and the glozy of the Louw appea- 
redbnto all the Congregation. 

20 And heLouw fpake bnto Mo- 
{e3,and dnto Aavon, faying, 

21 Separate pour felues from a 
nongthis Congregation, that J map 

22 And they fell bpon their faces, 
and fatd, D God,the God of the fpirits 
of all fleth,thatone man finne,and wilt 
Houde wrath With all the Congrega- 


23 € And the L oxw fake bunts 
Polesstayie = - 

24. Speake bnto the Congregation, 
faying, Get you dpfrom about the ta- 
peovete of Kowal), Dathan , and A 


25 And Moles role bp,and went bn- 
to Dathan. and Abiram: and the €1- 
dersot Hiractfotlowedhun, 

26 And hee fpake buto the Conare- 
ate faying, Depart, FJ pray you, 
cour the tents of thele wicked men,and 
touch nothing of theirs, tet pe be con 
fumed in all chetr finnes, 

27 Do they gate dp from the taver: 
nacleof Howah, Dathan, and Aviram, 
oieucry fide: and Dathan and Aviram 
oe. oon inthe door of heir 
Cts, AND Cher Wines, € their fonnes, 
and he ors Rene: on ; 

28 And Doles laid, Hereby pe that 
know thatthe L ox whath eee 
Docall hele Workes : fez Thaue not done 
themof mincoionemind, 

29 HE thele men die tebe common 
death of all men, o21f they be bifiten af: 
ter the bifitation of all men ; then the 
LOR Dhath not lentme: 

30 WutiftheL On wt make anew 
thing, and the earth open ber mouth, 
and fivallow them bp, withall that ape 
pertaine duito them,and they go Downe 
quickeinto the pit: then pethall puder- 
and that dhefemen haue prouoked the 

31 C* And tt came to palleashehan 
made an ende of {peaking all thefe 
Words, that the ground caucafunder 
that was dnder them: 

32 And the earth opened her mouth, 

: e, Dathan &c. _Chap.xy}. tarelvallonived Vp. 

} Hebr. ase= 
he ery) an 


t Hebr. cre= 
ate acrea=- 

andfivallotbedthem bp, and theirhow-| - 

fes, and all the men that appertained 
buito Horah, and all their goods. 

33 Hhey, and all that appertained 
to thet, Went Downe aliue into the pit, 
and the earth dofed bpon them: and 
poche fromamong the Congre 


34. And ail Plcracl that were round 
aboutthem, fedatthe cvic of them: fo2 
they lato, Set the earth fivaliow bs bp 

35 Andthere came out afirefromtbhe 
LOxuDw, andconiumed the to hure 
_ and fiftie men that offered in- 

36 € And the Lox lpake dnto 
Motes, faying, 

37 Speake bnto Cleasar the fonne 
of Aaron the Prtett, that he take bp the 
cenfers out of the burning, and ne 


iT he plague ftayed. Numbers. 

thou the five ponder, fo2 thep ave bal: 

33 Lhe cenfers of thele finners a 
gainktheir ovnefoules,let them make 
them bioad plates fozacoucring ofthe 
Altar’: for they offered thent betore the 
LOD, therefore they are hallowed, 
and they thail be a Tigne bnto the cht: 
deewof Hirai. 

39. And Eleasar the Priel tooke the 
beafen confers, Wherewith they that 
Werebuent hadofkered, and they were 
ba bad plates for a couering of the 


40 To bee aniemoziall buto the dyil- 
deen of Hiract thatno franger, which 
iS notof the feed of Aaron, comenceere 
to offer incente before the Lo x w, that 
Hebenotas Torah , andas his compa- 
Ny, as the LO xD {aid to him by the 
hand of Bofes. 

Al ( But on the morrow, all the 
Congregation of: . childzen of Hfrael 
murniuredagaintt Doles andagaint 
Aaron, laying, Pe haue billed the peo- 
pleof the Lore. 

42 And tt came to pafle When the 
Congregation was gathered againt 
Poles and again Aaron, hat they 
looked toward the Labernacie of the 
Congregation: and behold; the doud 
coucredit,andthe glory of theLoxp 

43 And Dokes and Aaron camede- 
fore the Labernacie of the Congrega 


44 (AndtheL o zx wipake bnto 
Moles, faping, 

45 Get pou bp from among this 
Congregation , that JF may confume 
thet, asinamoment:ann they fell bp- 
ontheirfaces. : 

46 QAnd Moles fad buto Aarow, 
| Lakeacenter,and putfire therein from 

loft the Alitar, and put on incenfe, and 

(Igoe quickly bnto the Congregation, 

aud make awatonement for them: fo2 
there is: Wath gone out from the 
LonDitheplague ts begqutt, 
| 47 And Aaron tooke as Moles 
CONUNANDED, And ranne into thenudt 
ofthe Congregation: and behold, the 
plague Was begun among the peopic, 
andhe putonincenfe , and made avat- 
nentent forthe people, 
43 And he ood betweene thedead 
and the lining , and the plague was 

49 Mow they that died in theplague, 

Were foureteene thouland and feuen 
hundzed , befide them that died about 
the matter of Kozah. 
50 And Aaron returned buto Wo: 
fes, bnito the doozeof the Labernacieof 
eCongregation; and the plague was 


1 “Aarons rodamong all therods of the Tribes 
onely flourifheth... 10° It is left fora mont- 
ment againfttherebels. 

CARE MND the LD nw fake 
bnto Doles faying, 

x 2 Speake dito the chit: 

WN drenof Plraet and take of 

a2 Sars buery one of them a rod, 

&€cozding to the Houle of their fathers, 

of all their princes , according to the 

houle of their fathers , tivelue rods: 

pate cuery mansname bpon bis 

3 And chou fhalt wete Aarons 
name bpon the rod of Lent: fo2 one rod 
mente ozthe head ofthe houle of thew 

4. Andthou haltiay them bp nthe 
Labernacie of the Congregation, be- 
fore the Lettimonyp, * Where BF writ 
meet With you. 

5 Audit Hhallcometo pale, that the 
mansrodibhom J thall choole; hat 
bloffomie : and FJ will make to ceale 
from mee the murmurings of the chit 
bse oF HiraeL wheredpthey murmure 


6 (And Doles {ake bnto the cht: 
deen of Pitact, and enerp one of chetr 
Punces gauehinita rod apiece, fo2 cach 
prince one, according to their fathers 
houtes,ctien tyeiue rods: and the rod of 
Alavon Wasamonag theirrods, 

7 And Woles lapd bp the rovs be: 
fore the Lou win the Labernacie of 

3) 2nd tf canie fo palle that on the 
moto Doles Went into the Laver: 
nacie ofasitnefle, and beholn,the ro of, 
Aaron forthe houle of Leui was bun 
DED, And brought forth buds; andbdioo- 
med bloffomies, and peelded almonds: 

9 And Moles hought out’ all the 
vons frombefozethe Z © xD pinto all 
thechidzert of Plract:and they looken, 
and tooke every man his rod. 

lo (And the L ox w fad nto 

Aarons rodde. 

+ Hebr.a 
rod for me 
Prince, A 
rod forone 

Poles,* Bring Aarons rod againe bee | «Hebr.94 
fore the Hettimony, to be kept faz a to-| + rzr:ci 
kenagaint thet rebels ,and thou thait| ee7 





SB $22 





= eS 


iquite take albap ther murnmiurings 
‘foomiine,thatthey die not. 
Wn And Molesoidfo:astheLouw 
icomunanned binifo did be. 

1 Anothe childeen of PHlract fpake 
buto Motes, laping, Behold, weedre, 
We perith, We all perith, 

% vabofocucr comineth any thing 
neere Duto the Labernacle of the 
Louw, hall die: Shall wee becon 
fumed with oping? 

OE Abe CW A, 

The charge of the Priefts and Leuites. 9 The 
Priefts portion. 21 The Leuites portion. 
25 The heaue offering to the Priefts out of 
the Leuites portion. 

No the LORD lapd br 
to Aaron, Lou andthy 
founes, and thy fathers 
shoule with thee, hail 
a: =z beave the tniquitie of the 
Sanctuary : and thou and thy fonnes 

25 = 

22 28: 


= 33 2s 



= SeS 


With thee, Mall beave the iniquitie of 
pour 2ielhood. 

2 And thy beetheenalfo of the tribe 
of Leut, the tribe of thy father, bring 
thou with thee, that thep map beroyned 
bnto thee, and minifter bnto thee: but 
thouannd thy fonnes With thee thal’ mini 
tter befoze the Labernacle of nartnefie. 

3 And they fhall keepe thy charge, 
and the charge of all the Labevnacie : 
onely thep hall notcome mah the vel 
felsofthe Sanctuarie, and the Aitar, 
that neither they, no2poualfo die. 

4 And thep Mall bee topned Hnto 

thee, and keepe the charge of the Lae 
bernacle of the Congregation, fo2 ail 
the feruice of the Habernacle : and a 
ftranger Hall not come nigh nto pou. 

5 And pee hall keepe the charge of 
the Sauctuary , and the charge of the 
Altar, that there be 10 thaath any moze 
bpon the hilozen of Hirael. 

6 And FH, beholoe, Phane*taken 
pourbrethzen the Lemtes fromamong 
the chuldzen of BPirael: to pouthey are 
giuenas a gift for the L ox BD, to doe 
the feruice of the Labernacle of the 

7 FCherefore thou and thy fonnes 
With thee, thall Keepe your wrtelts of 
fice for cuery thing of the Altar, and 
Within the Gaile, and pee hail ferue: 
Phaue giuen pour pPrietts office dnto 
pou, asaferutce of oft: and the ftran- 
Std hes comnict) nigh, thatl bee putto 


pe ne nnn 


$ CAndthe Lox fpake duto 
Aaron, wWehold, F allo haue geuenthee 
thecharge of inne heaue offerings, of 
all thehallowen things of the childzen 
of Hlraci, onto theehaue F giuenthent 
by veadon of the anotntitg, and to thy | 
foimnes by arozdinance fo2 cuer. | 

9 Chis halt bee thine of the mott) 
Holy things, relerued fromthe fire :euery 
oblation of theirs, enery meat offering 
of theirs, and euerp finne offering of 
theirs, and cucry trefpatte offering of 
theirs, which they that renner puto nie, 
{halt be moft holy fo2 thee, and for thy 
fonnes. | 

Jo Bu the molt holy place Thattthou 
catert, euery mate hail eatecit: that 
be Holy bnto thee, 

H Aind this ts thine: the heaue offe: 
tiugof their gift, with all the waue of 
frings ofthechilozren of Hiracl: F haue 
gtucn then buto thee , eto thy fonnes, 
aud to thy “daughters With thee, by a |*Leuie 10 
ftatute for ener seuery onethatis cleane | 4 
tuthy boule, thalleate of tt. 

2 Alithet bet of the opie,andail the | t 2. 
beft of the tbine, andof the wheat, the 
firft fruits of them Which they fhall of 
fer bnto the Louw, them haue ZS qt 
uci thee. 

13° And Yhatloeuer ts firk ripein the 
land, Which they hall bung buto the 
LORD, Hallbe thine, cuery one that 
iscleancinthine boule, (hati cat of if. 

I4 *Cueryp thing denoted in PHlvael, | *Levic. 27. 
fhailbe thine. at 

15 Cuerp thing that openeth the maz | «Exod. 
triccin all Aeth , which they being yuto | penne 
the L Onw, Whether tf becof mew o2 | S32 sy 
beatts, Thallbe thine: Meuertheles the | 
fir borne of man hait thoufureip re: 
Deeme, and the firltling of dneleatic) 
beatts halt thou redecme. | 

16 Andtholethatareto beredeenied, 
from aimoneth old fhalt thou reveeme | 
according to thine cfhimation, for the, 
money of fine fhekcls, after the Meckel | 
of the Sanctuary , * Which is twentic ; * Exod.;o. 
gevabs. lance 
17 Butthe firing of acowe,orthe | 47czck4s 
firftling of a theepe, ozthe firftling of a) 1 
goat thou thalt not redeeme , they are} 

Holy : thou thatt {painckie their bioon | 

bpon the Altar, and fhalt burne their | 

fat fo2 an offering made by fire, fora 

hucetfauour bute the L ORR, 

18 Aud the fieth of them Mat bee | 

thine: as the *wWaue beealk, andaAS the |- Exod. 25. 

right Moulder ave thine, 
I9 fil 

{Hebr fin 

I9 Ail the heauc offerings ofthe ho- 
lp things, hich thechilozen of Hlraci 
offer bute the Louw, haueZ giuen 
With thee, by a ttatute for euer:ttisa 
couenatt of fait foz ener , before the 
LD uw bnto thee, and to thy {eed 
With thee. 

20 (And the L Ox wD fhake bnto 
Aaron, Lhouthalt haueno inheritance 
in Heir land, neither thait thou haue 
ap partamong them: “J am thy part, 

“land thine inheritance among the chit: 

deen of Piract. 

21 Andbehold, J haue giuen the chit: 
Deer of Leut ali the tench m Blraei,foz 
an inhevitance, for their fermce which 
they feruc, cuen the {erutce of the La: 
bernacle of the Congregation. 

22 Heither muk the childeenof HE 

raelhencefoorth come nigh the Laber- 
nacle of the Congregation, tet thep 
bearefinne,t and die. 

23 Wut the Leutes thaildoetheler- 
utce of the Labernacie of the Congre- 
gation,and ea beare their nique: 
tie: tt hall bea te for ener theough- 

out pour generations , that aniong tie 
cept of Plrael they haue no bert: 

24. Butthe tithes of the childzen of 
Hlrael Which they offer as an heaue o£ 
ering bntothe ZL DR D.F Hane giuen 

tothe Leuttes to inherite: therefore J 
haue fad bnito them , Among the chit 
nren of Hirael hep Mali haue no inhe- 

25 CAndthe Loxw {pake bnto 
Poles, faying, 

26 hus {peake bnto the Leuites, 
andfay bnto them, wabenpetake of the 
childzen of Hiract the tithes , which J 
Haueginen pou from them foz your in- 
hevitance,then ye thal offer bp anheaue 
offering of tt for the Low, even g 
tenth part ofthe tithe. 

27 Aud this pour heaue offering 
fhali be reckoned bnto pou,as though 
itwere the come of the theething flooze, 
andas tic fuinelle of the wine peeffe. 

28 Lhus you allo that offeran heane 
offering bnto the Lox ofall pour 
tithes Which pe receine of the childzen 
of Hivacl, and pethail gtue thereof the 
LOnDOS heaue offering to Aaron 
the rte. 

29 Dutofail pour gifts pe thal offer 
euery heaue offering of the Lox, 
of all the t bet thereof , cuen the hat 

tothe Leuites, 

loved part thereof, outof it. 

30 Lherefore co fhait fap bnto 
thent , raven pee haueheaned the deft 
thereof from tf, then tt (hall be counted 
brio the Leuites, as the encveale of the 
theefhing flooze ,andas the encreafe of 
the Woine peefie. 

31 Andyethall cate itin euery place, 
peanbd your houfhoids: fo2 it is pour re: 
Ward for pour ferutce , in the Laber- 
nacie of the Congregation. 

32 And pee Mall beave no {inne by 
teafon of tt, oben pe auc heaued from 
tt the beft of ¢ : neither thail pe pollute 
the Holp things of the chilnzen of Bt 
vael, left pe die, 


1 The water of feparation made ofthe afhes of 
aredheifer. 11 The law fortheyfe of itin 
purification of the vncleaue, 

fe ND the LOD {hake 
buto Doles, and bnto 
s Aaron laying, 

ANS 2 Lhisisthe ordinance 
Sas of the Law, which the 
LDx®D hath commaunded , faping, 
Dpeake onto the chilneen of Pract, 
thatthey boing thee a ren heifer with: 
out{pot, Wierein isno blemith,and pp: 

on Which neuer cameyoke. 

3 Andye thall giue her buto Elea- 
sav the Wrtett, that hee may bung her 
*forth Without the camipe, and onc {hall 
flay her before hts face. 

4. And Cleasar the pPo2tett that 
take of Her blood with his finger, and 
* {peitchle of her blood directly before 
the Labernatle of the Congregation 
feuen times, 

5 And one thall burne the heifer a 

* Hebr.13. 


bis fight : *her fainne, and her fleh, |-Exodss. 

am Her blood, with her doung thatthe 

6 And the P2tett Mall take Cedar- 
Wood, andhyplope, and frarict, and catt 
ane the nudft of the burning of che 

7 Chen the pat thall wath his 
clothes, and hee thali bathe his fieth in 
Water, andafterwward he fhaticomein: 
to thecampe, and the Priett thalbe bn: 
cleane Dntill the ener, 

8 And he that burneth her , thait 
Wath his dothes in Water, and bathe 
His fielh irwWwater, and fhallbebneleane 

9 And amanthar iscleane, hall ga: 


14. leuit.4: 






ther bp the athes of the heifer, andtap 
them bp Without the campe in aceane 
place, and tt fhall bee kept for the Con- 
gregation of the children of Bfrael, for 
alwater of {eparation: itisa purificaty 
on foz finne, 

fo Anahe that gathereth the athes 
of the heifer, thall wath his clothes;and 
be bueleane bntil the Cuen: andit thatl 
be dato the chide of Pirael,and bnto 
the ttrangee that foiourneth among 
them, fora ftatute fo2 ever. 

HW Chethattoucherh the dead body 
lof anptman, dhall bee bricleane feuen 

12 Hethalipurifiehintcife with ton 
the third day, and ou thefeuenth day he 
fhall becleane : butif he puvifie not hii 
feife thethird day, then the feuenth day 
he thallnot becleane. 

13. naholocucr toucheth the pead ba- 
dic ofany manthatts dead, and purifi: 
ech not hinilelfe, nefileth the Laberna- 
eof the ZL One, and that foute hall 
becut off from Biraci, becaule the wae 
ter of feparation was not fpeinckted 
bpon hits he thallbedneleane, his bu- 
tleanneffc is pet bpon him, 

14. Khisisthe law, whera nian de 
eth ita tent; alithacconie into the tent, 
andali that isin thetent, halbebuctean 
fenen dapes. 

15 Andeuery open beflel which hath 
No coucring bound hpon itis bueieane, 

16 And wijoloeuer toucheth onc that 
is flaine With a fiwo2d in the open fields, 
HA Dead body, 02% boneof arian, 02a 
graue, hati be ducleanefeuen dapes. 

17 And fo2 an dneleane perfon they 
thail take of the t athes of the burnt 
hetfer of purification fo2 finne,and* run: 
ning Water hail bee put thereto ina 

18 And ackeane perfon (hall take 
hplope, and dippett in the water, and 
{princklei bpon the tent, and bpon all 
the deffels, and bpon the perfons that 
Were there, and bpon him that toucheo 
Abone, oroneflaine, ozonedead, 02a 

Ip And the cleane perfon thal {painkie 
bpon the bicleancon thethirsday,and 
ott the feuenth day: and on dhe feuenth 
daphethall purifiehinilelfe, aud wath 
His dothes, and bathe himfeife in wa: 
tev,and thall be cleancat Eucit: 

20 Wut the man chat hall beedn- 
tleane, and hall not puvific hinfeife, 
thatfoule fhall bee cut off front among 

= Chap.xx. 

the Congregation: becaule he hath de- 
filed the Sanctuary of the L o zB, 
the Water of leparation hath not beene 
{painkied bpon him, Yeisbneleane. 

21 Andit Hall be a perpetual tarute 
buto them, that he that {prnkleth the 
Water of feparation, thall wath bis 
clothes: and he that toucheth the wa- 
tev of fepavation, that be bucleane bi: 

22 And wWhatloeuer the bneeane 
perfor toucheth, fhall be bucleane and 
the foule that toucheth it, thatl bee bie 
cleane bntil Eucn, 


The children of Ifrael come to Zin, where 
Miriam dieth. 2 They murmure for want 
of water. 7 Mofes fniting the rocke brin- 
geth forth water at Meribah. 14 Moles ar 
Kadefh defireth paflage thorow Edom, 
which is denied him. 22 At Mount Hor Aa- 
ron refigneth his place to Eleazar, and dieth. 

f Hen came the childzen of 

PHcact, even the Wwhote 
Congregation, into the 

2a delert of Zin, in the fick 
ae Monet) sand the people a 
bove in Hadelh, and Miriam died 
theve, and Was buried there. 
2 And there was no water foz the 
Congregation : and they gathered 
thenifelues together againt Motes 

and againtt Aaron. 

3 Andthe people hode with Motes, 
and{pake, faping, Would God that we 
Had Died * When our beetheen Bien be- 
forctheL OnuD, 

4 And “why haue pee ought bp 
the Congregation of the LOx Dw into |” 
this wildernefle , that We and our cat: 
tell houid die there: 

5 And Wherefore hauepe made bs 
toconiebp outof Egypt, tobaing bsin 
bnito this enti placeztt isno place of feed, 
02 of figges, 02 bines, o2 of poniegra: 
ee neither ts there any water to 


6 And Doles and Aaron went 
feomithe pretence of theaffembly, bnto 
the Donze of the Labernacle of thecon- 
Kregation , and they fell bpon their fa- 
cS: and the alow of the LORD ap- 
peared bnto theni. 

7 CAnd the Lozd fpake bnto Wo- 
fes, fapina, ; 

& Laketherodde, and gather thon 
the aflenibly together,thouand Aaron 

Miriam diech. 

*Pfal. 106. 

thy brother , and fpeake yee bnto the 
vorkeb ore Meir eyes, andit hall que 
fooeth his Water, andthou thait bang 
foo2th to them, water out ofthe tocke: 
fo thou Malt giue the Congregation, 
and thetr beatis drtnke. 

9 And Doles tooke the rod from 
Nees LOuD, ashe commanded 


Io And Dolesand Aaron gathered 
the Congregation together before the 
tocke, and Hee faid duto them, Heare 
nol, pe rebels ; mutt we fetch pou wa: 
tevout ofthis rockez 

Il And Moles lift bp hishand, and 
With his rod he {mote therocke twice: 
and the water came out abundantly, 
and the Congregation danke , and 
thetr beatts alo. 

2 @ And the LO xw fpake bnto 
Moles and Aaron, Weeaule ye beleene 
nie not , to fanctifie me in the epes ofthe 
children of Hlracl, therefore pe (hati not 
bung this Congregation into the land 
Which Fhauegiuenthem, 

3 * Lists the water of|| Weribaly, 
becaule the childeen of Hiraci ftroue 
With the L Oxw; and He was fanctt- 
fled tn thent, 

4 € 2nd Doles lent meflengers 
front Hadelh,bnto the wing ofeEdom; 
Lhus aith thy other Firaei, Lhou 
knolbert all thetrauaile that hath tbe: 

15 How our fathers wentdownein: 
to Cappt ,and Wehauedweltin Egypt 
along time: and the €gpptians vered 
b8,and our fathers, 

I6 And Yohen wee erped bnto the 
LD vw, Ve heard our boyee , andfent 
anringel, and hath brought bs fooeth 
out of Cappt:and behold, twee are in 
Hadelh, acitie tn the bttermott of chy 

17 Let hspatle,D pray thee,thozow 
hy countrey: we Will not pale thozow 
the fields , 02 thozoib the Vineyards, 
neither Will Wedzinke of the water of 
the Wells: Wee Will goe by the wings 
high-Yoayp, We hil not turne to theright 
Hand noz to the left , butitl wee haue 
pafled thy borders. ese! 

13 And é€pomfaid bnto hin, Lhon 
thaltnot paffe by me, let J come out a 
Saint thee with the frvozd, ; 

Ip Andthe miideen of Plraet far bn- 
to hin, we will goe by the high-way: 
and t€ FJ and my cattetl deinke of thy 
Water, then F will pay foe it FZ will 

onely (Without doing any thing ele) go 
tho20w on my feet, 

20 Andhelad, Lhou hhattnotgoe 
tho2olv. And Edom came out againtt 
Him with much people , and with a 
{trong hand, 

21 Lhus oom refuled to giue JE 
rael paflage thozow his bogder:where- 
fore Hlrael turned away frombim, 

22 CAnd the childzen of Piracl,euen 
the whole Congregation’, iourneyed 

from* Kadeth, and came dnto mount : 


23 And the L Oxw fpake pnto 
Poles and Aaron in mount Hoz, by 
the coatt of he land of €dom, faying; 

24. Aaron hall bee gathered bnto 
His people: fo2 hee thall not enter into 
the land which J haue giuen onto the 
childzen of Pirael , becaule yee revet- 
- eee my TYWwo2d at the Water of 


25 *Lake Aaron, and Eleasar his 
ss and bing them bp bnto mount 


26 Aud frippe Aaron of his gar: 
ments, and put them bpon Eleasar his 
fonne, and Aaron Mhalibe gathered vn- 
tohis people, and {hall die there, 

27 And Doles did as the Lona 
COMMANDED : And thep Went bp into 
mount Hog, in the fight of all the Con- 

23 And Boles tripped Aaron of 
his garments, and put them bpon &- 
leazat his fonne,and* Aaron died there 
in the top ofthe mount:and Moles and 
Cleasar came done from the mount, 

29 And when all the Congregation 
fay that Aaron was dead, they mour- 
ned fo2 Aaron thirty dapes, cuen all the 
houleof Hiraci, 


1 Iftael with fome lofle deftroy the Canaanites 
at Hormah. 4 The people murmuring are 
plagued with fiery ferpents. 7 They repen- 
ting are healedby abrafen ferpent. to Sun- 
dry iourneyes of thelI{raelites. 21 Sihonis 
ouercome, 33 andQg. 

e > ay of th 
foughtagaint Pract and tooke fome 
ofthem prifoners. 

2 And Flracl vowed a vow ote 

t Heby, 

* Chap. 33, 
38. deut, 

*Deut. 10, 
6.and 32. 

* Chap. 3}: 

jerieferpents. Chap.xx}. 

HheL ou, andfard, HF hou rwiiein 
Deed deliuer this people into mp Hand, 
then J wil béterlp deltroyp their ates. 

3 And the Loxw hearkened to 
the boyce of Plraet, and deliuered bp 
the Canaanites : and they btterlp de- 
ftroped them, and their cities , and bee 

so | allen the name of the place | Howmial. 

, {raged becau: 

cor, [ents among the peopie, and th 



« And they tourneyed from 
mount oz, by the Way of the ved fea, 
tocompatle theland of Gdom: and the 
foule of the people was much | diftou- 


5 Andthepeoplelpakeagain God 
andagaint Boles, naherefore hauc pe 
bought bs bp out of Egypt, to diein 
the Wildernefle z foz there is no bread, 
neither ts there any Water, and our 
foule loatheth thistight bzead, — 

6 And*the Lox tent fierte a 

the people, and much people of Hirai 
7 CCEhberefore the people came to 
Moles, and faid, wae haue finned: foz 
Wee haue {poken againtk theLoxp, 
and againt thee: pay bntotheLonw 
that bee take atvay the ferpents from 
Vee ct the people. 

$ Anothe Loxp laid dnto Wo- 
{es, Dake theea fierte ferpent, and fet it 
bponapole: and it hall come to paffe, 
that cuery one thatis bitten, hen hee 
looketh byontt, thailiiue. 

9 And* Doles made a ferpent of 
beaffe, and put it bpon a pole, and it 
came to pale, that if a ferpent han bit: 
ten any man, When hee beheld thefer- 
pent of beaffe, he lined, 

lo © Andthe chadzen of Pirael fet 
fortbard, and* pitched in Dboth. 

I Andthey tourneyed from Dboth, 
And pitched at || Pre-Abavinitn the wae 

tarn- Dernes Which 18 before Moab, torvard 

the SQuune vifing. 

2 © From thence thee Temooued, 
and pitched inthe bailey of Zaved, 

B From thence they remooued, and 
pitched on the other five of Arnon, 
Which is i the wildernefle that con: 
meth out of the coatts of the Amozttes: 
fo2 Arnon is the border of Woab, bee 
tiheene Doab and the Amozites, 

14. vaberefore it is faid tn the booke 
of the arresof theo x w,| whathe 
Did in the Red fea, and in the beookes 
of Arnon, 

Ig Andat theftrveame of the baookes 
that goeth potone to the dwelling of 

i Ale, Et iteth dpon the border of Boab. 
16 Andfrom thence they wenr fe weer: 
that is the well whereof the Lowe 
{pakke bnto Doles, Gather the people 
together,and F will gine them Water, 

17 € Chen Ffraci fang this fong, 
tT Spaitug bp D well, || Sing pe bnito it: 

18 Lhe punces digged the weil, the 
nobles of the people diggeDd it, by chedi- 
rection of the Law -giuer, With their 
ftaues. Andfrom the wildernefie they 
went to WDattanah: 

I9 Aud from Wattanah, to Paha 
licl, andfrom Mahaliel to Wamioth: 

20 AndfromwBamoth in the bailey, 
thatisin thet countrep of Doab, to the 
toppe of | Plgah, Which looketh to- 
Ward | Pethtmon. 

21 € And Pirael fent meflengers 
so Sihon king of the Ammonites, 


22 *PLetine pale thorow thy land, 
We lbillnotturne into the fields, 02 into 
the binepards,Yoe ili notdeinke of the 
Waters of the Well: but we will soca 
long by the kings high way, butil Wee 
be pak thy borders, 

23 *And Sihon would not fuffer 
Piracito pafle thorow his boeder: but 
Sibon gathered all his yeovle toge- 
ther, and Went out again Biract mto 
thervildernes: andhe came to Pahas, 
and fought again Braet. 

24. And* Hlraelimete him with the 
edge of the fivozd, and pofieflen his 
land from Arnon puto PHabok, euen 
buto the dhildzen of Ammon : fo2 the 
bed of the childeen of Ammon was 


2§ And PHlraeltooke all thele cties: 
and Hiracldiweltin ail the cities of the 
Amozites, in Hethbon, and tn all he 
thillages thereof. 

26 ForHethborw has the citieof St 
hon the Hing of the Amozites, who 
had fought againt the former ting of 
Moab, and taken all hisiand out of his 
Hand, even bnto Arnon. 

27 weherefore thep that fpeake tn 
peouerbes, fay, Come into Hehbon: 
let the citic of Sthon bee built and pee- 

28 Foz there ts afire gone out of 
Helhbon, a flame from the citte of Si- 
Hon: it hath confunted Ar of Doab, 
and the tozdes of the bigh piaces of 

29 Dane to thee, Doab,thou art br 

done,D people of * Chemoth : he hath 

2° guen 

Sithon {mitten 

t Heb.l:a- 


|| Or, az= 

Heb. field. 
Or, bell. 

§ Or,the 



pfal.13 4, 

| Heby, 
danghters * 

*LKing. rr 

(Ostlaing, Ball Numbers. lendeth for Balam) 

land 29.7. 

giuen bis founes that efcaped, andhis 
daughters, into captiuitie buto Sion 
Bing ofthe Amoxzites. 

30 Me HaucNot at hem; Helhbon 
iSperithed enen bnto Dibon, and wwe 
Haue layde them wWwafte enen bnto No- 
phab, Which reachech nto Dedeba, 

31 CLhus PHiracloweit in theland 
of the Amozites, 

32 And Woles tent to {py out Faa- 
50v,and they tookethe billages thereof, 
Deoue out the Amozites that were 


33 QL * And they turned and went 
bp by the Way of Wathan : and Dg 
the Hing of Walhan wentout again 

emt, He ,and all his people, to the bat: 
teil at Corer. 

34. Andthe Low laid bnto Wo- 
fes, Feave hin not: for P hae detine- 
vedhim into thy hand, and all bis peo- 

le,and his tand,and* thou thait doe to 
imas thou dio bnto Sthon Bing of 
the Amozites, which oihelt at Hethbon. 

35 Do they iniote him ¢ his fonnes, 
and all his people , butill there was 
noneleft him aline,and thep pofletled 

the t face ofthe earth ,and they abide n- 
uer againt me, 

6 Comenow therefore,F pray thee, 
curie mee this people, fo2 they aretoo 
mightic for me: peraduenture F (hall 
preuatle , hat Woe may fmitethem,and 
that HJ may deiuethem outof theland: 
for J Wot that he Whom thou dbieflert, 
isbiefled , and Hee Whom thou curlett, 

7 And the elders of Moab, and the 
elders of Didian departed, with there-| 
Wards of dinination in their hand; 
and they came buto Walaam,and fpake 
buto him the wows of Balak, 

8 Andhee faid duto them, Lodge 
herethisnight, and J wil being you 
Wowdagaine asthe Louw thallpeake 
bnto mee: and the Ounces of Moab a- 
bode ith Bataam, 

9 And Godcamednto Balaam,and 
faid, nabat men are thele with thee 
, oe pee re faid bnto atopy 
ak the fonne of Zippo2, Bing of Wo- 
ab hath fent bnto me, fying; : 

I Webold,thereisapeoplecomeout 
of Egypt, which couereth thefaceof the 
earth : Comenow, curfemethent; per- 

aduenture t FJ Mhalbeableto ouercome| t xerr.2 
them, and driuethem out, ates 
12 And God faide bnto Walaa; |7% 

Balaks firft meflage forBalaam is refufed. 15 



His fecondmeflage obtainethhim. 22 An 
Angel would haue flaine him , if his affe had 
notfauedhim. 36 Balak intertaineth him. 

2 @ And wWatak the founeof Ztp- 
poz, fab all hat Hirael had done to the 

3 And Doab was fore afraid of the 
people, becaule they were many, and 
Moab Was viltrefled , becaule of the 
chitdeen of Hiract. 

4. And Doab fatd bnto the elders 
of Hinian; Pow hail this company 
licke bp all that are round about bs,ag 
the ove licketh bp the gvatle of the ficin, 
And Balak the fonne of Zippoz, was 
Bing of the Doabites at that time. 

5 *befentmefflengerstihevefore bn- 
fo Balaam the foune of weor , to3e- 
thoz, which is by the riuer ofthe land of 

thechildzen of his people , to calihim,| | uevand gold, J cannot gocbeponadthe 
|faying, Behold, there isa peoplecome| | wow of the LORD my Gon, to oe 

ont from Egypt : behotde, they couer 

lefleoe moze, 

Chou (halt not goe with them , thou 
pene curie the people: foz borate 

13 And Walaamrole bp tn the moz- 
ning, and {aid nto the punces of BWa- 
lak, Get pou into pour land : foz the 
Louw retuleth to gine mee teaueto 
goe With pou. 

14. And the Pzinees of Doad role 
bp, and they Went bnto Balak, and 
fad, Balaam refulech to come with bs. 

15 ( And Walak lent pet againe 
ae Mi0e, AND moze Honourable 
then they. 

16 Andthey came to Walaam, and 
fatdto him, Lhus faith Walak thefon 
of Zippoz; tLetnothing, F peap thee, 
hinder theefromcomming buto me: 

17 For Pwil promote thee buto de- 
ty greathonour, and ZF will do what: 
foener thou fatett onto me: Comethere- 
fore, Hi pray thee,curle me this peopie. 

3 And Walaam anfwvered and fard 
bnto the feruants of Balak, *Biwa- 
lak Would gine me his houfe full of fit: 

I9 Sow 

+ Hebr.Be 
not thou let« 


* Chap.34+ 


SS See ee 


= 2S = 




19 NOW therefore, H pzay you, taric 
yee alfo herve this night, that map 
know what the L © 2B will fay dnto 
Ile moze. 

20 And Godtame dnto Walaam at 
night, and faid dnto him, Hf the nien 
comieto call thee, rife bp, and goe with 
them: butyet the Wwo2d Which J thail 
fay bnto thee, that Mhaitthou doe. 

21 Any Walaam vole bp tn the moz 
ning, and fanled his afle,and ent with 
the princes of Moab. 

22 © And Gods atiger was kind: 
led, becaule he Went: andthe Angel of 
the ZL 9 xB ftood tn the way fozan av- 
uerfaricagaint him: Mow he was ri- 
DilIg bpon His affe, and his two fer-| 
UANS were With him. 

. | 23 Aud* the Ale farbe the Angel of 
the L on ftanding in the way, and 
his ford Dealwenin hishand: and the 
affe turned afide out of the way, and 
Went into the field: and Walaam fnote 
theafle, to turne herinto the way. 

24. But the Angel of the Louw 
foodinapathof the binepards, a wall 
being onthistide, € a wallonthat fide. 

25 And whenthe alle law the Angel 
of theL o xv, He thutt hericife ynto 
the Wail, and crutht Balaams foote a 
want the wall: and hee fnote-her a 

26 And the Angel of the Louw 
Went further, and food in a narrowe 
place, Where as no Way to turne, ei 
therto the righthand, 02 to the ieft. 

27. And whenthea fle fate the An: 
gelof the Lon, thee fellnowne br 
Der Walaani,and%oalaams anger was 
de , and hee finote the alle witha 


23 And the LO xD opened the 
mouth of the affe, and thee fatde bnito 
Walaanr wohathaue J done bnto thee, 
se thou hat fnitten mee thele thee 

les 2 

29 And Walaam faid bnto the alle, 
wWeeraule thou halt mocked nee: J 
Would there were a fivord in mine 
hand, for nol Would ZF bill thee. 

30 And the affe fatd nto Bataan, 
AmnotS thine affe, topon which thou 
Halt ridden || euer fince J was thine, 
buto this Dayz Was F ener Wonttodo 
fo bute theez Andheiaid, May. 

31 Lhenthe Lon opened theepes 
of Walaam, and heelalo the Angel of | 
the Lo xe ftanding in the way, and) 
Dis huord drawen in his hand; and hee 

WT heafle {peaketh. Chap.xxiy. Balak and Balaam. 

bowed Downe His Head, and | fell Mat) || 204 
on bis face. pate 

32 And the Angel of the Loxw 
faid bnto him, vaherefore Hal thou 
finitten thine alle thele three times: 25¢- 
Hold, Pibent out tto withitand thee, 
becaule thy apis peruerfe before nie. 

33 Andcheaflelaw me, and turned 
from me thelethzec times: bniefle thee 
had turnedfromme,furely now allo F 
had flaine thee, andfaned her aliue. 

34. And Walaam {aid dnto the An: 
gelof the Louw, Fhaue finned: for 
J ued not that thou ee in the 
Way again mee: Pow therefore if it 
toilpleate thee, F well get mee backeas| t #e4e-- 
gatne. ee ote 

35 And the Angel of the LZ ox w 
{aid bnto Walaam, Goewith hemen: 
but onely the Word that FJ hail {peake 
bntothee, that thou thait fpeake: So 
wWalaam went With the princes of 

36. { And When Walak heard that 
Walaam Was come, Hee Went out to 
meetehint, bnto aciticof Doab; which 
isin the bosder of Arnon, which is nthe 
btmott coat. 

37 And Walak faid buto Walaant, 

Did F not earnettiy fend buto theeto 
call tice 2 Wherefore came thou not 
buto iiez Am Bnotableindeed to pro- 
motetheeto honour 

33 And Walaam fatde buto Walak, 

Loe, J am come bnto thee: haue Z 
now any power at all to fay any ching: 
the worde that God putteth in mp 
mouth, thatthall H lpeake. 

39 And Walaam Went with Walak, 
and thep came bnto || Biviath -Husoth, | jor.cirie 

40 And Walak offered oven, and |e 
theepe, andfentto Walaam, and to the 
princes that were With hint. 

41 Andittcameto pafle on the mov 
rob, that Balak tooke Balaam, and 
brooughthin bp into thebiah places of 
wWaal, that thencehee might fee the bv 
mottpart of the people. 


I laks {acrifice. 7.18 Balaams parable. 
VPBOABAE Md Walaam fatde bnto 
oY » Walak, Wuild me herele 
2 en Aitars, and prepare 
® mec here feuen oven, and 

ew Sraorss (uenramines, 

2 And Walak did as Walaam had 
{fpoken, and Balak € Balaam offered 
Olt cuery Altar a bullockeand a raniutice. 
2p 3 3 And 

t Helr. tobe 
an aduerfas 

rie unto thee 

Balaam blefleth Numbers. 

the Ifraelites, and 

3 And Walaam faid nto Walab, 
Standby thy burnt offring, and HF wil 
got: peraduenture the LO x B will 
cometo mecte mee; and whatloener he 
Hherbeth me, Prwili tell thee. And\| he 
Wentro an high place.” 

4 And God met Walaam, and he 
faid dnto him, Phaue prepared feuen 
altars, and Hane offered bpon cuery 
altara bullocke and a ranime. 

5 And the Low put a ord in 
~wBalaams mouth, and laid, Returne 
bnito Balak, ethusthou thait {peake. 

6 And he returned dnto Hint, and 
_ Hoe, he ftood by his burnt facrifice, hee, 

and all the W2inces of Moab. 

7 Andhetooke bphisparable,and 
faid,, Walak the Bing of Woad hath 
boought mee from Avram , out of the 
moutitainesof the Call, Ayng, Come, 
curfeme Facob, and come,defie Piraci, 

3 How hall JF curie , whom God 
hath not curfed z 02 hor hall F defie, 
whom the L Oo x whath notdefied: | 

9 Forfromthetop of the rockes 7 
fee him, and fromthehilles J behold 
Hint loc, the people thall dibell alone, 
and hall not bee reckoned among the 

lo wahocan count theoutt of Jacob, 
and the number of the fourth part of 
Pleaelz Let t meediethe death of the 
righteous, € et mip lalt end belike his. 

Il And wWalak faide dnto wWalaanr, 
vohathakthoudone bnto mez H tooke 
theceto curfe mine enemies, and bebop, 
thou hat biefled them altogether. 

Iz Anodhe anhvered, and faid, Mutt 
not take Heede to {peake that which 
cL Ox D hath putinmy mouth 
B Aud wWalak faid dnto him, Come, 

FH pray thee, with me, onto another 
place, from whence thou mayett {ee 
them : thou that fee but the btmoft 
part ofthem, and fhattnot fee them alt: 
and curle methem from thence, 

14 © Andhee boughthin into the 
ficlde of Zophint, to the toppeof| >it 
gah, and built feuen altars, and offe- 
ted abullockeand a ramimic on euery al: 
tar. ee 

15 Andhelaid buto wWalak , Stand 
heve by thy burnt offering , while ZF 
mitetethe Lorpyponder, 

16 And the LOnw met Balaam, 
and * put a Word in his mouth ; and 
ae ,Goeagaine buito walak, andfay 


17 Aind When hee came to him, be- 

|hold,he food by his burntoffring, and 

the Princes of Moab with him, And 
wWalak fad dnto hin, wahat hath the 
LOxuD lpokenz 

13 And hetooke bp his parable, and 
fad , Rife dp wWalak, ¢ heave; hearken 
bnto me,thou fonne of Zippoz: 

I9 GOD is not Aman that he houid 
lie, neither the fonne of man, that hee 
fhould repent: hath he faid, and hati 
Henot doe it? 02, hath Heefpoken, and 
thall henot make tt goodz 

20 Wehold,F haue receiued comman. 
dement £9 biefle : and hee hath dleffen, 
and F cannot reuerieit, 

21 Hee hath not beheld iniquitie in 
Pacod, neither hath he leene peruerle- 
neflein Hirael : the Lo xw his Goo 
is toith him, andthe thoute ofa Hingis 
antong them, 

22 * God bought them out of € : 
Sypt; be hath as it Were the ftrenagth of 
an Gnicozne, 
23 Surely theveis no mchantment 
|againtt Facod, neither ts there any 
Dinthation again Pirael : according 
to this time tt Hhalbe {aid of Hacob,and 
of Pract, nahat hath Goo rought! 

24 Weholde, the people Mati rife bp 
as agveat Lion, anditft bp himleifeas 
a pong Lion: Hee (hall not ite downe 
butilleeate of the pray, and duinke the 
blood of the laine, 

25 (And Balak faid bnto Walaa, 
either curle them at ail , noz biefle 
thenrat ait. 

26 Wut wWalaamantvered, andfard 
bnito Balak, Lod not J thee, faying, 
alll that theL © nw tpeaketh, that J 
mutt doez 

27 € And Balak faide onto Bx 
laam, Come,Z pray thee, P will bing 
thee bnto another place, peraduenture 
it Will pleafe God , that thou maypett 
curfe me then from thence. 

23 And wWalak brought wWalaam 
buto the top of coz, that looketh to- 
Ward PFethimon. 

29 ‘And Walaam fatde bnto Walak, 
Build mee Here feuenaltars , and pee- 
paveme bere feuen bullocks, and feuen 

30 ANd Walak did as Walaam had 
faid, and offved abullocke and aramme 
On cuery altar. 


1 Balaam leauing diuinations, prophefieth the 
happineffe of Iftael. 10 Balak in anger dif- 

. miffeth 


, 43-15: 
‘ } the 

I) | rzectin, yz of 

1} * Chap. 23. 



* Chap. 23. 

hefieth. “Uhe Chap.xxitiy. 

miflethbins. 15 He prophefieth ot the ttarre 

of lacob.and the deftruction of fome nations. 

AD When wWalaam farve 

© chat it plealea theLoup 

to bleile Hicaet, hee went 

not, asatother *tiniesto 

t feeke for inchantinents, 

a hee fet pis face toward the wilder: 

2 And Walaani lifedp his eyes,and 
hela Plraclabiding tn his tents, av 
cording to their Lribes: and the Dpivit 
of Gadeame bpon him. 

3 *Andhetooke dp his parable,and 
faid, Balaain the forne of wWeoz hath 
fatd,andthe nian twhole eyes aveopen 
hath fata: 

4 Hee hath fad, which heard the 
Words of God, Which faw the difion of 
the Aimightie, falling into a trance, but 
hautng hisepesopen: . 

§ How goodlparethy tents, DO Pa 
cob, and thy Labernacles, D Hitact: 

6 As the dalleyes ave they fpecad 
forth, as gardens by the riuer fide, as 
the trees of Lign-Aloes which the 
Louw hath planted, and as Cedar 
trees befide the haters. 

7 He Thali potoze the water out of 
his buckets and hisfeed thall bein many 
Waters, and his Hing thail be Higher 
oo aee his Kingdomefhall be 

ted ; 

3 Godhrought hint forth out of €- 
oppt, “he hath as it were the firength of 
an Gunicome: be (hall eate bp the nati 
ous hisenemics, and hall boeake their 
boues, and pierce them thozoiw With his 

9 “Hee couched, belaydoibne asa 
Lypon,andasagreatLyon: who hal 
ftirre bimbp z wWiefled ishee that viet 
ie thee, andcuried is hee that curfeth 


lo (And Walaks anger was kind: 
ledagaint Walaa, aud beelmote his 
hands together: and wWalak {aid brto 
Walaa, J called thee to curfe mine 
enemies, and behold, houhattaltoge- 
ther biefled them theferhzec times, 

1 Lhevefore now, flee thou to thy 
place: Hrhoughtto promote thee buto 
great Honour, but loc, the Lo xp 
hath kept thee backefronibonour, 

12 2nd wWalaam fad bnto wWalak, 
Spake F not allo to thy meflengers 
Which thou lente puto me, feping, 

3 Hf wWalak Would giue mee his 

Houle full of fuer and gold, J cannot 

goe beyond the conunandement of the 
LL DRB, to doe either good o7 bad of 
mine one mind bur Whatthe Loup 
faith, that will FJ fpeake. 

14 And no beholoe, J goe bnto 
my people: come therefore, and FH wil 
aduertife thee, what this people thal 
doe fo thy people inthelatter dapes, 

15 € Andbee tooke bp his parable, 
and faid, Walaam the fonne of wWeo2 
hath faid, and the man whole epes are 
open, bath fad: 

16 He hath faid which heard the 
Words of God, and knewWe the know: 
ledge of the moft High , which fare the 
bifiort of the Almightie, falling into a 
trace, buthauing biseyes open. 

17 Hhaiilee him, but notnow: J 
thall behold him, butnotnigh: Hhere 
fhallcome aftarre out of Hacob, and a 
Scepter fhall rife out of Birael, and 
MHhall | finite the comers of Boab, and 
Deftroy all the childeen of Sheth. 

18. And Edom hall bee a poflefion, 
Seivailo hall bea pofleffion for hise- 
pa , Ud Pirael hall doe vat 


I9 Dut of Facob Mall come he that 
(hall hauc dominion, and thalldettroy 
him that remaineth of thecitte. 

20 QL And when he looked on Ama 
lek, Hetooke bp his parable, andf{aypd, 
Aimalek was the fir of the nations, 
but bis latter end || thall bee , thatheepe- 
tith foz ener. 

21 Aud hee looked on the Henites, 
and tooke bp his parable, and faide, 
Dtrong isthy dwelling place,and thou 
puttelt thy neftinarocke: 

22 Meuerthelefle, tthe Benite thant 
bewatted, | neil Alhur hal carie chee 
albay captive. 

23 Andbhetooke bp his parable, and 
fatd, Alas! who thal live When God 
Boeth this: 

24. And fhippes hall come from the 
coatt of Chittinand thal affice Alur, 
and fhatlaffiict Eber, and hee aifo fhatl 
pevtth fo2 ever. 

25 And Walaam vole bp, and went 
and returned to His place: and wWalak 
allo Went his way. 


1 Iftael at Shittim commit whoredome and 
Idolatrie. 6 Phinees killeth Zimri and 
Cozbi. ‘10 God therefore giveth hii an 
euerlafting Priefthood. 16 The Midianites 
are to be vexed. 


Starre of lacob, 

{| Or, fmite | 
through the 
Princes of 

| The firtof. 
that warred 
againft I/- 
vael, Exod. 

\|Or, Malbe 
encnto dem 

t Heb. Kain 
| Or,bow 
Long fhallit 
beere 4- 
thee aw 


Phinchas killeth = Numbers. 

Wore MD Plracl abode in* Dhit- 

fim, and the people begun 

# tO conunit whoredonie 

%& With the Daughters of 

2 And thep called the people buto 
the facvifices of their gods: and the peo: 
pledid cate, and bowed doibneto their 

3 And Picael topned himfetfe yn- 
to Waal-3eo2: and the anger of the 
LORD Was kindledagaink PFirael, 

4. Andthe Lo xD fad bnto Wo- 
ies, *Lake aul the heads of thepeopie, 
and hang them bp before the Lox@ 

againt the Suune , that the fiercean- 
ger of the Loxw may be turned a 
Way from Peraei. 

5 And Doles laid onto the Puoges 
of Plrael, Slay ye euery one his men, 
that Were toyned buto Waal-7e02. 

6 CAndbehoid, one ofthe chidzen 
of Hirael came and brought buto his 
beetinen a Didianitith woman, intije 
fightof Doles,and in the fight ofali the 
Congregation of the childen of Ht 
rael , Who Were Weeping before the 
Doore of the Labernacie of the Con- 

7 And when Phinehas thefonne of 
"| Cheazar, thefonne of Aaron theyetett 
fat ic, Hee rofe bp from amongt the 
| Congregation, and tooke a tauelin tn 
his hand, 

3 Andhewentatter themanof PE 
vael into the tent , and theutt both of| 
them thozob, the man of Birael, and 
the Woman,thozow her velly: So the 
eae Was taped from the chiloenof 

va + te 
- And “hole hat died tthe plague, 
Were fibenticand foure thoufand. 

lo (And the LOxw fpakevnto 

Il *Phinehas thefonneof Cleasar, 
thefonne of Aavon the prick, hath tur: 
ned my Wrath aay from the chitteen 
of Hiracl, (Wile hee was zealous for 
my fake among them ). that J confi 
med ie the chilozeen of Hirael in my 

2 wbheveforefay ,* Behold, F gine 
4. | Dito himmy Couenant of peace, 

B Andhe hhalihanett, and his {eed 
after him,cuen the Coucnant ofan euer- 
lafting puehhood, becanie he was sea: 
lous fo2 His God, and made an atone: 
ment fo2 the cylazen of Hiracl. 

14, Mow the name of the Piractite 

that was flaine , even that was flaine 
With the Didianitith woman , was 
Zimvtthefonne of Salu,a Prince ofta 
chiefe boule among the Simeonites, 

15 And thenameof the Didianitith 
Woman that was flaine, was Coxbi, the 
daughter of Zur, hee was headouer a 
people,and ofachiefe houte in Didian. 

16 @ And theL Ouw@ fpake bnto 
Motes faping, 

A * Gere the Widianites, and {nite 

13 Foz they bere pou with their 
Wiles , ihereibith they hauebeguited 
pou, in the matter of 02, and in the 
matter of Cosbi , the Daughter of a 
prince of Midian their fitter, which 
Was laine in the day of the plague, fo2 


1 The fumme ofall Ifraelis taken in the plaines 
of Moab. 52 The lawof dividing among 
them the inheritance of theland. 57 The 
familiesand number ofthe Leuites. 63 None 
were left of them which were numbred atSi- 

band Tofhua. 
eke Md a eae to eg - 
<55 tev the plague , that the 
Ns LL D Rw {pake bnto Wo- 

: % ies , and bnto Ceasar 

a eos the fonne of Aaron the 

Prtett, laying, 

2 Lake thefummie of alt the Con- 
Sregation of the chiloeen of Blraei, 
“from tiventy peeres olvand bpiward, 
theoughout thetr fathers houte,alithat 
ave able to goe to Warrein Hiraci. 

3 And Doles € Cieasar the prick 
foake with them i the planes of Wo- 
ab by Forwdane necre Fericho laying, 

4. Takethefummepf the peopiefrom 
tihenty peeres old and Dpiward, asthe 
LORD *commanded Doles,and the 
chiidzen of Hiraci whieh went fooeth 
outoftheland of Egypt. 

5 QC Reuben the eivetfonneof Pe 
tael: the chridzen of Reuben, Hanoch, 
of whom commeth the family of the $a- 
nochites:: of Palin the family of the 
palluttes : 

6 Mf Helton the familp of theHet 
tonttes : of Carmt the family of the 

7 hele are the families of the Reu- 
benites : and they that were numbed 
of them, were fourtic and theee thou- 
fand, andfenen hundzedand thirtie. 

3 aD NEE 

9 And 

Zimriand Cozby, 

t Heb. hone 
of a father, 


* Gene. 46. 
8. exod. 6, 
14. 1. chro. 

| N+ Gc0.38.2 
P&xc.and 46. 

\— ee — 

Fk Paired Chap.xxv}. 

9 And the fonnes of Eliad, Memuel, 
and Dathan, and Abirami: Chis is hat 
Dathan € Abivant, which Were famous 

in the Congregation , who *ftroue a- 

gaint Doles andagaink Aaronin the 
companicof Borah, when they ftroue 
agate LORD: 

10 Andee earth openenher mouth, 
andfwallowed them bp together with 
Borah When thatcompante died, what 
tine thefiredeuoured tivo hundeed and 
fiftie met: and they became a figne. 

LH Potwithanding, the childzen of 
Borah died not, 

2 @ Lhelonnes of Simeon, after 
their families : DF Memucel, the family 
of the Pemiuelites: OF Pamin, the fa- 
milie of the Faminites: Of Pachin,the 
familie of the Pachinttes : 

—B MF Zerah,thefamilie of the Zar- 
bites: OF Shaul, the familie of the 

14. Hhele are the families of the St- 
seonites, tibentic and tio thonfand, 
and tibo Hundzed, 

6 CLbechildeen of Gadafter their 
families: Di Zephon, the familie ofthe 
Zephonites: ofHagat the familie ofthe 
Haggites: of Shunt the faniitie of the 

16 Di Dsnt, the familie of the Ds- 
nites: OF Eri the familie of the rites, 

17 DE Avod the famitte of the Avo- 
Dites sof Aveli the familte of the Are- 


13 Hhele are thefanilies of the cht: 
deen of Gad, according to thole that 
Were numbed of them, fourtie thou 
fandand flue hundzed. 

I9 © * Lhe fonnes of Pudah, were 
Erand Onan: and Er and Quan dten 
tathelandof Canaan. 

20 And the fonnes of Pudah after 
theivfamilies were: DF Shelah the fa- 
miltc of the Shelanites : Df hares 
the familie of the pharsites : Of Ze- 
rah the familie of the Zarhites. 

21 And the fonnesof Phares were: 
MF Hefron the familie of the Hefro- 
nites: DF Hamul che familie of the Ha- 

22 Hheleare thefamilies of Furah 
according fo thofe that Were nunibecd 
of theni, theeefcore and firteene thou- 
fandand fiuehundzed, 

23 CM thelounes of Pilachar af 
ter their famtlies : DF Lola the familie 
of the Lolaites : of ua the famulicof 
the Punites, 

Palhubite Dhiinivon the familie 
of the DShimvonttes, 

25 Cheleare thefamilies of JUachar 
according to thofle that Were numbed 
of them, theeettore andfourethoufand, 
and theeehundzeed, 

26 (Of the fonnes of Zebulun af 
tev their families, of Seved the familie 
of the Savdites : DF Eton the familie 
of the Clonites: of Fableel the fame 
of the Fableelites. 

27 Hhele are the fanilies of the Ze- 
bulutites, according ta a that were 
nuinbeed of them, theecleore thoutand 
and flue Hundzed. 

238 @ Lhe fonnes of Foleph after 
their families, were Danaleh and €- 

29 DF the fonnesof Danafieh: Of 

*Hachir the familte of the Dachivites: |+tom.17.1 

and Dachir begate Gilead: DF Gaead 
come the faintlic of the Gileadites, 

30 Khele are the fonnes of Gilead: 
Ol PFeeser the family ofthe Peeserites: 
MF Helek the familie of the Helekites. 

31 Audot Alriel the faniity of the AL 
viclites : and of Shechem the faniitic of 
the Shechemites. 

32 Aud of Sheniida the faniitie of 
the Shemidaites : and of Hepher the 
familie of the bepherites. 

33 & And* Zelophebad thefonne of | *Cr-27: 

Hepherhadno fonnes, butdaughters :| © 
andthe names of thedauahters of Ze- 
lophebad, were Babhlah, and Moah, 
Hoglas, Oitah, and Lirszah, 

34. hele are the families of Danal 
feh, and thofle that Were nunibeed of 
them, fiftic and tho houlandandfeuen 

35 CAbele arethefounes of Ephea- 
tm after thetr families :-DF Shuthelah 
the familie of the Shuchathites : OF 
Werher the familie of the Wachzites: 
- Eayan the familie of the Laba- 
tw es. 

36 Andtheleare the fonnes of hw 
thelah : OF Eran the fanitlie of the €- 

37 Lbele are the families of the 
fonnes of Epheain, according to thole 
that were numbed of them, thirticand 
tivo thonfand,and flue hundeed. Lheke 
are oe of Poleph) after Heir fe 

33 C Lhefonnesof Beniamin after 
their families : Df ela the famitie of 
Mewelaites: OF Athbel the familie ot 


by their tribes. 
24. DF pau the famutic of the 

Ifraelis numbred— 

the Aehbelites : DF Ahiram the faniity 
ofthe Ahiramites: 

39 DF Shupham the fanuly of che 
Dhuphamites: Of Hupham the fantily 
ofthe Huphanites. 

40 And the fonnes of 2ela were 
Ated and Maaman : of Ard.the family of 
the Ardites: and of Naaman the family 
of the Naamites. 

41 Lele are the fonnes of Wenta: 
mint after their families ; and they that 
Werenunibeed of them, were fourty and 
fiue Houfand, and fire hundzed, 

42 (Lhele are the fonnes of Dan 
after thetr families : DF Shuham the 
family of the Shubamites. het are 
the families of Dan , after their fa: 

43 il the families of the Shuha- 
Mites , according to thole that were 
numibeed of them, were thaee fore and 
foure thoufand,and foure bundzed, 

44. CDfthechiinrenofAther after 
thetr families: Of Fimmna the family of 
the Ba on Helut the family of 
the Peluites: DF wWeriah the fanny of 
the ®eriites, : 

45 DF thefonnes of Beriah ; ofHe- 
ber the family ofthe Heberites: of Mat- 
chict,the family of the Daichietites. 

46 Andthename of the daughter of 
Alter, as Sarah. 

47 Ebele ae the families of the 
fonnes of Ather,according to thofethat 
Werenunibeed ofthem; Who were fiftic 
audthzeec thouland, andfoure hundzed. 

43 Dfthefonnes of Naphtait,after 
theirfamilies , of Habseel thefamiy of 
the Palseciites: DF Gunt, the family 
of the Gunites: 

49 DF FPeser, thefamily of the Pe- 
serites: DOF Shillem che fanuly of the 

50 Abele are the famulies of Maph- 
falt, according to theiv famuties : and 
they that were numbeed of then, were 
fourty and fiue thoufand , and foure 

51 Hhele Were the numbed of the 
chilozen of Hiract , fire hundzed thow 
fand , and a thoufand, feuen hundzen 
and thirte. 

52. (And the LOxw fpake bnto 
Motes, faying, 

53. Unto thele the land thal bediut 
Dedfo2aninherttance, accoedingto the 
number ofnames, : 

54. “Zo many Mon thalt t ginethe 

.. | mozeinherttance,andto fey thou thait 

“ae by theirtribes 

igine thelefembevitance: to euery one pis 
thall his inheritance be giuen,accopding isbetem 
to thofe that were numbzed of him. 

55 Motwithianding the and thal 
bee * DiuidedD bp lot: according to thel «cr, ia 
nanves of the tribes of their fathers, | s4i 
they thall nberite, 

56 According to the lot thall the] ~ 
poffeffion thereof be vided betweene 
many and fer, 

57. C* Aud thele are they that were 
numbzed of the Leuites, after their fa: 
miles: DF Gerfhon , the fanitly of the}? 
Gerlhonites: Of Tobhath the family of 
the ohatintes: Df Devari the family 
of the Derarites, 

muly ofthe Hebronites, the family ofthe 
MPadlites, the family of the Duthites, 
the family of the Hozathites: and to: 
hath begate Amram, 

59 Alnd the name of Anirams wife 
has *Focheoed the daughter of Leut, 
Whom her mother bare to Lent in & 

Gypt : Aud thee bare Duto Amram, 
fia and Poles, and Miriam their 


60 And bnto Aaron wasbome Ma 
daband Abihu, Eleasarand Jehamar. 

61 And * Madab and Abihu died, |. Lenina 
When they offered ftrange fire before! ».chap 34 
the LORD, reo 

62 And thofe that were numbzen of | * 
thent,Wvere tiventp and thee thoufand, 
all males from a monet) oi and bp- 

among the childeen of Hiract, 

63 C Lhele ave they that were nun: 
b2ed by Doles and Eleasar the Dyetk, 
Who numbsed the ehilozen of Picaet in 
Sena of Boab, by Powane neere 


64. Wut among thele there thas not 
Aman of thenr, whom Moles and Aa: 
ton the prick numbed, when they 
numbzed the cdhtidzen of Piracl mm the 
Waderneffe of Stnat. 

65 FortheL On Dhaniardofthem, 

* thall furely die tn the witder-|" ee 
nefles and there Yas notiefia man of 23.'¢ 
them ,faue CalebthefonneofPephunz| ~ 
neb,and Fothua thefonne of Pun, 


1 The daughters of popes {ue for an in- 
heritance. 6 The law of inheritances, 

12 Mofes 
LL eee 

ae FF, 


#2 BASS 






IA cloolchad. 


f * Deut. 32. 

12, Moles beeing cold of his death, fueth 
>, for afticceflour. 18 Lofhua is appointed 
ceed him. 

Hen came the daughters 


of hepher,thefonne sf Gt 

lead, the fonne of Dahir, 

eas the fonne of WDanatleh, of 

the fanuties of Danafleh, the formic of 

Poleph ;andthele are the names ofhis 

Daughters: Dahiah, Moah, and Pog: 
lah,and Dileah,and Lirzah. 

2 And they ood before Woles,and 
before Eleasar thepzeltand before the 
Putrees, and all the Congregation, by 
thedoozeofthe Labernacle ofthe Con. 
gregation faying, 

3 Dur father * died in the wider: 

-|nefle,and he tas not inthe company of 

them that gathered themfeiues toge- 
ther again the Loxw in the cone 
patty of Hozah : but died in his ovone 
fine, and bad no fonnes, 

4 wnaby thould the name of our fa 
ther be Toone albay fromamong his fa: 
milp, becaule he hath no fonnez Giue 
brito bs thereforea pofleffion among the 
beetheen of our father. 

5 And Boles wrought their caule 
before the L 9% DB, 

6 (And the Louw lpake dnto 
Moles faying, 

7 Lbe daughters of Zelophehad 
fpeake right : thou fhait furely giue 
them a poffeffion of an inheritante a- 
mong thety fathers beetheen, and thou 
thait canfe the inheritance of their fa: 
ther to paffe onto then. 

ou (hait fpeake bnto the 
childeen of Pirael, laying, Hf a man 
die, andhaue no fonne, then pee tall 
caule his inheritance to pafle bnto his 

9 And if he haueno daughter,then 
pee Thali gine bis inheritance bnto his 

Io Andi hehaueno beetheen, then 
pee thall gine his inheritance bnto his 
fathers bretheen. 

ll And f his father Hane no bre- 
theen, thenpe (hall ainehis mberitance 
bnto his kinfeman that is nert to him 
ofhis family, and Hee hall poffelic tt: 
Anditthall be buto the chilnen of HE 
vael a ftatute of tudgement , as the 
LORD commanded Boles, 

Iz And the Lo xy faide ynto 
Moles , * Get thee bp into this mount 


“gtuen dnito the chitdzen of BWivaet, 

Albarim andiee the land which J baue| 

B Andwhen thou halt leencit,thou 

allo fhalt be gathered bnto thy people, 
as * Aaron thy brother Was gathered. 

14. Fo2rpe*vebelicd again my Con 
mandemient(in the delart of Zin,in the 
ttvife of the Congregation) to fanctific 
meat the Water, before their eyes: that 
is the * Water of Deribah in Hadelh n 
the Wildernceile of Zin, 

15 C And Moles tpake pnto the 
£L ORD, laying, 

16 Let heLOnw, the Gorofthe 
{pivits of all fleth , fet a man over tHe 

17 dobich may goe out before them, 
and Which may goe in before them, and 
Which may lead them out, and which 
may being themiin , thatthe Congvega- 
tion of the L onw bee not as fheepe 
Which haue no thepheara, 

13 @C And the LOxw fade bnto 
Poles, Lake thee Fothua thefonne 
of Mutt, a man in whom ts the {pirit, 
andlay thine hand bpon him. 

I9 Aud fet him before Eleasar the 
Priett,andbefore all the Congregation: 
and giuc hina chacae in their fight. 

20 And thou thait put fomeof thine 
honour bpon hin, thatali the Congre- 
gation of the childzen of Hirael may be 

21 Andhe that and before Eleasar 
the putt, bho thatt afke counfeil fo2 
Him, “after the dgenient of Urimibe- 
foretheL © x wat his word thal they 
oe out,and at his Word they thal come 
in,both be, andal the childzen of Hiraci 
With him, euen ali the Congregation. 

22 And Moles did as the Louw 
conimanded himrand he tooke Fothua 
and fet him before Cleasar the otek, 
and before all the Congregation. 

23 And hee layd his handes bpon 
Him, and gaue him a charge, as the 
LORD commaunded by the hand of 


1 Offerings are tobe obferued. 3 Thecon- 
tinuall burnt offering, 9 The offering on 
the Sabbath, 11 on the New-moones, 16 
atthe Pafleouer, 26 in the day of firtt fruits. 

PR Md the LO wD lpake 

Bh bnto Doles, laying, 

Ks, 2 «Command the chit- 

; % deen of Hirael and fay du- 

tos i Sea tO them, Dy offering, and 

ny bzead toz my facvifices, made by i 

lofhua raler, 

*Chap. 26. 


Chap. 20; 

* Exods17. 



Solemne feafts, Numbers. andtheiroffrin gs, 
+ Hebr.a 

fora thweet fauour buto mec, thallyee| | bntoalambe: Lis isthe burnt offring 

faxour of 
my ref. 

*Exod. 29. 



tweene the 
two exciings 
* Leuiz.2.1. 
*Exod. 29. 


obferue, to offer Duto me, in theirdue 


And thou thait fay bnto them, 

a the offering made by fire, 

iS 1s 
witnre thatloffer bntotheL onw: 
Livo lambesof the firk peeve without 
fpott day by day, fora continuallburnt 
offertig. : 

4 Cheonclambe hattthou offer tr 
Pence andthe other lambe Hat 
thou offer tat éucn, 

5 Auda tenth part of an Ephah of 
flotbze fo2 a * meate offering, mingled 
With the fourth part of an* pn of bea- 
ten opie. 

6 isa continuall burnt offering 
Which Was oadeined in mount Sinat 
fo2 a fiueete fauour, afacrifice made by 

7 And the drinke offering thereof 
thail be the fourth part of an yn foz 
the one lambe: tn the Holp place thait 
thou caule the trong Wine to bee pow: 
Ma bnto the LD xD fo a dpinke of: 


$ And the other lambe thaltthou ok 
fer at Euen as the meate offring of the 
Moning , and as the deinke offering 
thereof, thou that offer tt, a facrifice 
made by fire of alwueet fauour dnto the 

9 (Andon the Sabbath day, tivo 
lambes of the firtt peeve without {pot, 
and tivo tenth deales of flotne for a 

|meate offering nifigled With oyle, and 

the dunke offering thereof. 

Io Lhis ts the burnt offring of euerp 
Sabbath, befide the continual burnt 
offering, and his dinke offering. 

WC And in the beginnings of pour hall offer a burnt offering 
bnto the Louw: Livo pong builocks 
and one ranime, feuen lambs of the firt 
peeve, Without fpot, 

Iz Aud theee tenth deales of florvze 
fora mcate offering mingled With opie, 
fo2 one bullocke, and tio tenth deaies 
of flotvze for a meat offering, mingled 
With oyie, for one ramme: 

8 And aleucral tenth deate of flomrze 
miiglen With ople fo2 a meate offering, 
bnito one lambe, fora burnt offering of 
afweet fauour, a facrifice made by fire 
nto theLoxw, 

14. Andtheirdinke offerings thalbe 
Haife an Hin of wine bnto a bullocke, 
and the third part of an din bntoa 
vane, and a fourth part of an Pin 

of no moneth, theoughout the mo- 
teths of the peere. 
_ 15 Andone kindeof the goates fora 

{inne offering bnto the LO x@ thalbe| . 

offered, belides the continual burnt of: 
fringand his dunke offering, ; 

_ I6 neh Can panna 
fir iioneth, isthe ®afleouer of the 

17 And in the fifteenth day of this 
moneth is the featt : feuen dapes Thall 
bileauened bead be eaten, 

18 Bu the *firk day thallbec an holy 

conuocation, pee thalldoe no maner of|7 

feruile Wozke therein. 

Ip But ye hall offer afacrifice made 
bp five for @ burnt offering bnto the 
LDP, tivo pong builockes, andone 
ramme, and fenen lambes of the firit 

peeve: thep thall be bnto you without 

20 And theivmeate offering Mall be 
of floteze mingled with opie : three 
tenth Deales hall pe offer fora builocke, 
and tivo tenth deales fora ramumie. 

21 Afenerall tench deale thait thou 
offer fo2 euery lanibe, thoughout the 
feuen lambes: 

22 Andone goat fo2 afinneofering, 
fo niakean atonement fozyou, 

23 Be thal offer thele define the burnt 
offering in the mozming, whichis fora 
continuall burntofering, 

24. BMfter this maner pee fhalloffer 
dayly theoughout thefeuen dapes, the 
meat ofthe faccifice made by fire, of a 
fueet fanour bnto the L Ox Dw: tt that 
beoffred befide the continuaitburnt of: 
fring, and his Duinke offering. 

25 And on thefeuenth dap pee that 
hauean holy conuscation: pee thatldoe 
no ferntle horke. 

26 ( Aifo inthe day of the firkt fruits 
When pe bring ane meat offering bre 
tothe Loup, after pour wheekesbee 
out: pe fhalihaucan holy convocation, 
ye thall doc no feruile wozke, 

27 But yee thail offer the burnt of: 
feving for a fweete fauour bnto the 
LORD, two pong builockes, one 
ramme, fenen lanibes of the firtt yeere, 

28 And their meat offering of flowwze 
mingled With ople, theee tenth deales 
bnto one bullocke, tivo tenth deales 

29 A fenevall tenth deale bnto one 
lanibe, thozowout thefeneniambes, 

30 And one kidde of the seats 



leuit.23, 5 


A cae 

Re ait atonement foz you, 
a Pethall offer them defines the con- 
fnuall burnt offering, and bis meat of 
fering, (they Mall be buto pou without 
blemilh) and their danke offerings. 

C H AvP. > XXIX. 

1 The offering atthe fealt of Trumpets, 7 at 
theday of aifli@ting their foules, 13 andon 
the eight dayes of the feaft of Tabernacles, 

g Md inthefeuenth moneth, 

on the firt dayof the mo- 

eth),pe fhall haucan holy 

conuocation, yee fhalldoc 

Cease No feruile Worke : *it isa 

day ofblowing the trumpets bnto pou. 

2 Andye Khalloffer a burnt offering 
for a fiueet fauour bute the Loxp, 
one yong bullocke, one vamime , and 
feren lambes of the firit peere Without 

3 Andtheir meat offering thall beg 
flouve mingled With oyle, theee tenth 
deales for a bullotke , and tio tenth 
Deales for avammnie: 

4. Andonetenth deate for one lambe 
thovowout thefeuenlambes: 

$ And one kidde of the goats fora 
firine offering to make an atonement 

| 6 Welide the burnt offering of the 

moneth,and his meat offering, and the 
Dayly buENE Offering, and his meat of 
fering, and their dunke offerings,accoz: 
Ding bnto their maner, for a fweet fa- 
uour , afacrifice made by fire Dnto the 

7 CAnd* pe fhalthaue onthe tenth 

-|Day of this feuenth moneth an holy 

conuocation; and pee Chall afflict pour 
oe + pee (hall not doe any Wozrke 

S Butye hailoffer a burnt offering 
onto the Lox for a feet favour, 
one pong bullock,onevamme,and fenen 
lainbes of the fir peeve, thep thail bee 
bitte pou Without blemith, 

9 And their meate offering (hall be 
offloure mingled With oye, thee tenth 
Beales to a bullocke , and tio tenth 
Deales to one rammie: 

Io A feuerall tenth deale for one 
lanibe, Horowout thefeueniambes ; 

It Mnebkinde ofthe goats fo2 afinne 
offering, befide the fine offering ofat- 
onement, and the continuall burnt of 
fering andthe meat offering of it, and 

their danke offerings. 

I CAnd onthe fifteenth day of the 
feuenth moneth, pee Hhallhaue an holy 
cotluotation , pee Mhall Doe no feruiie 
Worzke, and pe Mhall keepe a feat bnto 
heL ouw fenendayes. 

B Andypethall offer aburnt offring, 
afaccifice niade by fire,ofaliweet fauour 
bite theL OxD, thirteene pong bul- 
locks , tho ramumes , and fourteene 
lambes of the fir peeve: Lhep (hati be 

14 And their meat offertrg thal be 
of floureniingled with opic,thzec tenth 
deales buto cueryp bullocke of the thir: 
teenebullotks,two tenth deales to cach 
ranune of thetivo ranuiies: 

if Anda lenevall tenth deale to each 
lanibe ofthe foureteenetambes : 

16 And ore kidde of the goats fora 
fine offving,belide the continual burnt 
Offering, his nieate offering , and is 
Dittke offering, 

17 EAndon the lecond day ye thalof- 
fer tieluc pong bullocks,tibo ranimes, 
foureteene lambes of the firt peeve 
Without {pot. 

13 And their meatoffring and their 

Denke offerings foz the bullockes, fo2 
therammes, and fo2 thelanibes, thall be 
according to theiv number , after the 
, 9 And onekidde of the goats for a 
finne offering , befide the continual 
burnt offering, and the meate offering 
thercofand their dpinke offerings. 

20 @ And on the third dap eieuen 
bullocks , tivo ramities , foureteenc 
lambs ofthe firlt pere withoutbiemith. 

21 And their meate offering , and 
their deinke offerings fo2 the bullocks, 
for the rammes, and fo2 the lambes, 
thallbe according to their nuntber after 

22 And one goat fora fire offering, 
befide the continual burnt offering, 
and his meate offering, and his dzinke 

23 (And on the fourth day tenbul- 
locks, tio rammes , and foureteene 
lambs ofthe firftpere without blemifh, 

24. Cheir meat offering, and their 
Drittke offerings, for the bullocks, for 
Hherammes, and fo2 the tambes, thallbe 
According to their number after the 

25 And one kode of the goats fora 
fin offering, befide the continuall burnt 
offering, his meate offering, and his 
Duinke offering. 

‘ 26 (And 

‘\Solemne fealts, Chap.xxix. and their offerings. 

Offringsatfeatts. Numbers. “Of Vowes | 

26 © Andon the fit day, nine but: 
lockes, tivo ramimes, and fourtecne 
lambesof the firit peeve, without {pot: 

ae Aind their meat ofring andtheir 

\Detnke offerings, fo2 the bullockes, fo2 
therammes, and fo2 the lambes, thallbe 
Atcording to their number after the 

23 Andone goate fora finne offring, 
belide thecontinuall burnt offring, and 
is meate offering and his danke of: 


29 (And onthe flict nay eight but- 
lockes; tibo rammes , and fourteene 
snag of the firlt peeve without biez 

30 And their meat offring, and their 
Dunkeofferings, fo2 the builockes, fo2 
the rammes, and foz the lambes, thall 
be Atenrding to theiv number, after the 

31 Andone goat foz afinue offering, 
befide the continual burnt offering, bis 
meate offering and his deinke offering. 

32 (Andon the feuenth day, fenen 
bullockes, tivo ramimies, and fourteene 
ee of the fir peeve without bie- 

33 Andtheiv meateoffring,and their 
deinke offerings, foz the bullockes, foz 
therammes, and foethelambes, thall be 
according to their number, after the 

34. And one goat fora linne offring, 
belidethe continuallburnt offering, bts 
meate offering, and bis duinkeoffring. 

35 CMn the eight day,pe hall haue 

.23.| &*folemne aflembly: pe halldo no fer: 

wile Woke therein: 

36 Wutyethaloffer a burnt offring, 
afacrifice made by fire,ofafweetfauour 
buto the L m 2 w, one builocke, one 
rammie, fenen lambes of the firlt peere 
Without blemith: 

37 heir meate offering, and their 
Dunkeoffrings, fo2 the bullocke, fo2 the 
raninie,and fo2 the tambes thall be acegy 

{Ding to their number, after the maner: 

33 Andone goat fora inne offering, 
befidethe continual burnt ofring; and 
his meate offering, and his deinke of 

. | 39 hele things pe hail || doe buto 

the LOx@D in pour {et featts, defines 
pour boibes, and pour free Will of: 
ferings, for pour burnt offerings, and 
foz pour meate offerings, and foz your 
Drinke offerings, and fo2 pour peace of: 

ae And Woles tolde the childzenof 
Piract according to alithat the Louw 
commanded Doles, 


1 Vowesarenottobebroken. 3 Theexcepti- 
onof amaids vow, 6 Ofawiues, 9 Of 

a widowes, or her that is diuorced, 

SHO MD Doleslpake nto the 

er heads of the tribes, con: 

; e cerning he childeen of HE 

P/M vacl, faying, Chis is the 

SHY Sess thing Which he Loup 
hath commanded, 

2 Bfa man bowea bow bnto the 
LOnwD, orlwearean othe to bind his 
foule With a bond: he thaiinott meake 
His word, hee fhalldoe accoding to all 
that proceedeth out of his mouth. 

3 HE awoman allo vow a bow br- 
tothe LOD, and binde her ele bya 
ae being tt Her fathers boule in her 
pouty ; 

4. And her father heare her bow, 
and her bond wWheretnrth thee hath 


bound her foule, and her father thai! 

holde his peace at her : then ali Her 
bolwes fhail ftand, and enery bond 
herewith thee hath bound her foule, 

5 ut tf her tather difatiow her in 
theday that he heaveth ; uotany of her: 
bowbesozof her bonds, wherewith the 
hath bound her foute, thaliftand: and 
the LOxw hall forgiue her, becanle 
Her father difallower her. 

6 Andif he had atatian bufband 
When t Hhevowed,o2 bttered ought out 
s ee Wherewith theebound her 


7 And Her Hulband heard it, and 
ee his peace ather inthe dap that hee 

card it: then her bowwes thal ftand, 
aud her bonds wherewith thee bound 
herfouie, hail ftand, 

$ Butt her hulbanddifatlowve her 
onthe day thathe heardic, then healt 
make her botbe Which the bowed, and 
that hich the bttered with heriippes 
Whereith thee bound her fone, of 
none effect, and the ZO x w thal foz- 
gine ber. 

9 BWuteuery boi of awinow, and 
of her thatis diuozced, wherewith they 
aaa, their foutes, hall and a 
gatntt her. 

lo And ifthe bowed in her hulbands 
houfe, o2 bound her foule by a bond 
With an oath ; 


t Hebr. ber 

vowes weit) | 

pen ber. 

HSS 225s 8. 

SB SS2225 



aa a @ 


C f Vowes. 

= Zz 



Lesa Sests SSSas 




4 *Chap.25. We 
17. S 

|*Chap. 27. 

| tribe. 

11 And her hulband§ Heard ic, and 
held his peaceather, and difaliowed her 
not:then all her dowwes thal ftand,and 
cuerp bond wherewith heeboundher 
foule, (hail ftand. 

1 2sut if ber hulband hath dtteriy 
made thent boyd on the day Hee heard 
them: thett Whatloeuer proceeded out of 
Herlips concerning her bolwes, 02 con- 
cerning the bond of her foule, thalinot 
ftand: ber hufband hath made them 
bopd.and the o wD thal forgineber. 

3 Eucry bo , and cuery binding 
othe to afflict the foute, her hufband 

may eftablith it, 02 Her Hufband may 
iiake it boyd. 

14 Wut if her hulband altonether 
hold his peace at her, from day to day, 
then he eftablitheth all Her bowves, 02 
all her bonds Which are bpon her shee 
confirmeth thent, becaufe hee held his 

‘i ena her, itt the Dap that hee heard 

15 Buti hee Hhallany Wayes make 
them bopdatter that he hath heard them, 
thenhethall beare her iniquitic. 

16 Shele are the flatutes which the 
LORD commanded Doles betweene 
aman and his wife , betwbeene the fix 
ther andbis daughter, being yet in Her 
pouth, i her fathers Houle. 


t The Midianites are {fpoyled, and Balaam 
flaine. 13 Mofes is wroth with the officers, 
for fauing the women aliue. 19 How the 
fouldiers with their captiues and {poile, are to 
be purified. 25 The proportion whereby the 
prayistobediuided. 48 The voluntary ob- 
lation vato the Treafury ofthe Lord. 

BOABEE Md the Lo xy fpake 
A Gee vuto Does, faping, 
2 ato tbe sD 

of Pivacl of the MDivia- 
2 ary Nites : aftertbard halt 
hou * be gathercd puto thy peopte. 

3 AndDoles {pake nto the people, 
faying , Armefomeof pour felucs bnto 
the Ware, andiet them goe again the 
Midlanites, and auenge the Lo xv 
of Didian. 

4 TOE euerp tribe a thoufand, 
throughout all the tribes of Bfcael, 
Chat pefend to the warre. 

+ Hebr.a 
thoufand of a 

{and of a 

the houlands of Braet, a thoufand 
of cuery tribe, tielue thoufand arnied 


Chap XXX]. 

5 So there were deliuered out of) 

6 And Potes fent then to the 
Warre,a thoufand of every tribe, chem 
andpPhinehas the fonne of Cleasar the 
riett, to the waree, With the holpin 
ruments, andthe trunipets to biow, 
tubes hann. Be) 

7. Aud they Warren againk the Pi- 
Dianites, as the L Ox B commanded 
Moles,and they flew ali the mates. 

& And they lew the ings of De 
diatt, befide the vett of them that were 
flaine; namely *Eut, and Rekem , and 
Zur,and Hur,and Reba, fiue Kings of 
Midian; Walaam alld the fonne of ze: 
orthep flew With the fun. 

9 AMudthechildzen of Plraci tooke 
all the Wonien of Midian captines, and 
their little ones, and tooke thefpoticof 
all their cattell, and all their flocks, and 
alitheir goods. 

jo And they burnt all their cittes 
Wherein thep Dibelt, aud all their good: 
ly cafties With fire: 

Ir Audthep tooke all thelpotie, and 
ali the pray, both of men and of beatts. 
Iz And they beought the captines, 
andthe pzay,and thefpotle bnto Doles 
any Cleasar the petelt, and bnio the 
Cougregation of the childeen of Plrael, 
buto thecampe at the plaines of oad, 
Which areby Pordanneere Pericho. 

33 @ And Moles and Eleasar the 
Prtett, and all the pPainces of the Con- 
Gregation went foozth to nieete theni 
Without thecampe. 

14, And Doles was woth with he. 
officers of the Hofte, with the captamnes 
ouet thoufands , and captaines over 
hundreds, Which came fromthetbattel, 

If And Moles {aid bnto then paue 
pefaned all the omen altuez 

16 Wehold,* theie canled the chitdzen 
of Pfract,theough the *counteil of waz 
laant, to commit trefpaile againt the 
LORD tn the matter of 9c02, and 
there has a plague antong the Con- 
gregation of the ORR. : 

17 Mo therefore * kill every niale 
among the littie ones , and bill euerp 
Woman that hath knowen man, by ly 
tng with thin. 

18 But all the women childeen that 
hauenot knoiwen a man by iping With 
Hintheepe atine foz pourieiucs, 

io And doe pee abide Without the 
tampe fenen dapes : Wholoeuer hath 
killed any perfon,and “Iwholoener hath 
touthed any flaine , purifie both pour 
felues , and pour captines , = ue 

2 tt 

Balaam flaine. 

* Jofh.r3. 


} Hebr.Lbofte 

of warre, 

* Chap. 25, 


*2.Pet 2, 

*Judg. a1, | 




* Chap. 19, 

‘The diuiding 

third day, and on thefeuenth day. 

| 20 AnD purificall your raiment, and 

pHebrin- | ML That is Tmade of (kinnes, and all 

frmmener | Moooke of goates hair’, and all things 
lt | manent Wood. ee 

21 © And Eleasar the Pret lard bu- 

to the men of Warre Which went to the 

battell , Lhis is the ogdinance of the 

la Which He“ ox wD commaunded 


22 Dnely the gold,and the fituer,che 
hatte, he yzon, the tinne,and the lead, 
23 Cueryp thing that may abide the 
fite, pee hall make tt goe through the 
five, and icthalibe cleane: neuertielefie, 
|itthail be purified with the water of fe- 
|paration: and all that abideth not the 
{five, pee Thall inake goe theough the 
24. Andype hall wath pour clothes 
outhefeuenthday,and pethatbe cleane, 
aun afiertbard pee thall cone into the 
| campe. 
25 CAind the £L Ox w {pake bnto 
| Doles faping, es 
“26 Lake the fumme of the pray, 
t Hebr.of |T Ehat Was taker, both of manand of 
ecw? wea houand Eleasar thepPuck, and 
oe chicte fathers of the Congrega 
\fon: wail 
(27 And diuide the pray into tio 
parts, betiveene thei that tooke the 
Wwarre bpon ther, who went out to 
battell, and betibeene all the Congre- 
| gation, 
| 23 And leute a tribute bnto the 
|LOnD of the men of warre which 
Went out to battell : one foute of fine 
Hunadzed, both of the perfons, and of 
thebeeues, and of theafles, andof the 


‘| -29 Lakeicof het haife, andagiucic 
_ | buts Eleasar the Dzekk, for an Heaue 
offering of theLoxn, 

30. 2nd of the chiloen of Piracis 
halfe, thou thait take one portion of KE 
te, of the perfons, of the beeues, of the 
affes, andof the||flockes, of allmaner 
of bealts, and giue thent bnto the Le: 
uites, Which keepe the charge of the 
Labernacleol heLorw, 99. 

31 And Doles and Eleasar the Wriett 
|dd AS the Louw commanded Moles, 
| 32 Andthe bootie being the vet ofthe 
| Peay Which he menof War had caught, 

Was fic hundzed thoufand, and feuenty 

’ |thoufand, and fine thoufand fheepe, 
_ 33 Aud theeelrore and tWelue thou: 
fandbeenes, 2 

| Or, goats: 

Numbers. : 

et And theeekoreandonethoutand 
35. Alnd thirtie and tio thoufand 

|perfonsinall , of omen that hannot 

Kiolben man by lping with hint, 

36 And the halte which was the portion 
of them that Went outto warre,wwasin 
number theee hundzed thoufand, and 
feuen and thirtie thoufand , and fiue 

37 AndtheL On w Stributeofthe 
theepe Was fice hundzed and thyeciro2e 
and fifteene, 

33 And the beeues were thirtie and 
fivethoufand, of which theLouwS 
tribute wastheeeltorcand tibelue, 

39. Aind theafles were thirtie thou 
fand and fiue Hundzed , of whith the 
LORDS tribute was theeelcore and 

40-And the perfons were firteene 
thoufand, of Which theL Oo xB Ste 
bute was thivtic and tio perfons, 

41 And Doles gaue the tribute 
which was the £ D8 B & heauc offering, 
bnto Eleasar the pret, asthe Loupe 
commanded Doles. i 

42 And of the childeen of Blracts: 
halfe, which Woles diuided from the 
menthatYarred : 

43 ( Mo the halfe that perteined 
bnto the Congregation, was thee hue 
deed thoufand, and thirtie thoufand, 
and fenen thoufand, and fine hundeen 

45 Andthirte houfand ales, and 
fiue hundzed: 

46 And firteenethoufand perfons) 

47 Cuenofthe childzen of Piracis 
halfe, Poles tookeone poztion of fiftic, 
both of man and of beat, and gaue 
them bnto the Lenites , which kept 
the charge of the Labernacle of the 
LOUD, astheL Oud commanded 

43 (And the officers which were 
ouer thoufands of the hotte, the cap: 
taines of thoufands, and captaines of 
Hundzeds came neeve dito Dokles, 

49 Andtheylad duto Poles, Lhp 
fernants haue taken the fumime of the 
met of YWarve which are bnder our 
eos there lacketh notoneman 
of bs. 

50 wae haue therefore brought an 
oblation for the Louw, what cue: 
vie man bath t gotten , of relveis: of 

ofthe pray, | 

+ Heb,harh 

+ Hel. 


Herenaeftof « Cha D.XXXI]. Reubenarid Gad. 

golde chaines, and tacelets, rings , 

eaverings, and tablets, to make an 

atonement foz our foules before the 
ORD, : 

os And Moles and Eleasar the 

Putett tooke the gold of their: cuen all 


52 aint all the gold of the t offring 
that they offered bp to the Lox, of 
the captaines of thoufands, andof the 
taptaines of Hundzeds, was firteene 
thoufand , freuen bundzed and fiftic 

os (For the men of warre had taken 
{poile, enerp man for binielfe.) 

54. And Doles and Cleasar the 
Prielt tooke the gold of the captaines, 
of thoufands, and of bundzeds, and 
brought t€ into the Labernacie of the 
Congregation , fo2 a memoziall foz the 
childzen of Plrael beforethe L Dx w, 


1 The Reubenites and Gadites fue for their in- 
heritance on that fide Iorden. 6 Mofes re- 
proueth them. 16 They offer him conditi. 
onstohis content, 33 Mofesafsigneth them 
theland. 39 They conquereit. 

Rare Db the chilnen of Ren: 

WZ Dent, and the chitdeen of 

Gad , had a bery great 

ih multitude of cattell : and 

ve Wohenthepfaw theland of 

Paser, andtheiand of Gilead, that be- 
Hold, the place was a place for cattell ; 

2 Abechilozen of Gad,and the cha 

Deenot Reuben, came and {pake bnto 

Poles ,andto C